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CN’s Calgary Logistics Park Partnering for Growth An opportunity to build the future 1 Contents Introduction 1 Real Estate Opportunity 5 Detailed...
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CN’s Calgary Logistics Park

Partnering for Growth

An opportunity to build the future


Contents Introduction 1 Real Estate Opportunity 5 Detailed Building Specification 15 Location 25 The Team 31



Investing in Growth

Welcome to CN’s state-of-the-art Calgary Logistics Park. The Logistics Park is development ready and we are able to receive customers today! Should you choose to locate adjacent to CN’s new Intermodal Terminal you will see immediate savings from both the real estate and logistics perspectives. CN’s Calgary Logistics Park is uniquely positioned to deliver those benefits that are so important in today’s marketplace. Sincerely, Anita Fleming Lance Trumble Director, Business Development & Real Estate Managing Director, Investments CN Tribal Partners


Welcome to CN’s Calgary Logistics Park Tribal Partners & CN are pleased to present this one of a kind real estate opportunity. CN’s Calgary Logistics Park provides the following advantages: • Most competitive real estate offering in the Calgary region • Adjacent to the most modern intermodal terminal in Canada • State-of-the-art facility • More efficient site configurations that allows for a lower overall lease rate • Located in the Distribution Hub for Western Canada • 40% of imports through Vancouver are being distributed through Calgary • Access to a rich supply of low cost containers • Co-location will allow you to benefit from reduced dray costs (approx $130 per container), later shipment release times and quick access to inland shipments. CN and it’s strategic partner Tribal Partners, can offer you a complete real estate solution: • A low land contribution price, combined with a lower realty tax and no business tax, offers one of the lowest occupancy costs in the Calgary industrial market CN’s Calgary Logistics Park is a great place for your company and its distribution network. While benefitting from co-location with CN, you will retain full logistics flexibility.   Tribal Partners & CN are able to provide real estate lease options for maximum corporate flexibility starting August 2014.


Real Estate Opportunity


Real Estate Opportunity The Calgary Logistics Park located in Rocky View County, at Conrich, Alberta includes fully serviced, zoned warehouse sites with a total of 170 acres for sale or lease. An additional 200 acres of land is secured and planned for future development allowing your company room to grow. With our unique combination of real estate assets, expertise and innovative transportation solutions, CN, through its Calgary Logistics Park is best positioned to help you optimize your distribution network in Western Canada. Full Service Real Estate Services Through a strategic partnership with Tribal Partners (Development Manager) CN can deliver a multitude of options to potential occupants of the Calgary Logistics Park. Our team is capable of customizing a real estate solution that best suits your needs. Tribal Partners prides itself on delivering first in class buildings that will exceed the occupant’s expectations. The Logistics Park offers a full range of real estate solutions, from a basic land sale, to leasing space in a 264,650 sq.ft. building ready for occupancy summer 2014, to a builtto-suit facility that may be owned or leased. The CN team is confident in its ability to provide creative real estate solutions and opportunities that are unequalled in the market today. Add the access advantage of locating next door to the CN intermodal terminal and the resulting annual dray costs savings, as well as additional tax savings, we believe the CN Calgary Logistics Park is the place to be. Real Estate The following information provides details on the opportunity to take occupancy in the newly constructed distribution centre. The warehouse building has been designed to maximize the amount of options available to you both now and in the future so that the building will provide a real estate solution that will accommodate your growth plans for western Canada. 5

Site Plan


Financial Terms Terms for leasing Building #1 for a total of approximately 264,650 square feet.

Lease Type: Term: Lease Rate Commencing At: Taxes, maintenance & Insurance: Staged Occupancy: Tenant Improvement Allowance: Lease Form: Expansion Opportunity: Expansion Rights: Purchase Rights: Tenant Fit Up Period: Minimum Divisible:

Net 10 yearsProposed Perspective View SKA 1.1 March 05, 2013 CN Calgary Logistics Park $6.88 /sq. ft./annum Project 150088 Calgary, Alberta $1.71 /sq. ft./annum (estimate) Negotiable Office allowance based on Tenant Requirement Landlord’s standard form of Lease Within property while vacant Right of first option On the anniversary date of the 9th year of the lease, one time at a fixed price to be negotiated 30 days net rent free before lease commencement 56,100 sq. ft. 9

Building Drawing


Building Specification Summary Property Overview • Approximately 12.85 acre site • High visibility building fronting on to Township 250 (McKnight Blvd) and visibility from Logistics Parkway • Direct easy access to CN intermodal yard • Visually attractive architectural design • New construction with state-of-the-art features • Direct access to regional pathway for employees • Ample employee parking at front of the building

Building Features • • • •

Total building size 264,650 square feet Structural steel frame with precast concrete and aluminum framed glazing elements 2,000 amp 347/ 600 volt 3 phase main power Energy saving construction and design including T5 energy efficient fluorescent lighting • Ballasted EPDM roofing

Property Features • • • • •

50 trailer parking stalls with easy truck access and turning dimensions 169 employee / client visitor stalls Full-length reinforced concrete apron at truck dock Heavy duty paving in 141’ wide truck court 55’ wide paved trailer parking w/ reinforced concrete dolly pads

Warehouse/Office • • • • • • • •

5% single floor office 32’ clear height single-load warehouse 55’ x 340’ bays 7” concrete slab reinforced with steel fibres 28 – 9’ x 10’ dock doors at 50” 35,000-lb pneumatic lifts c/w weather stripping Truck door seals, bumpers and curtains Glazing at front of building to accommodate office buildout and entrance 11

Construction Timeline







June 15 – October 31, 2013

Grading and Foundation:

March 1 – April 30, 2014

Building Shell:

May 1 – September 30, 2014

Mechanical & Electrical:

July 1 – Aug 31, 2014

Office Construction:

September 1 – October 31, 2014


November 30, 2014

Detailed Building Specification


Industrial Base Building Specification 1.


1.1 Building Design Features The architecture will be a slab on grade industrial building with conventional structural steel framing, covered with a combination of aluminum framed glazing, insulated architectural stained pre-cast panels complete with reveals as required, insulated architectural metal panels, and EPDM roofing. Interior clear height to the underside of the warehouse structure, lights and sprinkler heads will be 32’ clear and will have typical bays of 55’ x 40’ complete with a marshaling bay at the dock and drive in doors of 60’ x 55’. The facility will have a high ratio of 9’ - 0” x 10’ - 0” manually operated dock doors set at a 50” dock height with some ramped 12’ - 0” x 14’ - 0” drive in doors. Lighting in the warehouse will be energy efficient T5 lighting distributed to achieve 30 foot candles in an open floor arrangement. Fixtures will come with a 10 ft whip. Heating in the warehouse will be provided through the use of gas fired unit heaters with infrared heaters at the overhead doors. • • • • • • • • • •

Municipal Address: TBD Logistics Parkway, Rocky View County, AB Legal Description: TBC Site Area: ±12.85 acres (to be confirmed with survey) Zoning: Industrial – Industrial Activity (I – IA) Access: Private Road off Logistics Parkway Dock Doors: 28 – 9’ x 10’ dock doors at 50” Drive Doors: 2 – 12’ x 14’ manually operated Car Parking: 169 vehicle parking c/w handicapped spaces (per code) Trailer Parking: 50 spots Utilities: Electricity, water, storm, sanitary, gas and fibre optic cable are available at the lot line and will be connected by the Contractor



Outline Specification

2.1 General Conditions • All permits as required for local authorities, Development Permit, Occupancy Permit, Lot Grading Permit and As-Constructed Grade Certificate. • Independent Testing and Inspection for soils, piles or caissons, concrete, reinforcing, steel, roofing and asphalt • Legal Survey and Real Property Report • Sedimentation and Erosion Control to applicable local standards • Temporary utilities and equipment as required for construction of the facility • Full time supervision and construction safety program • Design Fees, and expenses for architectural, structural, civil and landscaping consultants • Mechanical and Electrical design will fall under design-build with the respective Trade Contractors • General Liability and Builders Risk complete with Wrap-Up Policy and Errors and Omissions Insurance. Tenant will provide supplementary insurance as required for Tenant supplied equipment • As-Built drawings in electronic format along with one set of red lined originals • Operations and Maintenance Manuals will be provided as an electronic copy of all documents • Waste Management documentation to support LEED requirements • Warranties supplied on Labour and Materials as noted in the respective divisional specification

2.2 Site Works • Site will be stripped of all topsoil, rough graded (+/- 50 mm ) and compacted to 98 % Proctor, verified by independent inspection • The site will be graded to accommodate the requirement for a level building floor • The site will be graded to slope away from the building where possible • Discharge from roof drainage system shall be via underground storm water sewer system and/or by surface drainage to landscaped areas. No surface drainage discharge to paved areas • Native materials will be used for backfill around building exterior and in service trenches where approved by soils engineer • Siltation and erosion control will be provided and maintained for the duration of the project as required by local authorities and sound construction practice • No construction fencing or hoarding will be provided • Storm Water Retention pond will be off site and provided by the Developer • Topsoil for landscaping will be supplied from stockpile


• Excavation of perimeter foundations will be a minimum of 1.2 m below finished grades or to the depths recommended by the Geotechnical Engineer. • Catch basins and underground storm drainage pipes to drain to storm water retention pond off-site • Sanitary will be connected to manholes provided under the roadways and/or municipal reserves • Domestic water including live tap and shut off valve from existing line to be provided under road near lot line • Fire main, including live tap and shut off valve from existing water main under the road near lot line • Municipal Connection Fees for potable water, fire protection, storm and sanitary sewers will be paid for by the Developer • Asphalt paving will be in accordance with the recommendations of the specifications provided by the Geotechnical Engineer. Heavy duty at fire route, shipping area and truck driveways, light duty at car parking and car driveways. Typical road construction profiles are as follows: • Light Duty paving to be: • Heavy Duty paving to be:

40 mm (1-1/2”) 60 mm (2”) 300 mm (12”) 300 mm (12”) 70 mm (2-1/2”) 80 mm (3-1/2”) 450 mm (18”) 300 mm (12”)

HL3 Asphalt HL8 Asphalt 25 mm Crushed Gravel Base Prepared Subgrade HL3 Asphalt HL8 Asphalt 25 mm Crushed Gravel Base Prepared Subgrade

The granular base course is to be compacted to 100% of the SPMDD in lifts not to exceed 200 mm. All asphalt concrete pavement lifts to be compacted to 98% of the 75 blow Marshall Density. • Dimensions of all car parking spaces and drive aisles will be provided to satisfy local zoning requirements, including handicapped spaces as required by Code and applicable Development Bylaw. • Truck trailer parking area provided to accommodate approximately 50 spots which will be confirmed at the time of a Development Permit application. • Jersey barriers for truck wheel stops in the trailer parking slots • Ramps to drive doors will be sloped asphalt • Painting of car and trailer parking and handicapped parking is provided without space numbering. • Cast-in-Place concrete sidewalks will be shown as indicated on the Site Plan and Landscape Plan


• Sidewalks will be 125 mm thick, 32 MPA, C-2 concrete placed on 150 mm of compacted granular A compacted to 98% SPD • Concrete dolly pad strips are 4.5 m wide at the trailer parking area • Concrete dolly pad strips will be 200 mm thick 32MPa, C-2 concrete placed on 200 mm of compacted granular A compacted to 98% SPD (granular depth will be confirmed by a geotechnical engineer) • Concrete aprons will be 16.76 m wide along the length of the loading area at each set of loading dock doors • Concrete aprons will be 200 mm thick, 32 MPa, C-2 concrete placed on 200 mm of granular A compacted to 98% SPD (granular depth will be confirmed by a geotechnical engineer) • Grade beam and pile foundations or spread footings and foundations will be provided in accordance with the structural engineer’s recommendations • 7’ thick concrete slab on grade, on compacted granular base • 25 kg/m steel fibre reinforced floor • Steel troweled finish c/w surface applied densifier hardener • Saw cut control joints per engineer’s recommendation, with no sealant • The slab loading needs to be designed around rack loading • Minimum 175 mm reinforced concrete slab with 30 kg/m3 of steel fibres (for an allowable rack load per rack leg of 5445 kg based on 100mm x 150mm base plate)

2.3 Masonry • Mechanical/Electrical and Maintenance rooms will be 8 ft high concrete unit masonry with steel stud / GWB above that • Demising walls, where applicable will be 10 foot high unit with steel stud/GWB above that

2.4 Metals • 32 ft clear height structural steel and open web steel joists • All interior cross bracing will occur 10 ft above finished floor elevation • Joist design for loading will be provided at the office areas to receive Tenant Supplied packaged roof top units • Bay spacing will be 55’ x 40’ in all typical bays • Loading bays will be 60’ x 55’ • Roof deck will be 22 gauge light zinc coated 1-1/2 inch deep, spot welded to supporting steel • 8 mm bent plate channel door jambs at loading dock and drive in doors


• Concrete filled 6 inch diameter pipe bollards, painted, at inside and outside of drive in doors • Exterior galvanized stairs at loading docks, c/w open grate treads and landings will be provided as required • Interior rainwater leaders will be protected with 8 ft high painted metal protection

2.5 Wood • Wood blocking, backing and utility backboards will be provided • Roof and parapet carpentry will be provided

2.6 Thermal & Moisture Protection • Rigid insulation will be placed below grade to the inside face of the grade beams in accordance with the engineer’s recommendations • Metal composite pre-finished wall panels will be provided as 26 gauge, with R16 insulation • Pre-finished aluminum architectural panels and EIFS panels at the entrances as indicated on elevations • Ballasted 60 mil EDPM roof c/s R20 insulation and 10 year warranty • Locking roof hatch c/w interior ladder and platform.

2.7 Windows & Doors • Aluminum doors and window frames will be thermally broken, clear anodized aluminum with double glazed sealed window units • Office entrance doors will be matching aluminum frames with tempered glass and standard hardware • Drive in doors will have manually operated straight lift 12’ x 14’ high commercial grade sectional overhead doors • Dock doors will be provided where shown with manually operated straight vertical lift 9’ x 10’ commercial grade sectional overhead doors • All overhead doors will be insulated R10 painted metal panel doors with heavy duty commercial grade hardware, standard sliding locks • Doors will be supplied with two vision panels, track guards and commercial grade weather stripping • Exterior doors outside of the office entrances will be insulated hollow metal with pressed steel painted frames


2.8 Finishes • Exterior walls at the office frontage will be a combination of insulated architectural panels, architectural metal panels and EIFS panels • Exterior perimeter walls in the office area to be furred, insulated (R20 value), drywall, taped and sanded ready for paint

2.9 Equipment • 35,000 lbs capacity pneumatically operated 6’ x 8’ dock levelers will be provided with weather seals • 50” dock height • Laminated rubber dock bumpers • Foam filled side seals and weather flaps and adjustable top-dock seal curtain

2.10 Mechanical Systems • Fully sprinklered base building with ESFR sprinkler system • Warehouse will be provided with gas fired roof suspended unit heaters to maintain freeze protection and radiant heating units in the marshaling area. • 56” circulating fans will be provided in the warehouse, evenly distributed

2.11 Electrical Systems • 2,000 amp 600 volt main service will be independently metered Emergency and exit lighting to meet code for the overall building. Individual future tenant panel locations will be located within the shell building at locations determined by the Owner. Tenant electrical sub-panels will be the responsibility of each tenant. • 1 – 4” and 2 – 1” empty conduits c/w pull strings will be fed overhead to feed Tenant SubPanels and comms • Lighting in the warehouse will be energy efficient T5 lighting distributed to achieve 30 foot candles in an open floor arrangement. Fixtures will come with a 10 ft whip. • Main telephone panel to be located in main mechanical / electrical room. • Each tenant to be allocated for 50 pair telephone cable from the primary panel.

2.12 LEED Criteria • Exterior lighting will comply to ASHRAE/IESNA 90.1 and IESNA RP-33 (LZ3) for light pollution reduction • Exterior yard and parking lighting requirements by way of parapet lighting


3. Exclusions • • • • • • •

Make up air and exhaust for warehouse Window coverings Heavy Racking loads and slab considerations Tenant Office Requirements Caulking to saw cut joints Data communication/cabling Handicap door operators required for tenant driven occupancy

Tribal Partners reserves the right to change or adjust these specifications as the design, permitting, construction and leasing progresses.




A Strategic Distribution Hub Calgary is recognized as one of the most cost-effective places in Western North America to establish a transportation and logistics hub. Major retailers like Walmart and Target have selected Calgary as an integral part of their Western distribution strategy. This is due in part to Alberta’s low tax regime, Calgary’s growing economy, its geographic location, and its well developed and evolving infrastructure. Calgary sees a large share of activity from Canada’s busiest port, with 40% of imports through Vancouver being distributed through this city. As it continues to grow as a major transportation hub, Calgary enjoys a rich supply of low cost containers ready to be loaded. In addition, Calgary’s direct connection to CN’s network means easy and fast access to growing markets such as Edmonton, Vancouver, U.S. and Mexico. This powerful combination makes Calgary a major and expanding Canadian transportation and logistics hub.


Location, Location, Location! Located at the crossroads of McKnight Boulevard (Township Road 250) and Logistics Parkway (Range Road 283) in Rocky View County Excellent transportation connectivity to Calgary’s major transportation routes. • 3 km to Highway 1 • 5 km to Stoney Trail • 13 km to Highway 2 • 20 km from downtown


To Edmonton





Range Rd. 284

Range Rd. 285

Range Rd. 290

Range Rd. 291

RR 292 Metis Trail

CrossIron Mills




Twp Rd 254

Country Hills Blvd


Range Rd. 283

Airport Tr. Twp Rd 252

Calgary International Airport

City of Calgary





Range Rd. 293




McKnight Blvd

Mem orial Drive

Peigan Trail



Town of Chestermere




Langdon Shepard Slough Complex Twp Rd 232



is of Lorne Trail Marqu




City of Calgary








Rocky View County




Twp Rd 222

M.D. of

Wheatland County

Barlow Trail SE

Glenmore Trail

Rge Rd 274

CN Sarcee Yard

Lyalta Grain Terminal 791

52 Street E

Blackfoot Trail S


17 Avenue S


16 Avenue N

McElroy Slough

Wheatland County

CONRICH 36 Street E

Barlow Trail


Twp Rd 250


Rocky View’s Commitment to Conrich “The CN Calgary Logistics Park is located in the Conrich area, just east of the City of Calgary in Rocky View County. CN and Rocky View have worked together since the early days of the Logistics Park’s conception to bring this world-class development from vision to reality. Rocky View has articulated their commitment to growth in the Conrich area within its Growth Management Strategy, Agriculture Master Plan, Economic Development Strategy, and other long-range strategic documents. The Conrich area and CN’s Calgary Logistics Park are a priority in Rocky View County. The County is committed to respond to development inquiries quickly and efficiently through the very capable staff in economic development, planning, development services and engineering. Rocky View anticipates significant growth into 2013 which will support and fill the industrial base that the Calgary Logistics Park has become. As CN, as well as its agent CBRE meet with prospective tenants, Rocky View County will respond quickly and efficiently with the required development and building permits. CN’s Calgary Logistics Park is a priority in Rocky View County . In the June issue of Alberta Venture Magazine, Rocky View County was recognized as one of Western Canada’s best places for business and the No. 1 place for manufacturing and logistics. CN’s Calgary Logistics Park is front and center in this tremendous endorsement.” * Quote provided by David Kalinchuk, Economic Development Officer, Rocky View County


The Team


Complete Transportation Solutions CN’s franchise is unparalleled. Our highly efficient 21,000-mile rail network will connect CN’s Calgary Logistics Park to ports on all three North American coasts. CN’s precision rail service delivers the most reliable and fastest transit times in North America delivering flexibility and round-trip efficiencies. Intermodal. Faster. Better. You will benefit from CN’s specialized retail service offering which applies the discipline and precision of scheduled railroading smoothing traffic flows, reducing transit times and improving reliability. This comprehensive transportation solution, designed for the retail industry, includes the following services: • Railroad supplied equipment, 53-foot containers and 40-foot ocean containers • Access to more than 1,000 dedicated and exclusive truck owner operators • Over 6,000 containers with 6,000 chassis • Service 7 days a week, 24 hours a day • Expanded door delivery service covering every address in Canada • Single driver competitive • 24 hours faster than the competition to most markets • The most competitive fuel surcharge in the industry The Calgary Logistics Park Advantage Co-location will allow you to benefit from reduced dray costs, later shipment release times and quick access to inbound shipments. Equipment, gate and train reservations maximize customer access to capacity and improve your ability to plan ahead, streamlining your supply chain in and out of the distribution centre.


Innovation at Work What truly separates CN from the pack is our ability to design and implement new and innovative transportation solutions to meet our customer’s supply chain needs. We also engage our transportation partners to ensure that we cover the whole supply chain from beginning to end. Supply Chain Agreements New service level agreements with all major Canadian ports and terminal operators, establishing specific performance targets to improve fluidity across the complete supply chain Transit Time Excellence CN offers the best transit times in the industry, often 24 hours faster than the competition, to most markets Green Efficiency CN is recognized as the most fuel efficient rail operator (CIBC World Markets - April 2009) Top Tier Safety Performance With full control of our trucking operations, CN drives a culture of safety-first which goes beyond just its rail operations


The Green Option Rail: The Clean Choice An important decision factor is the environmental impact. With today’s ecological concerns, and particularly climate change, reaching a crisis threshold, we believe that rail transportation is an integral part of the solution. According to the AAR, railroads are the most efficient mode of transportation. On average, railroads move a ton of freight 436 miles per gallon of fuel – making them 3 times more efficient than trucks. As the leader in schedule railroading, resulting in an industry-low operating ratio, CN is recognized as the most fuelefficient rail operations (CIBC World Markets – April 2009). Facilities: At CN facilities, environmental protection is an integral part of management activities, CN is committed to the concept of sustainable development and our office building has been constructed using “LEED” like construction principles. Energy efficient lighting reduced energy costs for the intermodal yard and submetering monitors electrical consumption and efficiency for yard air compressors and other yard components.


Strategic Development Partner Tribal Partners Tribal Partners is a real estate private equity and development company with projects in Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver. Tribal was formed in 2011 as related company to Matthews Southwest Developments. Tribal Partners brings first in class development management expertise with the financial strength of some of the largest institutions in Canada and the US. Our experienced team drives customized and speculative construction projects for industrial, office, retail, residential and mixed-use development. With the Q4 2012 completion of 1.8 million square foot “ The Bow” in Calgary, Tribal has a complete development team ready to move over to execute the build out of CN’s Calgary Logistics Park. Tribal can provide tenants with long-term lease options as well as more complex offerings involving lease buy outs and/or swap for equity of existing corporate owned real estate, into new long term leases.

Jack Matthews - Partner Senior Advisor for CLP as it relates to deal structure and financing initiatives Lance Trumble - Managing Director, Investments Project executive responsible for deal structure, lease negotiations and financing initiatives. Rob Cameron - Managing Director, Operations Project executive responsible for coordination of construction and liaising CN staff to ensure a systematic development of the CLP. Ashley Burke - Manager, Investments & Development Manager responsible for liasing with potential tenants and brokers, and creating proposals in response to market requests, ensuring they are aligned with the ongoing development of the logistics park. Bill Christensen - Senior Project Director Day to day project management of the construction process.


Contacts CN Director, Business Development & Real Estate Anita Fleming 780.643.7656 Director of Strategic Sales, Intermodal Tony Bianco 905.760.5259

Tribal Partners Managing Director, Investments Lance Trumble 416.275.6254 Managing Director, Operations Rob Cameron 416.627.2350 Manager, Investments & Development Ashley Burke 416.835.3568

CBRE Executive Vice President Marshall Toner 403.750.0531 Senior Vice President Ryan Haney 403.750.0532


Disclaimer The contents of this package and the prices quoted herein are for discussion purposes only.