CLAYTON MARC CLEMENS Department of Government College of William and Mary, Box 8795 Williamsburg, VA 23l87-8795 Tel: 804-221-3027 (fax: 804-221-1868 Email: [email protected] EDUCATION/DEGREES OBTAINED The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, Tufts University/Medford, MA Ph.D., May 1987 MA, May 1983 The College of William and Mary/Williamsburg, VA BA, May 1980. Phi Beta Kappa Major in History (High Honors) and Government. TEACHING AND RESEARCH APPOINTMENTS The College of William and Mary/Williamsburg, VA Chancellor Professor of Government, 2007Hamilton Professor of Government, 2003-06 Professor of Government, 2000-present Associate Professor of Government, 1992-1999 Assistant Professor of Government, 1986-1992 Instructor of Government, 1985-86 The University of Potsdam/Potsdam, Germany Konrad Adenauer Foundation Guest Professor, Summer 1992 The United States Embassy/Bonn, Germany Council on Foreign Relations International Affairs Fellow, Political Analyst, 1990-91 Institute for Foreign Policy Analysis/Cambridge, MA & Washington D.C. Consultant 1984-85 Research Assistant, 1982-83 Tufts University/Medford, MA Teaching Assistant, Department of Political Science, 1982 BOOKS AUTHORED/EDITED The Kohl Chancellorship, co-editor with William Paterson (Frank Cass, 1998). NATO and the Quest for Post-Cold War Security, editor (Macmillan/St. Martin's, 1997). Reluctant Realists: West Germany's CDU/CSU and Ostpolitik (Duke University Press, 1989). Also published in Korean translation, 2010.

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