CATALOGUE SEPTEMBER 2016 À dos d’âne (literally “at donkey’s pace”) is a young and innovative children’s publisher created in 2009. Its main goal is t...
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CATALOGUE SEPTEMBER 2016 À dos d’âne (literally “at donkey’s pace”) is a young and innovative children’s publisher created in 2009. Its main goal is to offer alternative yet accessible books to young readers, mainly in the genre of famous characters’ biographies. With daring editorial choices, but constantly keeping the children’s target in mind, À dos d’âne’s series re-invents biographies for children. The collections Seeds and guides and The notebooks of wonders were selected in 2010, 2011, 2013 and 2014 by La Revue des livres pour enfants publicated by the French National Library, as one of the best books for children.

Des graines et des guides (Seeds and guides) À dos d’âne’s main series proposes biographies of famous characters which are rarely known by children, but whose lives and works should be inspiring to them. du cir



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The chosen characters stem from fields which are original but appealing for young readers of 8 and up : cinema (Chaplin, Tati, Méliès, Truffaut), literature (Lewis Carroll), science (Donald W. Winnicott) or music (Gerschwin, Josephine Baker)… Texts are very carefully written and edited, in order to offer accessible, entertaining yet sound information. Black and white illustrations accompany the texts with a variety of styles. With their easy-to-manipulate small format, the books will offer a fresh look at the biography genre for children.

Jane Goodall, a life for chimpanzees by Marilyn Plénard and Georges Lemoine

3 women to the rescue of big apes

On the 16th of July 1960, a young Englishwoman of 26 disembarks in the forest of the Gombe Stream, in Tanzania, to observe the wild chimpanzees. Her name is Jane Goodall. Since the 1980s, tirelessly, she has travelled the globe alerting public opinion to the ecological emergency.

Dian Fossey and the gorillas, Jane Goodall and the chimpanzees, Claudine André and the bonobos. These three women incarnate the fight to save the big apes.

Claudine André, saving the bonobos by Nathalie Tordjman and Christian Epanya

Dian Fossey, the gorillas’ guardian angel by Brigitte Hache and Zuzanna Celej

At the age of four, Claudine André goes to live in the Congo with her family. Her father is a veterinary surgeon. It is at the age of forty-seven that she begins her fight for the bonobos, those big and often-mistreated apes. In 2002, she founds the sanctuary Lola ya bonobo. Today the bonobos are still disappearing. Claudine André’s fight continues.

At 31, Dian Fossey goes to Rwanda, in Africa, to meet the gorillas. Studying and safeguarding the gorillas will become her whole life’s battle. A commitment for the preservation of the future.


“SEEDS AND GUIDES” Collection 8-12 years and older / To access the best of contemporary history 48 p. / 10,5 x 15 cm / 7,50€


nnie Fratellini fut l’une des premières femmes clowns. Plus tard, elle créera une école où des jeunes nés hors du cirque pourront apprendre le métier. Une école de liberté.

3 faces of Brazil

Discover the contrasting colors of Brazil through three major figures: the writer Jorge Amado, the womanCollection bandit Maria Bonita, and the famous football player, Pelé!

Des graines et des guides Découvrir les femmes et les hommes qui ont changé le monde...

7,50 €

8-12 ans et +...

9 782919 372577

Dominique Duthuit

Annie Fratellini, la dame du cirque

Annie Fratellini la dame du cirque



Stéphan Lévy-Kuentz

Mauricio Negro

l’homme aux pieds d’or

Pelé, the man with the golden feet by Stephan Levy-Kuentz and Mauricio Negro A poor child of Brazil, he who will become “King Pelé” attracts attention while still very young due to his exceptional talent. Over twenty years, he inflamed football stadiums and scored a record number of goals still unequalled to this day. His name has become synonymous with football and his humanity still remains today as a model for all.

Jorge Amado, on the cocoa plantations by Paula Anacaona and Lucia Hiratsuka Jorge Amado is one of the greatest Brazilian writers and one of the most well known abroad. But he is also and above all a writer from Bahia, this state in the northeast of Brazil, and the background to all his novels, like an anthology of humanity. “Writing is telling stories”, he liked to say. Here is his.

Aimé Césaire, a volcano called poetry by Bruno Doucey and Christian Epanya Originally from Basse-Pointe, in Martinique, Aimé Césaire will make brilliant studies in Paris. A great poet, he will also become a deputy and mayor of Fort-de-France during a life where poetic and political will only be one now.

3 poets of Negritude This set brings together the 3 titles on the poets of Negritude; Senghor, Damas and Césaire invented the concept of Negritude – the defense of the black people’s values – in 1934, while at the same time revolutionizing poetry by enriching the French language with the colors of Senegal, Guyana and Martinique. An indispensable page of history for children.


Léon-Gontran Damas, the jazzy poet by Nimrod and Gopal Dagnogo A silent child until the age of six, LéonGontran Damas soon leaves French Guiana for Martinique and then Paris. It is there that the free young man, a jazz lover, will meet Césaire and Senghor. The three poets will revolutionise poetry, by inventing negritude; the defence of black people’s values.

The adventure of Karen Blixen in Africa or how, at the dawn of the twentieth century, a woman of exceptional destiny dreamed of running a farm in Kenya and there she got to know Africa and its people.

Here is the story of Maria Bonita who, at the beginning of the 20th century, chose to live amongst bandits to escape from the conditions of peasants and those of women in a poor region of Brazil, Nordeste. A life as well as an adventure.

During more than half a century, in India, Gandhi fought injustice with nonviolence, leading a humble life and dreaming of a world where man would live in harmony with the earth, respecting his human brothers.

On the village square, Leopold listens, fascinated, to a griot. This little boy will become one of the greatest poets of his time and also be the first African member of the Académie Française. And that is not all. He will be elected President of the Republic of Senegal, his country!

Karen Blixen, a European woman in Africa by Véronique v. Beau and Dimitra Nikolopoulou

Maria Bonita, a woman among bandits by Paula Anacaona and Mauricio Negro

Gandhi, the attorney of the oppressed by Achmy Halley and Georges Lemoine

Léopold Sédar Senghor, the poet of everlasting words by Véronique Tadjo and William Wilson

Sitting Bull, the bison of the Great Plains by Marilyn Plénard and Gopal Dagnogo

Alexandra David-Néel, an explorer on the roof of the world by Gwenaëlle Abolivier and Gopal Dagnogo

Marguerite Yourcenar, the academician with wind in her soles by Achmy Halley and Tanguy Dohollau

Sitting Bull, was the last great Indian chief of North America. His name resounds like that of a legend. Much more than that, he remains a monumental, historic figure of the West, a combatant of freedom with the unforgettable look.

On foot, on the back of a mule or even a yak, David-Néel will cross India, Tibet and China. In 1924, she is the first western woman to enter secretly Lhassa, a Tibetan town forbidden to foreigners.

The first woman to be elected to the French Academy, Marguerite Yourcenar, who dedicated her life to writing and travel, was also a lover of nature and oriental wisdom.


école de liberté.

Collection Des graines et des guides Découvrir les femmes et les hommes qui ont changé le monde... 8-12 ans et +...

7,50 €

9 782919 372577

Stéphanie Vailati

Federico Fellini le forain du cinéma

Federico Fellini, the carnival showman of the cinema by Daniele Aristarco and Stéphanie Vailati Fulfilling his childhood dream, Federico Fellini was the greatest director of a very astonishing circus, one into which we are all invited to enter like in a dream: the cinema.

Buster Keaton, the mechanic of the cinema by Hélène Deschamps and Anastassia Elias Buster Keaton is not yet four years old when he already officially takes part in his parents’ music-hall act. Later on, this unbelievable actor will produce silent films in black and white, which will be just as much explosive poems, celebrating fantasy, magic, and the fabulous.

François Truffaut, the child of cinema by Véronique v. Beau and Pauline Sciot

By making films of stories of crimes and murders, Hitchcock enjoys himself making us afraid, but also making us laugh, as for him laughter and fear go together. With his genius for suspense and special effects, Hitchcock deserves the name of master.

How a little rascal in Pigalle developed his passion, when still a child, for the cinema and became one of the greatest film directors.

With his friends of the new wave, Eric Rohmer shatters the existing cinema, ”the cinema of daddy”. He chooses to make films without constraint, spontaneous, full of youth. His talent as a storyteller is able to move children.

Like the Lumière brothers, the Marx Brothers were real brothers. At the same time, these fabulous comic actors played imposture like no one else.

The Cinema Factory Three cinema volumes, available as a set, is offered under the title « The Cinema Factory ». This set brings together the titles on Alfred Hitchcock, François Truffaut and Eric Rohmer.


Georges Méliès, the magician of the cinema by Zéno Bianu and Julia Perrin

A poor child in the midst of poverty in the London streets, little Charlie Chaplin will soon become the greatest comic of his time.

When Georges Méliès, a famous illusionist, invented the cinema, a whole new world of magic appeared... made up of a thousand and one trick visual effects.

In a light and lively style, Delphine Bertozzi gives a documented portrait of Jacques Tati, the famous creator of M. Hulot, which renewed the post-war burlesque cinema. A real delight for young readers.


The Marx Brothers, the indomitables of the cinéma by Hélène Deschamps and Mathieu de Muizon

Charlie Chaplin, the enchanter of comedy films by Luc Baba and Pauline Sciot

Jacques Tati, the tightrope walker of the cinema by Delphine Bertozzi and Demetra Nikolopoulou

Alfred Hitchcock, the master of the cinema by Hélène Deschamps and Pierre-Luc Granjon

Eric Rohmer, the storyteller of the cinema by Aïdée Caillot and Gianpaolo Pagni

3 greats of the burlesque cinema

Claudine André, sauver les bonobos


4 ans, Claudine André part vivre au Congo avec sa famille. Son père est vétérinaire. C’est à 47 ans qu’elle commence son combat pour les bonobos, ces grands singes souvent maltraités. En 2002, elle fonde le sanctuaire Lola ya bonobo. Aujourd’hui les bonobos sont toujours en voie de disparition. Le combat de Claudine André continue.

The three-volume series on burlesque cinema is available as a set under the title “3 greats of the burlesque cinema”. This set brings together the titles on Georges Méliès, Charlie Chaplin and Jacques Tati.

Collection Des graines et des guides

7,50 €

9 782919 372560

Découvrir les femmes et les hommes qui ont changé le monde... 8-12 ans et +...

Claudine André sauver les bonobos

femmes clowns. Plus tard, elle créera

une école où des jeunes nés hors du cirque pourront apprendre le métier. Une

Daniele Aristarco

Nathalie Tordjman


nnie Fratellini fut l’une des premières

Dominique Duthuit

Annie Fratellini, la dame du cirque

Annie Fratellini la dame du cirque

CINEMA > > >

Philippe Beau & Axelle Corty

Julie Joseph

-Houdin Robert des g ic iens le roi


Marcel Marceau, the poetry of silence by Rémi David and Florence Salzano

Annie Fratellini, the circus lady by Dominique Duthuit and Célia Portet

At the age of twenty-four, Marcel Marceau creates the mute character who will remain with him his whole life: Bip. He soon becomes indivisible from Marcel Marceau just as ”Charlie” is indivisible from Chaplin. On stage, with only a few gestures, the mime Marceau succeeds in creating a whole world, his world made of silence and poetry.

At only sixteen years old, Annie Fratellini became, like her whole family, a circus performer. Annie Fratellini was one of the first women to play a clown. Later on, she will create a school where the young born out of the circus will be able to learn the art. The school is one of freedom where students are taught all aspects of the show: balance, agility, suppleness, rigor, courage, versatility, and the art of expression without words.

Robert-Houdin, the king of magicians by Philippe Beau, Axelle Corty and Julie Joseph Watchmaker, magician, scientist, JeanEugène Robert-Houdin is a phenomenon. In the 19th century, this genius inventor revolutionized magic. His mechanical automatons are real works of art and his Parisian theatre is a kingdom of wonders. Come and be let into the secrets of the greatest magician of all time…

3 Circus Figures The clown, the mime artist, and the magician: here are three portraits which are an open invitation to the circus with Annie Fratellini, Marcel Marceau, and Robert-Houdin. Let the festivities begin!



nnie Fratellini fut l’une des premières femmes clowns. Plus tard, elle créera une école où des jeunes nés hors du cirque pourront apprendre le métier. Une école de liberté.

Collection Des graines et des guides Découvrir les femmes et les hommes qui ont changé le monde... 8-12 ans et +...

7,50 €

9 782919 372577

Dominique Duthuit

Annie Fratellini, la dame du cirque

Annie Fratellini la dame du cirque


Franck Médioni

Tristan Soler

Miles Davis le prince du jazz

Miles Davis, the prince of jazz by Franck Médioni and Tristan Soler Miles Davis is the prince of jazz. A poet of the trumpet, he roamed through the territories of jazz, fundamentally transforming the black-American music. An artist permanently in motion, he has often been called the “Picasso of jazz”.

George Gershwin, a dance step between jazz and classical music by Pétronille Danchin and Eve Grosset Famous for his musicals played on Broadway, the astonishing musician who knew how to marry jazz and classical, George Gershwin gave to American music at the beginning of the twentieth century, a new impetus.

Django Reinhardt, jazz in the clouds by Franck Médioni and Julia Perrin Django Reinhardt ? “the greatest guitarist of the century”, “the only original creator of the European jazz”. The gipsy guitarist is a legend … “I awaken”, is the meaning of his first name, Django. Django puts the world on the alert.

Billie Holiday, nothing but music by Dominique Maurizi The struggle of a huge singer in first half of the twentieth century America, where, in spite of the abolition of slavery, the status of the blacks is no better. Jazz, ragtime, big band, swing… All that jazz! Billie Holiday sings all of this. Slow, really slow. There is honey and bits of broken glass in her voice…


A young American black girl dances all the way to Paris to escape from misery. Becoming the famous Josephine Baker, she dedicates her life to fighting against racism with her only arms of dancing, the joy of living and her generosity.

How Miriam Makeba, born in the ghettos of South Africa, became an ambassador for human righs through her songs.

At the beginning of the 20th century, an American woman called Isadora Duncan changed dance forever. Bare-footed, draped in flowing materials, she danced all over the world. Modern dance was born.

Born with the twentieth century in New Orleans, Louis Armstrong is a pioneer of jazz. Thanks to him, this music which was just a limited folklore in the south of the United States has become a universal language, a world music.

A bouncy trumpet, a warm voice with bursts of honey, a frantic guitar… all that jazz! Louis Armstrong, Billie Holiday and Django Reinhardt invented jazz and its landscapes. Three legends to discover a music with a universal accent.

Miriam Makeba, singing for freedom by Tanella Boni and Gopal Dagnogo

Isadora Duncan, the bare-footed American by Vivian Lofiego

Louis Armstrong, enchanting jazz by Franck Médioni and Michel Backès

3 jazz legends

Joséphine Baker, the unchained dancer by Marianne Stjepanovic and Pauline Sciot

Claude Debussy, music as sensation by Pétronille Danchin and Anastassia Elias

Erik Satie, music for a simple heart by Delphine Bertozzi and Marcelino Truong

One must know how to try out new ideas, he used to say, otherwise you might as well grow pineapples at home! And that’s what Claude Debussy did, this great composer who, at the transition of the 19th to the 20th century, turned the art of music writing upside down: for he knew how to make music express a world of sensations.

From the first piano music that he composed, Erik Satie gave us simple, profound tunes. The piano notes seem to arrive on tiptoe. All his musical creations are real “innovations“ which touch the heart.

Francis Poulenc, a composer rich in colour by Simon Basinger and Françoise Lepaulmier At the age of two, the little Francis Poulenc happens to be offered a miniature, white-lacquered, piano which he nicknames his “Doh-Re-Mi“. Gifted with a multifaceted talent, this lover of music will become one of the great French composers of the 20th century.

3 moderns of French music Erik Satie, Claude Debussy, Francis Poulenc. At the turn of the 20th century, these three French composers blew a wind of freedom through music that became synonymous with modernity. A set for a gentle approach to discover them.



Jacques Brel, a life of a thousand tempos by Luc Baba and Mathieu de Muizon

Georges Brassens, with a gentle song on his lips by François David and Anastassia Elias

Jacques Brel wrote memorable songs. He sang like no other, underscored human stupidity, conquered the film industry, travelled extensively around the world and became a legend.

A words and music lover, Georges Brassens wrote magnificent, demanding songs. He was also a free, modest person with a rare human quality.


Donald W. Winnicott, the inventor of childhood by Nicole Sorand and Rafaële Ide Paediatrician and psychoanalyst, D. W. Winnicott was one of the first doctors to regard babies as individual people. His original vision radically changed how we understand childhood.

Théodore Monod, a scholar under the stars by Bruno Doucey and Zaü A great humanist and lover of the desert, Theodore Monod remains one of the last scholars to offer a universal vision.

Albert Einstein, the great mind of physics by Marilyn Plénard and Anastassia Élias A rebellious child, a brilliant student, Albert Einstein dreams of becoming professor of natural sciences and mathematics. At the age of twenty, he is an obscure employee, who during his free time, puts together the theories which will revolutionise physics and make him into a huge scientist.



Hundertwasser, inventing the town by Rémi David and Pauline Sciot

Ernest Pignon-Ernest, like footprints in the sand by Rémi David and Ernest Pignon-Ernest

Painter, architect, ecologist, the Austrian artist Hundertwasser is notably known as the inventor of the “Tree Tenant“. All his life, he never stopped preserving nature and urging humankind to live in harmony with her. His architectural works are the fruit of this energy and imagination.

At barely twenty five years of age, Ernest Pignon-Ernest is the first artist in the world to create a work of art which is not exhibited in an Art Gallery but which is produced on walls, rocks, fences… He thus founds “street art“ and leaves his mark on places and lanscapes with his poetic vision.

Catherine Kousmine, plate detective by Jacqueline Aymeries and Julia Perrin The paediatrician Catherine Kousmine investigates what we eat... and like a real detective she unmasks bad foods.

Hubert Reeves, looking at the skies by Vivian Lofiego Vivian Lofiego relates step by step the path of Hubert Reeves, the renowned astrophysicist who likes so much to meet the public and children to communicate his passion for the universe and his great respect for nature. A book to inspire vocations... with a preface by Hubert Reeves.

3 explorers of the universe The set of three scientific volumes, sold together, is available under the title “3 explorers of the universe”. This set brings together the titles on Albert Einstein, Hubert Reeves and Théodore Monod.

Alexander Calder or the celestial mobiles by Dominique Maurizi

3 artists in the town

After creating the smallest circus in the world and designing wire figures in space, Alexander Calder invented mobiles: sculptures in motion, planets, wildlife and plants which dance in the air. The genial little handyman who, when a child, built his own personal poetic world will become the man in the red shirt, the creator of art in suspension.

Ernest Pignon-Ernest, Alexander Calder and Hundertwasser invented the city. These three artists of the 20th century have taken over street space and left their mark on urban places with conviction, energy, imagination and their poetic vision.

Sempé, the dream drawn by Bernard Pascuito and Mathieu de Muizon

Lewis Carroll, the eye of the magician by Pétronille Danchin and Dimitra Nikolopoulou

In sixty years of career, Sempé met with nothing but triumphs. His albums are all considered as works of art. So many figures having come and met up with Petit Nicolas in his enchanted world. For Sempé always drew as if he were putting his dreams onto paper.

A great companion of childhood, the famous author of the sparkling tales of Alice, Lewis Carroll was also a photographer. In everything, he sees the world through the eye of a magician.



For young readers from 11 and older, as well as for all nature lovers

Because each step counts From 11 years old

Collection Un monde pas à pas 10 €

Madagascar, an island apart, has an adventurous soul. That is the beautiful soul of those who dwell there.

Parce que chaque pas compte


Nature, open up! by Marilyn Plénard

Our cousins… The monkeys. Between fascination and admiration, this time, Marilyn Plénard leads us to meet our closest ancestors. The author, in 25 texts illustrated by astonishing photographs, shares with us what the multifaceted nature of monkeys is made of. A book experienced as a return to our roots.

As a scientific journalist, Marilyn Plénard has never stopped being amazed, even with her scientific eye, by the wonders of nature. In 25 texts, she clearly unveils a few of nature’s secrets. Magnificent photographs illustrate this captivating journey.

Voyage a Auschwitz

4 histoires du droit d’auteur

Qu’est-ce que le droit d’auteur ? Comment est-il né ? À quoi sert-il ? Comment a-t-il évolué ? Est-il menacé

Quelles institutions le protègent ? Récit d’un aujourd’hui jeune ?Rom

En quatre récits imagés, et avec la complicité humoristique de Mathieu de Muizon pour les illustrations, Franck Médioni raconte aux jeunes lecteurs la longue marche du droit d’auteur. Une indispensable page d’actualité pour les jeunes qui aiment le cinéma, les livres, la musique… et pour tous ceux qui s’intéressent à la culture.

Collection Un monde pas à pas 10 €

À partir de 11 ans

Parce que chaque pas compte

Franck Médioni

Mathieu de Muizon

La vie d’artiste 4 histoires du droit d’auteur

À partir de 11 ans

9 782919 372492

Children’s rights, 4 stories against exclusion by Delphine Bertozzi and Mathieu de Muizon The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, in 1989, defined the necessary rights for the appropriate development of children. Here are 4 stories to understand better why these rights are essential: to be housed respectfully, to live in a country at peace, to live without being submitted to discrimination, and to receive a school education... For Louise, Jedd, Lou, Maryam and so many other children, it is vital to fight against exclusion.

Monkeys, so far, so near by Marilyn Plénard

Mathieu de Muizon

La vie d’artiste 4 histoires du droit d’auteur

Sans diplôme, ni bagage, Nikolaï, fuyant la Bulgarie, la misère et la discrimination contre les Roms, arrive à Paris à l’âge de 19 ans. Sa volonté de s’en sortir, des rencontres opportunes lui permettent de s’intégrer, d’effectuer son service civique lors duquel il aide les Roms des bidonvilles. Grâce à cette expérience couronnée de succès, il travaille aujourd’hui à la mairie de Paris. En 2014, à l’initiative de l’Union européenne, il part avec mille Roms à Auschwitz à l’occasion des soixante-dix ans de la libération des camps de concentration. Face à la Shoah, à l’extermination des Juifs, des Tziganes, et de tous ceux que les nazis ont persécutés Nikolaï, au-delà de l’horreur, retrouve la fierté d’être un homme, un Rom. Il s’interroge sur la condition des Roms aujourd’hui en Europe. Un dossier documentaire permet d’éclairer cette histoire contemporaine qui reste une blessure ouverte au cœur de l’Europe.

La vie d’artiste

Nikolaï Angelov

Franck Médioni

La vie d’artiste

La vie d’artiste 4 histoires du droit d’auteur

80 p. / 11,5 x 17 cm / 10€

4 histoires du droit d’auteur

Madagascar, an island apart by Marilyn Plénard

>>> The “A World Step by Step” collection sets out to connect young readers to current topics that concern them. By awakening their conscience and appealing to their humanity, this collection invites young readers to play their part in a world that they too build step by step.

Franck Médioni

80 p. / 18 x 23 cm / 15€

>>> A collection by which to be amazed that explores the wonders of nature through a scientific lens. Through 25 texts, some of nature’s secrets are unveiled and narrated as short stories. Magnificent photographs and an elegant lay-outmake the journey all the more captivating.

Journey to Auschwitz by Nikolaï Angelov and Mathieu de Muizon

The artist’s life by Franck Médioni and Mathieu de Muizon

In 2014, on the initiative of the European Union, Nikolaï Angelov, emigrated from Bulgaria, travels with one thousand Romanies to Auschwitz on the occasion of the seventy years’ anniversary of the liberation of the concentration camps. He delivers to us here the account of this deeply moving experience. Faced with the Holocaust, the extermination of the Jews, the Romanies and all those whom the Nazis persecuted, Nicolaï finds beyond the horror, the pride to be a man and a Romani. He wonders about the condition of Romanies today in Europe. An information file throws light on this aspect of contemporary history, which remains an open wound in the heart of Europe.

What is copyright ? How did it come to be ? What is its use ? How did it evolve ? Is it threatened today? What institutions protect it? In four colorfu laccounts, and with the humorous complicity of Mathieu de Muizon for the illustrations, Frank Médioni relates to young readers the long unfolding story of copyright. An essential document of current relevance for the young people who love cinema, books, music… and for all those who are interested in the arts.

Australia, an animal dream by Marilyn Plénard In 25 texts with breathtaking photographs, Marylin Plénard shares her wonder at the landscapes and animals of the magic land of Australia. She helps us rediscover those animals that are most well-known but also helps us meet the most secret ones. She takes us into their shelters, their forests, like in the Aborigines’ mythical Dreamtime.


b o o k s t o re - e n c h a n

t t h e w o rl d

PRESS REVIEW 2016 – SELECTION Seeds and guides collection Claude Debussy, music as sensation

The “Seeds and guides” collection, launched at the end of 2009 is dedicated to men and women who have changed our contemporary world. It is addressed to children but adult readers will also enjoy the well-chiseled and finely illustrated texts. This short volume on Claude Debussy is by Pétronille Danchin and Anastassia Elias, who affirms herself as a talented illustrator.

The Marx Brothers, the indomitables of the cinema

This is the 7th title on the cinema in this discreet collection, which, in a few pages, but with writing of great quality, draws very accurate portraits. Let us hope that young readers will be happy to discover these films that sparkle like fireworks.

Dian Fossey, the gorillas’ guardian angel

As always in this collection, the author goes for the essential but with the greatest rigor in the content of the information.

Django Reinhardt, jazz in the clouds

Django Reinhardt’s bohemian lifestyle, a somber artist and a virtuoso. (...) This collection which combines life stories and creations, always incites its readers to listen to and discover these men and women who“have changed the world” through their arts. Here, the illustrations are delicate and “jazzy”.

Buster Keaton, the mechanic of the cinema

This work is not only a little jewel from the point of view of the text – like almost all texts in this collection, but also in all the drawings (as we already see on the cover), in which the illustrator has put a dash of humor.

Aimé Césaire, a volcano called poetry

This little book will enable readers to understand the great poet and politician who was Aimé Césaire. (…) The “Seeds and guides” collection’s books are very small. They may be small but they tell the stories of remarkable men and women: important figures we do not often speak of and even less to children. The books are short, concise, but extremely well-provided with information and accompanied by drawings in ink and pencil (...) To be read from eight years of age, these delicious documentaries will also interest older children as well as adults.

Marcel Marceau, the poetry of silence

all in black and in nuances, and superbly theatricalized. (…) Rémi David draws up the portrait of a fraternal, powerfully altruistic big-hearted artist. This book is intended for children but not necessarily. This collection “Seeds and guides”, recreational, brilliant, educative, allows the reader to discover the true way, the one of intelligence in an astounding and respectful mirror of great men and women. Here we find again the qualities of the “Seeds and guides” collection, which in a few pages provide the essential of a life. The book explains well how the calling of the famous mime artist arose. A unique, an extraordinarily gifted individual. (…) Thrilling!

The “Notebooks of wonders” collection Australia, an animal dream

A very interesting work which not only helps us discover unusual animals or the fabulous landscapes of this fascinating country that is Australia but which also enables us to enter into the deepest of the country’s soul with the Aborigines’ mythical Dreamtime and the legends of the beginnning of time. A carefully produced presentation, color to bring out the essential words, and numerous photos. An exceptional encounter with a country.

Apes, so far, so near

Here is an excellent new book about our cousins the apes, an introduction to their world, their variety, their behavior and the dangers which threaten them. At the same time an engagement to support their cause to indicate what is being done in their favor, notably by the pioneer women who have fought and are still fighting for them: Dian Fossey, Jane Goodall, Claudine André… Photos of excellent quality, pedagogy, anecdotes, nicely-spaced out pages characterize this book to recommend to the young and the less young: you never know enough.

“A world step by step” collection Journey to Auschwitz. Story of a young Romani boy

A sensitive personal story, which gives it all its strength and singularity. The book ends with a well-constructed information file. A moving witness account, drawn from a true story, to be placed in all hands!

The “A dos d’âne” publishers have just brought out a marvelous little work of art (…) The writing is fluid. The limpid framework is solar and delicate. Florence Salzano’s illustrations are realistic,

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