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“ NBAD IS THE LEADING BANK IN THE MIDDLE EAST AND ONE OF THE SAFEST BANKS IN THE WORLD” Our roots in Abu Dhabi give us a deep understanding of the dynamics of the Arab region and its connection to the world’s markets. We want to be recognized as the world’s best Arab Bank. We take a long-term view and we want our customers to be with us for a long time, advising them on the biggest corporate deals and the smallest personal transactions, both during difficult and better times. We are always seeking to raise the bar, to set new standards of governance and integrity, expand internationally and compete at the highest levels. We’re an integral part of the UAE’s past and we’re playing a crucial role in its future. We’re proud of our role in society: from helping people manage their money to facilitating trade and investment. We invest capital for a secured tomorrow. So we are well placed to provide sustainable livelihoods and ensure a healthy environment for the next generation.


PROUD HISTORY NBAD was founded in 1968 by Emiri decree of the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, then ruler of Abu Dhabi and visionary founder of the UAE. NBAD was Abu Dhabi’s first bank and has played a formative role in building the country’s financial system, from facilitating the issuance of the Dirham as the UAE’s currency to helping launch Abu Dhabi’s stock exchange. Across the UAE, NBAD now has 113 branches, from the centre of Abu Dhabi to the Northern Emirates. It was also the first UAE bank to expand overseas, starting in Cairo in 1975, followed by expansion to Khartoum in Sudan and Muscat in Oman, and soon afterwards to London in 1977 and Paris in 1979. Now NBAD is over 45 years old, with a strong domestic base and a growing international presence.

Expansion of NBAD’s international activities and operations with the opening of a branch in London, UK.

Inauguration of NBAD by the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan and the start of bank’s operations on 23rd December.


1975 NBAD becomes the first UAE bank to open a branch overseas, in Cairo, Egypt.



United Kingdom


USA Switzerland


Kuwait Egypt China

France Oman Sudan UAE Brazil



Hong Kong


THE NETWORK 47 overseas units in 17 countries, across 5 continents. NBAD’s global footprint follows you where you go. Managed by the Gulf & International Division, NBAD has the largest overseas presence of all the UAE local banks. NBAD established its 1st branch outside the UAE in Egypt in 1975 followed by Sudan and Oman in 1976. Subsequently in 1977, Bahrain and London branches were established; with London being the 1st branch setup in Europe and the 1st branch outside of the Middle East focusing on serving high net worth clients in London. Today, NBAD’s London branch is a business hub for corporates, financial institutions and high net worth clients in Europe and U.S. regions. With the success in London, more branches were opened in the U.S (Washington D.C.) and France in 1979, Kuwait in 2006, a Private Banking Switzerland office in 2007 and further international network expansions to the east with Hong Kong established in 2009, Jordan in 2010, Malaysia in 2012, and recently India in 2015. In the past three years, NBAD has also opened four representative offices in China, Brazil, Lebanon and Switzerland. NBAD understands its clients and takes advantage of its significant international presence and massive domestic network to offer its clients a comprehensive and truly global bank service.

Move of the bank’s head office to the new 34-floor NBAD Tower on Sheikh Khalifa Street in Abu Dhabi.

1989 Launch of the NBAD Stock Market Index.




NBAD Celebrates its 40th anniversary.



EGYPT Established in 1975, NBAD Egypt is today one of the largest foreign banks in the country with branches well located across the country to serve our clients well. NBAD is modernizing its retail offering via alternative electronic channels, targeting Egyptian expatriates in the Gulf as well as Egyptian export-oriented SMEs. NBAD Egypt is enhancing its wholesale proposition, based on a network of core clients across the West-East corridor. In addition to consumer, commercial and wholesale banking, NBAD Egypt offers its clients wealth management and treasury solutions. NBAD Egypt’s strategy for the years ahead will focus on expanding its role as an enabler and fulfillment agent of both personal financial needs and business banking goals of its multinational corporate customers and prime local customers. We will also continue serving UAE interests in Egypt and vice versa.


SUDAN NBAD’s history in Sudan dates back to 1976 with the opening of its first branch in Khartoum, Sudan. NBAD currently has two branches with the main branch in Khartoum and the other in Amarat Khartoum. NBAD’s business in Sudan supports corporate clients of the bank and its employees. The Sudanese business is carried out in compliance with applicable sanctions requirements. In addition, with the implementation of Sharia laws in Sudan in 1983, NBAD was amongst the few banks which offered Islamic Banking services to its Sudanese customers since the introduction of the Sharia laws.



OMAN In recognition of Oman’s historic status as the gateway to commerce in the Arab region from ancient times to its position as one of the foremost trade partners today, NBAD has a long history in the Sultanate of Oman. Established in 1976, NBAD today has 9 branches in Oman and has the distinction of being the only UAE bank in the Sultanate of Oman. Managed by a regional office in Muscat, NBAD’s branches in Oman provide a full range of Retail, Elite, Commercial and Wholesale Banking Products and Services. True to its positioning, NBAD serves an elite clientele of Retail, Wholesale and Commercial Banking customers focusing on UAE interests in Oman and providing for Omani interests in the UAE, MENA and key markets in the rest of the world. Wholesale Banking clients in Oman are supported by a diverse team across a wide variety of industry sectors with the backing of product partners from the bank. With NBAD’s sector based expertise, global network and key partnerships, NBAD Oman would strategically position themselves as client’s trusted advisor and long-term strategic financial partner.


JORDAN NBAD Jordan currently have three branches which offer a full range of banking services targeting the elite retail, corporate and commercial market segments. With the establishment of its 1st branch in 2010 in Amman, NBAD Jordan continues to extend the same professional services and innovative range of products to its clients in Jordan. NBAD Jordan focuses on nurturing mutual ties between business communities of the UAE and Jordan, and extend world class services to the Jordanian expatriates that they have come to expect from NBAD – both at home in Jordan and in the UAE. Besides the direct services offered through its branches, NBAD Jordan operate a network of ATMs as well as electronic distribution channels including a 24x7 call center and Online Banking Services.



BAHRAIN NBAD Bahrain branch was established in Manama in 1977. The branch provides customers with the full suite of banking services for Wholesale, Commercial and High Net Worth clients. As a premier banking entity in the region, NBAD is sought after for its unique brand of personalized services by its HNW clients. Wholesale & Commercial Banking serve prime Bahraini corporates, prime regional and multinationals covering their needs in the West-East Corridor. The branch covers a wide range of products and services including Global Markets Products and Global Transactional Banking Services, Advisory, Syndications Debt Capital Markets Cash and Asset Management. NBAD Bahrain also focuses on UAE interests in Bahrain and vice versa.


KUWAIT NBAD Kuwait branch was established in 2006. This full-fledged Commercial licensed branch provides a full range of Wholesale, Commercial and Global Markets Products & Services; with product specialists and client coverage on the ground to deliver a unified service across the Group. NBAD Kuwait also leverages on the group’s strong distribution network to promote interests in Kuwait and the UAE and the rest of the world.



MALAYSIA INDIA With the largest expat community in the UAE, and as the UAE’s second largest trade partner, with cultural and political ties that go back to the very foundation of the UAE, India is a natural extension of NBAD’s international ambitions. NBAD India branch was recently established in Mumbai in 2015, with a dedicated team of trusted advisors offering customized banking solutions to large corporations in India. With hundreds and millions of dollars of potential business that await in a country that has thrown its doors open for progressive businesses to enter, India is important for NBAD and has been identified as one of the five strategic markets for international expansion.


One of the most progressive and dynamic nations in the Far East, Malaysia welcomed NBAD with a license in 2012 for its wholly owned subsidiary to operate a full-fledged commercial bank in Kuala Lumpur; and a license to operate NBAD PJSC Labuan branch in Labuan International Business and Financial Centre (Labuan IBFC) as the offshore booking centre for Malaysia and South East Asia. NBAD Malaysia offers wholesale banking services to corporate and financial institutions with primary business objectives of facilitating trade and investments flows between the UAE, GCC, and MENA region with Malaysia and South-East Asia.

HONG KONG The launch of the ‘One Belt, One Road’ initiative and China’s newly attained status of UAE’s largest trade partner all have significant portent for NBAD’s Hong Kong operations. Granted a full banking license in May 2009, its primary business objectives are to facilitate trade and investments that flow between UAE, GCC, and the larger MENA region with Hong Kong, China and the Far East. A full service branch, NBAD HK serves as a business hub for the region, offering wholesale banking services and products to large corporate clients and institutional clients in North East Asia. As trade and commerce grow rapidly between Asia Pacific, the Gulf and MENA economies, NBAD HK is well positioned to provide support and services to NBAD Group wholesale customers in the MENA region who engage in trading, investing and exploring business opportunities with counterparts in Hong Kong, China and key Asian markets such as Japan, Taiwan and South Korea. In addition, NBAD HK plans to strengthen its foothold in Asia, establishing relationships with North East Asian wholesale clients, to support flows into Arab countries. NBAD HK offers full coverage and a wide range of financial products and services to support the business of its clients. Key products include structured and syndicated lending, trade finance and global markets. 11


USA NBAD has had a presence in the U.S. since 1981 through a wholly owned subsidiary, NBAD Americas N.V. which is incorporated in Curacao. NBAD Americas N.V. operates a federal branch located in Washington, D.C. and is the only Arab bank with a presence in the nation’s capital. The primary objectives of NBAD Americas N.V. are to develop and manage the NBAD Group’s global account relationships with companies based in the U.S., Canada and South America which do business in the West-East Corridor and to support UAE companies, institutions and individuals which require banking services and financing for investments in the U.S.


The Bank offers a wide range of services including short and medium term loans, standby letters of credit and commercial paper backup facilities, trade finance services including import/export letters of credit and discounting of receivables and drafts/acceptances, and treasury services to corporate and individual clients. NBAD Americas N.V. also provides financing in conjunction with U.S. Government programs offered by export credit Agencies such as Export-Import Bank of the United States and the Commodity Credit Corporation.


UNITED KINGDOM NBAD has been represented in London since 1977. The London office is the hub of NBAD regional activities in Europe and forms a key element of the banks international division. NBAD London branch is authorized by the Prudential Regulation Authority and subject to regulation by the Financial Conduct Authority and limited regulation by the Prudential Regulation Authority.

Private Banking: NBAD London provides highly

personalized private banking services for High Net Worth clients from the UAE, the Gulf region and NBAD’s global branch network, and offers a range of retail and personal banking services. NBAD London also provide an extensive property finance service covering both residential and commercial properties for owner occupier, investment or development purposes calling upon our extensive knowledge and wealth of experience gained over many years in the prime London and UK property market.

Trade Finance: NBAD London provides a range of traditional and bespoke Trade Finance products for exporter and importer clients in the UK and Europe.

These products include the issuance, advising, confirmation and discounting of various trade instruments such as letters of credit, bills of exchange, promissory notes and payment undertakings; back-to-back L/C facilities, receivables financing, silent confirmations and the provision of payment guarantees. In addition to the Gulf region, our products and appetite are able to support our clients’ trade activities in all regions throughout the world.

Corporate Banking: NBAD London undertakes relationship coverage for a diverse and growing portfolio of UK and Northern European multinational corporate clients. In support of its clients trading activity it provides, in conjunction with product specialists, finance solutions including contract bonding (issuance of bid/tender, advance payment, performance, warranty and offset bonds and guarantees), standby letters of credit, syndicated and bilateral revolving credit and term loans, deposits, derivatives (Interest rate, currency and commodity hedging) as well as regional advisory services. Treasury: NBAD London also provides a range of products and services to banks, non-bank financial institutions, corporate and private clients for all major currencies, AED and other tradable GCC currencies. 13


FRANCE Operating since 1979, NBAD in Paris provides corporate banking, trade finance and real estate lending facilities to a niche clientele. Indeed in the decades since it began operations in Europe, NBAD had carved a special niche for itself in Europe, the heart of specialized banking services. NBAD’s bespoke Banking services speak exclusivity and personal attention. The Bank also draws on its extensive network of legal and tax advisors and notaries to provide services that address every need of this exclusive customer base. NBAD provides a wide range of Corporate Banking products to European companies, including treasury products and services, working capital facilities, syndicated and term loans, in addition to our Trade and Export Finance facilities and services.


SWITZERLAND NBAD has been present in Switzerland since 2007 when NBAD Private Bank (Suisse) SA was established in Geneva. It is the wholly-owned Swiss subsidiary of NBAD Group, and is regulated by FINMA, the Swiss Banking regulator. NBAD Private Bank (Suisse) offers international private banking and investment management and advisory services to our core clients across all major asset classes. Due to its long-standing political stability and tradition of high-quality financial services, Switzerland is well regarded as a safe haven for the financial industry, holding around one-third of the world’s wealth. NBAD Private Bank (Suisse) SA has leading teams of banking professionals to serve our clients in a manner fully aligned to our core goal: to be the best Arab bank of and for the Arab world. Our private banking teams can cater for all our clients’ wealth management needs in a confidential and personal way, enabling them to consolidate and manage their wealth management needs under our ‘One Bank’ platform. Where our clients require it, we can work closely with the NBAD Group private banking teams in the UAE, London, Paris or Egypt, as well as the Group locations across the globe. 15


BRAZIL A new world of opportunity awaits in the as yet unexplored markets of Latin America. NBAD established its Representative Office in Sao Paulo in 2013. The main role of NBAD’s Brazil Representative Office is to support the flow of trade and investments between the MENA region and Latin America. This office provides intermediation between NBAD in the UAE and its international units with LATAM clients for the supply of Trade Finance products and services, Global Markets products and Debt Capital Markets, either syndicated loans or bonds, to both corporate and financial institutions.

LEBANON With some of the most successful entrepreneurs and businesses in the GCC and MENA coming out of Lebanon, it was but natural that Lebanon would be one of NBAD’s most important stops in the Levant region. NBAD established its Representative Office in Beirut in 2014. This Representative Office aims to bridge businesses in Lebanon with the UAE, GCC, and introduce them to the various business lines and the international network of the bank that can cater for their banking needs.


SWITZERLAND In 2016, the NBAD P.J.S.C Swiss Representative Office Geneva was established to house the Client Coverage team for the Swiss Wholesale Banking clients. Similar to the other Representative Offices, the Swiss Representative Office supports NBAD group customers on their trade flows between Europe and the international network. The Representative Office acts as a gateway for Swiss-based corporations into NBAD’s services worldwide.

CHINA NBAD opened its Representative Office in Shanghai in May 2012. Its primary role is to bridge trade and investment flows between the UAE, GCC and MENA region with mainland China. The Representative Office supports NBAD’s group customers with their interests in China providing liaison, consulting services and market insights, whilst building relationships with local correspondent banks. It also assists local Chinese companies who are interested in conducting business in MENA and global network to identify and introduce potential counterparties to clients in the region.