35m e An n iver sar y Edit ion Ju n e 9t h - 17t h 2017 CAROVANA ROMANTICA In t er n at ion al Classic & Vin t age Car s Tou r in g Rally TOUR2017: ...
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35m e An n iver sar y Edit ion Ju n e 9t h - 17t h 2017

CAROVANA ROMANTICA In t er n at ion al Classic & Vin t age Car s Tou r in g Rally



In t r odu cin g t h e Bar oqu e Tou r 2017 in Sou t h east Sicily

Sicily is on e of t h e w or ld's m ost capt ivat in g places. In t ou r 2017 Car ovan a Rom an t ica, am on g t h e islan d's in n u m er able ch ar m s, w ill cir cle ar ou n d t o sou t h east Sicily w h er e w e'll f in d a st u n n in g ar r ay of bar oqu e ar ch it ect u r al m ast er pieces, f r om t h e golden -h u ed dom es an d palaces of Not o t o t h e m u lt i-t ier ed cat h edr al f acades of Ragu sa an d M odica. M ean w h ile, t h r ou gh ou t t h e islan d w e'll f in d ou r selves st u m blin g u pon t h e evocat ive r em ain s of Ar ab an d Nor m an cast les. Th is em bar r assm en t of cu lt u r al r ich es r em ain s on e of t h e islan d's m ost dist in ct ive at t r act ion s.

TOUR2017 Classical Cr ossr oads Eternal crossroads of the Mediterranean, the gorgeous island of Sicily continues to seduce travellers with its dazzling diversity of landscapes and cultural treasures. Seductively beautiful and perfectly placed in the h ear t of t h e M edit er r an ean , Sicily has been luring passersby since the time of legends. In line with its mission to bring the vintage & classic cars owners to discover the most charming places of the Mediterranean, the Car ovan a Team h as design ed a r ou t e in t h e Sou t h east of Sicily. Home of Magna Graecia?s most magnificent ancient city and some of Italy?s most glorious baroque towns, Sicily?s southeast is the island?s top draw. We'll be falling head over heels for Sicily's most beautiful towns: Not o, M odica an d Ragu sa, each one a feast of architectural flourishes (and gastronomic delights as chocolate in Modica, made following the raditional aztec receipe), all three towns rose from the rubble of an earthquake in 1693 to become luminous examples of Sicilian baroque. After exploring the slopes of Et n a, the largest volcano in Europe, we will cross the region?s countryside, a sun-bleached canvas of sleepy backroads lined with carob trees, epic rocky ravines studded with prehistoric tombs, and tranquil, sandy beaches backed by bird-rich greenery. The route will finally lead us to the extreme Southern tip, Isola delle Cor r en t i, at a latitude below Tunis and Algiers, where the sparkling sea and the remote landscape evokes the colors of Af r ica.


TOURHIGHLIGHTS CIRCUM NAVIGATION OF M OUNT ETNA Dom in at in g t h e lan dscape of east er n Sicily, M t Et n a is a m assive br oodin g pr esen ce. At 3329m it is It aly 's h igh est m ou n t ain sou t h of t h e Alps an d t h e lar gest act ive volcan o in Eu r ope. It 's in an alm ost con st an t st at e of act ivit y an d er u pt ion s occu r f r equ en t ly, m ost spect acu lar ly f r om t h e f ou r su m m it cr at er s, bu t m or e of t en , an d m or e dan ger ou sly, f r om t h e f issu r es an d old cr at er s on t h e m ou n t ain's f lan k s. Th is act ivit y, w h ich is closely m on it or ed by 120 seism ic act ivit y st at ion s an d sat ellit es, m ean s t h at it is occasion ally closed t o visit or s. Sin ce 1987 t h e volcan o an d it s slopes h ave been par t of a n at ion al par k , t h e Par co dell'Et n a. En com passin g 590 sq k m an d som e 21 t ow n s, t h e par k 's var ied lan dscape r an ges f r om t h e sever e,

sn ow capped m ou n t ain t op t o lu n ar deser t s of bar r en black lava, beech w oods an d lu sh vin eyar ds w h er e t h e ar ea's h igh ly r at ed DOC w in e is pr odu ced. As u su al, t h e Team h as pr epar ed a ser ies of visit s t o t h e m ost sign if ican t w in er ies an d can t in as of t h e t er r it or y, w it h t ast in g of t h e best Sicilian w in es.

On t h e r ou t e: -


Welcom e in Tow n s by t r adit ion al gr ou ps Folk an d m u sical per f or m an ces Par t icipat ion in a Classical gr eek t h eat er sh ow Vist it s t o t h e ar ch aeological par k of Syr acu se, t h e Necr opolis Pan t alica, t h e Ven dicar i Nat u r al Reser ve. Af r ican Beach par t y on t h e san ds of Capo Passer o

Ech oes of Gr eece: While Sicily ?s sou t h east er n t ip offers little in the way of excitement, its electric colours, laidback atmosphere and relative lack of development make it a relaxing day trip from Noto. From town, the SP19 heads south towards Pach in o, a busy, run-of-the-mill market town surrounded by fertile vin eyar ds. A few kilometres before it lies the altogether more charming fishing village of M ar zam em i, which doubles as a low-key summer resort.


TOURHIGHLIGHTS UNESCO Her it age Sit es on r ou t e Ragu sa: one of the most picturesque towns in Sicily. The view from the upper town over Ragusa Ibla on its own separate hilltop is quite breathtaking. One of the UNESCO-listed Baroque towns of south-eastern Sicily. One of the best sights in the Ragusa area is the Cast ello di Don n af u gat a, a Gothic country villa in the countryside. Syr acu se: More than any other city, Syracuse encapsulates Sicily's timeless beauty. Ancient Greek ruins rise out of lush citrus orchards, cafe tables spill onto dazzling baroque piazzas, and honey-hued medieval lanes lead down to the sparkling blue sea. Not o: is an architectural supermodel, a baroque belle so gorgeous you might mistake it for a film set. The town is home to one of Sicily's most beautiful historic centres. Dashing at any time of the day, it?s especially hypnotic in the early evening, when the red-gold buildings seem to glow with a soft inner light. M odica: With its steeply stacked medieval centre and spectacular baroque cathedral, Modica is one of southern Sicily's most atmospheric towns. But unlike some of the other Unesco-listed cities in the area, it doesn't package its treasures into a single easy-to-see street or central piazza: rather, they are spread around the town and take some discovering. Oper a dei Pu pi, Sicilian pu ppet t h eat r e:,an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, emerged in Sicily at the beginning of the nineteenth century, the puppet teather told stories based on medieval chivalric literature and other sources, such as Italian poems of the Renaissance, the lives of saints and tales of notorious bandits.

Ter m por ar y Pr ogr am * Car ovan a 2017 - Ju n e 9t h -17t h 2017 713 k m - 7 days t r ip Fr iday Ju n e 9t h Meeting Point near Catania: Welcome dinner Saturday 10th around the Etna volcano (53km) Linguaglossa - Piano Provenzano Sunday 11th from Etna to the heart of Sicily (179 km) Bronte - Piazza Armerina ? Caltagirone Monday 12th The Golden Baroque (119 km) Caltagirone ? Ragusa - Noto Tuesday 13th Unesco heritage sites (70 km) Scicli- Modica - Ispica Wednesday 14th Sparkling seas facing Africa (68 km) Portopalo di Capopassero- MarzzamemiSiracusa Thursday 15th Echoes of Greece ( 160 km) Noto- Siracusa- Catania Friday 16th Grand and athmospheric (64 km) Siracusa- Taormina Saturday 17th Relax an d depar t u r e t o dest in at ion s Tot al KM : 750 * the temporary program may vary according to organizational reasons. De definitive program will be issued before applications deadline on February 28th 2017


WHOWEARE Car ovan a Rom an t ica is an of f icial FIVA Tou r in g Even t h eld sin ce 1982 in Italy and Mediterranean Countries, reserved to 40/45 vintage and classic cars built from 1918 to 1960. Carovana Romantica is a lon g dist an ce an d n on -com pet it ive t ou r in g even t which offers a journey of about 7/8 days, driving 800/900 km. It is addressed to collectors who like to drive their vintage cars in freedom, with friends, in an in t er n at ion al an d exclu sive con t ext , although informal and jovial, discovering eno-gastronimical traditions, monuments and natural beauties, along unique or unusual routes and places. Joining Carovana Romantica means to sh ar e w it h old an d n ew f r ien ds a lon g jou r n ey of u n iqu e exper ien ces, free to drive without haste, appreciating the beauty of landscapes and places. Will not remain just a travel experience, w ill r em ain 100 f r ien ds!

Hospit alit y an d Leisu r e Carovana offers participants a refined hospitality in hotels* and class facilities often exclusive, as well as social gatherings in wineries and farms, gala dinners, special musical events, folk welcomes in towns.

2017 St ar t M eet in g: M ou n t Et n a (Catania) IL Picciolo Et n a Golf Resor t Strada Statale 120, Km 200 - Castiglione (CT) I M on ast er i Golf Resor t & Spa Traversa Monasteri di sotto, 3 ? 96100 Siracusa

Villa Favor it a Relais SP 34 NOTO - Calabernardo - Noto * Carovana 2017 planned hospitality in 3 hotels* * * * . The Carovana Team reserves the rigth to arrange hospitality in different hotels matching the 4 stars* * * * category standars, if required by the definitive programme or organizational reasons


CLASSICCARS TRANSPORT To enable crews to easily reach Sicily and the meeting point near Catania on the slopes of Mount Etna, the Carovana Team has prepared two different transport solutions of classic cars on closed trucks, with two different logistics partners. Each truck can load 5/6 classic cars.

Closed Tr u ck s f r om M ilan o M alpen sa Air opor t t o Cat an ia (r ou n dt r ip) + Fligh t Operated by our partner iFAST Au t om ot ive Logist ics on Closed Trucks. To easely reach Catania crews can travel to the Milano Malpensa Airport Meeting Point on Friday 9th morning around 10,00 a.m.. From here cars will be loaded up on closed trucks and delivered down to Catania. Crews will be embarked on Flights Milano ? Catania. Cars will be delivered directly at Il Picciolo Etna Golf Resort on Saturday 10th morning in time to start the tour. Same solution on the way back, when cars will be loaded up on trucks on Friday 16th evening, and crews will reach Milano on Saturday 17th evening where they will find their cars, to proceed to destinations.

Classic Car Tr an spor t e Door t o Door Tr an spor t Ser vice f r om Ever yw h er e in Eu r ope ? f r om you r h om e gar age t o Cat an ia (r ou n dt r ip) + Fligh t Operated by our partner Classic Car s Tr an spor t e AHSA Logist ics Gm bH, a German transport company specialized in classic cars transport. Your car will be picked up at you home garage and delivered directly to the Hotel in Catania. Crews will catch their flight directly to Catania from their hometown Airport. Picking of cars will be planned directly by CCT with the drivers. All Crews arriving at Catania Airport will be picked up by minibus to the Hotel. A Luggage transport service is provided all tour long.