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June 23, 2013

Pentecost, also called Descent of the Holy Spirit, is one of the Great Feasts of the Orthodox Church, always celebrated 50 days after Easter, thus always falling on a Sunday – this year June 23; next year, June 8, 2014, and the year after that, May 31, 2015. Fifty days after the Resurrection, while the disciples and many other followers of Christ were gathered together to pray, the Holy Spirit descended upon them in the form of “cloven tongues of fire”, with the sound of a mighty rushing wind, and they began to speak in languages that they did not know. There were many visitors to Jerusalem at that time for the Jewish observance of the feast, and they were astonished to hear these untaught fishermen speaking praises to God in their alien tongues. This account is detailed in the Book of the Acts of the Apostles, chapter 2. The Orthodox Church sees Pentecost as the final fulfillment of the mission of Jesus Christ and the first beginning of the messianic age of the Kingdom of God. It is traditionally called the beginning of the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church. This is why you have sometimes heard the Holyday called the “Birthday of the Church”. This Feastday also celebrates the full revelation of the Divine Trinity – Father, Son and Holy Spirit. In our Church, we use fresh flower arrangements and the green leaves of summer to show that God’s divine breath comes to renew all creation. Green vestments and altar coverings are also used. In many parishes the Feast is celebrated starting the evening before with Great Vespers. Bread is blessed that is distributed the following morning at Pentecost Liturgy. In that Liturgy, special hymns replace the standard Sunday antiphons. The hymns “O Heavenly King” and “We have seen the True Light” are sung for the first time since Easter, calling the Holy Spirit to “come and abide in us”, and proclaiming that “we have received the heavenly Spirit”. In the Saturday Vespers the evening before, the three famous “Kneeling Prayers” are chanted. In our parish, 2 of them are chanted then at Vespers, and the 3rd is read at the conclusion of the Pentecost Liturgy. These poetical prayers were composed by St. Basil the Great. The Liturgy is celebrated also on the Monday after Pentecost which is called Holy Spirit Day. At the end of Liturgy, a procession makes its way around the inside of the church, 4 gospels are chanted - one in the center point of all four walls, and the priest sprinkles the worshippers with holy water. These are the traditions and customs of Pentecost. If you like them and don’t want to lose them, then practice them and pass them on to our children!


9 AM

24 Mon.

9 AM

28 Fri.

7 AM

29 Sat.

8 AM

6 PM

DIVINE LITURGY – PENTECOST SUNDAY There is No Fasting all this week (Remembered in the Proskomedia: + Fr. Michael Rosco on 40th day) HOLY SPIRIT DAY – DIVINE LITURGY OF PENTECOST MONDAY (Gospel Procession around the inside of the church) Panachida: Perpetual: + Steve Dedianko by Patricia Dedianko; Perpetual: + Anna, John, and George Havrilesko; Perpetual: + Mary Dirgo + Jeri Yarina on 13th anniversary by husband John; Perpetual: + Fr. Charles Kovich by Pani Andrea Kovich + Andrew and Theresa Kerestesy by Family (Remembered in the Proskomedia: +Eleanor Ribarich on 3rd anniversary by Robert and Maryann Manculich; + John E. Bobko by Robert Fesko; + George Mann by wife Margaret) Vespers DIVINE SERVICES FOR WEEK OF JUNE 30, 2013

30 Sun.

2 Tue. 3 Wed. 5 Fri. 6 Sat.

9 AM

8:30 AM 7 PM 8 AM 8 AM 11 AM 6 PM

DIVINE LTIURGY (Remembered in the Proskomedia: + Mary Gaydos, + Michael and Helen Sukenik; + Michael and Mary Burcha) Panachida: + Ruby Kesselak on 4th anniversary by husband Michael; Perpetual: + Betty Koslin by Family (7/3); Perpetual: + John Sprincz Jr. by Helen Dutko; + John Luciew on 5th anniversary by Jodi Stem; + Philip Mikolaj on 4th anniversary (7/2) Liturgy for Intention of Diocesan Altar Boys St. Nectarios Moleben with Anointing Intention of the Cathedral Altar Society (Remembered in the Proskomedia: Perpetual: + Christine Twardy) + John Kesselak on 12th anniversary by Michael and Mary Dutko; Perpetual: + Stephen Fesko by Robert Fesko Baptism of twins Kaelyn Rebecca and Kolton Mack Deater Vespers DIVINE SERVICES FOR WEEK OF JULY 7, 2013

7 Sun.

9 AM

8 Mon.

7 AM

11 Thu. 12 Fri.

6 PM 9 AM

13 Sat.

6 PM

DIVINE LITURGY (Feast of Nativity of St. John the Baptist) Panachida: + John Sprincz Jr. on 11th anniversary by Debbie Yuhas; + Pauline Mindish on 3rd anniversary by Olga Kisiel + Pani Anna Yurcisin as a birthday remembrance by M/Mrs. John Kesselak Jr. Perpetual: + Vasil, Ann and Vasil Hronchak; + Peter and Helen Chisarik; + Vasil, Daniel and Sophia Popovich; + John Pribish Vespers for the Holyday Divine Liturgy: Feastday of Saints Peter and Paul Panachida: + Mace Baranik on 25th anniversary; Perpetual: + Stephen and Mary Rohal Vespers DIVINE SERVICES FOR WEEK OF JULY 14, 2013

14 Sun.

9 AM

18 Thu.

7 AM

20 Sat.

8 AM 6 PM

21 Sun.

9 AM

DIVINE LITURGY Panachida: + John Zizan as birthday remembrance (7/13) by wife Donna; + Forrest and + Nancy Spangler as 40th day remembrance; Perpetual: + Andrew Kesselak Jr. + Anna Bezek as birthday remembrance by Michael Dutko and Family; Perpetual: + Elizabeth and Stephen Onufrey; + Martha Stafansky; + Anna Repiscak; + Stephen Herko; + Nicholas Lizanec Perpetual: + Protodeacon John S. Youhas by Deacon Michael and Diana Pirich; Perpetual: + Michael Pirich Jr. by Deacon Michael and Diana Pirich Vespers DIVINE SERVICES FOR WEEK OF JULY 21, 2013 DIVINE LITURGY (Panachida: + Sam Muchesko on 22nd anniversary (7/23); Perpetual: + Mary Herdyk; + Sophia and Michael Komisarcik; + Michael, Mary, Michael, Anna, John, Suzanna, Anna and Martha Prokop

27 Sat.

6 PM


WELCOME ALTAR BOYS! We are happy to once again welcome altar boys from all over the Diocese who will be with us from Sunday evening, June 30th through Wednesday, July 3rd. A number of our diocesan priests will also be chaperones for them. The lead priest is Protopresbyter Father David Cochran of St. John’s Church in Bridgeport, Connecticut. Welcome Altar Boys to Johnstown!

50th WEDDING ANNIVERSARIES! We are happy to extend good wishes to 2 couples who are celebrating their golden wedding anniversaries. Nick Bocher th th and Susan Kalcik’s 50 anniversary is on July 26 , and George and Evelyn Evanisko’s 50th anniversary is on July 27th. Many Years! MONTHLY GATHERING OF THE CATHEDRAL SENIORS is on Tuesday, July 9. The group will gather at M & M Lake in Seward. These are beautiful picnic grounds and a lake, and a perfect place to spend the afternoon. Our Seniors Group is extending the invitation to anyone who wishes to join them. THIS IS A PARISH-WIDE PICNIC EVENT!!! Parents and small children are encouraged to attend – the children will love the water. Bring swim suits. PLEASE BRING ONE FOOD ITEM – ANYTHING OF YOUR CHOICE, AND WE WILL ALL SHARE THE COMBINED PICNIC FOODS. WE WILL SUPPLY THE HOT DOGS! BRING A FOLDING CHAIR - There is a lot of room and plenty of parking. Meet at the Cathedral at 12:30, and cars can caravan to M & M Lake. It is only a 15-minute drive.

SINCERE SYMPATHY is extended to the family of the late + Forrest and + Nancy Spangler who were buried within a week of each other (June 10 & June 14). May God rest their souls. Eternal Memory! WISH THEM A HAPPY JULY BIRTHDAY! July 1 Joe Muchesko 3 Dolores Muchesko 3 Henry Laichak 4 Kay Timko 11 Sarah Hower 12 Dr. Donald Koval 14 Bill Lozanoff 16 Noah Sakmar 17 Ken Mesko 19 Hannah Cook 23 Mary Ann Muchesko 28 Kyra Vatavuk 29 Andrew S. Krett


BUS TRANSPORTATION TO CAMP NAZARETH Parents of campers – please be aware that the bus transporting our children to camp will leave on Sunday, july 28 at 1 PM & RETURNING ON SATURDAY, AUGUST 3 AT APPROX. 2 PM. MANY THANKS TO THE HASCHAK FAMILY for the donation of 2 brass

flower vases in loving memory of + JULIA HASCHAK. grateful for the beautiful gift!

We are


Helen Spanovich in memory of + Fr. Michael Rosco Dennis and Deborah Kanuck in memory of + Nellie Kanuch

$25 $500


Fr. John and Pani Betty Baranik in memory of + Nancy Spangler


Total Parishioners’ Offerings to Date Total Anonymous Matching Gift to Date GRAND TOTAL TO DATE

$286,805 $305,000 $591,805

**Helen Spanovich offered ninety-dollars to the Cathedral on the 90th birthday of Mildred Pavich June 30


July 7


THANK YOU FOR THE FLOWERS! In memory of + Andrew and Theresa Kerestesy, and in special remembrance of the 100th birthday anniversary of + Theresa Kerestesy (7/1) In memory of + Helen Gritzer as a birthday remembrance by son John M. Gritzer and Family

Sacramental Table In honor of the 19th wedding anniversary of David and Melanie Dudak July 14


In memory of + Stephen Herko on 17th anniversary (7/19) by Kris Bunda

Sacramental Table In memory of + John Zizan as a birthday remembrance (7/13) by wife Donna July 21


In memory of + Helen Maurer as a birthday remembrance by Randy Maurer + Helen Maurer as a birthday remembrance by Sacramental Table the Maurer Family

July 28


In honor of the 50th wedding anniversary of Susan Kalcik and Nick Bocher by sister Mitzi Fischbach Altar Candles offered by the Scherrer Family Eternal Light offered by the Fischbach and Sherrer Families Sanctuary Candles will burn throughout the week in honor of the 50th wedding anniversary of George and Evelyn Evanisko Sacramental Table In honor of Anne Pysh’s 90th birthday, given by children/grandchildren David and Melanie Dudak, and Greg, Kathy, Danya and Matthew Pysh

*************************NOTICE – Parish Garage Sale/Flea Market will be scheduled in August. You can begin bringing in your old, unwanted items anytime after the 4th of July. PLEASE NO SHOES, NO HATS, NO ADULT CLOTHING! “BREAKFAST CLUB” IS BACK FOR THE SUMMER! Those who wish to have breakfast at Westmont Eat-N-Park after each summer holyday Liturgy, please keep this in mind. All are welcome! SUSAN KALCIK and NICK BOCHER WILL HOST A COFFEE HOUR IN THE CATHEDRAL AUDITORIUM AFTER LITURGY ON SUNDAY, JULY 28th IN HONOR OF THEIR 50TH WEDDING ANNIVERSARY. ALL ARE WELCOME! CONGRATULATIONS TO JONAH STRENSKI who is one of 14 applicants from Greater Johnstown High who has been granted in preparation for college an accelerated 4-week program this summer at Penn State University. Congrats! THERE ARE STILL A FEW SEATS AVAILABLE FOR THE UP-COMING TRIP TO THE “RIVERS” ON SATURDAY, JULY 13TH. OUR SR. A.C.R.Y. CHAPTER IS SPONSORING THIS TRIP, ESCORTED BY JOYCE KERR. FLYERS REGARDING THIS TRIP ARE AVAILABLE IN THE CATHEDRAL AUDITORIUM.

THE ALTAR BOY The annual Diocesan Altar Boy Retreat will be conducted by priests of the Diocese under the direction of Very Rev. Protopresbyter David Cochran, pastor of St. John Church in Bridgeport, Connecticut. On average, a hundred altar boys from all over gather here in Johnstown for the Retreat, which this year is from June 30 to July 3. We welcome all altar boys and priests. The boys help their local pastors all through the year. We take this opportunity to thank our nine Cathedral altar boys for their service to Bishop Gregory and the Cathedral Clergy. The Diocesan Altar Boy Retreat has been in existence for more than 50 years! It was established by the late Metropolitan Orestes P. Chornock, first bishop of the Diocese. The annual retreat has as its goal the fostering of an awareness of and interest in the vocation of the Priesthood. Many of our priests were former altar boys. The nine priests over the years who were vocations of our Cathedral Parish were altar boys in the Cathedral before they were priests! During the Retreat, the altar boys have the opportunity to enjoy one another’s company, study their Faith, learn how to be better altar boys, pray a little more, spend some quality time with some of our dedicated priests and deacons, and enjoy the activities prepared for them. Among these activities this year will be going as a group to a ball game, picnicing/swimming at SS. Peter and Paul’s Church grounds in Windber, visiting House of Miracles in Berlin, and spending an afternoon at Idlewild Park, among other things. The boys will take some of their meals in our Educational Center. We are grateful to the Center Staff who always look forward to having them, and also to Mrs. Nancy Kobal who cooks for the boys. Thank You! In our Church, altar boys assist the higher clergy during Services. They carry the Cross and candles in processions and entrances; maintain the censer (ensuring it has enough live charcoal, placing in the incense and handing it to the bishop, priest or deacon when required). They prepare the hot water for Communion; they hold the communion cloth for the priests while they are distributing Communion; they hold the baskets of blessed bread for the people at mirovanija, and do any other necessary tasks so that the celebrant is not distracted by attending to these things during the Service. An altar boy is vested in a sticharion (a robe that can be sewn in different colors for the different seasons of the church year). The sticharion is worn over a cassock. In the Early Church, before someone could be a server, he had to be tonsured (prayed over and blessed in a special service where locks of his hair are cut as a sign of his sacrifice of giving himself to serving at the Altar). Nowadays, in many places, the tonsure is no longer required to be an altar boy. (It is required when a young man becomes a Reader in preparation for becoming a sub-deacon and deacon.) Before vesting in his sticharion – altar boy robe – the altar boy folds his sticharion and brings it to the priest for a blessing to serve. The minimum age for becoming an altar boy varies by local circumstance, but boys must be mature enough to carry out their duties without disrupting the sanctity of the altar. Altar boys must always remember where it is they are standing and kneeling and performing sacred rites – they are in the very Presence of God at the Holy Altar! Who else in the whole parish gets this close to the Lord God, Jesus, other than the priest? No one! What a blessing and an honor it is for the altar boy. Even though the altar boy has this unique blessing to serve in the Sanctuary, he cannot stand directly in front of the altar, or pass between the altar and the icon screen. He can only move from one side of the sanctuary to the other by walking behind the altar, and never in front of it. That is reserved for ordained clergy. There are not “altar girls” in our Church, just as there are not women priests according to the ancient tradition of the Church. Nevertheless, in women’s monasteries (convents), tonsured nuns may assist the priest in the sanctuary. They do not vest in a sticharion, but wear their normal religious habit. Pray for all altar boys, that from among them the next priests of the Diocese will come!