Cairapolis Thermal Spa Resort

Cairapolis Thermal Spa Resort Equity Plus International was created to research, explore, and manage the relationships between innovative property p...
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Cairapolis Thermal Spa Resort

Equity Plus International was created to research, explore, and manage the relationships between innovative property projects and progressive investors. We specialise in low-risk, high yielding property projects in niche markets offering outstanding capital appreciation as well as competitive rental yields, coupling both capital growth and a fixed income with exclusive projects available to private investors.

We look for alternative and innovative property projects that are

About Us

on the leading edge of both properties in emerging markets as well as established locations within a niche industry. Our team of motivated individuals holds years of combined experience in the fields of property development and investment knowledge. This allows us to intelligently determine projects with the most potential for high returns in order to achieve both capital appreciation and high yielding income with minimal risk, which should be the priority of every cautious investor’s portfolio.

WHY INVEST IN AN EPI PROPERTY? • Scheduled capital appreciation • 40-50% below market value property in an emerging property market • On-going fixed income from rental yields with a fixed 10% rental guarantee for the first 3 years and 50% net room rate share thereafter • 100% Freehold Ownership of Properties • Investors are able to occupy their properties 15 days each year totally free of charge (excluding SIPP investors) • A property portfolio achieving double-digit growth in Europe’s 4th most popular tourism destination and one of the world’s fastest growing economies • All properties suitable for SIPP investment

THE ECONOMIC POWER HOUSE OF EASTERN EUROPE Currently, the world’s fastest growing economy, with no

Turkey is continuously striving to strengthen its economic

correlation to the current economic turmoil, the Turkish

framework, its membership of The Organisation for

economy offers a great opportunity for capital appreciation

Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) enabling

and fixed income on the doorstep of Europe.

constant monitoring of economic performance. The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) classifies that Turkey has the

Turkey had the world’s fastest economy in 2011 as their

world’s 15th largest GDP-PPP, now larger than Switzer-

GDP reached an astonishing 11%, the only country to have

land. Whilst the rest of Europe suffers from sluggish growth

ever reached a double digit growth rate, defeating emerging

and high economic volatility, the Turkish economy bears no

countries such as Argentina with 9.9% and China with

relation to the European Debt Crisis, proving to be a profit-

9.4%. Between 2002 -2011, the country’s economy grew

able safehaven for the shrewder investor.

with an average annual real GDP growth rate of 5.2% over the past nine years. Turkey’s economy has exceeded all expectations and is now recognised as the “Economic Powerhouse of Eastern Europe”. The U.S. Secretary of State, Hilary Clinton, admires Turkey’s economy stating that “the 11% growth rate is a phenomena” and further states

Average Annual Real GDP Growth (%) 2002-2011 Turkey












South Korea

‘‘What I hope is that Turkey will become an engine for economic growth in the region”. Whilst exceeding all expectations, the Turkish economy is now expected to become the fastest growing economy amongst the OECD members






South Africa


Czech Republic





1.5 1






Source: IMF World Economic Outlook April 2012, Turkish Statistical Institute (TurkStat)

during 2011-2017, with an annual average real GDP growth rate of 6.7%.

Key Facts • Fastest growing economy in the world in 2011 as GDP reached an astonishing 11% • Turkey has the world’s 15th largest GDP-PPP now larger than Switzerland • Economy grew with an average annual real GDP growth rate of 5.2% between 2002 – 2011

• Tripled its GDP, reaching USD 772 billion in 2011, up from USD 231 billion in 2002 • Expected to become the fastest growing economy amongst the OECD members during 2011-2017 with an annual average real GDP growth rate of 6.7%

DOUBLE-DIGIT GROWTH FOR A HOT PROPERTY MARKET Turkish property prices are amongst the lowest in Europe,

properties in Turkey whilst increasing the size of land to 30

currently 30-40% below Bulgaria and Romania. Whilst experienc-

hectares. The law is expected to bring forward a further property

ing a growth rate of 11.62% growth in 2011, the attraction of

boom for Turkey and seems to already have a positive effect. The

Foreign Direct Investment into the Turkish Property sector

Central Bank has revealed that Turkey saw a 25% increase in

records an increase of 40% since 2010. As the awareness

foreign direct sales in the first half of 2012.

amongst Investors increase to identify Turkish Property as the opportunity to exploit an emerging property market on the

There is still a huge housing restriction in Turkey as supply does

doorstep of Europe, the attraction to Turkey as an alternative

not meet the increasing demand, which indicates that the restric-

investment compared to the traditional saturated overseas destina-

tion is set to continue as Turkey’s population is expected to

tions such as Spain and France, as it has no correlation to the

increase to an exceptional 9.4 million by 2050, indicating

economic turmoil.

enormous potential growth in the property market. Between 2011-2017, property prices are expected to rise in value by up to

Experts predict that sales will soar in 2012 as agreements of new

25-30% allowing private investors to exploit the opportunity of

laws are adopted; early in 2012 the Turkish parliament eliminated

substantial capital growth in an emerging property market that

the reciprocity law which enables more nations to purchase

has already recorded double-digit growth.

Key Facts • An Emerging Property Market that has Recorded Growth of 11.62% in 2011 alone • After 4 years of ownership, local tax on capital gain no longer takes place • Property prices are amongst the lowest around the world up to 30-40% below Bulgaria and Romania

• Foreign investment into the sector increased by 40% since 2010 • Ranked as the 13th most attractive FDI destination in 2012


Turkey’s strikingly natural beaches, hot climate and warm

foreign visitors in January 2010. This trend is set to continue

Mediterranean culture have all contributed towards making

despite the global turmoil as an increasing number of

Turkey a breathtaking holiday destination. Its range of stimulating

holidaymakers prefer Turkey as a cost effective alternative to

sites and unique physical beauty is certain to overwhelm visitors

neighbouring destinations whilst Turkey is expected to witness 33

on their first impression. Turkey was awarded the Condé Nast

million visitors by the end of 2012.

International Traveller Award for ‘Favourite Holiday Destination’ in 2010, and 2nd place in the ‘World Top 100’ whilst their

The cost of living in Turkey continues to remain an unbelievable

tourism market is set to further emerge.

50-60% below that of the UK and adds huge value to the tourism market as holidaymakers have recognised that the country is

Turkey remains the only country in the top 10 popular tourist list

cost-effective in comparison to Eurozone destinations such as

that rose in rank in 2011, displacing Britain and becoming the

Spain and France. Turkey’s astounding tourism success stories

6th most popular tourist destination in the world and 4th most

have been acknowledged by many major travel companies, gaining

popular destination in Europe in 2012, according to the World

positive exposure in the press. Co-operative Travel launched their

Tourism Organisation. Turkey saw 31.5 million visitors in 2011,

new advertising programme where they predict strong business

an increase of almost 10% compared to 2010 which saw 28.6

for Turkey in 2012-13. With a huge demand from visitors wanting

million. Turkey’s tourism market continues to go from strength to

to witness the beauty of Turkey. More UK airports now have cost-

strength as statistics see a strong increase year on year; the

effective flights to further boost Turkey’s emerging tourism

number of foreign visitors to Turkey grew 20.5% in January 2011


from a year earlier, which witnessed an increase of 976,000

Key Facts • Awarded the Condé Nast International Traveller Award for ‘Favourite Holiday Destination’ in 2010 and 2nd place in ‘World Top 100’ • 6th most popular tourist destination in the world displacing Britain in 2011 • 4th most popular destination in Europe 2012

• 31.5 Million International arrivals in 2011, a 10% increase from 2010 • Foreign visitors to Turkey grew 20.5% in January 2011 from a year earlier, which witnessed 976,000 foreign visitors in January 2010 • Low cost of living, 50-60% below than in the UK

Pamukkale MAGICAL GIFT OF THERMAL WATERS Considered to be one of the most breathtaking destinations

heart problems, arthritis, high blood pressure, rheumatism, skin

globally, Pamukkale is situated 20 km from the town of Denizli in

problems, muscle aches and eye diseases. The reputation of

the Aegean region of Turkey. Its vibrant scenery has a strong

Pamukkale has grown ever since as people travel from all over the

sense of paradise as the springs hit the sculptured hills, which at

world to witness the uniqueness of these thermal waters. Accord-

first sight, appear as white castles. Pamukkale is appreciated as

ing to the Turkish culture and tourism department some 1 million

one of Turkey’s most iconic and historical locations for its ability

visitors each year visit Turkey purely for health reasons.

to amaze the public with its natural beauty. Turkey is taking advantage of its geographical location and its The warm springs of Pamukkale have been admired since the

magical gift of thermal richness, which now contributes signifi-

second century when the Romans discovered that the thermal

cantly to its SPA industry, to embrace the importance of

waters offered much more than the average water supply. For

well-being from natural resources whilst creating a unique

thousands of years a deep underground spring has been pouring

therapeutic experience, in comparison to SPAs that are limited to

out streams of hot, mineral-saturated water. Whilst flowing down

the traditional water supply. The global SPA economy is now

the mountainside, the steaming water has hollowed enormous

estimated to be worth an impressive $255 billion per annum

circular basins in the earth and the water’s rich mineral content

worldwide, according to the 2008 Global Spa Summit in New

has coated them in a smooth layer of dazzlingly-white calcareous

York. Peter Ellis, Chairman at the Global Spa Summit states

rock. The mineral rich hot spring waters are high in calcium,

“Europe is the largest regional spa market in the world”. Turkey

magnesium sulphate and bicarbonate, whilst the temperature of

has the right resources to not only become the most admired

these hot springs varies between 36°-38° C. This unique water

thermal destination in Europe, but around the world.

supply was used to perform miracles, curing illnesses such as


Set amongst the unspoilt scenery and natural gardens of Europe’s

encourage guests to de-stress the mind, body and soul. The warm

richest thermal water destination, the Cairapolis Thermal SPA

thermal pools invigorate visitors as they feel the therapeutic

Resort shares panoramic mountain views of the natural hot

thermal waters splash against their skin, stimulating positive inner

springs of Pamukkale. Comprising of 190 luxury apartments,

peace whilst absorbing the beauty and harmonious settings of

Cairapolis has been designed to enhance the natural richness of

Cairapolis Thermal SPA resort. The outside paradise volcanic

the thermal waters with a well justified luxurious spa experience.

setting of Cairapolis Thermal SPA resort continues to assist

Located on top of a major geothermal belt, Cairapolis sits on

visitors through their journey of wellbeing and tranquility by

Turkey’s most attractive, unspoilt landscape in the heart of

feeling the breeze of Cairapolis’ hot waterfalls.

Pamukkale just 45 minutes away from Denizli airport with accessible public transport. This thermal spa resort offers guests a

The magical thermal waters within the SPA facilities promises to

healthy therapeutic experience by incorporating the unique

add value to visitor’s destiny; not only will they leave Cairapolis

thermal waters of Pamukkale.

with the most unforgettable SPA experience, their memorable treatments will also encourage them to continue their everyday life

Pamukkale’s thermal waters are generally used to treat medical

with a peaceful mind, thanks to the unique affects of Pamukkale’s

conditions, however Cairapolis SPA incorporates the ancient

precious thermal water, which has made history since the second

waters with highly skilled modern day treatments designed to


Key Facts • A Total of 190 1 & 2 Bedroom Luxurious Apartments on over 12 acres of landscaped site with both internal and external leisure facilities

• A 5 star Thermal SPA Resort Designed to incorporate the ancient waters with highly skilled modern day treatments to encourage guests to de-stress the mind, body and soul

• Situated in the natural gardens of Europe’s richest Thermal water destination

• 2km away from Pamukkale’s naturally hot Thermal water springs whilst only 30 minutes away from the Denizli City Airport and City Centre

Exit Strategy & ROI Option 1:

At EPI we believe that every investor has individual needs and requirements from an investment. Whether you are targeting short to medium term capital appreciation or a long-term fixed income portfolio, we will structure our property portfolios to suit your needs specifically. Here are various different investment plan options allowing for different strategies, target ROI and investment durations: Whilst all options are scheduled for specific durations, your contract with EPI has no lock in period and properties can be sold at any time.


2 year Investment Plan 40% Below Market Value at launch date An additional 20% – 30% Forecasted Market Growth Overall Target Capital growth of 60% - 70% Re-sell on completion

Option 2: -

3 year Investment Plan 40% Below Market Value at launch date An additional 30% – 45% forecasted Market Growth 1 Year 10% Fixed Rental Income Overall Target Capital growth of 70% - 85% Re-sell on completion

Option 3: -

5 year Investment Plan 40% Below Market Value at launch date An additional 50% – 75% forecasted Market Growth 3 Year 10% Fixed Rental Income Overall Target Capital growth of 90% - 100% Re-sell on completion CGT Exemption on Re-Sale

Guidelines for Investing in an Equity Plus Property These guidelines aim to answer some of the questions which our purchasers and potential purchasers frequently ask us. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any further elaborations. 1. Who is Equity Plus International? Equity Plus International is the UK based primary selling agent for the selling/owner Company in Turkey. Equity Plus International is not a party to agreements with purchasers. 2. Who owns the land that the resorts are being built on and which company am I contracting with? For legal reasons, the land is owned by the local company (Turkish incorporation) of Equity Plus Properties. 3. What happens to my money when I purchase? All monies are paid into and managed by UK Solicitor Escrow accounts to protect the purchaser. Payments are only received by Equity Plus Properties at each stage of construction. The purchaser is kept updated of all development and progress in construction by their designated UK based Portfolio manager. 4. Will my property go up in value? Equity Plus Properties build resorts in regions that have proven to provide purchasers with a good return on capital investment. Historically, property values in Turkey have yielded 11.62% growth in 2011 and forecasted to grow by 10% to 15% minimum until 2019 due to outstanding economic growth. Properties are sold up to 40% below their estimated market value. Equity Plus increases the price of the properties periodically so purchasers who reserved their property early will have already seen an increase in the value of their property. 5. Can I sell my Property before completion? There is no lock in period. The sale contract allows you to resell your property before completion at any stage of development. One method of re-sale is by using the re-sale division of Equity Plus. We also offer a resale service once the Resort is finished. 6. Do I have to deal with Turkish solicitors or overseas authorities? No. The entire conveyancing procedure is managed by UK based international solicitors incorporated in Turkey. All necessary documentation and the registry of your deeds will be managed from the UK making the entire process hassle free for purchasers.

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