Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility What we believe – Global Compact Human Rights Environment Labour Standards Anti-Corruption 2 Our Perspective:...
Author: Rodger Wiggins
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Corporate Social Responsibility

What we believe – Global Compact

Human Rights


Labour Standards



Our Perspective: CSR - a Convergence of Interests

Pure philanthropy


Social benefit Combined social and economic benefit

Source: Harvard Business Review

Economic benefit

Pure business


CSR Field of Action – Food Industry

Pesticides Pollution Labour Issues Traceability

Pollution Soil degradation Long term raw material supply Human Rights Poverty Child Labour Worker health and safety

Traceability Obesity Nutrition / Health Allergies Responsible marketing Advertising to children Packaging Waste Recycling

Restaurant Input Industry


Trade Processor

Food Industry



Catering Sustainable agriculture Prices/Farmer’s income Water Security Fair Trade Slavery Traceability

Human Rights Work Conditions Corruption/Bribery Fair Trade Animal Welfare

Eco-efficiency/Energy Water security Food safety/traceability Emissions (air & water) Packaging waste/Recycling Health & Safety of employees Diversity

Corruption/bribery Quality Food safety/traceability Packing waste Recycling Transport ”food miles”

Source: Peter Neergaard, CBS


Anthon Berg’s Involvement in Cocoa

Toms Confectionery Group

Anthon Berg

Member of

Toms - Danida

World Cocoa Foundation


Fair Trade Products

Fermentation Project Farmer Field Schools

Member of

Children & Education Project

International Cocoa Initiative


Cocoa in Ghana

There are many socio- economic challenges to the cocoa farmers and their community: • Fair Trade

cocoa beans

• Child Labour – children assist their parents at the cocoa farm to help raise the necessary income, though this can affect their school attendance and at times their health • Fermentation Project • Trafficking • Migration • Poor Yield • Poor working conditions

• Children & Education

To secure a better living there is need for: • Alternative Project Livelihoods – to secure the farmers financially to reduce their dependence on cocoa • Education with quality – to attract and keep•the childrenprocessing in school Cocoa • Sensibility training – to make the in Ghana parents aware of the needs and rights of children and to understand the importance of education. 6

Children & Education Project

Children & Education Project To take responsibility in the supply chain, Anthon Berg has in partnership with a NGO and Danida established an education project in two cocoa producing districts in Ghana. The project will run for at least three years effecting up to 15,000 children who will gain from improvement in their education, as Anthon Berg fund education of untrained teachers, training of teachers and school materials. Furthermore, the project includes establishing and support to ParentTeacher Associations, radio programmes – all with the focus on raising the parents’ awareness of child labour & children’s rights as well as the importance of education.


Fermentation Project

Fermentation Project In partnership with the Cocoa Research Institute of Ghana, Anthon Berg is supporting the introduction of a new fermentation method with both social and commercial benefits: Social benefits • Better working conditions • Less time-consuming • Less use of plantain leaves • Higher income for the farmer Commercial benefits • More even fermentation • Higher quality of cocoa beans and subsequently chocolate ► Good story-telling ► Better chocolate ► Better conditions for the farmer


Other CSR Activities

Other CSR Activities Code of Conduct: Based on Global Compact, a Supplier Code of Conduct has been made which is part of the dialogue with suppliers. CSR Supplier Questionnaire: Based on Global Compact, a CSR Questionnaire is being rolled out and will in the future - as well as environmental and quality issues be part of the dialogue and contractual basis for suppliers to Anthon Berg. Parents’ candy guide: Leading experts have been invited to give Danish parents advice on how to deal with children when it comes to everyday challenges in regard to candy, health and exercise.