Charles Ross Fine Art Auctioneers Ltd Catalogue 24 May 2012

Charles Ross Fine Art Auctioneers Ltd Catalogue 24 May 2012 1 A Maling vase of baluster tapering form, decorated with pink lustre scales and foliate ...
Author: Donna Craig
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Charles Ross Fine Art Auctioneers Ltd Catalogue 24 May 2012 1

A Maling vase of baluster tapering form, decorated with pink lustre scales and foliate band in shallow relief. 21.5cm.


A Rockingham trio transfer decorated with monochrome trees and highlighted in gilt on a ivory ground, puce mark to base, together with an unmarked handled lidded sugar.


A porcelain saucer dish, decorated with reserved floral panels in the Imari palette on a deep blue ground, the base with Worcester-style fret painted mark.


A late 18th/early 19th century blue and white pierced oval dish, centrally decorated with rabbits and cottages, within a repeating floral band.


A 19th century straining plate, transfer decorated in underglaze blue with Willow pattern.


An early/mid-20th century Noritake tazza, decorated in the Art Deco manner with reserved panels of flowering vases, together with a cylindrical twin handled Japanese porcelain vase, decorated with pink flowers on a shaded ivory/gilded ground.

vase fashioned as two perched budgerigars on a brick ground. 20

A Lucie Rie-style studio pottery vase of double gourd form with simple incised decoration, the base with painted monogram mark. 18cm.


A pair of 19th century earthenware figures of a cobbler and this wife, each on square plinth. 17cm.


A clear and tinted glass bowl of organic form, the base engraved Sam Herman 1980. 26cm diameter.


A 20th century carved Eskimo group of a hunter and two walrus on rectangular plinth.


A 1953 Royal Doulton commemorative loop handled tankard, impressed marks to base.


A continental clear and turquoise glass paperweight/posy vase, decorated with pink trailing floral inclusions. 10cm.


A pair of late 19th/early 20th century continental porcelain vases, each all over applied decorated with red and yellow flowers on an ivory ground with twin perched birds. Cross swords mark to bases.


A Sylvac model of a bulldog, together with another of a bison and various other model animals including a Aynsley walrus etc.



A late 19th/early 20th century blue and white transfer charger 'The Art Critics'. 37.5cm diameter.

A pair of continental porcelain figures of a dandy and his beau, each elegantly attired standing beside a gate on rococo-style base.


A Royal Albert Old Country Roses dinner, tea and coffee service, a six place setting. £150.00 £200.00


A Goebel model of a boxer dog, together with a Royal Doulton model of a seated bulldog puppy (black gloss glazed), a Beswick group of two beagle puppies and other canine models.


A box of commemorative and other Coronation mugs and similar items, including a Shelley teacup dated 1911.


A late Victorian/Edwardian Ford & Sons, blue and white transfer decorated meat dish of rectangular form.


A small mixed lot of Beswick and other farmyard model animals, including: a Hereford bull, grey gloss glazed sow, two Peter Scott ducks and other items.


A small quantity of T G Green Cornishware, including: loop handled measuring jug, salt and pepper and variously sized plates and bowls.


A 19th century lead crystal decanter and stopper, having loop handle, slice cut neck and facet body.

A pair of Edwardian opaque glass vases, each of baluster form, hand decorated with bold flowers and fruits on a caramel/brown ground.


A pair of 20th century seated models of spaniels, each with brown sponged coat, gilded collar and chain.

A Copeland Late Spode bourdaloue of traditional loop handled form, decorated with floral sprays on an ivory ground. 26cm.


A pair of Radford twin handled vases, each decorated with mauve and yellow flowers on a shaded green ground, together with another


A cut glass decanter of mallet form, together with two other decanters, each with stopper.


A pair of 19th century Chinese crackle-glazed covered vases, decorated with figures and landscape within copper glazed bands.


A Chinese porcelain flower brick/planter, decorated with geometric foliate bands in underglaze blue, together with a reproduction moonflask.


A Royal Doulton figure 'Thanksgiving' HN2446.


A Royal Doulton figure 'Beachcomber' HN2487.


A Clarice Cliff Bizarre Crocus pattern teapot of Art Deco form. 12cm.


An early 20th century studio pottery earthenware twin spouted loop handled vessel, simply decorated with panels of geometric forms on a black, ivory and brick red ground.


17 18


A Royal Lancastrian mottled green glazed lidded pot, together with a conforming baluster cylindrical vase and sugar bowl, each with impressed marks.

A magenta glass loop handled baluster jug, a Royal Winton fish jug and a 1930's earthenware

BidMaster Office


decorated with mauve and pink flowers on a mottled yellow ground and a Royal Doulton Osprey whisky flask. 37


11cm diameter, blue seal mark to base. £100.00 £150.00

A Victorian cranberry carafe of baluster form with reeded clear glass loop handle, together with a harlequin set of ten wine glasses, each with cranberry bowl on a clear stem and conical foot. Two German porcelain miniature silver mounted twin handled vases, together with another of baluster form, transfer decorated with figures praying over a potato crop and a similar angular handled jug decorated with an Arab on horseback.


A small mixed lot of Venetian and other glass, including: a trefoil bowl of organic form, loop handled jug, two vases and a bird.


A Japanese kutani bottle vase of gourd and square section form, decorated with roundels on an iron red and apple green gilded ground. 26cm. £100.00 - £120.00


An Oriental covered vase of baluster form, decorated with hawthorn on a blue ground. 26.5cm. £100.00 - £150.00


A Doulton Lambeth baluster loop handled jug, decorated with relief profiles and Legend 'He that buys land buys stones...', together with a stoneware flask decorated in shallow relief with fruiting vines and figures in a tavern interior and two stoneware loop handled mask head jugs.


A Royal Crown Derby bachelor's tea service, decorated with spring and summer flowers on an ivory and gilded ground, together with a Victorian Staffordshire mantel ornament fashioned as a Monarch inside a tented structure.


A pair of Victorian ruby glass and enamel florally decorated table lustres, each having a castellated top, knopped stem on a circular foot supporting facet cut icicle drops. 35cm. £500.00 - £600.00


A David Leach studio pottery loop handled jug, together with a lidded brown moulded glass vase, a Mdina-style blue glass vase and four small single stem vases, including cloisonne etc.

A Cantagalli serpent handled baluster jug, together with a tin glazed earthenware twin handled bowl decorated with flowers and musicians on an ivory ground.


An early 20th century ovoid vase, transfer decorated in underglazed blue with European cathedrals and monuments.

Two boxes of decorative pottery and porcelain, including: studio pottery, a Coalport loop handled jug, small quantity of glassware and other similar items.


A 1930's Royal Doulton teapot, decorated in the Oriental manner with chrysanthemum and foliage on an ivory ground.

A white and black veined marble vase (converted to a table lamp) and a small Italian marble bird bath on square foot.


A late 19th century French alabaster head and shoulders bust of Mary, with covered head slightly bowed on a canted rectangular plinth, indistinctly signed. 24cm. £300.00 - £400.00


A Clarice Cliff bowl decorated with Rodanthe. 21.5cm.


An early 20th century continental glass plate, decorated in green and gilt with broad band of repeating flowers and scallop shells.


A 19th century Chinese enamel circular waiter, decorated with cranes and foliage in blue on an ivory ground. 17.5cm diameter. £100.00 - £150.00


An early 19th century English porcelain twin handled lidded sugar, typically decorated in the Imari palette, a Spode armorial oval plate, a pair of baluster twin handled vases, richly decorated in relief with forget-me-knots and a Regency lidded sugar, decorated with bands of pink and gilded flowers. £120.00 - £160.00


Eight Doulton and other stoneware loop handled jugs, each decorated in relief with hunting and tavern scenes.


A 19th century florally decorated Meissen porcelain plate, together with a late 18th century Doccia dish, typically decorated in polychrome enamel with repeating floral forms.


A Wedgwood biscuit barrel, the silver plated cover and handle over a two colour body, typically





A boxed set of six Babycham glasses, together with a plastic promotional deer.


A Mappin & Webb white metal cocktail shaker of traditional form, together with two others, one hand decorated with cockerels.


A mixed lot of decorative pottery and porcelain, including an Ens crane, five National Westminster piggy banks, a Royal Doulton Santa Claus character jug, a limited edition Royal Doulton peregrine falcon and other items. £100.00 £150.00


An extensive and comprehensive collection of Royal Albert Old Country Roses tableware, including: a tea, dinner, coffee and breakfast service for six and other items, twin handled lidded tureens, jardiniere, table coasters etc. £200.00 £300.00


A box of Oriental pottery, porcelain and other items, including: Cantonese teapot and twin handled oval footed bowl, lidded jars, hexagonal bowl enamel decorated with flowers, Oriental metal wares teapot applied with tortoises and other items.



A set of eight early 20th century ceramic tiles, each decorated with mauve and yellow pansies on a green and ivory ground. A Qianlong provincial turquoise ground bowl.

BidMaster Office


decorated in relief with broad band of classical figures. 66

A pair of 18th century Arita loop handled ewers, each of baluster form, decorated in underglazed blue with reserved panels of foliage within twin leaf bands. 21.5cm. £350.00 - £400.00


Eight late Victorian/Edwardian fairings, including: God Save the Queen, A Cat A Cat! If you Please Sir and five others. £100.00 - £150.00


Six late Victorian/Edwardian fairings, including: For Three Legs..., The Welsh Tea Party, Kiss Me Quick and three others. £100.00 - £150.00


A Royal Doulton figure, The Old Balloon Seller, HN1315.


A Royal Doulton figure, Silks and Ribbons, HN2017.


A late 19th century simulated bronze earthenware figure of an Immortal, with attendant lion dog. 31cm. £100.00 - £150.00


Four late Victorian/Edwardian wash basins, together with a Royal Doulton Grantham charger.


A Royal Doulton figure Tuppence A Bag, HN2320.


A Chinese celadon lotus dish, together with another decorated in relief with twin fishes and a dish decorated in shallow relief with figures and flowering urns. £150.00 - £200.00


A Royal Doulton figure, Biddy Pennyfathing, HN1843.


A Royal Doulton figure, Balloon Girl, HN2818.

A Royal Doulton character jug Santa Claus, together with Jimmy Durante, Chelsea Pensioner and The Busker, each 18.5cm.


A Royal Doulton figure, The Balloon Man, HN1954.


An early 20th century felt head cloth bodied doll, together with a small quantity of costume and five evening bags.


A collection of eight Edwardian ambrotypes, largely leather cased.


A small collection of early 20th century stained bone counters of rectangular and spherical form.



A mixed lot, including: a collection of Wade whimsies, two Aynsley fruit decorated saucers, a limited edition Wedgwood collector's plate, pair of octagonal blue and white bowls decorated with roses and other items.


A mixed lot of Goebel, Beswick and other model birds, including a Beswick Kingfisher etc.


A mid-19th century Billy and Charley medievalstyle lead medallion. 10cm diameter.


A pair of Bohemian cobalt blue and clear facet cut 12.5cm tazza.



A Royal Doulton brown gloss glazed horse, together with various other horses, including a grey trotting horse, a Beswick matt glazed horse and three others.

A late 19th/early 20th century Russian bronze group, cast as a Cossack riding in a horse drawn sled, indistinctly signed. 23cm on stepped oval plinth.


A Dinky Toys Military Ambulance, number 626 (boxed).


A bottle of 2009 Fonseca vintage port, level good.


An early/mid-20th century clockwork milk pouring panda. 17cm.


An American WWI bayonet, having wooden bound handle, the steel blade dated 1917 in white metal mounted leather scabbard. 58cm.



A mixed lot of decorative pottery, porcelain and other items, including: a Victorian cranberry glass sweet meat dish, a Coalport cottage, Royal Worcester leaf moulded jug and a Coalport posy vase fashioned as an open shell. A mixed lot of ceramic model animals, including: Beswick and Doulton cats, a Beswick pheasant, two miniature cat musicians and a Royal Doulton dwarf, Happy.


A WWII British Commando Fairbairn Sykes dagger in white metal mounted leather scabbard. 32cm.


A Beswick trout number 1032.


A Royal Doulton brown gloss glaze horse, together with two brown foals and two grey foals.


Two American daggers bayonets and two shoulder holsters.


A pair of early 20th century Chinese cloisonne vases, each decorated with dragons and flaming pearls, together with various other items of largely 20th century cloisonne.


A Baccarat-style millefiore paperweight, decorated with green, pink and blue canes. 6.5cm diameter.


Six Royal Doulton and Beswick palomino matt and gloss glazed horses, including: Stocky Jogging Mare etc.

An early 19th century, possibly Davenport pastille burner of conical form with flame finial over reserved floral panels on a square plinth and ball feet. 12.5cm. £100.00 - £150.00



Six late Victorian/Edwardian fairings, including: Oysters Sir, The Landlord in Love, figures with muskets and cannon by a castle wall and three others. £100.00 - £150.00

A Royal Doulton stoneware match holder, fashioned as a Suffragette Virago with folded arms, her apron advertising Votes For Women, impressed mark. 9cm. £100.00 - £150.00



Eight late Victorian/Edwardian fairings, including: Taking the Cream, The Wedding night, Oyster Day and five others. £100.00 - £150.00

An 18th century-style loop handled baluster jug, decorated in underglaze blue with repeating roses beneath a laurel band. 8.5cm.


BidMaster Office



A Royal Worcester figure, Threes Company. 12.5cm.


An Isle of Wight glass perfume bottle and stopper of bulbous form, decorated with mauve and gilt lustre. 11cm.


A Lalique frosted glass figure of a seated nude with crossed legs and bowed head. Etched mark to base. 6.5cm.


£500.00 124

A collection of approximately thirty Hantel hand painted pewter figures, including: three from the Monkey Band, Alice in Wonderland figures, The Owl and the Pussy Cat and a Lucky Pig etc. £400.00 - £500.00


Approximately 50 hand painted Hantel pewter figures, including: Butterfly Ball, Teddy Bear set, rocking horses etc. £400.00 - £500.00


A walking stick with silver collar, together with a carved hardwood walking stick.


A gilt metal and cut crystal mantel ornament of neo-classical form, cast with a laurel wearing male bust over a tapering stem on acanthus and footed base, stepped square plinth. 31.5cm.


A composition headed doll with card Jumeau label.


A late 19th century Japanese ivory page turner, the handle delicately carved with crabs, carp and other fish above a plain blade. 26cm.

A George VI Royal Navy Officer's sword in gilt metal mounted leather scabbard. 94cm. £200.00 £250.00


A Japanese bronze coloured metal tsuba, decorated in white metal with figures and flowers. £100.00 - £150.00

A George VI Royal Navy Officer's sword, the folding guard named D Gray in gilt metal mounted leather scabbard. 94cm. £150.00 - £200.00


A George IV Officer's sword in gilt metal mounted leather scabbard, together with a 19th century Cavalry sword. £100.00 - £150.00


A Beswick shire horse, grey gloss glazed, together with a wooden cart named A Edwards, Glastonbury on a rectangular wood plinth.

A Lalique ruby and opaque glass scent bottle of bellied form, the concave stopper over a frieze of classical masks and ferns. Etched mark to base. 8.5cm.


A late 19th/early 20th century Oriental carved ivory card case, together with a similar shuttle.


A Beswick figure, Tailor of Gloucester, back stamp BP-2, a Royal Doulton figure, Primrose Woodmouse and a Beswick figure Johnny Townmouse, back stamp BP-3b.




Five Edwardian ivory serviette rings.


A pair of Oriental carved ivory snuff bottles, 8cm and a carved ivory cylindrical lidded box decorated with an elephant.


A late 19th century Oriental carved ivory group of a 133 young elegantly dressed woman and two attendant children. 19.5cm. £200.00 - £250.00


A 1920's shagreen and ivory cased travelling timepiece. £100.00 - £150.00




A carved Jadeite model of a recumbent buffalo and eight Oriental snuff bottles, variously decorated with figures, landscapes and pandas etc. £120.00 £160.00 135 A 1938 postcard, hand written and signed by Aldous Huxley with cancellation mark for Los Angeles, May 23rd.


A Penny Black with red Maltese Cross cancellation and a Two Penny Blue with black cancellation mark.


A 60% scale wind tunnel rear wing end plate. Used by Red Bull Racing in the development of the 2010 RB6 Formula One car, signed by Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber and accompanied by a Letter of Authenticity signed by Christian Horner.



A collection of approximately 60 hand painted Hantel pewter figures, including: The Alphabet Block Set, Kitty Cucumber (sets of six), Nutcracker Soldiers and a pig with ring in nose etc. £400.00 - £500.00 A collection of approximately forty hand painted Hantel pewter figures, including: Steiff Bears, Cinderella figures, Merry Elf Badge etc. £400.00 -

BidMaster Office


A WWII German submarine timepiece, the cylindrical brass case enclosing an eight day movement faced by enamel Roman dial. 8 inches diameter. £300.00 - £400.00 A mixed lot including: an oak framed barometer, mantel clock, hip flask, small quantity of white metal animals and a cased Duke of Edinburgh Award etc. An early/mid-20th century Indian carved hardwood box containing a collection of many dozens of largely 20th century glass marbles.


An early 20th century German Stahlhelm banner.


A late 19th century-style mantel clock the drum shaped case enclosing eight day movement faced by ivorine dial within a four pillared outer case on stepped circular plinth. £100.00 - £150.00


A wooden Efroc Festival of Britain 1951 jigsaw puzzle.


A reproduction burr wood tea canister and a jewellery box fashioned as a book.


Three reproduction magnifying glasses, two 20th century pewter tankards and a Venetian goblet with octagonal bowl on a gilded stem and conical foot.


A copper dish inlaid with abalone shell and mother of pearl, decorated with putto representing the arts. 22cm diameter.


A pierced white metal dish, decorated with

Neptune and other sea Gods. 20cm diameter.

paper label named Vuillaume and two bows.


A rosewood tea canister of plain rectangular form, the hinged lid enclosing two lidded caddies.


A Victorian Coromandel and mother of pearl inlaid writing slope.


A collection of late 18th/early 19th century softwood carvings, including: figures in period dress, cart, bobbins and other similar items.


A 19th century oak and lead flower press.


A pair of cast metal door porters, fashioned as Punch and Judy. 27cm.


A late 18th/early 19th century bronze bell, together with a Japanese cast metal flower brick, decorated with dragon and scrolls.


A late 18th/early 19th century continental white metal covered glass bead decorated jewellery box.


Two boxes of decorative and useful items, including: a reproduction Bournville cocoa advertising sign, pewter and other metal wares, a family of ebony elephants, crumb brush and tray, a bean pod, shuttle and other items.


A continental single barrel three bore shotgun with certificate deactivation.

151A An early/mid-20th century black lacquered steel and brass monocular microscope by Harvey Reynolds, with lenses and other accessories in a fitted mahogany case. 152

A collection of Chinese manufactured Royal Doulton miniature ladies, together with various decorative ceramics, including: Royal Worcester Forget-Me-Not vase and bowl, a 1930's cruet, Herend porcelain pig, Aynsley floral condiments and other similar items.


A collection of Days Gone and other die-cast model vehicles, together with two albums of largely commemorative stamps.


Nine clear cut glass hock glasses and two cranberry.


An Edwardian Burleigh Ware toilet set, comprising: jug and bowl, brush holder and lidded soap dish, each transfer decorated with a humming bird on a stenciled fern pink and ivory ground.


Four boxes of decorative pottery and porcelain to include: a group of two seated cats, decorative and collector's plates, a Victorian Staffordshire figure group (AF), together with various blue and white transfer decorated pottery and other similar items.


A Norris 37cm dovetailed jointing and panel plane. £300.00 - £350.00


A Norris 44cm dovetailed jointing and panel plane. £300.00 - £350.00


An Edwardian leather document box, the hinged lid with brass flush handle enclosing a red Morocco hide tray lined interior.


A small group of 20th century carved African tourist pieces, including: busts, twin handled vase and two figure groups.


A mixed lot including: a Lucas bicycle lamp, a leather cased Orbit telescope, a Japanese binocular microscope, an RAC tin plate enamel sign and other items.


A Picquot five piece tea service including tray, together with a chrome cocktail shaker.


Six Mason's Regency octagonal jugs, two Regency plates, two Masons twin handled sandwich plates and a Manchu pattern plate.


An album of chromolithographs, Las Mujeres Del Amor, published in Barcelona 1881. Folio. halfcalf with marbled boards.


A mixed lot of glass to include: pedestal bowl etched with fruiting vines, cut and moulded vases, a Dartington-style green glass vase and other items.


A mixed lot of decorative items, including: an Oriental white metal ingot, a cast metal model of a pug, an Oriental scent bottle, trade token and other similar items.


Two Bossons wall plaques, each modelled as a Cupid playing a stringed instrument.



An Edwardian mahogany cased mantel clock of domed form, enclosing a Swiss eight day movement faced by silvered Roman dial.

The Botanic Garden by B Maund, January December 1833, January - December 1834, January 1835 and December 1832. Numbers 96 121 inclusive. £150.00 - £200.00


A collection of unframed mezzotints, watercolours, lithographs and other similar items, largely 19th century. Various subjects including: portraits, landscapes etc., together with an unframed oil on canvas half-length portrait of an elderly lady in morning dress.


A 1940's/50's portable gramophone in a simulated crocodile case.


A small mixed lot of metal wares including: Victorian copper kettle, silver plated sauce ladle, brass chamber stick and twin handled brass tray.


A collection of approximately forty Edwardian Christmas and other greetings cards, including:


An Art Deco mantel timepiece, the blue tinted glass case applied with cast metal leaping fish surrounding a copper coloured dial on chrome rectangular plinth.


Rochard, a gilded spelter model of an ostrich on rectangular marble plinth. Signed. 22cm. £100.00 - £150.00


A late 19th century copy of an 18th century Venetian violin, together with a bow with mother of pearl inlaid frog.


A late 19th/early 20th century cased violin with

BidMaster Office


metamorphic cards, feather edged, lace decorated and others. £100.00 - £150.00



A Crown Devon Widdicombe Fair jug, together with a 1930's Royal Stafford part-tea service, a musical character jug and three Royal Worcester gilded condiments.

Two boxes containing a collection of die-cast model buses and other vehicles, including: a Mickey Kiely boxing booth set, a Pat Collins Fair and other items.



In excess of 500 postcards, Edwardian and later, including: British landmarks, topography, photographic and other cards.

A grey felt top hat and pair of conforming kid gloves.


A tin plate Chad Valley spinning top, a Paddington Bear complete with yellow rubber boots, a McDonald's promotional soft toy penguin and a KP crisps friar.


Three boxes containing various Matchbox, Dinky, Lledo and other die-cast model vehicles (loose).


A boxed Subbuteo, Continental Cub edition table soccer outfit, together with a Meccano Ocean Terminal set, a Meccano steam engine, a Tri-ang Hornby electric train set (boxed) and other items.


A box of composition and wood picture frames, together with two boxes of metal ware, including: a spelter figure, white metal table candlestick, a mincer, gas wall light branches and other items.


Two boxes of magazines and books relating to railway travel and steam locomotives etc.


A pair of white metal desk lamps of Art Deco form. £150.00 - £180.00


A late 19th/early 20th century French mantel clock, having an eight day bell striking movement faced by open enamel Roman dial on a scrolled fluted gilt metal column and rectangular re-entrant plinth beneath glass dome. £200.00 - £250.00


An Edwardian paraffin lamp, having baluster clear glass moulded shade over pink tinted reservoir on a gilt metal reeded column and rococo-style base.


A late 19th century French boulle and gilt metal mounted mantel clock, having flowering urn finial over a waisted case enclosing eight day bell striking movement, faced by enamel and gilded Roman dial over pendulum glass on cast rococostyle feet. 33cm. £500.00 - £600.00


A pair of white metal twin handled wine coolers, with fruiting vine cast rims.


A gilt metal anniversary timepiece with eight day movement, beneath glass dome on stepped circular plinth.


A white metal four branch five sconce table candelabra.


Manufactured for Harrods Limited, a Tuscan bone china dinner and coffee service, comfortably a ten place setting, including: twin handled bowls, dinner and side plates, coffee cans and saucers, hors d'oeuvre dishes, pair of sauce boats and stands, coffee pot, sugar and additional items, each with gilt band on an ivory ground. £100.00 £150.00


Two Victorian papier mache trays, each of oval form, one gilt and mother of pearl decorated with a central spray of roses within a floral band, the


Three stamp albums containing a collection of GB and All World.


Three boxes of decorative, pottery, porcelain, glass and metal wares, including: Edwardian parttea service, moulded decanter and stopper, a Beswick barn owl and other items.



Three boxes of decorative and useful pottery, including: a Cetem part-dinner service, Edwardian and other part-tea services, Hornsey vase and other similar items. Four boxes of various items, including: early 20th century card and other games, copper coal scuttle, brass kettle, hat box, field glasses and other items.


A collection of Lledo boxed die-cast model vehicles, including: commercial vehicles, trams and buses etc.


Two boxes of Action Man figures, vehicles and accessories, largely 1970's.


A mixed lot including: a small quantity of blue and white transfer decorated pottery, a 1919 brass matchbox holder, a leather martingale with applied Woburn brass crest, trinket boxes, costume jewellery and other items, including an amber coloured bead necklace.


Four boxes of Dinky, Corgi and other die-cast model vehicles, together with a Matchbox Superfast collector's carrying case and contents.


Two large boxes of Scalextric model motor racing accessories, including: two Lotus racing cars, a Vanwall car, Trooper racing car, buildings, track, controllers, transformer and other items.


Two boxes of stoneware flagons, jars and other items, two named including: George Horn, Barnsley and Walter Graves, Bedford.


A box containing various paraffin lamp parts including: wick holders/burners, chimneys and other items.


Two boxes containing various copper and brass, including: kettles, jugs, paraffin lamp, churn and an electrolier.


Two boxes containing various decorative and useful items, including: collector's plates, copper pans, a Robertson Golly band, Edwardian dressing table suite, glass knife rests and other items.


A collection of several dozen modern bone china thimbles, together with various First Day of Issue

BidMaster Office


stamps and other items.

other simply decorated with repeating floral gilt and green border. £100.00 - £150.00 210

from Viceroy Wavell, a cutting from The Times newspaper August 5th 1918 and an invitation to Investiture January 1948. £4,000.00 - £5,000.00

An Edwardian ebonised wood gaming table, together with various paper pub dart games.



A large Union flag.


Two kit built pond yachts, each on rectangular wood plinth.


A Victorian silver plated twin handle pedestal bowl, together with various other items of plate, a three piece tea service, lidded tureen and other items.


An Edwardian silver teapot, together with a 19th century silver cream and a silver bon bon dish with piecrust rim on stepped circular foot. Various dates and makers. £200.00 - £250.00


Two early 20th century silver backed mirror and brush dressing table sets.


A white metal mounted and blue enamel decorated dressing table suite, comprising mirror and brush, lidded jars, timepiece and a jewellery box containing a small quantity of costume jewellery.




224A A Second War Victory metal, named 2725922 driver G H Colbourn, Royal Signals, together with the soldier's service and pay book and two photographs of the Irish Guards. 225

A set of brass RAF buttons, together with a small quantity of cigarette cards contained within an Edwardian leather collar box.


A mixed lot of several dozen military buttons, shoulder decorations and cloth badges.


A mixed lot of WWI and WWII medals, together with various medallions and magazines relating to the second war.

227A A leather cased silver travelling communion set, a white metal crucifix, a pair of nut crackers fashioned as a parrot and various silver plated flatware and holloware. Various dates and makers.

A silver twin handled sugar of lobed form on four shell cast feet, together with a conforming loop handled cream, London 1831. £200.00 - £250.00 A silver plated punch bowl, having twin lions mask ring handles and decorated with trailing floral swag, together with three silver plated condiments and a white metal snuffer tray. Various part-sets of EPNS flatware and holloware, together with a set of mother of pearl handled silver plated fish knives and forks, three silver serviette rings, a silver seal top teaspoon and a silver handled bread knife, various dates and makers.


A pair of three sconce twin branch Sheffield plate table candlesticks of neo-classical form. 45cm. £100.00 - £150.00


A pair of early 20th century silver candlesticks, each having inverted pan, florally decorated knopped column on a petal foot, London 1931. 29cm. £200.00 - £250.00


A clear glass and white metal mounted claret jug of bird form.


An Indian white metal pedestal bowl, having wavy rim over band of wild animals on a stepped circular leaf cast foot. £150.00 - £200.00

219A A canteen of silver plated fiddle thread and shell 232 flatware and holloware by Mappin & Webb, together with a mahogany canteen of ivory handled fish knives and forks and a cased three piece mirror and brush set. 220




A small quantity of costume and paste set jewellery, together with various commemorative crowns, including: Festival of Britain 1951 and others, similar.

A silver cake basket of pierced navette form with swing handle, Sheffield 1923, together with a silver cigarette box of rectangular form with engine turned lid. £200.00 - £250.00

A silver plated four trumpet epergne, a silver plated 233 scallop shell butter dish, a silver plated hexagonal butter dish with glass liner and a silver plated bon bon dish with red glass liner. 234 A mid-19th century Coromandel vanity box, the hinged lid bearing paper label for F Kennedy, enclosing a tray lined interior fitted with silver 235 mounted bottles and jars, hallmarks for London 1852 etc. £200.00 - £300.00

A silver salver, having piecrust and scroll cast rim and central floral engraving on three scrolled feet. Sheffield 1880. £350.00 - £400.00

A mixed lot of silver plate and other metal wares, including: flatware and cutlery, carving set, blue enameled ashtray, capstan inkwell, a white metal mounted shell salad spoon and other items.


A moonstone coloured bead necklace and a cultured pearl necklace.


Two 9 carat gold pin brooches, a silver vinaigrette and a white metal vesta, various dates and makers. £100.00 - £150.00

An important CSI, CIE, Great War MC medal group of seven awarded to Lieutenant D D Warren, 238 Bedefordshire Regiment, together with the soldier's miniature medal group and a small quantity of ephemera including: a signed letter 239

BidMaster Office


A ruby and diamond two stone ring, claw mounted in a crossover setting on 18 carat shank. £600.00 £700.00 A mixed parcel of gold jewels, including: a 9 carat pendant, 9 and 18 carat rings and various chains. £800.00 - £1,000.00

A 9 carat gold ring set with sapphire flanked by two small diamonds. £100.00 - £150.00 An 18 carat white gold ring, mounted with sapphire

and small diamonds in a flower head cluster. £200.00 - £250.00 240

A diamond flower head brooch set with cushion shaped stones mounted in gold. £400.00 - £600.00 259


A 1908 sovereign and a 9 carat gold curb link bracelet, supporting various gold and other coins. £300.00 - £500.00


A collection of four brooches, comprising: gold and ruby bow, pearl and garnet plaque, diamond set running fox and an agate brooch. £150.00 £250.00


A miniature yellow metal and blue enamel mounted fob watch, the reverse of the case decorated with a three masted sailing vessel, suspended from a fine link chain.


A nurses timepiece/pulse monitor, suspended from a white metal bow.


A 1930's cocktail watch, the white metal case set with small diamonds around an Arabic dial. £200.00 - £250.00


An openwork pierced gold bangle, set with amethyst.


A small parcel of gold jewels, including: gate link bracelet, stock pin, chains etc. £350.00 - £400.00


A gold mounted shell cameo brooch, carved with classical figures.


A gold and garnet ring, possibly 16th century or earlier. £150.00 - £200.00


A late 19th/early 20th century ivory and yellow metal mounted cigarette holder case.


A lady's Gucci wristwatch, the black face surrounded by small diamonds on a white metal bracelet. Boxed with instructions and warranty card. £200.00 - £250.00


A mixed lot of gold and other wristwatches and parts, together with a small quantity of cultured and other pearls etc. £100.00 - £150.00


A red leather jewellery box and contents, including: a pair of brooches fashioned as ladybirds and other items, largely of a costume nature.

A Great War medal, named 3278 Gnr J Oldham, Royal Artillery, together with an unnamed '39/'45 Defence medal, two Coronation medallions, a Royal Artillery cap badge and a Bedfordshire Regiment badge.

259A A cased set of 9 carat gold and mother of pearl mounted cufflinks and studs, together with another, smaller cased set. £100.00 - £150.00 260

A collection of approximately thirty 18th century and later trade tokens and other items, including: a 1791 Southampton Promissory Halfpenny, a George III Beecroft token, an 1812 Hull lead works token, a 1791 Liverpool Halfpenny. £100.00 £150.00


A cased set of six silver buttons, each decorated with a cherub and floral swag within acanthus boarder, hallmarks for Chester 1900, together with another conforming button ( 7). £150.00 - £200.00


A small quantity of silver mounted flatware and cutlery including: bread fork, butter knives, fruit fork and other items. Various dates and makers.


A Mappin & Webb silver medallion, struck for the National Pony Society, decorated with a polo player and reversed by horses in a pasture. Birmingham 1929.


A cased set of 1951 Festival of Britain coins, together with a small collection of GB, Channel Island and other pre-decimal coins.


A mixed lot of costume jewellery, including: bead necklaces, marcasite and other brooches etc.


A silver mounted leather pocket watch case of heart form, together with a silver mounted boot hook, brush and pair of needlework scissors.

A three strand simulated pearl choker, together with an Aynsley floral porcelain brooch and a white 267 metal bow brooch.


Private T Oldham, West Yorkshire Regiment, together with a QSA medal, five bar named to same.

A WWI pair, named 289573 Corporal S Tysoe, Royal Engineers, together with an unnamed '39/'45 Defence medal.

267A A silver cased half hunter pocket watch, a military issue chrome cased stopwatch, a silver cased open faced pocket watch with silver Albert and a leather cased pocket barometer by Beck. 268

A 1958/59 MCC Australian Tour souvenir miniature cricket bat, bearing facsimile signatures, together with a yellow metal pendant centrally mounted with amethyst and seed pearls and a 1937 Coronation medal.


A cased pair of silver cufflinks, a suite of yellow metal and pearl jewellery and a single strand simulated pearl necklace.


A Grand Tour yellow metal bracelet mounted with ten lava rock tablets, each carved in relief with a classical bust.


A mixed lot including: silver and other bangles, lady's wristwatches etc.


A black leather jewellery box and contents, including: marcasite and other brooches, a yellow metal bar brooch mounted with green stone classical intaglio, small quantity of rings, earrings and other items. £100.00 - £150.00


A mixed lot of Edwardian and other bead necklaces, including: a white coral necklace, amber necklace, pink coral necklace and others.


Two silver mounted canes, one with antler handle.

An Edward VII South African medal, two bar South Africa 1901 and South Africa 1902, named 2892


A mixed lot of silver and plate, including: a quaich miniature trophy cup, condiments, flatware and


BidMaster Office


other items, various dates and makers. 273


A cased set of four French silver mustards, each of oval form decorated with acanthus leaves and swags with glass liner on oval foot, together with four spoons. A cased set of six silver kings pattern tablespoons, London 1907, presented by Sutton & Sons of Reading for the best three acres of Sutton's mangels. £300.00 - £350.00


Contemporary oil on canvas of a winged maiden holding aloft a laurel leaf beside a stone arch.


After Jeffrey Faye, a signed and numbered limited edition giclee print, Gondolas on a Venetian Canal.


After Keene, a pair of Edwardian oak framed and glazed prints of stormy seas breaking against rocky cliffs with gulls circling.


After Ridginger, a pair of 18th century-style gilt framed and glazed engravings of hunting scenes. £200.00 - £250.00


A continental silver basting spoon of generous proportions.



An early 20th century silver mounted manicure set, cased. Birmingham 1905.

An Edwardian framed and glazed humorous hunting print.



A mixed lot including: white metal dish and bowl, costume jewellery, wristwatches and other decorative items.

Graham Clilverd, 'The Old Willow', a watercolour, signed in oak glazed frame.


W Dendy Sadler, an early 19th century oak framed and glazed engraving of a course fishing competition, signed in pencil. 63 x 83cm.


Tayler-Ireland, Burnham Beeches. A forest with mature silver birch trees and duck. Watercolour, signed in gilt glazed frame. £300.00 - £400.00

277A A set of six mid-20th century silver gilt and enamelled coffee spoons, retailed by Harrods. 278

A small silver piecrust waiter on leaf cast feet, Sheffield 1966 and a silver plated baluster tankard.


A silver teapot, having gadrooned rim over a leaf decorated band on four scallop cast feet, London 1810. £150.00 - £200.00


After Joseph Knight, a mahogany framed and glazed etching of sheep in an extensive landscape. Signed in pencil and dated 1907.


Hukin & Heath Limited, a white metal dish cast in the aesthetic taste as an open flower head on a shallow foot, impressed marks. 21cm diameter. £100.00 - £150.00


Mid-20th century French school, half-length portrait of a beauty. Oil on canvas, indistinctly signed in gilt wood frame with hessian slip.



A silver cake basket of navette form with swing handle over pierced body on stepped circular foot, Sheffield 1930. £150.00 - £200.00

A wood framed and glazed watercolour study of a mill house.


Nineteenth century English school, half-length portrait of a young woman with plaited hair, wearing pearl earrings and white satin gown. Pastel. 21 x 17cm, oval in gilt glazed frame.


A small quantity of mounted unframed coloured prints taken from Princess Mary's Gift Book, after Dulac and others, together with a small 19th century pen and ink mountainous landscape.


An 18th century style oil on panel, half-length portrait of a young woman, together with another of a hunting dog in extensive landscape, each in composite gilt frame.


Nineteenth century English school, lone figure standing on a naturally formed arch on a beach at mid-tide. Oil on canvas, together with companion, similar view with figures taking a tender out to sea and a ship wrecked mast to the fore.


Knight, 20th century school, head and shoulders portrait of a sleeping woman with white scarf tied hair and hands clasped beneath her chin. Oil on canvas, signed in pine moulded frame.


Bill Valentine, a sailing barge and tender on calm seas. Oil on board, signed in gilded frame.


A pair of reproduction crystoleum-type pictures of Admiral Lord Nelson and Queen Elizabeth I, each in pine frame.


A pair of gilt framed and glazed coloured engravings after the antique of salt water fish.


A silver photograph frame with foliate cast corners, London 1915. 17.5 x 12.5cm.


A set of six Irish silver fiddle pattern table forks, Dublin 1818, together with a early 19th century silver tablespoon. £150.00 - £200.00


A set of five silver handled tea knives and forks, a silver lidded mustard, two silver peppers, a mustard spoon and a pair of sugar nips, various dates and makers.


A silver sugar castor of baluster form, London 1938. £100.00 - £150.00


Possibly Dorothy Langlands, an early 19th century silver mug of loop handled reeded form, Newcastle hallmarks.


A silver plated chamber stick with snuffer, together with various Dutch and other silver spoons, tea strainer, sugar, nips etc. Various dates and makers. £100.00 - £150.00


Two continental silver plated table coasters of tetrafoil and square canted form, each with simulated tortoiseshell white metal inlaid base on ball feet.


Two silver ingot pendants, a silver dish decorated with geese in flight after Peter Scott and a cased set of six silver 1977 Commemorative Jubilee crowns. £100.00 - £150.00

BidMaster Office



Nineteenth century English school, two figures on a rural path with thatched dwellings and extensive landscape beyond, oil on canvas. Indistinctly signed in gilt frame, together with companion, chickens in a farmyard before a half-timbered red roofed farmhouse. A pair.

gypsy woman with dark red scarfed tied hair and patchwork jacket, oil on canvas, signed and dated 1899 in gilt painted wood frame. 327

A pair of oval portrait miniature prints, each in olive velvet and gilt frame.


Early 19th century Continental school, head and shoulders portrait of a Cardinal. Oil on canvas. 78 x 64cm unframed.


A gilt composite picture frame, decorated with acanthus leaves, scrolls and flower heads. 125.5 x 62cm.


R R Alexander, 'The First Tee at Kirkby Lonsdale', oil on artist's board, signed. 41.5 x 54cm unframed.


F Smyth. Battersea Power Station. Oil on canvas, signed. 41 x 51cm unframed.


After Alken, a set of four ebonised framed and glazed hunting prints.



Four reproduction maps of the British Isles, Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire etc., together with a ebonised framed and glazed pictorial histogram of Buckinghamshire and its hundreds.

A gilt composite picture frame, decorated with repeating leaves and acanthus scrolled corners. 46 x 35.5cm.


A gilt composite picture frame, decorated with repeating acanthus and laurel leaves. 30 x 22cm.


A gilt composite picture frame, decorated with repeating laurel leaves. 121 x 72cm.


A collection of ebonised, birdseye maple veneered and gilt composite picture frames, variously sized.


Three variously sized gilt composite picture frames.


Four variously sized gilt composite picture frames.


Six rosewood veneered picture frames, variously sized.


A collection of gilt composite and moulded gilt wood picture frames, variously sized.


Two gilt composite picture frames.


A gilt metal 18 branch electrolier. £200.00 £250.00


A yew wood veneered hi-fi cabinet.


A Victorian walnut and florally boxwood inlaid dropdial wall clock.


A Victorian pine chest of two short and three long drawers on turned supports.


A gilt metal wall mirror, having scallop and swag pediment over pierced frame enclosing plain circular plate.


A Victorian Director's clock, the tortoiseshell veneered case enclosing a triple fusee movement with Cambridge and eight bell chimes, faced by arched dial with silvered chapter and gilded spandrels, the whole on four paw feet. 76 x 53cm. £3,000.00 - £4,000.00


A pair of gilt framed and glazed lithographs of 18th century war ships.


After Boris O'Klein, a pair of pencil signed humorous French dog prints.


Eight framed and glazed Vanity Fair prints by Spy and others, largely members of the legal profession and others, similar.


A reproduction map of the East India Isles, together with an oil on board study of seagrass and sand leading down to the shore and a 20th century Oriental watercolour of a simple dwelling and mature bamboo trees.


After Don Marco, a pair of framed and glazed prints of birds of prey.


A mid-20th century oil on canvas study of a woodland river with stone bridge and mature trees to either bank, indistinctly signed in moulded gilt frame.


After F Winterhalter, a half-length lithograph portrait of HRH Victoria, Princess Royal 1855, published 1856 by J Mitchell and signed in 1856 by the Monarch. 50 x 35cm in composite gilt frame. £100.00 - £150.00


A pine framed and glazed study of The Forge at Stanalone Farm, Letchworth. A gilt framed and glazed study of the end of the mens 100 metres sprint and three framed needleworks.


Two gilt framed and glazed Indentures.


345 A framed and glazed caricature of the Right Honourable Viscount Kilmuir, together with two modern oil landscapes, a framed oil on canvas of a Parisian street and a print of mauve and white 346 pansies. 347 An Edwardian framed and glazed Bubbles print, together with a print of the 1937 Coronation and 348 other items. 349 Three gilt framed and glazed Stevengraphs, The



Last Lap, The Present Time and The Good Old Days. £100.00 - £150.00 326

M Collins, head and shoulders profile portrait of a

BidMaster Office



A Victorian oak side table, having rectangular top over a pair of geometrically panelled drawers on turned and block supports. A 19th century pine and metal banded cabin trunk. A Victorian pine chest of two short and two long drawers on bun feet. A Victorian walnut cased drop-dial wall clock. An early 19th century elm wall mounting corner cupboard, having a twin fielded panelled door enclosing plain shelves. An early 19th century oak thirty hour long case


banded corner cupboard. £100.00 - £150.00


A suite of veneered bedroom furniture comprising: 368 three drawer chest, four drawer chest and a cheval mirror.

A 20th century Indian hard wood four panel three fold dressing screen, pierced decorated with fruiting vines.


An early/mid-20th century wall mirror, the mahogany veneered frame enclosing a print of an 18th century sailing boat, over a plain rectangular plate.


A cherry wood veneered sideboard, the rectangular top over four drawers and two pairs of cupboard 370 doors.

A mixed lot of furniture, including: a reproduction Welsh dresser, mahogany veneered glazed cupboard, nest of tables, corner cupboard, open shelves, rush seated armchair, piano stool and other items.


An 18th century mahogany tea canister, the hinged strung lid with moulded edge opening to reveal twin caddies with sliding covers on stepped rectangular plinth. £200.00 - £250.00

An early 20th century beech stool with cane seat.


An Edwardian mahogany, satinwood cross banded and strung wall mounting display cabinet, having a broken arched pediment over astragal glazed doors and sides enclosing three shelves on swept supports.


A 1920's oak roll top desk of narrow proportions.


A late 19th century walnut cased Vienna wall clock.


A mahogany veneered bedroom chest, having rectangular top over an arrangement of seven drawers on bracket plinth.

A stained hardwood wall mounting display cabinet, together with a wall mirror with box base and a small quantity of oak door plates.


A Victorian pine corner cupboard, having a pair of panelled doors enclosing two shaped shelves. £100.00 - £150.00

A gilt gesso wall mirror, the rectangular frame decorated with leaves and flower heads, enclosing a plain rectangular plate.


An early 20th century gilt wood and simulated tortoiseshell wall mirror, the octagonal frame enclosing bevelled plate.

Dollond, London. An early 19th century mahogany stick barometer with urn finial, scrolled pediment over silvered gauge. 94cm. £300.00 £400.00


An Edwardian mahogany vitrine, having moulded cornice over strung frieze and astragal glazed doors, enclosing two shelves on square tapering supports and spade feet united by undertier. £150.00 - £200.00



A cherry wood veneered display cabinet, having a pair of glazed doors enclosing two shelves above a 378 pair of drawers on bracket plinth.


A pair of contemporary oak occasional tables, each having circular top on block and baluster column, quatrefoil base.


A Victorian mahogany bookcase cabinet, having moulded cornice over a pair of glazed doors enclosing two adjustable shelves, the base with further pair of cupboard doors on plinth. £150.00 £200.00


A contemporary cherry wood veneered corner cupboard, having a glazed door enclosing two shelves over cupboard door on bracket plinth.

A Victorian oak wall mirror, the shield mounted navette frame carved with floral roundels enclosing a plain arched plate.


A continental 18th century-style armchair, having upholstered back and seat, out swept scrolled arms on turned fluted and block supports, the base with shell carved cabriole legs and moulded feet united by a x-stretcher.


A 1930's oak wall mirror and a small gilt wood framed wall mirror with rectangular bevelled plate.


An Edwardian walnut side table, converted to a writing desk, having rising top with moulded edge over a fall front enclosing fitted interior on ring turned tapering and block supports united by a galleried undertier.

A late 18th century lead hopper dated 1778 and decorated with the Garter Crest.


An Edwardian pine wall mounting cupboard, having a pair of mirrored doors over shelf, together with a mahogany floor standing corner cupboard, having a pair of glazed doors enclosing two glass shelves 383 on plain supports. 384 A Victorian wrought iron and wirework cradle.



An early 19th century and later mahogany side cabinet, having break front top over a pair of cupboard doors flanked by reeded pilasters on moulded feet. A late 18th century oak and mahogany cross

BidMaster Office


A mahogany veneered and cross banded reproduction hall table of demi-lune form.




A William IV mahogany chest of bow front form, having two short and three long drawers within wrythen pilasters on moulded supports. £150.00 £200.00





A 1930's walnut framed and bergere caned salon armchair. A harlequin set of seven beech and elm wheel and stick back dining chairs.


An Edwardian mahogany and ebony strung bow back salon armchair.


A Victorian fireside armchair, having foliate carved rail, button back, over-stuffed seat on ring turned

tapering supports.


In the manner of Eastlake, a walnut Arts & Crafts occasional table, having square top on splayed ring turned and block supports united by undertier. £100.00 - £150.00


An Edwardian mahogany veneered card table, having rectangular fold-over top on slender cabriole supports and pad feet.


A Victorian fireside armchair, having foliate carved rail, button back, over-stuffed seat on ring turned tapering supports.


A set of eight white painted stick back kitchen dining chairs.


An early 20th century oak framed armchair, later covered in tartan.



A set of six Edwardian walnut framed and claret velour upholstered dining chairs (all standard).

A primitive early 19th century Irish famine chair, later painted.



A pair of Victorian mahogany hall chairs, each having leaf carved spoon back with shield, plain seat on baluster turned tapering forelegs.

An early 19th century pine ships box of rectangular form, the hinged lid internally decorated with a three masted sailing boat and applied with Victorian scraps of songbirds. £150.00 - £200.00


A Victorian walnut framed and salmon button velour upholstered spoon back salon armchair.


A pair of late 19th century oak hall chairs of aesthetic taste. £100.00 - £150.00


An Edwardian mahogany demi-lune supper table, having fold-over top with single gate on square tapering supports and spade feet.



A 19th century bobbin turned child's rocking chair. £100.00 - £150.00

A Victorian papier mache, florally painted and mother of pearl decorated occasional table, the shaped oval tilt top on baluster column and stepped circular foot. £150.00 - £200.00


A Victorian-style pine farmhouse kitchen table, having a rectangular planked top over two drawers on baluster turned tapering supports. £150.00 £200.00


A reproduction oak and elm linenfold panel coffer.


A William IV extending mahogany dining table, the rectangular top on turned tapering reeded supports.


An Edwardian faux marble and simulated bamboo occasional table.



An 18th century and later oak side table, the rectangular top with moulded edge over thumb moulded sides and drawer on ring turned tapering and baluster supports united by a cross stretcher. £150.00 - £200.00 A 19th century walnut framed stool, the serpentine top with drop-in pad on cabriole legs with scallop carved knees and pad feet. £100.00 - £150.00


A pair of Victorian mahogany two tier wall mounting corner shelves.


A Victorian provincial pine cradle with detachable canopy on slightly bowed supports.


A late 19th century refectory table, the planked elm top on shaped end supports united by plain stretcher. £100.00 - £150.00



A Victorian walnut framed and turquoise button velour upholstered chaise longue.

An Edwardian mahogany card table, the rectangular fold-over swivel top baize lined and with provision for counters on ring turned fluted tapering supports united by a galleried stretcher.



A late 19th/early 20th century mahogany leaded stand with an associated pillow as a footstool.

A set of early 19th century country house box steps with steel carry handles on plinth. £100.00 £150.00


A pair of late 19th century oak and beech cane upholstered side chairs.


A 1920's oak drop-leaf gate leg dining table.



An Edwardian mahogany framed salon nursing chair, having leaf carved top rail and splat, overstuffed seat on turned tapering forelegs.

A serpentine three panel two fold dressing screen, together with various bedding, printed with figures in a classical landscape.



A pair of Edwardian mahogany, satinwood cross banded and strung cane seated bedroom chairs.

A button leather upholstered gentleman's armchair on square moulded supports. £150.00 - £200.00


An early 20th century Monoplane five dish cake stand.


An Edwardian oak clerks seat with moulded top rail, reeded down swept supports and folding seat beneath a spindle turned gallery stretcher.


An Arts & Crafts walnut framed reclining armchair, having ladder back with brass rod, inclined arms with spindle supports on square tapering legs and castors. £150.00 - £200.00


A 19th century mahogany, boxwood inlaid and strung jardiniere, having a basket top with brass liner on square splayed supports united by fan decorated undertier.


A late 19th/early 20th century Indian hardwood and ivory inlaid table top, decorated with the Taj Mahal, fountain and formal gardens within a repeating floral band on an associated cabriole leg base. £100.00 - £150.00


A Victorian oak wine table, the circular dished top on octagonal and navette leaf carved column, triform base and bun feet.


A reproduction twin pedestal D-end dining table and a set of eight faux leather and suede high

BidMaster Office


back dining chairs. £100.00 - £150.00 427

A pair of early 20th century Kashmiri marriage chairs, each brightly painted in yellow, black, gilt and red with spindle back and arms, string seat on baluster turned supports. £100.00 - £150.00


A Victorian walnut Davenport. £200.00 - £300.00


A mahogany butler's tray on stand.


A Victorian papier mache, gilt florally decorated and mother of pearl inlaid butler's tray of serpentine form on a simulated ebonised bamboo stand. £300.00 - £350.00

BidMaster Office


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