Charles Ross Fine Art Auctioneers Ltd Catalogue 22 Sep 2011

Charles Ross Fine Art Auctioneers Ltd Catalogue 22 Sep 2011 1 A Karl Ens ceramic group of a pair of grouse. £100.00 - £150.00 Rivals, Fording the St...
Author: Damon Stone
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Charles Ross Fine Art Auctioneers Ltd Catalogue 22 Sep 2011 1

A Karl Ens ceramic group of a pair of grouse. £100.00 - £150.00

Rivals, Fording the Stream etc.


An early 20th century Dresden porcelain group of a lady with crinoline skirt seated upon a settee with courtier and attendant dog.


A late 19th century German porcelain mug, decorated with verse and forget-me-nots, a Derby posy vase of urn form, an Italian-style porcelain mug decorated with leaning figure and cartouches of cherubs, a Royal Crown Derby lidded ointment pot and other similar items.


A Victorian Staffordshire group of a cow and milk maid.


A pair of Victorian Staffordshire figures each modelled as a Highland dancer, together with a Victorian Staffordshire spill vase, modelled as a young woman with attendant dog beside a bough and cauldron.


A 19th century German porcelain figure of a young woman holding an open bird cage with attendant lamb, together with the companion figure, a young man holding a songbird with attendant dog.


A 19th century German porcelain figure, modelled as a young woman beside a flowering bough playing a harp, together with companion, a young man playing a tambourine.


A Staffordshire model of a greyhound, standing with rabbit quarry and a Victorian Staffordshire pen stand modelled with recumbent greyhound.


A 19th century continental porcelain basket, having branch handle and decorated in relief with leaves and berries, surmounted by two birds.


A Royal Worcester hand painted bone china 19.5cm diameter plate, decorated with peaches and berries by a mossy bank, signed S Roberts. £150.00 - £180.00


A Royal Worcester hand painted bone china 27cm diameter plate, decorated with apples and berries beside a mossy bank, signed P Pratt. £300.00 £350.00


A charcoal glass carafe and stopper of onion form, decorated with amber and green elliptical inclusions.


A small mixed lot of decorated porcelain, including: a Hadley's posy vase of urn form decorative with roses, a Royal Worcester scallop dish, another similar by Grainger and a Royal Worcester tea cup and saucer, decorated with flowering urns and acanthus scrolls in the Neoclassical manner.


A Worcester porcelain 22.5cm diameter plate, centrally decorated with mauve roses within a midblue and gilt repeating leaf band, impressed mark.


A Moorcroft ashtray of oval form, decorated with Bermuda Lily on a green ground, together with three pieces of Old Tupton ware (each boxed).


An Old Tupton ware daffodil jardiniere and a pair of conforming squat vases.


A Sylvac model of a seated cocker spaniel, brown and caramel glazed numbered 1462. 28cm.


A Lise B tazza, decorated with bearded Iris on a ivory and deep blue ground, together with a Moorcroft ashtray decorated with pink Hibiscus, a similar small dish and a cobridge posy vase of baluster form decorated with pink flowers on an ivory ground.


Two boxes of decorative pottery and porcelain, to include: 20th century bat printed footed bowl, Copeland late Spode dish and cream jug, T G Green Ming transfer decorated loop handled jug, a small quantity of Oriental porcelain and a copper ewer with brass handle and mask spout etc.


A mixed lot of decorated pottery to include: a James Macintyre lidded jug, a small jug and plate from the same factory, a Shelley bone china twin handled dish richly decorative with summer flowers, four miniature cruets of egg form, a Moorcroft vase decorated in relief with pink flowers on a cream ground, impressed mark and other similar items.


A Daum cameo glass lidded box decorated with fruiting branches, signed and with Cross of Lorraine (AF).


A pair of early 20th century Japanese satsuma porcelain plates, each typically decorated with figures in extensive landscape.


A 19th century Cantonese lidded box of rectangular form, decorated with figures and flowering urns around a two divisional interior.


A mid 20th century west German terracotta vase of waisted form, slip decorated with band of geometric forms on a streaked green ground.


A pair of early 20th century green Wedgwood Jasper pedestal vases, each typically relief decorated and later converted to table lamps.


Six Prattware lidded pots, variously decorated including: Harbour of Hong Kong, The Late Prince Consort, War, Peace etc.


Six Prattware pot lids, including: Lord Raglan, The Picnic, Uncle Toby etc., (three framed). £100.00 £150.00

Two boxes containing a collection of Coronation and Commemorative mugs, including: 1911 Shelley mug and four pieces of crested china.


A 19th century Japanese Imari charger, having scalloped rim and typically decorated in the pallet with reserved panels of flowers and insects. 36cm diameter.



Six Prattware pot lids, including: On Guard, The

BidMaster Office



A Japanese Imari dish decorated centrally with panel of cranes in a landscape within a border of floral and geometric forms, together with another, similar.


A Japanese porcelain charger, decorated in under glaze blue with hawthorn, 34cm diameter.


A late 18th/early 19th century Chinese porcelain bowl, decorated in under glaze blue with blooms and columns, the interior simply decorated with ferns and flowering trees, 31cm diameter.

lid and baluster body, richly applied with fruits and flowers on a stepped circular foot, decorated with maiden and basket of stems. 61cm, blue cross swords mark to base. £100.00 - £200.00 48

An early 20th century Japanese crackle glaze charger, decorated with exotic birds by a flowering tree, together with a pair of early 20th century Japanese bronze vases.


Approximately 70 pieces of Booths Real Old Willow transfer decorated tableware, together with a Victorian-style cheese dish and cover of beehive form, transfer decorated with Cotswold cottages on a shaded blue/ivory ground.


A Royal Doulton figure, The Old Balloon Seller HM1315, together with a Clarice Cliff toast rack/butter dish, a cornucopia wall pocket and Bizarre oval meat dish simply decorated with green geometric forms.


A Royal Worcester bone china Delecta pattern twin handled oval tureen.


A Japanese porcelain plate decorated in under glaze blue with bird perched in a flowering fruiting tree.


A Minton Ancestral 30 piece part-tea set..


Two late 19th century Majolica Harvest jugs, together with a pair of 23cm diameter leaf moulded plates.


Two 19th century Japanese porcelain bowls, each decorated in blue and iron red with flowers in a landscape, together with a shallow bowl decorated in under glaze blue with flowering urns, a similar plate and a footed jug with branch handle.

Two early 19th century lidded Toby jugs, each modelled as a seated man with foaming jug of ale, together with a Victorian twin handled lidded sugar and a late 19th century Chinese porcelain teapot.


15 Minton tiles, variously decorated with Shakespearian scenes and an elderly lady seated, spinning. Each 15 x 15cm.

A circa 1980's Art Glass vase fashioned as an oversized brandy balloon, together with a conforming ewer, each decorated with streaks of brown and blue on an opaque ground.


A Royal Doulton figure, Top 'O' The Hill, HN1834, together with a Lladro figure of a kneeling cherub, a Spode figure Joanna and three other figures.

An Aynsley figure 'Baby Bull Elephant' and a late 19th century Wedgwood jardiniere, typically relief decorated on a deep blue ground.


Five Moorcraft ceramic rabbit groups, together with a similar group of teddy bear and puppy.


A Vienna porcelain hexagonal shallow dish, decorated with reserved panel of lovers on a deep blue and gilt ground, together with a continental porcelain dish, similarly decorated on a leaf cast gilt metal foot. £100.00 - £150.00


A cow creamer, decorated with orange and black sponged coat and a Victorian spaniel, seated on a oval plinth. £100.00 - £150.00


A 19th century continental porcelain chocolate pot, together with a miniature chamber stick decorated with fruiting vine on a raspberry ground.


A Dresden porcelain cabinet cup and saucer, a Victorian Davenport porcelain cabinet cup and a German porcelain cup and saucer, hand decorated with spring flowers on a wrythen gilt highlighted ground.


A Royal Worcester cream jug, decorated in the Chinese manner with flowering urns and branches, a Meissen baluster loop handled three footed cream jug and a small Meissen porcelain loop handled jug decorated with single stems on an ivory and gilt ground etc.


A Beswick shire horse, together with two other Beswick horses, each brown gloss glazed and a similar chestnut glazed heavy horse.


A 19th century Opaque China Mandarin pattern octagonal meat dish.





An interesting mixed lot to include: specimen microscope slides, a Shelley lemon squeezer, four character jugs etc.


A collection of Wedgwood Clarice Cliff designed ceramics, to include: a set of six limited edition coffee cans and saucers, a Bizarre three piece coffee service, a limited edition Orange Roof Cottage vase, sugar caster, lidded preserve pot and other similar items (some boxed).



A Victorian earthenware meat dish, green transfer decorated with figure riding an elephant in an extensive landscape, together with another, similar smaller meat dish. A mixed lot of decorative pottery and porcelain to include: Royal Doulton Dickensware plates, a Beswick Kingfisher, pair of Wedgwood twin handled footed vases, pin cushion dolls and other similar items.


A small mixed lot to include: Royal Douton toilet jug and bowl decorated with pink floral swags, an Edwardian jardiniere decorated with roses on a blush ivory and gilded ground, a pair of Longton vases and other similar items.


A Royal Doulton Rondelay part-dinner and tea service.


A late 19th/early 20th century German porcelain pot pourri of imposing proportions, having pierced

BidMaster Office










A Victorian Staffordshire group modelled as a young girl wearing feathered hat and pink dress, seated upon a spaniel with brown sponged coat. £100.00 - £150.00

Eskimo Bunnykins (boxed). 79

A Royal Doulton figure, Sunday Best, together with Elyse, Hilary and Christine.

Two boxes of decorative pottery, porcelain and other items, to include: a Royal Doulton Countess part-dinner service, Carlton Ware leaf moulded and other dishes, a frilled cranberry glass vase on cast white metal floral stand, dressing table bottles, ebony mirror and brush and other decorative items.


A Royal Doulton Bunnykins figure, Henry VIII, together with his six Bunnykins wives (boxed). £100.00 - £150.00


A late 19th century spill holder, fashioned as an Oriental seated beside an urn mounted on a metal covered wood plinth set with semi-precious stones and shagreen match strike. £100.00 - £150.00


A collection of fifteen Hummel figures, various. 15cm to 9.5cm. £200.00 - £300.00


A set of six boxed Royal Worcester Country Life Series animals, bumble bee, grasshopper, frog and butterfly etc.


A collection of approximately 50 Wade Whimsies.


Two albums containing First Day of Issue and other stamps.


A collection of late 19th century and other Persian powder flasks, various including: wood, leather covered and brass etc. £150.00 - £200.00


A Hetian Nephrite Jade carving with Certificate of Authenticity. £250.00 - £300.00


A box of loose stamps including: 1950's black graphite GB, multi-crowns, Edwardian


Fourteen hand painted and inscribed trades person signs, together with three cloth and two paper county maps by A E Taylor & Edward Henry Roberts Advertising. £150.00 - £180.00


A pair of tortoiseshell easel photograph frames, each with pierced hallmarked silver mounts. £100.00 - £150.00


Two continental porcelain ink stands, each transfer decorated with twin wells.


Attributed to Fauld Phillips, an early 20th century portrait miniature of a beauty reclining on a tiger skin rug beneath mature tree. Watercolour in gilt glazed frame with easel stand.


A circa 1730's lead fire mark for the Sun Fire Office, numbered 69094.


A set of eight Oriental gilt and black lacquered lily pads, each supporting a gilt lacquered frog.


A mid-20th century French cylindrical musical box.


A contemporary, possibly Spanish fan, having pierced mother of pearl sticks beneath a transfer scene of archers practicing beside seated figures in an extensive landscape, reversed by hand painted panel of figures in a rowing boat (boxed).


A cold painted bronze model of a short haired dachshund on rectangular wood plinth.


An embroidered silk bookmark, The Mail Coach, together with a silk handkerchief printed with regimental badges.


An early 20th century Japanese writing set with ink stone, bottle and two metal dishes in a black

A mixed lot of decorative pottery and porcelain to include: a 19th century Derby bulb vase, a pierced white porcelain tazza, various bat-printed and other cabinet pieces and a small quantity of crested china etc. A late 19th/early 20th century terracotta bread crock, the interior sponge decorated with green glaze. A pair of Beswick shire horses, each brown gloss glazed, a Beswick Fresian cow and a Beswick ram. An early 20th century ceramic bowl fashioned as a coiled crowned snake, turquoise glazed, impressed marks to base. A 1959 Team Sheet, Luton Town v Norwich, together with a small quantity of other programmes including: 1964 Luton Town v Watford, 1967/68 Luton v Brentford, FA Cup Final programme, 1959 Luton Town v Nottingham Forrest and a small quantity of ticket stubs etc. Four Royal Doulton figures, Ninette, Melissa, Louise and Southern Belle.


A Royal Doulton figure, Winston Churchill HN3057 and a small seated Beswick bulldog.


A Royal Crown Derby bone china bell and a conforming saucer dish.


A German porcelain spill holder, fashioned as a girl playing the flute seated beside a rose applied amphora.


A Royal Worcester squat vase of urn form, decorated with blackberries and autumn leaves by Kitty Blake on four gilded swept feet.


A Royal Worcester vase of club form, decorated in the Japanese manner with gilt and silver flowers on a cream ground.


A Royal Worcester cabinet cup and saucer, decorated in iron red and gilt with flowering branches on an ivory ground.


A Sarreguemines earthenware character jug, advertising Nalder & Collyers three counties whiskey.



In the manner of Clarice Cliff, a circa 1930's posy holder of stepped rock form, typically decorated in orange, green, blue and yellow bands, the base with Fantasque printed mark. Five Royal Doulton Bunnykins figures, including: Captain, Sands of Time, Hornpiper, Lawyer and

BidMaster Office



lacquered tray.


An album of early 20th century GB and All World Stamps and a box of loose stamps, various.

A simulated bronze group of two greyhounds after Tupton.


A Victorian wax head pedlar doll, seated wearing a red cape with wares under glass dome on ebonised plinth. £150.00 - £200.00


A small mixed lot of walking canes to include: silver mounted etc., together with two boxwood rules and riding crops etc.


A 19th century wakizaishi, having a tempered edged blade, white ray skin grip bound in traditional cord enclosing a menuki on each side, above pierced tsuba, contained in brown lacquer scabbard. 55cm total. £400.00 - £500.00


A collection of in excess of one hundred wooden lace maker's bobbins.


An album containing the autographs of several early 1970's Formula One motor racing drivers, to include: Graham Hill, Chris Amon, Mike Hailwood and James Hunt etc. £100.00 - £150.00


An album of British African stamps.


Two Oriental hardwood carvings, each fashioned as a grinning Buddha with arms aloft, together with a similar carving of a horse with glass eyes on 121 naturalistic plinth.

A possibly 17th century katana, having tempered blade, white ray skin grip bound in traditional cord, enclosing two menuki, a signed tang over pierced tsuba contained in black lacquer scabbard. 88cm total. £400.00 - £500.00


A collection of QE2 mint and regional issues and First Day Covers contained within five albums. £100.00 - £200.00


Five late Victorian/Edwardian magic lantern slides.


A contemporary training katana.


A collection of approximately 70 mid-20th century Japanese postcards, various.


A ceremonial masonic sword, the blade named Toye & Co Ltd., London.


Twelve albums containing a collection of postmarks, stamps on envelopes from Queen Victoria to Queen Elizabeth II and some First Day Covers. £150.00 - £200.00


A ceremonial masonic sword, the blade named Wilkinson.


A WWI bayonet in steel scabbard, 52.5cm.


An 1814 Cuirassier sword, having leather bound handle, pieced guard over double fuller blade in ring mounted steel scabbard. 116cm. £200.00 £250.00


A George III Officer's sword, having a coronet pommel, loop handle and solid guard, the steel blade decorated with Georgian cipher and Garter Crest in steel scabbard. 97cm. £100.00 - £150.00 An Edwardian walking cane, having plain wood shaft and ivory ball handle, together with another, having hawthorn shaft and antler handle.





A Chinese crackle glaze cylindrical vase, decorated with applied dragons, an 18th century Chinese porcelain octagonal blue and white transfer decorated plate, a Japanese tea bowl decorated in the Imari palette and a Japanese black lacquered jewellery box. A contemporary Italian ceramic figure, modelled as a young woman with harlequin tunic, feathered headdress and holding a mask on rectangular plinth. 98cm. Two boxes of various items to include: a Lladro figure of a young girl holding a lamb, a hammered pewter part-tea service, a modern yew wood box and a small quantity of decorative pottery.



130 A six divisional Japanese porcelain hors d'oeuvre dish on simulated marble lazy Susan, together with a small quantity of Royal Worcester Evesham pattern tableware, a silver plated gallery tray and a 130A small quantity of decorative pottery.


Four boxes of cut and moulded glassware including: vases, decanters and stoppers, red and white wines, champagnes etc.


Two boxes containing a cut glass basket, balloon vase and other items, to include: a plaster model inn and an Aynsley owl.


A Portmerion coffee service comprising: pot, six mugs, cream, sugar and six saucers, each decorated with gilded snowflake roundel on a crackle glazed ground.


A set of Edwardian postal scales with brass weights on rectangular wood plinth. £100.00 £150.00

BidMaster Office


An Edwardian spirit level, the brass plaque named John Rabone & Sons., together with a steel angle level. An Aborigine parrying shield of elongated oval form, slightly concave with incise carved decoration to face, together with a boomerang. £100.00 - £200.00 A Fijian 'Ula' throwing club, having a ball head over incise and chipped carved shaft with kill marks and decorated handle. 41 1/2cms. £200.00 £300.00


A Victorian pierced brass and steel trivet with turned wood handle.


A box containing various Dinky and other military vehicles, including: Army Wagon, Armored Command Vehicle, Centurion Tank, Armored Personnel Carrier and a Red Mersey Tunnel Police Land Rover etc.


A mixed lot of pottery and porcelain, to include: a Sunderland lustre bowl, transfer decorated with view of the Sunderland iron bridge, Victorian and other meat dishes, an early 19th century lidded

Toby jug, a pair of reproduction seated spaniels, a small quantity of motto-ware and a carved wooden plaque, the crest decorated with tied wheatsheaf 150 and sailing boat above legend. 134

A Victorian Staffordshire spill vase modelled as Red Riding Hood, together with another of Huntsman with attendant dog and dead game and a third modelled with horse and cow drinking from a well beneath a bough with perched songbirds.

topographical, WWI etc., contained within three albums. £100.00 - £150.00 A Victorian plate camera and various accessories including: a Thornton-Pickard shutter, plates and other items.


A boxed silk top hat by Christy, a felt bowler and a 1960's Centurian motorcycle helmet.


A mixed lot to include: a Porcupine quill box, family of ebony elephants, a pair of oak barley twist candlesticks, a Corgi Noddy car and a small loop handle baluster Wedgwood jug etc.


Two Victorian Staffordshire figures, each of Tom King, mounted upon a white horse.


Two Victorian Staffordshire seated spaniels, each with gilded collar and brown sponged fur.


An early 20th century doll, having wax head and arms, cloth body dressed in plain muslin frock.


A Victorian Staffordshire group, Louis Napoleon, together with another, Death of Nelson. £100.00 £150.00


A 1930's Armand Marseille bisque head doll, having sleeping eyes, open mouth, composition body and limbs, head mould number 995.


Two Victorian Staffordshire equestrian figure groups, together with another of a young man seated with basket of apples and another modelled as a standing male in Greek national costume. £100.00 - £150.00


A 1920's Revalo number 9 bisque head doll with ball jointed limbs dressed in knitted white gown.


A 1930's Armand Marseille doll, head mould number 518.

A Victorian Staffordshire group, Uncle Tom and Eva.


A 19th century leather and metal bound fire bucket.


Two boxes of linen, various, to include: crochet and lace edged etc.


A mixed lot of metal wares to include: an embossed brass stick stand, Victorian copper kettle, pair of bellows, a part companion set preserve pan and trivet.


A BOAC handbag.


A small quantity of linen, including: lace edged and crochet etc.


A mixed lot of decorative pottery, porcelain and other items to include: an Edwardian toilet jug and basin, Royal Doulton and other decorative plates, an Imari decorated jug, small quantity of 20th century Japanese porcelain and other similar items.


A classical guitar in carry case.


A silver plated New Yorker trombone, cased.


A collection of GB Colonies and All World Stamps, together with First Day Covers contained within albums.


A twelve inch scale model of the North Mail steam locomotive, together with another steam locomotive, a stationary steam engine, a riveted copper chimney and various parts including: pistons, gauges and other similar items. £250.00 £300.00


A leather and wood bound cabin trunk, together with an HMV gramophone, miners lamp, two railway lanterns and an oak cased mantle clock.


A circa 1940's Collaro cased record player, a bag of 78 and other rpm records and four trunks and suitcases including a pig skin case.


A pair of cut and moulded glass six branch electroliers with pendant drops.

139 140


A pair of Staffordshire chimney ornaments, modelled as a man and woman each seated with chickens, together with two lidded boxes each fashioned as a chicken on a nest. A pair of Staffordshire mantle ornaments, each fashioned as a greyhound with rabbit quarry, two recumbent greyhound pen rests and two Staffordshire dalmatians, each with black collar and chain seated on a cushion plinth.


Two pairs of Victorian Staffordshire mantel ornaments, each modelled as a girl astride a goat.


Two Victorian Staffordshire chimney ornaments, Dick Turpin, together with a similar larger group.


Five Victorian and later pastille burners/cottages, together with a Staffordshire money box modelled as a bank. £150.00 - £200.00


An American bicentennial mug designed by Guyatt, together with two Farmers Arms tankards and various others, including 1887 Jubilee tankard etc. £100.00 - £150.00


A Leeds-style cream ware teapot and cover, together with a Victorian teapot decorated with pink lustre band and two others including black gloss glazed etc.


A collection of twelve 19th century and other jugs, including: Prattware, copper lustre, hunting relief decorated jug and other similar items. £100.00 £150.00


A miniature oak Jacobean-style chest of drawers, a Victorian cherub carved oak moulding and a mahogany and brass pot of cylindrical tapering form.


A collection of approximately 300 postcards, various including: Edwardian sweetheart,

BidMaster Office



A pair of cut and moulded glass five branch electroliers with pendant drops.


Two pairs of contemporary gilt metal electroliers.


A pair of cut and moulded glass five branch electroliers with pendant drops.

glass dressing table bottles.

172A A box of woodworking tools including: moulding and other planes, brace etc.


A late 19th/early 20th century gilt metal and enamel mantle clock, together with a mixed lot of decorative pottery, porcelain and glassware to include: Victorian part-dinner services, continental vases, Doulton and other plates, decanters and stopper and other similar items.


Four boxes of decorative china and glass to include: decanters and stoppers, part-tea services, Edwardian sandwich plates etc.


A pair of cut and moulded glass twelve branch electroliers with pendant drops.


Four boxes of various metal wares and other items 185 including: Victorian and other woodwork planes, copper and brass kettles, paraffin lamp, watch makers lens, mantle clock and other similar 186 items. £100.00 - £150.00


A box of 'o'' gauge model railway items to include: two Hornby LNER locomotives, four freight wagons, track, level crossing and turntable etc.


A large quantity of Chinese and other collector's plates, boxed.


Three boxes of various items including: Lilliput Lane cottages, 1960's mantle clocks, a wooden model motorcycle, a reproduction Scrimshaw and an imitation revolver etc.

A small quantity of metal ware to include: Victorian copper kettle, beaten coppery tray and a copper chocolate pot with turned wood handle. A pair of Waterford crystal and gilt metal mounted table lamps. £100.00 - £150.00


A Danish studio pottery table lamp, a Smith Bakelite electric mantle clock, another similar clock, a wall mounting mahogany cased barometer and other items including: a walnut writing slope.


A nickel plated table lamp with adjustable arm and pleated white shade.


A 1950's walnut cased eight day mantle clock by Elliott of London.

190 191

A nickel plated bankers lamp. A Victorian walnut, ebony strung and mother of pearl inlaid jewellery box.

178A A small quantity of books, including: 12 Observers volumes, poetical works and three volumes of City Sewers Acts (mid/late 19th century) and various maps and guides including Ordnance Survey and Bartholomew etc.


Four Bargeware teapots.

178B Two boxes of modern tin plate vehicles.


An Edwardian Bargeware teapot and stand.


Twelve boxes of decorative pottery, porcelain, glassware and other items, to include: decanters, stoppers, part-tea services, jardinieres and vases, whiskey water jugs, Edwardian and other plates and two Wade whiskey decanters etc.



A Lines Brothers wooden locomotive, together with three freight wagons.


Four boxed Burago die-cast model sports cars.

A Spode Christmas Tree, breakfast, dinner and tea service, a six place setting including: tea cups and saucers, coffee mugs, teapot, sugar and milk jug, sandwich plate, dinner, tea and side plates, dessert and pudding bowls, four open tureens, meat dish, sauce boat and stand, hors d'oeuvre dish etc., together with four conforming 14cm diameter bowls, coasters, table mats etc. £200.00 - £250.00


Three boxes of decorative pottery, porcelain and glass to include: novelty teapot, dressing table requisites, sundae dishes and other ornamental items.


A box of car manuals and club books, various including: Austin 10, Capri mark II and others, together with approximately fifty Castol lubrication charts and a small quantity of car badges.

192A After Raoul Larche, an art nouveau-style patinated bronze lamp cast as a young woman with billowing shawl on an organic base. Signed 46cm. £800.00 - £1,000.00

194A A late Victorian walnut and brass bound desk stand, having a stationery box with half dome lid, two inkwells and pen rest on a canted plinth and four ball feet.

182A Five boxes of various items including: a Coalport 194B Revelry part-dinner and tea service, a Paragon parttea service and others, similar, together with a Boots inhaler, an invalid feeding cup, small quantity of glassware and saris etc. 182B A Tri-ang tin plate lorry, mounted with a crane, together with a wicker hamper, small suitcase, three brass buckets and set of postal scales. 182C A 1930's moulded amber glass dressing table set, together with a small quantity of decorative pottery, pair of brass candlesticks and four cut BidMaster Office


A pair of early/mid-20th century Japanese vases of baluster form, decorated with Immortals, two hawthorn covered vases, a Cantonese porcelain vase of slender flared and waisted form, an early 20th century Japanese porcelain vase of baluster form decorated with songbirds in flowering tree and a squat baluster Japanese vase decorated with chrysanthemum and swallows. £150.00 - £200.00

194C A pair of German porcelain twin handled covered vases of baluster form, decorated with panels of musicians and couples within broad floral bands

on a light blue, gilt and ivory ground.

1911 coronation.

194D After Clodion, a pair of 19th century cast bronze 205 figure groups of lovers with attendant cupids, each signed on circular plinth. 41cm. £500.00 - £700.00 206 195 A cast brass model of an eagle, perched with wings outstretched on a branch.

Seven Gaudy Welsh jugs, variously decorated and a conforming twin handled plate. £100.00 - £150.00

195A A Philips 14cm terrestrial globe on turned wood base.

A 19th century stoneware jug with hound handle decorated with hunting scene, together with a similar tankard.




A mixed lot to include an Edwardian walnut framed wall mirror, a Japanese coffee service, an amber 208 moulded glass twin handled pedestal dish, an 1871 edition of George Barnard's watercolours, an Edwardian bound volume of music hall stars and a pine framed print of the Waterford Boys. 209 An early/mid-20th century mahogany and brass bound three bottle tantalus. £200.00 - £250.00

197A A small collection of Edwardian and later decorative pottery and porcelain to include: loop handled jugs, a Chinese eggshell teapot, Wedgwood relief decorated jug, a silver lustre milk jug and other similar items. 198 199

A 19th century famille rose vase of cylindrical tapering form having twin kylin handles, decorated with Immortals and legends within cartouches and scrolled urns. £100.00 - £150.00 A late 19th century majolica jug, relief decorated with leaping fishes, together with a majolica bread plate.


A late 19th century walnut cased American mantle clock.

A 19th century Sunderland lustre baluster loop handled jug of generous proportions, transfer decorated with the Mariners Compass and legend 'thou noble bark of brightest fame...', named Charles Harrison and dated 1851. 21.5cm. £300.00 - £400.00


A Bargeware lidded tobacco jar with match strike finial, together with three Bargeware footed bowls and a baluster loop handled jug.

A similar jug 'may peace and plenty on our nation smile...' 20cm. £300.00 - £400.00


A 1920's black lacquer and chinoiserie decorated mantle clock, having pagoda top with loop handle over brass dial supporting an eight day movement on plinth and ball feet.


A pair of mid-20th century Oriental cloisonne vases, each decorated with exotic birds and blooms on a blue ground with carved plinth.


A vast accumulation of stamps on paper, together with albums and catalogues. £100.00 - £150.00


A studio pottery five branch table candlestick by Hannah Lore Hombordy.

199A A pair of early 19th century floral transfer decorated mugs, together with various other transfer decorated pottery including: an invalids feeding cup and a lidded Carlton Ware pot etc. 200

An early 19th century stoneware loving cup, transfer decorated with figures, tents and temples, the interior applied with three lizards.

A pair of green glazed earthenware Bacchanalian busts, each on canted square plinth.

200A A late 19th century Crystal Palace Art Union parian bust of a young woman with hops garland on stepped circular plinth. 35cm. £100.00 £200.00


A bottle of Offley Boa Vista 1960 port.

200B A small mixed lot of Oriental pottery, porcelain and other items including: a set of six Tang-style horses, a famille rose teapot, pair of small cloisonne vases and other similar items.


A bottle of Offley Boa Vista 1960 port.


A bottle Constantinos 1963 vintage port.


A bottle Graham 1963 finest reserve vintage port.


A Doulton Lambeth relief decorated tyg, together with two stoneware harvest jugs and a Doulton Lambeth mask head jug with loop handle.


A bottle of Warre's 1963 vintage port.


Seven variously sized Victorian copper lustre jugs and a florally relief decorated beaker.

A Victorian cranberry/ vaseline and green glass basket, together with various other items of glassware including: Carnival glass and two opalescent bowls, each modelled as a chicken on the nest etc.


A graduated set of three Victorian copper lustre mask head jugs.


A 19th century Japanese Imari jug of baluster form, having angular handle and all over decorated in typical blue gilt and iron red with bold floral forms in reserves. The base with red lily mark. 13cm. £100.00 - £150.00




A late 18th century Staffordshire Bacchanalian mask head jug, together with a similar later mask head jug and a treacle glazed twin handled beaker 224 moulded with Bacchanalian faun masks. Elijah Mayer, a late 18th/early 19th century baluster loop handled relief decorated sparrow beak jug, together with a Copeland jug decorated with hunting scene and a Copeland Spode flask produced for Andrew Asher to commemorate the

BidMaster Office


An early 20th century brass tobacco tin containing a small quantity of cigarette and postcards.


An early 20th century tin whistle of traditional form, decorated with a guardsman playing a fife. 25cm.


Two Victorian copper lustre jugs, each relief

decorated with seated figure and dog, together with a conforming pedestal cup and sugar bowl. 227

lamps, each of demi-gadrooned urn form, with vaseline shade. £100.00 - £150.00

A Royal Doulton dessert service, comprising: a pair of square footed dishes, an oval dish and six shaped plates, each decorated with roses, signed E Wood. Registered number 184624. £100.00 £150.00


A simulated ivory toilet set and a carved olive wood box.


Deans New Dress Book (Rose Merton), published by Dean & Son, London. £100.00 - £150.00


A silver framed easel mirror of wavy scrolled form, hallmarks for Sheffield 1987.


A small mixed lot of costume and paste set of jewellery, including: a cat brooch with sapphire collar, simulated pearl necklace, rings and a bee brooch set with paste etc.


A continental silver stirrup cup in leather case.


A gold plated half hunter pocket watch, a gold plated hunter pocket watch, two small silver cased pocket watches and a pair of mourning studs. £100.00 - £150.00

229A A scarce early 19th century account of the trial of William Burke and Helen McDougal, green cloth bound, together with a brown cloth bound edition 247 of Seymour's Readings of Shakespeare and a leather bound volume five edition of The Spectator 1712. £100.00 - £150.00 248 230 K F Barker, Just Pups, together with Lucy Dawson's Dog Book, Just Dogs by Barker and Dogs Rough and Smooth by Lucy Dawson. 249 231 Two suitcases containing an assortment of 250 masonic regalia and associated ephemera. £100.00 - £200.00 232 A tin of largely pre-decimal coins, commemorative 251 crowns and proof sets etc. 233

A small collection of pre-decimal coins, commemorative crowns and presentation sets, together with a few loose stamps.


A garnet and opal ring, a smoky topaz ring, an emerald and diamond ring and a coral necklace. £100.00 - £150.00 A 9ct white gold ring set with emeralds and diamonds in a cluster mount, together with a garnet seven stone ring. A gilt metal snap clasp bangle. A silver sovereign case of bun form on a white metal chain. An Edwardian crescent brooch set with alternating graduated diamonds and sapphires. £400.00 £500.00


A small collection of enamelled masonic jewels and decorations.

A box of silver plated and other flatware and cutlery, together with a silver plated tray, silver back hand mirror and other similar items.


A Breitling Aerospace gentleman's wrist watch, the case numbered E56061 in yellow leather box. £400.00 - £600.00


Two boxes of silver plated items, including: tureens, trays, preserve jar etc., together with a small quantity of silver teaspoons and cased flatware etc.


A silver sovereign case of bun form, together with a silver cased top wind pocket watch and a silver bracelet with padlock clasp. Various dates and makers.


Two boxes of silver plate to include: part-tea sets, 255 oval tray, canteen of fish knives and forks, together with a cased set of silver handled butter knives 256 and other similar items.



Two boxes of silver plate to include: Edwardian and other tea services, kings pattern punch ladle, sauce boats, baskets and trays etc. A large mixed lot of Middle Eastern, American and South American silver and white metal items to include: wine jug, bon bon dishes, coasters, bowls etc., together with a silver plated inkstand and other similar items. £400.00 - £600.00


An Edwardian silver plated and florally embossed cake basket, a small silver rose bowl and a pair of silver sugar nips, various dates and makers.


An Edwardian silver plated cruet containing a pair of facet and hob nail cut bottles, each with stopper. £150.00 - £200.00


Two Sheffield plate waiters, each having scallop cast piecrust rim on three scrolled feet. £100.00 £150.00


A pair of Elkington silver plated paraffin table

BidMaster Office


A miniature Mexican silver sombrero and an Edwardian tortoiseshell cased magnifier. A 14ct gold cased lady's fob watch, a silver cased chronograph key wind pocket watch, a small quantity of collar and cuff studs, a pair of 9ct gold cuff links and a white metal vesta.


Five silver spirit labels.


An American white metal buckle set with coral beads and turquoise stones and mounted with twin bull heads beneath a band of five cent coins.


An Edwardian silver pin cushion fashioned as an ostrich pulling a mother of pearl shell cart.


A small mixed lot of silver and white metal jewels to include: an amber set bar brooch, bangles, chains, rings and other similar items.


Three gentleman's 9ct gold rings, two set with small diamonds.


Two pairs of 9ct gold cuff links.


A Waltham gold plated open faced pocket watch.


A 9ct gold heavy link bracelet.


A small mixed lot of silver and white metal items including: a vinaigrette of casket form, Portuguese menu holders fashioned as dolphins, a boot hook, butter knife and a cased set of six silver teaspoons. Various dates and makers.

tray, rectangular lidded box, three brushes, comb, hand mirror and two scent bottles. £500.00 £600.00 283

A hallmarked silver trophy cup on wood socle, together with two silver plated knife rests, a silver plated mug, a cased set of six tea knives and a set of ivory handled fruit knives and forks. Various dates and makers.


A mixed lot of decorative items to include: costume jewellery, vesta case, a bronze patinated model of a seated pug, netsuke and other similar items.


An oak box containing a collection of Royal Antediluvian Order of Buffaloes medallions, badges and chains.


A silk fan decorated with songbirds, a small quantity of jet, a boot hook and a button hook.


A 1960/70's beadwork evening bag and a small quantity of costume and paste set jewellery.


A three bell and mother of pearl rattle/teether retailed by Tiffany & Co., an Edwardian silver and mother of pearl rattle/teether with whistle finial and a silver mounted scent bottle. Various dates and makers.


A matched silver four piece tea service, Birmingham 1934 and 1935, approximately 47 ounces. £600.00 - £800.00


No Lot.


No Lot.

Three graduated white metal articulated fish, each having applied scales and fins with hinged head. The largest 24cm. £100.00 - £150.00


No Lot.


No Lot.


Three pairs of silver and silver gilt cuff links and three gentleman's yellow metal rings.



A Siamese silver cigarette box, the hinged lid decorated with a three headed elephant deity, together with a conforming table lighter.

Edward Emerson, a pair of watercolours, Just a Pup and Wexford. Each framed and glazed. £100.00 - £150.00



Fattorini & Sons, a cased gold mounted conductor's baton, inscribed 'presented by the Gondoliers January 3rd 1908'.

S Jowett, gentleman upon a white horse with two female companions, passing through a gate beside cottage in an extensive rural landscape. Watercolour, signed in gilt glazed frame.


E D Butler, a four masted sailing boat on the rocks off the Cornish coast. Acrylic signed and dated '76 in white painted frame.


V H Drummond (attributed), view of Nelson's Column from Whitehall. Monochrome watercolour in gilt glazed frame.


R Seadon, a pair of pointers on alert in a field with gorse bushes. Watercolour, signed in moulded wood glazed frame. £100.00 - £150.00



A box of silver plated flatware, together with a silver three piece condiment, Stratton and other compacts and a silver plated engine turned cigarette box etc. Various dates and makers.


A pair of four slice Edward Viner silver toast racks, two silver napkin rings, a silver porringer, pickle fork and christening spoon. Various dates and makers. £100.00 - £200.00


A small mixed lot of silver plate to include: waiter, sugar castor, two salts and sauce boats etc. Various dates and makers.


L Morello, two young women at a well reading a letter. Watercolour, signed in gilt glazed frame. £120.00 - £160.00


A mixed lot of silver including: a cased three piece condiment, ashtray, engine turned inkwell and a silver mounted flask. £100.00 - £150.00


L Osborn, a half timbered cottage in high summer with flower garden to the fore. Watercolour, signed in gilt glazed frame.


297 A silver backed mirror and brush, together with a silver mounted pin cushion, hair tidy and three silver mounted bottles. Various dates and makers.


A small mixed lot to include: 9ct gold and other medallions, pre-decimal and proof coins and a silver cased key wind pocket watch etc. £100.00 £150.00

After Kunisada, a hand coloured wood block print of a lady holding a scroll, together with a landscape after Hiroshige. Each in ebonised glazed frame.



Jaccard Jewellery Company, twelve mother of pearl handled table knives, together with twelve conforming dessert knives and two carving sets.

Thomas Caldishaw, study of Lucerne with figures conversing on the river bank and the city rising beyond. Watercolour, signed in moulded wood glazed frame.



A cased set of twelve silver fish knives and forks, each with ivory handle in a canteen, retailed by Mappin & Webb. £100.00 - £150.00

Wesson, farm buildings viewed from across a field. Impressionist watercolour, signed in moulded wood glazed frame.



Goldsmiths & Silversmiths Limited, a silver dressing table suite comprising: engine turned

Late 19th century British school, highland landscape with mountain viewed beyond the loch, together with a framed and glazed watercolour of sailing boats at low tide and a scratching-out

BidMaster Office


picture of a small church.


Riccardo Pellegrini (Italian 1863-1934), ballerinas backstage before a performance, oil on panel, signed and dated 1890. 33 x 23cm in scallop moulded gilt glazed frame. £700.00 - £900.00


After Rowland Hilder, The Landmark. A print in moulded glazed frame.


Attributed to Hugo Grenville, Kew Gardens. A watercolour, in gilt glazed frame.



A gilt framed and glazed print of an Edwardian Royal Wedding together with another, similar, of Parliament.

E.S, a North African market stall with traders and figures walking beneath a broad stone arch. Oil on canvas, monogrammed 51 x 41cm unframed.


After Howitt, a set of four reproduction 18th century hunting prints, each contained within maple glazed frame.


R Simkin, two Highland Regiment Officers in full dress. A watercolour, signed and dated '81. 27 x 21cm, oval in oak glazed frame. £100.00 - £200.00 321


Ben Herring, Newmarket Mail. Watercolour, signed and indistinctly dated, 27 x 22.5cm oval in gilt glazed frame.


J Renshaw, figures on a path leading towards whitewashed dwellings with mature trees and pond, extensive landscape beyond. Watercolour, signed in gilt glazed frame.


David Ord Kerr, a grouse being pursued by a falcon over extensive landscape. Watercolour, signed in gilt glazed frame.


Collin Warrington, study of an Edwardian sports car 'Old Mill', watercolour together with two Greek souvenir hand coloured prints.


Philip Raskin, a seascape with grass covered 325 headland beyond the gentle waves. Acrylic signed and dated '06 in white painted frame.


A gilt framed and glazed Baxter print, The Day Before Marriage.


F E Jowett, gypsies preparing supper around a camp fire beside caravan, extensive landscape beyond.


Martin Handford (Where's Waldo) 'Austerlitz' , a finely detailed overview of the battleground with Napoleon observing the victory over the RussoAustrian Army. Watercolour, monogrammed with gallery label verso. 55.5 x 76cm in silvered glazed frame. £500.00 - £600.00


Attributed to Thomas Ryves, an 18th century study of a Pink, together with three other botanical watercolours. Each in moulded glazed frame.


Twentieth century Indian school, two Deities in a woodland clearing with attendant peacocks and a Tibetan school study of an Immortal and aides. Watercolours, each framed and glazed.



A folio of coloured military lithographs after Arthur Barbosa. Published by Heirloom Fine Art and limited to 920 sets. Each signed and numbered in pencil by the artist. £100.00 - £150.00


Attributed to R H Thurlow, Killarney, together with 327 a river estuary scene with moored rowing boat and whitewashed thatched dwelling. Watercolours in gilt glazed frames.


After Mick Cawston, a limited edition framed and glazed print, Vizsla, together with another, Irish Water Spaniel. Each signed and numbed in pencil by the artist in moulded wood glazed frame.


E J Niemann (1813-1876), a lone figure on a path beside a woodland lake, church tower and other buildings beyond. Oil on canvas, signed 18 x 25cm in leaf moulded gilt glazed frame. £250.00 £300.00


Early 19th century British school, a three masted boat being re-tarred, supported by barges and with similar vessel docked beyond. Oil on canvas laid to board, 24 x 33cm in leaf moulded gilt frame. £200.00 - £300.00


A A Glendening, Above Bettys-y-Coed. Oil on canvas, signed 30 x 51cm in gilt painted wood frame. £500.00 - £600.00

BidMaster Office


Louis Wain 'Who Said Mice' an oak framed print, together with two others after the same hand.

Twentieth century Russian school, temples viewed across a pasture, together with an unframed watercolour of a tiger hunter in Africa and other pictures and prints, including: a wetlands study with distant thatched cottages and a small gilt framed and glazed watercolour of dwellings in a moorland landscape. Martin Handford (Where's Waldo) 'Battle of Borodino', a finely detailed overview of the battlefield, showing the French invasion of the Russian forces. Watercolour, monogrammed with gallery label verso, 49.5 x 71cm in gilt glazed frame. £500.00 - £600.00 Possibly 1960s British school, an anatomical study, three quarter length of the female form from various aspects, reversed by an imaginative study of male figure and crouching female forms behind a spiders web. Oils on artists board, 60 x 74cm in gilt painted moulded wood frame.


Mid-19th century Indian school, a nobleman being carried in a covered sedan. Watercolour, 14 x 17.5cm with gallery label verso in gilt moulded glazed frame.


After Douglas, an over painted Edwardian print of a hunting scene in moulded gilt frame.


Mid-19th century Continental school, a quayside with figures preparing cargo, tall ships and other boats on the calm water with rocky headland beyond. Oil on canvas, 37 x 50cm in pierced leaf moulded gilt frame.


Twentieth century Chinese school, three oil on canvas portraits of young women, variously sized in gilt moulded frames.


H G R Hook 'Towards Lypiatt', Gloucestershire countryside with recumbent cattle on a midsummers day. Watercolour, signed 25 x 36cm in gilt moulded glazed frame.


E G Hogarth, lone figure in a woodland landscape, oil on board in fluted gilt frame, together with 346 another, similar of a harvest scene.

334 335

Three 19th century gilt framed and glazed coloured engravings of London bridges. 347 A gilt framed and glazed watercolour of a bridge over the river Dee, together with two ebonised framed and glazed etchings and a gilt framed and glazed watercolour of a wooden bridge above a broad river.



A mixed lot of eleven framed and glazed pictures and prints


Arthur Suker 'Evening on the River Dee' watercolour, signed in moulded wood glazed frame, together with a pair of ebonised framed and 349 glazed Dutch prints and an oil on board study of the Matterhorn signed Welte and dated 1933. 350 £100.00 - £150.00


A mixed lot of pictures, prints and mirrors to include: an impressionist oil on board study of sheep on a path beneath a red roofed dwelling, a 1960's print after Tretchikoff, wool work embroideries, frames etc.




Nineteenth century English school, 'Evening on the Solent', a two masted sailing boat with tender. Watercolour, inscribed and indistinctly monogrammed, 12cm diameter circular, in moulded gilt glazed frame. Early 19th century British school, half length portrait of Captain Quealand, 17th Lancers, together with companion, half length seated portrait of the Captain's wife. Oils on panel, each 19 x 16cm in ornate gilt gesso frames. £300.00 £400.00 Late 18th century British school, a half length

BidMaster Office


A gilt framed resin moulded plaque, a scene from the Canterbury Tales. Hubert Coop, rowing boats out of the water on the banks of a river estuary with moored boats on the water, watercolour, signed and dated 1895. 27 x 47cm in gilt glazed frame. £150.00 - £180.00

Garay, Eastern European cavalry officers observing a wagon train across a snowy landscape. Watercolour, signed 25 x 35cm in gilt glazed frame.

Francois, Venice at Dusk, oil on canvas together with a oileograph of a figure walking down a poplar 353 avenue and two other pictures, including a still life and an impressionist coastal study. A gilt famed and glazed plan of the review of the fleet by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II to 354 commemorate the silver jubilee on her accession to the throne, Spithead 28th June 1977.

Three framed and glazed prints after Nigel Hemmning, German Shepherd, grouse and ducks etc.

S Hay, chickens pecking the ground and turkey behind a wooden fence before a brick and half timbered thatched farmhouse. Watercolour, signed and dated 1886. 19 x 13.5cm oval in scallop bead moulded gilt glazed frame. £100.00 £200.00




Nineteenth century British school, an Exeter street with figures and animals before terraced buildings. Watercolour, 10 x 13cm in gilt glazed frame.

J Holland, 'seen from the square Notre Dame, Paris' watercolour, signed 18 x 12cm in moulded gilt glazed frame. £200.00 - £250.00

A pair of Victorian gesso and later painted picture frames moulded with fruiting vines (will hold a 58 x 48cm study).

341A After T Shaw, a 19th century coloured engraving 'travelling on the Liverpool and Manchester railway', together with a small mixed lot of framed and glazed watercolours, picture frames and other item.

Two 20th century miniature half length oil portraits of beauties, each contained within plum velvet glazed frames.




miniature oil portrait of a nobleman, together with companion, a half length portrait of a young woman wearing lace veil and bodice. A pair, 9 x 7cm oval in leaf moulded gilt gesso glazed frames. £150.00 - £200.00

Condamy, portrait of a black and tan French Setter, alert in a woodland landscape. Watercolour, signed 20 x 27.5cm in moulded gilt glazed frame. £100.00 - £150.00 Nineteenth century Scottish school, a Clansman and his beloved embracing on a terrace above a castle with mature trees. Oil on canvas, 55 x 40cm in leaf moulded gilt frame. £100.00 - £150.00


J Whitehand, a barge moored beside a water mill on the edge of a forest, oil on slate, signed and dated '79, together with an oak framed and glazed watercolour of a Cornish village with seated women mending nets and figures on the street. 24 x 49cm.


A modern Bokhara runner, together with two small Persian mats, decorated with lozenges and latch hooks.


A mid-20th century Persian runner, having stepped lozenge medallions on a foliate field, red ground within broad guard. £100.00 - £150.00


A 20th century Persian rug, having central lozenge medallion on a busy foliate and geometric field within narrow guard. £100.00 - £150.00


A Victorian walnut cased wall clock, having white painted dial within octagonal and applied leaf moulded case, together with an early 19th century banjo barometer.








An Edwardian mahogany sideboard, having scallop moulded upstand over rectangular top, three drawers flanked by cupboards on short cabriole legs.

display case. 376

A William IV mahogany sideboard, having shaped upstand over drop centre and frieze drawer, flanked by pedestals, each with drawer and cupboard on lobed turned supports.

A mahogany veneered bookcase cabinet, having dentil cornice over glazed barred doors enclosing adjustable shelves, the base with three frieze drawers and cupboards on bracket plinth.


A Victorian mahogany chiffonier, having mirror back over two drawers and a pair of cupboards on plinth base.

An Edwardian mahogany and satinwood strung corner vitrine, having moulded cornice over glazed barred door enclosing three shelves on square tapering supports and spade feet.


A continental walnut cupboard, having a moulded cornice over acanthus carved frieze and a pair of three panelled doors on plinth.

A late 19/early 20th century oak music cabinet with raised door enclosing three shelves on square 379 tapering supports. A late Victorian rosewood floral inlaid and strung dresser, having broken pediment over bevelled shield mirror, flanked by peripheral plates and shelves, a base with frieze drawer over a pair of glazed doors flanked by panelled doors on square tapering supports. £200.00 - £250.00 A 1960's red lacquer and chinoiserie cupboard, having an alter top over two doors decorated with exotic birds and flowers, enclosing single shelf on bracket plinth.


An early 19th century double comb stick back armchair, together with a late 19th century stick back armchair.


A mahogany tallboy chest, having seven graduated long drawers with brass batswing drop handles and escutcheons on bracket feet.


A 1930's oak cased grandmother clock with circular brass dial over glazed door, box base and plinth. £250.00 - £300.00

Blacket Wallace, a late 18th/early 19th century oak long case clock, having an arch dial 383 supporting eight day movement above half length door, box base and bracket feet. £250.00 - £350.00


A modern gilt framed wall mirror with rectangular bevelled plate.


An early 20th century burr walnutveneered lady's bureau, having a fall enclosing fitted interior over 384 an arrangement of four drawers on turned tapering and swept supports united by an H stretcher.




372 373

A Victorian North Country mahogany chest, having rectangular top over cushion drawer, two short and three further long drawers within turned columns on turned supports.

An early 19th century mahogany twin pedestal desk with Maritime connections, the rectangular top with three rising covers, one bearing paper Mariners Compass and watercolour charts etc., over an arrangement of seven true and false drawers on turned supports. £200.00 - £250.00 A Victorian mahogany washstand, having bow front top and two frieze drawers on an associated two column carved base with scrolled feet and turned stretcher.

H Burton, Wardour Street, two preserved and well modelled sea gulls in a glazed taped case on naturalistic ground. Bears paper label. £100.00 £150.00


An oak three tier Globe Wernicke bookcase.


An Edwardian mahogany vitrine, having moulded cornice over blind fret frieze and astragal glazed doors enclosing two shelves, the base with two cupboard doors on pierced stile supports. £150.00 - £200.00

An Edwardian mahogany wall mounting corner cupboard, having dentil cornice over glazed barred door enclosing two shelves.


An early 19th century oak wall mounting corner cupboard, having moulded cornice over astragal glazed door enclosing two shelves.

388 A modern cream and gilt painted, chinoiserie decorated side cabinet, having break-front serpentine top over two pairs of cupboard doors on bracket plinth. £100.00 - £150.00 389 A Victorian gilt gesso leaf moulded picture frame, enclosing a later bevelled mirror plate. 390 A mahogany veneered floor standing corner cupboard of concave form, having dentil cornice over glazed barred doors enclosing two shelves, 391 the base with a pair of cupboard doors on bracket feet.


A pair of early 20th century continental oak framed and salmon velour upholstered carver chairs.


A preserved fox in naturalistic setting in glazed

BidMaster Office

392 12

Ambrose & Sons Brewers and Coopers Supplies, a merchants advertising display board mounted with samples of wares. A 19th century bobbin turned cane seated rocking chair. A Victorian coach built spoke wheeled barrow cart in maroon and yellow livery, painted for purveyors of antiques. £500.00 - £600.00 A George III mahogany chest on chest of small proportions, having two short and three long drawers with pierced brass batswing drop handles and escutcheons, the base with three conforming graduated long drawers on bracket feet. £500.00 £600.00 A George III mahogany and brass bound campaign

night commode. £150.00 - £200.00 393 394






A Victorian mahogany veneered chest of two short over three long drawers on plinth.

cupboard flanked by further cupboards on heavy bracket feet. 411

A 1930's walnut veneered display cabinet, having glazed doors and side, enclosing two glass shelves on short cabriole legs.


A set of Edwardian brass dinner chimes, suspended from a conical cover, mounted with a scrolled arm to an oak shield.


A 19th century oak bureau, having fall with moulded edge over three graduated long drawers on bracket feet.

An early 20th century oak bookcase containing a part-set of Dicken's works, together with two Edwardian photographs and an oak framed memento of the Boer War.


A 19th century stained pine chest, having rectangular top over two short and three long drawers on plinth.

A mid 20th century Regency-style wall mirror, having eagle pediment over convex plate with ball slip.


A 1960's red lacquer and chinoiserie coffee table, the square top decorated with exotic birds and flowers within a Chinese-type border on square supports and block feet.

A modern black lacquered and gilt chinoiserie decorated side cabinet, the rectangular top decorated with figures in a landscape over three drawers and three conforming cupboard doors on bracket plinth. £100.00 - £150.00


A late 18th/early 19th century pine three panel coffer.

A late 19th century walnut cased Vienna-type wall clock.


A 1920's Japanese black lacquered and gilt chinoiserie decorated cupboard, the carcass inlaid with mother of pearl surrounding a pair of doors set with semi-precious stones, decorated with geisha in a landscape and the whole on bracket feet. £250.00 - £300.00


A George III mahogany and boxwood strung banjo barometer.


Roncheti, Manchester. A George III walnut stick barometer.

A late 18th/early 19th century oak writing desk, having fall with moulded edge enclosing fitted interior over frieze drawer on square tapering supports. A Victorian mahogany veneered bookcase cabinet, having a pair of glazed doors enclosing three shelves, the base with frieze drawer and cupboard doors on plinth.


An early 19th century French satinwood, painted and caned two person salon settee, the top rail decorated with pink swag of roses over flowering urn panels, conforming frieze on square tapering supports and block feet. £400.00 - £600.00


An antique oak and mahogany four poster bed with printed Oriental fabric drapes and canopy on hairy paw feet. £300.00 - £500.00


An Edwardian mahogany framed toilet mirror.


A 19th century mahogany four tier open bookcase with later back.


A George III mahogany and boxwood strung banjo barometer. £150.00 - £200.00


A Victorian mahogany cased twelve inch dial wall clock with single fusee movement faced by enamel Roman dial. £150.00 - £180.00


A set of four late 18th/early 19th century dining chairs, each having moulded top rail, pierced vase splat, drop-in seat on square supports.


A Victorian mahogany chest, having rectangular top over two short and three long drawers with turned knop handles on turned supports and castors.


A harlequin set of six Victorian mahogany balloon back dining chairs.


A set of four Edwardian Queen Anne-style dining chairs.


A 19th century wall mounting corner cupboard of bow front form, having two shelves over florally carved panel doors enclosing further shelf.


A late 19th century French gilt wood and upholstered open salon chair.



An Edwardian mahogany sideboard, having serpentine upstand and top over three drawers flanked by cupboards on square supports with pierced shoulders.

A set of four early 20th century oak framed and leather upholstered dining chairs (2 carver, 2 standard).


A reproduction walnut framed and green button velour upholstered French-style armchair.


A continental walnut framed and salmon velour upholstered parlour chair, having mask head *** cover padded back and over-stuffed seat on square tapering and block forelegs.


A pair of Victorian mahogany dining chairs, an Edwardian bedroom chair and a continental walnut framed dining chair.

407A A mid 20th century Black Forest cuckoo clock. 408

An Edwardian walnut buffet, having galleried top rail over three stages, with two central drawers on ring turned and block supports with castors.


A Victorian over mantle mirror, having gilt painted moulded frame enclosing a plain plate.


A late 19th/early 20th century walnut and simulated grain sideboard, having two drawers and 429

BidMaster Office


A pair of French mahogany framed and Regency

stripe upholstered spoon back salon chairs. 430

A beech and elm Windsor-style armchair, having a hoop back with leaf and petal carved splats, out swept arms and solid seat on ring turned tapering supports.


A reproduction davenport desk.


A late Regency mahogany framed double scroll end settee. £150.00 - £200.00


A contemporary five piece drawing room suite, comprising: three person settee, two person settee, a pair of armchairs and a footstool, each upholstered in floral print.






A 1960's red lacquer and gilt chinoiserie occasional table, the square top decorated with exotic birds and flowers on square supports and block feet. A Edwardian oak side table, the rectangular top with moulded edge over frieze drawer on barley twist and block supports united by a conforming stretcher.

table, having rectangular top and twin flaps on square tapering supports. 449

An early 20th century propeller blade, mounted on stepped circular plinth.


An early 20th century Oriental pole screen, scratched decorated with figures and landscapes.


A late Victorian colonial hardwood nursing chair, having fruiting vine carved pierced back, provision for drop-in seat over a conforming frieze and short cabriole legs with ceramic castors.


A mid-20th century school bell.


A pair of black and gilt painted Regency rope twist dining chairs.


A George III mahogany breakfast table, having circular tilt-top on wrythen carved column, three leaf carved swept legs and lappit pad feet.


An 18th century oak refectory dining table, having a three plank top on turned and block supports united by a box stretcher. £400.00 - £600.00

456 An Edwardian mahogany extending dining table, the oval top with single leaf on heavy cabriole legs, 457 pad feet and castors. An Oriental hardwood nest of tables, the largest, 458 circular and decorated with warriors and pagodas incorporating four quadrant shaped tables, each on claw and ball feet. £250.00 - £300.00 459 A George III mahogany work table, having rectangular strung top over drawer and silk basket on ring turned tapering supports united by a cross 460 stretcher.

A late Victorian brass jardiniere with lions mask ring handles on paw feet. A reproduction mahogany coffee table, having circular top on three swept legs and pad feet. A Victorian rosewood framed and mustard button velour upholstered footstool, having square pad on French cabriole legs and knuckle feet. An early Victorian oak and metal bound silver chest. A reproduction mahogany veneered twin pedestal desk.


An Edwardian walnut sewing table.


An Edwardian mahogany clerks writing slope


Four small reproduction pieces of furniture, including: a canterbury, drop-leaf table and two other occasional tables.



A mahogany dining table, having rectangular Dend top with reeded edge and single leaf on a twin column support, swept legs and castors.

A 1920's Japanese black lacquer and chinoiserie decorated coffee table, the rectangular top figurally decorated with semi-precious stones within a mother of pearl border on swept legs and block feet. £150.00 - £200.00



Eight pieces of furniture and other items to include: occasional tables, a humidor, pot cupboard, nest of tables, footstool and wall mirror etc.

A Victorian mahogany fire screen, the wool work woven panel applied-decorated with sheep in a landscape within a pierced scrolled surround, barley twist stiles on splayed end supports united by leaf carved stretcher.


An early 20th century oak extending dining table, having rectangular D-end top on cup and cover supports and bun feet.


An Edwardian mahogany, florally inlaid and strung two person salon settee.



A reproduction mahogany veneered nest of three tables, together with a conforming coffee table.

An Edwardian mahogany occasional table, having circular top on turned tapering supports and pad feet.


A mid-19th century three section Mandarin hat box.



An Edwardian mahogany occasional table, having octagonal top on turned tapering and block supports united by under tier.

A late 18th/early 19th century Italian walnut commode, the rectangular lozenge parquetry inlaid top over two long chequer strung drawers with brass ring handles, conforming sides on square tapering supports and block feet. £400.00 £600.00


An early Victorian mahogany extending dining table, having rectangular top with single leaf on turned tapering lobed supports and brass castors.



A late 18th/early 19th century mahogany dining

A 1930's figured walnut side cabinet of demi-lune form, having a cross banded top over single door opposed by false doors on short cabriole legs and pad feet.

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An 18th century-style oak joint stool.


An Edwardian open bookcase with fitted two pine adjustable shelves.


An early 20th century oak Glastonbury-style armchair, the frame carved with Latin inscription around a solid seat on X frame support.


A George III mahogany and strung secretaire chest, the rectangular top with moulded edge above fitted fall front drawer over three further long graduated drawers on bracket feet. £300.00 £400.00


A set of six late George III mahogany dining chairs, each having plain top rail and splat, drop-in seat on ring turned tapering forelegs (all standard). £100.00 - £200.00


An Edwardian and mahogany boxwood strung three tier folding cake stand.


A late Regency mahogany pedestal dining table, having rectangular top with single end drawer and twin flaps on baluster column, three swept legs, reeded feet and castors. £150.00 - £200.00


An Edwardian mahogany, florally inlaid and strung salon chair, having bow back, pierced gallery splat on square tapering supports and spade feet.


A late 19th century French Empire kingwood, inlaid and satinwood cross banded and ormolu mounted marble topped side cabinet, having break front rectangular top over foliate pierced and cherub panel frieze, the two doors decorated with figural columns and flowering urns within square tapering swaged pilasters, the sides decorated with fruiting olive branches and the whole on turned tapering supports. 115 x 136cm. £2,000.00 - £3,000.00

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