We are seeking to recruit new trustees, particularly with one or more of the following areas of skills: • • • •

Social entrepreneurialism Education (including higher education) Fundraising and finance Advocacy

Through this recruitment the board hopes to maintain its gender balance and improve its ethnic diversity.

Chief Executive Recruitment Pack July 2016

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1. Message from the Chair Message from the Chair Thank you for your interest in the role of Chief Executive at Think Global. Think Global is a UK based charity working with young people, schools and the wider community to promote learning about the world in which we live and our place in it. We believe that although we’re living in complex and challenging times, the world can be more just and sustainable. We aim to give people the knowledge to understand the global challenges we all face so that they will take action to meet them and make the world a better place. We work with schools, giving teachers the tools to bring global issues into the classroom; with the NGO community, looking at public understanding of development, and with the wider public, raising awareness of innovative ways to tackle issues like poverty, migration and climate change. Our Global Teacher Awards give much needed affirmation to teachers to support them in their work and promote a more global outlook. Think Global has been around for over 20 years. Founded in 1993 as a hub for promoting Development Education through a network of member organisations, its message is even more urgent now than it was then. We continue to work closely with young people in both formal and informal education, and now have a network of over 11,000 teachers and 140 member organisations who share our passion for helping people to understand global challenges so that they can take action. Following the recent announcement that our Chief Executive, Tom Franklin, is moving to a new post we are now looking to recruit a dynamic Chief Executive who can build on the organisation’s strong foundations to deliver Think Global’s commitment to a more just and sustainable world. Someone who supports our belief in the power of education about the world to change thinking and encourage people of all ages to take action. A person with strong leadership qualities, able to bring new relationships and opportunities to take Think Global’s work forward. This is an exciting opportunity to lead a dedicated and committed team who love their work, supported by a positive and thoughtful board of Trustees. If you are interested in this exciting opportunity please feel free to contact Tom Franklin at [email protected] for an informal discussion about the role. I look forward to receiving your application.

Hilary Thornton, Chair, Think Global



2. The organisation Think Global is a charity whose purpose is to help create the circumstances in which as many people as possible can learn and act on global challenges. Although we’re based in England, we’re part of a network in the UK and around the world for change, which is empowering people to learn about global issues, and act on their understanding. Our 140 organisation members and 11,000 supporter members – many of them teachers - are a vital part of our network, alongside the many others we work with from different sectors and walks of life. We have a global outlook, actively seeking alliances and partnerships with others around the world so we can share understanding, and learn from others with similar aims. Our work is based upon two core beliefs: 1. Each of us is a global citizen, with a duty to act to the best of our ability to create a world which is just and sustainable. 2. This duty extends to a responsibility to learn about global challenges and the options for action – so that when we act (which we should), we do so from the best understanding that we can have. Think Global doesn’t accept that the world has to be unjust or unsustainable. It is not the natural order of things – it is just the way that the world is currently organised. We believe that humans have the ingenuity, and the sheer gumption, to make the world a fairer place where people live in a way which safeguards the future. What people need is the knowledge, skills, values and confidence to act for change. It is this belief in a better world, and the belief that it can indeed be achieved, which sums up the purpose of Think Global. Think Global Strategy Think Global has always believed strongly that if people learn about the world and think critically then they will take better informed decisions. In this complex world though, we now see a need to give people tools to take this to the next stage, to encourage them to take action that will make a difference in the world. We don’t tell people what to think and what actions to take, but through our work give them knowledge and suggestions so that they can make their own decisions and take action – always towards making the world a more just and sustainable place. This action-oriented approach is at the heart of our new strategy ‘Playing our Part’, which sets the direction of Think Global for the next 10 years from 2016-2026. The challenge now is to build on the strong foundations of the strategy and the work already taking place to develop and deliver a programme of work that fulfils the objectives set out in the strategy and takes the organisation to the next level.


At the heart of our strategy are three broad goals centred round young people, schools and the wider public: Goal 1: Young people engage with global challenges and take action for a more just and sustainable world. Goal 2: Young people leave school as global citizens, with good global understanding and the ability to act. Goal 3: The wider public is better informed about development issues, and is motivated to take actions for greater justice and sustainability. We have been successfully working across all three goals and our portfolio of projects and activities demonstrates our engagement. Among the activities are:         

Delivering the government-funded Global Learning Programme, which is helping thousands of schools to take on a global perspective across the whole curriculum, as part of a consortium funded by DfID. Running the Global Dimension Website for teachers (which we estimate benefits 2.9m children each year) and our Think Global Schools Network, with 11,000 educators. Face-to-face and online training for teachers to help them bring global issues into the classroom. A new project – Supply Cha!nge – to raise awareness of the ethical issues behind supermarket global supply chains. Working as a partner to deliver a Europe-wide project, SUSY, which promotes the role of social enterprises in responding to development issues. Running NGO courses with BOND looking at public understanding of development Running the Global Educator Award for educators helping students develop as active and engaged citizens Global learning events – covering topics such as migration, the Sustainable Development Goals, and extremism. Policy Reports – such as Bridging the Global Skills Gap: Teachers’ Views on Global Learning and Turbulent Times: Skills for a Global World

One of the strategy’s aims is to develop more international partnerships and explore how we can act as a player on the international as well as the national stage. Through the SUSY and Supply Cha!nge projects we have already started to build new relationships and alliances internationally and other opportunities are in the pipeline. Both the action-oriented approach and the focus on expanding the international side of our work present new and exciting challenges for a new CEO that could broaden the organisation’s stakeholder group and promote Think Global beyond UK boundaries with new international partners.


Operational Management Think Global currently has a relatively flat organisational structure, with nine staff members: Chief Executive (FT), Finance & Operations Director – 0.6 FTE, 2x Head of Programmes – 1.8 FTE, 5x Programme Manager – 4.2 FTE. We also welcome volunteering, and often have volunteers embedded within the team. We operate flexible working, with part-home working where this suits organisational and personal needs. Governance Think Global has a strong and diverse Board of eleven trustees, including members with expertise in education, international development, finance, public affairs, PR and the corporate sector. There are two sub-committees of the board: the Finance Sub-Committee, and the Board Development Committee. In addition, ad hoc working groups are formed to address specific needs or work with the staff team on particular issues. Trustees are also willing to help apply their particular expertise when requested by staff. The organisation also benefits from an Advisory Council of up to 20 people drawn from a range of stakeholders. Financial situation Think Global has a turnover of around £500,000 per annum. Approximately half of this income comes from a contract with DfID, which is confirmed until the second half of 2017. DfID is currently reviewing its needs after this period, and we are confident that they will continue to support work in schools and with young people more generally after this period. Over the last few years, we have worked to diversify our income – we receive grant funding from the European Commission, income from training provision (particularly with schools), and consultancy (especially in writing teaching resources). We have achieved a financial surplus in 6 of the past 7 years, bolstering our reserves to about £290k. These are budgeted to fall by a small amount in the current financial year, although we are currently performing better than budget. In the medium term the organisation needs to continue its path to becoming a more commercial and flexible organisation able to balance its strategic and charitable objectives with a pragmatic approach to new funding opportunities. Strategy Development In 2015, the staff and Board of Trustees agreed that the work of Think Global would be led by a new 10-year strategy and ‘Playing our part: Think Global’s strategy for helping to create a Just and Sustainable world’ was published on line in June 2016. This strategy sets the broad direction of Think Global’s work from 2016-2026. One of the jobs of the new CEO will be to lead the delivery of this strategy with the staff team, working with the Board of Trustees to ensure that strategy remains relevant to both the organisation and the needs of key stakeholders more broadly


Challenges/opportunities ahead We at Think Global see exciting but challenging times ahead as we move forward to delivery our strategy and make the world a more just and sustainable place. In particular the Board has identified a number of challenges to Think Global in the short to medium term. They are: 

 

   

   

Implementing the new high-level strategy, in particular: Looking for opportunities for partnership work at an international level – both in Europe and beyond. Developing our call to ‘action’, alongside our call to ‘learn’. Continuing to widen our funding sources beyond DFID and the European Union to include trusts and foundations, corporate and earned income, collaborations with other charities and organisations Developing a sustainable business model to deliver our strategy. Maintaining our place as a key player in promoting the need for understanding of global issues and sustainability. Developing new partnerships and collaborations both in UK and internationally to enhance and expand our work. Persuading government of the importance of delivering programmes that make children think about the world in which they live and how they can be effective global citizens. Delivering an effective programme of work to schools. Using this base to develop new work streams in formal and non-formal education. Working with policy makers and institutions to create an environment in which learning about global challenges is actively promoted Being a strong voice advocating for greater understanding of the world in which we live and our place in it. Working collaboratively with our members and stakeholders to achieve maximum impact.


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3. Job Description Overall purpose To lead Think Global and to take responsibility for its management and administration within the strategic and accountability frameworks set by the Board of Trustees Strategy To lead on the development and delivery of Think Global’s strategy; you will work closely with the Chair and the Board of Trustees in setting overall policy, defining goals and evaluating the performance of the strategy Operations and people Leading Think Global’s day-to-day operations, you will ensure the organisation provides high quality services and delivers products on time and within budget. You will ensure an effective staffing structure is maintained that balances office and home working and make sure that all staff are well supported, clear about direction and motivated. You will provide support and direction to the staff that report to you. You will monitor staff performance by ensuring appraisal and review is effectively carried out. Governance and working with the Board You will support the Board in developing and monitoring the strategy of the organisation. You will provide the Board with timely advice and information so that it can fulfil its duties for the proper governance of Think Global. Business development and income generation You will actively seek out new funding streams and projects for Think Global. These will include responding to calls for proposals from governments, trusts and foundations as well as developing projects and products to attract funding from new sources. You will develop new business opportunities, including income generation and selling services to key providers of global education. Representation and networks You will project Think Global’s work to a wide range of audiences, ensure that Think Global is influential in policy debates and is understood by educators and other key stakeholders. You will develop Think Global’s relationships with a wide range of partners including government, NGOs, educators, corporate bodies, other charities and international organisations. Membership and stakeholders You will be responsible for ensuring that the services, research and products available to our members, our Schools Network and other stakeholders are of a high standard and meet their needs. You will seek opportunities to collaborate with membership organisations to promote the shared message of learning and action for creating a more just and sustainable world. 7

4. Person Specification We are looking for a dynamic leader who enjoys taking on responsibility and can bring success to an organisation. The right person will be able to inspire those around them so that together they can develop new and exciting opportunities to sustain the organisation and help it to thrive. We have an open mind about the career background of the new Chief Executive. What matters to us is that you are passionate about education as a route to encouraging people to take action for a more just and sustainable world. We want you to have a broad international outlook and a good understanding of key issues like climate change, migration, poverty and conflict as a strong foundation for taking the work of Think Global forward. Below, we list the attributes, skills, knowledge and experience that are important for our new Chief Executive. In your application please give examples that illustrate how you meet the criteria. Attributes  Strategic - able to think and act strategically  Entrepreneurial – able to use initiative, identify opportunities and take risks  Passionate – committed to Think Global’s core beliefs and goals and ambitious for its future  Creative – able to think out of the box and look at the bigger picture  Empowering – able to empower people to get the best out of them  Team player – prepared to work as part of the team to achieve results  Person of integrity, credibility and sound judgement Skills  Fundraising – proven track record of raising funds and generating income in a variety of ways and from various sources, including in educational settings.  Communication – have the political savvy and interpersonal skills to build high-level networks, raise the profile of Think Global and to win the support of those who develop policy and command resources. An understanding of how to develop a strong communications strategy for a whole organisation.  Leadership and people management – proven ability to lead, motivate and develop a staff team with enthusiasm and consistency.  Financial management – proven ability to ensure appropriate oversight of accounts, financial planning and procedures, and maintain healthy cash flow and reserves.  Strategic management – proven ability to develop and oversee work programmes and organisational policies that are consistent with Think Global’s strategy and are coherent, well planned and effective.  Change management – proven ability to manage an organisation through change.


Knowledge / Experience       

Experience of leading, managing and motivating teams, ideally at senior level Experience of income generation and fundraising Experience of the not-for-profit sector in the UK Experience of preparing successful proposals, securing contracts and delivering projects and programmes Up to date knowledge of key global challenges and sustainability issues, e.g. poverty, migration, conflict, climate change An understanding of how government works and experience of working with government Track record of success in strategic communication, influencing debates, and developing a wide circle of alliances and partnerships

The following knowledge / experience is desirable but not essential:    

Knowledge of governance practice and experience of working successfully with a Board of Trustees An understanding of global citizenship education / education for sustainable development Experience in international development Recent experience of the education sector in the UK

5. Terms and conditions The post is full time and permanent. Reports to: The Board of trustees, through the Chair. Direct reports: Finance and Operations Director; Head of Programmes Salary: £50k - £55k dependent on experience. Pension: Matching pension contribution of up to 8%. Hours: 35 hours per week. Location: Southwark, London Annual leave: 25 days per annum plus bank holidays. Flexible working: Think Global is supportive of flexible working subject to the needs of each role. Core office hours are 10am – 4pm. Notice period: The notice period of the Chief Executive is three months


6. How to apply To apply for the post please send your CV together with a statement, maximum 3 pages, outlining how you meet the person specification and the names and contact details of 2 referees. In addition please complete the equal opportunities monitoring form which you can find on line. Please email your completed application to [email protected]. All applications will be acknowledged. We will not, however, be able to provide feedback except to those candidates shortlisted for interview. Timetable  Closing date for applications: 5pm, Monday 5 September  Candidates invited to interview will be notified by Wednesday 14 September at the latest.  Interviews: Thursday 22 September If you would like an informal discussion about the role, you are welcome to contact the current Chief Executive, Tom Franklin. Please email him ([email protected]) to set up a phone conversation.

7. Further reading Further information can be found on our website www.think-global.org.uk In particular we would point you towards the following documents. Think Global’s Strategy - Playing our Part: Think Global’s Ten Year Strategy and the strategy summary Annual report and accounts 2014-2015 Previous accounts Our teaching resources website: www.globaldimension.org.uk Some of our recent publications Migration: Thinking Again, and Thinking Differently UK Public Attitudes to Development Building New Responses: Toolkit Bridging the Global Skills Gap: Teachers’ views on how to prepare a Global Generation for the challenges ahead.