Car Wash & Detail Cleaning Products Vehicle Protection Products Cleaning & Degreasing Truck and Heavy Equipment Cleaning Products

Car Wash & Detail Cleaning Products Vehicle Protection Products Cleaning & Degreasing Truck and Heavy Equipment Cleaning Products WHICH CAR WENT THR...
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Car Wash & Detail Cleaning Products Vehicle Protection Products Cleaning & Degreasing Truck and Heavy Equipment Cleaning Products


Touchless presoaks that work. Magic Finish Carwash Cleaning Chemicals, the best you can buy . . . period.

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Low pH Acidic Presoaks: Shockwave HF

4010 5 Gal. 4012 30 Gal. 4013 55 Gal.

The hardest cleaning situations are no match for this lo pH pre-soak. Shockwave HF contains a powerful acid combination and detergent blend that effectively cleans the toughest road grime, mineral build-up and oxidation from glass, aluminum, chrome and paint. Use this product as the first pass in a 2-step low pH/high pH touchless wash process for best results. Contains Hydrofluoric Acid.

Shockwave Lo pH Pro

4240 5 Gal. 4242 30 Gal. 4243 55 Gal.

Specifically formulated for use as the first stage cleaning solution in two step low pH/high pH wash applications. New safe non-HF technology is excellent for aiding in the removal of oil, dirt, road film and windshield masks. Shockwave also conforms to the current phosphate laws now active in many states and municipalities.

Power Bolt

4026 5 Gal. 4028 30 Gal. 4029 55 Gal.

Our original low pH high power formula developed specifically for use as the low pH presoak in the two step low pH/ high pH touchless wash process. Superior removal of road film and windshield mask. Great foam show and refreshing “Lemon Scent” for increased customer appeal. One of the best in our high quality line of touchless low pH presoaks.

Lightning 2X

4034 5 Gal. 4036 30 Gal. 4037 55 Gal.

Lightning 2X is a potent, highly acidic, “Lemon Scented” liquid designed for use in foamers or as the first step in your two-step wash system. Less aggressive on equipment and floors.

Citri-Blend Lo pH Shampoo

5881 5 Gal. 5880 30 Gal. 5887 55 Gal.

Creates a creamy thick lather that lubricates and cleans while lowering the pH on the car to aid in the drying process. This low pH shampoo is especially good for cleaning and shining chrome and glass. Has a “Citrus Scent.”


4045 5 Gal. 4047 30 Gal. 4048 55 Gal.

Formulated as a premium, optimum foaming, acidic detergent for use in tunnels, hybrids and rollovers. Fantastic cling and lubricating foam with an aggressive but pleasing “Citrus Scent.” This is our premium lubricating detergent blend designed for very low usage rates.

4018 5 Gal. 4020 30 Gal. 4021 55 Gal.

Formulated as a premium acidic detergent for use in friction automatics, cloth or foam tunnels. Fantastic clinging foam and the lubricity needed to keep your wraps and mitters cleaning up to their potential.

Impact 100

High pH Alkaline Presoak/Detergents: AfterShock HPP

4041 5 Gal. 4043 30 Gal. 4044 55 Gal.

Newly developed premium high pH detergent concentrate for touchless automatics, truckwash, and tunnel applications. Aftershock was developed to be one of the most concentrated high pH detergent/presoaks you can buy without a prescription. Excellent at removing oil, dirt, grease, bugs, and road film as a single step or as the second step in a low pH/high pH wash process. Concentrated cleaning technology at it’s best!

Thunder X-treme

4066NI 5 Gal. 4068NI 30 Gal. 4069NI 55 Gal.

This highly versatile, non-phosphated liquid has been designed primarily for touchless applications covering a wide range of extreme temperature variations. Should be used as a single step or second step in your two-step low pH/high pH touch-free wash process. This item has been designed to handle the toughest of road film!

Thunder X-treme Red

4224R 5 Gal. 4226R 30 Gal. 4227R 55 Gal.

Same cleaning properties as our Thunder X-treme with added VIBRANT RED COLOR! Should be used as a single step or second step in your two step low pH/high pH wash process.

4062 5 Gal. 4064 30 Gal. 4065 55 Gal. Liquid Friction SF 4074 5 Gal. 4076 30 Gal. (scented formula) 4077 55 Gal.

Liquid Friction

A new method in detergent technology with unsurpassed cleaning power! This liquid was designed to be used as a single-step detergent or as the second step in a standard two-step touchless wash process. Liquid Friction SF is the same cleaning technology as Liquid Friction, but with an added awesome “Lemon Citrus Scent” for customer appeal.

Liquid Friction Red

4216-R 5 Gal. 4218-R 30 Gal. 4219-R 55 Gal.

Same cleaning properties as our renowned Liquid Friction but with added red color! This is definitely a “show” with a happy ending! A clean, shiny vehicle finish!

All Pro Plus Detergent

4228NI 5 Gal. 4230NI 30 Gal. 4231NI 55 Gal.

Newly developed high pH all purpose formula with added water conditioning agents designed for use in frictionless, hybrid and conventional car washes. This potent high foaming value formula effectively cuts through road film and oils while providing a pleasing “Lemon Scent.” Also an excellent economical choice for single stage touch free presoak applications.

Moderate pH Detergents: An awesome line-up of moderate pH detergents designed to be used in either low or high pressure wash applications. BLAST detergents may be used in tunnels, automatics, and self-serve car washes. These versatile detergents can be used as a pre-soak or as a foam brush soap. Each of these products are uniquely scented for increased customer appeal!

Blast Detergents

Lemon Blast 4116 5 Gal. 4118 30 Gal. 4119 55 Gal.

Blueberry Blast 4577 5 Gal. 4579 30 Gal. 4580 55 Gal.

LP Purple Blast 6023 5 Gal. 6024 30 Gal. 6025 55 Gal.

Fruit Slices Blast 4577FS 5 Gal. 4579FS 30 Gal. 4580FS 55 Gal.

Fresh N’ Clean HP Shampoo

4112 5 Gal. 4114 30 Gal. 4115 55 Gal.

A moderate pH detergent for use in high pressure wands in both self serve and tunnel applications. Provides excellent cleaning and high foam with added ingredients for hard water and high TDS stability. Unique “Fresh N’ Clean Scent.”

Lemon High Pressure Shampoo

4208 5 Gal. 4210 30 Gal. 4211 55 Gal.

A moderate pH detergent for use in high pressure wands in both self serve and tunnel applications. Provides excellent cleaning and high foam with added ingredients for hard water and high TDS stability. Product will not build up in pump heads. Fresh “Lemon Scent” PRODUCTS MUST BE IN COMPLIANCE WITH MANUFACTURER INSTRUCTIONS


Neutral pH Detergents/Foamers: Premium Detergent Bubblegum

4136-BG 5 Gal. 4138-BG 30 Gal. 4139-BG 55 Gal.

Premium Detergent was formulated with highly active ingredients to not only clean but provide the maximum lubricity needed with many of today’s highly aggressive foam and cloth materials.

Deep Kleen

4120 5 Gal. 4122 30 Gal. 4123 55 Gal.

Deep Kleen is a high quality, neutral blend of deep penetrating surfactants, brighteners and foam boosters. Delivers excellent rinsibility in cold water applications. Exceptional lubricating and foaming properties for both cloth and brush automatics.


4124 5 Gal. 4126 30 Gal. 4127 55 Gal.

Contains the same tremendous amount of active ingredients as Deep Kleen but with added solvents. Hy-Lite dissolves oily road film on contact, provides a great shine and will deliver lubricity to your cloth and foam that is unmatched!

Kleer Magic Prep

4132 5 Gal. 4134 30 Gal. 4135 55 Gal.

High foaming detergent that makes a great prep or bucket soap. Very cost effective option when used in foamers as well.

Wash N’ Shine Shampoo

5912 5 Gal. 5915 30 Gal. 5913 55 Gal.

This one item will foam the car clean while it creates super beading action to enhance the drying process. Cut down on your chemical costs while delivering more to your customer!

Foam N’ Clean

4786 5 Gal. 4788 30 Gal. 4789 55 Gal. 4192-R 5 Gal. 4194-R 30 Gal. 4195-R 55 Gal.

Foaming Detergent Red Fast N’ Foamy Shampoo

A neutral detergent designed to rinse easily and provide plenty of bubbles at a great cost per car. Perfect for use in your prep stations. High foaming value detergent designed for use through foamers in tunnel applications. Also makes a great foam brush detergent in self serves. Red foam with an awesome “Cherry Scent.”

5648 5 Gal. 5634 55 Gal.

A high foaming neutral product that will produce a thick blanket of foam while delivering lubrication that is needed with today’s equipment. Excellent for tunnels and roll-over washes with a “Fresh N’ Clean Scent.”

Wheel/Tire Cleaners: Double Barrel Two-Part Wheel & Tire Cleaning System

The Magic Finish Two-Part Wheel & Tire Cleaning System has been designed to give operators the strongest possible cleaner without the use of Hydrofluoric Acid (HF). Our “Boost” formula contains d-Limonene and hi-foaming surfactants along with other key ingredients. Combined with our concentrated alkaline “Builder” formula this highly effective solution is the perfect answer to cleaning today’s modern wheels and tires at a great low price. Can be used in cta’s or hand applied systems. Ask your representative today and let them show you how to incorporate this awesome cleaning technology into your wash. Double Barrel Boost 5673 5 Gal. 5674 30 Gal.

Double Barrel Builder 5675 5 Gal. 5676 30 Gal.


4530 5 Gal. 4532 30 Gal. 4533 55 Gal.

Powerful (HF) based wheel cleaner removes stubborn metallic or ceramic brake dusts without the need for scrubbing! High foaming formula can be applied to all surfaces except after market “polished” aluminum! Great as an extra service sale through tunnel CTA applications.

Non-Acid Tire & Wheel Cleaner

6086 1 Gal. 4/Case 6087 5 Gal. 6088 55 Gal.

Premium Wheel & Tire Cleaner formula removes oils, old tire dressing, brake dust and grime leaving tires deep black, rims clean and white-letters bright! Safe on clear coated, painted, plastic and stainless steel wheels.

Magic White Concentrate

4510 5 Gal. 4512 30 Gal. 4513 55 Gal.

This unique Wheel & Tire cleaning formula incorporates high amounts of solvents, surfactants and alkalines. A must for all wash operators. Eye-grabbing green color.

No-Scrub Tire & Wheel

5600 5 Gal. 5601 30 Gal. 5602 55 Gal.

World famous No-Scrub Tire & Wheel Cleaner ends the hard work of cleaning wheels & tires. Simply spray on and pressure wash off. No more bending, scrubbing and rewashing. Cleans raised white letters and works instantly to remove brake dust. Contains NO acids, caustic soda or petroleum. 100% biodegradable! Orange color.

Tech Tire & Wheel

5632 5 Gal. 5629 30 Gal. 5633 55 Gal.

Get tires and wheels spotlessly clean without harmful ingredients. Provides great customer appeal with rich green foam. It is also safe to use as an engine cleaner/degreaser in a self-serve application. Nuclear Green color.

Bug Remover: Fast Bug LF


4738 5 Gal. 4740 30 Gal. 4741 55 Gal.

The best bug remover on the market today! Fast-acting solvent blend quickly penetrates and liquefies insect remains. Product rinses easily and freely. Safe for all finishes when used at proper dilution.


Foaming Conditioner: Reflections Conditioner

Unique low pH high foaming clear coat conditioner containing a blend of deep penetrating surfactants, boosters and brighteners. Rich lather and customer pleasing “Cotton Candy Scent.” Available in three bright colors. Conditioner Blue Conditioner Red Conditioner Yellow 4452CC 5 Gal. 4456CC 5 Gal. 4460CC 5 Gal. 4454CC 30 Gal. 4458CC 30 Gal. 4462CC 30 Gal. 4455CC 55 Gal. 4459CC 55 Gal. 4463CC 55 Gal.

Foaming Polish Protectant: Super Foaming Kleer Kote

Super Foaming Kleer Kote is a high beading, scented foaming polish. Designed to preserve and enhance clear-coat finishes. Provides a highly visible glossy appearance and protective coating. Put on an awesome ‘show’ with vivid colors and rich customer pleasing scent! Available in several colors. Kleer Kote Blue 4428 5 Gal. 4430 30 Gal. 4431 55 Gal.

Kleer Kote Green 4432 5 Gal. 4434 30 Gal. 4435 55 Gal.

Kleer Kote Red 4436 5 Gal. 4438 30 Gal. 4439 55 Gal

Kleer Kote Yellow 4440 5 Gal. 4442 30 Gal. 4443 55 Gal.

Kleer Kote White 4444 5 Gal. 4446 30 Gal. 4447 55 Gal.

Sealer Waxes/Protectants: Photo Finish Sealant

A low foaming, silicone fortified protectant containing a combination of silicones and natural waxes for outstanding clear coat protection. Photo Finish Sealant will give your customers a dry shiny car. Available in “Piña Colada and Fruit Slice Scents.” Photo Finish Piña Colada Photo Finish Fruit Slice 4408FS 5 Gal. 4410FS 30 Gal. 4411FS 55 Gal.

Kleer Kote Sealer Wax

4408 5 Gal. 4410 30 Gal. 4411 55 Gal.

Kleer Kote Sealer Wax is an excellent protectant designed for rapid water beading and shine in all wash systems. Buffering agents have been added to ensure beading occurs under all wash conditions. Available in many scents. KK Grape 4324-G 5 Gal. 4326-G 30 Gal. 4327-G 55 Gal.

KK Bubble Gum 4320 5 Gal. 4322 30 Gal. 4323 55 Gal.

KK Cherry 4324 5 Gal. 4326 30 Gal. 4327 55 Gal.

KK Lemon 4328 5 Gal. 4330 30 Gal. 4331 55 Gal.

KK Piña Colada 4336 5 Gal. 4338 30 Gal. 4339 55 Gal.

KK Fruit Slices 4340 5 Gal. 4342 30 Gal. 4343 55 Gal.

Premium Xtra Service Protectants: Magma Glo Wax

4566 5 Gal. 4568 30 Gal.

Carnauba Wax N’ Shine

Magma Glo technology provides a just waxed shine to any vehicle finish. Richly fortified with Real Carnauba Wax, Magma Glo gives your customer the benefit of extended water repellency, shine and protection from the elements while providing a vivid visual to enhance the wash experience. Excellent performance in all application systems. Magma Glo Wax Features N' Benefits: Real Carnauba Wax Technology • Increased Water Repellency • Long Lasting Shine & Protection Great Customer Visual and Scent Appeal • Marketing and Signage Available

Magic Bond

4300 5 Gal. 4302 30 Gal.

Magic Bond with our exclusive bonding technology is a protective coating that is applied during the rinse cycle. This technology forms an invisible, protective film that cures as it dries. When water comes in contact with a protected vehicle it rapidly beads and falls off like never before. Magic Bond will make a noticeable difference for up to 30 days and make you more revenue .

Magic Bond IBA (Green Kiwi)

4304 5 Gal. 4306 30 Gal.

Magic Bond formula specifically designed to meet the needs of today’s touchless automatic operators. Awesome green color with foaming capabilities and unique “Kiwi Scent!”

Liquid Shield

5760 5 Gal. 5761 30 Gal.

TOTAL SURFACE PROTECTION! Purple color. “Grape Scented.” SHINES: Liquid Shield will reintroduce your customers vehicles to that original “show room shine.” PROTECTS: Liquid Shield will help prevent damage caused by salt and harmful UV rays. Liquid Shield will also improve driver visibility in rain or snow. REPELS: Liquid Shield beads moisture on contact. Repels rain, snow, ice and dirt from all painted, glass and metal surfaces.

Drying Agents: Concentrated X-Treme Dri

4573 5 Gal. 4575 30 Gal. 4576 55 Gal.

Concentrated X-Treme Dri is our premium entry into the world of drying agents. This product will consistently deliver dry vehicles at the highest dilution rates and lowest cost per car. X-Treme Dri X-Cells where others fail!

Turbo Dry Enhancer

4569 5 Gal. 4571 30 Gal. 4572 55 Gal.

Turbo Dry Enhancer is a low pH buffered drying agent formulated for rapid water beading in all wash and weather conditions. Delivers super water beading action.

Lemon Dry

4328 LD 5 Gal. 4330 LD 30 Gal. 4331 LD 55 Gal.

Excellent performance as a drying agent or clear coat protectant product! Enhances shine and dry while producing a nice “Lemon Scent” for customer appeal. PRODUCTS MUST BE IN COMPLIANCE WITH MANUFACTURER INSTRUCTIONS


Tire/Vinyl Dressings: Armor Magic Super Wet 1000 Armor Magic Blue Magic Gloss

4754 5 Gal. Water based polymeric silicone emulsion that safely shines and protects tires, vinyl and plastic moldings. May be used in 4756 30 Gal. on-line or hand application systems. Unbeatable performance and shine! 4757 55 Gal. 4754B 5 Gal. Black, shiny tires make your car look incredible, but the shine never seems to last. Armour Magic Blue is our most 4756B 30 Gal. advanced water based formula, engineered for extraordinary results that last. This tire shine was developed to adhere to your tires, forming a resilient, durable shield. Preserve your tires with a rich captivating shine and black look that will be admired. 4777 5 Gal. This water-based dressing produces a deep long-lasting shine applied by hand or machine. Magic Gloss will give your 4778 30 Gal. customers the shine that they are looking for. 4779 55 Gal.

Wet Shine

5584 5 Gal. A premium solvent based tire dressing that produces a long lasting super wet look on tires. This high active silicone 5590 30 Gal. meets all current VOC requirements. 5585 55 Gal.

Clear Protect Non-Silicone Tire Shine

5586 1 Gal. 4/case Clear Protect Non-Silicone Tire Shine shines like no other dressing you have used. Spray on and leave on! This 5587 5 Gal. outstanding dressing will keep a wet look for days. This is a water-based non silicone product that is harmless to 5588 30 Gal. painted surfaces. Clear Purple color. Body shop safe. 5589 55 Gal.

Rubber/Vinyl Dressing

6097 1 Gal. 4/case Thick all purpose dressing preserves and renews rubber, vinyl and leather. Long-lasting durable shine on tires, weather 6098 5 Gal. stripping, rubber floor mats, vinyl and leather interiors, bumpers, side molding and engine compartments. 6099 55 Gal.

Detailer’s Dressing

5806 5 Gal. A ready to use solvent based dressing that was designed specifically for tires, moldings and exterior trim. Detailers 5807 55 Gal. Dressing will provide your vehicle a weather resistant finish with a long lasting shine. Meets all VOC requirements.

Specialty Items /Powders: Dirtbuster Powder

4600 50 Lb. Box Provides high power cleaning for both two-step and single-step touch-free and tunnel operations. Fast dissolving and stays in solution.

P-100 Powder

4601 50 Lb. Box

HP Powdered Frictionless Wash

5656 50 Lb. Box

HD Powdered 5653 50 Lb. Box Pressure/Presoak Powdered Parts Washer

High quality powder that readily dissolves in cold water. Get tires and wheels clean at an economical cost. All purpose cleaner that performs great as presoak, engine cleaner and tire cleaner. Provides high power cleaning action for both two step or single step frictionless applications. Can be used as a high pressure prep solution. Fast dissolving, stays soft on screens.

Has great foaming capability and super cleaning power. Used to remove tree sap, bugs and road film. Hi pH cleaner. Fast dissolving, with a light blue color.

5655 50 Lb. Box Heavy-duty water-base parts cleaner. Will help remove the toughest dirt and grease.

Powdered Floor Cleaner

5922 50 Lb. Box

Powdered Laundry Detergent

5659 50 Lb. Box

The most economical way to keep your floors clean. Use on grease, wax, oil and rust stains. Perfect for cement, asphalt and tiled floors. Simply sprinkle on, broom in and spray off. Rinses clean and is biodegradable.

Potent, fresh-smelling laundry detergent with added brighteners. Ideal for washing soiled towels in large capacity machines. Helps your towels retain their original color.

Liquid Laundry

4742 5 Gal. Potent, fresh scented detergent with added brighteners. Contains special additives to remove chemical buildup on 4745 55 Gal. towels.

Pit Deodorizer

5357C 5 Gal. 5357 55 Gal.

Undersealant Spray

4734 5 Gal. 4736 30 Gal. This economical and effective rust inhibitor will stop rust in its tracks when used regularly by your customers. 4737 55 Gal.


Don’t just cover up your foul smells, eliminate them with our Pit Deodorizer.


Blast Self-Serve Line: Nitro Blast

6056 5 Gal. 6057 30 Gal. 6058 55 Gal.

“Sassafras Scented,” fast acting Nitro blend wheel and tire cleaner. Produces mounds of foam and vivid Nitro green color. Your customers will love Nitro Blast.

Action Blast Presoak

6026 5 Gal. 6027 30 Gal. 6028 55 Gal.

High pH fast acting blend packed with cleaning power and water conditioning agents. Action Blast Presoak produces excellent foam with a bright fluorescent color and “Piña Colada Scent.” Use under low or high pressure. An awesome line-up of moderate pH detergents designed to be used in either low or high pressure wash applications. BLAST detergents may be used in tunnels, automatics, and self-serve car washes. These versatile detergents can be used as a pre-soak or as a foam brush soap. Each of these products are uniquely scented for increased customer appeal!

Blast Detergents

Lemon Blast 4116 5 Gal. 4118 30 Gal. 4119 55 Gal.

Spray Shine Blast Wax

6044 5 Gal. 6045 30 Gal. 6046 55 Gal.

Blast Foam Brush

Blueberry Blast 4577 5 Gal. 4579 30 Gal. 4580 55 Gal.

LP Purple Blast 6023 5 Gal. 6024 30 Gal. 6025 55 Gal.

Fruit Slices Blast 4577FS 5 Gal. 4579FS 30 Gal. 4580FS 55 Gal.

Scented wax blast formula contains a blend of protectants that leaves a high shine on vehicle surface. Fast beading with a pleasant “Grape Scent.” Blast Foam Brush shampoo has advanced cleaning ingredients and boosting surfactants that provide the thickest, most eye-catching lather in the industry. Available in four “Cherry Scented” colors; also available in purple with a “Grape Scent.” Blast Foam Brush Red Cherry 4148 5 Gal. 4150 30 Gal. 4151 55 Gal. Blast Foam Brush White Cherry 4148-ND 5 Gal. 4150-ND 30 Gal. 4151-ND 55 Gal.

Blast Foam Brush Yellow Cherry Blast Foam Brush Blue Cherry 4148Y 5 Gal. 4148-BL 5 Gal. 4150Y 30 Gal. 4150-BL 30 Gal. 4151Y 55 Gal. 4151-BL 55 Gal. Blast Grape Ape Foam Brush Purple 4152 5 Gal. 4154 30 Gal. 4155 55 Gal.

Blast Methanol Foam Brush was formulated specifically for those operators who require extra freeze protection. It’s high foaming ability and freeze protection to -32 degrees make it the option for those long cold Northern winters. Available in four colors all with cherry scent. Follow manufacturers dilution rates for proper freeze protection. Blast Methanol Blue Blast Methanol Red Blast Methanol White Blast Methanol Yellow 4168 5 Gal. 4172 5 Gal. 4176 5 Gal. 4180 5 Gal. 4170 30 Gal. 4174 30 Gal. 4178 30 Gal. 4182 30 Gal. 4171 55 Gal. 4175 55 Gal. 4179 55 Gal. 4183 55 Gal.

Blast Methanol Foam Brush

Ultra Concentrates: MAGIC FINISH ULTRA Line of concentrated cleaning products saves time and money. Blend MAGIC FINISH ULTRA with water or directly into your lines. MAGIC FINISH ULTRA will provide the value and quality you deserve. Ultra Citrus Shampoo

5400 5 Gal. Super Concentrate

Creates a creamy thick lather that lubricates and cleans while lowering the pH on the car to aid in the drying process. This low pH shampoo is especially good for cleaning and shining chrome and glass. Has a “Citrus Scent.” Amber color.

Ultra Shampoo (Lemon Scent)

5390 5 Gal. Super Concentrate

Creates a thick, creamy lather that lubricates and cleans without filming. Be impressed by the heavy rich foam blanket on the cars. This product can be used in tunnels and self-serve washes for foam brush application. “Lemon Scent.” Amber color.

Ultra Reflections Conditioner (Tri-Color)

Unique low pH, high foaming, clear coat conditioner/cleaner containing a blend of deep penetrating surfactants, boosters and brighteners. The extremely rich lather and “Cherry Scent” makes it a great show for your customers. Available in blue, red and yellow. 4651 5 Gal. Super Concentrate Blue 4652 5 Gal. Super Concentrate Red 4653 5 Gal. Super Concentrate Yellow

Ultra Super Kleer Kote (Tri-Color)

High foaming silicone fortified protectant designed to preserve and maintain clear coat finishes. Provides a highly visible gloss appearance and protective coating. Customers love the vivid foaming colors and rich “Cherry Scent.” Available in blue, red and yellow. 4648 5 Gal. Super Concentrate Blue 4649 5 Gal. Super Concentrate Red 4650 5 Gal. Super Concentrate Yellow

Ultra Turbo Dry Enhancer

5391 5 Gal. Super Concentrate

A highly concentrated drying agent designed to bead all grades of water on all types of surfaces. Our special formula provides maximum dilution ratios for the best value. It shines while it dries and will not smear or haze finishes. Red color.

Ultra Clear Coat Sealant

5394 5 Gal. Super Concentrate

Specially formulated to protect both painted and clear coat surfaces. Your customers will appreciate the “Cherry Scent,” shine and drying power of this premium Clear Coat Sealant. Hot pink color.



Truck Wash & Heavy Equipment Cleaners: Shockwave HF Fleet Plus

3990 5 Gal. 3992 30 Gal. 3993 55 Gal.

Low pH highly aggressive step one to aid in the cleaning and brightening of aluminum rails and tanks. Extremely effective for removing road film and grime when used in conjunction with a second step detergent such as Aftershock or Liquid Friction. Shockwave HF Fleet contains Ammonium Bifluoride in combination with other essential acids for a super fast clean! DO NOT USE ON POLISHED ALUMINUM.

Aftershock HPP

4041 5 Gal. 4043 30 Gal. 4044 55 Gal.

Super concentrated single and two step high pH cleaning solution designed to clean larger transportation vehicles and heavy equipment. Quickly removes tough road film, carbon stack stains, diesel residue, grease, and oil from surfaces. Excellent through automated truck wash systems including pressure wash applications. Reclaim compatible.

Lightning 2X

4034 5 Gal. 4036 30 Gal. 4037 55 Gal.

A cost effective, non-corrosive, low pH, presoak for frictionless truck wash systems. Used as the first step in a two step acid/alkaline wash process. Effective in cleaning aluminum and will help remove road film and brightens chrome and glass. Contains a pleasing “Lemon Scent.” Please consult with your representative before using on polished aluminum.

Liquid Friction

4062 5 Gal. 4064 30 Gal. 4065 55 Gal.

Highly cost effective alkaline truckwash detergent designed to clean a wide variety of soils and road film in both hot and cold water. Both a single step cleaner or can be used as the second step in a two-step wash process. Reclaim compatible; separates oils and grease.

Magic White Concentrate

4510 5 Gal. 4512 30 Gal. 4513 55 Gal.

High alkaline, aggressive degreaser/cleaner designed for the toughest of soils in fleet wash operations including oil change centers. Penetrates the heaviest grease and oils for quick, easy removal.

5582 5 Gal. Truck & Heavy 5583 55 Gal. Equipment Concrete Cleaner

Aggressive acid cleaner formula effective in removing concrete slurry, splatter and residue from cement trucks, concrete handling equipment, forms and tools.

RV Super Cleaner

4766 5 Gal. 4768 30 Gal. 4769 55 Gal.

Designed for use on all RVs, fifth wheels, mobile homes and aluminum siding. Cleans and brightens weathered aluminum and removes those nasty black streaks. Safe on all surfaces when used as directed.

PA-1 Citrus Wash

4236 5 Gal. 4238 30 Gal. 4239 55 Gal.

PA-1 Citrus Wash is a safe concentrated citric acid cleaner containing wetting agents and emulsifiers to provide maximum cleaning and brightening of polished aluminum and stainless steel.

PA-2 Polish Wash

4232 5 Gal. 4234 30 Gal. 4235 55 Gal.

PA-2 Polish Wash is a concentrated, liquid cleaning detergent specially formulated with the highest quality penetrants, surfactants and solvents to promote the rapid emulsification of dirt, grease, and oil safely on all surfaces when used as directed. PA-2 is well suited for cleaning many surfaces, including stainless steel and polished aluminum on tractor/trailers, tankers, and heavy equipment. Use with PA-1 Citrus Presoak as the 1st step for the optimum cleaning efficiency.

Pit Stop Truck Wash

4534 5 Gal. 4536 30 Gal. 4537 55 Gal.

Pit Stop is a unique combination of all new ingredients making it remarkably safe and strong. Great as a single step presoak, wheel cleaner and bug remover. Also great as a degreaser for engines, machinery, diesel residue, and carbon build-up on diesel exhaust stacks. Consult with your representative before using on polished aluminum.

Floor, Wall and all Purpose Cleaners: Clean & Mean

5724 1 Gal. 5725 5 Gal. 5726 30 Gal. 5727 55 Gal.

Degrimer Maxx (Heavy Duty)

4750 5 Gal. 4752 30 Gal. 4753 55 Gal. 4730 5 Gal. 4732 30 Gal. 4733 55 Gal. 5624 5 Gal. 5626 30 Gal. 5625 55 Gal.

Degrimer Plus FL-10 Degreaser

Our strongest degreaser. Developed to work on the toughest grease. From heavy-duty degreasing to light cleaning, Clean & Mean can effectively remove grease, dirt, oil, tar and wax from almost any surface. Great for cleaning floors and walls, machinery, workbenches, tools and engines. This SUPER versatile and economical cleaner is biodegradable, nonabrasive and non-flammable. Purple color. MAXXimum strength in this wall/equipment cleaner for your toughest of jobs. Due to its strong nature, gloves and goggles are a must when using. Removes the stains that others simply can’t. Product contains Hydrofluoric Acid. A perfect wall and equipment acidic cleaner. Removes rust, hard water deposits, algae, lime and soap buildup on walls and car washing equipment. All-purpose cleaner/degreaser developed for all hard surfaces. Maximize cleaning and degreasing efficiency. Put this powerful yet safe product to your toughest tests! Economical. Hot Yellow color.

Red All-Purpose Cleaner

6059 1 Gal. 6060 5 Gal. 6061 55 Gal.

All-purpose cleaner that works fast with great results! A powerful all-purpose cleaner that cleans tires, engines, wheels, concrete and more! Put it to the test! Red color.

HD Wall Cleaner

5748 5 Gal. 5752 30 Gal. 5749 55 Gal.

Now clean even the dirtiest walls with this amazing wall cleaner. Cleans FRP, brick and painted walls. Make your walls look new with HD Wall Cleaner. This ready to use wall cleaner contains Hydrofluoric Acid. Clear liquid.

HD Delimer

5716 5 Gal. 5718 55 Gal.

Eliminates the hard water deposits commonly found on walls and floors. This product is safer than most because it does not cause harmful fumes created by hydrochloric/hydrofluoric acid. Blue color.

Automotive Detailing Products: Light-Duty Clay Bar Silicone Detailer 6

6108 12 Pack 6110 1 Gal. 4/Case 6113 5 Gal.

Light-duty clay bar that safely eliminates rail dust and minor paint overspray on all automotive paint finishes. For best results, use with 6110 or 6111. Gray color. Contains a water-based silicone, producing a dynamic showroom shine. Removes buffing throw-off. An excellent clay lubricant. Works on paint, chrome, glass, including dark vehicles, without streaking. Developed as a spray-on, wipe-off formula. Blue color. PRODUCTS MUST BE IN COMPLIANCE WITH MANUFACTURER INSTRUCTIONS

Water-Based Detailer

6111 1 Gal. 4/Case

Clay Holding Pad

6107 24 Pack

Gloss Perfection Wax

6104 1 Gal. 4/Case 6104Q 32 Oz. 6/Case

THE BEST IN THE INDUSTRY! Easily conceals swirl marks and fills fine scratches without leaving a white residue. Our top-of-the-line wax, provides long lasting protective coating with an amazing shine. Grape scent. VOC compliant.

Yellow Fast Wax

6122 1 Gal. 4/Case 6122Q 32 Oz. 6/Case

A combination of carnauba wax, silicones and resins that delivers a superior durable surface. Safe and effective for all paints and will give your vehicle the “wet look” shine. VOC compliant.

Shop Safe Spray Wax

Water-Base Detailer clear liquid contains no silicone, wax or hazardous ingredients. Use as a clay lubricant. Works great on all painted surfaces. Body shop safe. Designed to hold 180-gram or 200-gram bar. Velcro backed to work with all 6” random orbital polishers. Cuts labor time in half!

6105 1 Gal. 4/Case

Spray and wipe luster enhancer for vehicle finishes which repels and removes dust and finger prints without streaking. Great for last minute touch up for showrooms, show cars and final detailing. Body shop safe. VOC compliant.

Fine Compound

6117 1 Gal. 4/Case 6117Q 32 Oz. 6/Case

Fast working cleaner and polish designed to even-out color tones, surface imperfections and light oxidation. Removes fine overspray. Body shop safe. VOC compliant.

Medium Compound

6118 1 Gal. 4/Case 6118Q 32 Oz. 6/Case

For cleaning and polishing of moderate oxidation and overspray from basecoat and clearcoat, lacquer, enamel. Smooth, lustrous finish when used with MAGIC FINISH Compounding Pads. Excellent for use in body shops. VOC compliant.

Ebony Swirl Remover

6119 1 Gal. 4/Case 6119Q 32 Oz. 6/Case

Leather Cleaner

6196Q 32 Oz. 6/Case

A pH balanced ready to use cleaner designed to safely clean smooth leather surfaces. This unique formula will not strip leathers natural and vital life extending oils. Very effective in removing pore embedded stains as well as surface dirt and grime. VOC compliant.

Leather Conditioner

6195Q 32 Oz. 6/Case

Leather Conditioner contains mind and neatsfoot oils to beautify, preserve and strengthen leather. Helps prevent premature cracking. Provides ingredients that keeps leather looking new. VOC compliant.

Leather and Vinyl Protectant

6123 1 Gal. 4/Case

Buffs to beautiful dry luster with no residue. Eliminates scratches and minimizes oxidation. Will not smear or swirl black or glamour colors. A great one-step system. Protects finish for up to 12 months. Body shop safe. VOC compliant.

Advanced formula includes ultraviolet reflectors and absorbers — provides long-term protection against stains, fading and discoloration.

Detail Sample Kit

6156 Each 1 Kit

Tech Glass Cleaner

5722 5 Gal. 5719 30 Gal. 5723 55 Gal.

Tough on dirt and streak-free. This highly concentrated formula contains no ammonia. A single 5 gallon concentrate makes 125 gallons of finished product. Blue color. Dilute up to 25:1.

RTU Glass Cleaner

6067 1 Gal. 4/Case 6068 5 Gal. 6069 55 Gal.

Ready-to-use glass cleaner dissolves tobacco smoke residue and film deposited on glass from oxidation of vinyl. Blue color. Nonabrasive. Leaves no streaks. Our most popular non-ammonia-based. Test it!

Aerosol All-Purpose Cleaner Aerosol Instant Shine

6082 18 Oz. Aerosol Can 12/Case

Tough! Rugged! All-Purpose Cleaner packs a powerful punch cleaning dirt, soil and grease. Use on upholstery, leather, carpets, dashboards, etc. Super foaming action cuts through the toughest dirt! Non-staining formula.

6081 12 Oz. Aerosol Can 12/Case

Looking for a fast worker? It’s here! Fast drying dressing for vinyl, rubber, plastic, painted interior and exterior surfaces. Fortified with silicone.

LF-6 Lo-Foam Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner

6073 1 Gal. 4/Case 5908 5 Gal. 5899 30 Gal. 5909 55 Gal.

Concentrated solution for use in all types of carpet extraction machines. Can also be used by hand. Removes those tough, hard stains. Low sudsing, leaves no sticky residue or film. Water softening powers. Use hot or cold water. Aqua color. 2 – 4 oz./1 gallon water.

HF-5 Hi-Foam Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner

6070 1 Gal. 4/Case 5662 5 Gal. 5657 30 Gal. 5907 55 Gal.

Concentrated industrial-strength powerhouse removes oil and water-based stains. Non-toxic. Biodegradable. Long lasting suds. Ideal for hand shampooing. Aqua color. Dilute up to 42:1. NOT FOR USE IN WATER EXTRACTION MACHINES

Heavy Bottom-Side Rustproof

6188 16 Gal. 6189 55 Gal.

A great way to try each of our Magic Finish Detail products. Each kit contains an 8 Oz. sample of Perfection Wax, Yellow Wax, Fine Compound, Medium Compound, Swirl Remover, Leather Cleaner, Leather Conditioner, Wax Pad and a Bug Brick.

Specifically formulated polar-metallo-organic compound developed to provide long-term corrosion protection to the underbody and body cavity areas of new and pre-driven vehicles. A quality product that’s applied easily and quickly using conventional air or airless spray equipment. Will not affect automotive painted surfaces or plastic parts. Black color. PRODUCTS MUST BE IN COMPLIANCE WITH MANUFACTURER INSTRUCTIONS


Fragrances • Scents: Non-Scented Odor Eliminator Air Fresheners

6076 1 Gal. 4/Case

STOPS unwanted odors at their source. Eliminates odors from smoking, food, mildew and more. Eliminates odors without the use of heavy perfumes.

Available in six popular scents. MAGIC FINISH Air Fresheners provide a profitable add-on sale for all full service car washes or air freshener dispenser machines. Our time released formulas keep your customers’ vehicles smelling fresh for days. Ready to use. Available in 4 oz., one gallon and 5 gallon quantities.

5667-G Baby Powder 1 Gal. 5667 Baby Powder 1 Gal. - 4/Case 5668 Baby Powder 5 Gal. 5931 Baby Powder Super Concentrate 4 Oz. - 24/Case 5931-OZ Baby Powder Super Concentrate 4 Oz. 5669-G Cherry 1 Gal. 5669 Cherry 1 Gal. - 4/Case 5670 Cherry 5 Gal. 5933 Cherry Super Concentrate 4 Oz. - 24/Case 5933-OZ Cherry Super Concentrate 4 Oz. 5679-G Lemon 1 Gal. 5679 Lemon 1 Gal. - 4/Case 5680 Lemon 5 Gal. 5940 Lemon Super Concentrate 4 Oz. - 24/Case 5940-OZ Lemon Super Concentrate 4 Oz. 5689-G Nu-Car 1 Gal. 5689 Nu-Car 1 Gal. - 4/Case 5690 Nu-Car 5 Gal. 5945 Nu-Car Super Concentrate 4 Oz. - 24/Case 5945-OZ Nu-Car Super Concentrate 4 Oz. 5691-G Piña Colada 1 Gal. 5691 Piña Colada 1 Gal. - 4/Case 5692 Piña Colada 5 Gal. 5949 Piña Colada Super Concentrate 4 Oz. - 24/Case 5949-OZ Piña Colada Super Concentrate 4 Oz. 5701-G Strawberry 1 Gal. 5701 Strawberry 1 Gal. - 4/Case 5702 Strawberry 5 Gal. 5956 Strawberry Super Concentrate 4 Oz. - 24/Case 5956-OZ Strawberry Super Concentrate 4 Oz.



From private label cleaners to industrial automotive and car wash chemicals, Cul-Mac Industries does it all. Our state of the art manufacturing plant fills containers ranging in size from 1-gallon containers to 300-gallon totes and distributed globally. Our 200,000 square foot plant is conveniently located on 18 acres 4 miles north of Detroit Metro Airport in Wayne Michigan. Cul-Mac has built it’s reputation on long term relationships and complete customer satisfaction. We pride ourselves on providing our distributor network with cutting-edge chemistry and cost-efficient solutions. The Magic Finish line of car wash and truck wash chemicals is built on 35 years of hands-on experience in the industry. Stronger, yet safer than other brands, Magic Finish products are a step ahead of the industry in performance and effectiveness. Designed to meet the needs of all types of car and truck wash systems, Magic Finish solves the problems other products leave behind. Choose from high performance Presoaks, High-Foaming Detergents, Tire and Wheel Cleaners, Sealers and a full line of Detailing Products to satisfy your toughest customers. _______________________________________________________________________ This product guide provides an overview of the Magic Finish products and materials offered. However, we are devoted to innovation and product improvements and introduce new products on a regular basis. Please see for new updates.

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