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March 1, 2011 AGENDA ITEM 900 Grand Central Avenue - WOI Machine Shop: Approval of Stage I & II Design 1) Agency Motion to Approve Stage [& II Design

AGENCY ACTION Public Hearing [ X J Ordinance [ Approved !>/I \


J Consent Calendar [ J Action Item [ J Report Only [ J



~ ~~ Signatre



Hassan Haghani, Community Development Director .............. .... .~"L--=-----r--'--6''---

Prepar~~en Castillo , Project Manager ..... ............... ........ ........ ........... ..... APprovJea':nes E. Starbird , Executive Director .........................................


Reviewed Philip Lanzafame, Chief Assistant Director of Community Development ..............................................................~-:;;j,~::-:ll~~~s;::,.....;

Scott Howard, City Attorney ..... .... ............................................... . Alan Loomis , Principal Urban Designer ........................................ A~'f:1'1::.::=:;~~=-

RECOMMENDATION It is recommended that the Agency approve Stage I & II Design for 900 Grand Central Avenue - WDI Machine Shop.

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900 Grand Central Avenue WDI Machine Shop Stage 1&11 Design March 1, 2011 Page 2 of 3 SUMMARY & BACKGROUND In 2000, an Owner Participation Agreement (OPA) and a Development Agreement (DA) was approved between the City of Glendale (City), the Glendale Redevelopment Agency (Agency) and Walt Disney World Compa ny (Disney) to develop a 125-acre high-tech creative campus including a mix of mediarelated uses, a renovated Grand Ce ntral Air Terminal and public infrastructure improvements located within the San Fernando Road Corridor Redevelopment Project Area (the Grand Central Creative Campus or "GC3"). Using a Scope of Development to set standards for development, GC3 will be built according to market demand over 30 years. PROJECT LOCATION AND DESCRIPTION

The Project is located within the Disney Grand Central Creative Campus (GC3) at 900 and 932 Grand Central Avenue, at the southeast corner of Grand Central Avenue and Flower Street. The Project is adjacent to older, tilt-up concrete warehouse and office buildings on the north and west sides. The Project will demolish the 932 Grand Central Avenue building , occupy the existing concrete tilt-up building at 900 Grand Central Avenue and add additiona l square footage to that building to accommodate the proposed WDI Machine Shop. The building will house the machine shop where theme park attractions will be constructed. This includes shops for metal, welding , wood, plastic, paint, hydraulic and electrical. A new parking lot will replace the existing 932 Grand Centra l building. The parking lot will be fenced and new landscaping and irrigation will be provided. STAGE I & II DESIGN REVIEW

The existing 900 Grand Central building is a standa rd concrete tilt-up panel bu ilding. The bui lding addition along the Flower Street side (south/east corner) will be constructed with a smooth stucco finish to blend with the existing concrete bu ilding . The new building on the west side is a pre-fabricated metal building with the use of textured panels on the lower portion and a standard corrugated metal panel above (Exhibit 1). The selected colors are Disney's standard "Terra Cotta", "Lite Creme" and "Creme Green". The entire bu ilding wi ll be painted Terra Cotta on the lower portion and Lite Creme above. A ll doors, windows and handrails will be painted Creme Green. The roof screens on the existing 900 Grand Central Building will be painted Lite Creme. A 7'-0" tall chain link fence with a green screen wi ll be constructed along the perimeter of the parking lot. Near the entry gate, a new CM U wall will be constructed and finished with a smooth stucco finish on both sides. Trees and other landscape items will be planted in the area between the sidewa lk and the building. All new exteri or lighting is specified to be LED and in dark bronze finish. The Project is a simple one-story building , finished in a restrained palate of materials. The sca le, setbacks, finishes and colors of the structure are within the parameters established by Disney's Development Agreement and sim il ar structures on the Disney campus. The Project will enhance existing setbacks and landscape, and will provide an obvious front door to what is currently an unadorned industrial warehouse with no street presence. The Project is supported without conditions or comments. A design analysis reviewed by the Principal Urban Designer is attached as Exhibit 2 to this report.

900 Grand Central Avenue WDI Machine Shop Stage 1&11 Design March 1, 2011 Page 3 of 3 ENVIRONMENTAL REVIEW The Proposed Project is consistent with the original plans and Project Description analyzed in the GC3 Project Environmental Impact Report (GC3 EIR) certified and approved in 2000. The GC3 EIR thoroughly evaluated the potentially significant environmental project impacts consistent with the Ca liforn ia Environmental Quality Act (C EQA). The GC3 EIR was drafted consistent with the Agency's own environmental analysis for the San Fernando Road Corridor Project Area EIR drafted in 1992. Many of the same impacts related to the GC3 Project such as air quality, water quality, noise, transportation I circulation and publi c services were analyzed in both the Project Area EIR, but in greater and more project-specific detail in the GC3 EIR. In addition, the benefits of the Project as part of redevelopment project area were identified , in cluding : blight elimination, facilitating the installation of needed publi c infrastructure, utilities, streets and landscaping (paid by Project tax increment), encourag ing new private sector investment and facilitating the retention and expansion of businesses in the area. The background conditions were thoroughly evaluated in the EIR. These background cond itions included major mobility and safety improvements now nearing completion at SR-134 or 1-5 and other projects like the second phase of DreamWorks. In addition to these projects, general growth of approximately one percent a year to background traffic was assumed in the GC3 Er R. Since the approval of GC3 ErR was approved, there has been little to no other impact generating projects beyond the existing already analyzed as part of the background conditions. In fact, traffic levels now are lower than what was anticipated in the GC3 ErR. There have been no significant changes to the local background conditions. Accordingly, no additional CEQA review is required for the subject Project. P UBLIC NOTICE

The Code requires publication of public noti ces when the Coun cil/Agency is to consider approva l of entitlements such as an MND and design review. Staff has published all required notices in the Glendale News Press and has mailed copies of the notices to all property owners within the 500' of the project. In addition , notice of the hearing was mailed to approximately 250 individuals who have expressed interest in Agency activities. A public notice has also been posted on-site. FISCAL IMPACT This Project will generate direct and indirect revenue to the City and the Redevelopment Agency. EXHIBITS Exhibit 1: Exhibit 2:

Stage I & II Design PrinCipal Urban Designer's Comments


Moved by Agency Member _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ " seconded by Ag ency Member _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ , that the Stage I & II Final design for the Walt Disney Imagineering CWOI") Machine Shop located at 900 Grand Central Avenue be, and the same is hereby approved as outlined in the staff report from the Director of Community Development dated March 1, 2011, in cluding comments and recommendations from the C ity's Urban Designer incorporated therein, and subject any Agency comments

and/or condition s thereon.

Vote as fo llows:

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