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HAMAKOM YINACHEM David Goldstein on the passing of his father, Gerald Goldstein. Boris Cohen on the passing of his sister, Rita Grossman. Judy Forman on the passing of her mother, Doris Sherman. Mark Hochberg on the passing of his father, Fred Hochberg. Doreen Guzik on the passing of her father, Leonard Rubin. Richard Golden on the passing of his mother, Ivy Golden.

MAZEL TOV Caryn and David Nazarieh and Sandy Spencer on the birth of their grandson and great-grandson, Benjamin Max Nazarieh, son of Melanie and Jonathan Nazarieh.

PJC MISSION STATEMENT Plainview Jewish Center is a forward-looking, family-friendly, Conservative synagogue, which respects and incorporates traditional Jewish values. We are completely egalitarian and inclusive in all aspects of synagogue life. We strive to provide a distinct, positive Jewish identity through worship, life-long education, enrichment, and community involvement. These practices ensure a congregation in which every member matters. KEEP US INFORMED!! Got good news? Engagements, marriages, births? Send your information by mail, fax (516-938-2737) or email ([email protected]) so that we may share your simchas with the congregation. PLEASE LET OUR CLERGY KNOW! Current laws prevent hospitals from releasing names of patients. Please call the Temple Office when you, a family member, or friend are in the hospital and would welcome a visit. Contact the Temple office at 516-9388610 ext.0. ORBIT (USPS 410440) is published monthly from September to June for $2.00 per annum by the Plainview Jewish Center (a religious corporation under the laws of the State of New York), 95 Floral Drive West, Plainview, New York 11803. WE 8-8610. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to ORBIT, Plainview Jewish Center, 95 Floral Drive West, Plainview, New York 11803 RABBI...........................................................................Steven Conn RABBI EMERITUS...................................................Julius Goldberg * CANTOR......................................................................Morris Wolk PRINCIPAL.................................................................Rachel Ginsburg PRESIDENT..............................................................Bruce Elowsky CHAIRMAN OF THE BOARD............................Shea Z. Lerner SISTERHOOD PRESIDENT..........................Debbie Zaglin MEN’S CLUB PRESIDENT....................................Mark Hochberg FAMILYEDUCATION DIRECTOR......................................Judy Alper ACTING YOUTH DIRECTOR.............................Morgan Hammerman ORBIT EDITORS.......................................................Margie Richter Michele Haimes Elizabeth Kessler ORBIT COVER ART................................................... Joyce Eckstein * In Memorian


Plainview Jewish Center 516-938-8610 WEEKDAY SERVICES Mon. thru Fri…………… 6:30AM Mon. thru Thurs…….…...8:00PM Sun. and Holidays………. 9:00AM Sun. and Holidays………. 8:00PM Friday Evening Services Check Calendar for Times WE’RE ON THE WEB: WWW.PLAINVIEWJEWISHCENTER.ORG


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MARCH CALENDAR Rabbi Steven Conn & Cantor Morris Wolk will officiate at services The Officers and Board of Trustees Extend a Hearty Mazal Tov to the Families of the Following Simchas Sunday, March 1st Service Followed by T/T Breakfast………..9:00AM Adult Bar/Bat Mitzvah Class…………...…..9:15AM Stepping Up Vav with Parents.……...……11:15AM Monday, March 2nd Religious School Committee Meeting....….8:15PM Tuesday, March 3rd Israel Trip Presentation………………….….7:30PM Wednesday, March 4th Family Megillah Reading.………....…....…..6:15PM Purim Carnival………….…………..……….7:15PM Men’s Club Ice Cream Social……...………7:15PM Full Megillah Reading preceded by Ma’ariv.................................7:45PM Thursday, March 5th Full Megillah Reading……………..………..6:00AM Senior FAN Club…………………...……….1:00PM Friday, March 6th Erev Shabbat Service…………...………….5:30PM Musical Tot Shabbat……………...…………5:30PM Saturday, March 7th Shacharit Service………………..........…….9:00AM Shabbat as One…………........…..........….10:30AM Mincha/Ma’ariv…………………......……….5:30PM Patio Players Presents Fiddler on the Roof................................8:30PM Sunday, March 8th Services Followed by T/T Breakfast............9:00AM Adult Bar/Bat Mitzvah Class…............…….9:15AM J-Flex………........………….................……11:30AM Patio Players Presents Fiddler on the Roof.................................3:00PM Patio Players Presents Fiddler on the Roof.................................7:30PM Monday, March 9th Mishpacha Committee Meeting…….......….7:30PM I*Express Meeting…………….....…….…….8:30PM Wednesday, March 11th Lunch and Learn………....…………..…….11:00AM Chesed Meeting……..……….……....……..6:00PM Ritual Committee Meeting….………...….…8:15PM Thursday, March 12th Senior FAN Club……………………...……..1:00PM Board of Trustees Meeting………………….8:30PM Friday, March 13th Erev Shabbat Service……………………….6:00PM Mishpacha Service…………………………..7:00PM Saturday, March 14th Shacharit Service…………………………….9:00AM Musical Junior Congregation……...………...9:45AM

Mincha/Ma’ariv…………………......…….6:45PM Patio Players Presents Fiddler on the Roof............................8:30PM Sunday, March 15th Services Followed by T/T Breakfast…....9:00AM Adult Bar/Bat Mitzvah Class………….....9:15AM Patio Players Presents Fiddler on the Roof…...........................3:00PM Monday, March 16th Educational Director Search Mtg............8:30PM Tuesday, March 17th Sisterhood Meeting….………………..…8:15PM Wednesday, March 18th Bible Class with Rabbi Conn….…….......8:30PM Thursday, March 19th Senior FAN Club………………………....1:00PM Friday, March 20th Erev Shabbat Service…………………...6:00PM Family Friendly Friday Night Service.......7:00PM Saturday, March 21st Shacharit Service…………….…………..9:00AM Mincha/Ma’ariv……........…..........……….6:30PM Bar Mitzvah: Benjamin Raifer, Son of Patricia and Scott Raifer Sunday, March 22nd Services Followed by T/T Breakfast........9:00AM Aleph Passover Workshop………….......9:00AM Adult Bar/Bat Mitzvah Class……........….9:15AM J-Flex………………………………...…..11:30AM Monday, March 23rd Stepping Up Vav…………...……….........4:15PM Tuesday, March 24th Sisterhood Board Meeting………….......8:15PM Men’s Club Board Meeting…........….......8:30PM Thursday, March 26th Senior FAN Club………………...…….…1:00PM Friday, March 27th Musical Tot Shabbat………….…....…….5:30PM Erev Shabbat Service…….……….....….6:00PM Saturday, March 28th Shacharit Service………........……....…...9:00AM Junior Congregation…........……….....….9:45AM Shabbat As One ……...........……….…..10:30AM Mincha/Ma’ariv……………......………….7:00PM Sunday, March 29th Services Followed by T/T Breakfast....…9:00AM Adult Bar/Bat Mitzvah Class…….....……9:15AM Monday, March 30th Educational Director Search Meeting.....8:30PM


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FROM THE RABBI by Rabbi Steven Conn

Special column in the Spirit of Purim! A little after 2:00 AM, a black SUV arrives in the parking garage underneath the White House. A tall man with gray hair slowly gets up from his crouching position in the back seat. Accompanied by two burly security guards, the man takes the elevator up to the Oval Office. The guards remain outside as the man enters. “Bibi!,” shouts a man from inside the office. “You made it.” “Bar!” the tall man exclaims in his trademark baritone voice. The two men pull each other into a bear hug in the center of the office, right above the Great Seal of the United States. “Have a seat, Bibi. It’s time to celebrate.” “I’ve already got that covered, Barack. I even brought some supplies.” “Are those. . . Cubans?” “You better believe it, shipped directly from Havana. Maybe someday soon you’ll be able to get them too.” “Maybe I can even get the taxpayers to foot the bill, just like they do in Israel.” “Nice one, Barack, but it doesn’t look like I am the only one in this room living large.” “Got that right, Bibi. Care for some ice cream? I’ve got Ben and Jerry’s.” “Those leftist clowns. No thanks. I do love ice cream, but I’ve gotta draw the line somewhere.” “Speaking of drawing the line, I loved your address to Congress tonight. So did Biden, by the way. It had just the right mix of threat and provocation. The Iranians were probably sweating through their turbans. Rouhani’s already called me three times.” “What did he say?” “No idea, I just let it go right to voice mail.” “Perfect! By tomorrow, he’ll be begging you to let him reduce the number of centrifuges.” “Damn right. With all that pressure, the Iranians will have to agree to a serious deal. And I owe it all to you, Bibi.” “No, really, Bar, you were the one that made it happen. I can’t believe you talked Boehner into inviting me to speak to Congress.” “It wasn’t that hard. Boehner got a high profile chance to wave his middle finger at me. That plays really well with his base. And with Sheldon Adelson.” “I guess we should give him some credit too. Things could not have gone any better. This whole ‘deepening rift between Obama and Netanyahu’ story got us weeks of great press coverage. “Crisis in US-Israel Relations.” “Obama-Netanyahu Feud Gets Personal.” Such great political theater. Everyone really thinks we hate each other. Israelis, Americans— even the Iranians.” “And we all know how far the Iranians will go to try to isolate Israel and stick it to Netanyahu.” “Yeah, they will even jump right into the arms of that Great Satan—the United States—just to spite us.” “And they don’t even see that they are giving us exactly what we want.” “Right. That’s the beautiful thing. Do I really want to launch a preemptive strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities? Of course I do. But that doesn’t mean it’s a good idea. Tens of thousands of Israelis could be killed in a retaliatory attack. And if we had to nuke them. . . I don’t even want to think about it.” “But the Iranians need to think that you are just crazy enough to do it.” “And if I am crazy enough to stand up and call you out in front of Congress, and put our whole bilateral relationship in jeopardy, then, who knows, maybe I am that crazy.” ( continued on page 5 )


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From The Rabbi ( continued from Page 4 ) “And to think they are saying you are just doing this to get a bounce in the polls. If only they knew”. “But I will take that boost in the polls anyway. Every little bit helps in a tight election. Which reminds me. Can you make sure to really lay into me about my speech in your press conference tomorrow? Those right wing voters in Israel just eat it up. “ “Happy to help, Bibi. This has worked out really well for both of us. So well, in fact, that I was wondering whether you would consider working with me to tackle some other major world problems?” “What do you have in mind?” “Well, let’s start with the whole ISIS mess. We’re bombing them like crazy. They’re taking really heavy losses. But the new recruits just keep pouring in.” “Yeah, even a few Israeli Arabs have joined up.” “So far, the harder we hit them, the more volunteers they attract. We need a new strategy. So here’s a thought. What is the one thing that would dry up their pool of new jihadi recruits?” “It sure isn’t the prospect of certain death, or the brutality of ISIS, or the effect joining up will have on their families.” “Right. So here’s what we have to do. You know how the Syrians have been accusing you of supporting ISIS after those last few attacks on Hezbollah weapons convoys?” “Yeah, pretty ironic, isn’t it?” “Not only ironic, but convenient. All we have to do is start stoking those rumors. We go through third parties, of course. We have our operatives in Syria and Iraq start whispering about how the Zionists are helping ISIS. We plant a few stories in the Arab press; nothing concrete, just innuendo and unnamed sources. Pretty soon, it’s not just Israel helping ISIS, it’s Israel sponsoring ISIS. Then it’s Israel calling the shots. And the great thing is, the more ISIS denies it, the more believable it becomes.” “Soon even the most fanatic jihadi won’t want anything to do with ISIS. Because there is one thing much worse for an Islamic extremist than killing, death or separation from family: being associated with the Jews.” “That’s right. Anti-semitism is our ultimate weapon.” “It’s a horrifying brilliant plan. As your Taylor Swift says, ‘haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate.’ “Yeah, I love that Shake It Off” song too.” You know, Barack. while we are brainstorming, let me pitch you an idea.” “Sure.” “I have been following the blow up over immigration in your country. You’ve got a whole bunch of people who came to your country illegally, found work, made lives and want to stay. But you have no way to make them legal. In Israel, we don’t have this problem.” “Why not?” “Because there is always a way to become legal.” ‘How?” “Well, they can become Jewish. They can convert. Then they can become citizens under the Law of Return.” “So, how does that help me?” “It’s simple really. Our economy is booming. And too many Israelis are working overseas. We need more workers. We need construction workers. We need IT workers. And you have hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants who could do these jobs. It’s a match made in heaven. We come over here, set up some classes, do a little cutting and a little dunking. A year from now, your illegal immigrant problem is gone, and we have hundreds of thousands of new, legal Jewish immigrants to Israel. ( continued on Page 6 )


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From The Rabbi ( continued from Page 5 ) “What if they don’t want to go? What if they don’t want to convert?” “What if they don’t want to get deported? Those INS guys are relentless. Without those executive orders, it’s just a matter of time.” “When you put it that way, Israel becomes a very attractive destination.” “Exactly. Another great example of what we can do when we put our heads together.” “Yeah, working with you, it seems like almost anything is possible. Why, I bet we could even come up with a way to work out a peace deal between you and the Palestinians.” “Of course we could. You know that plan NASA has for a mission to Mars. . . “


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The Cantor’s Note: Purim 2015 One reason Purim remains relevant despite scant historical corroboration, is that it reflects a problem faced by Jewish people that is repeated in every age – animosity against us. The murder, just a few weeks ago, of a Jewish man by a Muslim fanatic at a synagogue in Copenhagen bears out the accuracy of this observation if, in fact, it ever needed any proof. Gerri and I spent our New Year’s break, as we often do, in London but this year it coincided with the Paris massacres. By attending services, speaking to religious and lay leaders and reading Jewish newspapers, we were able to get a sense of the feelings of English Jews, who are a lot closer to the danger than we in America perceive ourselves to be. While not succumbing to panic or defeat, they are justifiably very concerned. A recent poll has shown that a significant percentage of English people harbor anti-Semitic feelings. Of necessity, visitors to a synagogue must go through multiple layers of security, both physical barriers and personnel. On a Thursday evening, we took the London Underground to a heavily Jewish neighborhood called Golder’s Green to do our Shabbat shopping in a supermarket very much like the one that had been attacked in Paris. Returning on a train laden with bags clearly labeled “Kosher Market.” I will admit to being very uneasy, not something I generally feel in New York. On Friday night, following the awful events which had just transpired, nearly five hundred people were moved to come to the West London Synagogue to pray, to seek solace, and to express solidarity. Just the prior week numerous houses and vehicles in another suburb had been daubed with anti-Semitic graffiti and last summer witnessed a sharp rise in incidents targeting British Jews in the wake of the fighting in Gaza. We learned that at the end of December, a report had been released entitled, “Government Action on Anti-Semitism.” It outlined governmental initiatives in key areas, most notably internet hate crime and Holocaust education and remembrance. The paper was actually a final report on recommendations made in a 2006 Parliamentary inquiry into anti-Semitism. In terms of deepening their understanding of what the British government actually believes anti-Semitism to be, and what it has done and intends to do about it, this is an important document to English Jews. It shows that anti-Semitic incidents have increased, are increasing, and lamentably, show no signs of abating. It affirms the government’s belief that there can never be any excuse for anti-Semitism, and its resolve to fight against it. That much is good. What it does not clearly show, what it seems to gently tiptoe around is what some observers have called the elephant in the room. There is almost no mention of the part played by United Kingdom-based Islamic groups in fomenting this upsurge, and of British Muslim extremist characterizations of Jews, Judaism and Israel. The original 2006 Parliamentary inquiry concluded that a minority extremist Islamist element in England incites hatred toward Jews and that the Islamaphobia that British Muslims feel cannot be used to justify anti-Semitic words and violence. On that forthright and correct judgment, the current report was, to the dismay of some British Jews, woefully silent. To the extent that any rational analysis of the current international dilemma fails to take into account the rabid anti-Jewish ideological messages fomented by radical Islamists, we should all be dismayed. May we, like our ancient ancestors, be delivered from the murderous designs of those who plot against us. Cantor Morris Wolk, D.Mus.


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PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE by Bruce Elowsky The harsh weather in February did not stop us at PJC. On January 31st, we had our first Parent’s Night Out. Thanks to the coordination and planning of this event by Stacy Meyerson and Sharonie Kesselman, over 100 people attended. It was a fun night of dancing to the music of Hart to Hart DJ and good food catered by our own Robert Ian Caterers. Many individuals left with great raffle prizes. As a result of numerous donations, this event raised approximately $2500 for the Arthur Gutmanstein Religious School. Yasher Koach to all. In February, Sisterhood and Men’s Club ran their annual Shabbat Service. Thanks to Doris Cooper, Diane Miller and Shea Lerner for organizing and coordinating the service. The service was followed by an extended Kiddush and guest speaker Naval Commander Risa Simon, who shared her personal experiences related to Jews in military service. PJC also thanks Sisterhood President, Debbie Zaglin, and Men’s Club President, Mark Hochberg for their leadership. Also in February, the Men’s Club ran the World Wide Wrap. This was a Sunday service where we encouraged both men and women to learn how to put on Tefillin. This year many of our Vav students, both girls and boys, chose to participate in this event. Thank you to both those who participated and performed the Mitzvot of assisting others in experiencing this ritual. On Wednesday, March 4th, we begin celebrating Purim. The family abridged Megillah reading, which will also include a multi-media presentation, will begin at 6:15 PM. Everyone is encouraged to come in costume. Following this service will be a carnival for the children run by our USYers, and a Men’s Club Ice Cream Social. Of course, if you wish to hear the full Megillah reading, you may do so at 7:45 PM or Thursday morning, March 5th, at 6AM. Please feel free to invite family, friends and neighbors to join us for this holiday celebration. This year, Men’s Club and the Patio Players will present, Fiddler on the Roof. Performances are Saturday, March 7th and 14th, and Sunday, March 8th and 15th. Due to high demand, there is now a waiting list for these performances however, if you are interested in tickets, contact Michael Prospect for information through our office. A while back, I spoke about how the I-Express Committee along with the Jewish Education Project was designing programming in which our children would engage in meaningful Jewish learning beyond the classroom. We are proud to announce that this month, our Bet and Gimmel class will experience two programs, the first of which will take place on March 1st called the Purim Camp Experience Day. Later in the month on March 29th, there will be another program for Passover and on April 26th we will have another program for Shavout. Thank you to the I-Express Committee and the Jewish Education Project for all their hard work. It is a great honor to announce that this year’s Journal Dinner Dance Honorees are Franny and Arnie Drucker. Arnie grew up at Plainview Jewish Center with his parents Ronnie and Ed Drucker who are one of our founding families. We are happy to honor them on Sunday May 3, 2015 at 5:00 PM. Invitations will be forthcoming. Just a reminder to save the date for Cantor Wolk’s 40th Anniversary Celebration to be held on Sunday June 7th at 5:00 PM. Plainview Jewish Center thanks Beryl Kwitkin for his very generous donation in establishing the “Mina Kwitkin Jewish Youth Engagement Scholarship Fund.” This fund will help our youth participate in experiences, which will help them grow in their understanding, participation and appreciation of “Experiential Jewish Life”. It is our hope that many children in our synagogue will participate and find this to be an enriching experience. Plainview Jewish Center also thanks Sisterhood for their very generous donation, which was made at our last congregation meeting on January 22nd. As an arm of PJC, they continue to support social and cultural programs, which benefit our congregation members and our community. Chag Sameach. Bruce


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Let’s Celebrate! Cantor Wolk’s 40th Anniversary at PJC


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Help Support PJC’s Religious School Fundraiser for Extra-Curricular Activities and Programs Throughout the school year, the Religious School offers extra-curricular programs and events to its children to enhance their Jewish education and make learning fun. Some events offered in the past or that the Religious School Committee would like to pursue in the future include: an olive oil pressing workshop, a matzah baking workshop, a trip to the Suffolk Y to see the Jewish exhibit and a session with an Israeli dancing instructor. To help off-set the expense of these events, the Religious School Committee is conducting a congregation-wide 50/50 raffle now through Purim. Half of the total proceeds from the sale of raffle tickets will be allocated specifically to the Hebrew school to support extra-curricular educational activities and programs for the students and the other half will be divided into 2 equal parts offering participants 2 chances to win. The drawing will take place at the Megillah reading service on Purim in the main sanctuary on the evening of March 4th. Ticket prices are $5 each or 5 tickets for $20. If you are interested in purchasing raffle tickets, please complete the form below and send it with payment to the temple office at: 95 Floral Drive, Plainview, NY 11803; ATTN Religious School 50/50. Your raffle tickets will be mailed back to you. Participants need not be present the evening of the drawing as long as contact information is provided below. Thank you for your support with this fund raising initiative. If you have any questions regarding this fundraiser, you can contact the Religious School office or email Stacy Meyerson at [email protected] Hebrew School 50/50 Raffle o I would like to purchase 1 raffle ticket for $5.00 to support extra-curricular programs at the Religious School. o I would like to purchase 5 raffle tickets for $20.00 to support extra-curricular programs at the Religious School. o I would like to purchase ________ tickets for $__________ to support extracurricular programs at the Religious School. o I don’t want to purchase raffle tickets but would like to make a donation to the Religious School for $__________ Please make check payable to Plainview Jewish Center Name__________________________________________ Phone Number____________________ Address______________________________________________________________________________


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Shiva Set Up A very special service that Sisterhood extends to our congregation is a shiva set-up for those who have, unfortunately, had a loss in their family. If you need this service, call the temple office to request the set-up. Dorit will contact us and we will discuss the different options with you. If any one is interested in helping with the shiva set-ups, please call the office and leave your name and number. Thank you, Doris Cooper Give a Shout for Parents Night Out! by Stacy Meyerson The holidays may have been over but there was still some partying to be had. On Saturday evening, January 31st, the Arthur Gutmanstein Religious School hosted a Parents Night Out fund raiser at the synagogue to benefit future programming for the School. Over one hundred guests enjoyed a cocktail hour and buffet dinner catered by Robert Ian Caterers. They enthusiastically danced the evening away to music provided by Hart to Hart Entertainment, socialized and also won the numerous raffle prizes available. Feedback for the event has been nothing but positive and a great time was had by all. This is directly attributable to the hard work of the committee responsible for organizing this event. Under the direction of Committee Chairperson Sharonie Kesselman, the committee took this event from concept to reality in only 3 short months. Not only did they negotiate great deals, tirelessly publicize the event, and solicit exciting raffle prizes and even an event sponsor, they did it all with never-ending excitement. A big TOV to the Parents Night Out committee members: Alyssa Feinberg, Jessica Grant, Mindi Hoffman, Shari Kubrick, Stacy Meyerson, Barbara & Matthew Moskowitz, Bonnie Novack, Vanessa & Alan Scheinwald and Sharyn Schwartz. Thank you to all who came out for a fun evening in support of the Religious School. Look for more fun events in the future.

The memorial plaques in our temple sanctuary help us to remember our loved ones who are no longer with us. For questions or information, contact the temple office: 516-938-8610


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Spend the

First Night of Pesach with your PJC Family Friday, April 3 at 6:30pm $40 per person $18 per child (Pre-Bar Mitzvah) Under 4-Free

Leave the preparation to us and come enjoy a beautiful seder led by Rabbi Conn and Cantor Wolk with a delicious meal supplied by Woodbury Kosher RSVP is a MUST Mail your check to PJC to confirm your reservation.


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Dear Friends, One small phrase in the Torah is all it took to create the frenzy that is now known as “cleaning for Pesach”. In the book of Exodus we read, “There shall be no leavened products (chametz) in your homes.” As far as we know, our ancestors always understood this passage literally. Any leavened product, from Playdo to bread dough,was to be removed from our homes before sunset on the 15th of Nisan. If we are far-sighted planners, we might be able to arrange our menus so that we eat up every last crumb of chametz before Passover. We certainly can give away un-opened chametz items to Island Harvest or any other food banks as well. But most likely, there will be items we cannot use or give away; items that would be very expensive or inconvenient to replace if we were to throw them out. Rabbis in the Middle Ages recognized this reality, and created a kind of “legal fiction” to enable us to keep some of our chametz locked away for use after Passover. This legal fiction, involved transferring authority over all chametz remaining after a certain date to the local rabbi. The rabbi, in turn, would “sell” the chametz to a non-Jew for a modest down-payment. In theory, the non-Jew was free to use the chametz during Passover. In fact, the “sold” chametz is separated from Passover food and placed in a marked and sealed box or cabinet, so that a Jew cannot easily access it, but the non-Jewish buyer can easily claim it. Should the buyer fail to pay the full purchase price by the end of Passover, the reaming chametz reverts to its original owners. While some may see the Sale of Chametz as a bit far-fetched, I believe it embodies Judaism’s ability to at once be a livable religion that does not impose unrealistic demands on its adherents, but also a religion that makes change in an evolutionary, not revolutionary way. I am happy to provide the opportunity for us to sell our chametz this year. If you would like to participate n the Sale of Chametz, please fill out the form below and return it to the PJC office by Friday April 3rd at 7:30 AM.. I will be available to personally “buy” chametz at PJC beginning on Sunday March 22nd. I am usually available after morning minyans Sunday, Monday and Wednesday, on Monday and Thursday afternoons from 3:00-6:00 PM, and after evening minyans Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday. Feel free to stop by at other times as well. Chag Kasher V’samaech, Rabbi Steven Conn —————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Delegation Of Power of Attorney for the Sale of Chametz Know ye that I the undersigned fully empower and permit Rabbi Steven Conn to act in my place and stead, and in my behalf to sell all chametz possessed by me (knowingly or unknowingly) as defined by Torah and the Rabbinic law. And to lease all places wherein Chametz may be found, especially in the premises located at _______________________________________________________________________________________________ (address—include all residences and businesses) Rabbi Conn has the full right to sell and lease by transactions, as he deems fit and proper and for such time which he believes necessary in accordance with detailed forms as explained in the general authorization contracts which have been given this year to Rabbi Conn to sell the Chametz. This general authorization is part of that agreement. Also do I thereby give the said Rabbi Conn full power and authority to appoint a substitute in his stead with full power to sell and to lease as provided herein. The above given power is in conformity with all Torah, Rabbinical regulations and laws, and also in accordance with the laws of the State of New York and the United States. And I do hereby affix my signature on this the ______________________ day of _____________ in the year 2015. Signature: ________________________________

Print Name ______________________________

I am pleased to enclose a voluntary donation of $_______ to the PJC Ma’ot Hittim Fund (all donations will directed toward providing Passover food for those in need or to other hunger-relief organizations.


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Come to an informational session in the PJC ballroom on: Tuesday, March 3rd at 7:30pm Larry Ritter, President of Israel Tour Connection (ITC) will be giving a presentation about the trip and will be available for Q&A and to take deposits. Please RSVP if you plan to attend. [email protected] or through the synagogue office. This year we will be in Israel!! Your Israel Trip Planning Committee More details on pages 37 & 38


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It’s time for NCAA College Basketball March Madness ! PJC is managing a pool this year. It is a 70/30 pool where first place gets 50%, second place gets 15%, and third place gets 5%. Invite all your friends! Entry fee is $50. This is the simple process to join: 1. Sign-up by going to: cbssports.com. Hit Fantasy (far right button). Then hit college basketball bracket. Not a member, then hit register button (bottom right). 2. Once registered, provide your name, email address, telephone number and check (made out to Plainview Jewish Center). Mail this to: Plainview Jewish Center, 95 Floral Drive Plainview, NY 11803 Attn: Main Office—Jay 3. Once your check is received, the league name and password will be emailed to you. You can then make your picks ! Pool Deadline is March 13th. Brackets out March 15th. First round March 17th - March 18th. Any questions, please email Jay at [email protected]


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All four shows of Patio Players production of


have been sold out! An additional fifth show has been added on Sunday, March 8th at 7:30pm. Tickets: $20 in advance; $25 at the door For tickets contact Michael at 516-938-8296 or e-mail ticket requests to [email protected]


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Monies raised will go to our Hebrew High School Programs!




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Plainview Jewish Center 60th Anniversary Special Gifts Tribute Please consider becoming a permanent gift donor to the Plainview Jewish Center. The following is a list of suggested Special Gift items that can be dedicated to celebrate joyous events such as engagements, weddings, births, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, birthdays, and anniversaries. Dedications can be made in the memory of loved ones or to acknowledge a special friend. Brass inscriptions will be provided. Synagogue Bimah Torah New Torah Torah Crown Torah Rimonim Torah Breastplate Megilah Pulpit Chairs Kiddush Cup

Havdalah Service Items Pew Seats Torah Reader’s Yad Bimah Wall Candelabra Flags on Bimah Memorial Boards Challah Cover Mezuzahs

Lobby/Main Corridor

Religious School

Presidents Plaque Tree of life Leaf(s) Trophy Display Case Tallit and Prayer Book Cabinet Bulletin Board Art Work

Classroom Library New computer Smart Board Display Case Wall Artifacts

Garden Name memorial Garden Benches For further information, please contact:

Steve Glasser at: 516-938-3069 or [email protected]


r e p l A y d u J

y b r e n r o C n o i t a c u d E y l i m a F


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Do you have your Purim costume ready? A terrific grogger perhaps to abolish Haman’s name? Or maybe you’re getting just a few last minute Shalach Manot packages ready. Without a doubt, we are now in Purim mode and hopefully we are all looking forward to listening to the megillah of Esther and partying in a perfectly Purim way on Wednesday evening, March 4th. The month of March is a happily hectic one, just as we are finishing our celebration of survival from the hands of the wicked Haman, we are moving very quickly into the holiday of Passover. It’s a holiday that brings our extended Jewish family together, there is always room at the seder table for guests. One year, when we joined my daughter, son-in-law and their children, there were birthday balloons tied up on a few of the chairs. My son-in-law announced that we were not only going to have a seder that night but we were going to celebrate a great birthday. My interest was piqued (and a great lesson for school was about to be “born”)…whose birthday was it? I love riddles and this was a good one for the children and perhaps for the adults, too. So whose birthday was it? When we gained our freedom from slavery in Egypt we were witnessing the birth of the Jewish people! Like all births, it was not easy and we had to learn many things as we grew up and grew stronger. There’s a phrase that I have often heard; “may we go from strength to strength”. I think that this month, bookended by Purim and the quick approach of Passover, teaches us the lesson that we need to grow strong both as individuals and as a people. This Passover may we all go from strength to strength in our love of our people and the great mitzvot of the Torah. Join us on Friday, March 20th at 7:00pm for our Family Friendly Friday Night Service. The FFFNS is always a treat! The service has prayers that are always easy to keep up with and the excitement and participation of the congregants is always enjoyable. Whether you come to hear the prayers or to put a little “step” into some of the tunes, you will come away with a wonderful feeling of spirituality and camaraderie. There is an oneg that follows and everyone who wishes to help sponsor has a chance of sharing their personal celebrations with everyone. If you would like to become an oneg sponsor (sponsors are always welcome!), please email Judy Alper at [email protected] Last, but not least, save Sunday, March 22nd at 9:00 am as a date for your 4, 5 or 6 year old to attend a terrific PJ Library / Plainview Jewish Center Passover workshop (all children must be accompanied by an adult). All Aleph students and their parents are required to attend. This workshop is open to the community and is a terrific way for your child/grandchild to learn about the story and some of the customs of the seder. Please RSVP if you plan to attend.


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CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR B’NAI / B’NOT MITZVAH BENJAMIN RAIFER March 21, 2015 Benjamin is the son of Patricia and Scott Raifer and has a sister, Hope. He is a seventh grader at POB Middle School. Benjamin enjoys participating in POBMS Drama Cadets shows and bowling leagues. He also likes music, sports and spending time with his family. His favorite holiday is Passover because he likes eating matzah. For his Mitzvah Project, he is raising money for the Johns Hopkins Packard Center for research on ALS - Lou Gehrig’s Disease.

REMEMBER TO PURCHASE CANDY BAGS FOR YOUR BAR/BAT MITZVAH THROUGH OUR YOUTH GROUP CONTACT THE TEMPLE OFFICE: 938-8610 Shalach Manot Come down and help to pack those wonderful Sisterhood Shalach Manot Baskets. We will be packing on Sunday, March 1st between 9AM and 2PM. Help for an hour or stay all day. It’s so much fun!

Fashion Boutique Our Fashion Boutique is on Wednesday evening, April 29th at PJC. I am looking for a few more vendors who would be interested in renting a table (only 35.00) and joining us for the evening. The ladies attending will have a light supper and have plenty of time to chat and especially time to shop. If you are interested in being one of the vendors, please call me at 516 398-5707. Thank you, Marilyn Cohen

FREE MONEY Please help our Religious School earn free money Save Box Tops from General Mills brand items

Ziploc – Kleenex – Hefty – Cheerios – Scott Paper Gogurt – Kix – Betty Crocker and many more !!


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Learning to put on Tefilin with the Vav Class

Learning to do Hagbah with the Zayin Class

Liz Danziger and J-Flex students making mezuzahs!

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ORBIT SCHOOL NEWS By Rachel Ginsburg, Principal “With the onset of Adar, happiness increases.” Talmud Taanit 26a

You ask yourself why happiness is increased. Any child will answer that Purim is right around the corner and that makes them happy. All of us are unique and have something that brings us happiness. For some, getting a goldfish at the Purim carnival is very exciting - for others, putting on costumes, behaving silly or eating Hamentashen. But very few think that giving tzedakah can make them happy. Judaism elevates the “tzedakah” value and teaches that “to give is to receive” and that the giver will receive happiness. Isn’t this true! Think about all the good things you have done and how it made you feel. There is a lot of truth in this psychological insight. So this coming Purim, besides eating lots of goodies from the Shalach Manot (food baskets) that you receive from friends, and being silly, think about doing one especially good thing. Give tzedakah to a worthy Jewish organization, or to an individual who is struggling. Commit yourself to help in a soup kitchen or homeless shelter, if only once, to see how it feels. May we all have true happiness this Purim. This year Purim will fall on Wednesday night, March 4th, 2015. The abbreviated family Megillah reading will start at 6:15PM. Children will receive Holiday Service credit for attending this service. The remainder of the month we shall work on Pesach which will be here shortly. One of the activities for Passover will be a Passover camp experience for the Bet and Gimel classes. This will take place on Sunday, March 29 th. This event will be the second one that we are implementing. We did one program on March 1 st for Purim and we plan to offer another one for the Shavuot holiday. The teachers in these grades are very involved in the planning and overseeing of these programs. This is a product of what the “I-Express” team designed and is a pilot program that will be assessed at the end of this year. I wish all of you a Merry Purim!! Chag Purim Sameach, Rachel Ginsburg

MARCH 2015 SCHOOL CALENDAR 3/1/15 2 4 5 7 8 9 9 11 13 14 20 22 22 23 27 28

Sunday Stepping-Up/6 (VAV) with Parents Monday School Comm. Meeting Wednesday Eve of Purim - PURIM CARNIVAL Purim Carnival in Ballroom – 7:15PM Thursday Purim Saturday Shabbat-as-One Sunday J-Flex Monday Mishpacha Committee Meeting Monday I-Express Meeting Wednesday Chesed Meeting Friday Mishpacha Service Saturday Musical Jr. Congregation Friday Family Friendly Service Sunday ALEF Passover Workshop Sunday J-Flex Monday Stepping-Up/VAV Class - No Parents Friday Musical Tot Shabbat Saturday Shabbat As One

11:15AM-1:15pm - Youth Lounge 8:15PM - Library 6:15PM –Abridged Megillah Reading No School 10:30AM-12:00PM - Youth Lounge 11:30AM-1:00PM - Room 213 7:30PM-8:30PM - Library 8:30PM-9:15PM - Library 6:30PM - 8:00PM - Room 211/209 7:00PM-8:00PM 9:45AM-11:15AM - Youth Lounge 7:00PM-8:00PM 9:00AM-11:30AM 11:30AM-1:00PM - Room 213 4:15PM-6:15PM - Room 213 5:30PM-6:30PM 10:30AM-12:00PM – Youth Lounge


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We sometimes need to call people to make our morning and evening minyans. We would like to expand the list of people we can call.


If we can call you in either the morning at 6:30AM or evenings at 8PM or both please let us know. Please email us at, [email protected] or call 938-8610. Please specify: Name, Phone Number, Availability: Morning or Evening or both, Any restrictions (i.e. any day but Tuesday).


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REFUAH SHELAYMAH Our Plainview Jewish Center Family wishes a refuah shelaymah to: Hank Marcus Lucille Giniger Irving Weingarten Martin Bertisch Zelda King To our PJC members: if you would like to have a family member included in this section, please notify the temple office at: 516 938-8610 x101

Premier staffing agency providing consultants and permanent hires for a wide range of industries in the tri-state area including law and accounting firms; insurance, hospital and healthcare organizations; financial and educational institutions; and advertising, marketing and media companies. Our expertise extends to successfully placing professionals at all levels in the Information Technology; Digital Media; Human Resource and Administration; Marketing; Finance; Litigation Support; and Real Estate fields. Also managing projects on behalf of our clients, we help develop, staff and implement small and large scale IT initiatives. 12 East 44th Street, 7th Floor - Between Fifth and Madison Ave. New York, NY 10017 (212) 317-0211 Fax: (212) 317-8652 www.dbistaffing.com


ShopRite & Fairway Food Certificates are always available

Call Illyse - 622-6657 or Temple Office - 938-8610 Remember, by supporting the Food Certificate Program, you support PJC! ** gift cards and scrip will be sold Sunday mornings 9-12 in the temple lobby!!

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SISTERHOOD NEWS PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE - Debbie Zaglin, President On the 14th of Adar, we celebrate Purim. The most obvious lesson we learn from Purim is that we must constantly be on guard against the enemies of the Jewish people. But another important lesson to be learned from Purim is that each and every one of us has the ability to become a heroine, a modern-day Esther. As dedicated members of Sisterhood and Women’s League, let’s always remember the lesson of the story of Purim and display a personal heroism and strength which will make modern-day Esthers of each of us.

PROGRAM Rose Weiner - Program Vice President    Come and join us on Tuesday, March 17th for our  Passover  Workshop. We will have a cooking demonstration of a Passover dish. You will also receive a booklet of Passover rituals and recipes  from Sisterhood members. If you have a favorite Passover recipe that you would like to share, please e-mail it to me at [email protected] and we will put it in the booklet.    Please mark your calendar  for our April meeting. It will be Comedy and Brunch on Sunday morning, April 19th. You will be treated to a fun filled program.  We all need some humor in our lives!

EDUCATION Diane Miller - Education Vice President

2015-Sisterhood and Men’s Club Sabbath Our annual Sisterhood and Men’s Club Sabbath which was celebrated on Febrary 7th, was very successful. Our women made us proud and outdid themselves by their participation and performances. A special thank you to Shea Lerner, Men’s Club representative, who, as always, was a delight to work with and always comes through at zero hour. Thank you to Rabbi Conn and Cantor Wolk for their support and guidance, as usual. And a special thank you to our speaker, commander Risa Simon who enthralled us all by sharing her experiences and stories about Jews in the military. The responses to her speech were overwhelming. Thank you all who came to services to participate in this special Sabbath. Sincerely, Doris Cooper, Education Chairman

Save the date Wednesday, April 29th Sisterhood’s Fashion Boutique!!


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SISTERHOOD JUDAICA SHOP The Sisterhood Judaica Shop has gifts for all your holiday needs. We have a large selection of honey and apple sets,seder plates, menorahs, mezuzahs, jewelry and head coverings for both men and women. Our great holiday serving pieces, including platters and utensils, are wonderful for celebrating and entertaining or to bring as a gift to family and friends. WHEN YOU THINK GIFTS, THINK SISTERHOOD JUDAICA! FOR INFORMATION, CALL MICHELE HAIMES @ 516-822-0704


MAY WE SERVE YOU Prayer Book Fund Diane Miller 935-7732 Judaica Shop Michele Haimes 822-0704

Torah Fund Rose Weiner 935-0454 Joyce Rimer 433-4826 Judi Dorosin

Book of Life Rhoda Meshover 938-8818 Cookbook Barbara Alhadeff 631-923-0000

JNF Certificates Bunny Finkelstein 433-5778 Debbie Siegel 822-6146

Mitzvah Committee: Call Temple Office: 938-8610 (Shiva Set-up & Shiva Chairs Available)


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TORAH FUND - Rose Weiner, Torah Fund Coordinator

I want to thank everyone for attending our Double Chai Kick-Off at Joyce Rimer’s home. It was a very interesting and informative evening. Again, a big THANK YOU to Joyce for offering her home and serving an array of delicious desserts! The Torah Fund campaign is Sisterhood’s commitment to the Jewish Theological Seminary. The JTS is the basis of Conservative Judaism with a worldwide network of academic and religious institutions. By supporting the Torah Fund campaign you are making it possible for our future rabbis, cantors and teachers to be trained and educated. You can help by purchasing Torah Fund cards which are available for all occasions. They can be bought for personal use or they can be sent out for you. Cards are available at general meetings, or you can contact Joyce or Rose who will be happy to send them out for you. Cards are $4.00 each ( plus $.50 postage if we send it for you). We welcome benefactors for a pledge of $180 and you will receive a beautiful pin. Your donations will help safeguard the future of Jewish life for our children and future generations to come. Thank you for your support!

Rose - 935-0454, Joyce - 433-4826

*** Special Sale: $36 for ten cards; $20 for six cards Welcome a new arrival! Send one of these beautiful Torah Fund cards today!

Send these beautiful cards to celebrate happy occations, to acknowledge the death of a loved one, to thank a friend, to wish someone a return to good health or just to let someone know you’re thinking of them.


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WE WISH TO THANK AND EXPRESS OUR APPRECIATION TO THE FOLLOWING FAMILIES FOR THEIR GENEROUS CONTRIBUTION TO THE YAHRZEIT & YIZKOR FUND: Sandra Brenner Janine & Sheldon Jackman Marlene Kreditor Zita & Marvin Rosen Stacy & Andrew Meyerson Philip Wolkis Barbara & Bernard Roy Hoffman Beatrice & Robert Gutman Loretta & Israel Fleiss Bruce Schachter Rhoda & Jerome Wiener Irving Weingarten Linda & David Horowitz Charlotte & Jack Weingarten Nanette & Sanford Strenger Lynda & Richard Lyons Nancy Behar

Susan Shebairo Charles Kaufman Linda & Robert Englander Randy & David Goldstein Eloise & Lester Goldstein Marilyn & Landon Zuckerman Joan Kashdan Marcy & Marc Fogel Gary Littman Enid Flax Jeffrey Hochdorf Susan & Jeffrey Miller Rhoda Meshover Phyllis & Richard Golden Wendy & Barry Shapiro Eleanor & Melvin Tanenbaum Ruth & Marvin Kantorowitz Bela & Melvin Schoenfeld

Carol & Richard Levinson Bernice & Albert Firestone Charlotte & Joseph Brodie Ellen & Norman Kaufman Barbara & Norman Lewin Deborah Gates Margie & Marc Richter Eleanor & Lawrence Abrams Vivian Lowitt Shirley & Ross Landesman Linda Sobolow Harriet Cohen Ellen & Martin Kirschman Lora & David Zemsky Janet & Mervin Unger Phyllis Sarrel Renee & Arthur Ritz

MEN’S CLUB by Stephen Taub Talk about March Madness! This is a big month for Men’s Club events. On Purim evening, March 4th, following the reading of the Megillah, Men’s Club will be hosting its annual Ice-Cream Sundae Party, complete with all of your favorite toppings. Of course, this is complementary. You can even try Hamentashen a la mode. Then it is time for the Men’s Club Patio Players to take over the Temple. This year we are performing Fiddler on the Roof. Performances will take place Saturday evening March 7th, Sunday afternoon March 8th, Saturday evening March 14th and Sunday afternoon March 15th. Believe it or not, we only have a few tickets remaining. So, you have not purchased yours yet, call the office and leave a message for Michael Prospect or Rob Cohen. Meanwhile look in your mailboxes shortly before Passover for your Yom Hashoah candle. As always, this is courtesy of Men’s Club. Finally, on April 14th, we will host our annual Movie Night. Unfortunately, we had to postpone this event which was originally scheduled in February. We apologize to all those who were inconvenienced or disappointed. To remind you, we will be showing, Suzie Gold, a comedy about a young Jewish woman living in London with a sister who is about to marry a young Jewish man. We will be serving popcorn, candy and soda. As always, there is no charge to all attendees. The movie will start at 8:15 p.m. Hope to see you at all of these events.


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THE BIBLE CLASS CONTINUES! THE BOOK OF EZRA & NEHEMIAH - BACK TO THE PROMISED LAND Looking for an hour of action, drama and excitement on Wednesday night? Take in a classic series that has been delivering the thrills for more than 2000 years. Join Rabbi Conn, for all the action on selected Wednesdays at 8:15PM. This month, we will begin our study of the Books of Ezra and Nehemiah. These books chronicle the return of the Babylonian exiles to the land of Israel in the sixth cnetury BCE. Although the events described in these books happened 1500 years ago, they often seem like they could have happened today. Ezra and Nehemiah grapple withy questions like: “What if Jews don’t want to retrun to Israel? Who is a Jew? And what does it mean to have a Jewish State?” Our discussions will focus not only on how Ezra and Nehemiah address these questions, but also on what their answers mean for our time. Free and open to all. Bring your own Bible or use the study sheets provided in class. No Hebrew necessary. Next Session Wednesday, March 18th Ezra 6 Rebuilding the Temple II: The Answer From Persia! New participants are always welcome.

LUNCH AND LEARN Wednesday, March 11th Join us from 11:00 AM to 12:45 PM for stimulating study, good food and even better company at our monthly Lunch and Learn with Rabbi Conn. This month, we are excited to have Cantor Wolk as our guest speaker. Cantor Wolk will discuss, “The Music of the Jews of France.” Join as we learn more about the rich traditions of this Jewish community that has been so recently thrust into the headlines. Suggested donation is $5 per person. Lunch and Learn is usually held on the second Wednesday of each month. Open to all PJC members and the community at large.


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Shabbaton at PJC Thank you to the PJC community for a very successful Shabbaton. The program was a tremendous undertaking and was so successful because of the very generous and kind efforts of the PJC community. Thank you!

pjc website Please visit our website www.plainviewjewishcenter.org and view the timeline and montage videos prepared by Steven Rubenfeld in honor of Plainview Jewish Center 60th celebration!   I am also regularly uploading pictures of recent events on our photo page - Kym Newborn and Carol Hauser are amazing at forwarding these pictures to me.  You can also view the current and prior Shul publications - The Orbit (Temple and Sisterhood) and the Men’s Club Hakol.  As you know, these publications contain all the information necessary to be up-to-date with happenings around the Shul.  These are pdf files, which are easy to read on the computer - you can enlarge the document on the screen for easier reading and if you are unsure how to download the free software onto your desktop or laptop or even hand held devices (iphone, ipad, etc.) I will be happy to assist.  You can email me at [email protected] with any questions.

Olga Portnoy

So others may enjoy our stuffed Torahs at future services, if you inadvertently took one home after our Simchat Torah service, please return it to PJC! Thank you


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Detailed Itinerary on Page 38

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ORBIT Israel Tip Itinerary

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Hatzilu Means Rescue Hatzilu is reaching out to our community for help. This worthy organization has been assisting impoverished and needy Jews throughout Nassau County for many years. Volunteer social workers help elderly Jews obtain the government benefits to which they are entitled and food is provided to the hungry. Hatzilu maintains the largest kosher food warehouse in Nassau County and volunteers deliver food to people who need it desperately. The warehouse is in dire need of canned goods and nonperishable foods. Donations of these products would help restock the shelves that are almost bare. Hatzilu appreciates all money donations as well. A food collection box will be placed by the main entrance of the synagogue. Thanks for helping those in need. For further information about Hatzilu, please go to: www.hatzilurescue.org or call 931-2884. Arlyne Skolnik



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PJC BUY A BRICK PROGRAM Please help us in raising money to upgrade, beautify and maintain our building and grounds. Our Walkway of Memories will provide a permanent way to honor or memorialize a family member or friend, a business or special occasion. For further information or additional order forms, please call: Larry Speiller at (516) 938-8610.

M’yad L’yad (Helping Hands) Please join Sisterhood, other members of PJC and many others on Long Island as an anonymous sponsor of a LI family in need . All you need do is send a package as few as four(4) times per year through your local UPS store. M’yad L’yad will pay the shipping cost. For more information, call: Marilyn or Marty Leibowitz at 822-6965. Text Study with Rabbi Conn Most Shabbat Afternoons between Mincha (Afternoon) and Ma’ariv (evening) services. Begin the new week with a few minutes of study. This fall, we will focus on a question from the weekly Torah portion and the answer given by Rashi, the most famous of all commentators. Our discussions are always brief, and usually insightful. So join us for prayer, study and camaraderie as we explore the Torah together.


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Respecting others’ privacy is an important Jewish value. Lashon HaRa—gossip—is uniformly condemned by our tradition. But there is at least one exception. When someone is ill or in need of care and support, it is a mitzvah to tell people who can help. In our community, the Rabbi and Cantor provide pastoral support to individuals and families who are suffering illness and those who need emotional support. The Rabbi also serves as the liaison to our newly formed Bikur Cholim Committee; which provides additional visits and support to those who request it. Please let the Rabbi and Cantor know when someone in our congregation is ill; or when a family is dealing with a crisis. Only when they know can they reach out to individuals and families in need. Only when they know can they mobilize our Bikur Cholim committee to provide additional support. Don’t worry that they might already have the information. Don’t worry that you are “bothering” these busy people. The information you provide will be vital to helping our congregation to serve the needs of those who need us the most. Rabbi Conn and Cantor Wolk can be reached at PJC at (516) 938-8610. Rabbi Conn can be reached by cell at (516) 524-7447 or by email at [email protected]

PLAINVIEW JEWISH CENTER CEMETERY GROUND Location: Wellwood Cemetery at Pinelawn, New York Cost:

Single Graves available at $600 each grave.


25% down with interest free monthly payments for a period of up to two (2) years.

Eligibility: Available to PJC Members ONLY. For information call: JOEL FASS 938-7351