Curriculum Vitae C.V Dr. Hassan Olayan Department of Arabic Language Personal Information: Name:

Hasan Moh’d Ahmad Olayyan



Marital Status: Married Children:


Date and Place of Birth: 1944, Khulda Languages:

Arabic &English


Philadelphia University, P.O. Box (15) Code No. 19392, Amman, Jordan. Home Phones: 06-5053592 Cellular Number: 079-5756607

Academic Qualifications: 1. Ph.D. in Literature and Criticism – Ain Shams University, Cairo (1991). 2. M.A. in Literature and Criticism – Cairo University (1980). 3. B.A. in Arabic Literature – Jordan University (1968).

Teaching Experiences: 2003-2004: A member of Examinations Development Committee in Qatar. 2001: Teaching Modern Arabic Literature (Prose) for students of M.A. Degree – Al-Hashemeyyah University, Amman. 1995 – Till now: Teaching the following subjects at Philadelphia University, Amman: 1. Arabic Language 2. Text Analysis 3. The Art of Writing 4. Arabic Skills 5. Modern Arabic Literature (Prose) 6. Literature in Palestine and Jordan 7. Literature of Successive States 2005-2006: Arabic Language Dept. Chair. 1997-2002: Deputy Dean – The Faculty of Arts. 1997-1998: Evening Studies Manager at Philadelphia University (Summer Term). 1993: Chancellor of Educational Syllabuses Development in Yemen (American Project E.T.S).


2005: A member of Arabic Language syllabus Committee in Saudi Arabia. 1992-1995: A Part-time Lecturer in the Jordan University – Arabic Dept – B.A. Degree: 1. Modern Literature (Poetry) 2. Modern Literature (Prose) 3. Literature in Palestine and Jordan 4. Literature of the First Islamic and Umayyad Era 5. Arabic Calligraphy 6. Text Analysis 7. The Art of Writing 8. Arabic Library 1994: Teaching Arabic at Amman National University – The Social Sciences Dept. 1996-1997: Teaching Arabic – Al-Zeitounah University. 1992-1993: A Part-time Lecturer at the Teachers Certification College – Irbid, Modern Literature (Poetry). 1980-1990: Teaching in a secondary school in the Saudi Arabia – Ministry of Defense. 1975-1979: Teaching in a secondary school in Libya. 1968-1971: Teaching in preparatory schools of Libya.

Researches and Studies published in refereed magazines: 1. The Woman’s Image between Vision and Formation in Stories of Mahmoud Saif Al-Dein Al-Irani, Dirasat. (The Jordan University) vol. 24 K.A. 1997 (p. p. 638-655). 2. Alienation in the Arabic Novel in Jordan – Ibrahim Nasrallah & Munis AlRazzaz as models. Yarmouk University – Abhath vol. 17 Edition 1 (p. p. 5387). 3. The Social and Ideological Issues in the Stories of Abdul-Hameed Yassin, Moh’d Said Junaidi and Moh’d Rashdan. Al-Manarah – Al Al-Bait University, Vol.4, Edition 3, 1999 (p. p. 245-288). 4. The Short Story in Jordan – Its start and Development, Al-Basair Magazine, Al-Banat University (Petra), 1993 (p. p. 21-47). 5. The Artistic Vision in Ghassan Kanafani Works (Novels). Al-Basair Magazine , Petra University, 2000. 6. The Problems of Man and Freedom in the Free Fall. The Faculty of Arts – Constantina University, Algeria, 2003. 7. The Season of Immigration to the North in the Light of Form Studies, AlBasair Magazine, Petra Univ,, Vol.5, Edition1, Mars, 2001. 8. Arabic Novel in Palestine From the Time of Occupation to the Time of Resistance. (Agreed for Publishing, Damascus, Faculty of Arts – Damascus University), 2004. 9. The Novel and Trying (Agreed for Publishing, Damascus University), 2005. 10. Masks and Variations of sounds in the Arabic Novel (Not yet refereed) Damascus University – Faculty of Arts Magazine, 2005.


Published Books: 1. The Hero in the Arab Novel in Great Syria – Arab Establishment for Studies and Publishing, Beirut, 2000. 2. Mirrors of Freedom and Creativity in Ghaleb Halasa Works – Al-Safadi Press, Amman. 3. Alienation and Resistance in the Arabic Novel in Palestine and Jordan, Ministry of Culture, Amman, 2005.

Mutual Books: 1. Revelations of Modernism in the Arabic Novel in Jordan, Philadelphia University Publications, 1999. After the Symposium of the Faculty of Arts. 2. Freedom and Creativity in Ghaleb Halasa Works (Novels). After the Symposium of the Faculty of Arts, 2000 (Freedom & Creativity), Philadelphia University Publications. 3. Abdul-Hameed Al-Anshasi, A novelist, Two Departed Novelists, Dar Azmina for Publishing, Amman, 2003. 4. The Form of the Story in the Stories of Ameen Malhas, Petra University, 2003. 5. Modernism in the Arabic Novel in the Jordan Ministry of Culture, Amman, 2003.

Published Studies: 1. The Art of the Short Story, The Arab Culture Magazine, Libya, 1981. 2. the Palestinian Novel in the Works of Ghassan Kanafani (Novels), Culture Magazine, the Jordan University, 1998. 3. The Red Tuesday, Ibrahim Touqan, Philadelphia University Magazine, 1998 (p.p. 56-60). 4. Controversial Relationship between Love and Detachment in the Play of “Drunk Days” by Saa’dallah Wannoos. Afkar Magazine , No.134, December, 1998 (p.p. 11-17). 5. “Alienation from Power”. A Critical Study of Taher Al-Udwan Novel “The Face of Time”, Afkar Magazine, 1998 (p.p. 46-53). 6. “The Sandy Maqama by Hashem Gharaybeh, Philadelphia University, Magazine, September, 1999 (p.p. 124-127).

Seminars & Symposiums: 1. Literary Movement Conference in Jordan – The research “Alienation in the Arabic Novel in Jordan”, Mu’ta University, Jordan, 1993. 2. Amman Second Cultural Meeting – The Short Story in Jordan and its Site in the Arab Short Story. The Ministry of Culture, Amman, 1993. 3. “The Short Story Pioneers in Jordan”. Amman National University. The Study was “Social and Ideological Misigivings in the Stories of Yassin, Rashdan and Junaidi, Amman, 1997.


4. A session prepared by Shoman’s Est. “The Woman’s Image between Vision anf Formation in the Stories of M. S. Al-Irani, 1995. 5. In the Memory of Ghassan Kanafani, the Committee of the Jordanian Writers planned a meeting. My study was “The Palestinian Ties in Kanafani’s Works, 1997. 6. Philadelphia University Seminar of Teaching Arabic to Foreigners, 1997. 7. The Session of “The Sandy Maqama by Hashen Gharaybeh 1999 (Philadelphia Univ.). 8. The first Scientific Conference – The Jordan University. The study “The Season of Immigration to the North” Critical Study, 1999. 9. “Modernism and Post Modernism” the Fifth Scientific Conference at Philadelphia Univ., Amman. My study was “Revelations of Modernism in the Jordanian Novel”, 1999. 10. “The Tenth Scientific Conference”, held in Philadelphia University in 2001 entitled “Liberty and Creativity”. 11. the seminar held in Damascus in October 2002 entitled “Literature and Civilizations Dialogue – The Image of the Other in the Arabic Novel”. 12. the Seminar “Two Late Novelists – Abdul-Hameed Al-Anshasi as a Novelist, Azminah for Publication, Amman, 2003. 13. The Seminar “Passed Away Men of Letters”, Ameen Fares Malhas – Petra Univ., 2002. 14. The Seminar “The Novel o the Maqama, Syria and Palestine as models” – The Union of Writers, Damascus, 2003. 15. The Seminar “Narration Techniques in the Arabic Novel – The Faculty of Arts, January, 2003. 16. The Seminar “the Efforts of the Editor Critic: Ihasan Abbas” – The Faculty of Arts, Jan, 2004. 17. The Seminar “Literary Genres Interrelation” – The Scientific week of the Faculty of Arts, Jan, 2005. 18. The Seminar “The Short Story, An Open Genre”, Khartoum, Jan., 2005. 19. Other Seminars in Criticism and Literature.

Activities and Memberships: 1. The Chief of “Teaching Plans” 2005-2006. 2. A member in the Q.A. Committee of the Faculty of Arts – Philadelphia University, 2005-2006. 3. The Chief of Students’ Academic Guides – The Faulty of Arts, H\Philadelphia University, 1997-2002. 4. The Chief of Penalties Committee, the Faculty of Arts, 1997-1999. 5. A member of the Cultural Committee, the Faculty of Arts, 2005-2006. 6. A member of the Arabic Syllabus Committee, Philadelphia University, 7. The Repertoire of the Social Committee and the Cultural Committee – Philadelphia University. 8. A member of the Penalties Committee at Philadelphia University, 2001-2002. 9. A representative in the Jerusalem Committee – the Ministry of Education, 1999-2000. 10. A representative of the Faculty of Arts in the Students’ Council, 2001-2002.


11. A representative of the Faculty of Arts in the University Council, 2001-2002, 2003-2004. 12. A representative of the Faculty of Arts in the Scientific Research Dean, 20042005. 13. A member of “the Jordanian Writers Group”. 14. A member of “the Jordanian Critics Society”. 15. A member of “the Scientific Research Friends” – Al-Hashimeyyah Univ. 16. A member of editing papers of the conferences “Arabs and the West” and “Liberty and Creativity”. Philadelphia Univ. 17. Editing member of the magazines: Afaq and Distant Learning, Jerusalem Univ., 2003-2004.