CALL FOR PAPERS Abstract Submission Guidelines 2016

The Practice of Integration for a Healthy Life

10th Annual A5M Conference in Anti-Ageing & Aesthetic Medicine 2016 with a focus on Ageing and Personalised Medicine: Improving Patient Outcomes

Melbourne, Australia 6-7 August 2016

Abstract Submission Guidelines


10th Annual A5M Conference in Anti-Ageing & Aesthetic Medicine

6–7 August 2016 | Sofitel Melbourne on Collins


• Diets and nutrition in disease management • Brain ageing, interventions and management • Mental health: impact, interventions and management • Cardio-metabolic disorders • Preventative cardiology • Preventative and integrative strategies • Exercise prescription • Healthy ageing and wellbeing • Hormones, ageing and lifestyle implications • Nutritional factors and interventions • The importance of sleep • The latest research and protocols in telomeres • Environmental factors and interventions • Behavioural interventions, such as lifestyle coaching and motivation • Chronic pain management • Genomics and other “omics” • Skin and ageing: advances, treatments and procedures • Nutraceuticals and nutrients for aesthetics • Dentistry and its impact on lifestyle • New research into stem cells and PRP • Clinical advancements in aesthetic medicine


10th Annual A5M Conference


• Lifestyle factors and interventions for the management of chronic disease


14 March:

Abstract submission due

16 March: A5M Scientific Program Committee review process begins 15 April:

Ranking finalised

18 April:

Notification of success

23 May:

Final program released

A5M showcases abstracts submitted on preventative, integrative, anti-ageing and aesthetic medicine from Australasia and around the world. Abstracts are published in a program supplement to the Annual A5M Conference. The A5M Scientific Program Committee reviews all abstracts submitted for presentation at plenary, parallel, and poster sessions. Selection criteria are based on merit, and on integration of specialist medical streams that provide optimum outcomes for patients. We will email you the status of your submitted abstract in May 2016.

Healthy Ageing and Personalised Medicine: Improving Patient Outcomes Healthy Ageing and Personalised Medicine: Improving Patient Outcomes is the theme of the 10th Annual A5M Conference in AntiAgeing and Aesthetic Medicine. The 10th annual conference is both a milestone and a celebration for A5M. The program will feature a series of dynamic, innovate key opinion leaders who have played a significant role in shaping the direction of the industry and pioneering the anti-ageing movement. Leading local and international experts in the areas of integrative, preventative, anti-ageing and aesthetic medicine will also be invited to speak. Lifestyle has an enormous impact on all aspects of everyday life, including body, mind, work, family and ageing. The links between healthy lifestyle and healthy ageing, as well as internal and external health, are well established and increasingly researched in the scientific world. With Australia’s ageing population progressively focused on feeling and looking better, it’s now more vital than

ever that health professionals remain at the forefront of preventative, integrative and anti-ageing medicine. Skin health and appearance medicine, including the latest research into theories of ageing such as methylation, glycation, inflammation, the role of detoxification and nutrition, are core considerations for all health practitioners concerned with the practice of healthy ageing. Additionally, health professionals need to understand how lifestyle and exercise protocols can help to produce the best outcomes for their patients. Conference sessions will focus on the most recent research into healthy ageing, lifestyle interventions for the management of chronic diseases, and patient-centred aesthetic medical care in clinical practice. Attendees will be given cutting edge, practical and ready-to-implement strategies for improving patient outcomes and care standards through the practice of preventative, integrative and anti-ageing medicine.

For further details contact 2016 Conference Secretariat A5M Medical Education E: [email protected] T: +61 3 9813 0439

Abstract Submission Guidelines

10th Annual A5M Conference in Anti-Ageing & Aesthetic Medicine



The A5M Scientific Program Committee invites you to submit an abstract for presentation at the 10th Annual A5M Conference in Anti-Ageing & Aesthetic Medicine to be held 6 - 7 August 2016, Melbourne.

BENEFITS OF PRESENTING Speaking at the 2016 A5M Conference is an excellent opportunity to share exciting and cutting edge work with peers and help to advance integrative evidence-based medicine in Australasia. • Establish yourself as a regional leader • Showcase your research and technologies • Build the knowledge of peers All invited speakers will receive: • One (1) Full Delegate Pass to the 2016 A5M Conference • Invitation to attend the 10th Annual A5M Conference Cocktail Party

APPLY TODAY Please make your electronic submission to the 2016 A5M Scientific Program Coordinator via email to [email protected] with the subject heading “A5M Conference Abstract”. Click here to download form

For further details contact A5M: email [email protected] or call +61 3 9813 0439

Medical Practitioners • General Practitioners • Integrative Medicine Practitioners • Cosmetic Surgeons/Physicians • Cardiologists • Dermatologists • Endocrinologists • General Physicians • Geriatricians • Gynaecologists and Obstetricians • Neurologists • Occupational Medicine Physicians • Oncologists • Orthopaedic Physicians • Pathologists • Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons • Psychiatrists • Sports Medicine Clinicians • Surgeons • Urologists Allied Health Practitioners • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Aestheticians Cosmetologists Chiropractors Dentists Dieticians/Nutritionists Exercise Physiologists Naturopaths Nurse Practitioners Osteopaths Physiotherapists Physical Trainers Psychologists Pharmacists


“The doctor of the future will give no medication, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, diet and in the cause and prevention of disease.” Thomas A. Edison 3

Abstract Submission Guidelines


10th Annual A5M Conference in Anti-Ageing & Aesthetic Medicine



Abstracts must conform exactly to the A5M policies and guidelines (listed overleaf). Failure to submit an abstract as outlined may result in your abstract not being considered for selection. Abstracts are all allocated as free papers, some of which may be oral presentations for keynote or plenary sessions; or to poster sessions, based on the breadth or focus of interest and other considerations, including your choice. All abstracts must be based on: • Best-practice, evidence-based medicine • The integration of specialist medical streams • The latest trends, procedures and technologies in preventative, integrative, anti -ageing and aesthetic medicine • The main conference theme, or be of relevance to the practice of integration in another key medical field, or relate to aesthetic medicine


CHECKLIST Complete all four sections of the Abstract Submission Form

1. Read this document and keep for your records 2. Complete the abstract submission form 3. Submit either Email submission: admin@a5m in the subject heading “A5M Conference Abstract” or Postal submission: Abstract Submissions, A5M Medical Education PO BOX 8244, CAMBERWELL NORTH, VIC, 3124

1. COMPLETED ABSTRACT SUBMISSION INFORMATION & DISCLOSURE STATEMENT One abstract submission form per abstract is required. All authors listed on the abstract are required to complete a financial disclosure statement for the abstract submission, either disclosing all financial relationships and commercial interests of each author, or indicating that none exist. 2. MAIN AUTHOR/SPEAKER BIOGRAPHY A maximum of fifty (50) words describing the presenting author’s experience, qualifications, clinical and/or research pursuits and relevance to conference theme (where possible). 3. DIGITAL PHOTO Supply in a JPEG or TIFF format, a high-resolution colour headshot of the main author/presenter (minimum 300 dpi) - approximately 1MB. Attach to the submission email, or supply as a USB. Clearly label with main authors first and last name. 4. ABSTRACT (see Guidelines on page 5) Submit an abstract in accordance with the A5M Guidelines documented overleaf. Click here to download form


Abstract Submission Guidelines

10th Annual A5M Conference in Anti-Ageing & Aesthetic Medicine

ABSTRACT SUBMISSION GUIDELINES Please follow all instructions carefully and ensure attention to detail or your abstract may be not be considered for assessment. Please retain a copy of the materials that you have submitted.

9. REFERENCES: Add FULL REFERENCES at the end of each abstract where relevant.

2. DEADLINE: The deadline for submission of abstracts is 14 MARCH 2016

10. TABLES: One table may be added to the abstract.

3. WORD LIMIT: There is a minimum of 200 words and a maximum limit of 400 words for each submitted abstract. 4. SPECIAL CHARACTERS AND FORMATTING: If you copy and paste the title and/or body from your word processor, special characters or formatting may not transfer. You may have to replace special characters and/or insert formatting tags using the special character palette.

6. AUTHORS & AFFILIATIONS: Author’s name, institution or hospital, city and country should follow abstract title. Enter all authors in the order they should appear in the heading of the abstract. Underline main/presenting author’s name only. Exclude degrees, titles and full addresses.

Robert Urich


1. LANGUAGE: Abstracts must be submitted in Word format and in English.

5. TITLE: The title must be displayed in uppercase (capital letters).

“A healthy outside starts with the inside”


7. ABBREVIATIONS: Use standard abbreviations in parentheses after the full word, the first time it appears. 8. NUMERALS: Use numerals to indicate numbers, except to begin sentences.

11. ILLUSTRATIONS: Two illustrations may be added to the abstract. Submit electronic files as TIFF, EPS, JPEG or GIF. Colour illustrations are preferable. 12. CONTENT: Content must be pertinent to topic of lecture. Content shall be absent of commercial statements and/ or product endorsement. When mention of a particular product if necessary, opt to generic whenever possible. 13. ETHICS: If the research involved human subjects, it must have been approved by your institutional review board or Human Ethics Committee and conform to International standards of ethical practice. Animal research must have been approved by an appropriate Review Board and conform to the highest standards of human care. 14. SUPPORT: If you have any difficulty with the submission process that you cannot resolve yourself, please contact A5M Medical Education Phone: +61 3 9813 0439 Email: [email protected]

NOTE: The A5M Scientific Program Committee reserves the right to edit or otherwise modify all submissions at its discretion and is not responsible for lost or misdirected submissions and/or queries. All decisions of A5M are final.


For further details contact A5M: email [email protected] or call +61 3 9813 0439

Abstract Submission Guidelines

10th Annual A5M Conference in Anti-Ageing & Aesthetic Medicine



PRESENTATION TIPS Presentations should be clear, engaging, memorable and relevant. They must reflect the needs of the conference delegates who are doctors and allied health practitioners of both internal and external medicine. Content should be scientific and evidence based, with practical and clinical aspects considered in depth. Clear take-home messages and ready-to-implement clinical protocols are mandatory inclusions for all presentations.

1. PLANNING: Plan the structure for your presentation before you begin writing it - this will help you to stay focused. A clear structure will also be helpful if you forget or get stuck on the day. 2. MEMORABILITY: The most memorable presentations include variety, relevance and emotion. Vary your slide length, look and feel. Use your slides as prompts and don’t plan to read from them directly. Include images, tables, graphs and a variety of colours. Keep your target audience top of mind when you’re creating your presentation; ensure your content is relevant for their expectations and appropriate for their literacy level. Use humour if appropriate. Appeal to the audience’s emotions, tell personal stories and share anecdotes. 3. EVIDENCE: Include up-to-date research and scientific evidence. Vary the type of evidence used to support your content if applicable.

“A wise man ought to realise that health is his most valuable possession.” Hippocrates

For further details contact A5M: email [email protected] or call +61 3 9813 0439 6

4. TAKE-HOME MESSAGES: Finish with the key benefits and takehome messages for your audience - ask yourself: What can they implement in practice, starting tomorrow? What are the next steps? Create actionable outcomes based on benefits. 5. PRACTICE: You should practice your presentation from beginning to end several times before the day. This will help you to remember what you want to say - and it can also prevent forgetfulness or memory blanks. If you feel daunted by practicing from beginning to end, consider breaking up your presentation into sections and practicing each section before combining them. 6. OTHER TIPS: Taking proactive steps to reduce your stress levels, get adequate sleep, eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly will help to ensure clarity and focus as you’re preparing and practicing your presentation. Giving yourself enough time to plan, prepare and practice will also reduce any anxious feelings before your presentation.