COMPLETING THE FREE APPLICATION FOR FEDERAL STUDENT AID (FAFSA) Presented by: Student Support Services and the Financial Aid Office at HCC

1 COMPLETING THE 2012-13 FREE APPLICATION FOR FEDERAL STUDENT AID (FAFSA) Presented by: Student Support Services and the Financial Aid Office at HCC...
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Presented by: Student Support Services and the Financial Aid Office at HCC

Objectives 2

We hope you have a better understanding of the following after viewing these slides: 

Common myths when completing the FAFSA

Two primary methods for completing the FAFSA

Importance of the FAFSA priority filing date at HCC

Applying for Financial Aid 3

The FAFSA is the only application students at HCC need to complete to apply for all of the federal and state financial aid offered through the Office of Financial Aid.

That’s it! One form!

Applying for Financial Aid 4

Students and/or parents may need to submit additional forms after the FAFSA is filed, but HCC will provide directions for this via notifications sent to the student Additional forms that may be needed later are tax forms, Loan Request Forms, promissory notes, etc The key is to get the FAFSA on file and HCC will guide you through the rest of the process

FAFSA Myths 5

Before going into detail about completing the application, it is important to dispel a few myths about the FAFSA The following slides explain some of the common misconceptions about the FAFSA

Myth 1 6

My parents and I must have our taxes done before we can complete the FAFSA

 

You can file the FAFSA with estimated income information if you do not have your taxes done You will see later that it is extremely important that you meet the priority filing date, so don’t let not having your taxes done keep you from doing that

Myth 2 & 3 7

I can file my FAFSA as an independent student (without my parents information) if my parents do not claim me as a dependent on their taxes I’m 18 years old, so I don’t need my parents’ information when completing the FAFSA  

Who claims whom on their taxes is irrelevant for this The dependency questions on the FAFSA will tell you if you need your parents’ information

Myth 4 8

The FAFSA, and financial aid in general, is processed the same way at every school

 

It is true that the FAFSA is used at every school who participates in the federal student aid programs The aid process, available funds, need for supplemental forms, and deadlines can vary between schools

Myth 5 & 6 9

My financial aid eligibility will be the same regardless of when I submit my FAFSA The on-time (priority) filing date for the FAFSA is the same at every school 

You will see later in the presentation how meeting the priority filing date can impact your eligibility

Myth 7 10

My parents’ house, life insurance, and retirement accounts will count against my financial aid eligibility

 

These do not count as assets on the FAFSA Money contributed to a retirement account during the year counts on the FAFSA Worksheets, but the value of a retirement account does not count

Myth 8 11

I can rely on my parents to handle the completion and submission of my FAFSA, in addition to the rest of my financial aid paperwork

In cases where a student is defined by the FAFSA as “dependent,” both student and parental information is needed to complete the application Students who are involved in the FAFSA process from the beginning experience fewer problems as they progress through the system

Myth 9 12

The FAFSA is the only form needed to complete the entire application process for receiving aid from all federal, state, and institutional sources

   

The key words are underlined above The FAFSA is the only application needed to make an initial application for federal and state aid at JMU Additional forms may be needed later to verify FAFSA elements or accept certain types of offered aid The Office of Financial Aid will notify the student of any additional documents needed


The 2012-13 FAFSA Priority Filing Date

2012-13 FAFSA Priority Filing Date 14

March 1st, 2012 This means your FAFSA should be logged in at the federal processor by March 1st

In using FAFSA on the Web, you should submit it few days before March 1st

Importance of Priority Filing Date 15

In some cases, meeting the priority filing date can increase your eligibility for specific types of financial aid Allows appropriate amount of time for processing before the 2012-13 school year begins

Priority Filing Date & Guarantees 16

Meeting the March 1st priority filing date does not guarantee a higher aid package than if your FAFSA reaches the federal processor after this Depending on how many students meet the March 1st date, it is possible there will not be enough money in some of the accounts to pay an award to all on-time eligible filers

Priority Filing Date & Guarantees 17

Meeting the March 1st date simply increases your chances for certain types of aid that may not be available to those who apply later

Missing the Priority Filing Date 18

You can still complete a FAFSA after March 1, 2012, but the funds available for awarding at that time could be limited


Now that you know the 2012-13 FAFSA priority filing date, it’s time to discuss the method used to file it.

FAFSA on the Web must be signed


• This is the fastest and most convenient method of completing the FAFSA • Signatures are submitted to the federal processor by either


Printing, signing, and mailing signature page; or

Signing it electronically with a PIN

When is the Earliest I Can File the FAFSA? 21

FAFSA on the Web

The 2012-13 FAFSA will be available on the FAFSA On The Web site January 1, 2012 (

Getting Ready for FAFSA on the Web 22

It might be beneficial to complete the FAFSA on the Web Worksheet to help you work through FAFSA on the Web Download a copy of the worksheet at

Submit 23

Once you have completed the FAFSA, submit it using FAFSA on the Web to the federal processor Make sure it gets there by March 1st

Federal Government Responses 24

Students may receive e-mails from the Central Processing System (CPS) The e-mail address is [email protected] Students should deactivate spam filters for this address Students will receive a Student Aid Report (SAR) from the CPS after submitting the FAFSA

Response from HCC 25

Once HCC receives the student’s FAFSA data from the federal processor, the Office of Financial Aid will review and send the student notification of his/her status The majority of communications (e.g. letters, e-mails, etc.) sent from our office are sent directly to students, not parents The primary means of communicating with students are through their HCC g-mail and mail.

Response from HCC 26

If information is needed to verify elements on the FAFSA, then HCC will request it with instructions on how to provide it Once the student is eligible to be awarded, a financial aid award notice will be sent with instructions on how to accept the offered aid

Questions 27

Any questions you may have can be directed to the HCC Financial Aid Offices or Student Support Services Staff. (300 Bldg.)

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