CURICULUM VITAE Name: Desa Welsh (nee Bacic) E-mail: [email protected] Tel (B): (07) 5595 4775 EDUCATION and EMPLOYMENT HISTORY Sept. 2011Present...
Author: Simon Armstrong
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Desa Welsh (nee Bacic)

E-mail: [email protected]

Tel (B): (07) 5595 4775


Nov. 2011.

Feb. 2010Nov. 2011.

Assistant Professor at Bond University, Faculty of Health Sciences and Medicine, School of Health Science Completed Graduate Certificate of Higher Education, Griffith University, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

Enrolled in course: Graduate Certificate of Higher Education,

March 2010Present Casual Lecturer at Griffith University, School of Public Health and School of Medicine Sept. 2009Present

Chief investigator on NHMRC grant and Research fellow at Griffith University. Role of chemokines in PTH anabolic effect on bones

March 2009June 2009. Senior research assistant on project Renal Inflammatory diseases, Zurich University, Switzerland March 2008Feb. 2009. Senior research assistant, School of Medical Science, Griffith University, Gold Coast, Australia 2008-2009.

Supervised and led student training, School of Medical Sciences, Griffith University

March 2009July 2009. Supervised and led student training, Institute of Anatomy, Medical Faculty, University Zurich

Apr.2005Nov. 2007. Oct. 2004Jan. 2005.


Oct. 2003Oct 2004.

Senior-assistant position, University Dubrovnik, Croatia

Senior-assistant position on the Institute of Anatomy, University Zurich, Switzerland Assistant on practical courses of Histology at Medical Faculty, University of Zürich

PostDoc position on the Institutes of Anatomy and Physiology, University Zurich, Switzerland

Oct. 2003.

PhD thesis defended on University of Zürich, with a title: “Regulation of Internalization of the Renal Type IIa Sodium/Phosphate Cotransporter”, University of Zurich, Switzerland

Nov. 2001.

Participated on EMBL PhD Student Symposium on Evolution, EMBL Heidelberg, Germany


Completed the workshop: “Cryomethods, Ultramicrotomy and Immunolabeling“ Department of Cell Biology, University Medical Center Utrecht, Utrecht, Holland

March 2000. PhD student of Prof. Dr. B. Kaissling (Institute of Anatomy) and Prof. Dr. H. Murer (Institute of Physiology) University of Zurich, Switzerland

Oct.-Dec.1999. Involved in a project “Gene activation in leukemia” under supervision of dr. M. Antica, Institute Rudjer Boskovic, Zagreb, Croatia, Department of Molecular Medicine, Laboratory for Cellular and Molecular Immunology


Graduated with first class honours as engineer of biology, BSc; Thesis title: “Intestinal lesions provoked by 2,4-DNFB in previously sensitized BALB/c mice”; University of Zagreb, Croatia

1996 – 1997. Supervised and led student training, Faculty of Natural Science, University of Zagreb

May 1996.

Supervised and assist in a project “Save the wolfs in Croatia”, Museum of Zoology, Zagreb, Croatia

1992 – 1998

Faculty of Natural Science, University of Zagreb, Croatia

Summer 1991. School of English Language at UTS Oxford Centre, England 1988 – 1992. Classical Gymnasium, Dubrovnik (Croatia). Title of thesis: “Charles Darwin and his theory of evolution”


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