Coming soon to Notre Dame

Coming  soon  to  Notre  Dame....... Musical  Directors:  Mrs.  Coconate  and  Mrs.  Durham th th th th   The  musical  will  be  presented  by  stud...
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Coming  soon  to  Notre  Dame.......

Musical  Directors:  Mrs.  Coconate  and  Mrs.  Durham th th th th   The  musical  will  be  presented  by  students  from  the  5 ,  6 ,  7 ,  and  8 grades th  


Performances  of  Madagascar,  Jr.  will  be  held  March  24 and  25 ,  2017   at  6:30  p.m. th  

Auditions  for  Madagascar  will  be  held  December  5 3:05-­‐4:45  p.m.   Each  student  will  sign  up  for  a  3  minute  time  slot.

PLEASE  READ  THIS  PAGE  CAREFULLY Dear  Parents,   This  year’s  spring  musical  will  be  Madagascar  Jr.  It  will  be  presented  by  Notre  Dame  School   th   th students  from  grades  5  –  8.  Performances  will  be  held  March  24 and  25 ,  2017.  This  packet   of  information  will  provide  details  for  the  auditions,  all  pertinent  dates  and  times  including  ALL   MANDATORY  REHEARSALS  AND  PERFORMANCE  DATES  as  well  as  other  information  which  will   help  you  and  your  child/children  decide  whether  or  not  to  participate.  Here  are  some  of  the   BASICS  –  the  parameters  by  which  we  will  proceed  this  year. CASTING  AND  PARTICIPATION   Anyone  who  wishes  to  participate  in  Madagascar  will  be  given  the  opportunity.  Participation  in   the  production  means  just  that,  to  be  involved  in  some  aspect  of  the  production.  At  the  outset,   some  students  wish  to  perform  and  others  to  be  on  stage  crew.  While  participation  as  an  actor   in  the  production  requires  an  audition,  auditioning  does  not  guarantee  an  onstage  role  nor   does  it  guarantee  a  specific  role  simply  because  that  is  what  you  auditioned  for  or  requested. PARTICIPATION  FEE There  is  a  $50  Participation  Fee  per  child  which  helps  to  cover  all  production  costs  (sets,  scripts,   lights,  sound,  etc.).  In  addition  to  the  Participation  Fee,  each  parent  is  responsible  for  providing   their  child’s/children’s  costume  in  coordination  with  our  costumer  coordinator.  The  $50   Participation  Fee  per  child  must  be  paid  at  the  time  of  your  child’s/children’s  audition.  If  a   child  chooses  from  the  outset  to  participate  as  a  crew  member,  there  is  no  Participation  Fee.     THE  AUDITION     Those  who  audition  will  be  asked  to  complete  “THE  PERMISSION  FORM”.  The  information   requested  on  the  form  in  terms  of  conflicts  needs  to  be  accurate.  Please  list  all  known  conflicts   your  child/children  have  for  the  entire  production  period.  Casting  of  certain  roles  will  be  based   in  part  on  availability.  Among  the  other  information  requested,  students  are  also  asked  to   indicate  which  roles  they  might  have  an  interest  in  auditioning  for.  This  information  is  a  starting   point  for  the  audition  process.  Supplying  this  information  does  not  mean  that  a  student  will   only  be  considered  for  those  roles  or  that  a  student  won’t  be  considered  for  other  roles.  As   indicated  to  the  students  at  the  auditions,  no  student  should  get  their  minds  set  on  any  specific   role.  Casting  considerations  are  based  on  the  students’  ability  to  handle  a  given  role  and  on   their  availability.  It  is  also  not  possible  to  read  every  student  for  every  role  and  sometimes  not   possible  to  have  students  read  for  each  role  they  may  have  indicated  on  their  audition  form.    

SIGNING  ON  THE  DOTTED  LINE The  commitment  to  Madagascar  or  any  musical  production  is  a  big  one  for  everyone...parents   as  well  as  students.  Please  read  carefully  the  schedule  of  required  rehearsals  and  what  our   expected  rehearsal  plan  will  require  of  each  role  being  cast.  It  is  imperative  to  understand  the   time  commitment.  Please  discuss  this  commitment  with  your  child,  and  before  “signing  on  the   dotted  line”  be  sure  that  both  you  and  your  child  have  the  time  to  commit. Expectations  are  that  you  help  your  child  decide  whether  or  not  they  have  the  time  in  their   schedules  to  participate  and  to  what  extent.  Please  note  that  there  will  be  a  number  of  FULL   CAST  MANDATORY  REHEARSALS.  There  will  be  no  excused  absences  from  these  rehearsals   unless  due  to  illness  or  family  emergency.  Once  I  have  received  the  list  of  conflicts  that  your   child  might  have  during  the  entire  rehearsal/performance  period,  I  will  make  casting  decisions   and  provide  a  rehearsal  schedules.  Any  changes  in  the  schedule,  or  need  for  your  child  to  be   excused  from  a  rehearsal,  must  be  made  to  me  in  writing.  Excessive  needs  to  be  absent  (3)  or   dismissed  early  (2)  from  rehearsal  will  result  in  withdrawal  from  the  production. NOW  FOR  THE  DATES...   AUDITION/PERFORMANCE/MANDATORY  DATES AUDITION  DATES Each  student  auditioning  will  need  to  sign  up  for  an  assigned  audition  time.     th   Monday,  December  5 3:05  –  4:45  p.m. th   th PERFORMANCE  DATES  Madagascar  will  be  performed  on  March  24 and  25 ,  2016  at  6:30   p.m. PLEASE  CHECK  YOUR  CALENDARS  NOW  FOR  ANY  CONFLICTS  WITH  THESE  MANDATORY   REHEARSAL  DATES. NO  ONE  IS  EXCUSED  FROM  ANY  OF  THESE  DATES. First  Rehearsal:  December  14th,  2016  in  the  morning     th   Monday,  March  20   nd   Wednesday,  March  22 and...   The  Final  Dress  Rehearsal~  TBA

THE  PERMISSION  FORM     RETURN   THIS   FORM   NO   LATER   THAN   Friday,   December   2nd   to   Mrs.   Collins   I,  _________________________________________________________   GIVE  MY  CHILD,  _____________________________________________ permission  to  participate  in  Notre  Dame  School’s  musical,   MADAGASCAR,  JR.  I  have  reviewed  the  audition,  rehearsal  and   performance  requirements  and  understand  the  commitment  that  is   being  made. Parent  Signature  




Student  Signature

__________________________       ___________________________   Enclosed  is  the  $50  Participation  Fee.  Checks  payable  to  Notre  Dame   School AUDITION  FORM Name___________________________________   Phone  #_____________________________  Grade_________________   Parent  Email  Address_________________________________________   Role/Type  of  part  I  want  to  audition  for_________________________   __________________________________________________________   __________________________________________________________   List  Singing,  Acting,  and  recent  Dance  experience_________________   __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________  

In  this  space  LIST  ALL  YOUR  CONFLICTS  FROM   th   th December  14 THROUGH  SATURDAY,  MARCH  25 ,  2017 ______________________________   _______________________________   ______________________________   _______________________________   _______________________________   _______________________________   WHAT  IS  YOUR  AVAILABILITY  FOR  PLAY  SUPPORT? Please  check  if  you  would  be  willing  to  be  a  part  of  or  help  support  our   Musical  Parent  Committee. ________  Yes,  I  am  able  to  help.    


________  No,  I  am  unable  to  help.  


Parent  name

Rehearsals Due  to  additional  extracurricular  activities  taking  place  after  school,  we   will  be  holding  MOSTLY  morning  rehearsals.  These  rehearsals  will  be  on   Mondays  and  Wednesdays  from  7:30-­‐  8:10  a.m.  Rehearsal  schedules   will  be  available  on  the  school  website.  These  will  specify  when  your   child  is  called  to  rehearsal.   PLEASE  MAKE  A  COPY  OF  THIS  BEFORE  SENDING  IT  TO  SCHOOL. We  look  forward  to  a  wonderful  musical!   Sincerely,   Mrs.  Coconate   [email protected]   Mrs.  Durham   [email protected]