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I © 2015 Contents President’s Statement IMIA and Schattauer GmbH IMIA Yearbook of Medical Informatics 2015 L. de Assis Moura Jr. Embracing Strateg...
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Contents President’s Statement

IMIA and Schattauer GmbH

IMIA Yearbook of Medical Informatics 2015

L. de Assis Moura Jr. Embracing Strategies for eHealth


C. Safran Celebrating Morris F. Collen (1913 - 2014)


G. Surján An Extraordinary Obituary for an Extraordinary Man: Attila Naszlady


A. Shabo Obituary for Assa Reichert



B. Séroussi, M.-C. Jaulent, C. U. Lehmann Health Information Technology Challenges to Support Patient-centered Care Coordination



D. W. Bates Health Information Technology and Care Coordination: The Next Big Opportunity for Informatics?


G. Demiris, L. Kneale Informatics Systems and Tools to Facilitate Patient-centered Care Coordination


H. Liyanage, A. Correa, S-T. Liaw, C. Kuziemsky, A. L. Terry, S. de Lusignan Does Informatics Enable or Inhibit the Delivery of Patient-centred, Coordinated, and Quality-assured Care: a Delphi Study


C. Otero, D. Luna, A. Marcelo, M. Househ, H. Mandirola, W. Curioso, P. Pazos, C. Villalba Why Patient Centered Care Coordination Is Important in Developing Countries?


O. Steichen, W. Gregg Health Information Technology Coordination to Support Patient-centered Care Coordination



Special Section: Patient-centered Care Coordination Survey Working Group Contributions


Content summaries of: Best Paper Selection

Dykes PC, Samal L, Donahue M, Greenberg JO, Hurley AC, Hasan O, O’Malley TA, Venkatesh AK, Volk LA, Bates DW. A patient-centered longitudinal care plan: vision versus reality. J Am Med Inform Assoc 2014;21(6):1082-90 Melby L, Hellesø R. Introducing electronic messaging in Norwegian healthcare: unintended consequences for interprofessional collaboration. Int J Med Inform 2014;83(5):343-53 Popejoy LL, Khalilia MA, Popescu M, Galambos C, Lyons V, Rantz M, Hicks L, Stetzer F. Quantifying care coordination using natural language processing and domain-specific ontology. J Am Med Inform Assoc 2015;22(e1): e93-e103

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IMIA Yearbook of Medical Informatics 2015

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IMIA and Schattauer GmbH

Section 1: Health and Clinical Management Survey Synopsis Best Paper Selection

D. A. Clifton, K. E. Niehaus, P. Charlton, G. W. Colopy Health Informatics via Machine Learning for the Clinical Management of Patients


N. Bricon-Souf, E. Conchon A 2015 Medical Informatics Perspective on Health and Clinical Management: Will Cloud and Prioritization Solutions be the Future of Health Data Management?


Content summaries of: Koutkias VG, McNair P, Kilintzis V, Skovhus Andersen K, Niès J, Sarfati, JC Ammenwerth E, Chazard E, Jensen S, Beuscart R, Maglaveras N. From adverse drug event detection to prevention. A novel clinical decision support framework for medication safety. Methods Inf Med 2014;53(6):482-92 Tong Y, Sun J, Chow SS, Li P. Cloud-assisted mobile-access of health data with privacy and auditability. IEEE J Biomed Health Inform 2014;18(2):419-29 Van Oostveen CJ, Braaksma A, Vermeulen H. Developing and testing a computerized decision support system for nurse-to-patient assignment: a multimethod study. Comput Inform Nursing 2014;32(6):276-85

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Section 2: Human Factors and Organizational Issues Survey Working Group Contributions

Synopsis Best Paper Selection

M. T. Baysari, J. I. Westbrook Mobile Applications for Patient-centered Care Coordination: A Review of Human Factors Methods Applied to their Design, Development, and Evaluation


R. Marcilly, E. Ammenwerth, E. Roehrer, S. Pelayo, F. Vasseur, M.-C. Beuscart-Zéphir Usability Flaws in Medication Alerting Systems: Impact on Usage and Work System


S. Purkayastha, A. Price, R. Biswas, Jai Ganesh A.U., P. Otero From Dyadic Ties to Information Infrastructures: Care-Coordination between Patients, Providers, Students and Researchers


S. Pelayo, MS. Ong Human Factors and Ergonomics in the Design of Health Information Technology: Trends and Progress in 2014


Content summaries of: Flewwelling CJ, Easty AC, Vicente KJ, Cafazzo JA. The use of fault reporting of medical equipment to identify latent design flaws. J Biomed Inform 2014 Oct;51:80-5 Friedman A, Crosson JC, Howard J, Clark EC, Pellerano M, Karsh BT, Crabtree B, Jaén CR, Cohen DJ. A typology of electronic health record workarounds in small-to-medium size primary care practices. J Am Med Inform Assoc 2014 Feb;21(e1):e78-83 Russ AL, Zillich AJ, Melton BL, Russell SA, Chen S, Spina JR, Weiner M, Johnson EG, Daggy JK, McManus MS, Hawsey JM, Puleo AG, Doebbeling BN, Saleem JJ. Applying human factors principles to alert design increases efficiency and reduces prescribing errors in a scenario-based simulation. J Am Med Inform Assoc 2014 Oct;21(e2):e287-96

IMIA Yearbook of Medical Informatics 2015

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Section 3: Clinical Information Systems Survey

Synopsis Best Paper Selection

IMIA and Schattauer GmbH

A. Hoerbst, M. Schweitzer A Systematic Investigation on Barriers and Critical Success Factors for Clinical Information Systems in Integrated Care Settings


T. Ganslandt, W. O. Hackl Findings from the Clinical Information Systems Perspective


Content summaries of: D'Amore JD, Mandel JC, Kreda DA, Swain A, Koromia GA, Sundareswaran S, Alschuler L, Dolin RH, Mandl KD, Kohane IS, Ramoni RB. Are Meaningful Use Stage 2 certified EHRs ready for interoperability? Findings from the SMART C-CDA Collaborative. J Am Med Inform Assoc 2014;21(6):1060-8 Li Q, Melton K, Lingren T, Kirkendall ES, Hall E, Zhai H, Ni Y, Kaiser M, Stoutenborough L, Solti I. Phenotyping for patient safety: algorithm development for electronic health record based automated adverse event and medical error detection in neonatal intensive care. J Am Med Inform Assoc 2014;21(5):776-84 Meeks DW, Smith MW, Taylor L, Sittig DF, Scott JM, Singh H. An analysis of electronic health recordrelated patient safety concerns. J Am Med Inform Assoc 2014;21(6):1053-9 Plischke M, Wagner M, Haarbrandt B, Rochon M, Schwartze J, Tute E, Bartkiewicz T, Kleinschmidt T, Seidel C, Schüttig H, Haux R. The lower saxony bank of health. Rationale, principles, services, organization and architectural framework. Methods Inf Med 2014;53(2):73-81

Section 4: Sensor, Signal and Imaging Informatics Survey

Synopsis Best Paper Selection

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J. De jonckheere, V. Bonhomme, M. Jeanne, E. Boselli, M. Gruenewald, R. Logier, P. Richebé Physiological Signal Processing for Individualized Anti-Nociception Management During General Anesthesia: a Review


S. Voros, A. Moreau-Gaudry How Sensor, Signal, and Imaging Informatics May Impact Patient Centered Care and Care Coordination


Content summaries of: Amir-Khalili A, Peyrat J-M, Abinahed J, Al-Alao O, Al-Ansari A, Hamarneh G, Abugharbieh R. Auto localization and segmentation of occluded vessels in robot-assisted partial nephrectomy. Med Image Comput Comput Assist Interv 2014;17(1):407–14 Mi H, Petitjean C, Dubray B, Vera P, Ruan S. Prediction of lung tumor evolution during radiotherapy in individual patients with PET. IEEE Trans Med Imaging 2014 Apr;33(4):995-1003 Pheiffer TS, Thompson RC, Rucker DC, Simpson AL, Miga MI. Model-based correction of tissue compression for tracked ultrasound in soft tissue image-guided surgery. Ultrasound Med Biol 2014 Apr;40(4):788-803 Quellec G, Charrière K, Lamard M, Droueche Z, Roux C, Cochener B, Cazuguel G. Real-time recognition of surgical tasks in eye surgery videos. Med Image Anal 2014 Apr;18(3):579-90 Tanter M, Fink M. Ultrafast imaging in biomedical ultrasound. IEEE Trans Ultrason Ferroelectr Freq Control 2014 Jan;61(1):102-19

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IMIA Yearbook of Medical Informatics 2015

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IMIA and Schattauer GmbH

Section 5: Decision Support Survey Synopsis Best Paper Selection

L. Sacchi, G. Lanzola, N. Viani, S. Quaglini Personalization and Patient Involvement in Decision Support Systems: Current Trends


J. Bouaud, V. Koutkias Computerized Clinical Decision Support: Contributions from 2014


Content summaries of: Goddard K, Roudsari A, Wyatt JC. Automation bias: empirical results assessing influencing factors. Int J Med Inform 2014 May;83(5):368-75 Klann JG, Szolovits P, Downs SM, Schadow G. Decision support from local data: creating adaptive order menus from past clinician behavior. J Biomed Inform 2014 Apr;48:84-93 Miñarro-Giménez JA, Blagec K, Boyce RD, Adlassnig KP, Samwald M. An ontology-based, mobile-optimized system for pharmacogenomic decision support at the point-of-care. PLoS One. 2014 May 2;9(5):e93769 Nachtigall I, Tafelski S, Deja M, Halle E, Grebe MC, Tamarkin A, Rothbart A, Uhrig A, Meyer E, MusialBright L, Wernecke KD, Spies C. Long-term effect of computer-assisted decision support for antibiotic treatment in critically ill patients: a prospective 'before/after' cohort study. BMJ Open 2014 Dec 22;4(12):e005370

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Section 6: Knowledge Representation and Management Survey Synopsis Best Paper Selection

M. Da Silveira, J. C. Dos Reis, C. Pruski Management of Dynamic Biomedical Terminologies: Current Status and Future Challenges


J. Charlet, S. J. Darmoni Knowledge Representation and Management. From Ontology to Annotation


Content summaries of: Choi S, Choi J, Yoo S, Kim H, Lee Y. Semantic concept-enriched dependence model for medical information retrieval. J Biomed Inform 2014 Feb;47:18-27 Clark K, Sharma D, Qin R, Chute CG, Tao C. A use case study on late stent thrombosis for ontologybased temporal reasoning and analysis. J Biomed Semantics 2014 Dec 11;5(1):49 Dramé K, Diallo G, Delva F, Dartigues JF, Mouillet E, Salamon R, Mougin F. Reuse of terminoontological resources and text corpora for building a multilingual domain ontology: an application to Alzheimer's disease. J Biomed Inform.2014 Apr;48:171-82 Funk C, Baumgartner W Jr, Garcia B, Roeder C, Bada M, Cohen KB, Hunter LE, Verspoor K. Large-scale biomedical concept recognition: an evaluation of current automatic annotators and their parameters. BMC Bioinformatics 2014;15:59

IMIA Yearbook of Medical Informatics 2015

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IMIA and Schattauer GmbH

Section 7: Education and Consumer Health Informatics Survey

Working Group Contribution

Synopsis Best Paper Selection

K. Denecke, P. Bamidis, C. Bond, E. Gabarron, M. Househ, A. Y. S. Lau, M. A. Mayer, M. Merolli, M. Hansen Ethical Issues of Social Media Usage in Healthcare


M. Rigby, A. Georgiou, H. Hyppönen, E. Ammenwerth, N. de Keizer, F. Magrabi, P. Scott Patient Portals as a Means of Information and Communication Technology Support to Patient-Centric Care Coordination – the Missing Evidence and the Challenges of Evaluation


P. Staccini, L. Luque Health Social Media and Patient-Centered Care: Buzz or Evidence?


Content summaries of: Brown J, Michie S, Geraghty AW, Yardley L, Gardner B, Shahab L, Stapleton JA, West R. Internetbased intervention for smoking cessation (StopAdvisor) in people with low and high socioeconomic status: a randomised controlled trial. Lancet Respir Med 2014 Dec;2(12):997-1006 Obadina ET, Dubenske LL, McDowell HE, Atwood AK, Mayer DK, Woods RW, Gustafson DH, Burnside ES. Online support: Impact on anxiety in women who experience an abnormal screening mammogram. Breast 2014 Dec;23(6):743-8 Vaughan Sarrazin MS, Cram P, Mazur A, Ward M, Reisinger HS. Patient perspectives of dabigatran: analysis of online discussion forums. Patient 2014;7(1):47-54 Wicks P, Sulham KA, Gnanasakthy A. Quality of life in organ transplant recipients participating in an online transplant community. Patient 2014;7(1):73-84

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Section 8: Bioinformatics and Translational Informatics Survey Synopsis Best Paper Selection

K. Regan, P. R.O. Payne From Molecules to Patients: The Clinical Applications of Translational Bioinformatics


L. F. Soualmia, T. Lecroq Bioinformatics Methods and Tools to Advance Clinical Care


Content summaries of: Antonov AV, Krestyaninova M, Knight RA, Rodchenkov I, Melino G, Barlev NA. PPIsurv: a novel bioinformatics tool for uncovering the hidden role of specific genes in cancer survival outcome. Oncogene 2014 Mar 27; 33(13):1621-8 Bendl J, Stourac J, Salanda O, Pavelka A, Wieben ED, Zendulka J, Brezovsky J, Damborsky J. PredictSNP: robust and accurate consensus classifier for prediction of disease-related mutations. PLoS Comput Biol. 2014 Jan;10(1):e1003440 Kim MS, Pinto SM, Getnet D, Nirujogi RS, Manda SS, Chaerkady R, Madugundu AK, Kelkar DS, Isserlin R, Jain S, Thomas JK, Muthusamy B, Leal-Rojas P, Kumar P, Sahasrabuddhe NA, Balakrishnan L, Advani J, George B, Renuse S, Selvan LD, Patil AH, Nanjappa V, Radhakrishnan A, Prasad S, Subbannayya T, Raju R, Kumar M, Sreenivasamurthy SK, Marimuthu A, Sathe GJ, Chavan S, Datta KK, Subbannayya Y, Sahu A, Yelamanchi SD, Jayaram S, Rajagopalan P, Sharma J, Murthy KR, Syed N, Goel R, Khan AA, Ahmad S, Dey G, Mudgal K, Chatterjee A, Huang TC, Zhong J, Wu X, Shaw PG, Freed D, Zahari MS, Mukherjee KK, Shankar S, Mahadevan A, Lam H, Mitchell CJ, Shankar SK, Satishchandra P, Schroeder JT, Sirdeshmukh R, Maitra A, Leach SD, Drake CG, Halushka MK, Prasad TS, Hruban RH, Kerr CL, Bader GD, Iacobuzio-Donahue CA, Gowda H, Pandey A. A draft map of the human proteome. Nature 2014 May 29; 509(7502):575-81 Taati B, Snoek J, Aleman D, Ghavamzadeh A. Data mining in bone marrow transplant records to identify patients with high odds of survival. IEEE J Biomed Health Inform 2014 Jan; 18(1):21-7

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IMIA Yearbook of Medical Informatics 2015

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IMIA and Schattauer GmbH

Section 9: Clinical Research Informatics Survey Synopsis Best Paper Selection

M. Dugas Clinical Research Informatics: Recent Advances and Future Directions


C. Daniel, R. Choquet Information Technology for Clinical, Translational and Comparative Effectiveness Research


Content summaries of: De Moor G, Sundgren M, Kalra D, Schmidt A, Dugas M, Claerhout B, Karakoyun T, Ohmann C, Lastic PY, Ammour N, Kush R, Dupont D, Cuggia M, Daniel C, Thienpont G, Coorevits P. Using electronic health records for clinical research: the case of the EHR4CR project. J Biomed Inform 2015 Feb;53:162-73 Rusanov A, Weiskopf NG, Wang S, Weng C. Hidden in plain sight: bias towards sick patients when sampling patients with sufficient electronic health record data for research. BMC Med Inform Decis Mak 2014 Jun 11;14:51 Sahoo SS, Lhatoo SD, Gupta DK, Cui L, Zhao M, Jayapandian C, Bozorgi A, Zhang GQ. Epilepsy and seizure ontology: towards an epilepsy informatics infrastructure for clinical research and patient care. J Am Med Inform Assoc 2014 Jan-Feb;21(1):82-9 Schreiweis B, Trinczek B, Köpcke F, Leusch T, Majeed RW, Wenk J, Bergh B, Ohmann C, Röhrig R, Dugas M, Prokosch HU. Comparison of electronic health record system functionalities to support the patient recruitment process in clinical trials. Int J Med Inform 2014 Nov;83(11):860-8

Section 10: Natural Language Processing Survey Synopsis Best Paper Selection

182 181 182

S. Velupillai, D. Mowery, B. R. South, M. Kvist, H. Dalianis Recent Advances in Clinical Natural Language Processing in Support of Semantic Analysis


A. Névéol, P. Zweigenbaum Clinical Natural Language Processing in 2014: Foundational Methods Supporting Efficient Healthcare


Content summaries of: Biyani P, Caragea C, Mitra P, Yen J. Identifying emotional and informational support in online health communities. Proc COLING 2014 Sept:827-36 Carrell DS, Halgrim S, Tran DT, Buist DS, Chubak J, Chapman WW, Savova G. Using natural language processing to improve efficiency of manual chart abstraction in research: the case of breast cancer recurrence. Am J Epidemiol 2014 Mar 15;179(6):749-58 Chasin R, Rumshisky A, Uzuner Ö, Szolovits P. Word sense disambiguation in the clinical domain: a comparison of knowledge-rich andknowledge-poor unsupervised methods. J Am Med Inform Assoc 2014 Sep-Oct;21(5):842-9 Raghavan P, Fosler-Lussier E, Elhadad N, Lai A. Cross-narrative temporal ordering of medical events. Proc ACL 2014:998-1008 Wu S, Miller T, Masanz J, Coarr M, Halgrim S, Carrell D, Clark C. Negation’s not solved: generalizability versus optimizability in clinical natural language processing. PLoS One 2014 Nov 13;9(11):e112774

IMIA Yearbook of Medical Informatics 2015


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Section 11: Public Health and Epidemiology Informatics Survey Working Group Contribution

Synopsis Best Paper Selection

Research & Education History of Medical Informatics

Information on IMIA

Information on IMIA Regions


IMIA and Schattauer GmbH

B. E. Dixon, H. H. K. Kharrazi, H. P. Lehmann Public Health and Epidemiology Informatics: Recent Research and Events in the United States


E. Borycki, E. Cummings, J. W. Dexheimer, Y. Gong, S. Kennebeck, A. Kushniruk, C. Kuziemsky, K. Saranto, J. Weber, H. Takeda Patient-Centred Coordinated Care in Times of Emerging Diseases and Epidemics


L. Toubiana, N. Griffon Modelling, Simulation and Social Network Data: What’s New for Public Health and Epidemiology Informatics?


Content summaries of: Barboza P, Vaillant L, Le Strat Y, Hartley DM, Nelson NP, Mawudeku A, Madoff LC, Linge JP, Collier N, Brownstein JS, Astagneau P. Factors influencing performance of internet-based biosurveillance systems used in epidemic intelligence for early detection of infectious diseases outbreaks. PLoS One 2014;9:e90536 Khormi HM, Kumar L. Climate change and the potential global distribution of Aedes aegypti: spatial modelling using GIS and CLIMEX. Geospat Health 2014;8:405-15 Pawelek KA, Oeldorf-Hirsch A, Rong L. Modeling the impact of twitter on influenza epidemics. Math Biosci Eng 2014;11:1337-56 Rutter P, Mytton O, Ellis B, Donaldson L. Access to the NHS by telephone and Internet during an influenza pandemic: an observational study. BMJ Open 2014;4:e004174

218 219 219 219

I. Chouvarda, N. Maglaveras Medical Informatics Education & Research in Greece


C. A. Kulikowski An Opening Chapter of the First Generation of Artificial Intelligence in Medicine: The First Rutgers AIM Workshop, June 1975


Information on IMIA


Honorary Fellows


IMIA Member Societies


Institutional Members


Addresses of IMIA Member Societies


Information on APAMI (Asia Pacific Association for Medical Informatics)


Information on Helina (African Region)


Information on IMIA-LAC (Federation of Health Societies in Latin America)


Information on MEAHI (Middle East Association for Health Informatics


Information on North-American Medical Informatics (NAMI)


Information on EFMI (European Federation For Medical Informatics)


Information on EFMI Working Groups


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IMIA Yearbook of Medical Informatics 2015

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