Copyright! Why does it pose such a dilemma?

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Areas and regions series, part 2, 3

Four-year opportunity for constitutional changes arrives VOL 73 NO 6

NOV/DEC 2016

Copyright! Why does it pose such a dilemma? Why does copyright pose such a dilemma for members? Perhaps, as educators, we are used to sharing freely and expect such sharing to be the norm everywhere. However, a new world has emerged that protects the rights of creative individuals more aggressively than ever. As a result, adhering to copyright is both a practical and legal imperative! I can’t use images from the website? In particular, members wonder about using images that appear on the DKG international website or in international Society publications. A great example is the logo developed for the 2016-2018 biennium: the DKG rose within a glass globe. Can’t state organization and chapter webmasters and editors pick up that image for use in their work? The simple and loud answer is “NO!” At the international level, the

Society functions as a non-profit organization or business that must pay for use of images from providers such as Thinkstock or Photostock. The contract for such use extends only to the graphics personnel at headquarters in Austin and not beyond. A webmaster, editor or member who “lifts” the image is violating not only the copyright related to the core image but also the rules regarding use of the DKG logo! Videos posted on the international website provide another example of possible routes to violation of copyright. Personnel at Society Headquarters obtain specific permission for posting videos to dkg. org. Downloading these videos and posting them to a state organization website, for example, is a violation of copyright, but providing a link to the video on the Society website is fine. The proper and safe way to share See COPYRIGHT, 3 videos in chapter

Delta Kappa Gamma promotes professional and personal growth of women educators and excellence in education. Visit our website at for the latest news and information

Updated forms, help await you, 6


Destination locations? Indeed!

Amazing! All five locations for the 2017 regional conferences are in locations that are must-see locations on everyone’s “bucket list”! Bring your family to one or more of these “A-List” conference locations. Honolulu, Hawaii, the state capital and gateway to the island chain, is famed for Waikiki Beach, magnificent modern and historic hotels, Diamond Head crater and Pearl Harbor memorial sites. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, is the hub of the Atlantic Grand Strand, a 60-mile string of beaches. Golf courses, beachfront boardwalk, arcades, restaurants, amusement parks and more mean you should bring the whole family. Spearfish, South Dakota, is between Mount Rushmore and Devil’s Tower National Monument in the Black Hills. Spearfish has a laid-back atmosphere. Bring your See REGIONALS, 4 family with you to

2 NOV/DEC 2016 ■


Each one reach one: our member-driven Society By Carolyn Pittman

2016-2018 INTERNATIONAL PRESIDENT Member? ­— That’s YOU Driver — That’s YOU Society — That’s YOU and 75,000 others Member-driven Society? — That’s DKG The Butterfly Effect discussed in my first column is a perfect metaphor for DKG, our member-driven Society. Introduced to The Butterfly Effect, a small book by Andy Andrews (2009, Simple Truths, LLC), by the Wisconsin State Organization president a few years ago, I could not imagine that I would be using its strong premise to illustrate the power of a single member. Stated simply, the Butterfly Effect is the concept that a small action, such as the flap of a butterfly’s wings, can result in large consequences by progressively moving air molecules that can change weather patterns on the other side of the planet. Greeting someone at your chapter meeting, welcoming a new member to your faculty, being patient with a frustrated parent or child and waving at your neighbor are examples of a single action that impacts that person’s outlook. AND yours. Every member is connected to other members. Do you use the power of that connection to build your own professional and personal life? Do you use the power of connection to build someone else’s professional and personal life? The mystery is that one positive act, one tiny deed of goodwill, does not end. The recipient — colleague, friend, student, worker, spouse ­— is only the beginning of the ripple that begins with you. Spreading the very good word about Delta Kappa Gamma is

dependent on each member. “They” at headquarters, on the Administrative Board, a state organization officer, or your chapter executive committee are merely members who have the advantage of position to tell the same Society story that every member has the power to tell. Whatever good or disagreeable that occurs in this Society starts with individual members. YOU are important to someone or something near you who is important to someone or something else near her who is important to…. A teacher designs a classroom with purpose. She establishes systems of processes and storage and use of materials and communication. She does those “small” tasks that have large impact on learning, creativity and larger systems. She makes a difference in the minutes of the day that have years of impact on her students. Each of us makes differences in membership, too. We can make the experience rich and impactful for others as well as for ourselves. Knowing and telling others about the Society is the privilege of each member. Paying your dues on time and reminding someone whose membership is important to you to pay hers, attending your chapter meeting and participating is important. Reaching beyond your chapter membership to participate in DKG is important and encouraging someone else to reach beyond is also important. Knowing what DKG does for educators ­— scholarships, networking, enrichment, encouragement, leadership opportunities — and letting them know is important. YOU are the member who drives the Society.

YOU Make a Difference! WE make a difference. We are Leading Women Educators Impacting Education Worldwide. 2016-2018 ADMINISTRATIVE BOARD International President: Carolyn Pittman, Arkansas First Vice President: Barbara L. Whiting, Minnesota Second Vice President: Becky Sadowski, Tennessee Executive Director: Sandra Smith Bull, Texas Regional Directors Europe: Bjørg Nakling, Norway Northeast: Carol Hughes, Illinois Northwest: Dr. Rhonda R. Anderson, South Dakota Southeast: Linda Navorska, South Carolina Southwest: Patricia Park, Hawaii Immediate Past President: Dr. Lyn Babb Schmid, Pennsylvania Members-at-Large 2014-2018: Dr. Hanna Fowler, Georgia 2016-2020: June M. Bowers, Nebraska Area Representatives Canada: Joan Wolfe, Ontario Latin America: Flor M. Perez, Costa Rica Parliamentarian: Dr. Gwen Simmons, North Carolina Find administrative board members’ email addresses at Toll-free phone: 888.762.4685

DKG NEWS EDITOR Dr. Jensi Souders, Tennessee [email protected]

DKG NEWS (ISSN 0747–184X) is published by The Delta Kappa Gamma Society International bimonthly in January/February, March/April, May/June, July/August (online only), September/ October, and November/December at 416 West Twelfth Street, Austin, TX 78701. Periodicals Postage paid at Austin, TX. Annual international membership dues include subscription to DKG NEWS. Send news items to Dr. Jensi Souders, editor, at the email address above. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to DKG NEWS, P.O. Box 1589, Austin TX 78767–1589.


NOV/DEC 2016


Areas and Regions: the early ’90s You’re so DKG if… Article 2 in a series on the history of DKG areas and regions In 1992, Europe, Canada and Latin America areas were of relative size in number of members and state organizations. Three of the four regions (Northeast, Southeast and Southwest) were also relatively equal in number of members. Northwest had about half as many members as each of the other three. Though it would not be noted until some years later, the Society’s total population in the four regions had already peaked in 1991. At the 1990 International Convention, a proposal was made for the three area representatives to be elected rather than appointed and to be voting members of the Administrative Board. The proposal that they be elected passed (effective in 1992); the vote proposal was defeated, the argument being that the three areas in total did not have enough members to warrant three additional votes on the board. The 1993 European Forum proposed the creation of a region in Europe and amendments were submitted in 1994. European members wanted a vote on the board through a regional director, representation on international committees and a regional conference in Europe. The proposals were rejected by both the Constitution Committee and the Administrative Board, but support was obtained to bring the proposals to the floor. Financial projections were presented for the cost of a fifth

region, considering travel costs for international personnel to go to the regional conferences and a European representative on all committees to come to meetings in Austin. (A study done for the International Expansion Committee in 2011 showed that a minimum of 60 members in a state organization is required to sustain costs of leader training and travel costs as mentioned.) The proposal and financial projections were presented to the convention. Members expressed concern that the European state organizations did not have enough membership to sustain a separate region and should grow their state organizations before asking for regional status. Spokesperson, the late Dorothy Haley, Great Britain, promised members in convention that if the proposal were approved, European state organizations would grow in members to self-support the region. With a conference on their own continent, they believed they would attract more members. The proposal was defeated, as was a proposal to give area representatives a board vote. As the mid/late-1990s approached, European members continued to lobby for a fifth region, and the 1994, 1996 and 1998 conventions would bring that effort to reality. The third article in the series will appear in the next issue.

DEADLINES November 15-IRS Form 990 January 3-Education Foundation Project Application

January 10-Regional Conference Breakout Session Proposals February 1-Scholarship Application

You say at least once in conversation with a fellow member, “Did you ever think of applying for a grant or scholarship for that?” – Deb Carrell, Beta Tau Chapter, IN

COPYRIGHT From Page 1 or state organization meetings is to show them directly from the DKG website. How is anyone going to know? How do copyright violations get noticed? In this day of nimble technology, companies and publishers can use “web crawlers” to identify inappropriate use of their materials. Also known as spiders or bots, these crawlers are programs that browse the World Wide Web in an automated and methodical manner. Once a company’s material is found, checking for use authorization is the next step, and unauthorized use can lead to legal consequences. Nimble technology also contributes to the problem by allowing everyday users to do searches for desired images and content. The unauthorized image that a webmaster posts on her chapter website may be found and used by another entity and so on for many other groups. Ultimately, the repeated use of the image or material will trigger an alert for the copyright holder and legal action may ensue. These general guidelines are just the “tip of the iceberg” for copyright issues. The Copyright Primer included in the Communications & Publicity page of the DKG website is a great resource. The bottom line is to take care when admiring an image, article, or any creative work; don’t let that admiration lead to copyright violation!

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enjoy hiking and biking trails, rock climbing routes and mountain stream fishing. Tallinn, Estonia, is a great mix of old and new and small enough to enjoy scenic strolls throughout. Old Town is touted as “one of the best preserved Hanseatic town centres in the world,” but close by are modern towers, trendy neighborhoods and large shopping areas. Windsor, Ontario, is the international gateway between Canada and the U.S., located just across the Detroit River. Spectacular views along the waterfront are only the beginning. Whether your interests tend toward art, theatre, history or water sports, Windsor beckons you to visit. Mark your calendars for one or more regional events. You’ll gain professionally and personally and enlarge your vision and understanding of the world.

Hawaii says ‘Aloha’ to Southwest regional, July 4-7 Experience the “Lifestyle of Aloha” at the Southwest Regional Conference at the Sheraton Waikiki Hotel in Honolulu, Hawaii. Enjoy Hawaii’s majestic scenery, diverse cultural traditions, multi-ethnic food and engage in Hawaii’s fellowship and love for all people.

Photo courtesy of Hawaii Tourism Authority (HTA) / Tor Johnson

July 19-22 Southeast regional entices members to South Carolina

June 28-July 1 Northwest Regional Conference set for South Dakota Join us at the 2017 NW Regional, at Spearfish, South Dakota’s Holiday Inn Convention Center. Visit the Black Hills and learn stories from the 60-million-year-old Spearfish Canyon, 1874 Gold Rush, Mount Rushmore, Badlands, and the Deep Underground Science and Engineering Laboratory (DUSEL). Photo courtesy of Visit Spearfish.

Shorter Northeast Regional Conference planned in Ontario, July 12-14 Travel to Windsor, Ontario, for a great time at the Northeast Regional. Save time and money in a 2 1/2-day conference that will still pack a lot of punch! Enjoy the ambience of Caesars with its meeting rooms in easy walking distance. A variety of dining experiences await you. Learn and absorb local history. Photo courtesy of Tourism Windsor Essex Pelee Island.

Estonia beckons as Europe Conference set for July 26-29

Experience the beach, southern style, at the Sheraton Myrtle Beach Conference Center. South Carolina Night will feature the music group The Embers with shag dance demonstrations and lessons. Opportunities for local cuisine, shopping, sand and fun are close by. Y’all come!

The Nordic Hotel Forum in the heart of Tallinn is the site for the Europe Regional Conference. How leading women educators can impact educational developments and contribute to teachers’ professionalism is the conference focus. Let’s become visible as trusted intellectuals!

Photo courtesy of VisitMyrtleBeach. com

Photo courtesy of Toomas Volmar/ Tallinn City Tourist Office & Convention Bureau.


Theme, fees set for regional conferences The Administrative Board met on September 9 prior to the International Planning Meeting. Five actions were approved: 1. Requested Executive Board permission for the international president to appoint two (2) ad hoc committees to meet electronically, not face-to-face: 1. A committee to study and report to the Administrative Board the duties/instructions/orientation of convention committees and 2. A committee to fulfill the role directed by the convention regarding the voting process to elect Society leaders. 2. Approved the theme of the 2017 Regional Conferences: Leading Women Educators Impacting Education Worldwide. 3. Approved Convention Registration Solutions as the Regional 2017 Registration

Consultant for the Northwest, Southwest, Northeast and Southeast Regional Conferences. 4. Approved the following registration fees for the 2017 Northwest, Southwest, Southeast and Europe Regional Conferences: Members/nonmembers – $150; 30 days prior to conference start date – $225; 1-day – $65; 2-day – $130; Host State Organization volunteer – $135; Family member/medical companion (no conference materials) – $15 5. Approved the following registration fees for the 2017 Northeast Regional Conference: Members/non-members – $113; 30 Days prior to conference start date – $170; 1-day – $50; Host State Organization volunteer – $100; Family member/medical companion (no conference materials) – $15.00

Board suggests uses, calls for submissions After the successful launch of the Bulletin: Collegial Exchange, editorial board members look forward to future submissions and use of both the journal and the magazine to enhance personal and professional growth. How are you using the publications? Below are some suggestions: • Build a chapter program or meeting around an article or issue of the publication; • Demonstrate the DKG website and how to access the online journal; • Use as a recruitment tool with potential members; • Try out an idea that has been presented in an article; • Place the magazine in teacher rooms or other gathering places; • Use upcoming themes to brainstorm possible articles; and

• Build your resume or CV by submitting for publication. Deadlines for submissions to the Collegial Exchange in 2017 are August 1 and December 15. Upcoming themes and 2017 deadlines for the scholarly journal include • Culturally Proficient Leaders (March 1), • Generational Issues for Educators (May 15), and • Accountability (October 1). The editorial board is exploring the use of webinars and varied submission processes to improve marketing and access for members. Other goals include proposals for simplification of DKG governing documents relative to the Bulletin. Be sure to visit for resources, FAQs, and other information. Send your ideas for using articles from the journal and magazine to [email protected]

NOV/DEC 2016



money business

The fourth headquarters department to be highlighted in this column is the Information Services Department. Your dues enable this department to keep lines of communication open at all levels of the Society. Department employees work to keep members informed and effective in a technical world. This department is in charge of inventory, the Society store and app, graphic design, design and maintenance of the website and network. Publication of DKG NEWS, the Bulletin: Collegial Exchange and Journal, and all printed resources such as brochures and guides go through this department. Department members advise Society boards, juries and committees regarding technological concerns. This department empowers members through the website. You are able to enter member-only areas to update your membership information and look up other members. As a DKG member you can join communities, shop, access discounts, and check out insurance offerings. Through the website, members can link to forms, resources, information about committees, view the Gallery of Fine Arts, keep up to date on DKG events and projects, donate online, open DKG publications and access social media sites. The website gives you ready links to state organization and chapter websites. The department uses your dues dollars to help DKG realize its vision of impacting education worldwide. We take pride in the judicious use of our dues dollars and the work of the Information Services Department.

6 NOV/DEC 2016 ■


Propose to us! Constitution committee members eagerly await your proposals. Multiple possibilities based on amendment proposals will enliven the 2018 constitutional convention in Austin. With that in mind, committee members have developed goals, presentations, and updated materials to prepare you for the convention. Regional conference sessions will emphasize a member’s right to submit proposed amendments to the Society’s governing documents and give tips for conducting more efficient, effective meetings. Check out social media (Blog, Twitter, Facebook, MyDKG CC Community) as committee members help you understand the governing documents.

Assets and Actions Instructions for submission have been expanded and changes made to the flow chart. Two committee goals are to share information about the amendment process and to assist members with proposals. Constitution committee members are ready to help you write amendment proposals to update both the 2014 Constitution and 2016 International Standing Rules (ISR). All Amendment Proposal Forms must be postmarked October 1, 2017. The committee encourages early submission. The ISR has been updated with the 2016 changes. Both it and the 2014 Constitution are on the website, linked to the committee’s page.

New, continuing direction in communication offered

Simplify! Support members! Promote and expand technology resources! Open communication to foster relationships! These are the challenges of communications and publicity (C&P). Hoping that all members are lifelong learners in the area of technology, C&P committee members offer a blog to model the role that this form of social media can play to inform and educate. Support will include advice for the use of social media, encouragement of participation in My DKG communities and design of online leadership training. Expanded resources will include • additional “How To” videos for the DKG YouTube channel, • regional conference breakouts to teach the use of Google Forms

and Sheets to share and collect data, and • continued issues of Get Connected and contributions to the Collegial Exchange. Proposals to update the Constitution and International Standing Rules as they relate to C&P are planned: • Revision of the name to Communications and Marketing Committee; because the broader term is more appropriate; and • Reconsideration of the need for onsite preconference training for organization editors and webmasters, not only to save the Society resources but also to honor editor and webmaster expertise going into the future. Visit the website to review Communications and Publicity resources.

Marketing Our Pride

Members in attendance at the international convention last summer were eager to share ways through which they bring the Society to the attention of a broader audience. Here are some of their suggestions on how to broadcast our Society assets: • When sponsoring a community project, make sure DKG is promoted with signage and a few brochures with a DKG business card attached. • Share what DKG is doing in chapters, state organization and international on personal DKG Facebook pages. • Have a prepared elevator speech that you share whenever possible. • Market DKG when having a oneon-one conversation with another educator who is not a DKG member. • Sell shirts with the DKG logo to promote awareness. • Talk about DKG when volunteering in local schools and share a DKG marketing brochure. • Market inside and outside the chapter by verbally sharing the many benefits of DKG. If you have more marketing ideas to share email Phyllis Hickey at [email protected] .

You’re so DKG if… You identify with and admire kindred females who overcome obstacles to make lives more rewarding for themselves and their families. – Pat Juenger, Beta Pi Chapter, PA


I have always been able to access all areas of the DKG website. Why do I now see an “Access Denied” message when I click on cer tain areas of the website?

Security of membership data is a top priority and was a key factor when setting up the new DKG website. Launched in January 2016, the site has public areas where members and non-members can view information about the Society and contact Society staff and international leaders. However, other areas are considered “members only” areas.

In these areas, members will find information, applications and resources specific to and available only to members. Other items located in the “members only” areas of the website are considered benefits to members (such as publications). In addition, the My DKG area of the website, which is also password protected, includes member access to a personal profile and member contact information. Members log in using the six digit member ID as the username and the default password. Ask your chapter or state organization president for the default password or contact Society Headquarters. Once logged in, members should change the password to a preferred personal password.

New leaders given tools to make a difference You may be a leader already familiar with international committee work, or not. You may be a leader elected to a new international office who understands the workings of the Administrative Board, or not. Regardless of your new position as an Administrative Board member, international committee or forum chair, you must be oriented to your new responsibilities, goals and expectations. Thus, newly elected or appointed leaders gathered in Austin in mid-September to connect their responsibilities to the governing documents, strategic plan, Purposes, vision and mission of the Society. The meeting was paperless. Attendees brought their devices and all materials were shared through Dropbox. Pictures and agendas were posted on the DKG website daily for all members to see and follow. International President Carolyn Pittman, headquarters personnel and others led discussions with new regional directors on their

regional conference responsibilities; and walked Administrative Board members through topics from technology use, Society finance, and roles for their new positions to orientation on board parliamentary practices, the Society Strategic Plan and membership trends. Committee chairs were schooled in making a difference, using committee procedures, the workings of a nonprofit and developing a biennial focus for the work of each committee, among many topics. Videos were shown about making a difference and being a first follower and, lest everything be work, work, work, desserts served included chocolate cake, tiramisu, apple and key lime pie and ice cream! Be assured that your new international leaders left the International Leadership Orientation Meeting with questions answered, goals set, priorities made for moving our Society forward another two years. Hard to believe one short meeting can do all that!

NOV/DEC 2016



aking embers atter

How can one member in one chapter make a difference? Start with little acts of kindness within the chapter. • Be a “buddy” or “mentor” to a new/ transferred/reinstated member. Remind her of meetings, meet her at meetings to escort her in and introduce her to members. Sit with her so she feels comfortable. • Call a member you missed seeing at the last meeting and let her know she was missed. • Assist a new member in submitting her initiate form to Society Headquarters. With prompt assignment of a member ID number, she can access the website and all member benefits quickly. • Assist that member who is moving with a transfer request. If she has already moved, call her and make sure she has found a new chapter. If she has not settled in a new chapter, assist her with paying dues to the previous chapter until she finds a new one. President Pittman said that how we live "locally" makes a difference "globally." What local acts can make a difference for another member across the globe? • Join a DKG Community and network around the world. Log in under My DKG at and click on “Join a Community.” • Submit an article to the Collegial Exchange or the Journal. Your insights could change a life in another part of the world. • Know an outstanding educator in another state or country? Recommend her for membership to any chapter. (ISR 3.02)


NOV/DEC 2016


What’s working

Chapter Strengthening Chapters are constantly working to have better attendance at chapter activities. Here’s an idea that is working for a chapter in Tennessee: By February 2015, Alpha Epsilon’s attendance was at only 49%. Chapter leaders decided that, in addition to meeting information sent in the chapter newsletter, they would use Google Forms to send RSVPs for each meeting. The form asks members to respond that they are coming, not coming, or coming but not eating. The first RSVP Google Form went out in December 2015; attendance was 60%. Since then, attendance has been steadily in


Members raise funds for earthquake damage

On August 21, 2016, at the Museum of Art in Kochi, Japan State Organization hosted the DKG Charity Concert for schools damaged by the April 11 Kumamoto earthquakes. Two members, Reiko Sumi, singer, and Narumi Sugimoto, pianist, performed along with Reiko’s friend Mr. Yamani Sakahashi, flutist, and Mrs. Misuzu Ohno, Reiko’s piano accompanist. Immediate Past International President Dr. Lyn Schmid, PA; Dr. Eileen Clark, HI; and Masumi Hogan, CA, were part of the 350 supporters

DKG NEWS the 60s, with the September 2016 meeting, a high of 69%. Chapter president Dr. Elaine Vaughan states that while she is seeing a definite increase in percentage attendance since using

Google Forms, she also credits information about meetings being sent out “quite a bit earlier than previously.” She believes Google Forms RSVPs are “definitely worth chapters taking a look at.”

Periodicals Postage

The Delta Kappa Gamma Society International (USPS 715-830) P.O. Box 1589, Austin, TX 78767-1589 USA


This column is submitted on a rotating basis by the Europe regional director, the area representatives for Canada and Latin America, and Japan

in attendance at the concert. Approximately $6,000 was raised that evening. California’s Eta Chapter and Hawaii State Organization donated $3,500 of the total. Japan State Organization members delivered the donations in October to the Mashiki Central Elementary and Kiyama Junior High schools in Kumamoto. Reiko Sumi sang a small concert at the elementary at that time.

Are you credentialed by the National Association of Parliamentarians (NAP) as a Registered Parliamentarian or a Professional Registered Parliamentarian? If so, contact International Parliamentarian Dr. Gwen Simmons at [email protected] to be a part of a resource list for DKG members.

This column is submitted on a rotating basis by the Europe regional director, the area representatives for Canada and Latin America, and Japan

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