Daniel Carvalho de Souza Sales Manager - Nycomed Pharma Brazil [email protected]

Summary Profile Executive with 20 years of experience working in Marketing and Sales. Career developed in multinational companies such as: Hanna-Barbera Enterprises, Roche and Nycomed Pharma. Skills • Innovative, strongly synergic and people-oriented • Driven to high-performance result-oriented teams • Management of projects involving strategic alliances • Strong ability in interpersonal relationship

Specialties Sales and Business Management, Sales Force Effectiveness, Leadership, Strategy Management, Team Building, Trainning and development programs, Change Management.

Experience Sales Regional Manager at Nycomed Pharma Ltda. February 2006 - Present (3 years 8 months) I've been taking over the responsability for The South an Sao Paulo Country Side Regional Business Unit with 5 Territory Managers and 54 Sales Reps. 11 recommendations available upon request Marketing and Sales Regional Manager - São Paulo Country Side and Minas Gerais at Roche Pharmaceuticals February 2001 - November 2005 (4 years 10 months) Took over the responsibility for the Midwest Regional Business Unit. There 6 Territory Managers and 63 Sales Reps. 6 recommendations available upon request Sales Regional Manager - Rio de Janeiro, Minas Gerais and Espírito Santo at Roche Pharmaceuticals January 1996 - February 2001 (5 years 2 months) Managed the Regional Business Unit in Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo Coutry Side, Espirito Santo and Minas Gerais 2 recommendations available upon request District Manager and Representative at Roche Pharmaceuticals Page 1

January 1991 - December 1995 (5 years) Promotion/Sales and Coaching for performance. 1 recommendation available upon request Licensing Operator at Hanna-Barbera Entrerpises SC. January 1988 - December 1990 (3 years) Cartoon's Licensing, design and draft approval, promotion and sales of licensed products.

Education Fundação Getúlio Vargas post grad, Marketing, 1998 - 1999 Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio Grande do Sul grad, Public Relations, 1989 - 1994

Interests squash, music, books, guitar, movies, figures about my job, professional networking an others.

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Daniel Carvalho de Souza Sales Manager - Nycomed Pharma Brazil [email protected]

20 people have recommended Daniel "I had the chance to lead Daniel at Roche and we worked in various situations regarding reengineering of the sales force structure, new approach to generate sales demand and Daniel demonstrated an innovation and creative profile that always brought him and his sales team at a high level of achievements during the period when we worked together." — Ricardo Pietoso, Sales Director, Hoffmann-La Roche, managed Daniel at Roche Pharmaceuticals "Uau ! Daniel foi um dos meus excepcionais clientes internos, quando tive a oportunidade de atendê-lo na Roche. Eu e minha equipe aprendemos muito com ele duante os inúmeros processos seletivos para seus estagiários, REPs e Gerentes. Ajustei meus processos, alterei o ritmo das dinâmicas de grupo (por sua orienação) e aos poucos conseguimos (juntos) configurar processos rápidos, objetivos e estratégicos preenchendo uma vaga em aproximadamente 5 dias úteis, desde a análise curricular até os "feedbacks" finais. Fantástico ! Daniel é uma pessoa asserttiva ao extremo, consegue equilibro entre coragem e consideração por todos, é objetivo e extremamente bem humorado. Sinto sua falta como profissional competente e amigo presente. Daniel, tchê...sucesso em sua jornada ! Abração, Jorge Pinheiro" — Jorge Pinheiro, HR Coordinator, Roche Pharmaceuticals, worked directly with Daniel at Roche Pharmaceuticals "Daniel has unique competencies in leadership and in looking for alternative approaches to the market. In my analysis the key information about his performance is a retrospective study we run comparing 4 years of our regional branches: Daniel’s team reached consistent market share and overall growth above all other branches. He is a hard worker, who thinks and acts out of the box: his team, peers and boss have to be prepared to go along with an unordinary executive." — João Carlos Ferreira, Primary Care Business Unit Manager, Roche, managed Daniel at Roche Pharmaceuticals "What most called my attention during the time we worked together was his commitment with work and with his team. He defends what he believes in. Daniel is an excellent leader, always contributing with good and innovatives ideas. And an excellent person who I have the privilege to call him a friend." Page 3

— Jessica Castro, Assistente Executiva, Produtos Roche, worked directly with Daniel at ROCHE PRODUTOS QUIMICOS E FARMACEUTICOS S/A "Daniel is a professional who listens to his peers and has the ability to deal with and manage different kind of personalities. He´s very focused on his work and criative." — Debora Shiota, Medical manager, Altana Pharma, worked with Daniel at Nycomed Pharma Ltda. "I had the pleasure of working with Daniel Souza over the past 7 years. He was Sales Regional Manager for Roche and we worked together in several IT projects for the Sales Force. His analytical approach, technical expertise, people management and aptitude for anticipating and reacting to changing environment are unmatched. I endorse Daniel Souza. I lost him as a business partner, but will never lose him as a friend. Sincerely, Ednei Fernandes Operation Team Lead LATAM" — Ednei Fernandes, IT Manager, Roche, was with another company when working with Daniel at Produtos Roche Quimicos e Farmaceuticos "Daniel realizou um excelente trabalho na Nykomed.É motivador, e equilibra bem o aspecto analítico de sua personalidade com sua grande capacidade de execução. Marcia Ferrara" — Marcia Ferrara, Trade Marketing Manager, Altana Pharma, worked with Daniel at Nycomed Pharma Ltda. "Daniel is a goal-oriented professional, who knows how to evaluate and recognize a favorable business opportunity. He takes actions and assumes risks with courage and common sense." — Juarez de Oliveira, Head of Legal Department, Nycomed Pharma Ltda, worked with Daniel at Nycomed Pharma Ltda. "I had the pleasure to work with Daniel for many years at Roche, during the period , he always possess the ability in delivery more than was asked for in any project we were involved. His energetic and analytical personality, makes him a very committed and highly motivated professional. Moreover he is a great team leader and knows very well how to keep sales teams up to bring outstanding results. I strongly recommends Daniel for any task that requires a very enthusiastic and creative partner." — Elison Broza, Marketing Planning and Corporate Communication Manager Brazil, Roche Pharmaceuticals, worked with Daniel at ROCHE PRODUTOS QUIMICOS E FARMACEUTICOS S/A "I had the privilege to work with Daniel in a special project aimed at building a competence model for the sales representatives. His contribution was great. While having strong commercial skills,

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Daniel is a person who really cares about developing others. He is a great people manager." — Elisa Furusho, Human Resources Director, Altana Pharma, worked with Daniel at ROCHE PRODUTOS QUIMICOS E FARMACEUTICOS S/A "Daniel is highly oriented to the company's objectives and is an expert in teamwork. He knows exactly how to obtain the aimed results from his team." — Ormene Dorneles, Medical Events Manager, Nycomed, worked directly with Daniel at Nycomed Pharma Ltda. "Daniel is a strategic and motivator leader, with an excellent networking; fact based decisor working with a lot of energy focused in top performing. Daniel has a special ability to integrate people around a vision." — Sandro Francisco da Silva, National Demand Manager, Nycomed Pharma, managed Daniel at Nycomed Pharma Ltda. "Daniel is a great co-worker. I used to be his business partner in trainning and he was always worried about what I felt and what I thought. He is a good leader among his team and he is always focused on people and results in this order. I am glad to have the chance of working besides him." — Julio Silva, Training Manager, Nycomed Pharma Ltda, worked directly with Daniel at Nycomed Pharma Ltda. "Daniel is open mind manager who can see forward in an outstanding way. In additional he is very kindly and active manager which reach his results keeping on top his team motivation." — Eduardo Lisauskas, Area Manager (Rio de Janeiro and Espírito Santo), PROD. ROCHE QUÍMICOS E FARMACÊUTICOS S/A, worked with Daniel at ROCHE PRODUTOS QUIMICOS E FARMACEUTICOS S/A "Great vision of business overall, focus on results and capacity of time work" — Andre Josino, JOSINO, Produtos Roche Químicos e Farmacêuticos S.A., worked directly with Daniel at Nycomed Pharma Ltda. "Daniel is a results oriented person always worried with his team in order to keep them motivated. His good sales experience makes his goals easy to reach!" — Klever R. A. Iftoda, Product Manager, Nycomed Pharma, worked directly with Daniel at Nycomed Pharma Ltda. "Daniel was a Marketing and Sales Regional Manager of the Middle Region of Brazil. Before that, when I was a representative, Daniel was the Regional Manager of Rio de Janeiro, when we worked together. I did not report directly to him, but he improved my career by guiding me before and after I

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have been promoted to Distritct Manager." — Alexsander Poubel, District Menager, Produtos Roche Químicos e Farmacêuticos S.A.pppp, worked indirectly for Daniel at ROCHE PRODUTOS QUIMICOS E FARMACEUTICOS S/A "Daniel is a natural leader. I had the honor to work under his leadership at Roche Pharmaceuticals and could experience fist hand his very good strategic thinking, analytical and people skills. Daniel is also a good negotiator that is flexible and adaptable to the constant changes on the market place. He has always delivered on his business goals and all his direct reports respect and admire him. I'd welcome the chance to work with Daniel again." — Mario Neto, District Manager, Roche, reported to Daniel at Nycomed Pharma Ltda. "I´m very happy to have the chance to endorse Daniel. During almost 3 years I had the opportunity to see how professional and human Daniel is among his several teams and partners. Focused, self-motiveted, excelent sense of humor, friend and proactive... some of his behaviour competencies." — Jorge Ferreira, Human Resources Development Coordinator, ROCHE, worked directly with Daniel at Nycomed Pharma Ltda. "Daniel is a very oriented sales manager. He is a leader for all his colleagues." — André Muranaka, Market Research Manager, Roche, worked indirectly for Daniel at Nycomed Pharma Ltda.

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