Changing Lives: Making a Difference in God s World

Changing Lives: Making a Difference in God’s World Kingdom Assignment 2015 Introduction “The kingdom of heaven is like a mustard seed that someone ...
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Changing Lives: Making a Difference in God’s World

Kingdom Assignment 2015

Introduction “The kingdom of heaven is like a mustard seed that someone took and sowed in his field; it is the smallest of all the seeds, but when it has grown it is the greatest of shrubs and becomes a tree, so that the birds of the air come and make nests in its branches.” First Presbyterian of Wheaton is a church that has been blessed. Throughout the years we have been blessed financially, physically, emotionally and spiritually. And now we have been doubly blessed. Last January we had an anonymous donor come forward with 10,000 dollars to enable us to bless others. Even as we have been blessed, we know that it is our mission, our calling, as followers of Jesus, to ‘pay it forward’, to bless others, to do our part to work toward God’s Kingdom on earth. And we know that just as a small mustard seed can bloom into the most beautiful of trees, so can each small contribution grow and multiply into making a real difference in peoples’ lives. Our strategy was simple, we would give 100 people 100 dollars with only three instructions. 1) They must realize that the money is not theirs--it is God’s money.

2) It must be used for God’s purposes.

3) They must report back to us about how they touched others in God’s name. This book showed what people did with this challenge, and how they made a difference in people’s lives. In it you will read of the many and varied ways that the 100 people who took on the Kingdom Assignment and received $100 went about ‘paying it forward’. You will learn that you are never too old or too young to do God’s work. “Even someone as young as me can make a difference.” You will find that most of our recipients found that in transforming others’ lives their own lives were transformed. “We learned how blessed we are.” You will experience the many ways that people became more aware of human need and the ways we can meet them. “It was exciting to be looking at all times for God’s leading to do good for someone else.” I hope you will enjoy reading all these stories and be as inspired as I have been by how just a little can go a long, long way. In God’s Love, Pastor Kyle Roggenbuck

Kingdom Assignment Recipients - 2015 First Name Andie Ed Cindy Bill Christy Doug & Corinne

Last Name Alvis Ballard Bass Blake Bohmer Boyd



Jane Ron & Carol Brad Beth Melanee Laura Chris & Sharon

Bredrup Brushwyler Burch Burgess Burns Carr Carroll









Contributions to Appalachian Service Project and Honor Flight Chicago. Party night to benefit "Make a Wish" foundation Contributed to Feed My Starving Children



Contribution to St. Jude Children's Hospital

Ira Susan Holly & Kent Joan

Davall Davis Dickinson Dobson

Scott & Tanya (family) Downing Greg Drinan Susan Drinan Cerena & Rudy Jan & Randy

Fischer Foster









Description Support First Pres Pre-school Support for Abraham's Children Support for WF mission trip Eagle Scout Fund Raiser Money to "Children of Nepal". Fund raiser for PRC, Gospels for Asia, PADS, Prison Ministries Donation to family moving to Dominican Republic to do medical mission work

Joined with:

Support for CASA Money for retired minister Gift Cards for hungry Tutoring Dyslexic student Rainbow Friendship Cards Milk money for PRC Downings

Downings Marian Park Special Services Downings Donated to sister who was very financially strapped Special need child at Wheaton North Yoga for PTSD Military people Shipment of Medical equipment to Palestine Houles Roseland Community “Good News” Day Care Center Donated money to the People's Resource Center's Food Pantry Helped a needy family known through school. Money For Disadvantaged Child To Buy Glasses. Creating "rice bags" for heating and cooling, and then funds given to female homeless veterans

Kingdom Assignment Recipients - 2015 Edith

First Name

Last Name Description Gourd (Trudgeon) Giving money to family whose husband/Dad lost his job due to an accident







Julie & Andy (family) Robert Ben Ethan Kate

Ella Jennifer

Hardwick/Leonard Harrington Heaton ESSE Hinson Hinson Funds to Salvation Army and (matched) to PRC Hodges Money for Trinity Services of Joliet Houle Loaves & Fishes Huszagh Men's Parenting Program at DuPage County Jail Iliff Provided additional funding for Pastor's Discretionary Fund Johnson Johnson Donate to OCC Kaenel Donated to organization that saves Manatees in Florida Keating Keating Feed My Starving Children

Lauren Mary

Keating Kinsey

Alan Jeanne Ken

Konfirst Kovanda Krauss

Lisa & Natalie






Nancy (family)




Sold "Infinity scarves" to raise money for Outreach



$50 gift to two random people.

Diane Freeman Doug & Rosanne Barb Shelley & Scott Elise Pat Tom

Joined with:

Money for food vouchers, bus money, etc. for Rush Hospital patients. Activity baskets for World Relief children locally Gift card to former neighbor with financial difficulties. Downings

Kate Hinson

J. Keating

J. Keating Donation to a college bound Zomi young adults Helping disadvantaged people Houles Sponsored two high school students in Rwanda Donation to employee at school who was stricken with cancer. Donate to "Filter Pure" that provides water filters in the Dominican Republic Helped pack meals for and donated money to "Feed My Starving Children" Support: American Heart; Anderson Animal Shelter; St. Patrick's residence; Phil's Friends

Kingdom Assignment Recipients - 2015 First Name Kelsey Kris Lauren

Last Name MacDonald Mast Mead

Description Donation to KC Pet Project. Money for youth trip to Guatemala Donation to Red Cross for tornado victims in Illinois Donated to "Rest of World, Foundation" Banana bread for Ronald McDonald outdoor game. DuPage County Animal Care & Control Donation to "Teen Parent Connection" Distributed portions to homeless people downtown, with prayer book. Serenity House Donation to the Glen Ellyn Food Pantry "Busy bags" for DuPage World Relief Furniture plus cash donation to Jubilee Furniture (part of Outreach Community Center Donation to "Make a Wish" foundation.

Jerry & Alice Carol & Paul (family)

Meyer Molino

Connor Sandy Greg

Moses Nielsen Oltman

Peggy Jackson (Polly) Ellen Chrysse (family)

O'Neil Parchem Pinto Pirok



Mike Jane & Mike

Pomatto Price





Kristen Marion Pam Emily

Richter Robbins Sanzotti Schmitz



Donations from family movie night toward Black Mountain Home For Children



Bake sale for donating money for research on Chrones Disease and Ulcerative Colitis



Sarah Beth Mike Graham

Shine Spiegel Spires Stephenson

Helped with brother's bake sale for Chrones and Ulcerative Colitis Money for dresses for school dance Donation to Marianjoy Unit

Joined with:

Mike Pomatto

Donation to "Make a Wish" foundation. Making beaded jewelry for Outreach Uganda; and selling jewelry for Family Shelter Services. Donating money to the DuPage animal shelter. Donations for Pediatric Brain Cancer Research at St. Jude, and Ross K. MacNeill Foundation Donated to PADS Mustard Seed Raffle Items for PRC Creative Art Workshop, helping people to free their minds of emotional problems.

Downings Collecting money to help kids in his class afford field trips.

Kingdom Assignment Recipients - 2015 Tracy Beth

First Name

Last Name Stollberg Stremel

Cathy Sally Beth Lisa (family)

Suhr Taylor Trumpy Vliek

Eleanor Caryle

Walter Wilkie

Betty Nathan (Family)

Wittmayer Zeuch Zorn

Total contributed $ =

Description Donation to Heifer International Donation for building materials to WF mission trip Support for military families Heifer International

Joined with:

Nielsens Play date fund raiser to support Batten Disease through the "Hope 4 Bridget" foundation. Donation to Operation Smile Fosters

Schmitz Richters Creation of "Summer Backpacks" for four needy kids at school