Corporate Social Responsibility at Telenor Pakistan

Corporate Social Responsibility at Telenor Pakistan Telenor Pakistan – CR Vision & Guiding Principles Maximize Impact of Telecom to Shape a sustaina...
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Corporate Social Responsibility at Telenor Pakistan

Telenor Pakistan – CR Vision & Guiding Principles Maximize Impact of Telecom to Shape a sustainable future

Identify points of intersection between Business & Society

Generate shared value by selecting social issues in line with the business model

Capitalize on Synergies through partnerships with reputable organizations

Promote Telenor Pakistan’s “Empower Societies” Vision

Pakistan & the Millennium Development Goals

Every 3rd Pakistani subsists below poverty line

2nd highest # of school dropouts, 2/3rd of which girls

Lowest ranking in Global Gender Gap Index

5% of under 5 deaths across the world in Pakistan

Highest in South Asia (260 per 100,000 live births)

54 (HIV/AIDS) & 231 (TB) per 100,000 population

Progress on 4 indicators

Partnerships in Development

Source: SDPI 2012, UNESCO 2012, WEF 2012, WHO 2012, Dawn 2012, Tribune 2012, Economic Survey 2011/2012 , NDMA 2012

Areas of Focus


Health Disability

Employee Volunteerism

Child Protection

Emergency Response/Comms

Other areas








•Government •INGOs, NGOs, Civil Society •Society •Employees

•Government Relations •Goodwill for company •Reputation Management •Employee Motivation •Test-bed for Commercial

Programmes & Projects

Salient Impact Emergency Response

Hum Qadam

Rs.280m for floods during 2010-12

Rs.2m in Attabad Lake incident

Rs.17m for IDP crisis

Rs.95m during 2005 Earthquak e

Rs 5.5m for Thar Famin e

Rs.2.5m during 2013 Awaran Earthquake


Global Countdown Game

Played by more than 100 Public/private school students

60,000+ hours of community service

Agriculture Commodity Trade

4,000 farmers received information through SMS & IVR

Programs & Projects 2014 Khuddar Pakistan - Open Mind


Disability Integration Program Successfully Launched Open Mind Pakistan and   integrated 16  trainees across all divisions of TP Second Batch to be initiated in Q3

Mobile technologies for extending Health Care MBR (Mobile for Birth Registration) project with  UNICEF & Punjab Govt. MnCH (Mother & Child Health ) Project launched  with KPK Govt.

School Rehab & Improvement


Rehabilitation & Improvement of 44 Schools  damaged by floods Planning phase concluded. Partnership inked  with Plan International. Project initiated in  Southern Punjab

IT Equipment Donation Donating end of life equipment to set up ICT  centers at partner organizations Bi Annual donations to partner organizations. Set up two ICT centers

ICT for Pedagogy Pilot concluded in Punjab with CLC Subsequent Pilots launched in Sind/KPK with ITA

Child Sexual Abuse Filter Block access to child pornography websites

Beneficiary Communications Disaster Communication System

Khuddar Pakistan



Disability Partner Organizations Make TP an accessible organization & equal opportunity employer by valuing diversity

Directorate General for Special Education Persons with Disabilities (PWDs)


Shared Value

Employee motivation Phase I: Awareness & Accessibility

Access to untapped human resource

Phase II: Inclusion Open Mind Pakistan

Manifestation of ‘Empowering Societies’

Open Mind Pakistan

1400 applications received; 321 applicable candidates

Induction of 16 Trainees

3 month basic skills training

Placement as trainee in each Division for 9 months

mHealth Mobiles for Birth Registration



Pilot Mechanics

UNICEF Scale-up birth registration & introduce mother n child care through use of mobile phones Support achievement of MDG 4&5

NORAD NADRA, Local Governments, Lady Health Worker Programme

Shared Value

UNICEF reputation value Pilot in Rural & Urban areas of Punjab & Sindh using LHWs & Telenor Sahulat Ghars

Help Impact MDGs Potential commercial uptake Stronger Government relations

mHealth Maternal and Child Health Awareness Program


Establishing mobile connectivity with Lady Health Workers (LHWs) to complement their outreach activities Support achievement of MDG 4&5


Pilot Mechanics

Shared Value

MnCH Program KPK Govt

Improve core maternal & child health indicators through:

Help Impact MDGs


Remote/mobile reminders, guidance and advisory by LHWs/LHVs in addition to regular household visits

Potential commercial uptake Stronger Government relations

School Rehab & Improvement Objective

Improve quality of education in flood affected communities & introduce m-learning Rehabilitate 44 partially damaged Middle Schools in flood affected areas


Provincial Education Department PLAN International

Shared Value

Improve the experience of education Enhanced reputation in communities Stronger Government relations


1 year pilot in 4 schools (Punjab) Subsequent scale-up across 3 provinces

eEducation Objective


Provide Khan Academy’s content offline to remote public schools to:

Shared Value

Improved student learning Khan Academy Stronger Government Relations Children's Library Complex (CLC)

improve conceptual understanding provide access to unconnected curcimvent Youtube Ban

Phase I Immediate

Pilot with Individual Organizations

Dovetails with IFA & Idara Taleem o Agahi (ITA)

commercial objectives

Commercial/IFA team

Preferred Choice of Service Provider

Phase II Medium-Term

Integrate with Exisitng Education Projects

Phase III Long-Term

Make available for all Customers

Child Sexual Abuse Filter


Fulfill commitment of Group to Mobile Alliance Block access to child pornographic content on our network

Shared Value

Assist Government in safeguarding child rights Promote safe Internet use - IFA


Technology Group CR PTA

End-of-Life IT Equipment Donation


Bridge the digital divide between through purposeful in-kind contributions to underprivileged children & vulnerable groups in orphanages, schools and other facilities


Shared Value

Identify end-of-life life IT equipment as per need

Internet for all

Seek approvals as per annual market value cap Sign agreement Donate

Stakeholder relationship management No cash outlay No adhocism Long term PR value

Beneficiary Communications


Use core competency to provide an effective communication platform between PRCS/IFRC & the community in times of disaster


PRCS IFRC/Trilogy Technology

Shared Value

Save lives Stronger relations with disaster management organization Reputation

Thank you