Cleaning Machines for Tent Industry

Cleaning Machines for Tent Industry Safe – Competent – Professional ...and has been for over 25 years The history of SKP GmbH dates back into the...
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Cleaning Machines for Tent Industry

Safe – Competent – Professional

...and has been for over 25 years

The history of SKP GmbH dates back into the year 1989, when Matthias Segiet, the founder and today‘s general manager started with the engineering office for control engineering. At the end of the 20th century, the “SKP Systemtechnik” was a position to supply not only complete plants, but also partial solutions like control technology and the production of control cabinets. SKP not only worked on the optimization and the demand-oriented customization of the existing five- and six-meter versions, but also came up with solutions for small firms and special solutions for large enterprises. In the middle of 2005, the SKP Systemtechnik was transformed into SKP GmbH. The first system for the Australian continent was shipped in 2007, followed by Asia in 2010, North Africa in 2011 and the United States in 2012. In the year 2013 the first fully automatic cleaning system was put into operation in the Southern American continent (in Colombia). At present over 250 different SKP-cleaning systems are in use. Despite the new company structure SKP GmbH successfully continued its proceedings in the area of special machines. Today, machines for electro plating as well as test and manufacturing plants belong to the range of machines produced by SKP GmbH. SKP GmbH attaches great importance to the production of user-defined machines and tailor-made solutions for our customers. It can be said that there are no two machines produced by SKP GmbH that are exactly the same. Each machine is to a varying extent modified according to the customers’ demands, be it in terms of dimension, positioning, special functions, or adaption to company-internal structures. SKP responds even to customer’s specific input, for example to specific tarpaulin dimensions (whether in width and in length). Compared to alternative suppliers, the SKP plant engineering and construction offers the great advantage to its customers by constantly investing in R&D and thus achieving the utmost innovations and optimization. In cooperation with our customers we have developed an immense experience and knowledge advantage which is always open to new insights. Additionally SKP GmbH provides advice in the field of special systems e.g. electroplating systems and testing and manufacturing facilities which are now an integral part of our product range. Target of SKP GmbH is to foster the clients’ innovations in as many areas as possible. For this reason, SKP is interested in taking on a pioneering role in new segments. Today, SKP GmbH also acts as supplier of non-contact identifying modules for elements like tarpaulins and tent equipment. The corresponding software, data administration and the necessary hardware is, of course, also on offer. Here, as well, the target is still the same: functioning has to be easy and at the same time efficient. With regard to the production process, our aim is to take into account our customers’ experience as well as their ideas. Enjoy studying our brochure and get inspired for your own company by the product range SKP GmbH offers to you.


WT3000 p. 3 EC3000 p. 4 PR3000 p. 5 EC5000 p. 6 PR5000/6000 p. 7 PR6000VDG p. 9 TA2000 p.10 Options and Accessories p.11 BR1200 p.13 SW1000 p.15 CC1000 p.16 CW422 p.17 WK2000 p.18 Mobile solutions p.19 Special solutions p.20 Special projects p.21 References p.22

Your access to machine operated and comfortable double-sided Cleaning systems WT3000 is best suited if you want to get into the quick and efficient both-sided cleaning of coated tarpaulins. Diverse versions of the machine provide the opportunity to achieve fast and time-saving cleaning results with easy means. The main characteristics of these machines are the simultaneous cleaning of both sides of a tarpaulin, the individual regulation of the cleaning speed and the possibility to re-use the detergent several times. WT3000K offers both-sided cleaning for tarpaulins up to a width 3 meters or up to meters when folded. The focus of this machine is the cleaning of party tents, as well as special canvas and fabrics. By adding of options, this system also allows the cleaning of corrugated iron sheets, plastic sheets and flat solid elements. WT3000P is the advancement of the WT3000K. Due to its free-arm construction it allows the cleaning of tarpaulins up to 6 meters width by going through twice and the both-sided cleaning of pagodas up to 5 meters. WT3000 is not bound to any special format and can clean almost everything that can be flattened, that is to say also inflatable constructions. A special version of WT3000K is WT3000Kmobil which is directly mounted onto a trailer. With this machine you can easily clean tents that are constantly in use (e.g. tents for smokers in front of restaurants, awnings etc.). You just drive there, fill in the water, supply power, clean the tarpaulins, and then the tent can be used again straight away.

Technical Details • Wash cabin of hard-wearing high-grade steel, with tarpaulin on top • Brush width: 3,100mm • Pair of brushes with bristles made of PP, position adjustable • Roller in order to prohibit damage to the tarpaulins • Solid plastic surface at the entrance and discharge level • Capacity of detergent tank: approx. 120 liters or larger (on demand) • Variable running speed – manually regulated • Cleaning intensity user-defined • Only power connection needed, no compressed air, no regular water supply necessary • Measurements (LxHxW): 3.90m x 1.60m x 1.85m (3.50m without tank) • Power connection: 400V/16A (without warm-water option) Subject to technical alterations.



Accessories • Water warming • Transport roller • Switchover between detergent and fresh water supply • Speed control for the brushes • Pre-selectable sense of rotation • Movable tub underneath the machine • Extension for the cleaning of cassette walls Options • Plastic base plates • Detergent tank 500 liters • Dirt filter • Rest tables • Base tub

The fast and easy solution for party tents With the EC3000 fast and excellent results are possible. This plant combines the simple cleaning of tarpaulin material of a WT3000K with the advantages of the transportation solution of the PR3000. From this combination resulted a cleaning machine which makes a fast and efficient cleaning possible with small space requirement. The EC3000 cleans fabric up to three meter width with a maxmimum length of 20 meter. In special cases it is possible to work with broader tarpaulins. Then only in each case the interior and the exterior is cleaned by one step. The frame of the EC3000 is made completely by high-grade stainless steel and aluminium. The robust construction provides long time happyness with this kind of cleaning. Individual functions like the winding, the brushes and the cleaner pump are electrical. The functions are separately controllable. This is realized by robust logic elements. The entry can be closed mechanically. Manually moveable strippers offering a spraying protection and a slight water stripping. The speed of the windig roll is stepless adjustable. The mobile version EC3000mobil offers unique advantages in the purification of permanently positioned tents and canopies, especially smoking tents, marquees of restaurants and on campsites.

Technical Details • Rotating top roller for the handling of the fabric • Mechanical clamping system • Doule brush system for cleaning • Easy speed control – stepless regulation • Robust plant for a simple cleaning solution • Easy handling • Currency: 400V/16A (with warm water option) • Water: 2bar/1”, approx. 1 ltr/m² • Waste water 2” • Measurements (LxHxW): 3.90m x 2.40m x 1.00m

Options • Warm water cleaning • Dosage pump for wax • Reusing rinse water inlet with tank and separate pump • Additional manual clamps • Folding table • Transport rolls • Tub for pre-cleaning • Water recycling • Blower Installation

Subject to technical alterations.



Cleaning and drying party tents PR3000 is the ideal machine for companies whose equipment mainly consists of 3-meter tarpaulins. Although the machine is especially designed for fabrics of this width, it can also be used for larger formats by folding the sheets or cleaning them twice. Obtaining this product, you get a machine that is optimally designed for the efficient cleaning and drying. Various settings help to adjust the cleaning speed and the drying intensity individually. The sturdy construction of high-grade steel and aluminum stands for a long-living product that will provide you many years of pleasure. There are various options to improve the machine’s features, e.g. warm water preparation, water optimization, drying support, pneumatic clamping and catch basin for excess detergent. These features offer a wide range of possibilities to adjust the washstand to your individual needs. The extremely compact construction of the machine allows for a space-optimized installation so that it can also be used in cramped conditions.

PR3000 Standard Description • Washing width: 3,200mm • Throughput: 250 - 400m²/h • Adjustable washing speed • Electrical injection pump for detergent • Pneumatic clamping of the tarpaulins • Compact construction • Retractable table Type Description • PR3000HG Semi-automatic machine with drying • Semi-automatic program • Manual loading/unloading • Automatic wash cycle • PR3000VG Fully automatic machine with drying • Fully automatic program • Manual loading/unloading • Automatic wash and dry cycle Accessories • Dirt tub for loading area

Subject to technical alterations.



Technical Details • Power connection: 400V/32A • Compressed-air connection: 7bar • Water connection: 3bar • Power consumption: approx. 5KW • Water consumption: approx. 1 ltr/m² • Weight: approx. 1,500kg • Measurements (LxHxW): 5.80m x 3.20m x 1.40m Options • Warm water cleaning • Dosing pump for wax • Top roller wiping • ”location-independent machine“ • Transport roller, plug-in connections • Machine can be split into parts

Easiest Cleaning with Drying in five meter width EC5000 was designed as a cleaning machine for PVC-tarpaulins without complex electronic control. The machine has been on the market for a couple of years now and has successfully established itself. It ranks between the simple manual machines, i.e. the WT machines, and the intelligent high-performance systems PR3000/5000/6000. EC5000 cleans tarpaulins up to a width of 5 meters and up to a length of 30 meters at maximum. The functions are controlled by switches - extremely easy to handle. EC5000 is offered with a spray unit for detergent as a standard feature, which is also available with heater to warm-up the cleaner. Here, the detergent (warm or cold) will be sprayed at the tarpaulin. EC5000 is optionally delivered with a soak tub and an external table. The soak tub makes any additional application of detergent unnecessary. Depending on the degree of dirtiness the tarpaulins can be pre-cleaned as long as necessary. The business of cleaning is done by two brushes which match the machine perfectly. They are supported by a spraying system. The drying is done by a high-performance radial blower. On request, EC5000 is also available without drying function. The EC5000 is even available as mobile unit (on a car trailer).

Technical Details • Frame complete built with inox (stainless steel) • Manuel clamp unit • Compressed Air for pneumatic movement • Winding roll for handling the tarpaulin • Double-brush system for cleaning • Drying system with high-performance blower • Integrated Blower Unit • Warm-air connection possible • Easy position adjustment • Easy speed control – continuously adjustable • Included air compressor for moving air channel • Sturdy machine for easy cleaning • Easy handling • Dimensions suitable for transport (H=2.50m) • Current: 400V/32A • Water : 2 bar/1” • Waste water 2” • Measurements (LxHxW): 7.90m x 3.60m x 2.80m

Options • Rinse-water with waxing pump • Soak tub for pre-cleaning made of inox • Spray unit with heater to warm up the detergent • Permanently installed Blower Unit • Folding table separately 1,000mm x 5,000mm • Separate Tank with Pump for feeding water • Mobile solution (on a trailer) • Detergent tank with additional pressure pump • Soaking-basin or spraying bar for pre-cleaning

Subject to technical alterations.



Optimal cleaning with sophisticated functions The reliable functioning and the durability of these universal usable and efficient machines cannot be beaten. They work for cleaning widths up to five meters (PR5000) respectively up to six meters (PR6000) whereby the latter is also optimal for the simultaneous cleaning of two 3-meter tarpaulins. For years, this type of machine has been the one most used for cleaning and drying PVC tarpaulins. PR6000 is also suitable for cleaning pagoda tarpaulins up to five meters, to a limited extent even up to six meters. Its fully-automatic version (VG) is equipped with a special program which takes the pagoda tarpaulin back to the loading area and then, with a 90° turn, cleans it a second time and thus almost completely, with a – for pagodas – reasonable drying result. The life span of the brushes coming with these machines totals up to a cleaning area of more than one million square meters. The setup of the brushes makes it easy to exchange them. Dosing pumps for detergent and wax and a pressureregulated water supply help to adjust the machine according to the individual experience with regard to cleaning and degree of dirt. To increase the efficiency several side panels can be linked together with the aid of special additional manual clamps. The variable adjustment of the cleaning speed, detergent nozzles that can be deactivated, viewing window and splashguard are features that make the work with the machine more efficient. The outer keder guidance provides for a well-ordered handling of roof tarpaulins.

Technical Details • Wash width: 5.20m / 6.20m • Throughput/h: 300 - 550m² • Adjustable washing speed • Electrical injection pump for detergent and wax • Transport carriage system • Pneumatic clamping system • 2 high performance ventilator with an airflow of 2 m³/sec • Automatic keder guidance for 5-meter tarpaulins, activatable for the inside • Outer keder guidance for 5-meter tarpaulins • Power connection: 400V/63A – depending on options • Compressed-air connection: 7bar • Water connection: 3bar • Power consumption: approx. 7KW - depending on options • Water consumption: approx. 1 ltr/m² • Weight: approx. 3,500kg / 3,800kg • Measurements (LxHxW): 7.60m / 8.60m x 3.20m x 4.00m Subject to technical alterations.



Accessories • Dirt tub for loading area • Work tables fixed / movable • Rail extension • Soak tub Options • Warm water cleaning • Winding roll wiping • Folding aid • Outer keder guidance: 2 x 2.5m / 1 x 3m / 2 x 3m • Inner keder guidance: 3m / 2 x 3m PR5000HG – PR6000HG • Semi-automatic program • Manual loading/unloading • Automatic wash cycle

PR6000 can optionally be extended with the variable keder guidance for the simultaneous routing of two 3-meter tarpaulins. The inner keder guidance for 5-meter tarpaulins, which is activated automatically, helps cleaning the complete area and is indispensable for tarpaulins of a length of 15 meters upwards. It goes without saying that this feature can be deactivated when cleaning tarpaulins of a different format like pagodas or special formats. Pneumatic clamps permit safe working with sensitive surfaces. Optional equipment like shaft wipers, warm water cleaning and the extremely helpful pneumatic clamps offer further possibilities for the application of the machine. For folding tarpaulins with just one employee, a folding aid may be obtained. With the newly developed endless option you can achieve up to 30% higher output. With this option you can clean tarpaulins with a length of up to 100 meters. Together with the folding aid, the tarpaulin is folded easily and put in transport boxes. Various helpful extensions complete our offer for PR5000/PR6000. These are among others the base tub, rail extension, folding tables and soak tub.The machine also offers a number of possibilities in the range of data administration, for example the automatic recording of the cleaned tarpaulins and the processing of these data in a chart, analyzed with regard to date, shift, type, and amount.

PR5000VG – PR6000VG • Fully automatic version, i.e. you hang up the tarpaulin, start the machine – the machine washes and dries automatically – you fold the finished tarpaulin • Operation via touch-panel • All winding speeds separately adjustable • Pre-selection for degree of dirt • Variable pre-soaking time • Various cleaning programs (for pagodas, gables, etc.) • All functions selectable over control panel • Error message in plain text • Option production analysis • Option endless system

This information may be transferred to firm-oriented statistics or may help to check the utilization of the material. Here, we would like to point out the possibility of contact-free data collection with SKP-Ident. The PR system is also available as seven- or eight-meter variant (PR7000 and PR8000).

Subject to technical alterations.



Simultaneous Handling of several Tarpaulins With the PR6000VGD continuous tarpaulin can be cleaned. Furthermore the PR6000VGD commands two or even more transport carts. So it is possible to spray, clean, dry and fold up the tarpaulin simultaneously. Capacities of 1,000 m² per hour can be achieved. That way the machine’s cleansing assets area is optimally used. The PR6000VGD is available in two variants: The first type is the PR6000VGDF, where the carrier are always processed on the lower level, then transported on upper level tracks) where the trolleys (now emptied) are transported to the other end of the machine. The second variant is the PR6000VGDL. There, the trolleys don’t switch levels. Both concepts are now operating successfully. Both systems achieve extremely high throughput. Which system is the most sensible, depends on the general conditions of the customer. The throughput achieved depends to a decisive degree on the length of the fabrics. The optimal range lies between approx. 20 and 30 meters.

Technical Details • Cleaning width: 6,200mm • Maximum tarpaulin length: 40 to 80 meters – depending on design • Throughput: up to 1,100 m²/h • Transport speed adjustable • Touch panel control system with display for the operational parameters and machinery malfunction, also selection of all functions in the manual mode • Selection of different programs for standard tarpaulins and for special versions • Measurements (LxHxW): 9.00m x 4.80m x 5.00m

Subject to technical alterations.



Options • Additional positions for further cleaning • Additional positions for post-drying • Track extension • Folding aid • Administration of throughput and data on own or external PC via network • Remote maintenance via modem Accessories • Folding tables • Grid floor • Water purification

Effective Drying of Roof Tarpaulins and Keder Conventional tarpaulin cleaning machines are efficient as far as cleaning is concerned. And depending on the product there are also considerable results achieved in terms of surface drying. But there are areas of the tarpaulins which even today present a challenge, i.e. the areas that absorb a large amount of moisture. Especially keder belong to this group. The drying of conventional keder affords time, agitated dry air, and temperature. These factors taken together can at present only be unsatisfactorily combined with what is demanded of a rapid cleaning machine. Therefore, a separate post-drying machine especially made for keder is the ideal solution. It allows the humidity to evade from the fabric. In the European market, the drying machines of SKP are unique. In 2005, TA5000 has successfully been introduced. The patented technique of TA5000 offers a fast and effective drying of the tarpaulins which once being positioned on the machine are not moved mechanically any more. TA2000 is the compact version for the post-drying of flat tarpaulins. This machine was developed to mainly cover the range of keder tarpaulins with a width of three and five meters. With regard to their storage these tarpaulins demand the most of the drying process. An effective post-drying of these tarpaulins increases their life span and their quality-related utilization considerably. TA2000 functions according to the patented continuous-flow principle. The fabrics are transported through the machine via several return shafts. By means of an elaborate air distribution system the surface is surrounded with warm and dry air

over a period of time between 15 and 20 minutes. With a throughput of up to 500m² depending on the degree of drying the machine can be connected to the cleaning machine without any problems. At any time, there are approx. 20 meters of tarpaulin in the machine. TA2000 is equipped with a circulating-air dryer with heat exchanger, especially designed for SKP. Hence, the machine is furnished with an energy-saving “drying room”. The return shafts of high-grade steel with transport areas of PUcoated wheels allow for a non-slip, but tarpaulinprotecting transport. The tarpaulin identification at the entrance and at the exit acts as a safe means to deactivate the transport and provides a userfriendly handling. The transport principle of continuous flow allows for a virtually indefinite tarpaulin length. It is only limited by the space available in front of the machine respectively behind it. Optional adapter tarpaulins facilitate and simplify the change-over from five-meter tarpaulins to three-meter tarpaulins. Last but not least, the compact design of the machine assures its integration in most cases.

Technical Details • Drying width: 5,000mm • Throughput approx. 400 m²/h • Transportation speed adjustable • Energy requirement approx. 60 W/m² • Drying cabin of high-grade steel, easily accessible from the side through tarpaulins • Measurements (LxHxW): 2.40m x 2.20m x 8.00m Options • Additional clamping units 3 meter and 5 meter • Seperate adaption fabrics • Winding unit • Folding aid • Alternative heating with gas or hot water

Subject to technical alterations.



Options and Accessories The following options are showed as information and are available for different machines.

Top roller cleaning

Folding aid

Hot air generator

Injection valve made of steel

Barrel pump for soap

Dirt tub



Center kedar guide

SKP Cupholder

Window cleaner



Hot water generator

Table with wooden base plate 1.25m x 2.50m

Manual clamps

Pneumatic clamps

Stainless steel cleaner

Lubricant oil for moving valves


Table with stainless steel base plate variable 1.20m x 2.50m / 3.00m

Waste water handling


Dosagepump for wax



Cleaning of tent floor, flat elements The BR1200 is the allrounder for all integral parts of tents. The tent floor cleaning machine BR1200 cleans cassette floors up to a width of 1,100mm, optionally also larger widths. The cleaning speed lies at approx. 5-10 meters per minute depending on the degree of dirt. Depending on its equipment, this machine can not only clean cassette elements, but also solid wood floors, wooden tables and other table types, flat walls and other flat parts. The elements to be cleaned are transported through the machine via a conveyor belt. The speed control comes as standard equipment Particular cleaning units, that can be optionally combined in a kind of modular construction system offer each user the possibility to compose his own optimal cleaning equipment, based on his personal needs. There are three standard types which cover the majority of requirements. Employing high pressure, BR1200-O cleans the elements from one side. It uses warm detergent and a brush to clean the upper side, which is then rinsed. Afterwards the surface is dried with the aid of a high-pressure radial blower, which is equipped with a blowing unit that is especially tuned for this kind of surface cleaning.

Technical Details • Wash cabin of hard-wearing high-grade steel • Brush width 1,200mm (optionally changeable) • Brush with bristles made of PP • Brush position adjustable to panel heights between 10mm and 120mm (optionally extendable) • Rubberized transport castors for material-protecting handling and non-slip transport • Speed control for the feed (conveyor belt) – adjustable from 1-12 m/min • High-pressure cleaning from the top and the bottom (from BR1200-OU on) • Lateral cleaning of cassettes (BR1200-OUP) • Saving mode for water consumption and brush movement – deactivation of water supply and brushes as soon as there are no panels in the washing area • Detergent dosing (only in connection with fresh water cleaning) • Warm water detergent (only in connection with fresh water cleaning) Subject to technical alterations.



• Blower drying from above and below (from BR1200-OU on) • Standard wash width: 1,100mm • Speed: 3-12 m/min • Power (BR1200-O): 12KW • Power connection BR1200-O: 400V/32A • Power connection BR1200-OU/OUP: 400V/63A • Measurements (LxHxW): 8.50m x 1.80m x 1.60m • Transport measurements (LxHxW): 5.50m x 1.80m x 1.60m

Profiled side walls and glass elements With BR1200-OU elements can be cleaned from both sides. For this purpose, this machine type is equipped with a second cleaning level for the bottom side. Hence, this type offers the possibility to clean two solid wood floors at the same time. This is quite an interesting feature because in the majority of cases this kind of floor is stored away exactly in this manner and turning them back and forth can be omitted. If needed, it is also possible to clean certain elements only from the bottom side. There are various control elements which help to do so optionally. BR1200-OUP is additionally equipped with a lateral cleaning possibility which is variably there is a flat transport area, this is a quick and easy way to clean aluminum profiles. Long profiles can adjustable. Thus, elements coming in different widths can not only be cleaned on top and underneath, but also on the left and on the right side in the same operational step. This machine type is provided with a further feature which in this regard is unique: BR1200-OUP is also able to clean square profiles up to a size of 120mm x 360mm. Provided that be cleaned without any problems when using supporting castor wheels in front of the machine and behind it.

Options • Speed control for the brushes • Water tank with cycle for high-pressure cleaning • Wash water cycle – catch tub for cleaning water (detergent tank) approx. 200 liters with strain filter and domestic waterworks (high-grade steel) • Conveyor belt extension • Additional thermal post-drying of the floor panels

All types of this cleaning machine have in common that they can easily be adjusted to the material thickness of the elements to be cleaned. The standard heights can be extended optionally. Of course, the machines are also available in other cleaning widths, with additional cleaning levels and with reduced distances between the castors. Further options can be integrated in order to adjust the machine to the various needs.

Subject to technical alterations.



Cleaning of side panels, glass walls, tables, vertical elements and non-standard panels Up to now, the cleaning of solid side panels requires a good deal of manual work. The dimensions of the panels as well as their shape don’t make them easy to handle. The manual way of cleaning, however, is extremely elaborate and requires a disproportionally high expenditure of time and personnel. The new SW1000 is supposed to support the effective cleaning of solid side panels. Thanks to its design it may also be used for cleaning floor panels, provided that these obey certain conditions and restrictions. The throughput of SW1000 can be adjusted between 1 and 10 meters per minute. The optimum throughput lies at approx. 4-6m/min. At this speed, also a user-oriented handling is possible. The panels get cleaned, rinsed and dried, with two different catch tubs being used for both the cleaning level and the rinsing level so that the two liquids will not intermingle in concentrated form. Then the drying procedure follows. During this procedure the panels travel through a blower unit fed by high-pressure radial blowers, thus providing an optimal drying result. The machine has to be adjusted to the elements to be cleaned.

With some reservations, SW1000 may also be used for cleaning other elements like glass elements, floor panels etc., but it may also be used for tables and other flat parts that can be transported upright. The optional high-pressure unit with water circulation system allows additional pre-cleaning for extremely soiled items.

Options • Water recycling • High-pressure cleaning • Conveyor belt extension • Speed control for the brushes • Vertical cleaning

Subject to technical alterations.



Technical Details • Panel dimensions up to a height of 1,500mm and a length of 6,000mm (optionally) • Customized adjustment • Transportation speed adjustable between 1-10 meters per minute • Cleaning optionally driven by lifting force • Dosing unit for application of detergent • Power connection: 400V/32A, plus options • Water connection: ¾“ • Compressed-air connection: 8bar • Measurements (LxHxW): 8.00m x 2.40m x 1.80m

Always clean ground Cleaning carpet tiles can be accomplished in different way. They can be sucked off in the laid out condition or be driven through a brushing and a suction unit. The CC1000 is singular. This plant brushes and does not only suck, but it knocks also the dirt from the carpet tile proper out. Thus an optimal cleaning of carpet tiles can be obtained with higher throughput. The CC1000 is able to clean up to 300m² ground per hour. For the handling only one worker is needed. According to standard the plant is appropriate for tiles with a width of one meter. However it is optionally also possible to clean smaller or larger carpet elements with this SKP-own development. The transport of the ground elements is reached by means of a infinitely variable speed control. Powered roles with the soft pinchrolls particularly manufactured for SKP make a simple and troublefree transport possible by the plant. The removable hood offers comfortable service work on the plant. The high speed vacuum cleaner works with an amount of air of nearly 20,000 litres per minute. With a suction surface of 60cm ² an efficient cleaning is ensured. The sucked off dirt is caught in a mobile dirt trap. Together with the beaten out dirt both are easy to handle. The CC1000 is completely manufactured made of high-grade steel. The robust execution provides for joy of many years in the plant.

Technical Details • In- and output made of grid • Robust brush adjustable in height • Knocking mechanism • Suction border made of high-grade steel • High speed sucker with separate dirt catch container • Suction unit with contamination indicator • Transportation speed control - steplessly • Robust plant • Simple handling • Mobile suction blower • Power requirement: 1 x 400V/16A – 1 x 400V/32A • Measurements (LxHxW): 3.20m x 1.60m x 1.40m

Options • Adjustment of smaller tiles • Automatic piling devices • Endless function for carpet rolls • Additional wet cleaning • Presence control

Subject to technical alterations.



Are You Eager to Spend Much Time on Chair Cleaning? If you search for a time-efficient cleaning system for chairs of the same type, for larger events, the CW422 might be the solution for you - since the chair cleaning system CW422 provides great relief and support. Given a throughput of about 100 plastic chairs per hour, only one or two employees are necessary to efficiently and gently clean the seat furniture. Comfortable fixing of chairs on a clocked band-conveyer makes loading and unloading easier. Each chair is fixated at one of the two loading points, then it is forwarded through several stations of cleaning. At the first, the chair is sprayed with hot detergent out of various nozzles. The detergent is located in a container to re-use it several times. Hereafter two cleaning-stations will gently clean the feet, the bottom, the back, the seat surface and the arm rests by using a soft round brush. On their way to the last station, the brushed chairs are driven through a rinsing spray jet, which removes the cleaner and loses the dirt particles. Finally, the chair is all-roundly blown dry, before it is stopped and unloaded at one of the two loading points.

Options Technical Details • Extension inlet / outlet • Loading and unloading points, with two positions • Adaptation to other types of chair (more on option) • Cleaning station with diverse nozzles • Cleaning with soft brushes • Drying by means of two high-performance radial-blowers • Plastic end for feet • Expander clamping system • Power Requirements: 400V / 32A • Measurements (LxHxW): 8.00m x 1.80m x 2.20m

Subject to technical alterations.



Recycling and re-using of water The cleaning of tarpaulins requires a considerable amount of water. The usage of the same water would in the long run, however, cause chemical reactions between detergent, wax and dirt, and produce unfavorable concentrations of these substances. Filters can only be applied to a limited extent because oil-containing dirt, particulate matter and coarse dirt like leaves for example would block the filters within a short period of time and would make them ineffective, in the worst case even obstruct the free flow. WK500 is based on the principle of changing only little water. Part of the polluted water is withdrawn. It is especially the surface water which is removed because in combination with the floating oil and detergent foam it is the most unusable water. In a sedimentation tank the coarse dirt sinks to the ground and is thus removed from the water cycle. Two additional filters, which can work alternately, filter the remaining fine particles from the water that then can be used again. The filters are equipped with a metal strainer which can be cleaned easily. The percentage of water removed amounts to approx. 15%. This means that the water in its entirety can be used approximately five times, bearing in mind the loss of water caused by the tarpaulins themselves. This corresponds to a reduction of water use by approx. 80%. Today’s water price and the ecology

with regard to the drinking water supply contribute to the profitability of WK500 and to its quick amortization. WK500 may also be operated with rainwater or groundwater without any problems. WK2000 is the extended version of WK500. Apart from a large sedimentation tank, in which the returning cleaning water is collected, the machine has two tanks with 1,500 liters of water each. While the first tank is used for feeding the machine, the water of the second tank is incessantly led over a high-volume special filter and thus cleared of dirt particles in an intense mechanical way. WK2000 reduces the use of water to the residual moisture on the tarpaulin and to the exchange of liquid in the sedimentation tank. Since 2004, satisfied customers take advantage of this mechanical cleaning machine which offers them a minimum of water consumption. For both stations an odor-neutralizer and pH-control is available. Both types are mechanical filter units; chemical neutralization is not provided.

Technical Details WK500 • Fresh water reservoir: approx. 1,500 ltr • Floor space required (LxHxW): 1.50m x 2.20m x 2.40m • Power connection: 400V/16A • Compressed-air connection: 8bar Technical Details WK2000 • Fresh water reservoir: 2x approx. 1,500 ltr • Floor space required (LxHxW): 1.80m x 2.20m x 4.00m • Power connection: 400V/16A • Compressed-air connection: 8bar Options • pH-value measurement • Consumption measurement • Mud pump

Subject to technical alterations.



En route – Mobile Cleaning Systems For some purposes it is advantageous if the cleaning device is locomotive. Here, we distinguish between two application: Simple relocating in a room/on premises. Such mobile concepts already exist for the: WT3000, EC3000, PR3000 und BR1200 Mobility that enables an on-site-operation at your customer’s site. The WT3000, EC3000, EC5000, and even the BR1200 are available mounted on a special trailer frame, equipped with passenger-car trailercoupling. Due to the design of these trailers, they are exempt of the motor vehicle tax in Germany.



Special solutions

Cleaning unit for special fabrics

Drum cleaning unit

Renewing of machines from alternative supplier

Pre selection unit for fabrics

SKP IDENT - identification and logistic function for fabrics

Special solutions


Special Projects

Triple testing unit

Metal grid drying and polishing unit

Waste water treatment

Cleaning plant for stainless steel belljar

Cleaning and sorting plant for metal sticks


Transport and seperation unit for glass cork

Special Projects

Rinsing unit

Transportchain with angle adjustment for testing grease products

Worldwide satisfied customer – worldwide presentation

International presentation at exhibitions in Europe, Australia and the States.

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Albaddad, Dubai (UAE), Rijadh (SA) Alquileres Moldo, Bogota (COL) Bill Veranstaltungslogistik GmbH, Lich (D) Bitburger Zeltverleih, Hermesdorf (D) Bolbro VVS, Odense (DK) Bühler Zeltbau, Großeibstadt (D) Bundeswehr Materialdepot, Wester-Ohrstedt (D) DeBoer, Bree (B) Donohue marquees, Dublin (IRL) Eschenbach Zeltbau GmbH, Bad Königshofen (D) Extend srl, Cittadella (I) Festhallenvermietung Frauenfeld, Frauenfeld (CH) France Location, Vire (F) GL-Events – Hall Expo, Brignais (F) Gomi, Wien (A) Gorges, Laubach (D) Hafalat, Casablanca (MA) HansAa, Pila (PL) H-line structures, Toowoomba (AUS) HPGasser, Lungern (CH) Hunziker, Willisau (CH) Hupchung tentage, Singapur (SGP) Intertent, Beverwijk (NL) Kataja events, Helsinki (FIN)


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Kats Bros, Moshaw Emunim (IL) Kudumija trade, Zagreb (HR) Lahille, Toulouse (F) Leewai, Semenjih (MAL) LH Woodhouse, Nottingham (GB) Losberger Intertent, Bad Rappenau (D) Nizhtent, moscow (RU) Much Festservice GmbH, Limburg (D) Sekotill, Fladnitz (A) O.B.Wiik, Oslo (N) / Stockholm (S) Orgatent, Großwangen (CH) Orsted telte A/S, Orsted (DK) Partyverhuur ter Haar, Zwolle (NL) Preludio, Terentola (I) Patti’s hire, Sydney (AUS) Röder Zelt- und Veranstaltungsservice GmbH, (D, TR, CN, F) Röder HTS, Wächtersbach / Moskau (RU) Shaffer sports, Houston TX, (USA) – Birmingham (USA) Veldeman, Bree (B) Teltspesialisten, Trondheim (NO) Tenta-Bieri AG, Egerkingen (CH) Tiroler Zeltverleih, Telfs (A) Yellowline, Stockholm (S)


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