California Transitional Kindergarten (TK) Programs

Materials for 2012 California Transitional Kindergarten (TK) Programs art center language and literacy center “Lakeshore’s TK classroom materials ...
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California Transitional Kindergarten (TK) Programs

art center

language and literacy center “Lakeshore’s TK classroom materials received an overwhelmingly positive response from our teachers. Because of the quality of the materials, these educators are even more excited to teach transitional kindergarten!”

dramatic play center

— Dr. Cynthia White, Director of Curriculum and Categorical Programs, Santa Barbara Unified School District

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Materials for Transitional Kindergarten (TK) Programs About this Catalog To help school districts across California develop successful Transitional Kindergarten programs, we have filled this catalog with materials targeting the specific developmental needs of “young fives.” Using the Transitional Kindergarten (TK) Planning Guide, California Preschool Learning Foundations, and California’s Common Core Standards for kindergarten as our guidelines, we have selected products that foster essential skills related to:

• Language Arts

• Social-Emotional Development

• Mathematics

• Science

• History/Social Science

• Physical Education

• Visual and Performing Arts

The use of these materials will help to provide younger children with an enriching environment that supports academic, physical and social growth in a manner that reflects their current stage of development. Combined with a modified kindergarten curriculum, these materials will promote greater school readiness for kindergarten and beyond!

TK Model Classroom designed by the Orange County Department of Education (OCDE) Early Intervention for School Success (EISS).

Table of Contents Technology ...............................................................3 Blocks.......................................................................4 Visual & Performing Arts Dramatic Play....................................................7 Art .................................................................12 Music & Movement ..........................................18 Lakeshore safety key

Puzzles & Manipulatives ..........................................20

Some items in our catalog have important safety notices. To find them, just look for the number keys below, which are located with the product descriptions.

Language Arts ........................................................24 Mathematics ...........................................................34 Science...................................................................38


m WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD — Small parts. Not for children under 3 yrs.


m WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD — This toy is or contains a small ball. Not for children under 3 yrs.


m WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD — This toy is or contains a marble. Not for children under 3 yrs.

Health & Nutrition ...................................................42 Physical Education...................................................44 Social-Emotional Development .................................47 History/Social Science.............................................48 Teacher Resources ...................................................49 Furniture .................................................................52

Current pricing in effect until January 2013.



Our software works on interactive whiteboards, Macs & PCs.

PhONEMIC AwARENESS FUN FACTORy INTERACTIVE GAME CD-ROM Boosting phonemic awareness is all in a day’s work—when students take charge of our fun factory machine! Children just drop tiles into the machine—matching up pictures by their beginning, ending or rhyming sound! With over 100 tiles for children to sort. For Mac/Win. PP243TK n Single License (1 computer) 12.95 PP243CP n Class License (5 computers) 29.95 ALPhABET FUN FACTORy INTERACTIVE GAME CD-ROM Students love to get to work in our interactive factory—where they’re in charge of our exciting alphabet machine! Children simply match letter & picture tiles to the letters on the machine…mastering letters and their sounds every step of the way! Includes over 100 tiles for children to sort. For Mac/Win. PP244TK n Single License (1 computer) 12.95 PP244CP n Class License (5 computers) 29.95

NUMBERS & COUNTING ADVENTURES INTERACTIVE ACTIVITIES CD-ROM Our exciting activities make math practice a blast—and build number sense and counting skills as children play! Just choose one of 4 interactive activities from the CD-ROM’s menu… then simple audio instructions guide children along as they count, match numbers to quantities, arrange numbers in sequential order and more. For Mac/Win. PP466TK n Single License (1 computer) 19.95 PP466CP n Class License (5 computers) 49.95

LETTER OF ThE DAy ACTIVITIES INTERACTIVE CD-ROM From fun-filled letter chants to tracing demonstrations, our interactive activity program lets students explore the whole alphabet—from every angle! Simply select a letter from the dropdown menu at the top of the screen… then touch any area of the interactive chart to explore the letter in depth. Students can practice writing each letter with the fun-to-use pencil tool, identify initial sounds in cute “hanging” picture frames, focus on correct letter formation with the animated tracing demonstrations—even read right along with lively narrated chants that reinforce letter sounds! For Mac/Win. hh950TK n Single License (1 computer) hh950CP n Class License (5 computers)

19.95 49.95

ALL ABOUT LIFE SCIENCE INTERACTIVE ACTIVITIES CD-ROM Captivating science topics come to life—with our incredibly engaging interactive CD-ROM! The CD-ROM features 10 fascinating movies & 10 follow-up activities that focus on important science topics, from animal homes and life cycles to habitats, mothers & babies, and more. Just select a topic from the interactive menu…then students watch a 2- to 3-minute movie that brings the subject to life. Each follow-up activity reinforces information from the movie using a fun, interactive format that grabs students’ attention… and provides the skill-building feedback children need to really master each concept! For Mac/Win. PP357TK n Single License (1 computer) PP357CP n Class License (5 computers)

29.95 79.95

NUTRITION INTERACTIVE ACTIVITIES CD-ROM From sorting groceries by food group to creating a balanced meal—students will have a blast mastering nutrition concepts as they play! Children just watch the lesson to explore each of the 5 food groups in depth…then complete 2 activities & play a fun-filled game to reinforce what they’ve learned! For Mac/Win. PP691TK n Single License (1 computer) 19.95 PP691CP n Class License (5 computers) 49.95

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HH827TK n HARDWOOD CONSTRUCTION VEHICLES Our hardwood vehicles are ready to get to work! You get 6 easy-rolling vehicles with fun, movable parts—from a dump truck with a real-lifting bed to an excavator with an extendable arm and a spinning cab. Vehicles measure approximately 3 7⁄8"-7" long. 29.95 HH640TK n ARCH BLOCKS Build tunnels, bridges, archways & more… with our rugged wooden arches! Set includes 12 arches in 3 sizes. The largest arch measures 7 1⁄4" x 5" high. 49.95

HARDWOOD UNIT BLOCKS Our blocks are the best you can buy—and we have a 50-year guarantee to prove it! As children design and build using our classic hardwood blocks, they practice problem solving, develop percep­tion skills, and explore basic math & science. Blocks are made of solid hardrock maple, kiln-dried, sanded & beveled for perfect building balance. And if any block breaks or splinters within 50 years of the date of purchase, we will replace it at no charge! Each block is precisely related in size to the basic unit block (1 3⁄8" x 2 3⁄4" x 5 1⁄2") for a comfortable series of relationships that makes it easy to create & learn. Block play accessories & construction hats sold sep. B250ATK n Hardwood Unit Blocks - Starter Set Our Starter Set contains 108 blocks in 14 shapes. 259.00 B250BTK n Hardwood Unit Blocks - Builder Set Builder Set includes 184 blocks in 19 shapes. 499.00 B250CTK n Hardwood Unit Blocks - Universal Set Our largest set contains 318 blocks in 25 shapes. 799.00


RJ10TK n BLOCK PLAY TRAFFIC SIGNS Whether it’s One Way or No U Turn, young motorists get the message! These realistic reproductions of actual road signs are scaled for block and transportation play. Set includes 10 wooden signs; the tallest sign measures 7 1⁄2". 29.95

For more blocks, visit us online at

Blocks Figures are molded from top-quality vinyl…and they’re super-detailed!

AA203TK n AA205TK n AA202TK n AA201TK n AA204TK n Native White Family Black Family Hispanic Family Asian Family American Family 19.95 19.95 19.95 19.95 19.95

LM826TK n HARDWOOD COMMUNITY VEHICLES SET Our solid hardwood vehicles are built to withstand years of hard-driving block play! Detailed vehicles have easy-rolling wheels, with wooden axles drilled through the vehicles for extra dura­bility. Set of 10; each measures 4"-4 1⁄2". 29.95

AA200XTK n LAKESHORE BLOCK PLAY PEOPLE COMPLETE SET m CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.* Our multiethnic people are perfect for populating play cities & towns…and they’re so rugged and durable, we guar­a ntee them for 10 full years! The high-quality vinyl fig­ures feature appealing, upto-date styling and authentic details. Plus, they are specially molded to stand upright for realistic, frustration-free play! Complete set includes all five 8-piece fam­ilies, for a total of 40 play fig­ures; the tallest figures measure 5 1⁄2". 89.95

Each figure stands up on its own—with large, specially designed feet!

GG872TK n LAKESHORE COMMUNITY GARAGES Turn any block play space into a bustling community…with our realistic, super-sturdy garages! Each one is perfectly scaled to our vehicles at left—with drive-through openings on both ends, so children can zip in & out of the post office, roll into the auto shop for a tune-up, drop “passengers” off at school and more! 8 wooden garages, each 5"-6" long. Vehicles sold separately. 49.95

GR931TK n COMMUNITY PLAY CARPET This activity-filled carpet has all the features of a real-life community—from city roads and highways to a park, a police station…even a drive-in movie theater! Our incredibly durable nylon carpet is silkscreened with colorful community images…and it measures over 6 feet long, so several children can tour the town at once! 36" x 78" carpet is soil-resistant and surfacewashable, and has a nonskid rubber back­ing for safe classroom use. Vehicles sold separately below. 49.95 GG932TK n Community Car Set Our 15 real-roll­ing wooden vehi­cles are per­fectly scaled to our Community Play Carpet. Each is 2 1⁄2"-3 1⁄4". 29.95 *For an explanation of Lakeshore’s “Safety Key,” see page 2.



FF673TK n BLOCK PLAY STORE DOORS With our big, delightfully detailed store doors, children can build everything from a barbershop and bakery to a candy shop and toy store! 8 solid hardwood doors feature silkscreened storefronts with lots of realistic details and rounded edges for super-safe play. Plus, each one is scaled to our Hardwood Unit Blocks on p. 4 and our Block Play People on p. 5, so children can build an entire store around each entrance—and walk customers right on in! Doors are 8 1⁄4"-9 1⁄4" tall. Block Play People sold separately. 49.95

HH377TK n CONSTRUCTION HATS - SET OF 4 Our kid-sized construction hats are just right for little builders…and they add a realistic touch to block play! You get 4 classroom-tough hats made of rugged, easy-clean plastic. 19.95


FF353TK n NATURE BLOCKS Bring the great outdoors right into the classroom—with all-natural wood blocks crafted to retain the look and feel of real branches! Children can build natural-looking structures and towers, examine textures & knots—even count tree rings. Plus, the blocks are carefully sanded, so they’re smooth and safe for little hands. The set includes 36 blocks, all proportioned for frustration-free building. The longest block measures 9". 49.95


Handy labels help children put blocks away with ease!


LAKESHORE BLOCK STORAGE SYSTEM Keep your class­room blocks neat, organized & accessible! Our cabinets have storage space for tons of blocks…with easy-rolling casters that let you transport the blocks any­where in the room. We’ve included labels that show where each block belongs, so children can put them away by them­selves! Hard­wood cabinets come in 3 sizes to hold each of our Hardwood Unit Block Sets (sold sep.). GREENGUARD® Certified. Lifetime warranty. Fully assembled.

LA201TK n Starter Block Set Storage Cabinet 24"w x 12"d x 24"h; holds B250ATK. 199.00 LA202TK n Builder Block Set Storage Cabinet 37 1⁄4"w x 12"d x 25"h; holds B250BTK. 299.00 LA203TK n Universal Block Set Storage Cabinet 47"w x 12"d x 28"h; holds B250CTK. 349.00

For more blocks, visit us online at

Dramatic Play

Dramatic Play

RR390XTK n LET’S GO SHOPPING FOOD BASKETS - COMPLETE SET mCHOKING HAZARD (2). Not for under 3 yrs.* Broccoli, apples, bread & eggs—our easy-tote baskets are brimming with life-sized groceries from every food group! 4 big baskets come packed with durable, vinyl food pieces—perfect for adding a realistic touch to play kitchens & stores…or for introducing nutri­tion concepts. 4 plastic baskets and over 60 food pieces; baskets are 11" x 8 1⁄2" x 5" high. 115.00 Each basket of food is also available separately. RR396TK n Vegetable Basket Plastic basket & 16 vegetable pieces. (Shown.) 29.95 RR398TK n Bread Basket Plastic basket & 16 bread pieces. 29.95 RR397TK n Fruit Basket Plastic basket & 15 fruit pieces. (Shown.) 29.95 RR399TK n Meat, Fish & Cheese Basket Plastic basket & 19 pcs. 29.95 RR919TK n Extra Basket With handles; measures 11" x 8 1⁄2" x 5". 5.95

LDA179TK n INDESTRUCTIBLE KITCHEN PLAYSET Our kid-sized dishes are made of safe, unbreakable plastic—to last through years of pretend meals! 60-piece set in­cludes 12 place settings, plus an 11 1⁄4" x 15" molded plastic rack that lets children wash & dry their dishes…and easily store the whole set when they’re done. Dishwasher-safe; in a vinyl tote. 59.95 EXTRA DISHES With each set below, you get enough dishes & utensils for 4 or 12 children. 16.95 LDA178TK n Service for 4 20 pieces. LDA177TK n Service for 12 60 pieces. 49.95

GR450XTK n PRETEND & PLAY HARDWOOD KITCHEN SET All the authentic details of a real-life kitchen set…but de­signed especially for children! Our finely craft­ed, kid-sized ap­pli­ances fea­ture rounded corners & smooth edges to keep children safe, plus tons of realistic details to help them feel right at home, like real-turning knobs, a re­mov­able dish tub for the sink and pre­tend burn­­ers on the stove! Complete set of all 4 hard­wood units. As­sembly required. Play dish­es & food are sold separately. 549.00

GR461TK n Refrigerator 15 3⁄4"w x 13 3⁄4"d x 34"h refrig­er­ator has extra-big han­dles on both doors & 3 roomy shelves in­side. Assembly required. 149.00

GR462TK n Stove 15 3⁄4"w x 13 3⁄4"d x 26"h; with movable knobs & a safety hinge on the door. Assembly req. 139.00

GR463TK n Sink 15 3⁄4"w x 13 3⁄4"d x 26"h unit features a realistic fau­cet & movable knobs. Assembly required. 139.00

For more dramatic play items, visit us online at

GR465TK n Hutch 15 3⁄4"w x 13 3⁄4"d x 34"h hutch has a microwave with see-inside win­ dow. As­sembly req. 149.00


Dramatic Play

JJ858TK n PRETEND & PLAY TABLE AND CHAIR SET With a sturdy de­sign, rounded corners & wipe-clean surfaces, our finely crafted set pro­vides the ideal place for classroom activities and pretend play! Wood ta­ble has a spa­cious top that’s perfect for house play, snack time or expand­ing class­r oom work space, and comes with 4 wooden chairs in 4 bright col­ors. Table is 24"w x 24"d x 23"h; seat heights are 13 1⁄2". Easy assembly. Play dishes & food are sold separately. 349.00

DD516TK n PRETEND & PLAY COMBO KITCHEN Our incredible kitchen center gives children maximum play value…in mini­mum space!  The sturdy hardwood kitchen has lots of realistic details, like movable knobs, working doors and pretend burners…even see-inside doors on the oven and microwave. Plus, you get a built-in hutch and tons of stor­­age space—so play dishes and food are always in reach! Unit measures 50"w x 16"d x 44"h; comes with mag­netic door closures and a safety hinge on the oven. Easy assembly. Play dishes and food are sold separately. 499.00 HH642TK n INDESTRUCTIBLE POTS & PANS PLAYSET Children cook up tons of pretend meals—with unbreakable pots and pans made just for them! 18 kid-safe plastic cookware pieces include pots, pans & saucepans with lids…plus spoons, ladles & spatulas. Dishwasher-safe set is coordinated to our Indestructible Kitchen Playset (sold on p. 7). Saucepans are 8 3⁄4". 29.95

LA427TK n BEST-BUY KITCHEN PLAYSET m CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.* Children feel all grown up as they make and serve realistic pretend meals with our giant playset! We’ve filled the set with plates, cups, pots, knives and forks—just about every­thing but the kitchen sink! The set includes 60 sturdy plastic pieces, including service for 6, tray, tea­pot, sugar bowl and creamer, 3 pots with lids and more. The plates measure 5 1⁄4". 39.95


LM366TK n BEST-BUY MULTICULTURAL PLAY FOOD ASSORTMENT m CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.* Bring an international flavor into the classroom! Our giant play food set includes 100 rugged plastic pieces representing cuisine from Japan, Italy, China & Mexico—from sushi rolls & Italian sausage to steamed dumplings and tortilla chips. Set comes in a handy storage tub; pizza is 6 1⁄2". 39.95

For more dramatic play items, visit us online at

Dramatic Play LC180XTK n LAKESHORE MULTIETHNIC SCHOOL DOLL SET Dolls are also available separately. Each 34.95 Children increase cultural awareness and boost their self-esteem—with Multiethnic Boy Girl School Dolls that celebrate diversity! Each 16" doll is incredibly realistic…with detailed Asian Doll LC188TK LC187TK facial features & super-accurate skin tones that bring dramatic play to life. Plus, the school-quality dolls feature removable outfits with hook & loop closures, Hispanic Doll LC184TK LC183TK securely rooted hair that stands up to years of constant grooming, plus White Doll LC182TK LC181TK soft vinyl bodies that children will love to cuddle and care for. Set includes Black Doll LC186TK LC185TK all 8 dolls listed in the chart at right. 269.00 LC187TK




HD865TK n BUTCHERBLOCK TABLE AND CHAIR SET Our 3-piece, child-sized dinette is perfect for role-playing mealtimes, eating a snack or even expanding classroom work space. The solidly built table has a wipe-clean butcher-block top and smooth, rounded edging that prevents snags. Wooden table measures 28"w x 21"h; the 2 chairs have 12" seat heights. GREENGUARD® Certified. Simple assembly. Play dishes and food are sold separately.  199.00 HD885TK n Extra Chair Hardwood; seat is 12" high. Each 69.50

DD470XTK n LAKESHORE WASHABLE BABY DOLLS These darling dolls are super-detailed and incredibly lifelike, yet tough enough for classroom use and machine-washing! 11" dolls have mov­able arms and legs and squeezably soft bod­ies…plus interchange­able, hook & loop out­­­fits. Molded vinyl and soft cloth. Complete set includes all 4 dolls shown. 69.95 Washable dolls are also available separately. Each 19.95 DD474TK n Washable Hispanic Doll DD472TK n Washable White Doll DD473TK n Washable Asian Doll DD471TK n Washable Black Doll





FF854TK n SOFT & SAFE COMMUNITY HELPERS Introduce little ones to important people in their community—with our soft & safe play figures! The extrachubby figures are made of super-squeezable plastic that’s easy to grab & hold…and they stimulate community awareness as children play. Set of 5; each is approximately 7".  29.95

LA514TK n ALL-IN-ONE KITCHEN A refrigerator, microwave, hutch, sink, stove and oven—in one space-saving unit! Hardwood kitchen has 4 pretend burners on the stove, plexiglas windows in the microwave & oven, and real-turning knobs on the sink, stove & oven. And there’s plenty of space for play dishes & food, including an easy-access storage area right below the sink. 50"w x 15 1⁄4"d x 44"h. GREENGUARD® Certified. Comes assembled. Play dishes sold sep. 599.00

*For an explanation of Lakeshore’s “Safety Key,” see page 2.


Dramatic Play LC890XTK n LAKESHORE CAREER COSTUME SET Super-realistic, easy-on costumes—designed to fit a wide range of sizes! Our school-quality outfits fea­ture simple, slip-on designs and adjustable hook & loop closures that make dress-up a breeze…and fit children ages 3 to 6 years. Set of all 10 costumes below. 349.00

LC815TK n Construction Worker In­cludes a sturdy hard hat, bright nylon vest & traffic sign. 39.95

LC801TK n Mail Carrier With a washable cotton/­polyester zip-up jacket, a cap & an official-looking mail pouch. 49.95

LC825TK n Nurse Cotton/polyester scrubs come com­­ plete with a cap & a work­ing steth­o­ scope. 32.95

LC807TK n Doctor Realistic lab coat has hook & loop clo­sures; with mir­ rored elastic head­­ band. 29.95

LA215TK n CLASSROOM MAILBOX Our rugged mail­box has all the authentic details for realistic play—from a mail slot in front for de­pos­it­ing letters & notes to an open­ing on the side for re­trieving the mail! The heavy-duty plastic mailbox features a sturdy tabletop design & smooth, round­­ed edges for years of safe play. Measures 14 1⁄2" x 14 1⁄2" x 14 3⁄4". 69.95

DR781TK n DOCTOR’S OFFICE mCHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.* Our complete doctor’s kit is rugged enough to last through many a house call! The big, chubby instruments are per­fectly sized for young physicians’ hands…and include a stetho­scope, plastic bandage, ther­mometer, blood pressure gauge and more. Set includes 11 pieces in a sturdy plastic, 8 1⁄4" medical bag. 24.95


LC901TK n Chef Checked apron has hook & loop closures; with an adjustable hat & kerchief. 29.95

LC855TK n Police Officer Washable cotton coat has hook & loop closures; with a hat. 49.95

LC848TK n Firefighter Our realistic, waterrepellent coat comes complete with a plastic helmet. 29.95

DA623TK n REAL-WORKING CASH REGISTER m CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.* Ring up the sales with our solarpowered cash register! The built-in calculator and digital display let students practice math skills as they play and keep track of purchases. The cash drawer even pops open so children can make change! 10 1⁄2" wide; with a “credit card,” play money & more. 36.95 FF417TK n ALL AROUND DRESS-UP CENTER Our space-saving center gives children instant access to dress-up clothes! The rotating, 3-sided center has 10 safe, rounded hooks to hang children’s costumes…plus 4 roomy shelves to hold shoes, hats and hard-to-store props. Children just spin the center around to find the perfect outfit…and get a fulllength view of their costume in the big, 33" mirror! Hardwood center measures 24"w x 41"h; child-safe mirror is made of shatterproof acrylic. Easy assembly. 279.00

Space to store cos­tumes and props on all 3 sides!

For more dramatic play items, visit us online at

Dramatic Play hh365TK n LAKEShORE PUPPET ThEATER Our space-saving tabletop theater really sets the stage for one spectacular performance after another! It features movable velour curtains that children can easily open and close…plus a roomy stage that’s big enough for two puppeteers at once. 20"w x 8"d x 20"h theater is made of sturdy hardwood. Assembly required. Puppet not included. 69.95

LC802TK n Astronaut Rugged vinyl coat features super-realistic, silkscreened details & hook & loop closures; with helmet. 34.95

LC803TK n Pilot Includes an easyclean pilot’s hat & a polyester coat with hook & loop closures. 49.95

LC804TK n Veterinarian Includes a pull-on cotton/polyester smock and elastic cap. 29.95

TT740XTK n LET’S TALK! COMMUNITy hELPERS PUPPET SET Children learn all about their community—and the people who keep it running—with our delightful puppet set! Friendly puppets have easy-working mouths & arms… plus detailed costumes sewn right on, so the clothing never gets lost. 8 machinewashable, multiethnic puppets; each is approx. 12". 99.50 Each puppet is also available separately. TT748TK n Police Officer 14.95 TT749TK n Doctor 14.95 TT747TK n Firefighter 14.95 TT743TK n Teacher 14.95 TT744TK n Chef 14.95 TT745TK n Mail Carrier 14.95 TT746TK n Nurse 14.95 TT742TK n Astronaut 14.95

RR580XTK n BIG MOUTh ANIMALS PUPPET SET Our plush puppets have giant working mouths & movable arms…so children can perform—and verbalize—with ease! Plus, each kidfriendly puppet features delightful details, encouraging children to get into the act. You get 6 machine-washable, dryer-safe puppets, each 8" to 10" tall. Puppet tree sold below. 49.95 Puppets also sold sep. Each 9.95 RR581TK n Cow RR582TK n Pig RR583TK n Frog RR585TK n Dog RR584TK n Duck RR586TK n Bear



LA827TK n LAKEShORE PUPPET TREE Conveniently store up to 12 of children’s favorite hand puppets—with ease! Hardwood puppet tree has thick, round-tipped dowels and a simple design that makes it easy for children to help themselves. Unit is 16"w x 16"d x 30 1⁄4"h. Easy assembly. Puppets sold above. 39.95

FF305XTK n STORyTELLER FINGER PUPPETS - COMPLETE SET Children can’t wait to slip on our incredibly detailed puppets—and tell imaginative stories in 3 of their favorite themes! Each 3-D finger puppet is easy to FF308TK hold & control, so children always enjoy frustration-free play. 3 sets, for a total of 18 machine-washable puppets; largest is 4". 79.95 FF306TK n Zoo Adventure Finger Puppets Set of 6 puppets. 29.95 FF307TK n Fairy Tales Finger Puppets Set of 6 puppets. 29.95 FF308TK n On the Farm Finger Puppets Set of 6 puppets. 29.95

*For an explanation of Lakeshore’s “Safety Key,” see page 2.




PX2128TK n LAKESHORE FULLY WASHABLE LIQUID TEMPERA - 1 GALLON Our top-quality paints wash­from skin and clothing…and have just the right con­sis­tency for smooth and easy painting! 1 gallon. Please specify color: red, blue, orange, tur­quoise, white, yellow, violet, brown, green or black. Each 13.99 LC195TK n Paint Pump Our handy pump keeps paint flow­ing—with no lifting, shak­ing or pouring! 2.95

PX2016TK n LAKESHORE FULLY WASHABLE LIQUID TEMPERA - 1 PINT Paints go on smoothly & wash off skin & clothing! 1 pint. Specify: turquoise, yel­­low, orange, red, green, violet, blue, black, brown or white. Each 2.79 PX2016ZTK n Case One dozen bottles in a single color. Specify color from the list above. 32.50 PX2020TK n FULLY WASHABLE LIQUID TEMPERA ASSORTMENT You get 10 one-pint bottles in 10 colors. (Shown.) 27.50

LA949TK n LAKESHORE HEAVY-DUTY HARDWOOD EASEL Our rugged hardwood easel was built to endure years of use! It has two 24" write and wipe surfaces…so when children aren’t painting, they can draw with write & wipe markers. Wood trays each hold 6 paint cups and adjust to 3 heights. With no-slip leg tips & 4 easel clips; 24"w x 21 3⁄4"d x 47"h. Guaranteed for 10 years. Easy assembly. 129.00 TA9TK n Newsprint Easel Paper 500 sheets of 18" x 24" paper. 16.50

LA820XTK n LAKESHORE NO-SPILL PAINT CUPS 10-COLOR SET Knock over our ingenious paint cups, and the paint won’t drip or spill— even with the top open! The one-piece lids screw on and off for super-easy re­fills…and the hinged tops flip all the way back to give children easy access to paint—and snap shut for stor­age! Ten 4" plastic cups in 10 colors. Paint and paintbrushes sold sep. 10.95 LA821TK n Lakeshore No-Spill Paint Cup Please specify color: red, violet, green, orange, yellow, black, turquoise, brown, white or blue.  Each 1.29 LA822TK n PAINT CUP CARRIER Our carrier makes it a breeze to store—and transport—all 10 of our No-Spill Paint Cups! Measures 16" x 6 1⁄2" x 6".  12.95 LA819TK n LAKESHORE NO-SPILL CLEAR PAINT CUP The same great design as our colored paint cups, only with a see-through lid so you can easily view what’s inside! Plastic paint cup measures 4" tall. (Not shown). Each 1.49


For more art items, visit us online at

Art LC323TK



HEAVY-DUTY PAINT APRONS Protect children’s clothes during their mess­iest ac­tivities! Our wipe-clean, waterproof aprons are made of extra-rugged vinyl to stand up to years of use. Choose from Adjustable Aprons, each with a handy belt that adjusts for artists of all sizes…or our Toddler Smock, with a simple closure that tots can fasten themselves and a handy design that covers them from front to back!


SUPER-LIGHTWEIGHT PAINT APRONS Our light­weight aprons are so comfortable, children hardly know they’re wearing them! The slip-on aprons are made of soft, flexible vinyl, so they’re extra-comfy and easy to wipe clean. Plus, each one has an adjustable hook & loop belt to give all artists a per­fect fit! Choose from 3 colors. CG584TK n Adjustable Apron - Blue 3.95 CG582TK n Adjustable Apron - Red 3.95 CG586TK n Adjustable Apron - Yellow 3.95

LC323TK n Toddler Vinyl Paint Smock - Blue LC37TK n Mid-Sleeved Adjustable Paint Apron - Red LC65TK n Adjustable Vinyl Paint Apron - Yellow LC2915TK n Adjustable Vinyl Paint Apron - Red

5.95 5.95 4.95 4.95

DOT ART PAINTERS mCHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.* Gently dab our dotty painters to make dazzling patterns, or brush them on to produce a classic painted look! The painters come in no-splash, no-spill bottles; each is 2.5 fl. oz. EV214TK n Brilliant Dot Art Painters Set includes 6 painters in 6 bright colors. 14.95 EV213TK n Shimmering Dot Art Painters Set of 5 painters features 5 sparkly colors. 14.95 EV212TK n Regular Dot Art Painters 6 painters include 6 superpopular colors. 14.95



LL329TK n STOW & GO ART EASEL Our double-sided easel sets up anywhere!  It rolls on 4 locking casters…and has a paint tray on each side, plus a huge storage basket below for all your supplies. Children can attach paper with the 4 easel clips…or paint right on the wipe-clean acrylic sur­fac­es. All-weather metal easel col­lap­ ses to store—just remove the basket! Measures 25"w x 27 1⁄2"d x 51"h. Easy assembly. 169.00

LAKESHORE HEAVY-DUTY BRUSHES Easy to grip & easy to use, these big brushes are made for begin­ners…and colorcoordinated to our No-Spill Paint Cups. LC1340XTK n Nylon Bristles 10-Color Set 10 brushes with plastic handles & long-lasting nylon bristles. Each is 7 1⁄4". 7.95

­­WASHABLE WATERCOLOR SET Bold, beautiful watercolors that are completely washable! Our set con­t ains bright, nontoxic paint that washes right off children’s hands, faces and cloth­ing, plus a paint­brush— all in a tough plas­tic mixing tray. With 8 water­­colors. BS525TK n Each Set 2.79 BS525ZTK n Dozen Sets 32.95

*For an explanation of Lakeshore’s “Safety Key,” see page 2.



LA416TK n CLASSROOM CARRY-ALL There’s no better way to organize art centers and craft projects! Lightweight, portable and handy as can be, our convenient carry-all comes with 8 plastic storage cups that are perfect for all kinds of art supplies—from pipe stems & craft sticks to crayons & scissors. The kid-safe metal carry-all measures 7 1⁄8" x 14" wide. Supplies not included. 19.95

JJ126TK n NUMBERS & COUNTING RUBBING PLATES Children build number rec­og­nition & counting skills—as they color! 20 fun-to-use rubbing plates have big, bold num­bers 1-20…plus a corresponding number of images right below. Children place paper over each plate & rub with a crayon—making an instant im­pression they can count & color! Each plate is 4" x 6 1⁄2". 16.95

LA883TK n BEST-BUY BROAD-TIP MARKERS - CLASS PACK m CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.* Our long-lasting markers have big, tapered tips, so children can easily color large areas, create bold strokes…and draw fine lines, too! Giant set includes 200 markers, so you’ll always have enough for the entire class. 25 each of 8 different colors, all in a partitioned storage box. 49.95 JJ336TK n Student Pack 8 markers in 8 colors. 2.29 JJ336ZTK n Dozen Student Packs 26.95

RA421TK n Rubbing Crayons - Set of 40 Our extra-thick, paperless crayons are perfect for use with our rubbing plates. 40 crayons in 8 bright colors; each is 2 3⁄8". 9.95

EE626TK n LEARN-THE-ALPHABET RUBBING PLATES Our fun-to-use plates let children create instant artwork from A to Z! Each plate has an upper- & lowercase letter, plus 2 images with the same initial sound. Children place paper over the plates & rub with crayons to reinforce letter recognition, initial sounds & more! 26 plastic plates; each is 4" x 6 1⁄2". 19.95

LARGE - Actual size.

VX850TK n BEST-BUY LARGE CRAYONS - 8-COLOR BOX Keep your classroom well-stocked with this huge set of large-size crayons! Sturdy corrugated box contains 400 crayons—50 each of the follow­ing 8 colors: purple, red, green, yellow, black, blue, brown and orange. 49.95 VX624TK n BEST-BUY LARGE CRAYONS - 12-COLOR BOX Even more colors to choose from! You get all the colors listed above, plus white, pink, gray and turquoise. 600 crayons—50 each of 12 colors. 69.95

JUMBO - Actual size.

VX735TK n BEST-BUY JUMBO CRAYONS - 8-COLOR BOX Our Jumbo Crayons are easy for little hands to hold…and hard to break! You get 200 crayons—25 each of 8 colors—in a heavy-duty box. With purple, red, green, yellow, black, blue, brown and orange. 49.95 VX748TK n BEST-BUY JUMBO CRAYONS - 12-COLOR BOX A crayon supply that will last & last! All the colors listed above, plus white, pink, gray and turquoise. 300 crayons—25 each of 12 colors. 69.95


For more art items, visit us online at


LA712TK n GIANT WASHABLE COLOR INK PADS SET 1 What could be more fun than stamping impressions with our giant-sized ink pads— they’re big enough for apples, leaves, even kid-sized handprints! Jumbo pads hold lots of vivid color, and the ink is fully washable for easy cleanup! Set of 5 stamp pads in the 5 colors shown. 24.95 LA768TK n Giant Washable Color Ink Pad Each ink pad measures a big 6" in diameter. Please specify color choice: orange, purple, blue, red or green. Each 5.95 BEST-BUY CLASSROOM SCISSORS High-quality, 5" scis­sors have corrosionresistant, stainless steel blades that create crisp, clean cuts every time…plus molded plastic handles that are easy for both righties & lefties to hold and con­trol. Available in blunt-tip or pointed-tip. TS547TK n Blunt-Tip - Each 1.49 TS547ZTK n Blunt-Tip - Dozen  16.99 TS548TK n Pointed-Tip - Each 1.49 TS548ZTK n Pointed-Tip - Dozen 16.99

LC675TK n LAKESHORE WALL-MOUNTED DRYING RACK Space-saving rack lets artwork dry flat—without drips & runs! Metal rack mounts to the wall with drywall screws & anchors, saving floor space and keeping artwork out of the way. 15 sturdy shelves hold paper up to 18" x 24". Measures 20 1⁄2"w x 17"d x 19"h. 99.00 LC683TK n LAKESHORE ALL-PURPOSE DRYING RACK Sturdy, freestanding rack sets up anywhere…with 15 wire shelves that keep artwork from sagging—even when it’s wet! Rack holds paper up to 18" x 24". Measures 20 1⁄2"w x 17"d x 23"h. 109.00

LA796TK n BEST-BUY COLORED PENCILS - CLASS PACK 300 pencils—25 each of the 12 colors shown. Nontoxic, 7" pencils come pre-sharpened in a com­part­ment­alized box with lid. 59.95 LA797TK n Best-Buy Colored Pencils - Set of 12 In 12 colors; nontoxic. 2.99

CONSTRUCTION PAPER Heavy-duty, 60-lb. stock construction paper comes in your choice of two sizes and 25 colors. You get 50 sheets per package. Please specify your color choice from the list below. TA50TK n Construction Paper - 9" x 12" Package of 50 sheets; each measures 9" x 12". 1.19 TA60XTK n Construction Paper - 9" x 12" Case Case of 50 packages; must all be the same color. 54.50 TA51TK n Construction Paper - 12" x 18" Package of 50 sheets; each measures 12" x 18". 2.19 TA61XTK n Construction Paper - 12" x 18" Case Case of 25 packages; must all be the same color. 54.50 CONSTRUCTION PAPER COLORS • black • pink • holiday red • dark green • white • lilac • red-orange • holiday green • gray • violet • orange • blue-green • light brown • red • yellow • blue • brown • magenta • light green • sky blue • dark brown • scarlet • medium green • dark blue • bright green • assorted *For an explanation of Lakeshore’s “Safety Key,” see page 2.



AX20TK n LAKESHORE DOUGH ASSORTMENT SET 1 Here’s nontoxic, pleasant-smelling dough in six super-bright colors! The lidded, 3-pound plastic tubs keep dough fresh and pliable. Assortment pack includes 6 tubs of dough in the 6 colors shown above. 49.95 Each tub is also available separately. Each 8.95 AX2TK n Red AX8TK n Green AX16TK n Purple AX4TK n Blue AX6TK n Yellow AX14TK n Orange

JJ350XTK n 3-D DOUGH STAMPERS COMPLETE SET Add a whole new dim­en­­sion to dough crea­tions—with big, 3-D stamps that create bold, incredibly lifelike im­p res­s ions! Each set includes 8 sturdy plas­t ic stam­pers, each with a big, chun­ky han­dle that’s easy for lit­tle hands to hold & control. Children press the stampers in dough to create perfect dinos, seashells, butterflies & more! You get all 3 sets; stampers are 2 1⁄2". 29.95 JJ397TK n Bugs 3-D Stampers 12.95 JJ358TK n Dinosaurs 3-D Stampers 12.95 JJ359TK n Sea Life 3-D Stampers 12.95

3-D stampers let children create super-detailed impressions!

LA278TK n UPPERCASE ALPHABET & NUMBER DOUGH STAMPERS Our easy-grip stampers put the entire alphabet and num­b ers 0-9 at children’s finger­tips…so they can practice letters & numbers as they create with dough or clay! 36 nonstick plastic stampers have num­bers & uppercase letters clearly printed on each one. Stampers have 4" handles. 29.95


AX30TK n LAKESHORE DOUGH ASSORTMENT SET 2 Add even more color to dough creations with our vibrant collection of 6 appealing shades! Each comes in a lidded, 3-pound tub to keep dough fresh. 6 tubs of nontoxic dough in the 6 colors shown. 49.95 Each tub is also available separately. Each 8.95 AX7TK n Lime AX11TK n White AX10TK n Turquoise AX9TK n Pink AX12TK n Lilac AX3TK n Black

RA188TK n LAKESHORE DOUGH CUTTERS BUCKET From cars & trucks to numbers & letters—our giant set of dough cutters features enough fun shapes for every child in the class! 63 sturdy plastic dough cut­ters are easy for little hands to grip…and they come in a bucket for con­venient stor­age. Largest dough cutter is 3 5⁄8". 19.95

EA808TK n EASY-GRIP DOUGH ROLLERS Our big, easy-grip rollers let children create amazing effects…with every roll! You get 3 plastic rollers in 3 different designs—perfect for adding fun details to clay and dough creations. Plus, each roller has a chubby handle that’s a cinch for little hands to control. Rollers measure 3 1⁄2". 9.95

For more art items, visit us online at

Art TT274TK n CLASSROOM COLLAGE BOX mCHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.* Everything an entire class of eager young artists needs for exciting, no-fail collages! Colossal assortment of textures, shapes and colors can be glued into all kinds of creations. You get all the supplies listed below. 59.95 • 6 jars of glitter • 1⁄2 lb. collage gems • 60 feet of art yarn • 1 lb. collage beads • 400 foam shapes • 1⁄2 lb. assorted buttons • 400 foam beads • 1⁄4 lb. spangles & sequins • 300 assorted pom-poms • 2 oz. crinkle strips • 100 colored pipe stems • 1⁄2 oz. colored feathers • 50 sparkly pipe stems • 10 yards of lacing cord • 300 wiggly eyes • 100 jumbo colored • 30 collage boards craft sticks TT297TK n Collage Boards Only Set of 30 Our thick, ready-to-use art boards are ideal for collaging! 6 each of 5 shapes; rectangle is 8" x 10 1⁄2". 7.95

RR388TK n CLASSROOM CLAY & DOUGH DESIGNER KIT Everything a class of young sculptors needs to roll, slice, etch & mold incredible works of clay! Students develop fine motor skills as they create with safe, high-quality tools that are specially designed to be easy to use. Children can smooth out clay with our handy rollers… design and decorate with the plastic tools & dough extruders…make crinkly edges and shapes with easy-cutting scissors…and much more! Huge set of more than 40 pieces, all in a tub. 34.95




BJ2580TK n WIGGLY EYES mCHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.* Add movement to collages with 300 wiggly eyes in three sizes. Largest is 5⁄8". 4.95 BJ2582TK n Wiggly Eyes Class Pack Huge set of 1,000 wiggly eyes. 12.95

BA8112TK n POM-POMS mCHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.* Set of 100. Largest is 2". 2.95 BA8150TK n Pom-Poms Class Pack Pack of 300 pom-poms. 7.95

BA7112TK PIPE STEMS 100 PIECES Just twist and bend our pipe stems to form color­ful, fuzzy crea­t ions! Each pipe stem is 12" long. 1.95 BA9112TK n Pipe Stems 1,000 Pieces 16.95

CA714TK DOUGH DESIGN ROLLERS - SET OF 6 Our fun-to-use rollers let children roll out lines, ridges & spirals, smooth out dough—or even create cool crisscross patterns! Hardwood set includes 6 different rollers, each with chunky, easy-grip handles sized just for small hands. Each design roller is 8 1⁄4" long. 16.95

LC120TK n COLORED FEATHERS Add color & texture to art! You get 1 oz. of feathers; largest 5". 2.95 LC658TK n Colored Feathers - Class Pack 3-ounce pack. 7.95


BC556TK n JUMBO PEOPLE STICKS SET OF 12 Ideal for self-portraits, pup­p ets and more! Wood; 7" long. 3.95 BC557TK n Jumbo People Sticks - Set of 36 10.95


DB500XTK n ALPHABET & NUMBER DOUGH BUILDING CARDS - COMPLETE SET Children form letters and numbers out of dough—building math and language skills as they create! Each 5 3⁄8" x 8 1⁄4" card features a big letter or number for children to fill in with dough…there are even simple drawings showing exactly how to form each one! All 3 sets, each with 32 cards. 45.00 DB502TK n Lowercase Letters 15.99 DB501TK n Uppercase Letters 15.99 DB503TK n Numbers Covers 0-20. 15.99

FT2496TK n CRAFT STICKS 1,000 wooden craft sticks; each is 3⁄8" x 4 1⁄2". 7.95 DW2990TK n JUMBO CRAFT STICKS 75 big wooden sticks; each measures 3⁄4" x 6". 1.95

*For an explanation of Lakeshore’s “Safety Key,” see page 2.

HL150TK n COLORED CRAFT STICKS You get 500 colorful wooden sticks; each is 3⁄8" x 4 1⁄2". 7.95 HL125TK n JUMBO COLORED CRAFT STICKS Set of 100; each measures 3⁄4" x 6". 2.95



Music & Movement













Shown: 30-Player Rhythm Set




PRESCHOOL RHYTHM SETS Our instrument sets are specially coordinated to offer the widest pos­sible range of sound and rhythm experiences for 10, 15 or 30 players. Each set comes in a sturdy storage box with a lid, and contains instruments carefully selected to ensure superior quality and tone at reasonable prices. Choose from 3 sets listed below and at right. LC1410TK n 10-Player Rhythm Set Perfect for up to 10 players, our top-quality rhythm set includes 1 each of wrist & ankle bells, jingle clog, guiro tone block, triangle, castanets & cluster bells; plus 1 pair each of sand blocks, rhythm sticks & maracas. Everything comes in a plastic box with a lid. 44.95

LC1415TK n 15-Player Rhythm Set Set consists of 1 each of tambourine, tom-tom, jingle clog, triangle, wrist & ankle bells, cluster bells, hand bell and guiro tone block; 1 pair of brass cymbals and maracas; plus 2 pairs of sand blocks and rhythm sticks. Everything comes in a plastic box with a lid. 89.95 LC1430TK n 30-Player Rhythm Set Includes 2 each of tambourines, wrist & ankle bells and triangles; 2 pairs of sand blocks, finger cymbals & maracas; 1 each of tom-tom, bongo drum, jingle clog, castanets, Chino tone block, guiro tone block, tick-tock block, hand bell & cluster bells; 1 pair of claves; 2 pairs of cymbals & 5 pairs of rhythm sticks. In a plastic box with a lid. (Shown above.) 179.95

Individual instruments are also available separately. QR861TK n Bongo Drum Wood drum is 5 1⁄8" in diam.; with mallet. 19.95 QR918TK n Hand Tom-Tom Cowhide head is 6"; with mallet. 13.95 QR925XTK n Tambourine Durable cowhide head is 6". 11.95 QR953TK n Plastic Maracas - Pair Each is 7 1⁄2" long. 4.95 QR753TK n Sand Blocks - Pair Blocks are 3" x 5". 4.95 QR841TK n Hand Bell Nickel-plated bell is 4" high. 5.95 QR750TK n Triangle 6" steel triangle includes a striker. 6.95 QR733TK n Brass Cymbals - Pair Solid brass; each is 5". 15.95 QR767TK n Rhythm Sticks - Pair Wooden sticks are 14". 2.95



n n n n n n n n n

Chino Tone Block 6 3⁄4" long; includes mallet. Claves - Pair Solid wood; each is 9" long. Tick-Tock Block 7 1⁄2" long; includes mallet. Guiro Tone Block 8 1⁄4" long; with mallet. Handle Castanets Hardwood; 8" long. Finger Cymbals - Two Pairs Brass; each is 2". Wrist & Ankle Bells Adjustable strap is 9 1⁄4". Cluster Bells 4 3⁄4"; with nickel-silver bells. Jingle Clog Wooden handle measures 6 1⁄2" long.

For more music & movement items, visit us online at

4.95 2.95 5.95 5.95 4.95 9.95 3.95 3.95 3.25

Music & Movement HH398TK n CLASSROOM MUSICAL CHIMES Enjoy no-fail music making—with our easy-to-play chimes! Children can tap each chime with the included mallet to play individual notes…or strum multiple chimes at once to create incredibly soothing sounds. Plus, you can even use the chimes to signal transition times—in a calm, pleasing way! The wood and metal instrument comes in a 12" stand. 29.95 FR760DXTK n MULTICULTURAL MUSIC CD LIBRARY Celebrate diversity, teach tolerance & increase respect for others with a rich variety of multicultural music! All 5 CDs. 76.95 FR768DTK n Multicultural Children’s Songs 16.99 FR7664DTK n You’ll Sing a Song and I’ll Sing a Song 16.99 MP23DTK n Fiesta Musical 14.99 EB756DTK n World Playground 14.99 EB723DTK n Children of the World 15.99

HH710TK n SHAKE & MOVE RIBBON BELLS - SET OF 6 Little ones get moving & grooving as they shake, wave and twirl our fun ribbon bells! Each has an easy-grip, 7" wooden handle with 3 permanently attached bells & long, 19" ribbons in a rainbow of colors. Set of 6. 19.95

WA204TK n WRIST & ANKLE BELLS - SET OF 12 Children enjoy hands-free music making…with easy-to-play bells that jingle with every shake! Each 9 1⁄4" strap has 4 top-quality bells—and an adjustable hook & loop closure that gives every child just the right fit. 29.95

EG648TK n EGG SHAKERS - SET OF 12 m CHOKING HAZARD (2). Not for under 3 yrs.* Introduce little ones to rhythm & music with our colorful egg shakers! 12 rugged plas­tic, 2 1⁄4" shakers are filled with beads that rat­tle with every shake, and the fun shape fits right in children’s hands. 19.95

DD127TK n LAKESHORE WRIST RIBBONS - SET OF 12 Our stretchy satin ribbons slide right onto children’s wrists, keeping their hands free to dance, wave, clap & more! 12 ribbons include 2 each of 6 bright colors; machine-washable ribbons are 15 1⁄2" long. 19.95

CD101TK n SING, LEARN & PLAY CD COLLECTION Our fantastic collection of all-time favorite tunes has something for every occasion & mood, from good-morning songs and classic nursery rhymes to learning songs, classical music & more! Huge collection of 20 CDs features 250 songs that get children moving, singing & learning…and comes in a fold-open case for easy access and storage. 39.95 *For an explanation of Lakeshore’s “Safety Key,” see page 2.



Puzzles & Manipulatives

Collection comes with a rack for easy access & storage!

AA180TK n CLASSROOM CLASSICS PUZZLE COLLECTION WITH RACK There’s something for everyone in our huge puzzle col­lec­tion! You get 24 classic puzzles, plus a place to store them—a heavy-duty double puzzle rack. The wooden puz­zles por­tray children’s favorite sub­jects…and with 4-12 pieces each, they range in diffi­culty, too. Each 9" x 12" puzzle has safe, round­ed cor­ners, with the name and piece count print­e d on the side for easy identi­fi­c a­t ion. Rack is 25 1⁄4" x 8" x 10 1⁄2" high; with all 24 puzzles shown. 229.00


Individual puzzles are also available separately. AA194TK n Castle AA187TK n Bugs AA355TK n Fruit AA332TK n Farm Animals AA146TK n Airplane AA515TK n Crab AA771TK n Dinosaur AA514TK n Shapes AA151TK n Balloons AA638TK n Train AA707TK n Transportation AA446TK n Elephant AA567TK n Three Bears AA219TK n Lion AA484TK n Sea Life AA776TK n Cat

For more puzzles & manipulatives, visit us online at


n n n n n n n n

Each 10.95 Zoo Animals Tiger Butterfly Girl Boy Horses Boat 3 Little Pigs

Puzzles & Manipulatives

HH961TK n CAREERS PUZZLE SET  Build early job awareness—with kid-pleasing photo puz­zles that portray people in a variety of careers! 12 wooden puz­ zles are free of racial and gender stereo­types…and each has 8-10 raised pieces that are easy for little hands to manipulate. Puzzles measure 9" x 12". 119.95

FT824TK n PUZZLE STORAGE CASE Our rugged wooden storage case features a built-in metal rack that neatly stores up to 12 standard 9" x 12" puzzles. Case is 10 1⁄2" high. 39.95 LA649TK n LAKESHORE PUZZLE RACK Our heavy-gauge wire rack provides storage for up to 12 standard 9" x 12" puzzles. 8" high. 12.95

FK205XTK n CLASSROOM FLOOR PUZZLES COMPLETE SET The fascinating images on our giant floor puzzles give students an up-close look at favorite classroom themes—from transportation and dinosaurs to bugs, seasons and more! Set of 16. 199.00 Floor puzzles are also available separately. Each 12.99 FK228TK n Four Seasons Floor Puzzles FK212TK n Solar System Floor Puzzle Four 12" x 18" puzzles, each with 12 pieces. Measures 2 feet x 3 feet; with 48 pieces. FK224TK n Giant Fire Truck Floor Puzzle FK213TK n Fairy Tale Castle Floor Puzzle Measures over 4 feet long; with 24 pieces. Measures 2 feet x 3 feet; with 48 pieces. FK281TK n Alphabet Photo Floor Puzzle FK282TK n Numbers Photo Floor Puzzle Measures 2 feet x 3 feet; with 24 pieces. Measures 2 feet x 3 feet; with 24 pieces. FK222TK n Number Train Floor Puzzle FK218TK n Horses Floor Puzzle Measures over 8 feet long; with 20 pieces. Measures 2 feet x 3 feet; with 48 pieces. FK227TK n U.S.A. Map Floor Puzzle FK221TK n Alphabet Train Floor Puzzle Measures 2 feet x 3 feet; with 51 pieces. Measures over 10 feet long; with 26 pieces. FK217TK n Going Places Transportation FK276TK n Dinosaurs Floor Puzzle Floor Puzzles Four 18" puzzles, each 12 pcs. Measures 2 feet x 3 feet; with 48 pieces. FK324TK n Animals in the Barn Floor Puzzle FK109TK n Bugs Floor Puzzle Measures 2 feet x 3 feet; with 24 pieces. Measures 18 1⁄2" x 46 1⁄2"; with 24 pieces. FK216TK n Children of the World Floor Puzzle FK223TK n Ocean Animals Floor Puzzle Measures 32" in diameter; with 48 pieces. Over 4 feet tall; with 48 pieces. (Shown at right.) *For an explanation of Lakeshore’s “Safety Key,” see page 2.

Measures over 4 feet tall!


Puzzles & Manipulatives RR416TK n COLOR-CHANGING TOUCH BOARD Children press their hands on our hardwood color-changing board…and leave behind a surprising impression! The heat-sensitive board changes colors as little fingers trace letters, draw shapes & more—for hours of fine motor practice and a fun introduction to pre-writing skills. Measures 13" x 16 1⁄2"; with a guide. 39.95 RR698TK n DRAW & WRITE TOUCH BOARD Children use their fingers to draw and write on our irre­sistible board…then just lift up the flap to erase their de­signs & draw again! The smooth vinyl cover is easy to use & lots of fun to touch—encouraging children to draw pictures, form let­­ters and practice the skills they need to start writing. Hardwood board is 12 1⁄2" x 16 1⁄2". 29.95



TT625TK n PEG NUMBER BOARDS mCHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.* As children fit 9 pegs into the “9” board and 3 pegs into the “3” board, they get tons of hands-on count­ing practice—and learn to as­sociate num­bers with quanti­ties. Set includes ten 4" x 8" foam rubber boards and 60 big, easy-grip plastic pegs. 34.95

EE289TK n TACTILE NUMBERS 1-30 As children trace these big, textured numbers with their fingers, they learn to recognize num­bers 1-30…and develop the fine motor skills they’ll need to write each number on their own! 30 cards have a fun-to-touch surface students will want to trace again and again…and come in a handy storage pouch. Cards measure 4" x 5". 14.95

Glide the ball along the path!



JJ767TK MAGNETIC LEARNING LETTERS & NUMBERS Our hands-on learning letters & numbers help students develop the skills they need to start printing…and build letter & number recogni­tion along the way! Each wooden let­ter and number has a clear plastic top with a metal ball sealed right inside. Children use the permanently attached magnetic wand to guide the ball along the lines and curves…building the


skills they need to write on their own! Each set comes in a handy wooden tray; letters and numbers measure 6" each. TT778TK n Uppercase Learning Letters 26 uppercase letters. 149.95 TT779TK n Lowercase Learning Letters 26 lowercase letters. 149.95 JJ767TK n Learning Numbers 10 numbers from 0-9. 69.95

For more puzzles & manipulatives, visit us online at

Puzzles & Manipulatives

DG546TK n MAGNA-TILES - STARTER SET Our translucent magnetic tiles give children a fun, hands-on way to explore colors & shapes…as they build! The easy-grip plastic tiles have magnets safely built right in, so they stick together from every side—for endless building possibilities. 32 pieces in a variety of shapes & colors; large squares are 6". (Shown.) 49.95 DG547TK n Magna-Tiles - Class Set You get a giant set of 100 magnetic tiles in 5 shapes & 5 colors. 129.95

BEST-BUY JUMBO BUILDING BRICKS m CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.* Our jumbo-sized bricks feature a chunky, snap-together design, so even beginning builders can get in on the fun! The easy-fitting plastic pieces come in a variety of kidpleasing shapes, colors and styles…including everything children need to construct giant-sized build­ings with fun arch­ways and working doors, real-rolling cars and trucks…and much more! Each set below comes in a handy plastic storage tub. Basic bricks measure 2 1⁄2". RA181TK n Class Set - 180 Pieces 39.95 RA182TK n School Set - 342 Pieces (Shown.) 69.95 EE228TK n GIANT ALPHABET BEADS m CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.* Reinforce letter recognition, alphabet sequence, spelling skills & more—with our huge set of alphabet beads! The chunky 1" beads feature both uppercase & lowercase letters… and they come with long, 36" laces with plastic tips for easy lacing. You get 74 jumbo plastic beads in a handy storage tub, complete with 6 colorful laces. 29.95

HH671TK n LACING SKILLS LEARNING CENTER m CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.* Now every child can enjoy the skill-building fun of lacing…at a level that’s just right for them! Our learning center features 3 different sets of lacers and beads that gradually decrease in size—from extra-thick rope & oversized rings to thinner cord & smaller cubes! You get a total of 140 beads and 12 lacers in a divided box. 49.95







AA330XTK n DRESSING FRAMES - COMPLETE SET Our beautifully crafted Dressing Frames encourage beginners to practice dressing skills & develop finger dexterity! The sturdy, lightweight frames have extra-large snaps, buttons & more, so they’re perfect for little hands… and the solid hardwood frames have thickly padded, double-sewn covers for years of use. You get both frame sets shown, for a total of six 9" x 11" frames. Each set comes in a vinyl pouch. 59.95 AA371TK n Zip, Snap & Button Dressing Frames 3 frames. 34.95 AA372TK n Buckle, Lace & Tie Dressing Frames 3 frames. 34.95 EE607TK n EASY-GRIP SAFETY TWEEZERS SET OF 12 Perfect for fine motor ac­tivi­ties, learning cen­ters, sort­ing games and more, our giant plastic tweezers have a chunky design & extra-long handles that are easy for little hands to control. Set of 12; each is 7" long. 9.95

*For an explanation of Lakeshore’s “Safety Key,” see page 2.



Language Arts

BK690XTK n BEST-BUY CLASSICS HARDCOVER COLLECTION The 30 books most requested by teachers—in one huge, moneysaving collection! 30 hardcover books include favorites children will en­joy again & again. 479.00 Each hardcover book is also available separately. BK4116TK n The Gingerbread Boy 15.99 BK3313TK n The Snowy Day 16.99 BK165TK n Good Thing You’re Not an Octopus! 17.99 BK1236TK n Stone Soup 17.99 BK8103TK n Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? 17.99 BK1832TK n It Looked Like Spilt Milk 16.99 BK693TK n The Big Hungry Bear 14.99 BK5241TK n To Market, To Market 16.99 BK1885TK n Big Red Barn 17.99 BK3309TK n Quick as a Cricket 14.99 BK1825TK n The Giving Tree 16.99

BK1820TK n Where the Wild Things Are 17.95 BK3036TK n There’s a Nightmare in My Closet 16.99 BK442TK n Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus! 14.99 BK117TK n The Little Red Hen 14.99 BK694TK n How Do Dinosaurs Go to School? 16.99 BK1822TK n Caps for Sale 17.99 BK414TK n Panda Bear, Panda Bear, What Do You See? 16.95 BK692TK n Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed 15.99 BK536TK n No, David! 16.99 BK3210TK n The Very Hungry Caterpillar 21.99 BK418TK n If You Take a Mouse to School 16.99


Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear? 16.99 BK329TK n The Napping House 17.99 BK3317TK n The Grouchy Ladybug 17.99 BK326TK n If You Give a Mouse a Cookie 16.99 BK408TK n Mrs. Wishy-Washy’s Farm 15.99 BK3311TK n The Rainbow Fish 18.95 BK1245TK n Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 16.95 BK2516TK n The Little Engine That Could 8.99 JJ836TK n HELP-YOURSELF BOOKSTAND Put children’s favorite books right at their fingertips! Wooden bookstand features overlapping shelves that make it easy to organize & dis­play books. Unit is 36"w x 12"d x 30"h. G REENGUARD® Certified. Lifetime warranty. Comes assembled. 149.00 n

JJ728TK n STORY WANDS What better way to get chil­dren ex­cited about reading…than with squeezably soft story wands they will love to use! The safe, wipe-clean vinyl wands feature simple ques­tions that explore plot, character, setting and more. Just pass them out at storytime to get children think­ing about story elements…and building comprehension skills as they go! Set of 8 wands; each measures 10". 24.95


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Language Arts GG820TK n READ-ALONG LISTENING CENTER An instant lis­ten­ing center and easy-access storage space for all your readalong materials—in a convenient, compact design that fits right on your tabletop! Our sturdy wooden center comes with 8 pairs of adjustable head­phones that fit onto the center, plus an 8-station junc­tion box with individual volume controls. And there’s plenty of extra space to store your read-along packs & books inside! Center is 19 3⁄4"w x 14 1⁄2"d x 8 1⁄2"h. Read-along packs sold separately. 179.00 GG819TK n Read-Along Storage Unit Only Rugged wooden unit has room for a junction box and 8 pairs of headphones…plus space for books and readalong materials. Measures 19 3⁄4"w x 14 1⁄2"d x 8 1⁄2"h. 69.95

LAKESHORE CLASSROOM CD & CASSETTE PLAYERS Our heavy-duty players are loaded with the features teachers use most—from super-simple controls and an easy-to-read digital display to both 1⁄4" and 1⁄8" jacks that fit all standard-size headphones! Each unit has an AM/FM radio, a programmable CD player, and a single or dual cas­sette deck with recording capabilities. There’s even a built-in micro­phone & an auxiliary jack that lets you play directly from your MP3 player! Rugged, 18 1⁄2" units use AC power or 8 “D” batteries (not included). EE493TK n CD & Single Cassette Player (Shown.) 169.00 EE494TK n CD & Dual Cassette Player 189.00

EW208TK n WIRELESS CLASSROOM HEADPHONES SET Our top-quality headphones feature a completely cordless design—so your listening center stays neat and tangle-free! You get 4 pairs of adjustable headphones with cushioned ear pads & individual volume controls. Plus, the set includes a 4 1⁄2" infrared transmitter that plugs into any standard headphone jack and accommodates an unlimited number of headphones—so multiple children can listen at the same time! Headphones require 2 “AAA” batteries each (not included); transmitter runs on the included AC adaptor. 179.00 EW209TK n Extra Wireless Headphones Each 39.95

TS540XTK n GIANT COMFY PILLOWS - SET OF 4 Turn any spot in the classroom into a cozy place to rel­a x…with jumbo pillows children can rest, lean or sit right on! Our cushy pil­lows have a liquid-resistant in­ner core filled with super-soft foam, plus a cotton/polyester cover that zips right off for machine-washing. Set of 4 pil­lows in 4 colors; each is 27" square. 249.00 TS541TK n Giant Comfy Pillow - Each ­­ Each is 27" square. Please specify color: green, yellow, blue or red. 64.95

TS189TK n COMFY PILLOWS - SET OF 5 Just like our extra-soft comfy pillows above—only smaller! These colorful pillows are made of supersqueezable foam…and each has a liquid-resistant inner core, plus a machine-washable cover. Set includes 5 pillows in the 5 colors shown; each measures 16". 129.00

JJ825TK n ANYPLACE, ANYTIME MOBILE LISTENING CENTER Our compact unit lets you set up a listening center anywhere in your classroom…quickly & easily! Hardwood unit rolls on 4 safe, locking casters, so it’s a breeze to move from place to place…and has plenty of room on top for a CD or cassette player and junction box, plus 8 chunky pegs for chil­dren’s head­p hones. Underneath, a handy shelf provides easyaccess stor­age for books, listening packs & more…complete with 4 plastic bins to keep sup­p lies neat and organized. Measures 23"w x 15"d x 23 3⁄4"h. GREENGUARD® Certified. Lifetime warranty. Comes assembled. 249.00 *For an explanation of Lakeshore’s “Safety Key,” see page 2.


Language Arts

RR500XTK n LAKESHORE STORYTELLING KITS - SET 1 m CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.* These delightful kits are packed with all the cloth characters and props you need to bring 6 favorite children’s stories to life! Ideal for use with our Storytelling Board and Center (sold sep.) or with other similar receptive surfaces, the stuffed cotton pieces feature charming, stitched-on details…and each kit includes a teach­er’s guide and all the pieces needed to tell the story. The com­plete set consists of all 6 Storytelling Kits listed below. Hard­cover books are sold separately. 169.00


The Rainbow Fish It Looked Like Spilt Milk Quick as a Cricket Silly Sally The Napping House The Snowy Day

Storytelling Kit Hardcover Book RR543TK 29.95 BK3311TK 18.95 LA327TK RR554TK RR949TK LA329TK EE634TK

29.95 29.95 29.95 24.95 29.95

BK1832TK 16.99 BK3309TK 14.99 BK802TK 16.99 BK329TK 17.99 BK3313TK 16.99

LA991TK n TABLETOP STORYTELLING BOARD Favorite stories come to life—with our top-quality Storytelling Board! Classroom storytelling props stick right to the brushed cloth surface… and when storytime is over, the props easily store inside the built-in pockets on bottom. The 24"w x 19"h wooden board is perfectly sized for tabletop use and folds for convenient storage. 49.95

DD370XTK n SOFT SEATS - SET OF 6 Children just grab our Soft Seats for supercomfortable seating right on the floor! 6 roomy seats come in 6 kid-pleasing colors—all covered in wipe-clean vinyl for easy care, with cushiony-soft stuffing that makes them extra-comfy. 49.95 DD371TK n Soft Seat Soft, wipe-clean vinyl seat is 15" in diameter. Please specify color: purple, red, yellow, green, orange or blue. Each 9.95


Sheila Rae heard frightening noises.

Seats come in 6 colors!

RE190XTK n CLASSROOM CLASSICS READ-ALONGS - SET 1 Set includes all 4 kits shown, each with 4 copies of a paperback book, plus a read-along CD that narrates the text word for word. 165.00 RE193TK n Quick as a Cricket 44.50 RE192TK n Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 40.50 RE194TK n The Big Hungry Bear 44.50 RE191TK n Sheila Rae, the Brave 40.50

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Language Arts

AA757TK n SORT & STORE BOOK ORGANIZER Our ingenious organizer keeps classroom books right at your finger­tips! It has 6 sturdy plas­tic bins, each with a seethrough vinyl pocket on front to hold the blank labels we’ve included—so it’s easy to sort & store books any way you like. The bins are freestand ing, so you can set each one up anywhere in the class…and they all fit in the included metal rack for easy transport! Rack is 32"w x 13 1⁄2"d; bins are 14" x 5 1⁄4" x 7 1⁄4" high. With 6 labels. 39.95 AA758TK n Extra Book Bin With a label. 4.95

RA770TK n SPANISH PAPERBACK CLASSICS LIBRARY At last—a complete library of children’s favorite stories…translated into Spanish! Paperback collection includes 15 beau­t ifully illustrated, well-loved tales that make ter­r ific add­itions to any multilingual curriculum, including Corduroy, Goodnight Moon, The Runaway Bunny & more. 99.50 RA210TK n ENGLISH PAPERBACK CLASSICS LIBRARY Set of 15 books. For complete details, see  99.50

RA716TK n SCIENCE STORIES PAPERBACK LIBRARY From a fun look at how our bodies grow & change to a fascinating tour of the solar system, these incredible stories help children discover the wonders of the natural world! 12 appealing stories cover a wide range of science concepts— from seasons to life cycles—with simple sentences, rhyming text & dazzling illustrations that are ideal for early learners. 12 paperback books. 86.50

BK740XTK n MULTICULTURAL BIG BOOK SET As students follow along with these big, easy-reading books, they discover that children every­where have a lot in common…despite their unique differ­ ences!  Each book in our collec­tion is specially selected to in­crease aware­ness of other people & cultures—and celebrate our diversity. Set includes 5 big books; each measures 16" to 18" tall. BK743TK n Here Are My Hands BK736TK n The Colors of Us BK742TK n The Empty Pot BK428TK n What I Like About Me! BK741TK n Flower Garden

119.00 25.95 25.95 23.99 19.99 26.95

RE386TK n MATH STORIES PAPERBACK LIBRARY Full of rhyme, repetition & lots of colorful illustrations, these high-interest stories help children explore early math concepts…and develop language skills, too! Each charming tale focuses on a dif­ferent skill—like number recog­nition or counting—with cute characters and easy-to-read text that’s perfect for sharing aloud. Set includes 12 paperback bo­oks. 83.50

*For an explanation of Lakeshore’s “Safety Key,” see page 2.


Language Arts DD999TK n CIRCLE TIME LEARNING CENTER Give children daily practice with calendar concepts, the alphabet, counting & more— and help the whole class build literacy skills together! Our pocket chart features over 200 cards designed especially for circle time—from calendar cards that teach and reinforce the days & months to fun picture cards that ex­plore rhym­ing words, colors, shapes & more. Best of all, the chart encour­ages lots of hands-on exploration—with fun-to-touch tactile letter cards, a “gumball machine” with gumball counters, a weath­er spin­ner with stick-on clothing pieces & more! The 39" x 41" chart features built-in storage pock­ets and sturdy grommets for hanging, plus all the cards and pieces to complete each activity. Learning center comes with an activity guide. 79.95

Covers letters, counting, the weather and more!

HH342TK n NURSERY RHYMES SEQUENCING CENTER Children build early comprehension skills…as they sequence their favorite nursery rhymes—from “Humpty Dumpty” to “Little Miss Muffet”! Our center includes 4 super-simple sequencing boards, each with a set of 3 chunky foam picture tiles. Children just read or listen to a nursery rhyme, then place the tiles in the correct order on the board to sequence the story. Each board is 5 1⁄4" x 9 1⁄2". 19.95

POP & WIN LANGUAGE BINGO GAMES mCHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.* These skill-building bingo games give children a super-fun way to explore the alphabet and letter sounds! The games are played just like traditional bingo—only children use an irresistible popper to select a letter, then cover the matching letter or sound on their game card! Each set below features 3 color-coded games for 1-4 players. Game cards measure 8" x 8". FF577TK n Pop & Win Alphabet Bingo Children fill up their game cards by matching upper- & lowercase letters! 29.95 FF578TK n Pop & Win Letter Sounds Bingo Children match initial sounds with corresponding illustrations! 29.95



letter sounds

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Language Arts JJ131TK n LISTEN & LEARN LETTER SOUNDS ACTIVITY PROGRAM m CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.* Children just follow the step-by-step les­sons to iden­tify beginning and ending sounds—or short & long vowel sounds—for every letter of the alphabet! Our skill-building activity program is packed with enough mate­r ials for up to 8 stu­d ents at once, including 208 write & wipe cards and 8 write & wipe markers…plus 8 CDs that present 2 different activi­ties for each letter of the alphabet. 199.00

Listening Center Table is sold separately.

For each letter, you get 8 activity cards… plus a step-by-step lesson on CD.

RR993TK n ALPHABET SOUNDS PHOTO LIBRARY Children identify letter sounds for more than 250 everyday words—as they explore full-color photos for each letter of the alphabet! Per­­fect for pocket charts, language centers & more, our library features 279 photos in 26 tabbed cate­gor­ies, plus blanks to add your own. Set of 300 cards, each 4 1⁄2" x 5 3⁄4". 49.95

GG837TK n LAKESHORE ALPHABET BOOKS Our full-color books fea­ture vibrant pho­tos & simple text that keep children involved as they build alphabet skills…and the letters are highlighted within each book for super-easy recognition! The set includes 24 books (one for each letter A-W, and one for letters X, Y and Z). Each book is 8 pages long. 59.95

Skill-building materials let you DD925TK n LETTER OF THE highlight a different letter each day! DAY POCKET CHART Our comprehensive activity chart provides focused, daily practice with every letter of the alphabet…giving children the rein­forcement they need to really master each one! The chart comes with tons of materials that explore each letter from every angle—including fun-filled chants that help children identify each letter, full-color photo cards that develop letter sound recognition…plus a write & wipe surface and handy tracing cards that encourage proper letter formation. Plus, all the materials store neatly right on the chart—so you can easily access activities day by day! 27" x 35" sturdy nylon chart has grommets for easy hanging; with a total of over 90 activity cards. 49.95 DD105TK n Write & Wipe Markers - Black m CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.* Set of 4. 3.99

*For an explanation of Lakeshore’s “Safety Key,” see page 2.


Language Arts LAKESHORE LETTER BUILDERS m CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.* Students build alphabet skills…as they piece together our giant-sized letters! Our unique building sets each in­clude 26 activity cards and 50 chunky wood building pieces—enough for several children to practice at once. Students simply place the building pieces onto match­­ing shapes on each card, forming letters step-by-step. Plus, each letter can be formed with just 1 to 4 pieces—rein­forcing the basic lines & curves children will use to start printing! Each set below includes 26 cards and 50 wood pieces; cards measure 6 1⁄2" x 8 1⁄2". TT141TK n Uppercase Letter Builders 29.95 TT142TK n Lowercase Letter Builders 29.95

JJ518TK n CLASSROOM MAGNETIC LETTERS KIT mCHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.* With our giant letter kit, it’s easy for the whole class to practice alphabet skills… on any magnetic surface! You get a total of 240 lowercase mag­netic letters— all in a compartmentalized storage box with handy labels for easy organization. The consonants and vowels are even color-coded to make word building a breeze! Plastic letters measure 1"-1 1⁄2" tall. 39.95

FF225XTK n ALPHABET SEQUENCING PUZZLES - COMPLETE SET Children complete adorable wooden puzzles…as they sequence letters A to Z! Our 8" x 26" puzzles each feature 26 pieces—one for each letter of the alphabet. Students just put the pieces in alphabetical order to reveal a friendly animal…and get an engaging introduction to letter identification & sequencing as they go! Complete set includes all 4 self-correcting puzzles. 49.95


LA588TK n RHYMING SOUNDS TEACHING TUBS m CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.* Children match up mini­atures by their rhyming sounds—learning to recognize phon­ics sounds & building essential language skills! 10 plastic tubs have handy lids with self-checking labels; includes 43 miniatures and a guide. 59.95

Each puzzle is also available sep. Each 12.95 FF229TK n Monkey Lowercase Puzzle (Shown.) FF227TK n Tiger Lowercase Puzzle FF228TK n Hippo Uppercase Puzzle FF226TK n Alligator Uppercase Puzzle

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Language Arts

LC421TK n SPANISH ALPHABET TEACHING TUBS mCHOKING HAZARD (1,2). Not for under 3 yrs.* A is for árbol and avión…B is for barco and bicicleta! 30 skill-building tubs are packed with over 150 mini­atures representing each letter of the Spanish alphabet, in­cluding “ch,” “ll,” “ñ” and “rr.” Perfect for exploring the alphabet, sort­ing, play­ing memory games and more. With a Spanish alphabet chart, 59 letters and a bilingual guide. 169.00 LA627TK n Teaching Tubs Storage Rack The perfect way to keep our tubs above neat, organized & accessible! Lightweight metal rack measures 25"w x 18"h. (Not shown.) 29.95 LC856TK n ENGLISH ALPHABET TEACHING TUBS mCHOKING HAZARD (1,2). Not for under 3 yrs.* For complete details, see (Not shown.) 149.00

RR375TK n TRANSITION TO SCHOOL BACKPACK m CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.* Perfect for children starting kindergarten or first grade, our backpack helps students de­velop the skills they need for school! It has a 3-month calendar filled with activities for children to do each day, from counting & sorting to identifying letters. The calen­dar is written in English and Spanish, so you can send it home to parents—or adapt it for classroom use. Best of all, the vinyl pack is filled with everything students need to complete each activity—from tactile number cards and counting links to fun foam letters, a draw & write journal and more! Each 19.95 RR374XTK n Transition to School Backpack - Set of 10 195.00

Shown: All About Me

LL140XTK n BUILDING LANGUAGE PHOTO MAGNETS - COMPLETE SET From food & animals to home & community, our magnets reinforce key vocabulary words in essential early childhood themes! Each set has 54 magnets with full-color photos that give children a realistic reference for new vocabulary, plus the corresponding words printed on bottom. 2 1⁄2" durable foam magnets are even colorcoded, so it’s easy to group & explore related words! 5 sets. 129.00 LL141TK n All About Me Set of 54 magnets. (Shown.) 29.95 LL144TK n Animals Set of 54 magnets. 29.95 LL142TK n At Home Set of 54 magnets. 29.95 LL143TK n Around the Community Set of 54 magnets. 29.95 LL145TK n Foods Set of 54 magnets. 29.95

Shown: 3-Scene Sequencing Cards

CG190XTK n SEQUENCING CARDS COMPLETE SET Children watch a girl build a doghouse, a mother bake cookies and more…with simple picture stories that are lots of fun to sequence! Students just arrange 3-6 cards in logical order to complete each sequence…and if they answer correctly, the cards form a self-checking picture on back! All 3 sets listed, each with 48 cards. Cards measure 3 3⁄4" x 4 1⁄2". 36.95 CG191TK n 3-Scene Cards 16 sequences. (Shown.) 12.99 CG192TK n 4-Scene Cards 12 sequences. 12.99 CG193TK n 6-Scene Cards 8 sequences. 12.99 *For an explanation of Lakeshore’s “Safety Key,” see page 2.


Language Arts

JJ926TK n TABLETOP WRITING CENTER Keep all your writing supplies in super-easy reach—with one acces­sible table­ top cen­ter! Wooden center has plenty of built-in stor­age on top for markers, cray­ons, scissors and much more. And roomy shelves below hold 9" x 12" and 12" x 18" paper—with access from both sides! The center measures 21 1⁄4"w x 12"d x 9"h; with carrying handles. Lifetime warranty. Supplies not included. Comes assembled. 69.95

TACTILE LETTERS A super-engaging way to explore the alphabet… right at children’s finger­tips! Our 4" x 5" activity cards feature extra-big letters with a special textured surface…students just trace each letter with their fingers to develop pre-writing skills & let­­ter rec­ognition—and master the strokes they’ll need to start printing! Each set has 26 cards. EE258TK n Uppercase Tactile Letters 14.95 EE259TK n Lowercase Tactile Letters 14.95

ALPHABET GIANT STAMPERS Stamp out the alphabet—one letter at a time—with our incredible, king-sized stampers! Each stamp features a silkscreened image on top, so children can be sure the letters are facing the right direction…and they’re made of dense EVA foam, so every impres­sion comes out bright and clear. Each set listed below includes a complete alphabet of 26 stampers. Ink pad is sold separately. LM594TK n Uppercase Stampers Each is approximately 2 1⁄2". 29.95 LM604TK n Lowercase Stampers Each is 2"-2 1⁄2" tall. 29.95

MAGNETIC LETTERS & NUMBERS m CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.* Perfect for hands-on practice, our chunky plastic letters & numbers stick to any magnetic surface! Letter sets contain 35 consonants & 13 vowels, and the number set features numbers 0-9—all in an assortment of bright colors. Each uppercase letter is 1 3⁄8". LC5421TK n Uppercase Set of 48. 6.95 LC5402TK n Lowercase Set of 48. 6.95 LC5422TK n Numbers Set of 50. 6.95


Easy-press clip is safe for little fingers!

RED BASELINE RULED NEWSPRINT Each pack below includes 500 sheets of newsprint paper. TA2610TK n Kindergarten 1 1⁄8" rule; measures 8" x 10 1⁄2". 5.29 TA2611TK n Grade 1 5⁄8" rule; measures 8" x 10 1⁄2". 5.29 TA2612TK n Grade 2 1⁄2" rule; measures 8" x 10 1⁄2". 5.29 TA2613TK n Grade 3 1⁄2" rule; measures 10 1⁄2" x 8". 5.29 TA2694TK n RED BASELINE JUMBO PICTURE STORY NEWSPRINT 250 sheets of 12" x 18" paper with red baselines; each sheet is ruled at 5⁄8". 7.99




MN10TK n EASY-GRIP TRIANGULAR PENCILS 12 triangular pencils are super-easy to hold and control. 4.99 SU28TK n PENCILS - STANDARD #2 Set of 12 pencils. 1.99 MN6TK n JUMBO PENCILS Set includes 36 chubby pen­cils; each is 3⁄8" thick. 14.99

HH620TK n KID-SAFE CLIPBOARD A clipboard designed especially for students! It has a sturdy, lightweight plastic design…with a safe, easy-topress clip that lets children add and remove their own paper. Holds paper up to 9" x 11". Each 4.95 HH621TK n Kid-Safe Clipboard Set of 10 9 3⁄4" x 13 3⁄4". 44.95

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Language Arts

JJ539TK n WRITE & WIPE ALPHABET PRACTICE CARDS Children build alphabet skills letter by letter—with write & wipe cards they can use again & again! Each card has a familiar image that starts with a different letter, plus ruled baselines and dotted starter lines to print upper- and lowercase letters. There’s even a traceable word at the bottom to reinforce letter sounds! Set of 26; each is 9" x 12". 19.95 DD105TK n Write & Wipe Markers - Black m CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.* Set of 4. 3.99

LL437TK n LAPBOARD SUPPLY CENTER There’s no better way to keep lapboard supplies orga­nized! Lightweight, portable & handy as can be, our convenient supply center provides easy-access storage for up to ten 9" x 12" lapboards…with 2 plastic storage cups on top that are per­ fect for markers, plus a built-in tray for lapboard erasers. The rugged metal center is 14"w x 9 1⁄2"d x 5 1⁄2"h. Supplies not included. 29.95

KC60TK n WRITE & WIPE LAPBOARD Write or draw on our lapboard, then simply wipe it clean! Sturdy, 9" x 12" board is the perfect size for children’s laps. 2.95 KC70TK n Write & Wipe Lapboard Set of 10 28.50

RR423TK n WRITE & WIPE LAPBOARD ERASERS - SET OF 10 These easy-grip eras­ers let students wipe lap­boards clean in a flash! The kid-sized erasers measure 2 1⁄4" & have wooden handles. 13.95 DS165TK n Write & Wipe Crayons - Set of 8 3.29

TR717TK n LAKESHORE MAGIC BOARD With our irre­sistible Magic Board, chil­dren will want to practice their printing skills again & again! The permanently attached magnetic pen makes writing fun & sim­ple…and the easy-to-use eraser bar lets stu­dents clear the board in sec­onds—and start writing again! Sturdy plastic; 8 1⁄4" x 11 1⁄4". 8.95 TR717XTK n Lakeshore Magic Board Set of 10 79.95

WRITE & WIPE MARKERS - THIN-LINE mCHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.* Our narrow-tip, dry-erase markers make it easy to create fine lines—ideal for use with lapboards, write & wipe cards and more. Nontoxic. DD103TK n 4-Color Set 3.99 DD104TK n 8-Color Set 7.49 DD105TK n Black Markers - Set of 4 3.99

WRITE & WIPE MARKERS - BROAD-TIP m CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.* These versatile dry-erase markers feature broad, chiseled tips, so you can easily create fine lines… or big, bold strokes! Nontoxic. DD106TK n 4-Color Set 4.99 DD108TK n 8-Color Set 8.99 DD107TK n Black Markers - Set of 4 4.99

MAGNETIC WRITE & WIPE MARKERS WITH ERASER CAPS mCHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.* These incredibly con­v en­ient dry-erase markers stick to any magnetic surface…and have erasers built right in! Nontoxic. DD100TK n 4-Color Set 4.99 DD101TK n 8-Color Set 8.99 DD102TK n Black Markers - Set of 4 4.99

*For an explanation of Lakeshore’s “Safety Key,” see page 2.



Mathematics LC1650XTK n LAKESHORE MATH COUNTERS LIBRARY 1 m CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.* Hands-on counters make math concepts easy to grasp…with hun­dreds of kid-pleasing objects for students to count, measure, compare & sort! Library includes 6 sturdy, 6 1⁄4" plastic jars (one of each listed below), plus 6 activity guides. 139.00 LC1651TK n Size & Color Bug Counters Our giant set of 144 rubber counters includes beetles, spiders & butterflies— each in 3 sizes and 4 colors! Large butterfly measures 1 1⁄2" long. 24.95 LC1652TK n Dinosaur Counters This big jar contains 108 rubber dinosaurs in 6 colors and 6 different species; each measures approximately 2"-3" long. 24.95 LC1657TK n Size & Color Teddy Counters Our cute plastic bears come in 3 sizes and 4 bright colors. Set includes 120 counters; bears are 1", 1 1⁄4" and 1 1⁄2" tall. 24.95 LC1670TK n Fun Fruit Counters Vibrant fruits come in 6 different varieties! You get a set of 140 plastic counters in a jar; each is approximately 7⁄8"-1 1⁄8" long. 24.95 LC1667TK n Sea Animal Counters Giant jar features 14 species of sea creatures—includ­ing sharks, sea turtles and whales. Set of 126 counters in 6 colors; each is 1 3⁄4"-2 3⁄4". 24.95 LC1668TK n Vehicle Counters Bright cars, buses, trains and more—all in a handy jar. Set of 120 plastic counters in 6 styles and 6 colors; each is 1 1⁄2"-1 3⁄4" long. 24.95

Shown: Ladybugs Box

RR945TK n LAKESHORE COUNTING BOXES - COMPLETE SET mCHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.* Our activity-filled boxes each have 10 picture mats labeled with num­bers 1-10, plus tons of irresistible manipu­latives that belong in each picture. Children just count out manipula­tives to match the number printed on the mat—and in­stantly complete each fun-filled scene! 10 boxes—each with 10 mats, over 55 manipula­tives & a guide—all in a 20" metal rack. 179.00


Each box is also available sep. RR937TK n Apple Tree RR916TK n Treasure Chest RR939TK n Airplanes RR938TK n Candy Jar RR971TK n Frogs

Each 19.95 RR915TK n Picnic RR928TK n Ladybugs (Shown.) RR917TK n Fish Tank RR935TK n Spider Web RR927TK n Flowers

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Mathematics JJ550XTK n MATCH & LEARN MATH BOARDS m CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.* From counting and sort­­ing to pat­terning and shape matching, our skill-building boards make indepen­dent math practice a cinch! Each stur­dy pegged board comes with 12 different strips that focus on a spe­cific math concept, plus chunky wooden shapes that pro­­ vide hands-on prac­tice with each skill. Just place a strip on top of the wood­en board…then children use the shapes to prac­tice sorting, count­ing, patterning & more! All 3 sets; boards are 8 1⁄2"-16". 99.50 JJ557TK n Match & Learn Counting Board Children count to 10, practice one-to-one corres­pon­ dence and more. 39.95 JJ568TK n Match & Learn Patterning Board Covers sim­ple AB patterns through complex patterns with multiple colors and shapes. 39.95 JJ559TK n Match & Learn Sorting Board Children develop classification skills as they sort a variety of colors and shapes. 39.95




LA1770XTK n HANDS-ON MATH CENTERS - COMPLETE SET m CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.* Our irresistible centers en­c ourage children to solve math prob­lems using concrete, hands-on objects—from sorting farm animals by attribute to cre­ating “car race” graphs with miniature vehicles! Super-engaging centers combine highinterest ac­tivity mats with adorable manipulatives—providing active, in­volv­ing prac­tice with a variety of concepts. Each center contains 4 laminated activity mats and tons of manip­­u­latives to complete each activity. 6 centers shown, each in a 6 1⁄2" x 9 1⁄2" storage box. 139.00

Individual math centers are also available separately below. Each 24.95 LA1755TK n Sorting LA1759TK n Shape Matching LA1757TK n Graphing LA1753TK n Patterning LA1756TK n Counting LA1758TK n Measuring

*For an explanation of Lakeshore’s “Safety Key,” see page 2.



FF699TK n FROGS ON A LOG COUNTING KIT m CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.* This hands-on counting kit gives students an instant grasp of numbers 1 to 10! Our kit features 10 chipboard logs and 55 frog manipulatives—children simply place a frog onto each peg, counting as they go. Plus, with a different log to represent each number, our kit is perfect for teaching children how to visualize & compare quantities! Longest log measures 15". 39.95




PATTERN BLOCKS m CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.* Young children can use our easy-to-handle blocks for patterning, counting and problem solving…while more advanced students can use the blocks to explore early geometry concepts. Choose from 2 block sets listed below. DA910TK n Plastic Pattern Blocks 250 plastic blocks in a tub. 19.95 DA334TK n Wooden Pattern Blocks 250 wood blocks in a tub. 24.95 TH4530TK n Pattern Blocks Activity Cards 20 laminated, 8 1⁄2" x 11" cards gradually progress in difficulty, helping children explore patterning, properties of shapes, symmetry & more. 12.95

RA207TK n ATTRIBUTE BLOCKS m CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.* Children develop shape recognition, learn to combine shapes and practice sorting by attribute—from size & shape to color & thickness! 120 plastic blocks come in 5 shapes, 3 colors, 2 sizes and 2 thicknesses for a variety of practice. Large square measures 3". 19.95 RR214TK n Attribute Block Activity Cards Children use simple shapes to make designs, patterns & pictures, explore symmetry, and more. 20 fullcolor, double-sided cards include 40 hands-on activities; 8 1⁄2" x 11". 12.95

HH270TK n EARLY MATH PARTNER GAMES LIBRARY m CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.* Our super-involving games make it easier than ever to reinforce basic math concepts—from numbers & shapes to time & measurement! Each game is specially designed to give students plenty of focused practice with a specific math skill— with enough materials for 2 children to play at once. Students simply partner up, then follow the step-by-step, illustrated instructions to explore each concept in a fun, hands-on way! Complete set of 10 games in a sturdy, 15 1⁄2" storage box. 129.00


Each partner game is also available separately. HH279TK n Patterning (Shown.) HH275TK HH271TK n Money HH276TK HH272TK n Graphing HH277TK HH273TK n Shapes HH278TK HH274TK n Numbers HH280TK

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n n n n n

Each 14.95 Counting Time Sorting Simple Addition Measurement


RA838TK n 1" Color Cubes These vivid, solid wood cubes are exactly 1" each. Set includes 90 cubes in 8 different colors. 19.95

RA806TK n Translucent Color Chips 1,000 plastic chips in 6 col­ors are ideal for overhead activities, sorting & more. Each is 1". 22.95

RA313TK n Unifix® Cubes 200 linking plastic cubes are ideal for patterning, number sense, place value and more. 3⁄4"; in 10 colors. 24.95

RA650XTK n CLASSROOM MATH MANIPULATIVE CENTER mCHOKING HAZARD (1,2). Not for under 3 yrs.* All the manipula­tives you need to explore essential math con­cepts—in one convenient ­­ center! Our 6 1⁄2" plas­tic tubs are filled with a huge variety of manipulatives designed to provide lots of active, hands-on experience with everything from counting and sorting to basic oper­a­tions and measurement. Plus, they come in a handy storage center that gives children super-easy access to the mate­rials they need! 26"w x 14"d x 25"h cen­ter includes all 12 tubs shown, each with an activity guide. 279.00

RA683TK n Math Links These sturdy plastic links snap together with ease! Set of 500, in 4 colors. Each measures 1 5⁄8". 16.95

RA522TK n Double-Sided Counters 450 thick foam counters are red on one side & white on the other. Each measures 1 1⁄8". 19.95

RA802TK n Dominoes 168 wooden dominoes include 6 complete sets of 28 dominoes. In 6 colors; each is 1 3⁄4" long. 22.95

RA529TK n Linking Cubes Durable plastic cubes link together any way children like! You get 150 cubes in 10 colors, each 3⁄4". 19.95

RA572TK n Pattern Blocks Create patterns & explore geom­etry with 400 plastic blocks in 6 colors & 6 shapes. Largest is 1 3⁄4". 24.95

RA587TK n Foam Number Dice 144 dice feature numeric and dot representations of numbers 1-6. Sturdy foam dice are 3⁄4". 29.95

RA804TK n Geometric Foam Shapes Children explore 9 shapes with 45 chunky foam pieces in 3 colors. Cube measures 1 3⁄8". 29.95

RA521TK n Paper Money Enough money for the whole class! Giant tub of 1,200 bills—ones through hundreds. 2 5⁄8" x 6". 24.95

RA807TK n Plastic Coins 1,200 realistic plastic coins include pennies, nickels, dimes, quar­ters and half-dollars. Quarters are 1". 29.95

*For an explanation of Lakeshore’s “Safety Key,” see page 2.


Dramatic Play

Science LL657TK n SCIENCE SPECIMENS SORTING CENTER mCHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.* Our fun-filled center lets students use their eyes and fingers to investigate the scientific prop­erties of over 20 fascinating specimens—from rocks & shells to fea­thers & pinecones! Children just sort the specimens onto the included 8" x 10" mats—building observation and classification skills as they touch, examine & explore each object! 23 specimens, 8 sorting mats & a guide in a storage box. 39.95 WD984TK n MAGNETIC WANDS - SET OF 12 It’s amazing what these superstrong magnets can do! The easy-grip plastic wands have a powerful magnet safely sealed inside—children just grab the handle to explore attraction & re­pulsion with classroom objects…or with other wands! Set of 12; each is 8". 21.95

GG549TK n LAKESHORE MAGNIFIER CENTER Our heavy-duty mag­­ni­­fiers are designed just for children! They feature thick, quality lenses that magnify with­out distorting…and sturdy wood frames with chunky handles that students can really get a grip on. Plus, the 6 magnifiers come in a hard­wood center, so they are always within reach. Each magnifier is 8". 69.95 EE376TK n Extra Magnifier Comes in red. 10.95


HH877TK n STORE & EXPLORE SCIENCE CART Give students plenty of space for hands-on explorations—with a child-sized cart that keeps materials within reach! Our mobile wooden cart has a big bottom shelf and 3 roomy cubbies with see-inside bins for supplies…plus a large top shelf for observing specimens & conducting investigations. And the shelves feature a deep, 1" lip, so materials always stay neatly contained! 30"w x 15"d x 25 3⁄4"h; with 4 locking casters. Guaranteed for 10 years. Assembled. 249.00

For more science items, visit us online at


LA425TK n HANDS-ON SCIENCE SUPPLY CENTER mCHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.* Our easy-access cen­ter is filled with over 90 hands-on science tools— from magnets & magnifiers to thermometers & mirrors! You get 12 of each top-quality tool shown below, so the whole class can participate in observa­tions and experiments. Everything comes in a sturdy, 19 1⁄4" chipboard chest with a labeled compartment for each tool. 149.00

Animal Homes Game

The Five Senses Game

Seasons Game




sea life

GG320XTK n SORT & MATCH SCIENCE GAMES m CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.* Where does a walrus live? In which season do you use a sled? Children find out as they sort easy-to-recognize objects onto fun, illustrated sorting mats! Our set includes 3 different matching games, each with 4-5 mats that represent animal habitats, the 5 senses and the seasons. Students just match cute mini­ atures to corre­sponding pictures on the mats…or for an extra challenge, children can flip the 10" mats over to match without picture clues! Each game includes 24-30 manipulatives. 89.95 Each game is also available separately. GG359TK n Animal Homes Game 29.95 GG355TK n The Five Senses Game 34.95 GG354TK n Seasons Game 29.95 birds

With a photo on front— and fun facts on back! HH590XTK n HANDS-ON SCIENCE SPECIMEN CENTERS As children explore and examine our fascinating science specimens, they’ll feel just like real scientists making incredible discoveries! Students simply use the magnifier in each center to investigate 5 amazing specimens—from a colorful peacock feather & a stag beetle to a super-realistic replica iguana skull. Then children explore the corresponding 5 1⁄2" x 7" photo cards to learn even more about each animal…as they study the full-color photos on front & learn the exciting facts on back! Plus, each center focuses on a different animal class…so students learn to identify the characteristics of each one. All 5 centers shown, each with 5 real or replica specimens, 5 cards, a magnifier & a guide. 129.00 *For an explanation of Lakeshore’s “Safety Key,” see page 2.


n n n n n

Insects Mammals Birds Reptiles Sea Life

29.95 29.95 29.95 29.95 29.95



TT690XTK n SCIENCE INSTANT LEARNING CENTERS COMPLETE SET mCHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.* We’ve made hands-on science dis­cov­ery easier than ever—with activity-filled centers that come ready to use! Our centers have all the materials students need to build skills step-by-step—from sequencing life cycles to experimenting with magnets. Designed for up to 4 chil­dren to work at once, each center has a double-sided chart with picture in­structions that make it easy to work independently—even for nonreaders. Just set out the materials, introduce the activities…and let students explore each center at their own pace! 8 centers, each with a write & wipe assess­ment to track chil­dren’s pro­g­ress. 179.00 TT696TK n Plants Children create cute plant pictures piece by piece! TT694TK n My Body Children identify an elbow, an ear, a knee and 24.95 more! With 4 activity mats and 32 labeling cards. 24.95 With 16 stamps, 4 diagrams and 4 ink pads. TT692TK n Life Cycles Fun activity strips make sequencing life cycles TT697TK n Weather & Seasons Students sort picture pieces by a breeze! With 16 life cycle cards and 4 sequencing strips. 24.95 season! With 4 sorting trays and 64 picture pieces. (Shown.) 24.95 TT695TK n Nutrition With this center, good nutrition is easy to grasp! TT693TK n Magnets Children learn which objects are magnetic & which are 4 lunch tray mats, 24 chipboard food pieces & a food group spinner. 24.95 not! 4 mag­nets, magnetic & nonmagnetic objects, and 4 sorting mats. 24.95 TT691TK n Five Senses Children get a solid grasp of the 5 senses as they TT698TK n Color Mixing Children learn how colors combine—with sort photos representing each sense! 60 photos & 4 sorting mats. 24.95 easy-to-use color paddles! 12 paddles, 4 mats & 24 game pieces. 24.95

weather & seasons

Each center comes with enough materials for up to 4 children!

LL765XTK n FEEL & DISCOVER SCIENCE BAGS m CHOKING HAZARD (1,2). Not for under 3 yrs.* Introduce students to earth & life science topics…with fun-to-touch miniatures they’ll love to explore! Each science bag is packed with 10 different sensory objects, plus 10 matching photo cards with fun facts on back. Children just reach inside each bag to grab a miniature, then match it to the corresponding card…building their science knowledge, vocabulary & observation skills—as they touch and compare! All 3 sets. 55.00 Each bag is also available sep. LL768TK n Earth 19.95 LL769TK n Animals 19.95 LL767TK n Ocean 19.95


For more science items, visit us online at


RE111TK n DINO-DIG EXCAVATION KIT Your own classroom dinosaur dig…with all the tools children need to make tons of amazing discoveries! Per­fect for sand play, our kit includes 24 plastic dino skele­tons that are great for hiding in sand…plus 4 sturdy sieves & brushes to scoop, sift and dust off each dinosaur—and make one ex­cit­ing discovery after the next! 24 dinosaurs come in 12 different species; sieves measure 10 1⁄4". 24.95

JJ512TK n PRESCHOOL SAND & WATER TABLE There’s no end to the fun children can have with our spacious sand & water table! Made of allweather plastic, this rugged, school-quality table features 4 locking casters, so it’s a cinch to move indoors and out…plus rounded edges to keep children safe as they play. It also has a plug for easy draining, a lightweight plastic liner that lifts right out for cleaning, plus a handy top to cover the table when not in use. Measures 46 1⁄2"w x 22"d x 25"h. Easy assembly. 289.00

LC1011TK n SINK OR FLOAT EXPLORATION KIT mCHOKING HAZARD (1,3). Not for under 3 yrs.* How many plastic frogs will it take to sink a boat? Students find out with this terrific kit! 25 hook & loop-backed cards show the testing ob­jects. Stick a card to the poster, record predictions on the write & wipe sur­face, then drop 1 of over 25 objects into the 13 1⁄2" tub of water!  49.95

AA439TK n LAKESHORE WATER PLAY KIT m CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.* Children have so much fun playing with our water play kit, they don’t even know they’re learning about the prop­­er­ties of water! 36 plas­tic pieces include funnels, beakers, spoons, eyedrop­pers, cups and more—all in a mesh bag, with a guide. Waterwheels are 8". 59.95

EG430TK n SAND & WATER ACTIVITY TUBS - SET OF 4 Create sand & water centers practically anywhere! Our rugged, lightweight plastic tubs are a breeze to lift, carry, load and empty. Each tub holds up to 10 gallons and measures 27 1⁄2" x 19 1⁄2" x 6" high. Set of 4 tubs in 4 colors. 69.95 VS318TK n Clean Sand - 25-Lb. Box Our clean, 100% natural white sand is low on dust, so it’s perfect for use with our activity tubs or any classroom sand table. 21.95 *For an explanation of Lakeshore’s “Safety Key,” see page 2.




Health & Nutrition LA888TK n LEARN TO BRUSH DEMONSTRATION KIT It’s easy to demonstrate good oral hygiene with our jumbo teeth & tooth­­ brush! The plastic teeth are hinged, so toothbrush bris­tles can clean all teeth, even in hard-to-reach areas! Teeth measure 6 1⁄4" across; tooth­ brush is 14 1⁄2". With a de­tailed guide on proper brushing. 34.95

HH774TK n DAILY ROUTINE TEACHING CARDS From arriving at school to preparing to eat, our photographic teaching cards make it easy to follow 8 daily classroom routines! For each routine, you get 5 cards that show children performing the routine in 5 simple steps. Teachers can use the cards to teach the routines step-by-step…then display them around the room for children to reference again and again! You get 40 sturdy laminated cards; each measures 5 1⁄4" x 7 1⁄4". 19.95

RA134TK n HEALTHY HABITS PAPERBACK LIBRARY Get children talking and learning about healthy habits…with a collection of books aimed at teaching them all about taking care of themselves! Colorful illustrations and delightful characters keep children engaged as they learn about going to the doctor, getting a good night’s sleep, exercising & more. 12 paperback books include both fiction and nonfiction titles. 87.50

FF968TK n FOOD & NUTRITION THEME BOX mCHOKING HAZARD (1,2). Not for under 3 yrs.* Children learn all about fruits, vegetables, grains and more…with comprehensive, hands-on lessons that span the curriculum! From realistic food props and shopping lists to fun food puzzles, our theme box is packed with materials that help kids discover healthy foods. Plus, you get a guide with tons of involving activities that cover 10 curriculum areas—from math to dramatic play. Materials come in a plastic tub. 49.95


SJ212TK n HELP-YOURSELF PITCHERS - SET OF 6 Children prac­tice serving them­selves…with easy-pour pitchers sized just for them! Our plastic pitchers feature secure snap-on tops with no-splash spouts for easy pour­ing. Set of 6 dishwasher-safe pitchers; each measures 6 1⁄2" tall. Cup not included. 19.95

For more health & nutrition items, visit us online at

Health & Nutrition pocket chart & sorting cards

Choosy posters activity scarves

partner parachute

photo activity cards growth chart

activity balls

fruit & veggie beanbags

movement activity mats & cards

activity laces

softcover storybook

wrist ribbons

Choosy Kids CDs healthy play food build-a-kid sponge painters

grocery store activities

nutrition & movement activity cards

Choosy hand puppet

chef’s outfit & KT1337TK n BE CHOOSY BE HEALTHY® ACTIVITY KIT accessories m CHOKING HAZARD (1,2). Not for under 3 yrs.* Created in collaboration with Dr. Linda Carson—an expert in the field of children’s motor development and obesity prevention—our kit is packed with tools & activities that promote healthy nutrition & physical activity. We’ve included an extensive guide with background information about movement & nutrition, detailed activity descriptions, assessments, tips for encouraging healthy behavior…plus reproducibles and newsletters in English & Spanish. You also get 16 cards with easy-tofollow games & activities, 4 music CDs with health-enhancing songs, inspiring posters and a picture book to reinforce key ideas. Best of all, we’ve included tons of hands-on materials that get children moving & thinking about nutrition— from play food and fruit & veggie beanbags to activity scarves, wrist ribbons… even a billowing parachute for creative movement activities. 529.00 KT1921TK n Be Choosy Be Healthy® Activity Kit Training DVD This comprehensive training video shows you how to integrate the activity kit into your program—step-by-step! 2 hours and 15 minutes long. 49.95

*For an explanation of Lakeshore’s “Safety Key,” see page 2.

91-page guide includes comprehensive information about movement & nutrition… plus assessments, activities, reproducibles & much more!



Physical Education

­ AINBOW SCHOOL PARACHUTES R Our rugged parachutes encourage non­com­petitive, cooperative play. As children make the parachutes billow, they strengthen shoulder, arm & hand muscles, refine motor skills & develop a sense of rhythm. The tough, lightweight nylon parachutes each feature reinforced handholds and come in a handy drawstring storage bag. LC4205TK n Rainbow Parachute - 6' Handholds for 8 children. 21.95 LC4206TK n Rainbow Parachute - 12' Handholds for 10 children. (Shown.) 54.95 LC4207TK n Rainbow Parachute - 20' Handholds for 18 children. 99.95 ­CD421DTK n Shakin’ the Chute CD This playful CD includes 13 kid-pleasing songs and activities for parachute play—including “Popcorn Parachute,” “Rockin’ the Chute,” “The Parachute March” and more! 15.95

FF560TK n COMPLETE BEANBAG LEARNING CENTER Looking for a fresh approach to teaching basic skills? How about a beanbag toss! Our giant board has 5 big target holes in 4 different shapes, and comes with a huge set of beanbags—perfect for reinforcing concepts like letters, numbers, colors & shapes. The complete learning center includes 56 beanbags, a 24"w x 36"h nylon board with pockets behind each target, plus a guide. 149.00 Individual components are also available separately below. FF561TK n Beanbag Board Only Sturdy metal-frame board folds to store; 24"w x 36"h. 69.95 WF8TK n Colors Beanbag Set 8 beanbags are labeled by color; each is 4 1⁄2" x 4 1⁄2". 14.95 WF10TK n Numbers Beanbag Set Set of 10 bean­bags numbered 1-10; each is 4 1⁄2". 16.95 WF12TK n Shapes Beanbag Set 12 bean­bags in 4 shapes; squares measure 4 1⁄2". 19.95 WF26TK n Letters Beanbag Set Set of 26 durable canvas beanbags, each featuring an uppercase and lowercase letter. Each bean­bag measures 4 1⁄2" x 4 1⁄2". 39.95


For more physical education items, visit us online at

Physical Education AA508TK n LAKESHORE ACTIVE PLAY KIT Everything you need for tons of fun-filled active play—in one giant, value-packed kit! Our all-inone kit fea­tures 10 durable play­ground balls in 3 differ­ent styles…6 begin­ner’s jump ropes with easy-grip handles…1 long, 14' jump rope for group activi­ties…plus 10 color cones, 6 game hoops, and 18 color & number beanbags that are perfect for coordination games, obstacle courses & more. You get a total of 51 pieces. Hoops measure 24". 199.00

GG706TK n ALPHABET ACTIVITY MATS Children step, hop and skip their way through the alphabet with our colorful activity mats! Each 9" mat has an uppercase and lowercase letter, plus a corresponding picture—perfect for alphabet games and activities. Plus, the mats come with 6 activity cards—helping children build skills as they play! Set of 26 vinyl mats—all with a safe, no-slip surface. 49.95 GG728TK n NUMBER ACTIVITY MATS The same no-slip mats as in our set above, only featuring numbers 1-20—perfect for building number and counting skills! Set of 20 vinyl mats & 6 activity cards. 39.95

JJ373TK n GIANT SAFETY SIGNS mCHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.* Our child-friendly signs are made of rugged, all-weather plastic, so they’re the perfect addition to any roadway—indoors or out! The easy-to-read signs are light­weight and a cinch to set up…you can even fill the bases with sand or water to keep them extra-stable. Set of 3; each is approximately 31" tall. 59.95

Mats have a textured, no-slip surface—for super-safe play!

LA155TK n EASY-RIDE JUMBO TRIKE (4-7 years) Extra-long and low to the ground, our Jumbo Trike has pedals & handlebars angled to accom­mo­date children’s arms and legs. The large, comfy seat is perfectly positioned to resist tipping, while the backrest keeps riders secure. Measures 34 1⁄4" long; seat is 12" high. Guaranteed for 5 years. Simple assembly. 219.00

*For an explanation of Lakeshore’s “Safety Key,” see page 2.


Physical Education JJ517TK n ALPHABET ACTIVITY BALLS Children bounce & toss their way to learning the alphabet—with 26 fun activity balls! 3" vinyl balls have upper- & lower­case letters silkscreened right on…and include 6 cards with fun activi­ties like alphabet basketball, initial sound catch & more! 59.95

Thick, no-slip vinyl mats stay in place as kids play!

GG735TK n LET’S GET MOVING! ACTIVITY MATS Children skip, squat and stretch their way to coordi­nation and physical fitness—with super-fun activity mats that are sure to get the whole class moving! You get a set of 15 big, no-slip vinyl mats featuring 15 illustrated activities—perfect for indoor and out­door games, music and movement activities, and more. Mats measure 9" x 9". 39.95 RA191TK n BEGINNER’S BALANCE BEAMS Our sturdy balance beams help build balance & coordina­tion— step by step! You get 3 rugged plastic beams that easily con­ nect to 4 big bases, form­ing a sta­ble walk­way that’s just 3 1⁄2" off the ground. The 32" beams feature a textured surface that prevents slipping…and they connect at any angle, so children can walk straight & winding paths! 119.00 FF518TK n LET’S GET MOVING! NUMBERS & COUNTING KIT Everything you need to get children moving, learning & exploring numbers 1-10—in one complete kit! Our activity-filled kit includes 10 nonslip mats, 5 vinyl balls & 2 foam dice, all printed with numbers or simple movements like skipping, hopping & touching toes. Plus, you get 6 game cards featuring exciting activities that boost number & counting skills as children play! Dice are 4". 49.95 EE469TK n SUPER-SAFE TUMBLING RAMP Our irresistible ramp is made of soft, dense foam that’s tough enough for years of active play—and low enough to keep children safe as they climb, slide, tumble and roll! The ramp gently slopes from 1 1⁄2" to 8" high…and it even has hook & loop fastener on bottom to connect with our Super-Safe Tumbling Mats below. Ramp is 40" x 48"; with a durable vinyl cover that’s a breeze to wipe clean. 169.00 SUPER-SAFE TUMBLING MATS Little ones can tumble, jump or roll head over heels on our thick, safe mats! The shock-absorbent, 1 1⁄2" padding gives children a soft, cushioned landing every time. Plus, the rugged vinyl surface makes them superdurable and easy to clean. You can even connect 2 or more mats to create a larger play area! Mats fold for storage. EE470TK n 4' x 6' Tumbling Mat (Shown.) 179.00 EE471TK n 4' x 8' Tumbling Mat 229.00



Mats & ramp connect to create a larger play area.


For more physical education items, visit us online at


Social-Emotional Development

Double-sided activity cards have guided lessons right on back!

HH145TK n HOW ARE YOU FEELING TODAY? DISPLAY CENTER Children learn to identify how they’re feeling…with an involving center that boosts social-emotional awareness! The freestanding center features expressive photos showing 5 different emotions, plus a kid-safe mirror to help children identify their own feelings. Just write each child’s name on the included write & wipe name tiles…then children place the tiles with the photo that matches their mood! Center measures 12" x 15"; comes with 20 name tiles. 29.95 HH255TK n Extra Name Tiles - Set of 20 3.49

PP184TK n MOODS & EMOTIONS POSTER PACK Happy, sad, angry, proud…these posters help students understand & accept a wide range of moods and emotions! 20 posters are de­signed to get children talking about their feelings. With a guide; 11" x 16". 29.95 EG185TK n MOODS & EMOTIONS BOOK SET Four easyto-read paperback books help young children explore different emotions and learn how to deal with them. 24 pages. 23.50

HH345TK n WHAT WOULD YOU DO? TEACHING KIT Two lovable puppets help children resolve everyday conflicts—from what to do when someone calls them a name to how to handle it when someone doesn’t play fair! Our kit includes two 9 1⁄2" puppets & 15 activity cards, each with a supporting illustration on front that introduces the conflict. Just read the corresponding story on back of the card, then encourage children to use the puppets to role-play each conflict—and work out a solution! The activity cards even include ideas to help guide the class discussion…and come complete with a wooden display stand. 29.95

FF431TK n MOODS & EMOTIONS PUZZLE SET Children explore their own feelings and moods…as they piece together fun photo puzzles featuring children just like themselves! Our wooden puzzles each represent a different emotion— from happy to angry and silly to scared—and they all feature raised pieces for super-easy handling. Eight 9" x 12" puzzles, each with 8-10 pieces. 79.95

For more social-emotional development items, visit us online at



History/Social Science FF184TK n CELEBRATIONS AROUND THE WORLD ACTIVITY BOX Celebrate holidays from around the world—right in your classroom! Our activity box comes with all the materials you need to plan celebrations for 5 holidays: Cinco de Mayo, Kwanzaa, Diwali, Chinese New Year and Independence Day. For each holiday, we’ve included 2 photo cards to spark class discussions, an activity card for creating a festive craft, a simple recipe for preparing cultural cuisine…plus an authentic prop that brings each celebration to life! Dragon mask measures 7" x 9". 34.95

LL761TK n CHILDREN OF THE WORLD PUZZLE SET Students increase their awareness of cultural diversity… with fun photo puz­zles featuring children from around the globe! Eight 9" x 12" wooden puzzles each high­light a different region—from Mexico to China— with just 7-10 raised pieces that are easy for children to handle. 79.95 AA216TK n SOCIAL STUDIES PHOTO LIBRARY Over 260 full-color photos make it easy for children to explore the world around them! Ideal for pocket charts, learning centers and more, the 4 1⁄2" x 5 3⁄4" cards are divided into 9 different categories, with engaging photos on front and simple descriptions on back. With blank cards for your own photos; in a tabbed storage box. 44.95 PP936TK n CHILDREN OF THE WORLD POSTER PACK Our beautifully photo­graphed posters of children around the world make it easy to discuss the importance of cultural di­v er­s ity! 20 striking por­ traits include chil­dren from Ecuador to Indonesia. With a guide; 11" x 16". 29.95 WS937TK n CHILDREN OF THE WORLD BOOK SET Students learn about the every­day lives of children around the globe—from Egypt to Japan! 12 paperback books, each 24 pp. 69.50


PP168TK n COMMUNITY WORKERS POSTER PACK A doctor, teacher, mechanic and more—our posters help children learn about workers in their community…and the valu­able serv­ices they provide! 20 posters come complete with a guide; each is 11" x 16". 29.95 CW169TK n COMMUNITY WORKERS BOOK SET 8 paperback books introduce children to community workers through simple text & lots of photos! Each is 24 pages. 47.50

For more history/social science items, visit us online at

Teacher Resources


KT2900TK n LAKESHORE CLASSROOM MANAGEMENT SYSTEM Our innovative management system is packed with tools to help you create a successful learning environment—from setting up a print-rich classroom & establishing routines to planning activities & ensuring easy transitions! You get wall charts for taking attendance, assigning classroom helpers, and posting schedules & rules…plus letter cards & classroom labels to promote language development. We’ve even included materials to manage learning centers and songs & activities to encourage positive behavior! You get everything listed below, plus an extensive teacher’s guide, 8 wet-erase markers & a sturdy, easy-tote storage box. 269.00


KT2901TK KT2907TK

KT2905TK KT2906TK The following items are also available separately. KT2904TK n Daily Schedule Chart 19" x 45 1⁄2" pocket chart includes a wet-erase daily schedule card, 2 title cards and 22 activity cards. 29.95 KT2907TK n News & Rules Charts 2 wet-erase charts, a pretend microphone to share class news & rules, and more. News chart is 22" x 28". 24.95 KT2901TK n Daily Attendance & Classroom Helpers Chart With 60 name cards, 20 class helper cards & a title card. 19 1⁄4" x 25 1⁄2". 24.95



KT2906TK Learning Center Management System Label your centers and display who’s in them with 95 title, photo & name cards! 29.95 KT2905TK n Classroom Label Pack You get 420 picture & word labels, plus blanks for creating your own! Picture labels are 3 1⁄2" x 4". 29.95 KT2902TK n Everyday Songs & Activities Box With 12 song charts & a CD, 18 daily routine cards & 5 transition flip books. 47 pcs. 59.95 KT2903TK n A-Z Letter Photo Cards 26 cards have upper- & lowercase letters, plus helpful pictures to reinforce letter sounds. 8" x 13". 19.95 n

HH597TK n LEARNING CENTER WOODEN SIGNS It’s a cinch to label classroom learning centers—with our delightful, kid-friendly signs! Each sign features the name of a learning center, plus a charming illustration representing the center’s activity—from building with blocks to reading a book. The 8 signs each have a die-cut hole for easy wall hanging…or display them on a tabletop using our sign holders (sold sep. below). Each wooden sign measures approximately 8" x 10". 29.95 HH520TK n Sign Holders - Set of 4 Our 11" wooden holders are specially designed to hold our signs above. Set of 4. 12.95

RR106TK n STUDENT POINTERS SET OF 8 Our student pointers are ideal for read­ing big books, highlight­ing words on charts and more! The 12" wooden pointers have safe rubber tips and are supereasy for small hands to hold. Set of 8. 19.95

For more teacher resources, visit us online at


Teacher Resources

Magnetic write & wipe surface on one side.

Blank magnetic write & wipe board on one side.

Flannel board surface on the other side!

Lined magnetic write & wipe board on the other!

Handy rings hold pocket charts & chart tablets.

Wide, 30" tray is perfect for holding big books!

LM510TK n ALL-PURPOSE TEACHING EASEL This versatile, all-purpose easel has a magnetic write & wipe surface on one side & a flannel board on the other…plus rings for hanging a pocket chart or chart tablet. There’s even a tray that can be placed on either side to hold a big book or markers! 30"w x 52"h; with a steel frame and noslip rubber feet. Easy assembly. (Shown.) Chart tablets sold sep.; pocket charts sold on p. 51. 249.00 LM773TK n All-Purpose Teaching Easel with Locking Casters Like above, but with 4 locking casters. 30"w x 52"h. Easy assembly. 269.00

LM520TK n ALL-PURPOSE MOBILE TEACHING EASEL - ELEMENTARY Our mobile easel is just right for elementary class­rooms! It has a magnetic write & wipe sur­ face on each side: One is blank for drawing & demonstrating concepts, and one has perma­ nent 1 1⁄2" lines for writing. Plus, the easel has a tray for books, handy rings to hang charts and tablets…even a shelf for supplies. Steel-frame easel sits on 4 locking casters for easy mobility. 30"w x 62"h. Easy assembly. 349.00

Shown: Colors & Shapes Bingo

FG530XTK n FIRST LEARNING GAMES m CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.* Children explore rhyme, colors, letters & num­bers with fun-filled games they’ll love to play! 4 games, all with no read­ing required. 36.95 FG543TK n What Do You See? Colors Game 9.99 FG541TK n I Spy… Rhymes Game 9.99 FG533TK n 1, 2, 3 Treasures in the Sea Counting Game 9.99 FG532TK n Ladybug Letters Game 9.99


JJ390XTK n BINGO GAMES LEARNING LIBRARY Boost essential skills…with fun bingo games children love to play! Each game targets a different concept—from letters and sounds to numbers and operations—so students get tons of hands-on practice. Plus, each game includes all you need for up to 36 players, so it’s easy for the whole class to build skills! All 10 games. 95.00 Games also available separately. Each 9.99 JJ314TK n Colors & Shapes (Shown.) JJ394TK n Addition JJ315TK n Beginning Sounds JJ312TK n Numbers JJ396TK n Money JJ391TK n Time JJ317TK n Picture-Words JJ311TK n Alphabet JJ395TK n Subtraction JJ313TK n Rhyming

For more teacher resources, visit us online at

Easily displays pocket charts and chart tablets.

Sturdy shelf keeps supplies in easy reach!

Teacher Resources

LK522TK (chart)

LK297TK (chart)

POCKET CHARTS Our handy pocket charts let you display task cards, flash cards, sentence strips & more—neatly and conveniently! Each lightweight chart is made of tough, heavy-duty nylon and has durable, stitched-on plastic pockets. Charts have metal grom­mets for easy hanging. For each chart below, please specify color: blue, red or green. Chart stands sold separately. LK522TK n Heavy-Duty Small Pocket Chart Nylon chart has 6 rows of clear pockets that hold cards up to 3 1⁄2" x 26". 26" x 27" high. 16.95 LK297TK n Heavy-Duty Pocket Chart 10 rows of pockets hold cards up to 4" high and 31 1⁄2" long. Nylon chart is 33 1⁄2" x 41 1⁄2" high. 22.95 FF208TK n WHAT WILL WE DO TODAY? SCHEDULE MAGNETS From circle & library time to music & movement—our super-handy magnets make it easy to schedule classroom activities and create smooth transitions! Just arrange the activity magnets on any magnetic surface, then move the arrow magnet from one activity to the next throughout the day. You get a total of 20 foam magnets: 16 preprinted, 3 1⁄2" x 3 1⁄2" activity magnets, 2 blank write & wipe magnets, an arrow magnet and a header magnet. 19.95 PH346TK n 24" x 36" Magnetic Write & Wipe Board 59.95 You get 16 preprinted activity magnets, plus 2 write & wipe magnets you can customize!

HH128TK n OUTDOOR CLASSROOM CART WITH COVER Take learning beyond the classroom…with an all-purpose mobile cart that lets you safely transport & store your indoor materials—outside! You get 9 plastic baskets in 3 sizes to store everything from puzzles to manipulatives. Just roll out the cart…then slide on All-weather cover included. the all-weather polyester cover when you’re done to keep all your supplies in top condition! 34"w x 16"d x 36 1⁄2"h; with 4 locking casters. Assembly required. 279.00

CA268TK n CLASSROOM SUPPLY CADDIES SET OF 4 Store everything from pencils and markers to bottles of glue & more…and transport them anywhere! Each caddy features a roomy interior with divided compartments that keep all your supplies neat and organized. Set of 4 stackable plastic caddies in 4 bright colors, each with an easy-tote handle. Each caddy measures 9 1⁄2" x 9 1⁄4" x 3 1⁄2" high. 19.95



LC91TK n LAKESHORE CLEAR-VIEW STORAGE BOX End the “What’s inside?” guessing game with these clear, stack­able storage boxes. Con­structed of un­breakable, heavy-duty plastic, each storage box measures a big 13 1⁄2" x 8" x 5" high. Each 6.95 LC93TK n Lakeshore Clear-View Box Lid 13 1⁄2" x 8". Each 2.95


SELF-ADHESIVE LABELING POCKETS Now you can identify materials & supplies in an instant…with our super-convenient labeling pockets! Just slip a labeling card into each pocket, then stick the self-adhesive pockets onto drawers, cubbies, cots and more. Available in 3 different sizes; each set below includes 35 blank labeling cards. LA624TK n 7" x 1 1⁄4" Labeling Pockets Set of 30. 16.95 LA621TK n 5 1⁄2" x 4" Labeling Pockets Set of 30. 19.95 LA623TK n 3 5⁄8" x 3 5⁄8" Labeling Pockets Set of 30. 16.95

*For an explanation of Lakeshore’s “Safety Key,” see page 2.


Dramatic Play

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ROUND-EDGE CLASSROOM STORAGE UNITS Keep your classroom organized and give students easy access to supplies—with sturdy hardwood storage units in 3 convenient sizes! Each round-edge storage unit features spacious compartments that neatly store & display tons of classroom materials…all with an open design that makes it easy for children to find exactly what they need—and put things away when they’re done. GREENGUARD® Certified. Lifetime warranty. All units come assembled!


LA211TK n Round-Edge Low Storage Unit Features 5 compartments & a low, easy-reach design. Measures 48 1⁄4"w x 12"d x 27"h. 349.00 LA212TK n Round-Edge Medium Storage Unit Slightly larger desi gn, with 5 extra-roomy compartments. Measures 48 1⁄4"w x 12"d x 30 1⁄2"h. 399.00 LA213TK n Round-Edge Large Storage Unit With 3 shelves & 8 big compartments for tons of storage. Measures 48 1⁄4"w x 14"d x 34 1⁄2"h. 469.00

COMFY CLASSROOM CARPETS These extra-plush carpets are made of thick, soil-resistant synthetic fiber that’s incredibly cozy—yet rugged enough to withstand the toughest classroom use! The carpets come in a variety of sizes, so it’s easy to provide comfortable seating anywhere in the classroom. Best of all, the carpets feature rich, inviting colors that resist fading year after year… with a sturdy, flexible backing that provides superior support—so carpets lie flat. Carpets meet a Class II rating of NFPA 253 and the fire-resistance standards of the Uniform Building Code. Guaranteed for 10 years. Please see the chart to order rectangular or round carpets in your choice of 5 colors. 4' x 6' Price Charcoal Navy Blue Forest Green Honey Plum


119.00 LC142TK LC162TK LC112TK LC131TK LC152TK

Rectangular 6' x 9' 9' x 12' 229.00 LC141TK LC161TK LC121TK LC119TK LC151TK

379.00 LC140TK LC160TK LC110TK LC106TK LC150TK

Round 6'


159.00 LC116TK LC118TK LC115TK LC132TK LC117TK

319.00 LC102TK LC109TK LC101TK LC190TK LC103TK

Carpets are extrathick…and super-soft!

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LA533TK n ROUND-EDGE CUBBY UNIT Our sturdy, heavy-duty storage unit keeps all your hard-to-store items within easy view and easy reach! The rugged hardwood unit features 20 individual storage cubbies that provide lots of room for a wide variety of classroom supplies—perfect alone or with either set of our tough plastic bins (sold separately below). Plus, it features kid-friendly, rounded corners & eased edges for safety. Unit is 48"w x 14"d x 30 1⁄2"h. GREENGUARD® Certified. Lifetime warranty. Comes assembled! 549.00 LM103TK n Clear-View Bins - Set of 20 20 unbreakable plastic bins give you a clear view inside! Each bin measures 13 1⁄2" x 8" x 5" high. 129.00 LM105TK n Color Bins - Set of 20 20 heavy-duty plastic bins come in 3 bright colors. Each bin measures 13 1⁄2" x 8" x 5" high. 95.00

LA652TK n ROUND-EDGE HOLDS EVERYTHING STORAGE UNIT This multipurpose round-edge unit has room for everything from small manipulatives to oversize art supplies and materials…and keeps it all in easy reach! The unit has four handy cubbies with unbreakable, clear-view bins—so children always have access to hard-to-store items. Plus, the 3 extra-wide shelves provide convenient, flat storage for large items. Rugged hardwood unit is 37 3⁄4"w x 15 1⁄4"d x 31"h; bins are 13 1⁄2" x 8" x 5" high. GREEN369.00 GUARD® Certified. Lifetime warranty. Assembled!

LA104TK LA103TK LA103TK ROUND-EDGE BIG BINS STORAGE UNIT - 9 CUBBY Your students will always find exactly what they need…with jumbo, clear-view bins that keep classroom supplies easy to see and right within reach! Our rugged wooden storage unit features 9 cubbies with 9 giant, see-inside bins—perfect for everything from manipulatives to art supplies. Plus, the bins have molded, easy-grip handles, so cleanup is a breeze! The unit measures 40 1⁄2"w x 18 1⁄2"d x 25 1⁄2"h. GREENGUARD® Certified. Lifetime warranty. Comes assembled! 499.00 LA104TK n ROUND-EDGE BIG BINS STORAGE UNIT - 12 CUBBY You get an extra row of bins—for even more storage space! 40 1⁄2"w x 18 1⁄2"d x 33 1⁄2"h unit has 12 cubbies & 12 clear-view bins. GREENGUARD® Certified. Lifetime warranty. Comes assembled! 599.00 n

LA182TK n ROUND-EDGE HELP-YOURSELF BOOKSTAND Children can easily help themselves to classroom books…with our super-accessible bookstand! The rugged hardwood bookstand features 5 convenient display levels that show off tons of books…in a highly visible way that’s sure to attract young readers over and over again. Kid-friendly unit has safe, rounded edges and extra-durable construction. Measures 36 1⁄4"w x 12 1⁄4"d x 29 1⁄2"h. GREENGUARD® Certified. Lifetime warranty. Comes assembled! 199.00

*For an explanation of Lakeshore’s “Safety Key,” see page 2.


esh ak or






Back side of unit. JJ987TK n MAGNETIC WRITE & WIPE BIG BOOK CENTER The ideal place to store and display big books! 6 easy-access storage slots hold tons of big books…and a fold-open display stand keeps books at just the right height for storytime. Plus, the magnetic write & wipe surface on front is great for displaying important letters, vocabulary words and more! Birch unit features easy-rolling casters and safe, locking hinges. 23 5⁄8"w x 16 1⁄4"d x 37 1⁄2"h with bookstand open. GREENGUARD® Certified. Lifetime warranty. Simple assembly. 249.00


CLASSIC BIRCH CLASSROOM STORAGE UNITS Puzzles, books, board games and more—our super-accessible storage units have room for tons of classroom supplies! The rugged birch units come in 2 convenient sizes…so you can choose the height that’s just right for your classroom. Plus, the storage units feature a kid-friendly, easy-access design with big, open com partments, so materials of all shapes and sizes are easy to see—and always right within reach! GREENGUARD® Certified. Lifetime warranty. Both units come assembled! JJ167TK n Toddler Storage Unit Features 5 spacious compartments at just the right height for toddlers. 47"w x 11 3⁄4"d x 24"h. 229.00 JJ168TK n Preschool Storage Unit Just like our unit above—but perfectly sized for preschoolers! 47"w x 11 3⁄4"d x 30"h. 269.00

JJ348TK JJ156TK n SPACEMAKER STORAGE UNIT Save valuable classroom space…with a versatile storage unit that holds tons of materials! Hardwood unit has shelves and cubbies on top to hold puzzles, books, art materials and more…plus an extra-wide space in the middle for hard-to-store items like art paper & game boxes. On bottom, 10 handy cubbies hold even more supplies—great alone or with our clear bins (sold below). Measures 46"w x 15"d x 36"h. GREENGUARD® Certified. Lifetime warranty. Comes assembled! 479.00 WT112TK n Clear-View Bins - Set of 10 Each indestructible plastic bin measures 13 1⁄2" x 8" x 5" high. 69.95

JJ347TK STORE ANYTHING OPEN SHELF STORAGE UNITS Store tons of materials quickly & easily—with spacious storage units that feature extrawide shelves! Specially designed with reinforced support beams, each super-sturdy shelf is built to hold all types of classroom materials in a variety of sizes and weights. The super-wide design and hardwood backing even make the units perfect as room dividers—with smooth surfaces and eased corners for added safety! G REENGUARD® Certified. Lifetime warranty. Both units come assembled! JJ347TK n Store Anything 2-Shelf Storage Unit Unit has two extra-roomy shelves for all your big storage needs. Measures 55"w x 11 3⁄4"d x 30"h. 249.00 JJ348TK n Store Anything 3-Shelf Storage Unit Slightly taller unit features a third shelf for even more storage space. Measures 55"w x 11 3⁄4"d x 36"h. 299.00

JJ676TK n MOBILE BOOK ORGANIZER Keep your entire classroom library incredibly orga nized and accessible…with a versatile center you can customize any way you like! Sturdy wooden center has 8 roomy bins to hold up to 200 hardcover or 400 paperback books, with a label holder in front of each bin to organize books by any topic. Just place a color-coded label into each holder, put a match ing sticker on each book… and when it’s time to put books away, children simply match up the stickers & labels! Rolls on 4 sturdy casters; with 24 labels and 420 stickers. 45 1⁄4"w x 13"d x 25 1⁄2"h. GREENGUARD® Certified. Lifetime warranty. Comes assembled! 329.00


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Color-coded labels & stickers keep books organized!




esh ak or


Stackable! DG517TK





HEAVY-DUTY STACKING CHAIRS Tough and comfortable classroom chairs—in a wide range of sizes to seat everyone from toddlers to teachers! Our natural-looking, stackable chairs feature solid polypropylene seats that are easy to clean, with ergonomically contoured backs that make them super-comfy. Plus, the extra-sturdy frames are made of indestructible steel that’s sure to last through years & years of busy use—while the no-scuff nylon tips keep your floors looking like new! Lifetime warranty. For help matching chair sizes to tables, please visit Comes assembled!

n n n n n n

7 1⁄2" 9 1⁄2" 11 1⁄2" 13 1⁄2" 15 1⁄2" 17 1⁄2"

DG508TK Heavy-Duty Chair Heavy-Duty Chair Heavy-Duty Chair Heavy-Duty Chair Heavy-Duty Chair Teacher’s Heavy-Duty Chair

39.95 44.95 46.95 49.95 59.95 64.95

HEAVY-DUTY ADJUSTABLE TABLES Our heavy-duty tables combine the timeless appeal of wood with the rugged durability of laminate! Each table has kid-friendly details like rounded corners & vinyl edging, plus a thick 1 1⁄4" tabletop that wipes clean and resists scratches and stains. The super-sturdy steel legs even adjust to the perfect height…and come with tough nylon tips to protect classroom floors! Lifetime warranty. Easy assembly. RECTANGULAR HEAVY-DUTY ADJUSTABLE TABLES Regular tables adjust from 21" to 30" high. Low tables adjust from 15" to 24" high. 189.00 DG583TK n 30" x 36" Rectangular Table DG584TK n Low 30" x 36" Rectangular Table 189.00 DG585TK n 30" x 48" Rectangular Table 209.00 DG586TK n Low 30" x 48" Rectangular Table 209.00 DG587TK n 30" x 60" Rectangular Table 229.00 DG588TK n Low 30" x 60" Rectangular Table 229.00 DG589TK n 30" x 78" Rectangular Table 269.00 DG590TK n Low 30" x 78" Rectangular Table 269.00

Max. seating for 30" x 36" table.

Max. seating for 30" x 48" table.

Max. seating for 30" x 60" table.

Max. seating for 30" x 78" table.

Max. seating for 42" table.

Max. seating for group table.

GROUP HEAVY-DUTY ADJUSTABLE TABLES Regular table adjusts from 21" to 30" high. Low table adjusts from 15" to 24" high. DG577TK n 48" x 72" Group Table 349.00 DG578TK n Low 48" x 72" Group Table 349.00

ROUND HEAVY-DUTY ADJUSTABLE TABLES Regular tables adjust from 21" to 30" high. Low tables adjust from 15" to 24" high. DG579TK n 42" Round Table 239.00 DG580TK n Low 42" Round Table 239.00 DG581TK n 48" Round Table 269.00 DG582TK n Low 48" Round Table 269.00

*For an explanation of Lakeshore’s “Safety Key,” see page 2.

Max. seating for 48" table.


ocean blue


COLORS OF NATURE CLASSROOM STORAGE UNITS Super-spacious, easy-access storage—in three convenient sizes to fit any classroom space! Our rugged, all-birch units feature roomy compartments to organize and display tons of classroom materials…plus an open design that makes it a cinch for children to find, grab and put away their own toys and supplies. GREENGUARD® Certified. Lifetime warranty. For each unit at right, please specify color: forest green or ocean blue. All units come assembled!

JJ215TK n COLORS OF NATURE® SPACEMAKER STORAGE UNIT Make the most of valuable classroom space—with a versatile unit that stores supplies of all shapes & sizes! Our hardwood unit has convenient cubbies & shelves on top, plus an extra-wide shelf in the middle. There are even 10 big cubbies on bottom for storing smaller items—perfect alone or with our bins (sold below). 46"w x 15"d x 36"h. GREENGUARD® Certified. Lifetime warranty. Please specify color: forest green or ocean blue. Comes assembled! 499.00 WT112TK n Clear-View Bins - Set of 10 13 1⁄2" x 8" x 5" high. 69.95






esh ak or


forest green

Premium, all-birch furniture… with a natural touch of color! Designed to add nature-inspired color to any classroom space, our Colors of Nature® furniture features a beautiful stained finish—for a touch of calming color that maintains the natural look of wood. Choose from forest green or ocean blue, shown at left.



JJ248TK n Low Storage Unit Low, easy-access unit features 5 extraspacious compartments. Measures 47"w x 11 3⁄4"d x 24"h. 269.00 JJ249TK n Medium Storage Unit Slightly taller unit has 5 super-roomy compartments. Measures 47"w x 11 3⁄4"d x 30"h. 299.00 JJ250TK n Large Storage Unit Large unit has 3 shelves & 8 big compartments for storing tons of supplies. 47"w x 11 3⁄4"d x 36"h. 369.00

JJ240TK n COLORS OF NATURE® HELP-YOURSELF BOOKSTAND Our stained hardwood bookstand keeps books right where children can easily see them—and easily reach them! 5 roomy shelves display tons of books neatly and attractively…so students can find the titles they want, pick them out and put them away on their own. 36"w x 12"d x 30"h. GREENGUARD® Certified. Lifetime warranty. Specify color: forest green or ocean blue. Comes assembled! 219.00

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esh ak or



COLORS OF NATURE® STORE ANYTHING STORAGE UNITS For easy-access storage that holds a huge variety of supplies, our spacious storage units can’t be beat! Each unit has extra-wide shelves specially designed to support heavy loads…so you can safely store materials in an assortment of weights & sizes. And because the wooden units are a roomy 55" wide, you can even use them as room dividers! GREENGUARD® Certified. Lifetime warranty. For each unit below, specify color: forest green or ocean blue. Both units come assembled! JJ351TK n Colors of Nature® 2-Shelf Storage Unit Sturdy 2-shelf unit features an extra-wide design that holds a variety of classroom supplies. Hardwood; measures 55"w x 11 3⁄4"d x 30"h. 299.00 JJ352TK n Colors of Nature® 3-Shelf Storage Unit Our slightly taller unit has a third shelf for even more super-versatile storage space. Hardwood; measures 55"w x 11 3⁄4"d x 36"h. 399.00

COLORS OF NATURE® CLASSROOM CARPETS Add a calming, natural touch to any classroom space—with soft, plush carpets that are inspired by nature! Each carpet features big, bold leaves that provide organized student seating…and they’re made of soil-resistant nylon with heavy-duty binding for years of classroom use. Carpets meet a Class I rating of the NFPA’s “Life Safety Code” (NFPA 253) and the fire-resistance standards of the UBC. Guaranteed for 10 years.

JJ200TK n COLORS OF NATURE® WRITING CENTER Our convenient writing center is roomy enough for 2 students to work at once—and provides easy-access storage for tons of writing supplies! The hardwood center has a spacious tabletop & 3 big storage cubbies…plus a recessed shelf on top that keeps even more supplies at children’s fingertips. 36 1⁄4"w x 24"d x 37 3⁄4"h center has a compact, space-saving design…and a 21 1⁄2" tabletop that fits chairs 9 1⁄2"-13 1⁄2" high. GREENGUARD® Certified. Lifetime warranty. Specify: forest green or ocean blue. Assembly req. 379.00

HH672TK n Colors of Nature® Carpet for 20 Our 6' x 9' carpet is just the right size for groups of up to 20 children. 349.00 HH673TK n Colors of Nature® Carpet for 30 9' x 12' carpet is ideal for groups of up to 30 children. (Shown.) 469.00

*For an explanation of Lakeshore’s “Safety Key,” see page 2.


COLORS OF NATURE® ADJUSTABLE CLASSROOM TABLES Our easy-care tables feature a classic, adjustable design— accented with the super-calming colors of nature! Each 1 1⁄4" tabletop is made of thick, wipe-clean laminate…with rounded vinyl edgebands in your choice of 2 soothing colors. Plus, the sturdy, color-coordinated legs feature rubber-cushioned glides… and the tables adjust in height, so you always get the perfect fit! Lifetime warranty. Please specify color: forest green or ocean blue. Easy assembly.

esh ak or


Colors of Nature® furniture is available in 2 colors:




forest green

RECTANGULAR COLORS OF NATURE® ADJUSTABLE TABLES Regular tables adjust from 21" to 30" high. Low tables adjust from 15" to 24" high. JJ838TK n 24" x 36" Rectangular Table 159.00 JJ837TK n Low 24" x 36" Rectangular Table 159.00 JJ822TK n 24" x 48" Rectangular Table (Shown.) 169.00 JJ823TK n Low 24" x 48" Rectangular Table 169.00 JJ824TK n 30" x 60" Rectangular Table 199.00 JJ826TK n Low 30" x 60" Rectangular Table 199.00 JJ810TK n 30" x 72" Rectangular Table 229.00 JJ811TK n Low 30" x 72" Rectangular Table 229.00

ocean blue

Max. seating for 24" x 36" table.

Max. seating for 24" x 48" table.

Max. seating for 30" x 60" table.

Max. seating for 30" x 72" table.

Max. seating for 42" table.

Max. seating for 48" table.

ROUND COLORS OF NATURE® ADJUSTABLE TABLES Regular tables adjust from 21" to 30" high. Low tables adjust from 15" to 24" high. JJ802TK n 42" Round Table (Shown.) 199.00 JJ803TK n Low 42" Round Table 199.00 JJ804TK n 48" Round Table 229.00 JJ805TK n Low 48" Round Table 229.00

Max. seating for 36" x 72" table.

Max. seating for 48" x 72" table.

GROUP COLORS OF NATURE® ADJUSTABLE TABLES Regular tables adjust from 21" to 30" high. Low tables adjust from 15" to 24" high. JJ829TK n 36" x 72" Small Group Table (Shown.) JJ830TK n Low 36" x 72" Small Group Table JJ204TK n 48" x 72" Large Group Table JJ205TK n Low 48" x 72" Large Group Table

269.00 269.00 299.00 299.00





COLORS OF NATURE® STACKING CHAIRS Our Colors of Nature chairs are extra-comfortable & classroom-tough—and come in a huge range of sizes to fit children and adults! The super-rugged chairs feature easy-to-clean polypropylene seats, heavygauge steel frames and color-coordinated legs with self-leveling, non-marring glides. Plus, the easy-stacking chairs are designed to resist tipping—for maximum stability to keep children safe! Lifetime warranty. Specify color: forest green or ocean blue. For help matching chair sizes to tables, visit Comes assembled!





n n n n n n

7 1⁄2" 9 1⁄2" 11 1⁄2" 13 1⁄2" 15 1⁄2" 17 1⁄2"

Colors of Nature® Chair Colors of Nature® Chair Colors of Nature® Chair Colors of Nature® Chair Colors of Nature® Chair Teacher’s Colors of Nature® Chair

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22.95 24.95 26.95 28.95 34.95 39.95

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