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Rutabaga Paddlesports Presents…

Canoecopia Show Guide misconceptions about paddling Hard to Paddle in a Straight Line Whitewater as an Extreme Sport Huge Trips or Nothing at All PLUS: Rutabaga and Canoecopia

What’s old is new again Solo Canoe as Recreational Kayak? Rediscovering Dragon Boating SUP: A Twist on an Old Pastime Care and Feeding of Royalex Luxury Backpacking from a Canoe

E-gadgets and the outdoors

There’s a place for them — We’ll show you how

Canoecopia: The world’s Largest Paddlesport expo Sponsored By

Alliant Energy Center March 13-15, 2015 Presented By


Darren Bush | Owner, Chief Paddling Evangelist

So… What is this Canoecopia thing? A quick run-down of Rutabaga’s massive paddlesport event It’s a few weeks before the Canoecopia Show Guide goes to press. I am working in my home office, a quiet little shack behind my house, modeled after those of my idols: Thoreau, Sigurd Olson, and of course, Aldo Leopold. It’s dead quiet as there is no sound except the pings and squeaks of a wood stove and my keyboard clicking. It’s pretty cozy here. I’m in a rocking chair, feet propped up on a piece of firewood so my feet are directly in line with the open door of my wood stove. My toes are happy. Outside the temperature is “If you’ve attended Canoecopia before, you below zero. The already know what to expect… happiness.” smoke from the stovepipe is stripped away as soon as it emerges from the stove pipe and blows across the neighborhood in a horizontal stripe. In an hour I’ll have to light the Dietz kerosene lamp. It makes no sound at all and throws a nice light. So it seems a weird place to write about the coming of spring, the inevitable thaw, and Canoecopia, and yet it’s only a few weeks away.

and other outdoor experts to teach you about their favorite places to go and how to thrive outside. Equipment: Canoecopia pulls together the best of the paddlesports industry. All of the best manufacturers of canoes, kayaks, SUP and paddling gear will be at Canoecopia, along with camping gear, footwear, and clothing for the person who likes being outside. Charitable giving: We support our non-profits and charities. ■■ Josh Kestelman Scholarship Fund helps Rutabaga partner with local community centers to get kids out on the water. Last year we got 184 kids out and supported over 1026 hours of paddling fun.

■■ Second Harvest Foodbank is dedicated to ending hunger in southwestern Wisconsin through If you haven’t attended, or if this thing just showed up in your mailbox, community partnerships, I hope you take some time to read through and see what Canoecopia is serving nearly 141,000 people all about. Spoiler alert: It’s about paddling. who don’t have enough food to sustain active, healthy lives. Canoecopia is the world’s largest canoe, kayak, and Stand-Up Paddle Please consider donating a expo. It is comprised of three things: non-perishable food item in one Education: We bring in over 90 speakers who give over 110 presentaof the collection barrels near the Information Booth. If you donate, tions on how to paddle, where to paddle, what to take paddling, and a you’ll get a free gift from Rutabaga! wide variety of other In short, if you are interested at all in experiencing life on the water, outdoor skills, from we’ve got a great place for you to spend a weekend. camp cooking and Whether you are a canoe, kayak, or SUP paddler, I hope you join us at food preparation to Canoecopia 2015. gear repair. There is If you’ve attended Canoecopia before, you already know what to expect… happiness.

no other venue that has this breadth and depth of outdoor knowledge in one spot for three days.

See you on the water,

In addition to the speakers, we bring in outfitters, guides, schools,

Yes, the speakers and exhibitors and outfitters and everything else is cool. Lots of you attend just for the education. But on top of all that...

Everything is on sale!


At Canoecopia you’ll find the best selection at the best prices of the season. Everythiing On Sale.indd 1

* Ok, almost everything. A few vendors don’t let us. 1/20/2014 2:55:04 PM


Canoecopia 2015 Presented by Rutabaga Paddlesports March 13­—15, 2015 Alliant Energy Center

What’s New



4 Rutabaga and Canoecopia

Exciting boats from Current Designs, Jackson Kayak, Old Town, Wilderness Systems and more!

6 Policies & Procedures

2 Welcome from Darren What is Canoecopia?

Explaining how we’re one and the same

5 Getting the most out of Canoecopia

Cool stuff abounds in ‘15

On the cover


Paddling Isn’t What You Think It Is

Darren looks at misconceptions that many new (and seasoned) paddlers have.

Tips & tricks on getting around

So how does this work?

4 Kids and Electronics More on 67 & 72

10 What’s SUP (Stand-Up Paddleboards) 25 Return of the Dragon (boat) 26 Speaker Listing 61 Solo Canoe or Kayak? 64 Canoeing for the Backpacking crowd 65 Caring for Royalex Boats

7 About this year’s theme  73 Exhibitor and vendor listing 75 Final Words Why do we do this? WORLD’S LARGEST PADDLESPORT SHOW




Rutabaga Paddlesports Presents…

Canoecopia Show Guide misconceptions about paddling Hard to Paddle in a Straight Line Whitewater as an Extreme Sport Huge Trips or Nothing at All PLUS: Rutabaga and Canoecopia

What’s old is new again Solo Canoe as Recreational Kayak? Rediscovering Dragon Boating SUP: A Twist on an Old Pastime Care and Feeding of Royalex Luxury Backpacking from a Canoe

What’s New

8 Kayaks, Camping Gear, Racks, Paddles… We’ve got the best new gear at the best prices of the season

E-gadgets and the outdoors

There’s a place for them — We’ll show you how

10 Stand-Up Paddling (SUP)

Bic, C4, Earth, Riviera Paddlesurf

16 Fishing Gear to help you land the Big One Canoecopia: The world’s Largest Paddlesport expo Sponsored By

Alliant Energy Center March 13-15, 2015 Presented By



4 23 25 59 60 61

Kids and Electronics Ideas & suggestions What’s Old Gear that stood the test of time Dragon Boating  An old sport finds new life Definitions  Terms that might be new to you A Striking Find  A Paddle-to-the-Sea Moment Sit-On-Bottom Canoes Maybe your next kayak could be a solo canoe

62 Finding Love on the Water


Connecting Through Paddling

64 Giving Canoeing Its Due 65 Care and Feeding of Royalex 70 A Beginner’s Guide to Gear

Changing Lives Through Paddling

A look at why it is we’re in this business. (It’s for moments like this.)

Things you might not have thought about

Outdoor Programs 24 Stand-Up Paddling

SUP days are June 27-28 24 SUP report  How one woman got hooked.

50 Welcome The Canoecopia Show Guide is published by Rutabaga Paddlesports, LLC, Darren Bush, Owner and Executive Editor. Managing Editor: Jim Pippitt. Editors: Catherine Pippitt & Nancy Saulsbury, & most of the Rutabaga Staff. Photography by Ethan Scheiwe, Jim & Darren. Cover photo courtesy Old Town and BIC SUP, mashed together by Jim. Canoecopia is the kick-off to the paddling year. It features the best prices of the season, the best speakers in the country, awesome representatives from fantastic places to paddle & travel, amazing pool demonstrations. It is held every year at the Alliant Energy Center, in Madison, Wisconsin. This year’s show will be from March 13-15, 2015. Details on everything (as well as the most up-to-date information) can be found online at

Who are we? What do we do? Why take a class?

54 Door County Sea Kayak Symposium 12th Annual summer camp for adults is July 10-12, 2015

Speakers & Presentations 26 Speakers and topics

Whatever you want to learn, see, or do, we’ve got it covered.

37 Presentation pull-out 38 Speaker Schedule

Canoecopia Show Guide 2015 | 3

WELCOME Why shop Rutabaga? Canoecopia? So what’s the difference? Advantages? Disadvantages? One of the most common questions we get at the Customer Service booth is, “Where is the Rutabaga Booth?”

inspire. Exhibitors from all around the world can talk to you about wild (or mild) places to see and things to do. Most everything is on sale, and my goodness there is a lot of it.

? canoecopia

Well, it’s almost all the Rutabaga Booth. Rutabaga puts on this amazing thing called Canoecopia. So as you look around, you’re seeing Rutabaga, just in an unusual location. That being said, we do have a “Baga Booth”in N22. We see lots of people at Canoecopia who never come to the shop, and vice versa. We thought we’d talk about how we’re the same and different. Canoecopia is a huge, awesome undertaking. We bring in vendors, factory representatives, and world-class speakers to inform and

On the other hand, there’s limited time. It’s only three days long, after all. You have to pay to park (sorry! that’s not under our control). There’s an entrance fee (the Alliant Energy Center is not an inexpensive venue). As much as we’d like to, we haven’t figured out a feasible way to have people try out the equipment beforehand. At Rutabaga, we have a huge selection of boats and gear, but it’s a more focused selection. We have our own crack staff ready to answer whatever questions you’ve got. We’re not on commission. Our desire is getting you the right gear to get you out on the water. Speaking of water! We have a fantastic test paddling pond right out back where you can see what canoe, kayak, or SUP board works best for you. We have a set of instructors that makes us beam with pride. Whatever you want to learn that’s paddling-related, we’ve got a class (or we can schedule a private lesson) for. Three or more hours of easygoing, professional instruction can make all the difference in the world. We have a lot more time to spend with you at the shop. Things like showing how to put your rack on and off are a whole lot easier when things are a lot less hectic. There’s more time for stories, route sharing, and education. And since we own the lot, parking is free. There’s no entrance fee either. ;)


4 | Canoecopia Show Guide 2015

KIDS AND ELECTRONICS Chances are you know a kid who is hooked on electronics. Like, totally hooked. How can you get them outside? Try not to turn it into an either/or. I figure I can turn this into a battle or I can spin it as a compromise. From the very first, I’m clear about what’s coming up. I tell the youngsters, “We’re going to spend 2 hours without electronics.” They roll their eyes, and sometimes whine & complain, but they do it. Once outside, I’ll tell them stories, point out beautiful things, or just be quiet until they decide to talk (my favorite moment). Then we’ll use electronics, but in a way that involves them in the moment. There are apps to help engage kids in the outside. They’re awesome — I particularly like “Merlin Bird ID” by Cornell University. A web search may turn up others you like. We’ll see a bird and then try to identify it using the app. Another trick: I clipped a waterproof digital camera to Michael’s PFD and asked him to make a 3 minute video. He still gets his electronic fix, but he’s not shut down. (Michael also shoots less randomly when I tell him he can play on the iPad if there’s still battery life left on the camera. ) It’s fun to show my family the edited movie. It makes for a fantastic memory and gift. Geocaching (finding hidden objects using a GPS) is another way electronics can help kids learn about navigation and pay particular attention to land masses. My cousins love it. Integrate the electronics that the kids love into their experience of the outdoors and you’ll have children who want to go out more. -Jim P.

Merlin screen shot*

QR code link to Backpacker top 10 outoor apps

So the best option is to… come to both. Come and get inspired at Canoecopia. Get ready for the end of winter and the beginning of a great paddling season. Come to Rutabaga when you need some help in getting from here to there more efficiently or just want to add to your fleet. * Thanks to Cornell Lab of Ornithology

WELCOME Getting the most out of Canoecopia Tips & tricks for navigating the World’s Largest Paddlesport Expo compiled by the ‘Baga Staff Double-check our website: No matter how much we try to get the Show Guide (this thing here in your hands) to be 100% perfect, there are always last-minute changes. Check the website, please. Plan ahead and walk the entire show floor Read this publication thoroughly. It will give you a good idea of things to see, people to talk to, and presentations to attend. Attend all three days There’s a reason we sell three-day passes. There’s so much to see and so many people to talk to. You’ll find it virtually impossible to do in one day, dashed difficult in two, but a pleasure in three. Sunday is Fun-day If you’re only going to attend one day, consider coming Sunday. We have some fun giveaways and little goodies. The crowds are a little lighter so you can see the show more easily and efficiently. Some of our best speakers and topics are reserved for Sunday. (See pg. 68) Ask a lot of questions Every major manufacturer in the paddlesports industry will be there. They are eager to help! Ask them what makes their product best for your needs. Shop early for the best selections We’ll have plenty of options, but just like Black Friday, show specials can go quickly. Take care of your body! Wear comfortable shoes and bring an extra pair of socks. Bring a water bottle and stay hydrated. Get a map from the info booth and highlight your plan. Shoulders tired? Take advantage of our tote bag check when you’re tired of carrying heavy items. Ordering the things you didn’t find If your heart is set on something special, no problem. Each vendor will have special order forms to fill in the details. Present the form when checking out at the Boat Registers for boats and trailers, and Main Registers for accessories (everything else).

Buying A Boat? Sit in a lot of boats Canoecopia offers an opportunity to sit in hundreds of models under one roof. Make sure to adjust the seat properly and take your time. Think about how you’re getting your boat home. If you’re taking a boat home, we can install your roof rack purchases. You can put down a General Boat Deposit if you’re not sure. The General Deposit is a great option for the “sure, but not sure” customer. We take a (fully-refundable) deposit of $500 at a Boat Register, and then you get Canoecopia pricing on a boat until May 31st. Get your accessories at the show, though. Best prices, best selection.

Didn’t plan on taking a boat home but want one anyway? We’ll put your boat on Layaway and you can pick it up at the shop until May 31st. We just need a third of the purchase price or $500, whichever is greater. Trying out boats Rutabaga’s Layaway or General Boat Deposit gives you an opportunity to test paddle. Rutabaga’s test paddling begins around April 18th, depending on the weather. Check our website Used Boat trade-ins Trade-in your boat at Canoecopia. Please ask for details at the Boat Pick-up booth or call us at Rutabaga prior to Canoecopia.

Problems? Questions?

If something goes awry, we want to know about it. Go to the Customer Service Desk, or ask a person wearing a staff shirt. We’re never too busy to listen, learn, and improve. Or email: [email protected].

Canoecopia Show Guide 2015 | 5

WELCOME Canoecopia procedures & policies So how does this work for you, the consumer? Boats (canoes, kayaks, boards, trailers) ■■ There are two large boat-selling pods inside the hall. Go there to make your purchase.

■■ We have shopping bags available. If you want to go see a speaker, leave the bags at the tote check area.

■■ If we have your boat, you can take it home ■■ Shopping bags are that day. Proceed to the “Boat Pick Up” emptied each night. area at the back of the hall. Buy your stuff before you leave that day. ■■ Special order boat (or a boat not in stock)? A Rutabaga Staffer will explain ■■ Special Orders? the timeline for your boat arriving at People in the vendor Rutabaga and test paddling in late spring. booths will fill out a form for you (make sure your contact information is complete). Bring the completed form with all of the rest of your accessory purchases to the check-out near Customer Service.

■■ Need a roof rack or trailer? Go to the Malone, Thule and/or Yakima booths. Racks can be installed at the show if you are taking a boat home. Start this process early. It can take a while. ■■ General Boat Deposit? You can pay $500 (fully refundable) per boat and get Canoecopia pricing until May 31. This lets you test paddle before you buy.

Accessories (everything else)

■■ If you don’t need a rack to get your boat home that day, we’re happy to put it on for you when you return to test paddle.

■■ Purchase accessories outside the hall. Check-out is by the customer service Project1:Layout 1 3/18/14 9:00 AM Page area.

■■ Check-out lines move fast. Last year’s line at peak was about 4 minutes.

Rutabaga dates at a glance Here are some important dates for 2015: Apr. 18

Test Paddle Opens (subject to weather)

■■ If you have anything that needs to be returned/exchanged, please keep it in “like-new, sellable condition,” with its tags, packaging, and receipt.

May 1

1st Day of Rentals-Kayaks, Fishing Kayaks, SUPs, Canoes.

May 3

Evening on the Deck — Social Event (4-6 pm)

■■ Questions? Look for any of the over 100 people wearing a staff shirt. They can give you an answer or direct you to the proper place to find it.

May 25

Memorial Day (We close at 3 pm)

Jun. 14

Evening on the Deck — Social Event (4-6 pm)


Jun. 27-28 SUP Days Jul. 4

Independence Day (We close at 3 pm)

Jul. 10-12

Door County Sea Kayak Symposium

Jul. 26

River Bassin’ Trail Fishing Tournament

Jul. 26

River Bassin’ After Party— Social Event (4-6 pm)

Sep. 7

Labor Day (We close at 3 pm)

Mar. 11-13, 2016 Canoecopia 2016! Mar. 10-12, 2017 Canoecopia 2017! Mar. 9-11, 2018 Canoecopia 2018! Mar. 8-10, 2019 Canoecopia 2019!

6 | Canoecopia Show Guide 2015


Paddling isn’t what you think it is and What’s old is new again. Dispelling a lot of misconceptions and preconceptions that Jim Pippitt has heard We’re lucky in that we get an incredibly diverse group of people through our doors. We get a full range of ages, bodies, and ethnicities looking to explore this thing called “paddling.” But it’s clear that those folks are in the minority. Every time I’m at a bar, or a party, or at a concert, I’ll get the strangest looks from people when I mention the fun I had paddling. They seem to think that I am prone to feats of incredible derring-do, or Herculean displays of toughness, when the reality is that I walked the canoe 4.5 blocks to the lake and spent 2.5 hours of soul-nourishing time with my wife. I find it hard to believe canoeing Lake Mendota qualifies me as some eccentric, nor that a modern-day Homer will be writing stories about me. It’s funny. I’ll tell people that I’m interested in cooking, old-time radio dramas, or black & white photography and get interested nods. I tell someone I love holding a paddle, and folks start checking me for signs of stroke or massive head trauma. No, really. I’m fine. I’m just a paddler. Never confuse correlation with causation.

Stop by and visit us at our display and see all the new models!

We wanted this Show Guide to point out that paddling is a lot more than conventional wisdom might have you believe. It’s a great way to do fun things (fishing, camping, hunting, birding), but also a lovely way to just be outside communing with Nature or those in your flotilla. We also wanted this Show Guide to show off some of the really great advances in paddling technology. There’s never been a better time to become a paddler. Paddling takes so many different forms, too. They scale from mild to wild, and however you find your joy, we want to encourage — and equip — you to find it. We hope the Show Guide can show the interested skeptics in your life (maybe even if that skeptic is you) the broad options available in the paddlesport world. At the turn of the 20th century, paddling was one of the most common sports/activities. Courting between teenagers and college students happened all the time in canoes. Paddling was just part of the everyday fabric of a well-ordered life. We’d like to see the rennaissance of this amazing lifestyle.

ProudAutomotive Automotive Proud Sponsorofofthe Sponsor Canoecopia 2012 2015 Canoecopia

2015 Outback Outback 2012 Subaru

2015 2012 Forester Subaru Forester

Two Locations to Serve You! 5339 Wayne Terrace Madison • 608-258-3636

SALES: Mon. - Thurs. 9am-8pm; Fri. 9am-6pm; Sat. 9am-5pm SERVICE: Mon. - Fri. 7am-5:30pm; Sat. 8am-1pm

5822 Odana Road (at Tokay Blvd.) • 608-442-3232 SALES: Mon. - Thurs. 9am-8pm; Fri. 9am-6pm; Sat. 9am-5pm SERVICE: Mon. - Fri. 7am-5:30pm; Sat. 8am-1pm Canoecopia Show Guide 2015 | 7


Every August our product buyers attend trade shows all over the country to see what’s the newest, best, and coolest. It’s an exciting time, and we have a hard time keeping our enthusiasm to ourselves. This is the first chance we get to showcase some of the stuff we saw last summer and fall. This is by no means an exhaustive list, but here’s a good sampling. We think you’ll like what’s new too. Astral Designs V-Eight PFD

Current Designs Equinox Series

You may remember from years past learning about how the Solstice is the longest day (or night) of the year. Equinoxes are “in the middle” where day and night are the same. The Equinox Series from Current Designs continues in that vein. CD reduced the length of their Solstice series by about a foot and a half (to 16 feet) and added in just a bit of rocker in order to make a more maneuverable craft while still maintaining the predictable, stable handling characteristics of their longer family members. The Equinox comes in GT (24˝ wide) and GTS (22˝ wide) models. The Equinox kayaks should be great all-arounders, well-suited for twistier streams, longer day trips through the surf, or even relaxing weekend overnighters.

Cooke Custom Sewing Trailblazer, Jr Canoeist, Adventurer

Dan Cooke was tired of folks asking whether he’d make a kidsized version of his popular pack designs, so he developed these. The Trailblazer (L) is a rucksack design that includes padded shoulders & back, and fits a torso of 14-16˝. The Junior Canoeist is a traditional-design for torsos 14-17˝. The Adventurer (R) has the utility of a traditional pack, but with added comfort features such as padded hip belt, back panel, & straps and fits a torso 14-17˝ long. All of them feature 500 denier Cordura, with 1000 denier at the base.

8 | Canoecopia Show Guide 2015

The V-Eight has been redesigned for 2015. Astral took the first high-back PFD in the market and made it even better. (High-back PFDs are great for the tall seat backs commonly found in recreational kayaks. They keep the seat from either jacking your PFD up and off your torso, or forcing your spine into odd and often painful shapes.) Astral reduced the height of the back panel, filling it with more breathable mesh. They added hook and loop fasteners to the shoulder pads to take up excess webbing from the adjustment straps. They also added two large expanding mesh pockets and expanded the colors as well.

Northstar Canoe Phoenix

Like its fabled namesake reborn from its ashes, the Phoenix is a rebirth of one of our favorite solo canoes, the late Bell Wildfire. An employee got a pre-production boat and really, Really, REALLY didn’t want to give it back, to Northstar or to any other Rutabaga tester (he didn’t give up his Argosy, though; it was a good year to paddle.). He praised its slightly larger capacity while maintaining a nimbleness of heart and a pureness of soul. Northstar Canoe is new to Rutabaga, and new to the paddling world. It’s Ted Bell (formerly of Bell Canoe) getting back into the plant and smelling the fumes as in the days of old. We think you’ll love his latest & greatest.

WHAT’S NEW Hurricane Sojourn 135

Kokatat Idol Drysuit

The Kokatat Idol Drysuit appears at first glance to be a drysuit. And that first impression would not be wrong. So, it’s a drysuit, yes, but it’s so much more. It’s the first drysuit that has a zipper around your torso. That’s really cool because it means the suit is easier to get on or off. It doesn’t have an inflexible zipper running across your shoulder, which also makes for much easier time when — errrm — you need to relieve your bladder. If that need ever arises for you. (Who are we kidding? The need always arises.) Also, one could use it separately as a dry top or dry pant. That’s one heck of an Idol. Cue the catchy music; hold the Seacrest.

Cushe Slipper Hurricane Aquasports have been building lightweight, workman-like Trylon (ABS / polycarbonate) hulls for a number of years. Trylon is a lovely material ­— lightweight, very strong, and abrasion-resistant — and it seems to glimmer and glow in the sunlight. Our customers love Hurricane boats because they’re remarkably light (typically 10-15 pounds less than traditional polyethelene kayaks) and handle well on the water. The Sojourn 135 keeps all of the virtues of the Hurricane line, while tweaking the lines to get it Just Right. It hits the sweet spot of tracking well while turning when you want it to. It has impressive glide for a 13-footer. We think you’ll love the Sojourn 135’s feature-rich build (including perimeter safety lines, bulkheads, and security bar) and refined looks. We think your back will love its minimalist 45 pounds of mass.

Even your humble editor — a man who could never be accused of being “fashion forward” — looked at these slippers and said, “Hey, I think those look sweet!” And not just for his beloved proofreader and wife. Jim wanted a pair for himself. They’ll conform to your foot’s shape, and are super lightweight. The uppers are a nice breathable canvas combined with a microfiber sock for the ultimate in camp comfort & style. Or just hanging around the house. Multi-use!

Canoecopia Show Guide 2015 | 9

WHAT’S NEW — SUP Earth 12’6” Biscayne

Earth is a new vendor for Rutabaga (check out the sidebar to the right) and we’re delighted to have them in the shop and to be debuting their boards at Canoecopia. The 12'6˝ Biscayne is about perfect for touring (or toddling) around our waters. It’s got reinforced attachment points all over, so you can lash down your gear when you’re underway. The rails are reinforced with flax fiber so they’re tough enough to handle many days’ worth of pleasant paddling. Earth made the chine and hull contours to maximize stability in conditions while keeping a good glide. Their Biscayne is ideal for the small- to medium-sized paddler (say 110–190 pounds) looking for an earth-friendly way to get away from it all.

Riviera Paddlesurf Fish-On SUP Boards make really great fishing platforms. You get a better view down into the water, more flexibility in how you move around, and a new experience on the water as well. The Paddlesurf, as its name might imply, is designed to make SUP fishing even easier. It has multiple RAM Mount deck mounts, cooler tie-downs, oversized grab handles, and lots and lots of deck bungies for securing whatever you want. All of this fishing prowess plus the tremendous fun of an SUP board. Fish-On! You’ll be glad you did.


It isn’t possible (at this time) to build a SUP board that has zero impact on the environment. Earth realized there are a number of things that they could do that would make a board a lot more “green.” They use naturally-sourced flax fiber (“nature’s Kevlar”) and fast-growing paulownia wood. They minimized the use of fiberglass and epoxy. They used a cork pad, rather than a foam, because it’s a renewable resource. They don’t use varnish, as varnish tends to be toxic and is harmful for the workers.


Think differently. Live differently.

A hands-on, integrated liberal arts and sciences college with a focus on the environment and sustainability. 10 | Canoecopia Show Guide 2015

SUP — WHAT’S NEW Riviera Paddlesurf 12’6” Voyager Classic

If one were crazy enough to cross an SUP and a Chris Craft 22' Sportsman, or maybe a Ford Woody Wagon, you’d probably end up with the Voyager Classic. Riviera Paddlesurf adorned it with bamboo and strengthened it with fiberglass. The Voyager is a de-tuned displacement hull that retains most of its former speed augmented with lots of beginnerfriendly stability. You can get it in other colors like maroon, but we think the green is particularly drool-worthy.

BIC 11’0” Cross SUP Adventure & C-Tec Tracer Series The 11' Cross Adventure is designed for the larger paddlers out there, at least those up to ~285 lbs. With a full-length mat, it can be used for yoga or even just taking Fido out on the water. The bow incorporates a little prow for better glide and tracking. The C-Tec tracer series blend the performance & speed of displacement (race) hulls with some of the all-around goodness of all-purpose hulls. They’re designed to move quickly and efficiently in a straight line, while maintaining enough comfort and stability to be used by novice and intermediate paddlers. Carbon-Innegra fabric not only looks fantastic but also gives incredible strength and durability.

Stohlquist Contour Inflatable PFD C4 Waterman iSUP Inflatable Series

C4 has been one of our favorite manufacturers of inflatable SUPs. They’re tricky things to engineer because you need to make it strong enough to handle sharp pointy things, collapsable enough to store easily, and rigid enough to provide a good paddling experience. Then you need to make a hull shape that

The Coast Guard is becoming distinctly humorless when it comes to SUP-ers cruising territorial waters without PFDs. They’re writing tickets and giving stern warnings. Keep them happy (and yourself a whole lot happier and safer, too) by getting an inflatable PFD. They don’t impede motion like a conventional life preserver can, and inflate in an instant when you need ‘em to. Win-win, we say. is pleasant once you get underway. C4’s iSUP series has been incredibly efficient and fun to paddle, and reliable to boot. Give one a try, especially if you live in a space-constrained area like an apartment.

SUP: Stand-Up PaddLing

SUP boards are great for exercise, including floating Pilates and yoga; you get a total body workout you won’t believe. You get a totally different perspective on the water, which makes them great for fishing or photography. They are so fun to paddle on a hot summer day. They’re actually pretty easy to learn; folks pick it up in an hour or two. Try it! Come to Rutabaga and take a class, test paddle, or rent one.

Canoecopia Show Guide 2015 | 11

WHAT’S NEW MTI Helios 2.0

You don’t see a lot of inflatable life jackets out on the water, and for the life of me, I can’t figure out why. They’re cool, have minimal bulk, and don’t catch on high-backed seats. They have a way of just disappearing from your consciousness, and that’s a great thing. You get the security of wearing a vest with none of the hassles. MTI completely redesigned their Helios for 2015 to give wearers an even better fit. They made a longer stole shape with more neoprene around the neck for total comfort. They put in a zippered front pocket for storage, a daisy-chain attachment system, and included a signal whistle. The Helios uses readily-available bayonet-mount 24‑gram CO2 cartridges.

NRS Yak Yak Carts

Wheeled carts are awesome. The wheel carries the load, not your back, arms, or feet. Suddenly that trek to the put in feels a lot shorter. NRS’s Yak Yak Carts are the lightest, smoothest rolling boat cart available. They have an anodized aluminum frame (no worries about corrosion, even in harsher elements) and huge solid wheels — all the better for mushy or sandy environments. The standard Yak Yak cart (shown) is rated to carry up to 150 pounds. The XL model is good to 200 pounds.

Seattle Sports Streamline Deck Bag

So you’re off crusing the high seas — or maybe just the low ponds — and you find yourself wishing you had That One Thing That Can’t Get Wet. Or maybe you’re blessed with a bunch of waterphobic essentials. What to do? How about getting a roll-close deck bag? The Streamline Deck Bag was designed at first for SUP, but it works great with all water craft. 5L capacity and includes carrying straps for hauling your board and bag to and from the water.

ar ld! l Pu wor o T P The s o in M e s Th KiT aT o B

Petrel Play SG Kayak

Best Kit sea KayaK

Best sit-On-tOp KayaK

12 | Canoecopia Show Guide 2015

Best KayaK shOp


The Scorpio kayaks have been favorites with the Rutabaga staff. They’re based off the Cetus design and include a lot of amenities (day hatch, deck hatch, skeg). For 2015, it has been redesigned with the seat slightly aft to provide better balance in windy conditions, a redesigned deck for more knee room, and now comes with integrated fittings for P&H’s Code Zero sail system. You can also special order (only) a boat with their optional Skudder (steerable skeg) system. Super-stiff Corelite plastic continues as before. The Scorpio II will be offered in standard and low volume versions to fit most everyone. The LV (low volume) version is tweaked to give smaller paddlers a snugger, tighter fit.

Luci Lux & Aura

Folks really took to the Luci Light we showed off last year. They are solar-powered LED lanterns. This year Luci introduces the Lux and the Aura. The Lux (right) adds a beautiful frosted plastic to give a gentle warm glow to the outdoors. It adds a bit of style to your next campsite or perhaps your dinner party at home. The Aura (below) keeps the frosted look but gives 7 different colors in constant or cycle-through mode to change up the look. Both Lux & Aura are waterproof too, so they can be dropped in your tub or pool.

Malone XtraLight Trailer

Lightweight boat trailers are becoming more and more popular as folks find that lifting a heavy boat above their heads is getting ever harder. Most everyone can lift or push their boat to waist-level. Trailers are naturally quiet at highway speeds, where some car/rack combinations… are not. Malone’s XtraLight trailer is tough — made with marine-grade pregalvanized frame, and 58˝ coated steel bars. It can carry boats up to 14 feet long and loads up to 275 pounds (e.g. 4 instructor’s kayaks). It is proudly built here in the US of A.

Stop By and See Us!

bb Angler Pro

Aqua-Bound Sting Ray Hybrid

Bending Branches ‘A’ Series

Aqua-Bound Freedom SUP ©2015 Branches, LLC.

Canoecopia Show Guide 2015 | 13

WHAT’S NEW Wind Paddle Adventure Sail

You ever notice how kids love challenging the elements and themselves trying to “beat” Mother Nature? Have you noticed that the older people get, the more they want to work with nature? Enter the sail. The popular Adventure Sail (Cliff Jacobson loved it), has been tweaked to increase its sail area by 25% while lowering the profile for better across-the-wind sailing and stability. They stiffened the batten to hold its shape better. Adventure Sails typically do not require any drilling or other additional hardware to use. If you have cleats, deck lines, pad eyes, you’re good to go. It deploys from the deck and includes a steering line for adjusting your angle. Work hard or work smart. Your choice.

Extrasport Evolve PFDs

Thermarest Slacker Hammock

Slacker: a person who avoids work or effort. Normally a perjorative; used by stern, hard-working parents, often in reference to wastrel offspring. Note to dear parents: avoiding work isn’t necessarily such a bad thing. It can give you time to think, reflect, and renew. And what better way to recharge than in a soft polyester fabric stretched between two trees overlooking a picturesque view? Especially if it came with its own stuff sack? Or had room for a second person also indulging in a recharge? Slack on!



• Roof Racks • Kayak Carriers • Kayak Carts • SUP Transport • Sport Trailers • Storage Systems •


15% OFF


14 | Canoecopia Show Guide 2015

Any engineer will tell you: flotation equals insulation. The trapped air pockets that keep us bobbing in water have the side effect of retaining heat. If you’re out on a hot summer day, that’s not ideal. Extrasport’s Evolve PFDs have some clever tricks for the insulation-effect. Soft foamy bumps on the inside helps your skin breathe. Mesh on the back improves airflow and also improves comfort with high-backed seats. This PFD has evolved, indeed.

NRS Explorer Paddling Suit The “Paddling Suit” compromises on Total Dryness and adds back a lot of comfort. If your paddling can tolerate a (very) little leakage through the neck, the “Paddling Suit” is for you. NRS swapped in a neoprene volcano-style neck (a near perfect seal, but a lot more comfortable) and kept the latex gasket at the wrists where perfect seals are more needed. They chose waterproof Eclipse fabric (reinforced at the wear points) for increased breathability and comfort. Eclipse fabric is smoother than most of the other waterproofbreathable fabrics as well, making it that much more comfortable to wear.


The Roam series blends Sit-On-Top simplicity (you can’t sink them, they’re easy to get back in) with crossover versatility (skeg-assisted tracking when you want it, rockered hull for turning). Smaller paddlers or those wanting increased manuverability will want the 9.5. The Roam series adds the ConTour Surround Seating System for total comfort, an upgraded foot brace system, drier hatches, and removable thigh straps for when you want a leisurely paddle vs. a performance one. It comes with a mesh storage bag and lots of clip-in points to manage your gear the way you want to.

Thule Hullavator Pro

The original Hullavator changed paddling for a lot of people. Suddenly getting the kayak on the car was easy. Solo trips were an option. Loading & strapping were a cinch. Springs and shocks reduced the amount you lifted by 40 pounds. The Pro model improves the design by finally accepting super-wide kayaks (now up to 36˝!). The kayak cradles now have 8 touch-points of padded support that cradle your baby even more than before. Don’t use “I don’t have a partner” as an excuse anymore. Get out and enjoy the water.

s. co m

Dagger Roam 9.5 & 11.5

S eals www.S

rt ki

Canoecopia Show Guide 2015 | 15

WHAT’S NEW — FISHING Old Town Predator XL MK & Accessories

The Predator XL MK is the newest addition to this popular family of fishing kayaks from Old Town. We love the replaceable center console concept. The MK version is ready to accept the 45-lb. MinnKota Drive Console. It’s plug and play simple: no drilling, wiring, or outfitting necessary. The Drive Console has a brilliant flip-up & hold mechanism for easier launch & recovery. Also available is the Exo Ridge Console which creates a flat casting deck and gives you a huge storage pod beneath your feet. The Deluxe Utillty Console comes with muliple storage hatches and easy mounting points for fish finders or sonar units.

Native Watercraft Slayer Propel 10

The newest member of the Propel family is this little 10-foot gem. It’s small and compact, but still very stable and easy to pedal or paddle as you’re out in pursuit of fish (or fun!). Native’s seat is bomber tough, adjustable, and about as comfortable as Granddad’s old Barcalounger. Cooler, too. This one floats.* The Propel Pedal Drive is smooth, efficient, and easy for all ages and skill levels to enjoy. We love having customers test these on our pond. They are remarkably zippy boats and watching eyes bulge as the shore flies by never gets old. * Don’t ask. Long story.


16 | Canoecopia Show Guide 2015

Bending Branches Angler Classic Plus & Angler Pro Plus Paddles The Classic Plus (plastic blade, shown) and Pro Plus (fiberglass) give you incredible flexibility when you’re out on the water. The Telescoping Plus Ferrule system allows for the standard range of feathering, plus up to 15 centimenters of adjustment to your paddle’s length. That’s important because with today’s multi-position seats, one fixed length is not going to cut it. One Classic Plus blade also includes a notch which can sometimes help a fisherman retrieve a lure that’s caught underwater. An Angler paddle also makes a great backup paddle for groups out on the water. It adapts to the width of the paddler’s boat and the paddler’s torso.

Scotty Coaming Mount Rod Holder This new clamp mount base is an absolute gem. Scotty has designed a clamp that can securely attach to any kayak coaming (the rim around the middle). That’s huge. Coamings come in all shapes, and this one handles them easily. It takes 20 seconds to install and remove. It also works pretty well on the gunwale of a canoe too. We think it’s the perfect rod mount whether you’re in the Boundary Waters for a week or just taking an afternoon off fishing the local estuaries.

FISHING — WHAT’S NEW Wilderness Systems Thresher 140/145

Jackson Kayak Big Rig Pro

When you go out fishing, do you want (need) to have it all? All the gear and all the gadgets? Plus some creature comforts for yourself? Yeah, you know who you are... Enter the Big Rig Pro. It includes standard Big Rig Options (hull rod holders, RAM goodies, Yakattack gear tracks, etc.) plus electronics like the Raymarine Dragonfly fish finder, Power-Pole Micro shallow water anchor, and a waterproof battery. Also included: standing pads, gripshrink wrap on the casting bar, and a JKrate. The only thing it doesn’t have is an on-board fishery.


15% 20%


All Apparel and Accessories

The Theresher family of fishing kayaks is Wilderness Systems’ newest addition to their off-shore line of fishing kayaks. It’s long, efficient, easy to paddle, stable and full of accessories and outfitting options, and has a host of other bells and whistles. We think it paddles and handles like a dream, especially in less-than-calm water. It can carry quite a load, too. Could be the perfect sit-on-top for a long, relaxing weekend of fishing and camping down the lower Wisconsin. (Or your favorite body of water. If you’re happy, we’re happy.)

Jackson Kayak Coosa HD

The redesigned & newly-outfitted Coosa HD is a smidge longer and wider to handle the bigger anglers the Coosa could not. It tracks better, but is still plenty river-friendly. It’s got a center removable pod for gear, and upgraded mounting points. New rod storage louvres along the bow deck, too.

Get it at

Canoecopia AND SAVE!

All NRS Life Jackets Women’s Siren PFD

©Erik Boomer

MSRP: $109.95 Canoecopia Price: $87.96

Velocity Watershoe

MSRP: $109.95 Canoecopia Price: $93.46

Yak Yak Boat Cart

MSRP: $99.95 Canoecopia Price: $84.96

Don’t see it at the show? FREE shipping on all special orders over $75. Canoecopia Show Guide 2015 | 17

WHAT’S NEW Old Town Next

“Is it a canoe?” Next question. “Is it a kayak?” Next question. “Is it Superman?!” No. Next question. Actually, it’s the Old Town Next. It’s sort of a throwback to the Adirondack boats of Henry Rushton. A slightly elevated, comfortable (and quite adjustable) seat is paired with strong, adjustable footbraces. You get the efficiency of a kayak, but the easy entry of a canoe. It makes for a great paddling boat whether you’re using a kayak or a canoe paddle. And it comes in awesome colors. Purple, even!* The bomber-tough poly construction can handle anything short of a Michael Bay movie. It is the Next big thing. I have learned more about being a good uncle by being a bad uncle. Example: I was sure that when the nighttime lightning storm came I could just play a podcast and the kids would be fine. Nopester. If only I had these amazing glow-in-the dark dominoes, I could have had myself one happy camper. He could have set up epically large snakes of dominoes and had them crash down, only to be rebuilt anew and could have left the older kids to listen to boring old podcasts. So learn from the Bad Uncle. Get these dominoes. Also — have better storm survival (entertainment) strategies.

Seattle Sports Terraglo Dominoes

Northstar Canoes Voodoo Paddle Made exclusively for Northstar Canoe by Mitchell Paddles, the Voodoos are the prettiest pair — they come in both straight and bent shaft­ — of paddles you’ll see anywhere. Carbon fiber cloth makes it possible to have an ultra-thin blade that slides through the water like a carving knife through bureaucratic red tape. Or like a proper knife paddle should, leaves no trace. More importantly, it just feels right in the hand. The blade has almost no swing weight and the wooden shaft grips your hand like an old friend. Feel free to mount yours on your living room wall. Tell everyone it’s functional art.

Life jackets for the ones you love.

new colors more features

mti 2015

Live. Love. Life [Jackets].

Come to the MTI booth. See what’s new for 2015 and meet Canoecopia Speakers Dave & Amy Freeman

18 | Canoecopia Show Guide 2015

* Marit made Jim say that. She loves purple.

WHAT’S NEW Kokatat Poseidon

Necky ACS 2.0 Seat

We don’t need any “Release the Kraken!” jokes. They’ve been done. This Poseidon releases infinite possibilities rather than citydestroying Titans. It’s a totally customizable PFD. It comes stock with a Full Chest Pocket, and a bevy of other pockets (also attachable to other Kokatat PFDs) and a Poseidon quickrelease belt. The Posiedon ensures you can stay hydrated too, with options to store water in the hidden hydration sleeve in the back of the PFD or in the tactic pack or tributary accessories.

Jim contends that the quality of the seat and the paddle are the two biggest factors in paddling happiness. An adjustable seat can change pressure points, turning an ache into an amenity. The Necky ACS 2.0 seat is perforated for breathability, and adjustable while underway to adapt to your body’s needs. It’s tougher, so it will look better longer. It’s lighter (about 2 pounds) which makes carrying your boat to and from the launch point that much more pleasant. All in all, a fantastic redesign.

Ruffwear Approach Pack

Did you know that dogs can carry about 25% of their body weight? (After becoming used to it. Don’t start ‘em off at maximum!) Make your 4-footed friend carry some of her own kibbles, a collapsable bowl, frisbee, or special dog treats. She’ll be happy with the thoughtfully designed padding and load stability. You’ll love the assistance handles to help her get over obstacles. The Approach Pack by Ruffwear is designed by folks who only make dog equipment, so you know it’s good stuff.





PERFORMANCE FOR WOMEN. ATTENTION: Isn’t it time you listen to your body? You don’t shop in the men’s section for clothes or gear so why do it for SUP? Performance starts with a great fit. Reduce fatigue and improve your experience on the water. Small grip, shaft and blade with a softer flex is the fit you’ve been waiting for.


Canoecopia Show Guide 2015 | 19

WHAT’S NEW Mad River Serenade TR

The Serenade TR is a super-light, efficient canoe. The redesgined seat on the TR allows you to pick your seating position, either the traditional sitting, or the “I can’t believe you’re not all kneeling like I do” position. Whatever your preference, it can do it, while only weighing 30–32 pounds with a foam-stiffened Aramid Ultralite layup. It uses Mad River’s shallow-vee hull for the predictable stability curve that is the hallmark of their traditional designs. Feel free to use a single- or a double-bladed paddle.

20 | Canoecopia Show Guide 2015

Jackson Kayak Cuda LT

How do you improve Jackson’s top-selling fishing kayak? You could add Yakattack gear tracks, and upgrade the seat. What about making it easier for one person to handle? Make it so! The Cuda LT is the improved, lightweight, ABS-based version of the original. Now weighing just over 60 pounds, anyone can get a fully-outfitted fish-retrieving machine to and from the water with ease.


Coast Guard officials were wary the Siren would lure sailors to their watery demise. It didn’t. It’s actually a comfortable, low-profile women’s† PFD with anatomically sculpted front panels to conform to her body; mesh panels along the spine allow for better airflow and greater comfort; and six points of adjustment create the perfect fit. This Siren was a defense against a watery demise. Approved.

† Find the PFD that fits you well. The men’s/women’s thing is better labeled long /short torso

WHAT’S NEW Thule Hull-a-Port Aero

Thule took the Hull-a-Port pro and kicked it up a notch. They improved the spring-loaded hub system to make it easier to reach and fold down. The new cradle shape with Sure-Grip padding on the base and mast conforms to your boat’s hull for better protection during transport. They used corrosion-resistant steel tubes in case your car drives into the sea. And they added a locking capability so no one can steal it while it’s down there.

Yakima Carbonite Sky Boxes

Luggage boxes are incredible. They quickly change an ordinary sedan into a big station wagon. They’re perfect for carrying bulky items. The new Carbonite lid is dimpled and looks amazing. Reduces drag, too. The Sky Boxes (naturally) also fit all the standard (round, square, aero, factory) bars out there. Aside: Did you know? Luggage boxes often end up in Hollywood Sci-Fi movies. You can say you had it on your roof before it hit the silver screen. Or that a Lucasian Swashbuckler was encased in this solo.

Beautiful, Strong, Smart, Adventurous…. New Day-Touring Series Sojourn 126, 135, 146

Canoecopia Show Guide 2015 | 21


Stohlquist Coaster & Misty

Angle Oar opens up kayaking to people with strength limitations due to injury, age or ability. Also great for anglers!

Klean Kanteen Classic Growler Beer lovers, rejoice! You’ve now got options for your favorite microbrew without the hazards of glass. Perfect for hauling 64 oz of whatever (rumor has it they do hold water as well) you want inside 18/8 food-grade stainless steel. The new “Classic Growler” improves the “Original Growler” by adding the Swing Lok™ lid. Available in brown or in brushed stainless steel, they’re about as cool and “green” as you could hope for.

The Misty (women’s†) and Coaster (notwomen’s†) PFDs use thin-back designs EFFORTLESS PADDLING to minimize interference with high-back EASY ON SHOULDERS, WRISTS & BACK seats. The 8-point adjustment system, ANGLED OR STRAIGHT using the clever cross-chest cinch-strap, ON OR OFF THE MOUNT keeps the PFD securely and comfortably in ADJUSTABLE SHAFT LENGTHS place and prevents ride-up. The zippered HANDS-FREE FISHING OPERATE WITH JUST ONE HAND With the demise of Royalex, manufacturers pockets allow for easy access to your have been trying to find new “bomber tough” belongings, and also feature an internal WWW.ANGLEOAR.COM materials, especially ones that provide a pleasant beverage holder. paddling experience. Nova Craft Canoe has their new composite material they call TuffStuff. It’s aptly named. The canoe When you want an adult beverage by the edge of a rocky shore, you see here fell but not the danger of having it break, you turn to modern over 100 feet and chemistry. Namely silicone. Spruce glasses are insurance was then taken to against the vagaries of fate and less than 100% sober hands. a local lake where Save the planet. Save the beach. One silicone glass at a time. they paddled it around (unrepaired). It truly is tuff stuff. See the video: SUP Boards are tricky things to cartop. The heavy ones are difficult to manage, the light ones need specially gentle care once on your car. Then there’s strap Once you’ve got a pair of merino wool socks, management when they’re not on your dressing in the morning (especially winter vehicle. The SUP Dawg makes loading morning) becomes a lot more joyous. You’re a cinch with the built-in rollers, and the putting on a heat and moisture management integrated strap system which hides away system that keeps your feet happy throughout the tie-down when it’s not in use. The the day. Hyperbole? Not even adjustable padding (holds boards up to 36˝ close. They’re that good. Farm wide) cradles and protects your board (or to Feet gives you that happiness two!) as you get from where you’re going with 100% US ingredients and to where you want to be. They come fully manufacturing. Just assembled so you have more free time to hit the one more reason to road, then the water. The tool-free mounting system smile when you will fit almost any rack out there. get dressed. † Find the PFD that fits you well. The men’s/ women’s thing is better labeled long /short torso 22 | Canoecopia Show Guide 2015

Nova Craft TuffStuff

Spruce Silicone Wine & Cocktail Glass

Yakima SUP Dawg

Farm To Feet Socks

CHANGES — WHAT’S OLD What’s Old is New Looking at some products that have stood the test of time MSR WhisperLite

First manufactured in 1984, Mountain Safety Research’s Whisperlite just nailed it. Compared to the conversation-killing rocket sounds out of a Svea 123 or an Optimus 80, the WhisperLite is like a quiet, light hiss that can lull many a baby to sleep. It is portable, stable, lightweight, and field-maintainable. That’s a superfecta of stove design and, tellingly, MSR has made few adjustments to it over the past 25 years. It’s not the most adustable flame out there, but if you need quick, reliable heat while recounting the joys of the day’s adventure, the WhisperLite ought to be in your pack. It has been one of a paddler’s and backpacker’s most prized posessions.

Who knows how it happens. Sometimes the designer nails the basics. It’s fun to see the how today’s version of a product is reflected in the original. Here are six of our favorite items that were introduced years ago and still are loved (and used!) when we go outside.

Mad River Malecite

One of the very first Mad River models ever, the Malecite is a lovely, lovely canoe. It really comes into its own once you paddle it. It does everything so correctly... except carry a heavy load. If you’re a middle- to lightweight paddler and pack thoughtfully, you’ll be amazed at how it handles. It isn’t the fastest, the most stable, or the most seaworthy, but it blends all of them together thoughtfully and well. It is easy to paddle, and telegraphs its intentions clearly. Makes a good solo too.

Frost River Canvas Pack

Folks have been using canvas packs for over 100 years, and it’s not hard to see why. They’re tough, dry quickly, and can be very waterproof when lined with a thick poly liner. They won’t melt when a stray spark alights. They gain a patina with use that just can’t be beat.

Werner Camano

Chestnut (NovaCraft, Wenonah) Prospector

The Prospectors were introduced over 90 years ago by the Chestnut The Camano started off as the Canoe Company, and their lines San Juan blade (left, the first haven’t changed since then except one ever!) in 1976. Soon thereafter Werner Sr. scaled it for minor tweaks to accommodate modern materials. They’re still down to create the Camano. one of the go-to models for serious It has been a huge hit with wilderness tripping as well as local customers ever since. It’s moving water. If you can only light, strong, and virtually flutter-free in use. Over time, own one canoe (a shame, really), Werner has updated the shaft a Prospector 16 would be a top and the materials, but the basic choice. Thanks to the Canadian Canoe Museum for the photo of Bill goodness of the made-in-theMason’s Prospector. USA design has been the same.

Bending Branches BB Special

For over 30 years, Bending Branches has been making their BB Special. It’s been subtly changed in that time, but the basic mantra of light, durable, comfortable, and affordable has stood the test of time. The fiberglassreinforced blade with a rockguard tip handles most anything people throw at them. The big (but not overly large) blade gives good acceleration. They’re popular for a reason.

Canoecopia Show Guide 2015 | 23

STAND-UP PADDLING Stand-Up Paddle Days at Rutabaga Discover the easy fun and excitement of SUP!

Sat & Sun, June 27 & 28, 2015 ■■ On-site demos all weekend long ■■ Door prizes and giveaways ■■ SUP beginner classes on Saturday with our ACA certified instructors ■■ SUP afternoon tour on Sunday For more information go to Classes and tours require advance registration — call us or visit

SUP’s Up in the Midwest! By Kate Westphal

My interest in Stand-Up Paddling (SUP) stems from a curiosity I always had as a child about another sport, surfing. I grew up in Port Washington, an old fishing town located on Lake Michigan just north of Milwaukee. As a child I quickly became fascinated with Great Lakes surfing. Long story short, I never caught a wave, but the California state of mind never left me. So when SUP started to gain popularity in the Midwest I found another opportunity to become the surf bum of my dreams! My first experience with SUP was this past spring and I was surprised at how easy it was. Since then I’ve fallen in love with the sport. From battling the chop on Lake Monona, to scooping up baby turtles with my paddle, to traveling a couple hundred miles with two boards atop my jeep, SUP became a new passion of mine.

SUP-ing safely. Or at least more safely.

When we see pictures and videos (and old school film) of people on boards there’s often a few things that are suspiciously missing: PFDs and footwear. Let’s get the PFD thing dealt with. Wear one. Do it. By law, when not in the “surf zone” (we don’t have any of those hereabouts) your life jacket (Type III, for you in the know) just needs to be on the board, while the inflatable kind must be worn. Failure to comply can get you a ticket. But really, wear them. That’s when they can actually help. Inflatables are awesome because they don’t get in your way. Check ‘em out (see pgs. 11 & 12). It’s easiest to paddle boards without shoes, but it puts your tootsies at some risk. You never know when your foot can catch a shell edge. It hurts, and messes with your whole day. Super-thin, barefoot-style footwear gives your feet the protection you need without interfering with the board’s feel. They’re worth it. Bonus tip: Get a paddleboard leash. For calm waters, it’s money super well spent. We’d rather reel our board back in than spend many minutes swimming after it.

24 | Canoecopia Show Guide 2015

Stand-Up Paddling satisfies both my body and soul by providing a head-to-toe workout and a way to explore nature. My favorite part is the birds-eye view I gain looking down into underwater worlds. My journey into SUP is far from over. I look forward to learning new skills and finding new adventures. This summer, I plan on trying river SUPing including an overnight trip on the Wisconsin. And who knows, this Midwest (surfer) girl may catch a wave yet.

Kate Westphal

People ask us “Don’t you fall off”? No. Everyone says they jumped.


Ride the Dragon. Dragon boating, a 5,000 year-old sport, finds new life in the Midwest. Nancy Saulsbury I lean forward in the drummer’s seat of the dragon boat, knees tightly gripping the drum, listening intently to the instructions of the starter. Facing my twenty teammates, I bark out “Paddlers ready!” and they snap their paddles forward, ready to dig into our first stroke of the race. “We have alignment!” and the gun sounds. Our boat leaps forward — another dragon boat race is underway. Dragon boat racing may be relatively new to the Midwest, but the archeological record shows that dragon boat races were being held in China over 5,000 years ago. Ceremonial for centuries, dragon boat racing took on added significance about 2,300 years ago when, according to popular legend, beloved poet and statesman, Qu Yuan, advised his king not to sign a treaty with a major adversary. The king rejected his advice, signed the treaty and banished Qu Yuan as a traitor. When the treaty turned out to be a ruse and the state fell to their enemy, Qu Yuan is said to have thrown himself into the river. When news of his suicide reached the villages, hundreds of local fisherman raced out to try and save him, to no avail. Beating their drums and splashing their paddles, they tried to scare away the fish and water dragons that might eat his body. Dragon boat races are said to be re-enactments of the villager’s efforts to rescue Qu Yuan. Dragon Boat festivals are held around the world today. Some are highly competitive with topnotch teams from around the globe. More common are the multitude of community-based festivals, which offer local participants a chance to form teams and paddle in camaraderie with their friends, neighbors, or workmates. With just a bit of practice time, teams can learn the basics and enjoy a lively day of competition.

Midwest Dragon Boat Festivals ‘15

Jun. 13-14 St. Charles, IL Jun. 20 Madison, WI Jul. 11 Milwaukee, WI Jul. 11-12 St Paul, MN Jul. 18 La Crosse, WI Jul. 25 Arlington Heights, IL Aug. 1 Kenosha, WI Jul. 29-Aug. 1 Bemidji, MN Aug. 8 Eau Claire, WI Aug. 7-8 Starbuck, MN Aug. 21-22 Superior, WI Sep. 12-13 Dubuque, IA Sep. 19 Oshkosh, WI

I’ve enjoyed dragon boating for over 10 years as a member of TEAMSurvivor Madison, an organization that provides women of any cancer diagnosis with fitness, friendship and fun. We paddle weekly to develop technique, stamina and teamwork and to enjoy being on the water together. While my favorite paddling is still filled with solitude, there’s something equally rewarding about sharing the water with a group of friends at practices and at festivals. You love being in boats, right? Grab 20 of your closest paddling friends and try dragon boating this summer.

Nancy Saulsbury surveys her crew

Canoecopia Show Guide 2015 | 25

PRESENTATIONS Canoecopia Presentations for 2015 Places to go, things to do, new ways to do it. We’ve got it all and then some. Once again we have an abundant selection of presentations that we hope will inform, entertain and inspire you. With over 110 topics by 90+ paddlers, the hard part may be deciding which to see! For speaker bios and schedules, please see our website: Reminder: check our website for any and all last-minute changes. We do our best to have this be 100% accurate, but sometimes life intervenes. Greg Anderson

Kayaking on the Salish Sea

Washington’s San Juan and Fidalgo Islands are worldrenowned locations for sea kayaking. Vancouver Island protects the Salish Sea from Pacific storms, while the restricted channels produce strong currents and extreme tidal exchanges. This dynamic environment provides opportunities for both new and seasoned paddlers. These waters are one of the richest marine environments in the world: orcas, porpoise, seals, eagles, and purple seastars are just a few of the many species found in this location famous for its diversity and natural beauty.

Building Your Own Kayak, Canoe, or SUP Paddles abc

Paddle-powered boats require paddles. What better way to enjoy the water than to move through it using your own handmade paddle! Join Jeff for a simple show-and-share of hand-made wood paddles as well as the hand tools and the raw materials used to make kayak, canoe, and SUP paddles. w Ne

In 2012 American citizen Allan Barsema bought heavily wooded land in remote Ontario, with a river on one side, a lake on the other side, and an abundance of wildlife. He recently completed a ‘cozy’ 3-room cabin-in-the-woods, solo, at age 66. All of this was done inexpensively as he hauled in all his tools and materials by boat, ATV, and snowmobile. Join Allan as he shares tips for locating and purchasing remote Canadian land, building trails, hauling materials, and constructing in the wilderness, all while surviving mishaps!

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Kayak Angling: Five Essential Skills To Know abc When an angler decides to try kayak

Stacy Bare

w Ne

Those of us who love and enjoy the outdoors have a lot of work to do to build the next generation of wilderness lovers and outdoor stewards. Future explorers will look pretty different than the typical white man in plaid on the trails and put-ins now. Paddle- and watersports represent a fantastic entry point to kick off what could be a wilderness revival. Learn how you can be a part of Sierra Club’s goal to shift from 250,000 people a year outdoors to 1 million outside by 2020.

The Grand Traverse Islands: America’s Next National Lakeshore?

26 | Canoecopia Show Guide 2015

Build Your Own Cabin in Remote Canadian Woodlands —­ For Cheap!

Richie Bekolay

Wilderness Revival

Jeff Bach

John Bacon

The Grand Traverse Islands, which stretch from northern Door County to Upper Michigan’s Garden Peninsula, are one of the most geologically and ecologically significant areas on Lake Michigan. They also represent an important piece of our collective maritime history, encompassing numerous lighthouses and shipwrecks. Might they become America’s next National Lakeshore? Join John Bacon, Chair of the Friends of the Grand Traverse Islands, to find out!

Allan Barsema

abc Newbie-friendly skills

Camp skills

fishing, it’s time to start thinking like a paddler. All the fishing experience in the world will never be put to use if you cannot paddle your kayak with ease. Join Richie at the pool as he demonstrates the essential skills you’ll need to paddle more efficiently and in turn, catch more fish. Be sure to bring any questions you may have — Richie is as talented an instructor as he is a kayak angler.

Kayak Fishing 101: Getting Started abc

Have you ever wanted to get into kayak fishing or wonder what all the hype is about? Join kayak angler, Richie Bekolay, as he breaks down the basics of one of the largest growing outdoor sports, kayak fishing. From the type and style of kayaks, the necessary gear, to putting it all

Pool demo (Clarion Suites)

PRESENTATIONS to use on the water, Richie will leave no stone unturned in your quest to become a kayak angler.

Tips for Enjoying Canoecopia Speakers

Kelly Blades

■■ The Exhibition Hall is large; plan enough walking time to arrive on time, especially on Saturday when the aisles can be crowded.

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Risk Management: Why We Practice

There is inherent risk in everything. Most of us limit the amount of exposure we have to dangerous situations. And then we kayak, an activity that takes us into a collision course with Mother Nature. Do we practice skills too much? Not enough? Are we putting emphasis on the right kind of training? Our brains are wired for survival; Kelly will help you explore how to mitigate the risks as you paddle.

Youth & family

Jimmy Blakeney

Brought to you by BIC SUP

Tahiti by Stand-Up Paddleboard

Join Jimmy as he takes you to French Polynesia and the islands of Tahiti and Moorea. From SUP surfing Teahupoo, one of the most notorious waves in the world, to paddling with stingrays and sharks, Jimmy will provide context to the incredible images shot by worldrenowned photographer Ben Thouard taken during Jimmy’s recent trip.

please see for changes

■■ Many presentations are standing room only on Saturday; try seeing those speakers on Friday or Sunday for better seats. Some presentations are only offered on Friday and/or Sunday. ■■ The pool sessions have a limit of 99 attendees for each time slot. Please arrive early to ensure your spot. ■■ Strategically use speaker presentations as an opportunity to sit down and rest. ■■ Changes to the speaker schedule will be posted online and at the Information Booth and in the speaker room area. See

Canoecopia Show Guide 2015 | 27

PRESENTATIONS who are planning trips for young families, scouting and youth groups. Topics that will be covered include: recipes, equipment needs, food safety, menus, packing and organizing meals, and suggestions on how to save money.

Ken Braband

Adaptive Paddling with Team River Runner abc When it comes to overcoming physical

Sharon and Alec Bloyd-Peshkin Ten Tips for Becoming a Better Paddler abc Maybe you’re new to paddling; maybe you’ve been in boats all your life. But are you improving? And if not, do you know how to up your game? Join us for 10 tips that will improve your paddling, whether your craft of choice is single- or double-bladed. This presentation, amply illustrated with photos and real-life stories, will provide specific suggestions, from how to set goals, to how to choose appropriate challenges, to how to get the most out of a course. Bring your notebook!

Terry Bomkamp

and mental obstacles, water is the great equalizer. See how non-profit organizations like Team River Runner and Adaptive Adventures give people of various ability levels opportunities to find health, healing and new challenges through kayaking. We will demonstrate some of the latest adaptive gear and hear from adaptive paddlers who talk about their paddling challenges and successes.

Julie Brown

Hygiene Tips for Women in the Wilderness abc Planning ahead and preparing for paddling trips is necessary in all areas, especially hygiene. Learn about feminine hygiene in remote environments. We will discuss signs and symptoms of female medical concerns, supplies, and tips to use regarding the three p’s….peeing, pooping, and periods. Julie will also cover some techniques for women paddlers who don’t plan to come to shore every time they need relief.

abc Newbie-friendly talks appeal to

those just starting out. Seasoned paddlers will gain tips too. Camp skills give you ideas on how to live the easy life when you’re in the wilderness. Lots of water drops form a Pool. Pool found in the Clarion Suites. Youth & family topics help adults get kids outdoors

28 | Canoecopia Show Guide 2015

Join John as he describes what’s in his kit(s). Whether you are looking at your first aid kit, your repair kit, or your signaling kit, John will discuss “the big three.” What’s in each, what kind of container is it packed in, and how accessible is it while on the water will be discussed.

w Ne

Wilderness Survival: Unorthodox Uses For Everyday Items abc

Backcountry Cooking abc Join

What do those icons mean?

What’s in Your Kit?

Robert Burns

w Ne

Terry as he shares hints for providing an easy-to-use menu plan for backcountry canoeing or hiking. Information will be especially helpful for beginners and those

paddlers as well as hikers and backpackers.

John Browning Navigation: Finding Your Way

Are you comfortable finding your way? Do you know what tools to use, and how to use them? John will share some tips, tricks, and techniques of navigation. This is sure to be of value to

abc Newbie-friendly skills

Camp skills

Join Robert as he covers the psychology and basic skills necessary to understand wilderness survival and survival in general. He will touch upon several stories of survival, and the basic methodology for survival. Learn about the psychological and physical forms of adaptation as well as unorthodox uses for everyday items that would be found in anyone’s pack or canoe.

Kevin Callan

A Canoe Trip Around Killarney: Family Style abc

Kevin and his wife, 9-year-old-daughter and dog spent 12 days canoeing around Killarney Provincial Park, Ontario’s crown jewel. Situated along the northern shores of Georgian Bay and Lake Huron, Killarney’s landscape is absolutely stunning, made up of pure white quartzite mountains and turquoise lakes. It’s a true paddler’s paradise. Kevin will take you on their journey with photos and film, but will also show you other easier ways to canoe, kayak, backpack, and winter trek in this incredible provincial park.

Pool demo (Clarion Suites)

PRESENTATIONS Denny Caneff, Larry Zibell, John Roberts

adventure, lessons learned, wildlife encounters and the fascinating people who live in remote corners of the world.

They’re Wild in Wisconsin: The Pine, the Pike, the Popple

Fifty years ago, the state of Wisconsin created a Wild Rivers program, designating the Pine, Pike and Popple Rivers as the state’s first official “Wild Rivers.” The state program eventually spawned the federal Wild and Scenic Rivers Act. Join the River Alliance of Wisconsin’s Denny Caneff for a brief history of this program, then learn about the paddling possibilities of these three fine rivers from veteran canoeists Larry and John.

John Chase

Power to the Paddle: Exercises to Improve Your Paddling abc

Join this fun hands-on session where you’ll learn and practice functional exercises to help you paddle longer, faster, and stronger. Learn simple exercises requiring little or no equipment and targeting crucial muscles to be a better paddler, build endurance, and prevent injury. You’ll improve your outdoor experience and become the best paddler you can be!

Designing Your Personal Exercise Program abc The spring paddling season is just around the corner. Get the tools you need to make 2015 your best year ever. John will outline the process to develop your own personalized fitness plan. You will leave with the knowledge to improve mobility, increase stability, develop strength and power, and lose a few pounds.

Dave Chun

w Ne

Brought to you by Kialoa Paddles

Introduction to Stand-Up Paddling (SUP) abc Dave Chun built his first Stand-Up Paddle in 2003, for the yet unnamed sport. Currently, SUP is the fastest growing segment in the paddle sports industry. Join Dave as he covers the different disciplines within the sport, basic equipment, and how to get started paddling.

Youth & family

Maxine Davis & Jean Replinger

w Ne

1st Girls’ Outward Bound School — 1965

Erin Clancey

w Ne

Brought to you by NRS

Canoeing the Back River: 39 Days on the Barrens

In the summer of 2014 Erin joined an expedition that canoed 518 miles down the Back River through harsh and spectacular Canadian tundra. Her group of four was dropped off hundreds of miles from civilization with all of their gear, food for 40 days, emergency supplies, and two 17-foot Expedition Pak Canoes. Join her for beautiful images and stories that tell of the challenges and rewards of experiencing the Barren Lands in Nunavut, Canada from the interior to the Arctic Coast. Photo:

Justine Curgenven Kayaking the Aleutian Chain

The remote, windswept Aleutian Islands stretch like a broken bridge from Russia to Alaska. In 2014, two women attempted a world-first paddle 2,500 km along the chain and Alaskan peninsula. In a nail-biting adventure, they are taken away from land by unknown currents, approached by bears, grounded by headwinds, and given an insight into the lives of the few people who live in this harsh and beautiful landscape. Award-winning filmmaker Justine Curgenven presents the highly anticipated film of the 101-day adventure with Sarah Outen.

Sea Kayaking the World

From Russia to Antarctica, New Zealand to Patagonia, Justine Curgenven shares some of the highlights of 12 years of sea kayaking trips on six continents. With award-winning video and stunning photographs, Justine tells tales of

please see for changes

It’s been 50 years since the 1st Girls Outward Bound School in the Western Hemisphere in 1965. How did 24 girls traveling in the wilderness learn they could do more than they ever thought possible? Amid some controversy (should/could girls go into the wilds with Outward Bound School), what was their first expedition like? Who were these girls? How did they represent their time in history? Is being “first” important? Who are these women now?

George Desort & Rolf Peterson Science Royale

Enjoy a screening of “Science Royale,” a 30-minute film exploring the wolf population of Isle Royale and the challenges biologists overcome in conducting a scientific study in the dead of winter on isolated Isle Royale. Filmmmaker George Desort and biologist Rolf Peterson will present the film and conduct a Q&A following the film. Peterson will be fresh off the island with the most up-to-date information on wolf population numbers and any National Park decisions regarding the island’s wolf status.

Lynne Diebel

Crossing The Driftless By Canoe

w Ne

In 2009, Lynne and Bob Diebel crossed the Driftless — the rugged land that the glaciers forgot — by canoeing from their family summer home in Minnesota to their home in Wisconsin: down the Cannon and Mississippi, up the Wisconsin, portaging into the Yahara

Canoecopia Show Guide 2015 | 29

PRESENTATIONS lake chain. Lynne will talk about the journey and their new book, “Crossing the Driftless.” It’s both a personal story and a tribute to the dramatic landscape and its rivers, the beautiful yet challenged network of waterways that lured them to explore by canoe.

each layer has a function. For a deeper understanding, join us in an intimate fashion show demonstrating many options for all seasons. Paddle on in comfort!

Don Easley

Shawna Franklin & Leon Somme

Join Don as he offers proven tactics for a most memorable canoe adventure to the Northwoods. Learn how to catch more walleye, bass, and pike using minimal tackle. Get the latest info on knots, mono, braided, and fluorocarbon line technology. Learn where to look for active fish and the most effective bait and color to use. Determine the water depth without a fish locator. If you are not catching all the fish you want, stop in and pick up a few secrets.

Shawna and Leon believe they live in the most astoundingly beautiful, awe-inspiring, mothernature-blow-your socks-off place in the world! Whether you like easy paddles to beautiful islands, prefer salt water flushed up your nose by fast currents, or just like to see plants and animals in sizes and abundances that make you gasp, you will learn to yearn for the PNW. Slides, video, and stories of the PNW might make you call in sick on Monday and move, like they did!

Fishin’ the Canoe Country abc

Towing Systems for Leaders and Paddlers

Al Fairfield

Explore Sylvania Wilderness Area

Sylvania Wilderness is a miniature version of the BWCA that’s located in the U.P. just north of the Wisconsin border. A rich history of private ownership, preservation and transition to public ownership is just the start of your journey through Sylvania. Pristine seepage lakes, old growth forest, wilderness camping, paddling, wildlife, and near virgin fisheries are all part of the attraction of this beautiful wilderness area. This place should definitely be on your bucket list of paddling destinations!

Bethany Fosdyck & Lorna Cook Ladies’ Adventures: Fashion Show abc

Are you properly outfitted for the outdoors? Layering your clothing is a tried-and-true way to maximize your comfort on your next paddling trip. The beauty of this concept is that it allows you to make quick adjustments based on your activity level and changes in the weather, as

30 | Canoecopia Show Guide 2015

Paddling in the Pacific Northwest

Shawna and Leon hate towing. It means things have already gone wrong, and it’s inherently dangerous. They have learned from their mistakes. Join them as they share stories of disasters and successes of towing. Through slides and hands-on towing equipment, learn about towing strategies and critique how systems work and why. Come join them for a fun and informative session!

Wilderness from sulfide-ore mining. Their canoe was covered in signatures from people petitioning the federal government to protect the Boundary Waters watershed. Join Amy and Dave Freeman as they share tales from their adventure activism, and information about the threat sulfide-ore mines pose to the BWCA watershed.

David Freeman & Paul Schurke Exploring the Amazon’s “River of Doubt” and the Life of America’s Greatest Public Lands President

Theodore Roosevelt’s 1914 canoe descent of the Amazon’s mythical River of Doubt ranks among history’s most remarkable adventures and was undertaken by one of America’s most remarkable presidents. One hundred years later, Minnesota adventurers Dave Freeman and Paul Schurke retraced Roosevelt’s route by canoe and dug deeply into the life of this amazing man. During their presentation they will share stories and images from their 5-week canoe descent of the Rio Roosevelt, as well as historic photos and tales from Roosevelt’s first descent and his amazing life.

Jim Gallagher & Brian Johnston

Paddling Routes on Victoria Island, Nunavut: Connecting Named and Unnamed Waterways

Jim and Brian paddled Victoria Island rivers, lakes, and saltwater during the summers of 2013 and 2014. In 2013, they paddled the Nanook and Kuujjua Rivers in a single season, including paddling 65 miles of saltwater to the hamlet of Ulukhaktok. In 2014 they began on Banning Lake and ended back in Cambridge Bay, cobbling together a 200-mile, little-known route of rivers, lakes, and saltwater. Jim and Brian will discuss route planning and options, equipment recommendations, and the logistics of paddling on Victoria Island.

Check the website! David & Amy Freeman Brought to you by MTI

Paddle to DC: Protecting Our Precious Waters

Last fall, Dave and Amy Freeman spent 100 days paddling and sailing a canoe from Ely, MN to Washington D.C. The reason? To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Wilderness Act and protect the Boundary Waters Canoe Area

abc Newbie-friendly skills

Camp skills

We got lots of feedback last year (thank you!) and a common complaint was “the thing I wanted to see was cancelled.” We get it, we want what you’re reading now to be The Truth. But the Real Truth is that stuff (sometimes) happens. That’s why we keep our most up-to-date schedule available at Pool demo (Clarion Suites)








w Ne

Quetico’s Northern Exposure

The majority of Quetico Provincial Park visitors access the park through its southern entry points. Join the new Superintendent of Quetico Provincial Park on a journey to the lesser-travelled northern entry points and canoe routes. Includes tips for planning your next Quetico adventure. Check out Quetico’s north side this season!

Doug GIlmore

Neil Hartling

Join Superintendent Doug Gilmore as he relates some “tales from the woods” through pictures and stories. Learn how Nature really does Rule in Woodland Caribou Provincial Park. From the real life drama of a wolf chase and kill, to a mom caribou tired of putting up with those darn intruding campers, the wilderness must always be shown respect. Come and get a taste of what you might expect to experience on your next paddling adventure to Woodland Caribou Park.

The Alsek and Tatshenshini Rivers flow through the world’s largest non-polar ice cap and bio preserve, beginning in Canada’s Yukon, flowing through BC and out to the Gulf of Alaska through Glacier Bay National Park. Learn of the vast (and shrinking) glaciers, native history, and unique features that have earned the region UNESCO World Heritage status. Outfitter and guide Neil Hartling will share 25 years of experience and research in this visually stunning presentation.

Woodland Caribou Provincial Park: Adventure Unfolding Before Your Eyes

Gail Green

w Ne

Brought to you by Kialoa Paddles

SUP Adventures on the Salmon

In 2013 Gillian set out on a five-day Stand-Up Paddle adventure down the Salmon River in Idaho with a group of professional Stand-Up Paddlers. Some of the paddlers had whitewater experience, but other ocean-goers like Gillian were new to this environment. Her challenge was not just paddling 85 miles over the five days, but also facing Class 4 rapids and avoiding rocks, trees, and holes for the first time – all while standing up.

Feedback, please Last year, you gave us a lot of suggestions about Canoecopia. Your comments were extremely useful, and we’ve made many adjustments based on your feedback. We hope you’ll notice our improvements… This year we want more of the same. We want to know about our speakers and the topics they present, plus thoughts about the show in general. Please offer us helpful suggestions again. Thanks!

32 | Canoecopia Show Guide 2015

An adventure travelogue at its core, this insightful story shows how the confluence of life’s events can steer a course to unexpected destinations. Join Gail to vicariously paddle coastlines of Brittany, France, and the Yucatan Peninsula, venture briefly to Lake Baikal in Siberia, and inland to Tanzania. Gail illustrates how following her adventurous passions led to serendipitous careers in the outdoors, arts, and business. Come be inspired to re-boot your perspective and re-define the creative adventurer within.

Drew Gregory

Kayak stroke efficiency focuses on how far the kayak travels for each stroke we take. Dan will outline simple concepts that you can incorporate into your kayaking technique to go farther, with less effort, pain, and greater endurance! Dan’s presentation is based on his world-renowned graduate level research in kayak stroke biomechanics.

Canoeing the Boundary Waters with Style If you’ve ever been to the Boundary abc

River Bassin’: Kayak Fishing Techniques and Tips abc

Join Drew as he helps kayak anglers understand how to access the wildest waters left in the US — rivers! Wild rivers continually provide some of the best angling opportunities, but you have to know when, where, and how to approach them. Drew will let anglers in on all the tips and tricks he has learned that have allowed him to catch over 200 citation-sized river bass.

abc Newbie-friendly skills

Kayak Stroke Efficiency abc

Cliff Jacobson

Brought to you by Jackson Kayaks

We Want Your Input.

Floating Through the World’s Largest NonPolar Ice Cap

Dan Henderson

Looking Back, It All Makes Sense

Gillian Gibree

w Ne

Camp skills

Waters and competed for campsites on a popular lake, fussed with fire on a rainy day, slept in a wet tent or been bugged by bugs, bears, or rodents, this fast-paced session is for you. You’ll learn how to get away from the crowd, choose essential gear, and stay dry when it rains. We’ll check out equipment that works, and equipment that doesn’t. Included are recommendations for tripping with teenagers. Based on Cliff’s book, “Boundary Waters Canoe Camping, 3rd Edition.”

Canoeing Wild Rivers

Based on Cliff’s newly revised and just-released flagship book, “Canoeing Wild Rivers,” this fast-paced presentation focuses largely on

Pool demo (Clarion Suites)

PRESENTATIONS canoeing remote northern rivers, but now also addresses desert and tropical rivers. Tips and tricks and lots of laughs are the rule at Cliff’s seminars. There’s practical advice for every outing, whether it’s close to home or off the beaten path.


Paddler’s Paradise

Storm-Proofing Your Camp abc

If rain has ever penetrated your tent while you sleep or your tent or tarp has blown down in a storm, this session is for you! You’ll learn how to choose a good tent and stormproof a bad one; how to rig a rain-tarp that won’t blow down in high winds; how to pitch twin tarps that won’t smoke you out when you build a fire out front. Learn the pros and cons of the various tarp styles and why canoeists have special needs. Based on Cliff’s video, “The Forgotten Skills,” available on DVD.

Brian Johnston

Messages from the Subarctic: Publishing Notes from Tyrrell’s Cairn

w Ne

At the base of a massive boulder on the Dubawnt River (NWT Canada), the casual comment, “We should take the cairn notes and have them preserved,” set in motion a series of events. Brian, a longtime Arctic paddler, recounts his journey through some rough waters to publish a book compiling and preserving cairn notes spanning almost 50 years from the historic Tyrrell’s Cairn. Tyrrell canoed the Dubawnt in 1893 and it gained fame after the 1955 ill-fated Art Moffat expedition.

Jerry Karbon

Restoring Wood and Canvas Canoes abc

Still procrastinating about fixing that old wood and canvas canoe you’ve had hanging in the rafters for years? Stop by and chat with Jerry for some encouragement and answers to your questions about wood, canvas, paints, fillers, hardware, tools, and techniques. With a hull needing repair on hand, Jerry will discuss and demonstrate many of the materials and tools needed to fix wood and canvas canoes. Come get information and confidence to tackle or finish your repair or restoration job.

Youth & family

Rob Kesselring

How to Plan a Far North Canoe Expedition

Discover how you can answer the alluring call of the far north. Topics will include choosing a river, the right canoe, gear, provisions, navigation, communication, safety, and travel logistics. The presenter’s knowledge is gleaned from his 18 expeditions, his nine years living in the Northwest Territories, and his friendships with aboriginal people. This program will help would-be adventurers get a leg-up on their far north expedition preparations. Program will include photography from Rob’s Noatak River expeditions in arctic Alaska 2013 and 2014.

With 2,300 lakes, rivers and streams, Minocqua is the premier destination for kayaking and canoeing.


Travel Like a Wilderness Guide

Canoe camping tips and secrets from hundreds of wilderness trips: planning, packing, canoe choice, paddling techniques, gear, safety, navigation, dehydrating meat, cook kits, campsite selection, weather concerns, bears, essential knots, cooking, group dynamics, and how to tie down your canoe securely to vehicles and airplanes. This is an entertaining and information-packed session from one of the most experienced canoe campers in North America.

Michael Kinziger

The Canoeing Solo Trifecta

Imagine spending three weeks or longer with no human contact while paddling through the three most remote Northwest Ontario Provincial Parks: Woodland Caribou, Wabakimi, and Opasquia. What lessons were learned? What insights were experienced? How does one prepare for these types of challenges? How does one deal with solitude, wilderness, day-to-day living, survival, and environmental conditions? This presentation will explore and explain how this paddler selects locations, routes, gear, and deals with the logistics before and after extended solo excursions.

please see for changes

Canoecopia Show Guide 2015 | 33


Doris Kolodji

Basic River Safety For The Casual Paddler abc

You know the old saying ,“Stuff Happens?” When it happens on a river trip, the results can be a serious and even a life-threatening situation. Learn about the most common hazards on the river and how to deal with them as well as the most frequent mistakes paddlers make. This program is designed for the casual paddler who wants to be safer and more secure on the water.

Ten Easy Steps To Beautiful Outdoor Photography abc

Ever wonder how the pros take such beautiful photos while yours are just so-so? Hint: It is no because of an expensive camera. This seminar will show you how to visualize the scene you are photographing and translate that into a beautiful photograph. Best of all these techniques work with all cameras regardless of price or type. Join Marty to dramatically improve your images.

modifications followed by customizing thigh braces and back rests with foam. He will be using a cutaway kayak to show possible placement of modifications. Materials and shaping techniques will also be discussed.

Power To The Pipsqueaks: Anyone Can Pack, Paddle, & Portage abc

If you’ve always wanted to pick up a canoe and portage like the “big boys,” then this energetic, handson workshop is for you. For decades Northern Lakes Girl Scout Canoe Base has been training women and girls to travel through the BWCAW and Quetico Park. Don’t let the idea of picking up and carrying your own canoe be a barrier! Learn tips and tricks for women and youth in the wilderness, and practice specific techniques to flip up and portage canoes.

Joe Kochevar

Circling the Apostle Islands

The Apostle Islands National Lakeshore on Lake Superior is a great place for hikers, bikers, and art fans, but is an absolute mecca for sea kayaking. Beginning and experienced paddlers alike are drawn by the allure of island-hopping from one pristine beach to another and experiencing the deep resonating booms that echo from the belly of ancient sea caves. Discover the cultural and historical highlights as well as practical how-tos of planning your own trip and what to expect.

Pete Kuhn

Outfitting Your Kayak

This talk/demonstration will cover how to make adjustments to the inside of a kayak cockpit. Pete will cover seat and foot peg adjustments/

Mary & Nathaniel Langlie Growing a Paddling Family abc

Are we born to be a paddler? Or do we become a paddler from the company we keep? Join us as we explore the secrets to growing a paddling family! Learn how you can enjoy quality family time and create lasting memories as you spend time on the water with your children as they grow from infancy to adulthood.

Which presentations should I see? It can be daunting to narrow down which presentations to attend. So many choices and so little time. Want to find all the “beginner friendly” programs? Or just focusing on canoe or kayak or SUP? Maybe you want to hear about paddling adventures in Canada or where to go in the Upper Midwest? The Canoecopia website can help! To use this feature, go to the “Presentations” section of the website, then select “Presentations by Category.” You’ll see a list of all the topics that fall under each category. We hope this helps you plan your time at the show.

Covering the Upper Mississippi & the Heart of the Driftless Area Subscribe today! or call 800-303-8201.

34 | Canoecopia Show Guide 2015

abc Newbie-friendly skills

Camp skills

Pool demo (Clarion Suites)

PRESENTATIONS Kayak Forward Stroke abc

Brought to you by Wilderness Systems

Braces to Rolling

Join Ben as he demonstrates and describes the elements of the low brace, high brace and roll – you’ll notice many similarities. Learn how you can work on these elements as you discover how to practice with good quality drills. These can then be transferred into your everyday paddling to expand your paddling horizons.

Extending Your Paddling Season abc

Ben will talk about base layers, insulating layers, and outer layers for staying warm in the colder weather. Join Ben to explore the different properties of each layer and its relationship to the others. Learn how to build quality colder weather systems to keep you comfortable for an early start to your 2015 paddling season. Extending our paddling season equals more paddling days, which is what we all want!

98% of your time is spent paddling forward. Ben will offer a look at the different phases of the stroke in detail, breaking them down into component parts. Then show how to integrate some of the key principles and safe biomechanics into your general paddling to make your stroke more efficient. Whether you want to paddle faster, farther, or more efficiently, this is the presentation for you.

Diane Leavy Brought to you by Cascade Designs

Load and Go Kayaking! abc

Whether you’re headed out in your kayak for several weeks or just for the weekend, loading your boat is a special skill that takes practice, time, and patience to master. Join Diane for a presentation featuring handy tips and strategies

for packing your boat for both short and long trips.

Anna Levesque Brought to you by Dagger Kayaks

Kayaking Tips for Women abc

If you have been asking yourself questions like: “Am I strong enough to do that?” or “Is there a graceful way to get in and out of my boat?” or “How can I load my boat by myself?” you’ll want to check out this seminar. Learn tips for choosing the right kayak and gear to suit your needs as well as techniques for carrying, loading, launching your kayak and more!

Yoga for Paddlers abc

Relax, stretch, strengthen and balance in this gentle yoga class designed specifically for paddlers. We’ll target the areas of the body specific to paddling to stretch the muscles that

©2015 WENONAH CANOES. All rights reserved. WC004

Ben Lawry

E V E N B E F O R E W E G R A B T H E P A D D L E, A G R E A T C A N O E G R A B S H O L D O F U S.

At Wenonah, we understand that a great paddling experience requires the optimal blend of soul and science. For nearly 50 years, we’ve been perfecting that formula – right here in the U.S. – by combining the most innovative materials with the most skilled craftsmanship. We invite you to explore what lies ahead - and to always grab hold of what grabs you. Our Wenonah Canoe team is on hand on hand to guide you through your canoe purchasing experience. W

Youth & family







. c o




please see for changes

Canoecopia Show Guide 2015 | 35

PRESENTATIONS we overuse and strengthen the muscles that we under-use. No previous yoga experience necessary and beginners are welcome! This is a yoga class, so bring your yoga mat or towel and wear comfortable, stretchy clothes.

SUP Yoga

and kayaking. North Florida also boasts the historic “The Suwannee River Wilderness Trail,” the nation’s longest State Park.

Kim McCluskey


Argentina’s Golfo San Jose: Paddling with Whales

Anna demonstrates how to practice yoga on a paddleboard for fun, balance, and relaxation. She’ll go over the benefits of a SUP Yoga practice and teach poses that you can try on your own. If you haven’t been introduced to SUP yoga this is your opportunity to come find out what it’s all about!

Roland Loog

Amy Lukas & Mary Catterlin

w Ne

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Natural North Florida

Natural North Florida is a paddle adventure for the whole family. The area has the largest number of first magnitude fresh water springs on earth. These springs form crystal clear rivers, such as, the Ichetucknee, Withlacoochee, and the Aucilla. Discover the “Big Bend” seashore, the most undeveloped coastline in the continental US. It combines upland forest, swamps, rivers and ocean to make great fishing

made along the way, the documentary explores the search for everyday adventure and the power of our imaginations to push dreams into reality.

Lake Michigan in Dugout: The Documentary

“Lake Michigan in a Dugout: The Documentary” is a film following the story of two women chasing their ridiculous dream: to journey around Lake Michigan aboard their handmade dugout sailing canoe, an adventure that would ultimately take them over 1200 miles in 93 days. Told in part through the friendly banter between the two and the friends they

The water parts a few yards away and a mother whale surfaces and breathes, whooshing and puffing. Her calf nurses at her side. This is Argentina’s Golfo San Jose in September, where the Southern Right whales come to bear their young. This is a remote country with exceptional paddling, but there is also hiking in the barren Patagonian steppes to see guanaco, armadillos, cavy, and other South American wildlife. Join Kim to discover this unique region. Continued on page 41

LOCKED AND LOADED The new Wilderness Systems ATAK – Advanced Tactical Angling Kayak – is fully equipped and in position to take the kayak angling world by storm. Featuring an open design that can be customized to meet the demands of any angler and environment. The deck is highly walkable and stable, yet remains nimble and stealth. The low-profile, wind-shedding hull will keep you on the water longer, and endless storage opportunities are intelligently located throughout. The AirPro MAX seat shows up in a big way, now with extended travel along much of the length of the craft. Top it off with the FlexPod OS electronics console and the fish don’t stand a chance. Stop by the Wilderness Systems booth at Canoecopia to see the ATAK and our full lineup of performance fishing kayaks, and to register to win a Ride MAX!

36 | Canoecopia Show Guide 2015

abc Newbie-friendly skills

Camp skills

Pool demo (Clarion Suites)

PRESENTATION HIGHLIGHTS Canoecopia is jam-packed with things to do and see. Use this 4-page pull-out section to keep track of speakers and events happening throughout the weekend. Changes to the schedule will be posted to

Drop-In Clinics Saturday, 1-4 pm, Atrium

w e N

We’re trying something new this year! For three hours on Saturday afternoon, you can drop by the Atrium for some show-and-share. Join our speakers for informal conversations and demonstrations as you learn to build a paddle, restore a canoe, tie knots, or use a Greenland paddle. Please see complete descriptions under each speaker’s name. ■■ Jeff Bach — Building Your Own Kayak, Canoe or SUP Paddle ■■ Jerry Karbon — Restoring Wood and Canvas Canoes ■■ Dave Shaprio — Knots Every Paddler Should Know ■■ Doug Van Doren — Using “the Stick” for Cruising, Speed and Power

TV - The Best of Facing Waves Saturday, 1-4 pm, Atrium Brought to you by BIC SUP

Aluminum Chef Competition Our crowd-pleasing cook-off returns Saturday, 4:30 pm. Quetico Room The Aluminum Chefs are back — with a new twist! Once again, three chefs will test their camp culinary skills against each other in true outdoor style. This year, Kevin Callan will be our MC and outdoorswoman Mona Schroeder-Beers will be added to the mix. She’ll go up against former park ranger Marty Koch and local Chef Joey Dunscombe of Madison’s Weary Traveler Freehouse. Using MSR stoves and cook kits and a pantry of simple ingredients you might have on your next camping trip, this fast-paced event is always a favorite! Come join the fun — you could be one of the judges from the audience who will determine the winner of each course!

Facing Waves is an exciting and inspiring TV series that showcases spectacular paddling by top athletes in stunning locations around the world. Challenge huge tidal rapids, sea kayak with whales, Stand-Up Paddle in the tropics, explore remote wilderness canoe trails, and take part in some of the world’s most extreme whitewater kayak races — these are just some of the adventures that you’ll see on Facing Waves. This compilation will give you a taste of the show by taking you to some of the best paddling destinations in the world. Stop by to check out this exciting paddlesports series. Facing Waves airs on Outside Television and the Universal Sports Network.

Film Premiers Canoecopia is a great time to see what’s new in paddling and outdoor films. We’re pleased to highlight three films this year; each will be introduced by the filmmaker. Please see complete descriptions under the filmmakers’ names. ■■ Justine Curgenven — Kayaking the Aleutian Chain ■■ George Desort — Science Royale ■■ Amy Lucas and Mary Catterlin — Lake Michigan in a Dugout

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Changes — if needed — (and there will be) will be posted at the Info Booth and at





A. Levesque Kayaking Tips for Women

J. Blakeney Tahiti by Stand-Up Paddleboard

J. Chase Exercises to Improve Your Paddling

N. Schroeter E.R. Procedures in the Wilderness

D. Easley Fishin' the Canoe Country

D. Leavy Load and Go Kayaking

S. & C. Scherrer Choosing the Right Paddleboard

D. Mongno Selecting the Perfect Kayak Paddle

S. Mertz All About About Kayak Accessories

R. Bekolay Kayak Fishing 101: Getting Started


D. Shapiro Expedition Paddling for Youth Groups

D. Caneff, L. Zibell, J. Roberts Wild Rivers in Wisconsin

D. Kolodji Anyone Can Pack, Paddle, and Portage

B. Lawry Extending Your Paddling Season

R. Loog Natural North Florida


M. & N. Langlie Growing a Paddling Family

K. Blades Risk Management: Why We Practice

S. & C. Scherrer SUP 101: Understanding the Basics

B. Lawry Kayak Forward Stroke

M. Savoie Quetico: Paddlers Dig It!


D. Chun Introduction to Stand-Up Paddling — SUP

S. Franklin & L. Somme A. Levesque Towing Systems for Yoga for Paddlers Leaders and Paddlers

S. Mertz Proper Care and Feeding of Your Boat or Board

G. Green Looking Back It All Makes Sense

S. & C. Scherrer Choosing the Right Paddleboard

B. Perry The Spirituality of Navigation

D. Mongno Selecting the Perfect Kayak Paddle

B. Lawry Extending Your Paddling Season

C. Nolan & M. Savoie Northwestern Ontario's Path of the Paddle

J. Browning What's in Your Kit?

S. Bare Wilderness Revival

D. Mongno The Forward Stroke

J. Curgenven Kayaking the Aleutian Chain

B. Schultz Kayak Fishing WI Smallmouth Hotspots

J. Ringdahl The Edmund Fitzgerald: 40 Years Later

A. Levesque Kayaking Tips for Women

S. Mertz All About Kayak Accessories

T. Gibb Quetico’s Northern Exposure


J. Chase Designing Your Personal Exercise Program

M. Davis & J. Replinger First Girls’ Outward Bound School — 1965

S. Orcoyen Paddling and Hiking the Coast of Pukaskwa NP

M. Koch Ten Steps To Beautiful Photography


K. Braband Adaptive Paddling with Team River Runner

B. Johnston Notes from Tyrrell's Cairn

R. McFadden The Buffalo River: America's First

J. Moreland LoveYourBigMuddy Expedition


J. Bacon The Grand Traverse Islands

L. Sobota Overcoming Fear: One Stroke at a Time

B. Ruoho Kayaking & Snorkeling Adventure in Bahamas

D. Sproule Paddling Ontario's Northeast "Bucket List"


T. Pflieger Crossings in Northern Door County

A. Barsema S. & C. Scherrer Build Your Remote Cabin SUP 101: Understanding in Canadian Woodlands SUP Basics on Land

B. Lawry Kayak Forward Stroke

R. Rushton Paddling the Golden Isle of Georgia

D. Henderson Kayak Stroke Efficiency

J. Blakeney Tahiti by Stand-Up Paddleboard

A. Levesque Yoga for Paddlers

M. Savoie Quetico: Paddlers Dig It!

D. Easley Fishin' the Canoe Country

S. Bare Wilderness Revival

D. Chun Introduction to Stand-Up Paddling — SUP

D. Mongno The Forward Stroke

G. Green Looking Back It All Makes Sense

J. Moreland LoveYourBigMuddy Expedition

L. Sobota Improve Your Paddling Through Journaling

J. Browning Navigation: Finding Your Way

J. Chase Exercises to Improve Your Paddling

J. Curgenven Kayaking the Aleutian Chain

A. Lukas & M. Catterlin Lake Michigan in Dugout: The Documentary

J. Chase Designing Your Personal Exercise Program

J. Browning What's in Your Kit?

D. Kolodji Anyone Can Pack, Paddle, and Portage

E. Clancey Canoeing the Back River: 39 Days on the Barrens

B. Schultz Kayak Fishing WI Smallmouth Hotspots

J. Gallagher & B. Johnston Paddling Victoria Island

J. Brown Hygiene Tips for Women in the Wilderness

P. Kuhn Outfitting Your Kayak

T. Gibb Quetico’s Northern Exposure

M. Koch Ten Steps To Beautiful Photography

12:30 11:30 10:30

12:30 11:30 10:30









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Drop-In Clinics 1:00- 4:00 (ongoing) J. Bach: Building your own Paddle J. Karbon: Restoring Canoes D. Shapiro: Knots for Paddlers D. Van Doren: Using a Greenland Paddle

The pool schedule is on page 40

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N. Hartling Floating Through Non-Polar Ice Cap

L. Diebel S. & A. Bloyd-Peshkin Crossing The Driftless By Ten Tips for Becoming a Canoe Better Paddler

J. Brown Hygiene Tips for Women in the Wilderness

M. Koch Basic River Safety For The Casual Paddler

S. Franklin & L. Somme G. Desort & R. Peterson K. Callan Paddling the Pacific NW Science Royale A Canoe Trip Around Killarney — Family Style

D. Gilmore Woodland Caribou Provincial Park

B. Paulsen Solo Wilderness Travel

K. McCluskey Argentina's Golfo San Jose


G. Gibree SUP Adventures on the Salmon River

J. Vandiver & Band R. Burns Songs for the Heart of the Wilderness Survival: Paddler Using Everyday Items

S. Nelson Unique BWCA Sites You Should Visit

R. Kesselring How to Plan a Far North Canoe Expedition


N. Sachs Paddling Heritage Waters

R. Bekolay Kayak Fishing 101: Getting Started

S. Osthoff Wilderness Canoe Tripping

T. Pflieger Paddling Door County

C. Jacobson Canoeing the Boundary Waters with Style


B. Fosdyck & L. Cook Ladies' Adventures: Fashion Show

D. Gregory River Bassin': Kayak Fishing Techniques

S. & A. Bloyd-Peshkin Ten Tips for Becoming a Better Paddler

J. Kochevar Circling the Apostle Islands

C. Jacobson Canoeing the Boundary Waters with Style (repeat)

C. Nicely In the Land of Scenic Overdose Syndrome

M. Schroeder-Beers Food Dehydration 101

F. Shermock Quetico Routes

R. Kesselring How to Plan a Far North Canoe Expedition

P. Schurke Every Lake Has a Story

G. Gibree SUP Adventures on the Salmon River

J. Van Den Brandt Wildlife Photographer’s Recipe for Success

T. Bomkamp Backcountry Cooking

G. Desort & R. Peterson K. Callan Science Royale A Canoe Trip Around Killarney — Family Style

D. Henderson Kayak Stroke Efficiency

A. Fairfield Explore Sylvania Wilderness Area

L. Diebel J. Curgenven Crossing The Driftless By Sea Kayaking the World Canoe

C. Jacobson Storm-Proofing Your Camp


P. Stadalsky & N. McClelland Paddle to Cure Diabetes

E. Clancey Canoeing the Back River: 39 Days on the Barrens

R. Burns Wilderness Survival: Using Everyday Items

K. McCluskey Argentina's Golfo San Jose

S. Nelson A First Time BWCA Adventure You Can Do


C. Russell & P. Ostlind Reflection & Adventure on the Fox

J. Vandiver & Band J. Noltner & J. Lee Songs for the Heart of the Coastal Kayaking Eastern Paddler Isle Royale NP

M. & M. Morrall River Trails of Wisconsin

D. Freeman & P. Schurke

J. Gallagher & B. Johnston Paddling Victoria Island

D. Gilmore Woodland Caribou Provincial Park

R. Kesselring Travel Like a Wilderness Guide

Aluminum Chef Competition

N. Schroeter E.R. Procedures in the Wilderness

S. Franklin & L. Somme B. Paulsen Paddling the Pacific NW Solo Wilderness Travel

S. Nelson A First Time BWCA Adventure You Can Do

K. Callan A Canoe Trip Around Killarney - Family Style

R. Loog Natural North Florida

D. Gregory River Bassin': Kayak Fishing Techniques

P. Schurke Every Lake Has a Story

C. Jacobson Storm-Proofing Your Camp

B. Fosdyck & L. Cook Ladies' Adventures: Fashion Show

R. Williamson & L. M. Koch Donley Basic River Safety For Customize Fishing Canoe The Casual Paddler

J. Van Den Brandt Wildlife Photographer’s Recipe for Success

C. Jacobson Canoeing Wild Rivers

G. Anderson Kayaking on the Salish Sea

M. Schroeder-Beers Food Dehydration 101

T. Pflieger Paddling Door County

M. & M. Morrall River Trails of Wisconsin

W. Osborne Exploring Wisconsin's Waterways

J. Vandiver & Band S. Orcoyen Songs for the Heart of the Paddling and Hiking Paddler Pukaskwa NP

F. Shermock Quetico Routes

R. Kesselring Travel Like a Wilderness Guide

D. Freeman & P. Schurke

Amazon “River of Doubt”


Amazon “River of Doubt”


J. Curgenven Sea Kayaking the World


10:30 11:30 12:30 1:30 2:30

The pool schedule is on page 40

C. Jacobson Canoeing Wild Rivers


S. Osthoff Wilderness Canoe Tripping

J. Kochevar Circling the Apostle Islands


A. Fairfield Explore Sylvania Wilderness Area


10:30 11:30 12:30

D. & A. Freeman Paddle to DC: Protecting Our Precious Waters







Canoecopia Show Guide 2015 | 39


D. & A. Van Doren Rolling Basics

D. & A. Van Doren Rolling Basics

B. Lawry Braces to Rolling

B. Lawry Braces to Rolling


K. Wikle & K. Blades Rescuepocalypse: Kayak Rescues

K. Wikle & K. Blades Rescuepocalypse: Kayak Rescues


B. Perry & L. Stone Side Saddle and "Ladder" Kayak Re-entry

R. Bekolay Kayak Angling: Five Essential Skills to Know


D. Mongno SUP Made Easy

D. Mongno SUP Made Easy

R. Bekolay Kayak Angling: Five Essential Skills to Know

A. Levesque SUP Yoga

12:30 12:00



Pool DemoS — Clarion Hotel

Pool Demonstration Notes ■■ Pool sessions are 20 minutes long. ■■ Pool demonstrations have signifcant capacity limitations. Due to fire code restrictions we’re limited to 99 people. ■■ Since they’re so popular and space is limited, we clear out the audience before each new demonstration. ■■ Line up early to see the demonstrations you’re excited about.

40 | Canoecopia Show Guide 2015

American Canoe Assoc. Midwest Division Mtg.

Saturday, 6 – 7 pm Voyageur Room, Clarion Hotel Join us for this interactive, educational, and fun meeting. Bring a friend, club member, or anyone you paddle with so we can get to know you and together explore how the American Canoe Association (ACA) can better serve the region. The ACA Midwest Division has been very busy during the last year. Highlights include: the State Director Program; the very first Adaptive Paddling Summit; three USCG Grant Instructor Training Programs; and the Guide, Outfitter & Livery membership. Things in the Division are really on a roll (insert applause)! Join us for our business meeting, where we’ll highlight some of the things accomplished over the last year. You can meet some of the new ACA State Directors, and take time to ask about how you can be involved with the American Canoe Association.

ACA Midwest Division Paddle Club Rendezvous Saturday, 7 – 8:30 pm Great Area, Clarion Hotel

Don’t miss the Paddle Club Rendezvous, brought to you by the American Canoe Association, Rutabaga, and other local groups. Join fellow paddlers to enjoy appetizers, a cash bar, and a chance to network with paddlers from across the region. Starting right after the ACA Midwest Division Meeting, this provides an opportunity to learn more about what groups are represented in our region, catch up with old friends, and make some new ones!

PRESENTATIONS continued from page 36

Sherri Mertz

Proper Care and Feeding of Your Boat or Board abc

Richard McFadden

The Buffalo River: America’s First

Join Richard as you explore the Buffalo, covering its 154 miles from its origin in the Boston Mountains to its mouth at the White River. The Buffalo is a rain-dependent river flowing through national forest and park land in a wilderness setting that has been preserved for you to enjoy and protect. Learn how to begin planning your Buffalo River adventure. Richard will discuss the potential pitfalls and how to avoid them as well as how to prepare for a river trip of a lifetime.

Youth & family

With just a small amount of routine maintenance your new boat or board will last for many years. Even when accidents happen, its usually an easy repair to put your boat back into service. Sherri will take you through the basics of boat maintenance and give you information you need to make simple repairs on plastic and fiberglass watercraft.

Things Your Mother Never Told You About Kayak Accessories abc

The kayak and paddle are usually the first purchase, yet it’s hard to find information about choosing life jackets, pumps, immersion clothing, and a host of other items. With 25 years of sea kayaking, Sherri has seen what works and what doesn’t for lots of paddlers. Join

please see for changes

her as she shares her observations - then hit the sales floor for your retail therapy!

Danny Mongno

Brought to you by Werner Paddles

Selecting the Perfect Kayak Paddle abc

The sure fire way to guarantee more fun while paddling is to use less energy by using a properly fitting paddle and performing strokes more efficiently. Join Danny as he discusses low-angle and high-angle paddling, paddle fit options, proper paddle lengths and how you can judge a perfect fitting paddle. Then he will dissect some every day strokes to help you use less energy and have more fun on the water.

Canoecopia Show Guide 2015 | 41


Steven Nelson

The Forward Stroke abc

Have you wanted to experience the Boundary Waters (BWCA) for years but don’t know where to begin? Come find out the details of planning your wilderness adventure from an outfitter’s view. Learn about permits, what to bring, routes, food choices and more. An excellent seminar for first-timers as well as seasoned travelers.

Join Danny as he helps entry level to mid-range skill paddlers discover SUP. He also invites advanced paddlers who may be looking to learn some teaching skills to help others. In this interactive seminar you’ll follow along on land while Danny teaches on water. You will walk away with skills and exercises you can use to advance your SUP paddling. Whether sitting in your kayak or standing upright on your SUP, the Forward Stroke, your most important stroke, is similar in its components. Join Danny as he gives some simple tips to make your stroke more efficient and use less energy on the water. This is an interactive seminar, so be ready to join along as Danny demonstrates. You’ll have plenty of drills to take home and work on.

Janet Moreland

w Ne

LoveYourBigMuddy Expedition

Don’t quit your daydream! Join Janet in reliving her daydream-turned-reality as we journey by kayak down the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers, the fourth longest river system in the world. Beginning at the Missouri River’s ultimate source in southern Montana and ending in the salt waters of the Gulf of Mexico, Janet paddled solo for 3,800 miles over 7.5 months. This earned her the title of first woman and first American to complete this remarkable life-changing adventure. Come and share in the challenges, beauty, wildlife and joy of LoveYourBigMuddy Expedition.

Mark & Merri Morrall River Trails of Wisconsin

Mark and Merri are back once again to show you even more paddling possibilities in the great state of Wisconsin, with a few surprises thrown in. They’ll draw upon their many years of paddling and filming Wisconsin rivers to bring you a glimpse of what’s out there just waiting for you to explore. They’ll present to you a wide range of paddling possibilities, ranging from wide peaceful rivers to tiny, fast-moving creeks.

42 | Canoecopia Show Guide 2015

A First Time BWCA Adventure You Can Do abc

Unique BWCA Sites You Should Visit

Traveling the BWCA is more than canoeing, hiking or camping. It is filled with historic, geologic and other points of interests that most people paddle or hike right past. Join Steve as he provides map locations, background details and photos of sites that will spark your curiosity and enhance your wilderness experience.

Clyde Nicely

w Ne

Brought to you by NRS

In the Land of Scenic Overdose Syndrome

A group of friends tackle one of the world’s premier river trips — the Tatshenshini-Alsek. Traversing vast wilderness areas in Yukon Territory, British Columbia and Alaska, they experienced some of the most eye-popping scenery on the continent. They floated past dozens of glaciers, through a lake full of icebergs and hiked rugged mountain trails. With the addition of lots of wildlife and some fun-filled camp life, it made for one of the most memorable adventures any of these seasoned outdoors folks ever had. w Ne

Carrie Nolan & Michelle Savoie

Northwestern Ontario’s 600-mile Path of the Paddle

Come learn about the incredible Trans Canada Water Trail in Northwestern Ontario, where you can walk portages that were walked thousands of years ago, paddle past pictographs and rock art,

abc Newbie-friendly skills

Camp skills

hear the call of the loon and the howl of wolves, and visit thriving northern communities. Canada is what it is as a country because of its waterways. Let us share this incredibly special water trail with you and inspire you to follow the Path of the Paddle.

Jeff Noltner & Jeffrey Lee

w Ne

Coastal Kayaking Eastern Isle Royale NP

Isle Royale National Park is a sea kayaker’s paradise, and one of the best places to explore is the eastern Five Fingers region. Comprised of long and narrow peninsulas, sheltered bays, and remote islands, the Five Fingers offers some of the most varied and convoluted shoreline, with excellent camping along the way. Learn how to experience this unique wilderness destination.

Serafina Orcoyen

w Ne

Paddling and Hiking the Coast of Pukaskwa National Park

Pukaskwa National Park is a vast, wild, natural playground on the edge of the world’s largest freshwater lake. It’s a place where waves collide with rugged, towering coastlines, endless sunsets shine over sandy driftwood beaches. Here, paddlers guide their vessels along Lake Superior’s wild, rocky coast to stumble upon and take shelter in hidden, sandy harbors. Hikers trek through the boreal forest, around stony escarpments, and over canyons above rivers to reach sweeping shores mirrored by an endless horizon. Discover the spectacular coast of Pukaskwa.

Woody Osborne

w Ne

Accessible Beauty: Exploring Wisconsin’s Waterways

From the Lower Wisconsin Riverway to the flowages of the northern counties, Wisconsin offers more rivers and lakes than most people could paddle in a lifetime. Many of these waterways

Pool demo (Clarion Suites)

PRESENTATIONS offer excellent access to paddlers of all abilities. Explore the beauty of Wyalusing State Park, navigate the twisty Kickapoo River, or camp on the Turtle Flambeau Flowage. Accompanied by a slideshow, Woody’s talk will inspire you to get out and experience our state’s natural beauty for yourself.

answered yes, you’re a perfect candidate for solo travel. Bear, a frequent solitary conversationalist, has completed many extended solo trips. He’ll discuss how solo travel differs, planning considerations, and safety concerns. He’ll examine solitude philosophically through personal experience and authors’ writings.

Stuart Osthoff

Bonnie Perry & Lyn Stone

Stu shares a boatload of hard-earned advice for those truly committed to making the most of trips to Quetico, BWCAW and beyond. It’s not about going cheaper, easier, faster or lighter, but about developing a mindset that refuses to follow the crowd. Expect plenty of supervaluable coaching on how you can transcend the ordinary on your wilderness canoe trips.

Different situations and different conditions require different ways of getting someone back in their boat. The more ways you know to get a swimmer quickly out of the water, the safer and more enjoyable your paddling will be. Come join Bonnie and Lynn for a look at two more ways to do a successful rescue: the side saddle re-entry and the “ladder”. Big or small people, big or small conditions — these are two quick ways to get someone back in a boat.

Wilderness Canoe-Tripping at the Highest Level

Side Saddle & “Ladder” Kayak Re-entry

Bonnie Perry

The Spirituality of Navigation: Being Lost, Getting Found and Leading Others Along the Way

Bear Paulsen

Solo Wilderness Travel

Are you sick of listening to your tent mate’s snoring? Are you tired of waiting for the group to get ready? Do you talk to yourself? If you

Youth & family

Compasses, maps, charts, and life. What do you long to see? Where are you now? Physically, mentally, spiritually, have you the skills to get from where you are now to new and compelling places in your boat and in your life? Navigation is an

please see for changes

art and science enabling us to go on journeys. The principles of navigation: piloting, dead reckoning, ranges, bearings, and ferry angles can successfully be applied literally on the water and metaphorically in our lives. Come talk with Bonnie about navigating our boats and lives.

Tim Pflieger

Crossing the Open Waters of Northern Door County: A Paddler’s Adventure

Want to plan an open water crossing kayak trip around northern Door County? Join Tim as he takes you on a visual journey highlighting his favorite paddling destinations and launch sites in northern Door. He will share tips on shipping lanes, weather, emergency landing, & launching. Learn how to experience the open waters of Death’s Door and islands north of the Garden Peninsula. The unique geology and ecology of this beautiful county will also be discussed.

Paddling Door County’s Lighthouses, Coastlines and Inland Lakes

With over 315 miles of coastline and 13 lighthouses, more than any other county in the U.S., Door County is truly a kayaker’s paradise. Join Tim on a visual journey highlighting Door County’s lighthouses and unique coastlines, and learn of some of his favorite off-the-beaten-path paddling spots. Discover the inland lakes and

Canoecopia Show Guide 2015 | 43

PRESENTATIONS streams and gain tips for launching and exploring the lighthouses and beautiful coastlines that grace Door County.

Jonathan Ringdahl

destination in the southeast. Join Ryan as he shares trip planning tips and photos from eleven years of experience leading around Cumberland Island.

Clayton Russell & Pete Ostlind

w Ne

The Edmund Fitzgerald: 40 Years Later

Reflection & Adventure on the Fox

Few shipwrecks have captured public attention like the Edmund Fitzgerald. The wreck was made famous by Gordon Lightfoot’s ballad “The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald.” The Big Fitz was the class of her time, breaking numerous shipping records. Several theories are proposed as to why she sank. Jonathan will recount the Fitzgerald’s last voyage with intricate details you may not have heard before to give you a sense of the conditions the crew had to fight and will examine the evidence supporting each theory.

Brad Ruoho

Kayaking and Snorkeling Adventure in the Bahamas

w Ne

Come join us as we explore the Exumas in the Bahamas by kayak. Snorkel the crystal-clear waters and discover all the local sea life including sharks, stingrays, turtles, and hundreds of species of fish. Sail and paddle by kayak during the day to new campsites. From swimming with the pigs to dining with iguanas, this is a camping experience like no other.

Ryan Rushton

w Ne

Paddling the Golden Isle of Georgia

The coast of Georgia is comprised of thirteen major barrier islands known as the Golden Isles; but one outshines the rest — Cumberland Island. Ryan has never grown tired of Cumberland. Why does he keep going back? Wild horses, a wild history, and wilderness are surrounded by surf, tidal rivers, and marshes, creating the most fascinating sea kayak

44 | Canoecopia Show Guide 2015

w Ne

Adventure is as simple as three guys setting out to paddle the length of a river. Red Shirt Canoe Club members Clayton, Pete, and Ejner entered the Fox River near Pardeeville and landed in Green Bay, challenged and inspired. History flows through the Fox-Wisconsin Heritage Parkway, its water touched by Marquette and Joliet, and a young John Muir. The three guys found beauty that is wild, rural, or urban. Which depends on your mindset and the number of strokes you take.

Neill Sachs

w Ne

Paddling Heritage Waters

Venture through the waterways of the Great Lakes region that have had a notable impact on human history. Strap the canoe on the roof of the car and come paddle the rivers and lakes of consequence, the heritage waters of America and Canada. From the Boundary Waters of Minnesota to the Allagash River of Maine, from the French River of Ontario to the Adirondacks of New York, we circle the Great Lakes and find what makes these waterways special to the development of North America and what threatens them.

Michelle, Joseph & Madeleine Savoie Quetico: Paddlers Dig It!

You’ve paddled the rest, now come paddle Quetico’s best ­wilderness of international acclaim! Dig into your bucket list to fully experience lakes, portages, waterfalls, forests and wildlife - nature that excites and soothes your soul. Add in a good measure of canoe routes and portages used by Canada’s voyageurs and you’ll make memories that will last a lifetime. Come hear tales of adventures, learn what Quetico has to offer, and become inspired to dig your paddle into your own Quetico

abc Newbie-friendly skills

Camp skills


Steve & Cindy Scherrer Brought to you by BIC SUP

Choosing the Right Paddleboard: Design, Construction & Materials abc

Stand-Up Paddleboards come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, but choosing the right board doesn’t need to be an overwhelming decision. Steve and Cindy will take you through the basics of board design, construction, and materials, and also will give advice on what style of board is best for you.

SUP 101: Understanding SUP Basics on Land abc

In this hands-on clinic with Steve and Cindy, you’ll learn the fundamentals of SUP physics and technique. Understanding simple concepts can help develop muscle memory to get beginners started on the right foot (and left foot!) and improve technique for anyone who already paddleboards. This will be a combination of chalk talk and interactive activities.

Mona SchroederBeers

Food Dehydration 101 abc

The excitement of planning and preparing for a wilderness adventure can be enhanced by including your own dehydrated meals. Thirty years of BWCA food prep secrets will be shared along with basics on dehydrating food and types of dehydrators. The session will end with an “open mic” for the audience to share their food preparation tips.

Pool demo (Clarion Suites)

We dropped a canoe 100 feet from the top of a building and could still have paddled it home,

that’s TuffStuff

With the demise of Royalex last year, Nova Craft has been working hard to find replacement materials for super strong, lightweight canoes. After consulting with a materials research lab and conducting extensive in house testing, we are proud to introduce our new TuffStuff composite canoes. Using Basalt and Innegra fibres in our proprietary layups, these canoes offer unsurpassed impact resistance in a hull that is both stiffer and lighter than Royalex.

View our YouTube channel to see the full story, we think you’ll agree “that’s TuffStuff ” TuffStuff. New for 2015.


Emergency Room Procedures in the Wilderness abc

What happens when you can’t call 911? What can you do about anaphylactic shock, hemorrhage, broken bones, dislocated shoulders, puncture wounds? This could serve as a great introduction and motivation to take a Wilderness Medicine course, or serve as a great review if you have.

Wisconsin is kayak fishing heaven. When it comes to smallmouth bass, few states offer more lakes, rivers and streams to catch these bronze bombers. In fact, Sturgeon Bay was named the #1 bass location in the country by Bassmasters Magazine. Bill will identify dozens of hotspots and launch sites. He will also cover the appropriate fishing equipment, kayak gear and top smallie presentations.

Paul Schurke Every Lake has a Story: Canoe Country Echoes of Its Former Inhabitants

w Ne

Dave Shapiro

Expedition Paddling for Youth Groups abc

Bill Schultz

Kayak Fishing Wisconsin’s Smallmouth Hotspots abc

traders, homesteaders, prospectors, & resorters who once called it home. Enrich your canoe country lore with adventurer Paul Schurke’s program about sites where echoes of those stories — crumbling cabin walls, cars, planes & graves ­— remain hidden in the woods. Paul will also share his insights on border country legends Dorothy Molter, Benny Ambrose, Joe & Vera Meany, and the “Lost Tribe of Kawa Bay.”

Team building, leadership training, personal growth, connecting with nature. Whatever your goals, having your youth group plan and execute their own paddling expedition is a great way to achieve them. Learn about choosing a destination, planning a menu, when to use an outfitter or guide, crossing the Canadian border and more. Share your passion for paddling with the next generation and give them a trip to remember.

Knots Every Paddler Should Know abc

Will my canoe stay on top of the car for the drive? Will my tarp fall down in the rain? Will my kayak get washed off the beach during the night? Learn these basic knots and when to use them (and when not to) and you can be sure that

Haunting reminders are found in QueticoSuperior canoe country of the native Americans, trappers,

your stuff will stay where you put it. Stop by for a hands on lesson, we will even give you some rope so you can practice at home.

Fred ‘Jacques’ Shermock Quetico Routes

Looking for a Quetico route this summer? Since 1968, Fred ‘Jacques’ Shermock has paddled major and minor routes in the magnificent Quetico Provincial Park, Ontario CA. Jacques will bring first-hand experience to a fast-paced routes presentation sure to get your heart pumping for a Quetico journey! Resources, logistics, and routes information will be available.

Lenore Sobota Improve Your Paddling Through Journaling abc

Is the pen mightier than the paddle? No. But like a paddle, a pen can take you places. It can also take you back to places. Keeping a journal can help improve your paddling by keeping track of your progress Watch the Martini on:

A new level of flexibility

The take-apart Martini GTX from Point 65 kayaks is a rigid highperformance kayak that you can carry with a smile on your face, easily stow on your boat and transport in the trunk of your car. Go solo, go tandem go triple! The Martini snaps apart and re-assembles in seconds. Snap in the mid-section and your Solo transforms into a Tandem. Add another mid section and it’s a triple! The artini GTX also features the AIR backrest, making your paddle experiance super comfortable.

Find more information on all our products on

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abc Newbie-friendly skills

Camp skills

Pool demo (Clarion Suites)

Lighter, stronger, and more agile. From short local trips on easy winding rivers to extreme expeditions on raging torrents, Twaron® supplies the power of aramid. “Nova Craft Canoe has been using aramid fabrics to build safer, stronger, lightweight canoes for more than three decades. We’ve found Twaron to be an excellent partner in helping us bring that power of aramid to our customers,” states Tim Miller, President of Nova Craft. Twaron is engineered with speed, strength and endurance in mind. Canoes and kayaks reinforced with Twaron are extremely rugged, and afford a built-in comfort zone for safe, reliable paddle sports performance. Navigate the waterways with the proven power of aramid…Twaron.

TEIJIN ARAMID USA, INC. 801-F Blacklawn Road Conyers, GA 30012 800-451-6586 [email protected]

PRESENTATIONS and pitfalls. It can also improve your paddling experience by helping preserve your memories. Let’s explore different ways to journal, how to get started and how to keep going.

Overcoming Fear: One Stroke at a Time abc

Fear can help keep you alive. But when your fear or your reaction to it is exaggerated, it can keep you from having fun and improving your skills. We may not be able to eliminate fear, but we can keep it from paralyzing us. Hear some strategies for moving beyond fear — and share ideas that have worked for you.

Dave Sproule

Paddling Ontario’s Northeast “Bucket List”

Join Dave to learn about great canoe and kayak routes in Northern Ontario. Discover Algoma’s Lake Superior Coast known for its shipwrecks (it’s the 40th anniversary of the sinking of the Edmund Fitzgerald) and outstanding coastal paddling. Learn about the Mississagi River where you can find wilderness, big pine forests, and great fishing; the French River, an ancient trade route on the 400th anniversary of Champlain’s voyage of Exploration; and the Temagami, a lot like the Quetico and Boundary Waters, but with a lot fewer people.

Peter Stadalsky & Nolan McClelland New Paddle to Cure Diabetes

Two best friends planned and accomplished a canoe trip from the Smoky Mountains to the Gulf of Mexico on the Tennessee and Tombigbee Rivers — 1000 miles in 69 days. Both of their fathers being diabetics, they created their own charity event to raise money for the American Diabetes Association. Their Paddle to Cure Diabetes adventure was able to raise over $11,000 for ADA and inspire thousands of people along the way.

Youth & family

John Van Den Brandt

Wildlife Photographer’s Recipe for Success: Just Add Water! abc

Improve your chances of capturing that “dream shot” the next time you’re on the water! Wildlife photographer John Van Den Brandt discusses all aspects of watercraft-based wildlife photography including the advantages of shooting from a boat, choosing the right boat for photography, and tips and strategies for better photo results. This non-technical presentation will benefit photographers of all skill levels as well as anyone who simply enjoys viewing amazing wildlife images.

Doug & Aidan Van Doren New Rolling Basics

Join Doug and his son, Aidan, as they work together to explain and illustrate basic principles of rolling through various rolls and other maneuvers. They’ll use traditional paddles (and hands), but the principles apply to any equipment. The goal is for people to see how close they are to getting a bomb-proof roll rather than how far they have to go. And who knows, a bowling ball and brick may even come into play.

Doug Van Doren

Using the “Stick” for Cruising, Speed, and Power

The “stick” (affectionate name for the traditional Greenland, narrow-blade paddle) is not just for rolling, but is an effective and efficient paddle for all kinds of conditions. How does this type of paddle produce power? How does an unfeathered paddle impact your technique? Drop by and let Doug answer these questions and show you techniques for a traditional Greenland cruising stroke, with alterations for speed and power.

please see for changes

Jerry Vandiver & The One Match Band Songs for the Heart of the Paddler

Back to Canoecopia by popular demand, awardwinning songwriter Jerry Vandiver has song credits on over 15 million records and paddling credits on countless rivers, streams, and lakes across North America. Jerry has combined his music and paddling passions in the creation of two specialty CDs about paddling “True And Deep,” and “Every Scratch Tells A Story.” He’ll be performing these songs and more with The One Match Band for a unique addition to the Canoecopia experience.

Keith Wikle & Kelly Blades Rescuepocalypse: Kayak Rescues

Ever wondered how it could all go wrong? Want to see how a complete disaster could be put back together? Welcome to Rescuepocalypse — kayak style. This pool demonstration will cover disabled or unconscious paddler rescues, self-rescues, flooded hatches, recreational kayak rescues, little woman vs. big guy rescue, and what to do with your paddlefloat in an emergency. Keith and Kelly will take audience suggestions on scenarios and incidents to resolve.

Richard Williamson & Lawrence Donley Customizing Your Canoe for Fishing Success abc

Over the years, Rich and Lawrence have learned that some strategic modifications to their canoes have improved their fishing success and enjoyment. Join them for suggestions and tips on ways you can customize your canoe to be fishing friendly. Come learn about fishfinders, powering electronics, and rod holders, among other useful tools.

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Paddling is awesome. It’s fun. It’s healthy. It’s not terribly expensive. You get to connect with yourself, your friends/family, nature, or any combination of the three. While paddling isn’t hard, it isn’t obvious either. A small investment of time and money in quality instruction pays dividends for the rest of your paddling life. You’ll learn tricks and techniques to be more in control of your craft. You’ll gain confidence and efficiency. You’ll be better able to manage risk. You’ll learn how to avoid putting undue stress on your body. And, you’ll have a good time! If that isn’t one heck of a deal, we don’t know what is. No matter how long you’ve been paddling, we strongly believe there is always more to learn. And if you’re new to paddling, why not start your journey by learning efficient and safe techniques? Whatever your skill level, whatever your reasons, we believe Rutabaga Outdoor Programs is the best way to get the skills to keep you paddling for a lifetime. We hope to see you on the water!

about us…

Nancy Saulsbury Outdoor Programs Director [email protected]

Talk about having a great job! As someone who loves to paddle, I actually get paid to help others become excited about being on the water. I can walk out of my office on a busy summer day and hear the sounds of kids excited about paddling on the Rutabaga pond or see the face of an adult who is eagerly discovering a new passion. Add a wonderful and dedicate group of instructors and coworkers — what could be better?!

Amelia Musser

Youth Programs Coordinator [email protected]

Why take a class with Rutabaga? Good question. Let’s break it down. nn Small classes. With a small student-to-instructor ratio, you’ll get a lot of personal attention. nn Best. Instructors. Anywhere. Our instructors’ sole focus is on improving your paddling skills and experiences. nn Relaxed vibe. Our instructors provide a supportive atmosphere where you can challenge yourself with no pressure. nn High-quality equipment. It’s hard to learn when you’re struggling with your gear. Our gear lets you focus on the task at hand. nn Risk management. We teach more than just techniques. We help you learn how to keep yourself safe as you paddle off into the sunset. nn Classes are FUN! Isn’t that why you want to do this in the first place?

50 | Canoecopia Show Guide 2015

Spending time on the water was one of my favorite things to do as a kid, and still is today! I gain confidence and feel truly free maneuvering my boat as I wish. I see the same with the students here in our classes at Rutabaga. No matter how excited or hesitant a student is initially, I see the growth that paddling encourages in each of them by the end of the day, and I love that!

See our complete list of courses and details at

RUTABAGA OUTDOOR PROGRAMS Getting Started “Very informative, great instructor, exceeded expectations. Had a great time, awesome!” Get off to a great start! Join Rutabaga Outdoor Programs to get the most out of your paddling adventures. We offer classes in: nn Stand-Up Paddling (SUP) Basics. Stand-Up Paddling is popular in the Midwest because it’s fun, a great workout, and easy to do! Learn about board types, basic strokes, proper technique and board recovery. nn SUP Yoga. Switch up your yoga routine and refine your technique! SUP yoga emphasizes balance, drawing on core strength and stability while bringing a deeper mindfulness to your yoga practice out on the water. nn Recreational Kayak. Rec kayaks are easy to paddle, hard to tip, and fit any body shape. Learn about proper boat fit, safe launching and landing, basic strokes, safety, and what to do if you tip over. nn Sea Kayak. Does camping from your kayak, paddling on larger bodies of water, or paddling fast and efficiently for fitness intrigue you? Learn efficient forward and turning strokes, wet exits, rescues, safety and more. nn Solo Canoe. There’s nothing like the magic of solo canoeing! Learn basic strokes, maneuvers, and rescues. We’ll also work on how to go straight without switching sides. nn Canoe Basics. Knowing a few simple strokes can help ensure a relaxed paddle. This introduction is the perfect way to learn some basics of tandem canoeing and discover how easy it can be to paddle together. nn Canoe Touring. Develop the fundamentals you need to enjoy canoe travel in places such as the Boundary Waters or Sylvania Wilderness. We’ll cover the keys to efficient paddling with forward and turning strokes, edging, and rescues.

“Great class location on the water! The instructor was very attentive and the low student/teacher ratio was great. Would definitely recommend to others – worth my drive up from Chicago!”

Instructor Amber Dolphin

Instructor Dan York

This just in... Canoecopia Special Deal*

Purchase your class (or two, or even three) at Canoecopia and receive a 15% show discount. * does not apply to Wilderness First Aid, ACA Instructor Certification courses, or Door County Sea Kayak Symposium See our complete list of courses and details at

Guest Instructor Cindy Scherrer

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We offer guided trips on local waters “I’m so glad to discover such wonderful paddling so close to home!”

Evening Paddles nn Full Moon Paddle. Enjoy the rise of the full moon from the water. nn Women’s Paddle. What’s more fun than a night out with just the ladies? nn SUP Paddle. Add a new twist to your workout on a Tuesday night.

Day Trips Once you have a few basic skills, what better way to put them to use than with our day trips? Enjoy the beauty of Southern Wisconsin’s rivers and lakes as you spend the day with folks who love the water as much as you do.

Developing Your Skills

Private lessons focus on your specific needs in canoes, kayaks, or SUP As you develop as a paddler, you’re likely to have specific skills you want to hone and refine. A private lesson with Rutabaga is an effective way to learn what you want to learn at a time that is convenient for you. Give us a call to schedule your lesson. 608-223-9300 nn Forward Stroke. It’s the stroke you use the most, so why not give it a bit of extra attention? You’ll be amazed. nn Boat Control. Learn the keys to efficient paddling as you focus on techniques such as torso rotation and edging. nn Braces and Recovery Strokes. Knowing these moves will help you recover from a near swim. nn Rescues and Towing. Things don’t always go as planned and you need tools to help you react quickly when needed. nn Kayak Rolling. It’s the ultimate self rescue. Plus it looks cool! nn River Paddling. Learn about eddy turns, ferries, and other maneuvers that will help you enjoy moving water.

Rent a Canoe, Kayak or SUP

Take advantage of Madison’s waterways while you continue to develop your skills. Onsite and offsite rentals are available from May through September. Call Rutabaga at 608-223-9300 or visit the web at for details.

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See our complete list of courses and details at


Rutabaga offers many ways to keep the next generation paddling. “I can’t choose what I liked the most because I loved everything about it! It was perfect.”

Youth Programs Get the kids in your life out on the water! Our youth programs motivate kids to learn new skills, make new friends, and explore Madison’s lakes and rivers. Kids will have a blast as they challenge themselves in new ways. nn Canoeing, kayaking, and Stand-Up Paddling camps and classes nn For kids entering 3rd to 8th grade nn Half-day, full-day, and week-long day camps for beginners and more advanced paddlers

Family Programs Have you been searching for a fun outdoor family activity? Paddling is a great way to create family memories and is a lifetime activity that everyone can enjoy together. nn Family canoe, kayak, and SUP classes nn For adults with kids 6 years and older

Community Organizations, Scouts, Camps, Birthday Parties Paddling can add a whole new level of excitement and team building to your organization’s spring, summer, or fall schedule. Let us create a unique and memorable experience for your group!

Junior Leadership Development Program Have a positive influence on young people and enjoy a fun and rewarding summer as a Junior Leader. For teens entering 9th-12th grade. Contact Amelia to apply. ([email protected])

Rutabaga’s 2014 Junior Leaders

Josh Kestelman Scholarship Fund Rutabaga provides scholarships to help community agencies and individual kids attend our summer programs. Call us at 608-223-9300 for details or to make a contribution.

“I loved the kayaking, all the games we played, seeing the capitol, and the instructors were NICE! :)” “I liked learning the right way to paddleboard and all the games and challenges were awesome.” “It is fun and educational.” See our complete list of courses and details at

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RUTABAGA OUTDOOR PROGRAMS But Wait… That’s Not All! “This was a great experience and it really increased my confidence. I would recommend this class to anyone!”

Customized Courses & Adventures Let us create an adventure for you! Whether you’re looking to spice up a company outing, host a family reunion, or get your neighborhood kids out on the water, we’re here and we’re game. Give us a call at 608-223-9300 or e-mail us at [email protected]

MORE of our amazing instructors...

Leadership Training & Certifications ■■ Wilderness First Aid ■■ BCU 3 Star Training ■■ American Canoe Association Instructor Certification in Canoe, Kayak and SUP

Molly McGrath

Katya Ouchakof

Kris Stepenuck

Jeremy Clements

See more at “Very pleasant and positive experience. Instructor was very thorough and the practice time was great. This is just what I was looking for. Thank you!”


WHAT GOOD IS WATERPROOF IF YOU ARE ALWAYS SOAKED WITH SWEAT? Our new award-winning Palguin Dry Series featuring Polartec® NeoShell® will deliver never-before-seen performance and breathability. Not just content with innovation, the Series also sets a new standard for ergonomic fit, style, and comfort. It will change the Theway all new Roam series is engineered you feel about wearing dry gear. for performance, versatility and easy access to

gear. This is not your conventional sit-on-top. Designed and outfitted for beginners to seasoned paddlers, running the river has never been more adventurous, or more fun. www . dagger . com

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find us on facebook

The all new Roam series is engineered for performance, versatility and easy access to gear. This is not your conventional sit-on-top. Designed and outfitted for beginners to seasoned paddlers, running the river has never been more adventurous, or more fun. www . dagger . com

See our complete list of courses and details at

find us on facebook

1/12/15 3:32 PM

Dana Rambo exploring in Abaco, Bahamas on her Riviera Original 10’6” with a Carbon + Fiberglass Asset Adjustable paddle.

Photo: Mike Muir


RUTABAGA’S SEA KAYAK SYMPOSIUM 12th Annual Door County Sea Kayak Symposium Summer camp for adults (and their kids too)!


You’ll love our experienced, fun, and dedicated instructors who are passionate about helping you get to the next level. Come learn from the pros!


Our staff is helpful, friendly, organized, and willing to bend over backwards for you! We want to make your weekend pleasant and easy­— and of course fun.


Quality on-water classes and land-based workshops will help you develop and improve your sea kayaking skills. We offer a beginner track, women-only courses, and specialty courses at all levels. Work on boat control, forward stroke, rolling, Greenland paddling skills, rescue techniques, and more. We’re also featuring BCU 3-Star Training, an intermediate sea kayak course for experienced paddlers who want to refine their skills.

July 10-12, 2015 Rowleys Bay Resort Door County, WI

Space is limited. Register now!

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For complete information visit



This is what makes our symposium so special! Build a community with other paddlers on and off the water. Social happenings off the water include group meals, evening campfires, free beer wagon, barn dance, slide show, auction to benefit the Door County Land Trust, and ice cream social. Make new friends and see the familiar faces of people who have been coming back for years. It’s a comfortable, family-friendly environment that you are sure to enjoy. The fastest way to make new friends is to go paddle with them!


Enjoy guided trips to the rocky coves, rugged cliffs, and sandy beaches of Door County. Whatever your skill level, we have a tour for you. Paddle with a naturalist, glimpse a sunken shipwreck, decipher pictographs, spot lighthouses, ride the waves, and more. Discover the beauty of Door County and put your skills to use!

For complete information visit

Canoecopia Show Guide 2015 | 57

RUTABAGA’S SEA KAYAK SYMPOSIUM Reflections on last year’s symposium Letters from Bill & Gail O’Neal and Ryan Erisman We were nervous and having second thoughts. What had we signed up for and how badly were we going to embarrass ourselves?

We were encouraged to reach as far as we could to learn, improve and extend our paddling experience. And there was time: to review, to try it again, to try it a different way, to make sure we got the full measure of instruction and experience, so that each of us could walk away with a smile and a sense of accomplishment.

Numerous people over the years had encouraged us to join the Door County Sea Kayak Symposium. We finally took the plunge at Canoecopia and signed on the dotted line. But now, as we loaded up the car and headed for Door County, we worried. We’ve paddled canoes for….let’s just say years. We’ve also paddled kayaks for a few. Would we have to relearn everything? Would we keep up with younger, more agile paddlers? Would “We got home eager to load our our adventures pale in comparison? Would we boats and get out on the water return home discouraged about the boats hanging with new skills and confidence.” in the garage? We quickly left those thoughts behind. What an energizing crowd of new and seasoned paddlers we met! What a stunning lineup of instructors who not only knew their way around paddling, but were adept at teaching to all the levels of learners we were.

The Door County Sea Kayak Symposium energized us. We got home eager to load our boats and get out on the water with new skills and confidence. As our family believes, “life is better… on the water.” Now we are the people encouraging others. Just sign up. Even if you are a seasoned paddler, there will be something new; great gear, terrific people, excellent instructors, good food, good beer, and big water. You can’t go wrong unless you don’t take the chance. — Bill & Gail

I don’t get out kayaking enough. When I do, just as I start to really get comfortable in the cockpit again, it’s time to head home. When I mentioned this to a paddling buddy, he said, “Dude, you gotta do the Door County Sea Kayak Symposium.” Though I went alone and didn’t know anyone there, when I arrived Thursday evening I found myself part of a conversation circle in less than ten minutes — beer in hand. Over the next two days, I took three classes and a tour. In every case, I connected with other` similarly-skilled paddlers and gained greater confidence and comfort in my kayak. There’s no learning environment like immersion. Just like living among native speakers has helped my foreign language skills, a couple days with fellow paddlers and instructors improved my paddling. When I went keel-to-the-sky once, several paddlers were ready to assist me. That immersion? No problem. I was wearing a rented dry suit and got back in the boat smiling. Paddle in the morning, paddle in the afternoon. Hang out with kayakers of all ages and backgrounds. Eat, sleep, repeat. I expected immersion, got both kinds, and had a blast. — Ryan

58 | Canoecopia Show Guide 2015

“There’s no learning environment like immersion.”


Definitions Every sport or activity has its unfamiliar, but useful terms. Here are a few of ours. Bent/Crank Shaft - A type of paddle with bends to improve efficiency, and/or improve ergonomics.

raised, rounded nose. Faster than a displacement hull on surf waves.

Bow - Front of the boat.

Rudder - A device to aid tracking (not turning, as most suppose). Rudders flip down, then angle left or right to allow the boat to continue in a straight line.

BWCAW - The Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness. Chine - Area where the hull goes from horizontal to vertical. Often called “hard” or “soft” chines. Hard and soft chines have a distinctive feel about them. Some paddlers favor one type over the other. Crossover - A type of boat (often kayak) designed to do most anything. Slightly larger than a whitewater boat, often with a skeg to increase tracking when needed, and lots of rocker to avoid rocks & other perils when the skeg is up. Deck - The top of a boat. Deck lines (or perimiter/static deck lines)- A safety feature. Something for a swimmer to grab to keep the boat from floating away. Displacement Hull (SUP) - Hull tuned for better tracking with pointy, low rocker nose/bow. Faster than a planing hull on calm water. Draft - How much of the boat’s hull is in the water. Freeboard - Distance from the water to the deck. A measure of extra buoyancy. Gunwale - The upper part of a canoe. Think rim. Pronounced “gunnull.” (You may also hear inwale & outwale on wood gunwales.) Hull - The bottom part of the boat. Also partner to Oates. :) Paddle - The device that propels a canoe. Different from an oar in that there is no fulcrum. Rowers use oars. PFD - Personal Flotation Device, also known as a lifejacket. Planing Hull (SUP) - A hull tuned for better maneuverability with a

Rails - The sides of a SUP board.

Rocker - The amount of lift in the ends of a hull. A boat with a lot of rocker (lift) (blue hull) will turn quickly. Boats without rocker (yellow hull) track (and glide) well. Skeg - A device to aid tracking, typically used in kayaks. Similar to a rudder, but is adjustable in depth, up or down. By adjusting how deep the fin (skeg) rides, the boat can be made to hold its course. Stern - Back of the boat. Also see “Mom” and/or “Dad” SUP - Stand-Up Paddling. A “new” type of paddlesport where people stand up on slightly modified surfboards and add additional thrust via long bent-shaft paddles. Tails - The aft part of a SUP board, describling 4 different designs: swallow, pin, round, and square. Thwart - Things that connect both sides of a canoe’s gunwales. Not for sitting, but can be a support for kneeling. Tracking - A term used to mean how well a boat wants to go in a straight line. Expedition touring boats are often great tracking boats. The opposite of tracking is turning. Trim - When the ends of a boat are equallly submerged. Yoke - A device to help carry a boat (canoe) on your shoulders. Not for sitting.

Visit the SealLine® booth to learn how to protect your gear on your next paddling adventure.

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FEATURES What’s Old is New: Connecting with items from the past A touching Paddle-to-the-Sea moment caught by Jeff Hinueber Back home, my wife and I spent a long time, magnifying glass in hand, examining the bottom of the boat. We could make out only these parts of the inscription: LENNY __ __ __ PO __ __ __ __ __ CORNUCOPIA WI

I have been captivated by treasure hunting for as long as I can remember. As a young boy, I read National Geographic, and about Louis Leakey discovering early hominid fossils in Africa. I learned about treasure hunters discovering sunken ships laden with gold plundered from South America by conquistadors, and many other tales. When I stroll along stretches of beach, my head is down, and my eyes are searching the sand and cobble for small treasures. A couple of years ago, I spied a hint of blue among the pebbles along the shore of Lake Superior on a remote pocket beach. It was my first beach glass find, now made into a necklace for my wife. In July, I was beachcombing on York Island in the Apostle Islands of Lake Superior. I had walked the entire length of beach and I was about to turn around and head back to our campsite. There, high up among piles of storm-swept driftwood, something caught my eye. I picked the wooden object up. It was unmistakably a small 10-inch long, handmade boat. Turning it over I could barely make out some letters carved along its underside. A treasure! I remembered the wonderful story “Paddle-

to-the-Sea,” by Holling Clancy Holling, where a young boy carves a wooden canoe during a long winter in his father’s Canadian trapper’s cabin. In spring, he sends “Paddle” on its way, a long voyage through the Great Lakes on its way to the sea. I temporarily named my find “Paddle” and it rode as a kind of hood ornament on my sea kayak for the remainder of my four-day trip on Lake Superior.

Just like a chapter in “Paddle-to-the-Sea” called Dry Dock, I gave the boat a sporty red stripe and a marine epoxy and varnish finish. I renamed the boat “Cornucopia” and following the story line from the book, I fitted the little boat with a metal plaque on that bottom that read: “CORNUCOPIA” FOUND: YORK ISLAND, LAKE SUPERIOR 7-7-2014 DRY DOCK: WAUSAU, WI [email protected] RELEASED: AUGUST 2014 GRAND ISLAND, MI PLEASE SEND ME ON MY WAY! Sail on, my brave little boat. Keep a sharp eye out for the treasures life sends you, no matter how small. Jeff Hinueber is an instructor at Rutabaga’s Door County Sea Kayak Symposium. He loves Speak Like a Pirate Day more than most.

HIGH BACK SEAT? NO PROBLEM. w w w. s tohl qu i s t.c om

Men’s Coaster

Women’s Misty

COASTER & MISTY « NEW FOR 2015 » » » »

60 | Canoecopia Show Guide 2015

Thin back design works with any seat back style Zippered pockets hold a beverage and sunglasses Graded Sizing offers the best fitting PFD possible Visit for more details on these great features

FEATURES What’s Old is New: Sit-On-Bottom Canoes So... Do you want a kayak, or maybe a solo canoe? Over the past few years we’ve seen a “new” style of paddle craft. Solo canoes where you sit in the bottom and paddle with a double-bladed paddle: the Wenonah Fusion (right), the Mad River Serenade (pg. 20), and the Old Town Next (pg. 18), for example.

Third, storage. You can put packs and large dry bags in an open boat. You don’t have to break your load into small dry bags to fit through tiny hatches.

This style of canoe has significant benefits that Fourth, stability. With your center of mass low should be considered by paddlers looking at in the boat, you’re not going to be constantly recreational kayaks. worrying about a flip. First, weight. Without a deck, the boats are — The thing is, they’re not at all new. In 1861, all else being equal — quite a bit lighter than a Downsides? You get a little wet sometimes George Washington Sears, who wrote under from the paddle dripping on you, but that kayak of the same length. The Sairy Gamp in the name of Nessmuk, paddled his 9-foot cedar weighed just 15 pounds. Most everyone happens in most open cockpit kayaks. HighSairy Gamp canoe all over the Adirondacks. efficiency high-angle paddle strokes don’t can lug that around. Nessmuk was frail — he was only 5’3” and work well, but most sit-on-bottom paddlers weighed a paltry 100 pounds . He also suffered Second, convenience. In some circumstances, aren’t looking for max efficiency anyway. from tuberculosis. Thinking the mountain air getting in and out of a kayak can be difficult. would do him well (it did), he lost himself in All in all, the sit-on-bottom canoe is a terrific I find that taking a break when paddling a the beauty of Eastern New York. Nessmuk sat option for any paddler. You get a lot of the twisty, muddy-banked stream is much easier in the bottom on a cushion, using a lightweight beginner-friendly characteristics of the rec out of a boat that has no deck than a decked two-bladed paddle, much like the modern kayak, in a lighter, more convenient package kayak. versions of this style boat. that appeals to the seasoned paddler as well.

For over 30 years, legendary designers from across the globe have partnered with Current Designs to bring their visions to life. Their experience and passion will fuel yours when you choose to paddle the greatest kayaks on the water. Our Current Designs team is on hand to guide you through your kayak purchasing experience.

©2015 CURRENT DESIGNS. All rights reserved. CD004

P A D D L E W I T H G R E A T N E S S.

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FEATURES Finding love on — and with — the water Rediscovering the joy of paddling, and memory-making — from Robin Nelson friends, special old friends, all were phenomenal and stepped up to help me because Chuck wasn’t there. My romance with kayaking had been rekindled, but I felt something missing. I didn’t see Chuck searching me out at dinner. He wasn’t in the room at night when we were too exhausted to move but too excited to sleep.

When Chuck and I started kayaking, we fell in love. This was not lust or infatuation. It was committed, I-want-tospend-the-rest-of-my-lifekayaking love. We never experienced an empty nest. When our sons left for college, we left for adventure. Monday nights we paddled in Two Rivers. The weekends were reserved for distances and daylong adventures. During the week, if we had no appointments, we closed the office, sneaked out and returned full of as much exhilaration as an afternoon paddle tryst could provide. In winter, we did open pools on Saturday and Sunday and instructed on Monday nights. Being members of NEWPaddlers, there were endless activities and events to attend. It also brought numerous friends, who have become intricate parts of our lives. Our arguments focused on topics like the best boat designs, Greenland versus Euro paddles, and how to teach a roll. We didn’t argue about whether we were going to buy new gear; we argued brand or style. Money spent on paddling was money well spent. We discovered it was best to assign responsibilities: Chuck checked final tie downs, I did a final sweep of the area. Most importantly, there could be no socializing before all gear was stowed. The weather radio warned: 3- to 5-foot waves small craft advisory. My response would be, “They are suggesting we should paddle.” Throughout this relationship, there were times I was terrified, struggled, and had my doubts, but, when you have that deep love, you don’t give up on it. Then it happened. As with any relationship,

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things began to change. Responsibilities changed and they couldn’t be ignored. Kayaking was no longer a priority. We paddled and enjoyed it, but it was different. Then Chuck became sick. Weekends came and went and we didn’t paddle at all. Door County Sea Kayak Symposium was upon us and, although Chuck was recovering, he felt it was best to stay home and rest. DCSKS had always been the honeymoon of

“The weather radio warned: 3- to 5-foot waves small craft advisory. My response would be, “They are suggesting we should paddle.” kayaking for us. A weekend spent focused on what we loved most: paddling, instructing, meeting new friends, and reconnecting with great friends. We had paddled separately before, but this was different; this was spending a weekend of cherished memories and shared experiences on my own. To make matters worse, one of the guys we share our suite with had a death in the family. The dynamics for this event were dramatically different. The weekend was fantastic. More new

The weekend came and went with its normal festive frenzy. As I drove home feeling the warm glow of contentment, I passed the ice cream place where Chuck and I always stopped. I couldn’t bring myself to stop; this was part of our ritual. I did stop to buy a pair of earrings, another part of our ritual. I could have lingered, but I rushed out of the store. At the outskirts of Kewaunee, an ominous feeling overtook me. I had left Door County in such a hurry. I didn’t do my normal checks. Everything was out of balance because Chuck wasn’t there. I wondered, did I leave my gear bag? I called a friend who was still at Rowleys Bay. He said told me my bag was still there. Ugh, I was relieved but, now what? I called Chuck. His response, “Come home. We’ll get the boat off and drive right back up there together and get it.” It was the best end to the best weekend. We talked and laughed all the way there as I recounted every detail. We stopped and got ice cream. In that moment, I realized I shared the greatest love affair with the love of my life. This is what kayaking is for me. Maybe you can find love on the water, too. Robin Nelson is an instructor for Rutabaga’s Door County Sea Kayak Symposium, and one of the best bundles of wisdom, peace, and happiness we know of.

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FEATURES Giving Canoeing Its Due The best backpacking is in a canoe — from Ethan Scheiwe


Photo: Ethan Scheiwe Having a passion for the outdoors is one of the greatest attributes that any young adult (or any adult) can possess. In a world of lights, buildings, and instant gratification, I yearn for the natural world. Getting out and spending several nights under the stars is one of the healthiest things you can do mentally and physically. You’ll reset your internal clock, find beauty in the small things, and earn a greater reverence for the world we live in.


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Backpacking is the cool thing to do with people my age. I thought so too — until I actually went backpacking. My first solobackpacking trip was… unsuccessful. That caused me to fall in love with canoe camping. I’ve discovered that you can get all of the joys you would get from backpacking as you do with a canoe or kayak. And as a (young) person living in Wisconsin, the paddling is exceptional and accessible, no matter what your preferences for lakes or rivers are. With a canoe, you can haul heavier gear, and experience a different — ok, “wetter” — side of the biome. Being able to ‘haul heavier gear’ is what really sold me. With backpacking, you want to go as light as possible. Lightweight

camping gear = an empty wallet. Ultralight gear is expensive. When weight isn’t your highest priority, the gear to get you out into the backcountry can be considerably cheaper. Sleeping pads, sleeping bags, tents, cookware, and other random necessities that don’t fall under the ‘ultralight’ category can save you hundreds of dollars. Canoe camping is luxurious compared to backpacking. I often eat better on canoe trips than I do at home: steak, potatoes, veggies, and corn on the cob are pretty much always on the first night’s dinner menu. Bagels, pancakes, eggs (if you don’t crush them), and other bits of food can follow. No need to have freeze-dried food every other meal. You also have the option to eat your bounty on a nice, comfortable chair. After a day of foraging and splitting firewood, a chair is one of life’s greatest luxuries. These comforts give you a certain peace-of-mind. You’re on an island in the middle of a lake. You can’t hear any car. You can gaze at the stars and listen to the howls of wolves in the distance. And you’re comfortable. Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Michigan have some of the best paddling you can find in the United States. The Wisconsin River is a gorgeous waterway with bluffs, islands, sandbars, eagles, and cranes. It is less than an hour’s drive from Madison. Camp on any sandbar

“Backpacking is the cool thing to do with people my age. I thought so too — until I actually went backpacking.” you’d like. The Kickapoo River meanders through canyon-like sandstone, and feeds you beautiful scenery around every cliff face. Up north, the Turtle Flambeau Flowage is one of the easiest lakes to camp on. No permit required — it’s first come first serve and you can go whenever you want. Campsites are laid out with a pit toilet, fire ring (with cooking grate), and often have a nice tent pad. Some sites offer beautiful sunrises and sunsets. The Sylvania Wilderness Area is considered to be the “little Boundary Waters.” This is a good place to paddle before stepping way out into continues on page 68

FEATURES RIP Royalex, part 2 What’s old cannot be replaced, but can be maintained. Tips on preserving your boat from Connie Lane Royalex production ceased in 2014, and canoe manufacturers are out of Royalex for new boat production. What does this mean for the owners of Royalex boats? Royalex is known and loved for its toughness. Now that the canoes are essentially irreplaceable, they are precious. Now is the time to start showing your canoe some love. We expect parts and repair materials for Royalex boats to remain available, but you may have to plan ahead for certain repairs. Remembering that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, there are things owners can do to make their canoes last longer. First, be more careful than you used to be. For example, don’t drive the canoe hard onto the shore during a landing. Try hard not to hit rocks and logs while underway. Consider taking lessons in boat control and learn to “read” moving water if you spend a lot of time on rivers. Skilled paddlers need far fewer repairs (enough said). Second, consider investing in skid plates. These resin-infused crunch pads distribute impacts through a larger area, and sacrifice themselves to keep your hull intact. Some people put them on early, others wait until the inner flotation layer (which is always white and has air pockets) begins to show through the colored outer layer of the boat. Third, if your canoe has wood gunwales, make sure EVERY fall that you back out the gunwale screws in the bow and stern before winter temperatures set in. Wood and Royalex have vastly different contraction properties in cold temperatures. If you don’t back the screws out, you may find in the spring that the ends of the canoe have vertical cracks in the Royalex, called “cold cracks.” Make time to take care of the wood, too. Make sure you keep it oiled and treated. Water-logged wood is much more likely to cold crack. Every year we get phone calls, or people bring us Royalex canoes with wood gunwales that have vertical cracks, thinking we can repair those cracks. In the past, we couldn’t. Thanks to modern epoxies like G/Flex, we stand a pretty good chance of saving the hull. It’s much better to back out the screws “Now that they’re essentially irreplaceable … and take care of the gunwales, but new it’s time to start showing them some love.” epoxies may save the day. Fourth, try to find an indoor place to store that canoe, or one that experiences slower temperature changes. If you want to keep the color from fading, apply a UV protectant (UV Tech or 303) regularly. The more sun the boat experiences, the more often you should treat the boat – just like your skin.

3156 Milwaukee Street Madison, WI. 53714 Call: (608)244 - 4741

Lumber: African Mahogany Philippine Mahogany Sitka Spruce (V.G.) Douglas Fir Western Red Cedar White Cedar White Oak Teak

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Finally, if replacing the vinyl gunwales on your canoe is in your future, plan ahead to avoid a long delay. Gunwales cannot be shipped by ordinary means – they must come to the store with boat shipments. In the past, Rutabaga obtained vinyl gunwales from Wenonah in Minnesota. Wenonah manufactured them, and they could be transported on trailers that go back and forth frequently between us. Wenonah no longer makes vinyl gunwales, so we obtain them from manufacturers out east. If you know you are going to need new vinyl gunwales, try to order them in advance. Shipments of canoes (and now gunwales) come in the dead of winter for Canoecopia, and again in late May (with canoes ordered at Canoecopia), so think about ordering your new vinyl gunwales in the fall or at the show. Royalex remains a great material for canoes. Show your canoe a little love year-round, and it’ll be ready to take you cruising for years to come. Connie Lane works the sales floor at Rutabaga. She left acadamia due to a macadamia incident she rarely mentions in mixed company.

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FEATURES Paddling isn’t what you think it is Debunking the myths that keep people from paddling (or paddling more) by Darren Bush I’m well into my second quarter-century of paddling. I have spent more than half my life with boats in my garage and paddles on the wall, and I don’t know how many water miles I have under me. An approximation would be useless. But I’m not an old paddler; I am seasoned. I have spent countless hours talking to paddlers, new and old. Discussions with my friends prompted me to write these words. Famous engineer and scientist Charles Kettering once said, “It ain’t what you don’t know that gets you into trouble. It’s what you know for sure that just ain’t so.” Mr. Kettering would know, since he held almost 200 patents. He probably invented half a dozen items within your arm’s reach, and he did it because he examined his suppositions and was open to different ways of thinking. Well, a lot of civillians (and paddlers) know things for sure that just ain’t so. This isn’t a comprehensive list, but it contains some of the most common ones for sure. Myth: Paddling trips require two weeks off, four tanks of gas and a good stretch of gravel road. The outdoor industry does a ton of research on who does what

outside, where, when, and how long. One of the more striking findings is that the average length of an overnight canoe or kayak trip has dropped from over a week to just four days. It’s not surprising: we work too much and too hard. Here’s the scary thing: 96% of people say taking time off is important. But 40% of people leave unused vacation days. 35% say their supervisors encourage time off. 50% say if they take too much vacation time their supervisors will think they’re replaceable. So let’s just accept the fact that we’re working more, and instead of not taking time off for the big trip, take off a Friday and Monday and plan a four-day trip. Furthermore, make your trip closer to home and don’t waste a few days driving to the hinterlands. The important thing is to get out, no matter how long. Falsehood: Sea kayaks are only for the sea. They’re long; they’re sleek; they’re gorgeous. And they’re only for experts who face the mighty forces of the oceans, usually during gales and extreme situations. Yes, it’s true that sea kayaks are the sports cars of the kayak world. They allow a paddler to do things and go places that recreational kayaks will not.

The search for a more sustainably sourced and produced range of paddleboards that respect the environment in which they are used is a journey, not a destination. We are fully committed to the path and hope you’ll join us.

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BIC Sport North America P: 508-291-2770 F: 508-291-2772 E-Mail: [email protected]

FEATURES The truth is that most people who drive sports cars don’t race them. Go to a grocery store and you don’t have to look too hard to see a Porsche with a trunk full of groceries. Most sports cars are driven because they’re fun to drive, even on highways instead of race tracks. Can you paddle a sea kayak on a local lake or larger river? Totally acceptable. Recommended, even. Myth: Paddling a canoe in a straight line is challenging. No one expects to emerge from the womb knowing how to ride a bike or knit a sweater, but for some reason a lot of folks think there’s a canoeing gene and they should somehow know exactly how to control a canoe in any situation. Well, everything’s easy if you know how. There’s nothing mystical about the strokes and techniques needed to make a canoe go exactly where you want it to go. The best thing you can do to increase your enjoyment of your canoeing is to take a class. Half a day will get you past the initial hurdle, and an advanced boat control or traditional paddling technique lesson will keep you growing. There is always something new to learn.

“The important thing is to get out, no matter how long.”

Outright Lie: Whitewater is extreme and dangerous. Paddling whitewater is no different than going for a bike ride. You can take a ride down the bike path on a cruiser bike, or take your full-suspension mountain bike to the X-Games and defy death. Technically, both are “going for a bike ride,” but that’s where the similarity ends. Whitewater is classified from Class I (riffles) to Class V (extremely technical, dangerous rapids suited well only to pros). When you say the word whitewater, people can come up with a huge variety of mental pictures, from Niagara Falls to riffles moving over a few rocks, barely making a sound. Moving water is fun. Bumping into rocks is fun. Splashing through a wave and getting a lapful of water is fun. It’s true that in order to paddle more advanced whitewater, you’ll need more skills, of course, but don’t let that stop you from sticking a proverbial toe in the river. Falsehood: Electronics have no business in the outdoors. A few years ago I went sea kayaking in Baja. It was a multi-generational trip, the youngest was 5, the oldest, 72. There were half a dozen kids who were well and truly buried in their electronics when we all met up at the airport. “Uh oh…” I thought. “This could be bad.” Once the carry-ons were packed up and the iPads put away, some of the kids begged a little for “just a few more minutes.” There was a small amount of sulking, but it passed. A week later, half a dozen kids were romping in sand dunes, rolling down powdery-white sand that gets into everything. I am certain some of them are still cleaning it out of their ears. Squeals of delight drifted over the camp and the adults sat and enjoyed the sound of electronics-free goofiness. That said, do electronics have a place in the outdoors? I think that’s a question best answered by the individual. The old-timer would disparage a GPS or Personal Locator Beacon over a compass and a signal mirror, yet many use a GPS as a way to enhance their experience. It’s no substitute for a map and compass (and the skills to use them), but it’s nice sometimes to predict when you might make it to camp. The bigger question is for young people who are attached to their iPods, iPads, and iPhones. We have two choices: fight the trend, tooth and claw, or meet them where they are. Kids sending Instagram pictures of the fish they just caught or a selfie with an old growth pine tree is a positive thing, I think. They are sharing their experience with others who may never consider going fishing or hiking in an old growth forest. Full disclosure: I do this sometimes too. continues on page 68

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Outright Lie: Tandem canoes are double-ended divorce machines. Cute, but wrong. What a tandem canoe does is amplify the nature of a relationship. Can’t communicate on dry land? It will become even more obvious in a canoe. I was teaching a tandem canoe class a few years back. Three boats, three couples, and three different styles of communicating. Two were working through it, talking and listening to each other. Sometimes there was a little communication breakdown, but they’d figure it out. One couple, however, was a disaster. One of the partners (okay, it was the husband) barked out orders, sometimes contradicting what I had told the class. His wife said very little, and was afraid to do much as the barking would intensify. After many corrections, I did something unconventional. I put her in my solo canoe, and jumped in the tandem with Mr. Know-It-All. Suddenly I was the Master and Commander, he an ordinary seaman. He had to listen, he had to learn, and he did. There was good communication. Meanwhile, his partner took a few tentative strokes in the solo canoe and was soon puttering around, happy as a lark. Then he said it. “Hey, [name], how come we can’t do this?” Announcing our new line of women’s and men’s apparel for 2015. Stop by our booth to take a look at paddles and clothing, say hello, and welcome in the 2015 paddling season.

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I have no idea if this couple is still intact. The optimist in me hopes that this was a breakthrough moment where they learned to communicate as a team through paddling. I’ve seen it happen before. The truth is that tandem canoes can actually strengthen a relationship of any sort. You must communicate to be successful in taking the boat where you want it to go. It must be a choice to communicate. If you do, it’s a sublime experience. After 30 years of marriage and paddling together, when my wife and I get into a tandem, we rarely want or need to talk. We dance. There are dozens of other myths, falsehoods and outright lies. This is just a sample of some of the salient ones, and we’d love to hear yours too. Question what you know, because it might just not be so. Darren Bush became the owner of Rutabaga Paddlesports in no small part so that he would have a place to store his incredibly large and diverse personal navy.

Give Canoeing Its Due, continued from page 64



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the backcountry of the Minnesota Boundary Waters. It’s smaller, but contains numerous lakes that you must portage between. The Boundary Waters is a famed location that allows paddlers to see scenery you can’t find anywhere else in the world —including ancient petroglyphs — and is some of the wildest country you can paddle in. The further you go, the less likely you’ll find another human on your journey. If you venture into Quetico in Canada, you can easily go weeks without seeing another person. There are so many options. You’d struggle to paddle everywhere you can camp within a nine-hour drive from Madison. There are so many fewer places to go backpacking, compared to those you can paddle here in the Midwest. Note: Backcountry camping requires certain stepping stones for anyone seeking adventure. I don’t recommend you jump right into it. Camp at state parks first. Hone your skills before you venture into the wild. Practice: cooking on an open fire or camp stove, gathering and splitting wood, building a fire, setting up tarps, and possibly hanging your food pack away from bears. Learn to be comfortable away from the city lights, your electronic devices, and ultimately, being comfortable with yourself and the world around you. From there, you can venture deeper and deeper until you’ve really escaped all signs of humanity. “The wide world is all about you: you can fence yourselves in, but you cannot forever fence it out.” – J.R.R. Tolkien Ethan Scheiwe is a floor manager, warehouse manager, photographer, and philosopher. In his spare time he trumps up charges against squirrels who invade “his” warehouse.

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FEATURES A Beginner’s Guide to Gear Strategies and buying wisdom from floor manager Woody Osborne Trying to get into a new sport or pastime can be overwhelming, especially one with the variety of available — and oh, so cool! — gear that paddlesport offers. Knowing where to invest your money can be a daunting proposition. For those just getting into paddling, or those looking to expand their equipment selection, let me offer a few tips. Note: these are just my opinions. Others may have different, perfectly valid strategies to consider. Let’s start with a basic one: your paddle. Yes, the boat is very important, but that discussion is far too broad to have here. A beginning paddler doesn’t have to splurge, but I advise them not to scrimp, either. I tell customers, “Your paddle is your interface with the water.” It is the tool that gives you power and control. A good paddle fits you and your boat. If you don’t like your paddle, you will not be a happy paddler. Spend some time checking out different models. Does the shaft fit your hands comfortably? Is it light enough to swing all day? Is it strong enough to take some abuse? Make sure it is suitable to your paddling needs. On a canoe trip, I carry two paddles: my Sawyer Dual Manta Bend, for making time and general use; and a Bending Branches Expedition Plus, which I call my “bear beater,”* for pushing off rocky shores and shallows. The Sawyer is light and springy and

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helps prevent my tendonitis from getting out of control. The Bending Branches is stout; I can’t imagine breaking it under any conditions. I love them both for different reasons. Try on different life jackets (PFDs). If possible, sit in the boat you’re interested in while wearing the PFD. If not, squat down and make paddle strokes. Pay attention to any rubbing or chafing as you’re doing that. Does it ride up? Bump your jaw? Check the fit, but also consider a different jacket. See if an inflatable PFD might work for you. A lot of beginning paddlers don’t give a lot of thought to clothing. Unless you plan on only paddling on warm, sunny days, you will need to be ready for almost anything. (Note: you need to be ready. See next paragraph.) Make sure your clothing can help you with thermal regulation. Getting too hot or too cold is stressful on the body and can lead to heat exhaustion or hypothermia. In the summer, I like fabrics that wick sweat away from the body and breathe well. I also wear a lot of quick-drying clothing: paddlers can get quite close to water. Patagonia, Outdoor Research (OR), NRS, and others offer a wide range of effective clothing. In the cooler months, look for insulation and wicking. When you’re clammy and cold, you’re going to be miserable. I prefer merino wool or polypropylene. Icebreaker, Ibex, Patagonia,

FEATURES and SuperNatural all offer excellent options in this area. As with any active endeavor, layering is an effective way of regulating your temperature. Paddling involves exposure to the elements. Good rain gear is worth the investment. I often recommend buying a rain jacket. I like them long, like the Patagonia Torrentshell. I buy mine large enough to pull on over my PFD. The first time a squall comes up on you quickly, you will understand why. Lastly, transportation. I used foam blocks and ropes to carry my canoes for years. They work just fine. A few years ago, though, I picked up some Yakima Gunwale Brackets. What a difference! No longer was I flying down the highway, watching my boat shimmy and shake. With a good bow and stern line — in addition to the usual cam straps ­— my boats are rock solid. Suddenly, my stress while driving was almost eliminated. Having the proper rack components can be worth every cent. Don’t be that person with their boats in the ditch!

It all adds up, no doubt, so proceed in a way that makes sense for your needs and

“Investing in good gear is something you are unlikely to regret.” your wallet. Start where you are, and make strategic decisions that suit the style of paddling you want to do. Investing in good gear is something you are unlikely to regret. Struggling with your paddle, being cold and miserable, or seeing your boats do an impression of a hang glider off of El Capitan... well, those you might regret. * And, no, I have never actually beaten a bear with a paddle.


Woody Osborne has been an assistant manager at Rutabaga for four years. He will be speaking at Canoecopia this year about his favorite local paddling spots. He likes piña coladas, and is philosophical about getting caught in the rain.


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SUNDAY, FUN-DAY Sunday is fun-day It’s no secret around Rutabaga that we’re a fun-loving group. Canoecopia is a lot of work for sure, but we love to have a good time and wanted to share with you a little of the fun. Sunday’s a little slower and a little more laid back, so we’ve added some activities make Sunday Fun-day too! ■■ Speakers: There’s generally a little more space in the speaker rooms and some presentations are happening only on Sunday, like Woody Osborne’s “Exploring Wisconsin Waterways,” Anna Levesque’s SUP Yoga demo in the pool, and half a dozen others. If you’re always standing in the back of the room for Cliff Jacobson, Kevin Callan or others, Sunday’s awesome! Plus, it’s easier to get from one speaker room to another.

Makers of two, four, six and eight-place galvanized steel canoe, kayak, and SUP trailers.

■■ Drawings & Prizes: Many exhibitors will have “Sunday is Fun-Day” prizes you can win! Register at participating booths on Sunday from 10am-2pm. At 3 pm, head to Booth E2 (Helinox) to see if you’ve won and pick up your prize! Winners must be present to wint

Our built-in-Minnesota designs are flexible to allow cargo too!

■■ Special Deals: We’re never too sure what’s going to happen Sunday with extra discounts on closeout merchandise. Sometimes we have a little extra discount on stuff we don’t want to carry back to Rutabaga later that night.


■■ P.S. Buy a three-day pass: it’s still cheaper than two individual day passes and you can stay an extra day! Kids and Electronics

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1/9/15 8:56 AM

“Jim—Turn off that Walkman! Listen to the birds!” Mom was an Outside Purist. She wanted me to see the world like people in the Olden Days did. Good point, but not entirely accurate. Folks have been trying to take their music with them since long before King George I floated up the Thames with an ensemble playing Handel’s Water Music on a second barge. Not long after the invention of the Victrola, courting canoes were installed with them. Music and water go together well.

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I think there’s a larger missed point. Try not to force your expectation of the Outside Experience on someone else. Offer it up, ask ‘em to give it a try, and be happy if they’re willing to be outside at all. Sidenote: I like birdsong a lot more than I used to, but I’ve also found that listening to music helps fix that memory in my brain; when the time is just right, I’ll grab my earphones and listen to a song. In the depths of winter, it is comforting to play that tune and be transported back to my perfect summer day. —Jim P.

45 ACA: Canoe - Kayak - SUP C12 Adams Cty. C. of C. & Tourism L14 adidas Outdoor B19 Adirondack Guide Boat* P2 Adriatic Kayak Tours A8 Adventure Sherpas 13 Aldo Leopold Nature Ctr. N17 Ally Canoe* R5 Angle Oar* J5 Aspen Camping Trailers* F5 Astral R2 AT Paddles R7 Badger Paddles P14 Badger Tenkara* M1 Baga Booth C9 Balance Solutions* N4 Beaches Ft.Myers & Sanibel N8 Beacons of Minocqua, The B7 Bearskin Lodge & Wldns. Outf’r J6 Bellyak* Q11 Bending Branches R13 BIC Sport E1 Big Agnes T4 Boat Registers C5 Body Boat Blade Q4 Bomber Gear D3 Boonedox* P8 Boulder Junction C. of C. A2 Boundary Waters Journal B12 R9 C4 Waterman K3 Cache Lake Foods C5 Cackle TV* 19 Callie Rohr Memorial Race B6 Camp Birchwood N12 Camp Manito-wish YMCA 41 Camp Randall Rowing Club D10 Camp Victory Ministries P5 Canadian River Expeditions D1 Canoe & Kayak Magazine B8* Q14 Cap’n Redbeards K9 Cascade Designs D4 Cedar Falls Tourism & Vis. Bur. H2 Chesapeake Light Craft 18 Chicago Adventure Therapy 20 Chicago Area Sea Kayakers G2 Chosen Valley N21 Chota Outdoor Gear P7 City Thunder Bay, Tourism R2 Confluence Outdoors N7 Conserve School E9 Cooke Custom Sewing G2 Creating Ability C16 Current Designs Kayaks L19 Cushe Footwear T2 Dagger C17 Delta Kayaks J3 Don Miller Subaru C2 Door County Adv. Center D11 Door Cty. Sea Kayak Symp. E4 Duluth Pack K9 E-Case N20 Eagle Optics* L13 Eagles Nest Outfitters R15 EARTH SUP B2 EmberLit Stoves L13 Exped Q13 Extrasport B20 Family Tent Camping*

E3 Farm To Feet E5 Filson L16 FITS 1 Floatzilla M2 Folbot 33 Fox-WI Heritage Parkway 6 Friends Apostle Isl. Nat’l Lkshr. 9 Friends Lower WI R. (FLOW) 14 Friends of Wabakimi C18 Frost River 37 Gales Storm Gathering 27 Girl Scouts WI - Badgerland* M4 Grand Forest B21 Granite Gear A15 Great R. Ch. Wd Canoe Heritage Assn. B1 Guyot Designs N15 H2Outfitters G7 Harken R2 Harmony D6 Hayward Lakes Vis. & Conve E1 Helinox K11 Hurricane Aquasports A10 Hyde* B3 Hyside Inflatable* 21 Ice Age Trail Alliance 29 Illinois Paddling Council 23 Ironman 8 Isle Royale National Park 3 Isthmus Paddle & Portage C6 ITBEC North Central WI F6 Jackson Kayak 43 Jefferson Cty. Parks Dept. L9 Jerry’s Camping Center* P13 Katadyn North America B14 Kayak Chicago B13 Kayak Voyagers M8 KEEN Footwear R11 KIALOA Paddles K5 Klean Kanteen J7 Kokatat N11 La Crosse&Sparta Area C. of C. 39 Ladies Lake Sea Kayak Symp. R6 Lendal North America P12 Level Six N23 Lightweights* B16 Living Adventure L22 Luci Lantern 5 Mad City Paddlers R1 Mad River Canoe K10 Malone Auto Racks L11 Marquette Cty. Visitor’s Bur. A14 McCormick Lumber L17 McNett 26 Mendota Rowing Club N5 Mercer Area C. of C. B4 Midwestern Solutions* P11 Minocqua Area C. of C. 12 Missouri State Parks C4 MSCR K9 MSR H3 MTI Adventurewear A6* P5 Nahanni River Adventures T6 Native Watercraft C1 Navarro Canoe* Q13 Necky Kayaks G4 Nemo Equipment C14 Nielsen-Kellerman* B10 NOLS 24 North Country Trail Assn.


G3 North Water P3 Northeast Iowa Whitewater M2 Northeastern MNns for Wldns. 2 N’thn Forest Canoe Trail P9 NH-AL State Forest P6 N Lakes Canoe Base- GSA R4 Northern Lites Snowshoes B11 N’thn Tier Nat’l High Adv BSA C13 Northland College L2 NorthPoint Paddles* E6 Northstar Canoes 22 Northwest IN Paddling Assn. 47 Northwoods Wildlife Ctr. N9 Northwoods Zip Line G1 Nova Craft Canoe K8 NRS Q13 Ocean Kayak F1 Old Indian Secret Fruit & Nut* G8 Old Scout Outdoor Products Q13 Old Town Canoe & Kayak Q2 Ontario Parks Q3 Ontario Sea Kayak Centre M7 Original Bug Shirt Company P1 Orig. FL Tourism Task Force K6 Oru Kayak L13 Outdoor Research K9 PackTowl L22 Paddle Kicker* A9 L15 Pakboats* Q5 Path Paddle Assn. R2 Perception L3 Personally Outdoors C11 Piragis Northwoods Company K9 Platypus 31 Prairie State Canoeists L10 Price & Rusk Cty. Tourism G6 Princeton Tec P4 Pukaskwa National Park M8 Purnell P15 Pygmy Boats* T5 Pyranha Q15 Quantum Engineering J8 RACKandROLL Q7 RAM Mounting Systems A1 Rapid Media B5 RapidHammock Q6 Red Lake Outfitters L6 Remackel Trailers* 1 River Action 15 River Alliance Wisconsin K2 RiverSport Adventures R10 Riviera Paddlesurf L5 Rock Art in Watercolors* G5 Ruffwear K4 Rutabaga Book Area D11 Rutabaga Outdoor Programs J13 Rutabaga Tote Checks A3 RV Butler* M5 Savage River* P16 Sawyer Paddles & Oars N16 Sea to Summit L21 SEA-LECT Designs K9 SealLine N19 Seals Sprayskirts & Acc’s G5 Sealskinz USA M6 Seattle Sports J1 Seven Treasures* G10 Shorebound Hero Guide Service N10 Sierra Club Outings

A5 Silent Sports Mag. & Website L1 Silverwaves Jewelry* N18 Snap Dragon Design A7 South Dakota Kayak Challenge 16 Southern Utah Wldns. Allliance 23 Spirit of Greater Madison N14 Spirit of Wilderness L18 Squid Anchor, The* 25 St. Croix River Assn. T3 Stellar Kayaks* G6 SteriPEN H4 Stohlquist WaterWare B15 Stone Harbor Wldns. Supply* R3 Sunday Afternoons B5 Sundown Ideas* A5 SUP Magazine R3 super.natural G9 Superior Portage Pads B9 Surf-Wing* B18 SylvanSport F3 Tarka’s Whitewater Journey F2 TCTeardrops* 28 Team River Runner 11 TEAMSurvivor Madison A11 tera’swhey® K9 Therm-a-Rest J11 Thule J4 Trailex Aluminum Trailers L20 TRAK Kayaks* C7 Trek & Trail 10 U S Coast Guard Auxiliary 7 Upper Sugar R. Watershed Assn. D2 Visit Cook County MN P7 Visit Northwest Ontario C15 Voyageur North Canoe Outf’r N3 Voyageur Outward Bound Q9 Voyageur Wldns. - Outf’r N1 Voyageurs Nat’l Park Assn. P10 Wabakimi Wilderness C10 Washington Island C. of C. N6 Waupaca Area C. of C. 35 Wausau Kayak/Canoe B17 Wenonah Canoe R8 Werner Paddles J8 Whispbar N12 White Birch Village Resort J2 Whitecap Kayak* 17 WI Env. Education Consortium L8 Wild Rivers Interpretive Ctr. F4 Wilderness Adv. Trailers L4 Wilderness Ironworks R2 Wilderness Systems Q10 Williams & Hall Outf’r D9 Winchester Boat Works Q1 WindPaddle Sails & Shades L7 Wintergreen Dogsled Lodge* A13 WI Canoe Heritage Museum N2 WI Dept. Of Natural Resources 4 Wisconsin DNR - Fisheries A4 WI Natural Resources magazine K1 WI State Park System P17 Wooden Waters* A12 Woody Dutch Oven* J8 Yakima R12 YETI Coolers C8 Yumbutter*

* = Direct Vendor. Please pay in booth.

PARTING WORDS Final Thoughts Why we do what we do from editor Jim Pippitt Take a moment to look at the strip of pictures on the bottom of pages 56 and 57. Please? I promise I’ll wait. That set of shots sums up everything Rutabaga (and our Door County Sea Kayak Symposium) and paddling in general is to me. That woman just did her first wet exit ever. I have a lot of pictures of her sitting in her boat, waiting for her nerves to calm down. She was really, really worried. She’d look like she was ready to go, start to lean the boat, and then stop. She’d apologize to the instructor, take a few big breaths… and then abort again. Finally, the moment came when she felt ready. She rolled herself over, slapped on the bottom of the boat — twice, not three times as we’re supposed to do, but then, almost no one does three the first time over — released

her sprayskirt, and then slid out of her cockpit. All while upside-down in a very low oxygen environment. Her PFD helped get her pointing the right way up, and her head popped out of the water as she let out the biggest, happiest whoop I have ever heard. She clapped for joy. Her fellow students cheered for her. (We hear a lot of encouraging words out on the water.) Then out of nowhere, overcome with excitement and gratitude, she lunged at the instructor, Pete, and gave him the hug of his lifetime. More cheers from the students. For the rest of the weekend, she did everything. Fearlessly. That’s what Rutabaga is about. Getting people out on the water. Giving them the

gear, the knowledge, and the experience to do it safely (as possible). Being able to bask in their joy is a pleasant perk, too. Paddling can change lives, and it can do it at any time in someone’s life. The woman in the photo was a different person after completing her first wet exit. She was more alive, more joyous, more willing to try new things. She positively glowed.

“For the rest of the weekend, she did everything. Fearlessly.” Paddling changed my life. Dad got a canoe, and I discovered my love for being outdoors. That led to being asked to go on outings with other like-minded people. Now I’m the one introducing friends and family members into the joys of being on (or near) the water. Adopted girly-girl nieces who thought that they’d be city dwellers forever found that paddling and camping could be pretty darn sweet. (Admittedly, I stacked the deck: a pop-up camper, real toilets, and cinnamon rolls in the Dutch Oven. But the point stands.) Maybe you’re a seasoned paddler. If so, invite new folks to come to Rutabaga and/ or Canoecopia. Show them how to find the right stuff to make for a fantastic experience. If you’re new to the paddling scene, don’t worry. At Canoecopia you’ll have access to a wealth of information, both speakers and folks willing to talk. At Rutabaga we have incredible staff and a test-paddling pond out back. We’ve also got incredible instructors to give you some fancy tips and techniques. Give it a try. I think you’ll be amazed at how paddling can change your life too.

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Jim Pippitt has been the IT guru at Rutabaga for 18 years, and the editor of the Show Guide for 2. He lives in Madison with his wife and two dogs. He yearns for the day when jetpack technology finally matures.

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