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ROSA TSENG CROSS PACIFIC JOBHUNT Jobless Canadians flee for Hong Kong Hong Kongis willing to pay handsomesalariesforabraingainithas never seen befor...
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Jobless Canadians flee for Hong Kong Hong Kongis willing to pay handsomesalariesforabraingainithas never seen before in its entirehistory to satiate the needs of China, home of a quartet of the world's ONG KONG-As consumers, roughly four timesthe scores of well-edupopulation of North America. Hong Kong. a cityof six million not kidding. By conrrast Canada's inabilcated Canadian talentlose 20-somethingCanadiansflash MostEnglish-speaking business cards in a non-stop drive On Saturdays, local English people. ity to stimulate economic growth, their lustre while mired in toincreasefinancialopportunities. papers carry nearly 100 pages of canadiansareinevitablymnected tackle a growing deficit and reunemployment, job insecu- With air travel to neighbouring job listings for English speakers. to the Chamber.Canada's second duce hightaxation has halted foreign investment in Canada and derity and a lack of promotion, economies on the rise, the young For theSowhChinaMorning Post, embassy was set up here into 1928 strengthen Commonwealth ties, a are beginning to thatflgurepeakedat186pageslast professionals moralized Canadians. acolony of 35,000 other speak in thetongueofforeign year. Thejob boom has even given year after thefirstwas setupin Christina Pao, 22. who just Canadians have discovered ambassadors with a vast knowl- solid business in Vancouverto are graduated from International ReSing Washington, D.C. Today there an employment paradise. Tao Pa0 and Ming Pa0 which are atleast5oOcanadianfmsinHong lations at the University of B.C., edge of worldflairs. Job turnover almost mimics a read more lbr the classifieds than Kong. 'Ihey have hopped on a plane in discoveredthatemployers With a buoyant Vancouver were unwilling stockexchange as to hire to go west. Far westto the East. economy, job quality and graduates without seasoned work They fly offshore to a land employees quitperselectionhasimproved manent jobs for betexperience-or eventhosewho where joblessness is virtually nondrastically. Reeder says. had it. Many employers advatisexistent. And now,this land hosts terones. Or they 'Ihe Hang Seng ing jobs in The Vancouver Sun of overseas Ca- leavethecitywith the largest colony Stock Exchange index re- were inundatedwithmorethan considerable wealth. nadians. centlyrosepast12,000 Compared to It is in HongKongwhere 500 applications. points to a recordhigh On September 14, Pao, who university grads say their abilities Canada's staggering doubling the indextwo 11% unemployment may flourish. Upongraduation, speaks littleCantonese,leftfor years ago. 'Ihe increase is attrib- Hong Kong armed with just a rethey are practically guaranteed a rate, highest among industrialized news. uted to foreign interestfrom North sume and dazzling reference letter is only "Now more people have found career-relatedjobwithgoodpayin nations, Hong Kong's rate are from a UBCprofessor. By Noa city which views education as 2%. And it is eclipsed by a 4% out about the opportunities so it American fund managers who atChina's vember14shehadthreepboffers: may take a bit longer to find a job," positioning investments SBQoSanCtas religion. A reference labour shortage. "The 2% unemployed are Reeder says. "It used to only take doorstep in the security of Hong One fora reputable localmarketletter from a professor is almost Kong. China's miracle economy ing company, another afor those who have chosen to be un- two weeks, now it takes about two likea letterfrom God. British hasdramaticallystirredUpdemalKi uading company, and another months." Usuallywithin two years, employed,"saidpublicaffairs at a Today Canada's largest over- forhumanexpertheandsupply for five star hotelformanagement theseCanadians entetmanage manager NeilReeder of the Canaopportunities. And training. ment positions. On any givenday dian Chamber of Commem.He is seas Chamber of Commerce is in economic SEE PAGE7



While the West is cocoonedin a qualityof life philosophy of work less for more pay, the East has a visionof work more, get richand retire in the West.



Tuesday, January18,1994

b l . 76, No. 26


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