Computer Netzwerke und verteilte Systeme (CNuvS)

Computer Netzwerke und verteilte Systeme (CNuvS) Chapter 0: General Information
Author: Carol Gordon
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Computer Netzwerke und verteilte Systeme (CNuvS) Chapter 0: General Information

Outline • Organizational issues – – – – – – –

Who is who? Information about TK Course Schedule Written Exam Exercises and Bonuses Online Learning Platform (Moodle) Background Literature

Max Mühlhäuser (TK), TU Darmstadt

CNuvS – 00 Organization

Who is who?

•Course offered by the CNuvS Cluster – Prof. Dr. Max Mühlhäuser (Telecooperation) – (substitute: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ralf Steinmetz (Multimedia Comm.), etit) – Responsible in SS 2016: Prof. Dr. Mühlhäuser (supported by Dr. Sascha Hauke)

Max Mühlhäuser •Teaching Assistants

Jörg Daubert

Max Mühlhäuser (TK), TU Darmstadt

Sebastian Kauschke

CNuvS – 00 Organization

Sascha Hauke

Telecooperation Lab: Intro Telecooperation: Human-Centered Ubiquitous Computing …

human ↔ humans

human ↔ things

… in the Future Internet Internet-of-Crowds: online social net’s

Internet-of-Services: Economy goes Internet SDP

Internet-of-Things:  Cyberphys. Systems

Internet-of-Clouds: ‘Computing from the socket’ Future Internet = Transport

Interaction Cooperation Protection

pervasive comp- & uting storage

Novel Interaction

Smart Interaction

Large Networks: WSN, P2P, OSN

Smart Spaces: Health, Fab, Work

Computational Trust

Ubiquitous Privacy

UI Engineering LearningKnowledge

Secure Infrastructures

TK Group: M. Mühlhäuser + ~ 6-7 Postdocs; TK + P2P Groups (Prof. Strufe): TK Lab Max Mühlhäuser (TK), TU Darmstadt

CNuvS – 00 Organization

Application Domains Critical / Municipal Infrastructures 2


IT solution


Enterprise SW

interaction&decision Emergency & Security

network Critical Infrastrutures


Real Time Enterprise

Smart Cities

Smart Spaces Virtuali zation

Smart Online Community Smart Distributed Room Smart City

Smart Product

Learning & Knowledge Work Max Mühlhäuser (TK), TU Darmstadt

Smart Hospital, Factory Smart Home, Office


CNuvS – 00 Organization

Course Schedule • Weekly Schedule: – Lectures: • Wednesday 8.55 – 10.35h • Suggested: 9.00 – 10.30h

– Exercises:

 Starts:

April 13th

 Ends:

July 13th

• No lecture:  June 8th (TU meet & move)

• Wednesday, 10.35 – 11.20h • + your exercise group

Max Mühlhäuser (TK), TU Darmstadt

• General Schedule:

CNuvS – 00 Organization

•  14 weeks in total •  13 lectures

Exercises in weeks with holidays • Exceptions for exercises in weeks with holidays – Ascension Day (May 5th) / Whit Monday (May 16th) / Corpus Christi (May 26th): • For groups on the respective date, alternate dates will be announced

(or students can use other groups)

Max Mühlhäuser (TK), TU Darmstadt

CNuvS – 00 Organization

Exam •Procedures (cont.) –No written material allowed (books, slides, notes) • Except language dictionaries for non-native speakers (German/English), but without any personal add-ons, handwritten comments, supplements, etc. • If needed, we will provide a list of important formulas

–We will announce later if a calculator is needed and allowed Max Mühlhäuser (TK), TU Darmstadt

CNuvS – 00 Organization

• Date of written exam: • July 22nd 2016 you need to register with the TuCAN system!

• Procedures:  Questions available in German (and English upon request)  Answers given in German (and English upon request)

CNuvS: Lecture and Exercises

Additional Training

CNuvS Lecture (Professor / PostDoc)

Bonus points for exam

Exercise/ Consultation (Tutors)

Max Mühlhäuser (TK), TU Darmstadt

Correction and Discussion

(Bonus) Exercise Sheets

CNuvS – 00 Organization

Bonus only if exam is passed

Exercises and Bonus • Exercises: – Considered indispensable for passing the exam. – Exercise sheets can be downloaded via online learning platform (Moodle) • 1 week before the submission deadline, i.e.: 1 week for exercise preparation

– The solutions of all exercise will be available in Moodle after submission • but it is strongly recommended to do the exercises

– One exercise sheet every week • Sample sheet this week (not graded)

Max Mühlhäuser (TK), TU Darmstadt

CNuvS – 00 Organization

• Bonus: –Bonus points on ALL exercises, except this week –Bonus points will be converted into exam points • Ratio to be announced • Up to a full grade (1.0) bonus possible • But you still have to pass the exam without bonus!

• Submission: –All exercises have to be submitted online via Moodle! –You can work in groups (2-3)

Exercise Availabilty and Submission Dates


Exercise Sheet


Exercise Sheet

KW 15

April 13th

Ex. 1 available

KW 22

June 1st

Ex. 7 submitted Ex. 8 available

KW 16

April 20th

(Ex. 1 submitted) Ex. 2 available

KW 23

June 8th


KW 17

April 27th

Ex. 2 submitted Ex. 3 available

KW 24

June 15th

Ex. 8 submitted Ex. 9 available

KW 18

May 4th

Ex. 3 submitted Ex. 4 available

KW 25

June 22nd

Ex. 9 submitted Ex. 10 available

KW 19

May 11th

Ex. 4 submitted Ex. 5 available

KW 26

June 29th

Ex. 10 submitted Ex. 11 available

KW 20

May 18th

Ex. 5 submitted Ex. 6 available

KW 27

July 6th

Ex. 11 submitted Ex. 12 available

KW 21

May 25th

Ex. 6 submitted Ex. 7 available

KW 28

July 13th

Ex. 12 submitted You are done 

Max Mühlhäuser (TK), TU Darmstadt

CNuvS – 00 Organization

Exercises Courses and Consultation Hours • Exercise courses – Two groups at each date (consecutively) ! • Monday 09.50 – 11.30 in S2|02-C110 • Monday 11.40 – 13.20 in S2|02-C110 & C120 • Tuesday 09.50 – 11.30 in S2|02-C110 • Thursday 17.10 – 18.50 in S2|02-C120 • Friday 08.00 – 09.40 in S2|02-C110 • Friday 09.50 – 11.30 in S2|02-C110 & C120

– Please enroll in a group using Moodle – Consultation hours of the tutors can be found at the course web page / in Moodle

Max Mühlhäuser (TK), TU Darmstadt

CNuvS – 00 Organization

• Consultation hours of the teaching assistants: – After the lecture or by appointment/email – Upon email request: [email protected]

• Consultation hours Prof. Mühlhäuser: – WAS: After lecture or by apptment/email – IS: by appointment (eMail) due to Deanship

• Please note: – All dates can be subject to alteration/adjustment (see Moodle / course web page)

Online Learning Platform (Moodle) • We use Moodle as an online learning platform in this course – Download section • slides; recordings • exercise sheets – News & important dates – Further materials – Discussions / Forums • Organizational questions • Questions related to the course

• Registration in Moodle until April 19th, 23.59h –

(also linked at home page of the lecture)

• Lecture Recordings:

will be announced (Moodle, TK)

– For internal use only (students registered for course in Tucan&Moodle) – Intro video:

Max Mühlhäuser (TK), TU Darmstadt

CNuvS – 00 Organization

Literature • Some suggested reading for the course: – A. Tanenbaum • Computer Networks (Prentice Hall) [E,D] – J. Kurose & K. Ross • Computer Networks (Pearson Studium) [E,D] – G. Coulouris, J. Dollimore, T. Kindberg • Distributed Systems – Concept and Design, Pearson Studium [E,D] – L. Kleinrock • Queueing Systems, vol. 1 (Wiley) – W.R. Stevens • Unix Network Programming Volume 1: The Sockets Networking API (Addison Wesley)

Max Mühlhäuser (TK), TU Darmstadt

CNuvS – 00 Organization

Questions ?

Max Mühlhäuser (TK), TU Darmstadt

CNuvS – 00 Organization