Datasheet Battery buffered power supply Paralleloperation (On-Line) for internal batteries protective system IP 31

Datasheet Battery buffered power supply Paralleloperation (On-Line) for internal batteries protective system IP 31 Manufacturer: J. Schneider Type : A...
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Datasheet Battery buffered power supply Paralleloperation (On-Line) for internal batteries protective system IP 31 Manufacturer: J. Schneider Type : AKKUTEC 2403C Art.-No. : NBPG0844G01011

VDS-Nummer: G209166 0786-CPD-20870

Short Description The battery buffered DC power supply is working according the stand-by parallel mode and ensures in connection with a lead-acid accumulator a safe continuous DC power supply during a determined time interval in case of mains failure. The total output current is shared between supply of the loads and charging of the batteries.

Battery-Selection designation

VdS - number G108005 / G105016 / G103063

Akku 12 V / 12 Ah

G108006 / G105042 / G103064

Akku 12 V / 18 Ah


VdS - number

Akku 12 V / 24 Ah


Akku 12 V / 26 Ah

G108007 / G105020 / G103065 / G102107 / G199098



Assembly /Constructio mechanical



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max. load current at charging ( ImaxA ) 2,4A 2,1A 1,7A

Battery capacity: 2x Akku 12V / 12Ah 2x Akku 12V / 18Ah 2x Akku 12V / 26Ah

Nominal current of the power supply ( ImaxB ) 3A


+ Zur + Sicherungs-


L1 N




DC/DC Control



Bat OK Mains

Netz / Mains OK

Störung / Fault

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Betrieb / Operation


Störung / Fault Netz / Mains OK Bat OK


IO-2 Temp. Sensor

5 2 TxD 3 RxD

Zur Sicherungsplatine



3 4 Fuse Watch

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1 2


30V DC/ 0,5A 30V DC/ 0,5A 30V DC/ 0,5A

Connection terminals / electrical construction fusing board terminals

Additional board (optional) connection:


(fuse F1 ... F5)











+Ua5 -Ua5


+Ua4 -Ua4

6 ... 10 (fuse F1 ... F5)



Output terminals

+Ua2 -Ua2

+Ua5 / -Ua5

up to

+Ua1 -Ua1

(fuse F6)

+Ua2 -Ua2

+Ua1 / -Ua1

+Ua1 -Ua1

-UB / +UB

Battery terminal

+Ua3 -Ua3

Output 1 ... 5

Displays Betrieb/Operation Störung/Fault Netz/Mains OK Bat. OK

LED green, illuminates as long as an output voltage is present. LED yellow, illuminates at fault: battery operation, battery low, trip of fuse LED green, illuminates at mains operation UE > UEmin and TInt < TIntmax LED green, illuminates at UBat > 21,6V, expires at UBat < 21,6V, battery circuit interrupted respectively high-resistive, (test intervall 60s)

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+Ua5 -Ua5

up to

+Ua3 -Ua3

+Ua1 / -Ua1 +Ua5 / -Ua5


+Ua4 -Ua4


Battery circuit monitoring To ensure the back-up capability of the external energy supply, the battery circuit is checked cyclically each 60s, whereas the first test is effected 60s after mains switch on. With this test a disturbance respectively high-resistance of the battery circuit can be detected. A damaged battery circuit is indicated with the expiry of the LED ‘Bat OK’ in mains operation. Battery test A cyclic battery test each 10 minutes during mains operation stresses the batteries. Simultaneously the voltage is measured. Herewith the quality of the batteries can be determined. A seriously aged battery is indicated with the simultaneous illumination of the LED’s ‘Netz OK’ and ‘Störung’ (general error).

Norms and Regulaitons These power supplies are also used for fire detectors and so are subject to severe regulations and testing of the power supply according to the european product norm EN 54-4 and VdS 2541. The power supply is accredited to VdS and corresponds to EN 54-4 and VdS 2541. Power- HF-transmitter to ensure a safe separation primary / secondary

EN 61558 2-17:1998, complies SELV / PELV

Optocoupler to ensure safe separationg primary / secondary

EN 60747-5-1:2003, complies SELV / PELV


EN 55011:2007 Grenzwertklasse B EN 62040-2:2006 Grenzwertklasse C1 EN 61000-3-2:2006 EN 61000-3-3:2006 EN 61000-6-2:2005 EN 50082-2:1995 EN 50130-4:1995+A1:2002+A2:2006

Total unit

EN 50178:1998 EN 54-4:1997+A1:2002+A2:2006 EN 12101-10:2006+B1:2007 VdS 2541:1998 VdS-2344

Technical Data Mains voltage : Mains frequency: Power consumption: Input current Inrush current Output voltage (depending on the state of charge of the battery voltage range - with temperature tracking - without temperature tracking

Nominal output current (incl. Battery charging current according to VdS): Deep discharge protection and load rejection: Final charging voltage: Without temp.- sensor with Temp.- Sensor at 25°

230 VAC (95V-264V) 47 Hz up to 63 Hz 90 VA, max. 0,5 A 35 A / 2 ms, max.

19,8V DC-26,8V DC 19,8V DC-27,8V DC

3A, max. 20,4 VDC, ± 0,4% 26,8 V DC ± 0,4% 27,1V DC ± 0,4%

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efficiency: contact load relay:

85 % 30 VDC / 0,5 A, potentialfree relay-contact

Battery type: Environmental temperature: Storage temperature dimensions (HxWxD): weight: protective system housing: fusing mains: fusing DC-battery circuit fusing load:

lead acid battery, maintenance-free -5°C up to 40°C (look at life duration of battery) -5°C up to 50°C 362 x 464 x 145mm (H x W x D) 7,5 kg, without battery IP31 2A, träge, 250V, Schaltvermögen 1500A 5A, FK2 / FKS 1A, slow acting, 250V, switch level 35A

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