BAILEYS HORSE FEEDS BEF FUTURITY Solihull RC (2), Four Ashes Road, Solihull, West Midlands Wednesday 5th September 2012 Satnav/postcode B93 8QE Follow...
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BAILEYS HORSE FEEDS BEF FUTURITY Solihull RC (2), Four Ashes Road, Solihull, West Midlands Wednesday 5th September 2012 Satnav/postcode B93 8QE Follow us


Image courtesy Kevin Sparrow

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IMPORTANT INFORMATION Results at: Baileys Horse Feeds: Intelligent Worming: Futurity Factsheets and information videos at: Futurity contact: E: [email protected] T: 07751 499041 Evaluators and vet details listed at Paramedic: Lincs Paramedics Photos: Kevin Sparrow Entry List – this is provided in ring order, beginning with three year olds and ending with foals. Times given are a guideline only and cannot be guaranteed. Information is in the order of: Number. Discipline. Horse/Pony name. Studbook of origin. Colour. Gender. Date of birth. Sire name. Sire studbook of origin. Dam name. Dam studbook of origin. Damsire name. Damsire studbook of origin Owner name. Breeder name. Handler name. For sale. Vet time. Evaluation time. The evaluator’s catalogues have only information on the horse itself, no pedigree details and no breeder details. We are no longer publishing contact numbers for horses for sale. If you have an interest in a horse marked FOR SALE, please ask a member of the Futurity Team.

1 Eventing Picanini Lizzianthus AES Bay Mare 01 May 2009 Sire: Contido Westfalian(Westf) Dam: Pencader Tilly Trotter SHB(GB) DamSire: Silver Owl Wbys Owner: Mrs Alison Thompson + Deborah Fielding Breeder: Deborah Fielding Handler: Deborah Fielding Times: Vet 08:00 Eval 08:08 2 Eventing Polo's Pikasso AES Black Stallion 01 Jul 2009 Sire: Pik Polo 826002 Dam: Miners Double Wbys DamSire: Miners Lamp Wbys Owner: Sarah Marie Turpin Breeder: Sarah Marie Turpin Handler: S M Turpin Times: Vet 08:08 Eval 08:18 3 Show Jumping Silver Prospect AES Grey Stallion 29 May 2009 Sire: Silvester 826002 Dam: Sea Prospect AES DamSire: Prospect Pride AES Owner: Karen Bourdon & Nicky Rushman Breeder: Hazel Offord Handler: Stephanie Virmaud Times: Vet 08:16 Eval 08:28 4 Show Jumping Castlegrange Soho ZfDP Dark Bay Gelding 17 Jul 2009 Sire: Stallone Quainton Austrian Warmblood Dam: Castlegrange Saona SV DamSire: Golden Furst SV Owner: Diane RoyleMaxfield Breeder: Diane Royle-Maxfield Handler: Thea Maxfield Times: Vet 08:24 Eval 08:38 5 Eventing Picanini Azikiwe SHB(GB) Bay Gelding 26 Mar 2009 Sire: Dalcotes Krieghoff 826041 Dam: Nkwezi ISH DamSire: Lux Z Hann Owner: Dr. Carol Brawn Breeder: Deborah Fielding/Picanini Stud Handler: Deborah Fielding Times: Vet 08:32 Eval 08:48 6 Dressage Treliver Devine WBB(UK) Light Bay Mare 18 May 2009 Sire: Treliver Decanter British Warm-Blood Society and British Sports Horse Registry Dam: Labamba Hann DamSire: Lauries Crusador Unknown Owner: Rebecca Kingswood Breeder: Ms Gill Clothier Handler: Rebecca Kingswood Times: Vet 08:58 Eval 09:06

7 Dressage Mojo SHB(GB) Chestnut Mare 14 May 2009 Sire: Millenium 826016 Dam: Belicia Arion SHB(GB) DamSire: Van the Man KWPN Owner: Christine Hughes Breeder: Christine Hughes Handler: Christine Hughes Times: Vet 09:06 Eval 09:14 8 Dressage Sundance Boy WBB(UK) Grey Gelding 09 May 2009 Sire: Sunny Boy Oldenburg(Old) Dam: Bernadette Unknown DamSire: N/a Unknown Owner: Tara Staveley Breeder: Tara Staveley Handler: Tara Staveley Times: Vet 09:14 Eval 09:22 9 Dressage Heathersedge Eurodizney CHAPS Skewbald Gelding 08 Apr 2009 Sire: Benetton Dream Hannoverian(Hann) Dam: Heathersedge Hattrick CHAPS DamSire: Sonny Steele AQHA(UK) Owner: Miss Ibbotson Breeder: Miss Ibbotson Handler: Miss Laurie Ibbotson Times: Vet 09:22 Eval 09:30 10 Dressage San Solo BHHS Bay Gelding 05 May 2009 Sire: San Amour Oldenburg(Old) Dam: Seraphine Hann DamSire: Sherlock Homes Hann Owner: Christine Hughes Breeder: Christine Hughes Handler: Christine Hughes Times: Vet 09:30 Eval 09:38 11 Dressage London Eye BHHS Chestnut Gelding 21 May 2009 Sire: London Swing Hannoverian(Hann) Dam: High Moon Hann DamSire: Hitchcock Hann Owner: Roslyn Palmer Breeder: Roslyn Palmer Handler: Christina Jones For Sale Times: Vet 09:38 Eval 09:46 12 Eventing Picanini Simuka AES Chestnut Stallion 25 Apr 2010 Sire: Romanov II KWPN() Dam: The Pearl Diver SHB(GB) DamSire: Supreme Chance Wbys Owner: Deborah Fielding Breeder: Deborah Fielding Handler: Deborah Fielding For Sale Times: Vet 09:46 Eval 09:54 13 Eventing My Mr Darcey AES Chestnut Gelding 02 May 2010 Sire: Fantaland 826002 Dam: Fee Rhld DamSire: Fruehling Rhld Owner: Rebecca Daniels Breeder: Rebecca Daniels Handler: Beccy Daniels Times: Vet 09:54 Eval 10:02 14 Eventing Jaguar Skills SHB(GB) Bay Stallion 09 Apr 2010 Sire: Jaguar Mail Selle Francais(SF) Dam: Tagalog SHB(GB) DamSire: Unknown Owner: Andie Getvoldsen Breeder: Andie Getvoldsen Handler: Miss A Getvoldsen Times: Vet 10:02 Eval 10:10 15 Eventing Heathersedge Forget Me Not AES Bay Mare 05 May 2010 Sire: L'Espoir Oldenburg(Old) Dam: Heathersedge Hattrick CHAPS DamSire: Sonny Steele AQHA(UK) Owner: Miss Ibbotson Breeder: Miss Ibbotson Handler: Miss L Ibbotson Times: Vet 10:10 Eval 10:18 16 Eventing Picanini Akono AES Chestnut Gelding 06 Apr 2010 Sire: Romanov II KWPN Dam: Picanini Impi SHB(GB) DamSire: Primitive Rising Wbys Owner: Deborah Fielding Breeder: Deborah Fielding Handler: Deborah Fielding For Sale Times: Vet 10:18 Eval 10:26 17 Show Jumping Cendora SHB(GB) Grey Mare 19 Apr 2010 Sire: Cendy Danish Warmblood(DV) Dam: Paradise Road ISH DamSire: Habs Lad IHB Owner: Maralyn Harding Breeder: Craig Millard Handler: Craig Millard Times: Vet 10:26 Eval 10:34 18 Show Jumping Utah Saint AES Chestnut Gelding 27 May 2010 Sire: Utah van Erpekom 826002 Dam: Greenvale Compassion AES DamSire: Corravale Unknown Owner: Billy Reynolds Breeder: Billy Reynolds Handler: Kirsti Windsor Times: Vet 10:34 Eval 10:42

19 Show Jumping Courtwoodlodge Ring of Bright Water CHAPS Skewbald Stallion 10 May 2010 Sire: Sequels Samista 826013 Dam: Elqueena BWP DamSire: Withney BWP Owner: Sharon Eastwood Breeder: Sharon Eastwood Handler: Sharon Eastwood Times: Vet 10:42 Eval 10:50 20 Dressage Woodlands Mr Magic AES Bay Stallion 09 Jun 2010 Sire: Amarillo VDL 826002 Dam: Urouska KWPN DamSire: Lorenzo KWPN Owner: Tracey Paskins Breeder: Tracey Paskins Handler: Miss Tracey Paskins Times: Vet 10:50 Eval 10:58 21 Dressage Keystone Deroo BHHS Chestnut Mare 08 May 2010 Sire: Dimaggio 826006 Dam: Wasim BHHS DamSire: Walentino WBB(UK) Owner: Kirsty Skerton Breeder: Suzanne Lavandera Handler: Mrs Kirsty Skerton Times: Vet 10:58 Eval 11:06 22 Dressage Don Rousseau DSP Bay Gelding 25 May 2010 Sire: Rousseau Oldenburg(Old) Dam: Donna Flora Westf DamSire: Donnerwind Rhld Owner: Emily Dryer Breeder: Emily Dryer Handler: Emily Dryer Times: Vet 11:06 Eval 11:14 23 Dressage (Sports Pony) Bathleyhills Swift Decision DRP Grey Stallion 11 May 2010 Sire: Casino Royale K German Riding Pony(DRP) Dam: Bathleyhills Sea Swift WPCS DamSire: Thursden Vallye Raphael NPS Owner: Penny Walster Breeder: Penny Walster Handler: penny walster Times: Vet 11:14 Eval 11:22 24 Dressage Woodlander Walk on the Wild Side WBB(UK) Dark Bay Mare 27 May 2010 Sire: Woodlander Wesuvio British Hanoverian Horse Society Dam: Woodlander Farouche BHHS DamSire: Fuerst Heinrich Westf Owner: Lynne Crowden & Alison Walton Breeder: Lynne Crowden & Alison Walton Handler: Carsten Sandrock Times: Vet 11:22 Eval 11:30 25 Eventing Chelsmoor Piccolo SHB(GB) Bay Mare 31 May 2011 Sire: Primitive Proposal 8260GB Dam: Skippys Girl IDHS DamSire: Skippy IDHS Owner: Rachel Moore Breeder: Rachel Moore Handler: Rachel Moore Times: Vet 11:30 Eval 11:38 26 Dressage (Sports Pony) Bathleyhills Ocean Spray WPCS Bay Stallion 13 Apr 2011 Sire: Thistledown Copper Lustre 826046 Dam: Bathleyhills Sea Spray DRP DamSire: Chateau De Brion Holst Owner: Penny Walster Breeder: Penny Walster Handler: Penny Walster Times: Vet 11:38 Eval 11:44 27 Show Jumping Pebbledash CHAPS Skewbald Stallion 22 Apr 2011 Sire: Lockstock King of the Hill 826054 Dam: Perrys Toyah CHAPS DamSire: Lockstock Peregrine CHAPS Owner: Rachel Nosrattalab Breeder: Mrs C Downie Handler: Rachel Nosrattalab Times: Vet 11:44 Eval 11:52 28 Show Jumping Silvesters Delight AES Light Bay Mare 19 May 2011 Sire: Silvester 826002 Dam: Carrowbawn Kook Katja ISH DamSire: Raise you Time Unknown Owner: Sarah Clowes Breeder: Sarah Clowes Handler: Sarah Clowes Times: Vet 11:52 Eval 12:00 29 Dressage Woodlander For Your Love Hann Bay Mare 16 Apr 2011 Sire: For Compliment Rheinlander(Rhld) Dam: St Pr Louisiana BHHS DamSire: Longchamp Hann Owner: Lynne Crowden Breeder: Lynne Crowden Handler: Carsten Sandrock Times: Vet 12:00 Eval 12:08

30 Dressage Heathersedge Global Vision CHAPS Skewbald Mare 01 Jan 2011 Sire: Don Ricoss Hannoverian(Hann) Dam: Merrie Lady SHB(GB) DamSire: 0000 Unknown Owner: Kerrie Ibbotson Breeder: Kerrie Ibbotson Handler: Miss L Ibbotson Times: Vet 12:08 Eval 12:16 31 Dressage (Sports Pony) Bathleyhills Sea Dream WPCS Grey Mare 31 Mar 2011 Sire: Bathleyhills Chocolate Dream 826046 Dam: Loveden Sea Swallow WPCS DamSire: Gigman Jacana WPCS Owner: Penny Walster Breeder: Penny Walster Handler: Miss Penny Walster Times: Vet 12:16 Eval 12:24 32 Eventing RSC Hellacious SHB(GB) Bay Mare 22 Jun 2012 Sire: Hellvelyn 826041 Dam: Fabienne BHHS DamSire: Feiner Stern Hann Owner: Roisin Close Breeder: Roisin Close Handler: Roisin Close For Sale Times: Vet 13:20 Eval 13:28 33 Eventing M. C. Golf SHB(GB) Bay Mare 02 May 2012 Sire: Royaldik Oldenburg(Old) Dam: Fabien SHB(GB) DamSire: Mon-Ami DV Owner: Melanie Cook Breeder: Melanie Cook Handler: Mr. C. Cook & Mr. E. Trafford For Sale Times: Vet 13:28 Eval 13:36 34 Eventing Zim Zam Zoom SHB(GB) Black Stallion 16 Jul 2012 Sire: Zamboucca Swedish Warmblood(SV) Dam: Alpha Unknown DamSire: Dillen KWPN Owner: Elizabeth Ball Breeder: Elizabeth Ball Handler: Elizabeth Ball Times: Vet 13:36 Eval 13:40 35 Eventing Ultimate Illusion Trak(UK) Bay Stallion 27 Jun 2012 Sire: Future Illusion Sport Horse Breeding of Great Britain Dam: Ublah Trak(UK) DamSire: Fleetwater Opposition AES Owner: Ruth McMullen Breeder: Ruth McMullen Handler: Ruth McMullen Times: Vet 13:40 Eval 13:48 36 Eventing Seymour Reality SHB(GB) Chestnut Stallion 02 May 2012 Sire: Wish Upon A Star KWPN() Dam: Aloma's Reality Wbys DamSire: Proper Reality Wbys Owner: Katy Welsh Breeder: Katy Welsh Handler: K Welsh For Sale Times: Vet 13:48 Eval 13:56 37 Eventing Safari WBB(UK) Bay Stallion 29 May 2012 Sire: Dexter the Fourth 8260GB Dam: Astwoodcourt Molly WPCS DamSire: Wenlock Ewan WPCS Owner: Faye Taylor Breeder: Faye Taylor Handler: Miss Faye Taylor For Sale Times: Vet 13:56 Eval 14:04 38 Eventing Mr Ed SHB(GB) Dark Chestnut Stallion 26 Apr 2012 Sire: Primitive Star 826041 Dam: Glenlyon Ryde Wbys DamSire: Fearless Action Wbys Owner: Alison Hyde Breeder: Alison Hyde Handler: Nicky Martin Times: Vet 14:04 Eval 14:12 39 Eventing Future 15 AES Bay Stallion 01 Mar 2012 Sire: Future Illusion Sport Horse Breeding of Great Britain Dam: Mare AES DamSire: AES Owner: Julia Hodkin Breeder: Julia Hodkin Handler: J Hodkin Times: Vet 14:12 Eval 14:20 40 Show Jumping Unnamed AES Chestnut Mare 13 Jun 2012 Sire: Randi Dam: Carnavals Choice FEI passport DamSire: Carnaval Drum KWPN Owner: Rebecca Cooper Breeder: Rebecca Cooper Handler: Rebecca Cooper Times: Vet 14:20 Eval 14:28 41 Show Jumping Cvenus of Westoak BHHS Bay Mare 06 Jun 2012 Sire: Classic Juan Dam: Wilma BHHS DamSire: Wildgraf Hann Owner: Sue Simmons Breeder: Sue Simmons Handler: Sue Simmons For Sale Times: Vet 14:28 Eval 14:36 42 Show Jumping Revelation WBB(UK) Bay Mare 23 May 2012 Sire: Revival 826002 Dam: Bullands Sensation KWPN DamSire: Esteban KWPN Owner: Geraldine Ward Breeder: Geraldine Ward Handler: Mrs Gerry Ward Times: Vet 14:36 Eval 14:44

43 Show Jumping Overton Surprise AES Buckskin Mare 11 Jun 2012 Sire: Legrande 826002 Dam: Tilana S KWPN DamSire: Wolfgang KWPN Owner: Caroline Williamson Breeder: Caroline Williamson Handler: Caroline Williamson Times: Vet 14:44 Eval 14:52 44 (a) Dressage Heaven BHHS Bay Stallion 02 Jul 2012 Sire: Hotline Hannoverian(Hann) Dam: St Pr Limoncello Hann DamSire: Londonderry Hann Owner: Sara Lucas Breeder: Lynne Crowden Handler: Carsten Sandrock Times: Vet 15:32 Eval 15:40 44 (b) Show Jumping SS Lillebet AES Chestnut Mare 31 May 2012 Sire: The Aviator 826002 Dam: SS Sally WBB(UK) DamSire: Maximillion Saluut WBB(UK) Owner: Heather Blythe Breeder: Heather Blythe Handler: Heather Blythe For Sale Corvedale Stud Times: Vet 14:52 Eval 15:00 45 Show Jumping Carthago's Darco AES Grey Mare 16 May 2012 Sire: Silvester 826002 Dam: Donna Carrera Z Zang DamSire: Darco BWP Owner: Hazel Offord Breeder: Hazel Offord Handler: Hazel Offord For Sale Times: Vet 15:00 Eval 15:08 46 Show Jumping Havanna KWPN Bay Mare 09 Apr 2012 Sire: Sir Shutterfly 826002 Dam: Tandora KWPN DamSire: Marlon KWPN Owner: Davinia Hindley Breeder: Davinia Hindley Handler: Nicola Burton Times: Vet 15:08 Eval 15:16 47 Show Jumping Marslands Zacalve AES Grey Stallion 28 May 2012 Sire: Zacharov KWPN() Dam: B.Calve KWPN DamSire: Lucky Boy KWPN Owner: David Jones Breeder: David Jones Handler: David Jones Times: Vet 15:16 Eval 15:24 48 Show Jumping Candy of Westoak BHHS Chestnut Mare 27 Apr 2012 Sire: Classic Juan Dam: Winepearl BHHS DamSire: Wineberg Hann Owner: Sue Simmons Breeder: Sue Simmons Handler: Sue Simmons For Sale Times: Vet 15:24 Eval 15:32 49 Show Jumping Greenacres Vanquish AES Bay Stallion 25 Jun 2012 Sire: Van Gogh KWPN Dam: Sequin II Trak DamSire: Abdullah Trak Owner: Christine Mart Breeder: Greenacres Stud Handler: TBC Times: Vet 15:32 Eval 15:40 50 Show Jumping Hector KWPN Bay Stallion 26 May 2012 Sire: Ustinov KWPN() Dam: U-2 KWPN DamSire: Guidam KWPN Owner: Richard Devereux- Cooke Breeder: Richard Devereux-Cooke Handler: Nicola Burton Times: Vet 15:40 Eval 15:48 51 Show Jumping Harbury KWPN Bay Stallion 17 Apr 2012 Sire: Chacco Blue Oldenburg(Old) Dam: Ettonia KWPN DamSire: Carolus II KWPN Owner: Sam & Nicola Burton Breeder: Sam & Nicola Burton Handler: Nicola Burton For Sale Times: Vet 15:48 Eval 15:56 52 Eventing Jesatran Firecracker AES Chestnut Mare 26 Apr 2012 Sire: Wolkenderry Hannoverian(Hann) Dam: Puffin' Along Wbys DamSire: Old Leighlin VII Wbys Owner: Sally Morton Breeder: Sally Morton Handler: Sally Morton Times: Vet 15:56 Eval 16:04 53 Show Jumping Armoon AES Bay Stallion 11 May 2012 Sire: Argento 826002 Dam: Roulette On Red Roulette On Red DamSire: Counterfeit Unknown Owner: Karen Young Breeder: Karen Young Handler: Karen Young Times: Vet 16:04 Eval 16:12 54 Dressage Heathersedge HRH KWPN Skewbald Mare 23 Jun 2012 Sire: Wynton KWPN Dam: Tiara KWPN DamSire: Negro KWPN Owner: Laurie Ibbotson Breeder: Laurie Ibbotson Handler: Miss L Ibbotson Times: Vet 16:12 Eval 16:20

55 Dressage Donna Karan WBB(UK) Light Bay Mare 04 May 2012 Sire: Danone I Unknown Dam: Escada IV Trak DamSire: EH Caprimond Trak Owner: Helen Hulse Breeder: Helen Hulse Handler: Carrie Adams For Sale Times: Vet 16:20 Eval 16:28 56 Dressage Hampton Lucy KWPN Black Mare 30 Mar 2012 Sire: Wynton KWPN() Dam: Promisses KWPN DamSire: Flemmingh KWPN Owner: Nicola Burton Breeder: Nicola Burton Handler: Nicola Burton Times: Vet 16:28 Eval 16:36 57 Dressage (Sports Pony) Dilaggio WBB(UK) Palomino Mare 14 Apr 2012 Sire: Treliver Decanter British Warm-Blood Society and British Sports Horse Registry Dam: Sandra NRPS DamSire: Leunsveld's Elegant NWPS Owner: Dan Henson Breeder: Darren Matia Handler: Dan Henson Times: Vet 16:36 Eval 16:44 58 Dressage Wolfie 2012 BHHS Chestnut Stallion 04 May 2012 Sire: Sir Donnerhall 826016 Dam: St Pr St World's Finest Hann DamSire: Weltmeyer Hann Owner: Judith Davis Breeder: Judith Davis Handler: tbc Times: Vet 16:44 Eval 16:52 59 Dressage Denby Old Dark Bay Stallion 10 May 2012 Sire: Detroit 826078 Dam: Soul Believer Old DamSire: Sandro Hit Old Owner: Diana Shaw Breeder: Diana Shaw Handler: Diana Shaw For Sale Times: Vet 16:52 Eval 17:00 60 Dressage Wonderwall BHHS Bay Stallion 24 Apr 2012 Sire: Wenckstern Hannoverian(Hann) Dam: Trenda KWPN DamSire: Mondriaan KWPN Owner: Lindsey Froggatt Breeder: Lindsey Froggatt Handler: Carsten Sandrock For Sale Times: Vet 17:00 Eval 17:08 61 Dressage Midnight Nova Blue AES Grey Stallion 03 May 2012 Sire: Casanova Du Domaine Z 826002 Dam: Ida Rex Pleasure Horse Society Equine Passport DamSire: Frisky Frazer Unknown Owner: Katy Whitaker Breeder: Katy Whitaker Handler: Katy Whitaker Times: Vet 17:08 Eval 17:16 62 Dressage Welford Armarni BHHS Bay Stallion 07 Jul 2012 Sire: Sandro's Dancer Swedish Warmblood(SV) Dam: Constance Hann DamSire: Complement Hann Owner: Erika Coghlan Breeder: Erika Coghlan Handler: E coghlan For Sale Times: Vet 17:16 Eval 17:24 63 Dressage Larkshill Bravado Old Black Stallion 19 Mar 2012 Sire: Bretton Woods 826078 Dam: St.Pr.St. Ronja Hann DamSire: Rotspon Hann Owner: Heather Stack Breeder: Heather Stack Handler: Heather Stack For Sale Times: Vet 17:24 Eval 17:32 64 Dressage Fenix Trak(UK) Grey Stallion 23 Apr 2012 Sire: Munchhausen Trakehner(Trak) Dam: Funny Hill Trak DamSire: Summertime Trak Owner: Margo Mahlenkamp Breeder: Margo Mahlenkamp Handler: Caroline Mahlenkamp Times: Vet 17:32 Eval 17:40

Special rosettes: Endurance GB rosettes for all endurance category entries and Trakehners UK rosette for all entries registered with Trakehners UK, please make sure you ask for yours if you are eligible. Other breed society rosettes can be given out to high scorers for you, please ask us.

** NEWS and UPDATES ** Futurity Eventing Championship: There will be a Championship for event horses at the Lycetts British Eventing Young Horse Championships at Osberton on Thursday 27 September. The top 10 from each eventing age group over the whole 2012 series will qualify (min qualifying score 8.50). Qualified horses will be notified and you will need to enter separately, the details will be sent to you when entries open. Three year olds will be shown loose and loose jumped in a secure pen. Judges will be Ian Stark and Lucinda Sims. Equine Bridge: The concept of the Equine Bridge was unveiled at the Solihull Roadshow last year and was well received. Since then we have been working on the details and consulting within BEF on the process. The next step is to make the consultation paper available for you to view and comment on the detail of qualifying thresholds, costs, locations and what the Equine Bridge will offer breeders and owners of talented young Futurity graduates. Because we are a tiny team with a wide remit, progress has not been as speedy as we optimistically indicated. We will have the consultation paper ready following Futurity 2012 and now plan to launch the Equine Bridge in 2013. Futurity results and your all-new full colour British Breeder Magazine: As well as being online, on demand, Futurity results will be published in the autumn issue of The British Breeder, the official magazine of the British Bred Sport Horse (BBSH). Copies of the spring/summer issue are available at every Futurity venue or to subscribe and have it delivered to your door call 01380 734357 Are you a Young Breeder? Follow the British Young Breeders (BYB) Facebook page to get involved, start learning and possibly win a bursary to study abroad!

Intelligent Worming supports Better British Breeding

What is Intelligent Worming? Intelligent Worming is a process which combines scientific research, with over 10 years of parasitological experience to design unique individual worming programs. Intelligent worming is still the only company in the UK with a complete worming solution which assess, test, plan and delivers. It is the UK’s best weapon to stop further development of wormer resistance. Intelligent Worming determines whether the horses natural immune system can cope without any chemical intervention, with the larvae in the pasture it grazes. Each horse is assessed individually and should any existing worm burden be identified then the reason for this is investigated. A full risk assessment is carried out at an early stage, and any pasture contamination is identified. Intelligent Worming and the British Breeding/BEF Futurity Intelligent Worming are generously supporting the Futurity again in 2012. We have continued last year’s offer by offering EVERY horse entered in to the scheme a FREE 12 Month Intelligent Worming Program. This will include the annual subscription, a full detailed risk assessment, program design, and ALL faecal egg counts. How do I get more information? Further information can be found at or call 01267 223322 WE LOOK FORWARD TO SEEING YOU AT FUTURITY 2012