Creating the most Innovative Store in World

Creating the most Innovative Store in World Henrik Peter Reisby Nielsen 38 years Master degree in Public Relations • Has worked...
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Creating the most Innovative Store in World

Henrik Peter Reisby Nielsen 38 years Master degree in Public Relations • Has worked with several of the large retail chains in DK. Inspiration H.P. Nielsen – part of retail chain Inspiration • Until last summer CEO • 4th generation • 102 years in our family • First store from the Scandinavian countries to win the Global Innovator Award

Now ReisbyConsult/ Garanti Hotel ReisbyConsult ApS • Strategic adviser • Speech holder • Concept creator Warranty Hotel A/S • Concept • Idea • Strategy & management

Agenda for today 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

Company / management philosophy Ideas and innovation - how How to use new medias to increase sale How to plan activities Executing activity plan How to plan marketing Executing marketing plan

Company/ management philosophy

Company/ management philosophy • • • • • • •

Who are you and what makes you special Trustworthy - True to your Brand values Make room for innovation Be open to your surroundings High degree of level of information Large employee involvement at all levels Happy employees = happy customers vs. Unhappy employees = You lose

Innovation demands freedom & courage • No ideas are to crazy! • Create the environment where good ideas can be brought to life. • Always spend time to find ideas • Where do the ideas come from? • Separate the ideas in ”nice to have” & ”need to have” ! • What does it take to realize the idea? - and DON’T FALL into that’s not how we use to do it!. THINK in new constellations.

Innovation demands freedom & courage • ” It might be that no one has done this before, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t do it!” • We where often met with: ” It’s not possible” – but it always was. • The most important thing if you wish to change ”business as usual” – is optimism, courage, and being able to prioritize.

Innovation demands freedom & courage • Find & make time to see what could be done smarter and better than today. • Find the right people that can participate in bring forth the ideas and in making them come to life. • Be ready to accept that going new ways often takes time and effort (before the others see the picture).

• Best Buy – how to acummulate ideas directly from the floor…

Goals Inspiration H.P. Nielsen I lined up 3 sentences when I took over the store – that always defined how we worked & why we made the choices we did.

Goals Inspiration H.P. Nielsen We stribe to be the overall most exiting store… …to shop in (customers) …to work in (employees) …at deal with (suppliers) A ”second to none” policy, that’s easy to say – hard to do…

Goals Inspiration H.P. Nielsen 5 years ago I told my dad that we should win the prize as the most innovative store in world. The Global Innovative Award, IHA, Chicago USA. First comment… Henrik - you’ve lost your mind…. Second thought: Great and simple sentence that defines what we where allowed to think, do, change, and ask from our surroundings, when the goal was becoming the Most Innovative Store in World.

Goals Inspiration H.P. Nielsen The process and the milestones is by far the most important when you stripe for success. The achievement by winning the Global Innovator Award was already there before we went to Chicago because of the changes we made to reach the goal.

GIA criterias The jury bases their judgment on the following categories: – – – – – – – –

Record of outstanding operations Depth of product offering Innovative business practices Innovative visual merchandising displays/techniques In-store promotions External marketing/promotions Quality of employee training/customer service Top Window Criteria

The Store as a Media

The Store as a Media • • • • • •

Mobile technology – sms In- store TV Sound Light Web og physical store Magazine

LED controlled lightfleet

• We could choose between 16.000.000 different color combinations in our & LED spotlight in the store. Each section could could be controlled seperately.

LED controlled windows • with LED controlled windows we could choose between 16.000.000 color combinations to match or confront the items in our pedestrian window.

Instore tv channels

National Instore tv-station Developed by ReisbyConsult and our media partner – now in all inspiration stores

In store magazines including virtual editions • Why have an In store Magazine? • Why have a virtual? • Integration with our web shop • You could read and click directly to the products.

Vote over Cellphone • ReisbyConsult created a SMS-gateway, where we could create all kinds of SMS competitions. • This add was brought in a spring magazine letting the customers vote which of my adds the liked the most.

Iphone apps

Use sociale medias as extra service

Activities & Marketing • Make the plan one year in advance, and then adjust along the way according to what happens in the world. • This will give you better products, at a better price, being better placed in the magazines… • Use the medias that your customers uses. • Use the medias that gives you extra attention.

Advertisement – activity calendar • Restaurant Dix-Neuf

It helps using new technology • You don’t spent more time, than by making lots of ”uopps-decisions”, you just get bigger effect. • Create overview • Outlook + Smartphone • Computer, word, excel, printer • Visible activity calendar internally & externally • Local webpage and/or Facebook

It helps using new technology • Outlook – place everything you do/plan and get messages in time, so that you can react upon it. – Warranty Hotel, large scale campaign

• Smartphone pick one with a large screen (Nokia, i Phone, Blackberry, Sony Ericson etc.). • Word & excel – make prints

Rutines brings calmness • Weekly meetings with leading employees, so they always knows what coming up. • Trust them and hand out tasks. It’s better to have a lot of 80% solutions than a few 100% • Activitycalendar in the cantina a year in advance – update it frequently • Staff meetings on a regular basis.

Meet the customers… • …where they are! • Physically and virtually. • Use social medias (facebook, twitter)

• Use the media where you can get attention and PR, local, regional, national or international. • Be the first to…

Wauw factor Diversity – be more and be different…

Virtuel cellphone at • ReisbyConsult created the first virtuel cellphone, where you could send wishes from webpage using SMS or MMS for free.

Why should the customer choose you? • If the customer stays longer, comes more often you will increase sale. • Think about all the reasons why the customer chose your store, even the things she might not thought about. • Activities • Service • Air condition • Sound • Light • Effects – Movie for kids, men etc. – Free coffee

Known TV-chef visits store in our fully functionally kitchen with wireless headset. When he talks the music fades in our store. When he stops, the music comes back. Camera sends live feed to a large screen placed at entrance

Michelin chef visits store • Michelin winning chef helped 25 customers in making their own 5 course dish using Magimix – one of the best kitchenmachines • We sold 12 Magimix that night = 95% (most came as a couple)

Hand painted blue fluted MEGA cow Unique store activity over 3 days, where the best painter from Royal Copenhagen paints a Cow parade cow during our 100 year anniversary

Exclusive Royal painting night •

Idea and concept by us. Royal Copenhagen said yes to on a regular basis to these unique nights.

We invited over 30 persons to a Royal MEGA blue fluted night where they where told the full story behind the world known porcelain.

Secondly they where taught with handhold camera, projector etc. by one of the best hand painters how to make it themselves.

The customers them painted their own dinner plate, which was then glassed and burned in a special production a Royal Copenhagen.

Free coffee shop/café

Success creates success Don’t plan for failure


Wedding activity 2004 Friday - Sunday

World class Glas- og winetasting • Riedel produces the most correct wineglasses in the world. • The same wine WILL taste & smell different in different glasses. • Kornell Dura, Riedel normally give wine tastings for 200 – 1000 people. • In our store he did it for 50.

World class Cocktail • Morten & Jesper from the national TV-show ”The Fab Five” taught the customers a Saturday from 12 – 15, how to mix advanced cocktails the right way. • From 15 – 18 the taught my employees 9 advanced cocktails.

When do you REALLY need the customers to visit you! Days where loosing is not a option! & how to make a bad day good 

24 good reasons to visit inspiration H.P. Nielsen • A tradition that the customers looked forward to all year. • In the 24 days up to X-mas the customers that visited our store or webshop had a chance of winning a huge Xmas gift for themself. • One year we worked together with a local radiostation making them announce one of the daily winners live over the radio.. • Each night one of my empolies got to play Santa and called another winner. • Typical total value was arround 130.000 – 160.000 kr.

Old family tradition • Every year before Christmas since 1975 we served 300 portions of rice pudding after my grandmothers recipe.

• There where 100 gifts from Holmegaard with a total value of dk. Kr. 10.000.• We placed it on the worst Sunday before Christmas and turned that day into a very good one.

And the winner is… Inspiration H.P. Nielsen Denmark

One moment in time… …When I thought I was all I could be. When all of my dreams are a heartbeat a way, and the answers are all up to me… Give me one moment in time…

You CAN do it  ! What could you use in your company? What has inspired you the most in this presentation? Thanks for coming, see you at or

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