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ROYAL REHAB COLLEGE Set in the grounds of the acclaimed Royal Rehabilitation Hospital at Ryde, our ultra modern college delivers online and distance training using web links, videos, readings and course information as well as providing face to face tutorials with our Educators, who are all professionals in their field(s) of allied health. Students are able to study the on line component from home and then complete the first aid demonstrations and assessments with our educators. Blending course work with their personal and working lives is easy Royal Rehab College has a friendly, experienced team who are ready to support you throughout your course – from enrolment to graduation! Readily available support means that you do not feel isolated in your online studies with, access available to the team during business hours. This Course Guide is to be read in conjunction with the Student Handbook. The Student Handbook contains the policies, procedures and general information that apply to all of our nationally recognised training courses.

COURSE OUTLINE Welcome to the HLTAID003 Provide first aid course! One of our experienced college Educators will be facilitating this course and marking your assessments. Either the Enrolments Coordinator or your Educator will be in touch with you soon. This is the current government approved course and the generalist first aid course. The course is perfect for anyone needing a Senior First Aid Certificate especially those working in health. Some of the topics that will be covered include:  Assessing an emergency situation  DRSABCD  CPR techniques on adults and infants  How to use an Automated External Defibrillator (AED)  Procedures for bleeding, burns and fractures  Managing medical conditions such as anaphylaxis, asthma and seizures  Managing medical emergencies  Infection control procedures  Managing exposure to extreme temperatures  First aid for eye and soft tissue injuries HLTAID003 Provide First Aid – Course Guide V1 Dec15 RTO Number: 90546 Page 3 of 9

 Assessing and moving sick and injured patients  Your legal responsibilities  Managing shock, etc

PROGRAM OVERVIEW To receive a Statement of Attainment in HLTAID003 Provide First Aid, you will need to successfully complete: 

The online component of the course, which should be completed BEFORE you attend the face to face classroom training and assessment.

A face to face classroom training day, where you will continue your learning and you will be assessed in the practical components of the unit of competency

MODE OF DELIVERY This program is delivered in a combination of online and classroom training and assessment

ASSESSMENT All assessments are competency based. The types of assessments used include multiple choice, true/false, scenario based case studies along with practical demonstrations.

ENTRY REQUIREMENTS You will need to show that you have adequate Language, Literacy and Numeracy skills to undertake the course and complete the assessments successfully.

STUDY MATERIALS/TEXTBOOKS/OTHER INCLUSIONS You will be provided with the appropriate support materials that you will need to be able to complete the course. Access to Didasko Online – this is where you will access your learning and assessment materials and you will complete the theory component of the course. Within Didasko a detailed first aid HLTAID003 Provide First Aid – Course Guide V1 Dec15 RTO Number: 90546 Page 4 of 9

manual is provided to each student which will be available on line even when the course has finished. At the practical session students use simulators, manikins, trainer AED’s and placebo medication devises to practice the vital skills of first aid.

STUDY WORKLOAD Is it estimated that the online component of the course will take you approx 4 hours. The classroom component will be 1 day for approximately 7 hours – depending on the needs of the group

STARTING DATES You can enrol at any time for the course and we can give you access to the online component of the course when your registration and payment have been accepted. Royal Rehab College runs the classroom training and assessment approx one day per month. When you enrol, you will be given a choice of dates from which you can choose to attend Typically the training starts and 8:30am and finishes by 4 pm including breaks. If your organisation needs group training at a specific time please discuss this with the staff at Royal Rehab College. Please note: the maximum time period that you have to complete your first aid course from commencement, is 6 calendar months from the date you entered your online training or the date you attended classroom training, whichever comes first.

TECHNICAL REQUIREMENTS The following guidelines serve as a basic guide to running the various functions of Didasko Online to an optimum level. In order to access Didasko Online you must have a live internet connection. Basic minimum requirements include: Operating System: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10. Browser: Internet Explorer 6, Google Chrome or Firefox 2. Please ensure this is a current system. Multimedia: Minimum Adobe Flash Player 8 HLTAID003 Provide First Aid – Course Guide V1 Dec15 RTO Number: 90546 Page 5 of 9

Compliance and assessment documents: Microsoft Office 2007 Learner Guides (LG’s): Adobe PDF Reader Screen resolution: 1024 x 768 or higher. Note: Didasko Online performs at its full potential within a PC environment. Please don’t use a tablet or phone to do the work as it will not always perform well.

ENROLMENT PROCEDURE AND REQUIRED DOCUMENTATION The enrolment process and documentation needed are as follows: When you complete the Application for Enrolment form on the website, a member of the Royal Rehab College’s enrolment team will contact you to take you through the procedure. Documentation required:  A completed signed Application for Enrolment form  Completed LLN test (as part of your application form enrolment)  Certified copy of photo ID  Your Unique Student Identifier (USI). Please see the instruction Fact Sheet on our website.

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INSTRUCTIONS When you first enrol in the course, you will be sent your login details for Didasko Online in a separate email. When you open this email please follow the instruction for logging in. This will give you access to the course content. If you do not receive the email, please check your junk email folder as it may have landed there. 1. Log into the FIRST AID online course and ensure that you read the Getting Started Guide. 2. Next, read through the CONTENT SECTION – you can just go from one page to the next. There are some activities in the content sections set as practice and it would be good for you to complete them, however this is not essential. Do not be concerned if you receive a message stating “incomplete” in the content sections. You will complete further training in the practical component of the course. 3. You should try to ensure that you have completed the assessments – the Knowledge Test and the Royal Rehab College Worksheets BEFORE attending the classroom session. After you have read the First Aid Content and are ready for the online assessments, open these – complete the questions then click save without sending then review your work then click save and send. Check the getting started guide first

When you have opened the Provide First Aid tab you will come to a screen that gives you access to content , knowledge test and worksheets. Open the content and read through it. You can move through the pages quickly by clicking arrows. HLTAID003 Provide First Aid – Course Guide V1 Dec15 RTO Number: 90546 Page 7 of 9

The interactive sections/questions are not compulsory so you can choose whether you complete these. As a tip - You can also have the content tab open at the same time as opening the knowledge test so that you can move back and forward as a reference. or, if you prefer, you can print the content and have the hard copy handy however, it is a large document. Remember to save your work using the “save button” at the end of the knowledge test or worksheets. Review your work then when you are ready to send it click the “save and send” button. This is where you will locate all the materials that you need for the online course.

FEES/CHARGES/REFUNDS The cost for this course is: $120.00 per person (please note: if you are an organisation looking to train a number of staff in First Aid, please contact us, as we may be able to offer a reduction in cost for group bookings). Payment is required prior to course commencement. If you wish to cancel, you may apply for a full refund of the fees paid but only if you have not accessed the Didasko online learning program. Please complete the application for refund form, available on our website. HLTAID003 Provide First Aid – Course Guide V1 Dec15 RTO Number: 90546 Page 8 of 9

WHAT HAPPENS NEXT? If you are interested applying for this course, please choose from the following options: 1. Complete the online enrolment form – this will come into the college automatically, and one of our administration staff will contact you as soon as possible to discuss your enrolment and to give you a choice of dates for the practical component of the course. 2. Give us a call to ask any questions or request further information regarding the enrolment procedure 3. If you would like to speak to an Educator regarding the course content or any part of the actual learning, please don’t hesitate to contact us. If an Educator is not available when you ring, we can arrange to have someone contact you at a convenient time. Once enrolment is confirmed, you will be asked to pay. We will send you an invoice with instructions on payment methods.

CONTACTING THE COLLEGE Please contact the college if you have any questions about the content or assessment. Phone: 02 9808 9222 02 98089627 Email: [email protected] Address: The Royal Rehab College Part of Royal Rehab, The Rehabilitation & Disability Support Network 235 Morrison Road RYDE NSW 2112 Postal Address: The Royal Rehab College PO BOX 6 RYDE NSW 1680

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