Cotton production in Israel

Cotton production in Israel in Braud M. (ed.), Campagne P. (ed.). Le coton en Méditerranée et au Moyen-Orient Montpellier : CIHEAM Options Méditerrané...
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Cotton production in Israel in Braud M. (ed.), Campagne P. (ed.). Le coton en Méditerranée et au Moyen-Orient Montpellier : CIHEAM Options Méditerranéennes : Série Etudes; n. 1988-I 1988 pages 71-76

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CIHEAM - Options Mediterraneennes 71

Cotton production in Israel The Cotton Production andMarketing Board Ltd - Tel Aviv

.Cotton growing. has been known in ancient times, but was revived only1953. in


classing, storing and financing the growers.

llus been very rupid, and today, cotton is grown all over the country. a4ctually,it is the main

The Board operates in full cooperation wilh the the benefit of the


The California SJV is the most accepted variety, producing high yieldsus well as good quality fiber. 8Yo of the arcais planted by

whole cotton industry.

- Area,

yields and varieties grown

mos^ o f t h e cotton fields are irrigated, mainly by sprinklers, but swiftly moving to drip system, which contributes to additional 25% of yield, and

Since then, and especially due to high

almost 40% of theacreage is dripped. all field operations are highly mechanized, farmers,aswellasresearchteams,stillmake trem.endous effort to cut labour input. 85Yo of' the lint (about

85,000 tons) is exported, consurn.ed by local

was 65 O00

is field

which consumes one


mills. The 160,000 tons of seed produced, are supplied both to the dairy farms for direct feeding and to the local mills.


160 O00 tons of cotton seed is of is oil.

Yields :

Cotton Board, a semi-governmental company, of

100 O00

yield was

Agriculture. T h e board is responsible for marketing o f lhe total products (lint,seed and linter). Additionally, upon Varieties : Acala SJ2 occupies A new request of the farm.ers, the Board has framed Eden 1 -occupies 7% within its estahlishment several divisiom, which - about advise the farm.ers and supervise the various stages


of the

CIHEAM - Options Mediterraneennes 72 of weeds by by

- Economics

is accomplished by

... 90% of the lint


as the local cotton Also, cottonseed is a

to 15-200 economy. Cost of is intensive usageof

of field

expensive because of needed. Total cost of as the following :


is 3-4


Planting : of the end of to into soil

by is done into moist soil up.

Fertilization :


needs. is

take advantage of the testing by

$3 O00

sprinkler irrigated cotton soil sampling and availability is sometimes out soil sampling N is taken 0-120 cm do on soil tests but soil type,


_____-__--_ TOTAL



$300 $500 $600 $500 $250 $350 $500

Ginning Capital


of soil test (Olsen) is than 12-14 ppm, level is enough ; when 10-14 ppm, 300-500 kgs/ha of is applied in the next autumn, when less than 8 is

$3 O00 -____------

Those high costs, high yields


too low

should be applied.

N - 250 kgs/ha of (available soil N

- Production practices


-l applied N) is getting good yields.

When like to have a total supplyof 300 kgs/ha available. is


Tillagepractices : widely stalks is done

For drip-irrigated cotton

N is applied at the beginning of the season and a lot :


often applied, if needed. Then come plowing, disking, smoothing,

Weedcontrol : mechanical weeds.

CIHEAM - Options Mediterraneennes

of application : in the


widely used.

t o kill"weeds people to

few have been askedto supply good

by of annual cost is




to used in the same a s e a s o na n da p p l i c a t i o n is usually

be developed some of the applied a t

is a


insects, if heavy damage to cotton yield and quality. On the often quite high. : Heliothis, Spodopteralittoralis),

Some of

convinced to because they managed to by doing

A is

by by

of called "White only in the

fly" (Bernisia tubaci) last few some of the taken against it be effective if applied. is

to delay as to

of such machines have

5% of




often long as possible, so Amount of

of of the insecticide used, etc., is always based on findings of a systematic field checking, that is a week in each plot.Economic been



t,o 1,200 mm


of the cotton than 400-500 mm.


of any

develop is


conditions,soiltypeanddepth,application efficiencies,etc ...


specific field on changes, if As an aid


Fusariurn iAZterna.ria macrospora) and sometimes seedling diseases.


Of t h e

sometimes become


much has as possible.

be the as efficient



For soil now ; is of by by

CIHEAM - Options Mediterraneennes

of the faculty



of few

We think


of "fine

data of actual plant should be


yield development

of the of with some of

by :

is done by defoliated. picked



- exist at theVolcani at the Faculty of

Soil &

well as in each one of -

of the cotton (Upland) is ginned by high capacity saw gins, and the pima cotton by gins. The gins have been designed a that is of picking and so

so as to than that of picked

exist at

of t h e and at


- exist at College of Textile Sciences and at : All


equipment on haul them to the gins.

own big

of own

has got have access to

is a

almost allof




Samples taken a

is sentto

at least one a on of publish inlocal in

place. by the to


of was



of is included,hasbeenpublishedannually.Also, of all usually published in a local Any is fit application is examined by special


that should be extended to to the following facilities:



CIHEAM - Options Mediterraneennes 75 Sources of tables and 2 :

Ton seeds

Average yield per lect. in





Ton of lint

Acreage in hectares

Number of growers




Table : Crops

Country Germany Rab Belgium Portugal South Africa England Greece Spain Holland Jugoslavia Ethiopia Philippines

Noway Argentine Chile Romania




Others Undelivered TOTAL

Table 2: Cotton export 1983-1984 crops (tons)

CIHEAM - Options Mediterraneennes

1984/85 Research project

Subjects Weed control



Affula II



Lachish Negev Volcani

Soil & fertilizers in soil



Technology & (spodoptera littoralis) (Pectinophera goss.)

Soil cultivation systems New machines development Testing new Ginning tests .



Scouting &

cotton Seed diseases



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