BUILDING YOUR DREAM HOME IN EASY STEPS STEP “The design and build of my home is beautiful. Vanacore homes has made this a wonderful experience.” —H...
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“The design and build of my home is beautiful. Vanacore homes has made this a wonderful experience.” —Hal N.

What Can I Afford?

We Help You Make Right Decision Our experienced design and sales team will help you understand the cost of building a new home. We will also explain the benefits of using both construction loans and/or buying with cash. Helping you make the right decision for your situation is our goal.


“From the first time I sat down, to the completion of my home, it was an excellent experience! There is not one negative thing I can say about Vanacore Homes” —D. N.

Where Should I Live?

There are a Variety of Choices What type of community and home style suits your lifestyle? Golf Community Beach Bungalow Walking trails Access to fishing and boating Clubhouse Amenity Our design and sales team can help guide you to the perfect community.


“You certainly run a top notch business filled with dedicated employees” —Thomas V.

What Features Do I Want?

You Want ‘Em, We Got ‘Em Do you want three bedrooms or four? 2-car or 3-car garage? A large country kitchen? An added pantry? With dozens of floor plans to choose from, our design team can help you visualize and choose the perfect house plan. Then, we show you how we can add storage, redesign rooms and add space so your home exactly fits your taste.


“We were very satisfied from start to finish. There were no surprises.” —T. V.

Writing the Contract

No Surprises or Hidden Costs Now that all the decisions are made, Your design and sales consultant will give you the final cost to build your new home and prepare the contract. It will include all your costs right up front, creating a smoother building process.


“My home is one of a kind. Everyone keeps telling me how beautiful it is.” —Barbara J.

Make It Yours

Your Home Is a Reflection of You At Vanacore Homes you work with an interior decorator to help you choose your flooring, counter tops, lighting, cabinets, and paint colors. We help you make your home as unique as you are.


“The interior of their homes has features most other builders don’t have, such as arched doorways. We would recommend Vanacore Homes to anyone.”

Getting It Right

Everyone On The Same Page At Vanacore Homes starting off on the right foot is key! We always have a preconstruction meeting with you and our building specialists before construction begins. At that meeting we review your plans and specifications, answer any questions and make sure everything is just right.


At Vanacore Homes your satisfaction at every stage of the process is our first priority.

From Dirt to Drywall

You Are A Big Part Of Our Process We clear the lot, frame and pour the foundation. Then, outside walls go up, roof trusses go on and the rooms are framed. Electrical and plumbing go in,heating and air conditioning are installed. We then meet with you onsite to show how your home is progressing.


“From the first time I sat down, to the Completion of my home was an excellent Experience! There is not one negative thing i can say about Vanacore homes” —D.N.

Finishing Touches

All About The Details Paint, moldings,cabinetry, flooring, lighting fixtures and finally, plumbing. This is when all the hard works turns into your beautiful new home. At Vanacore Homes attention to detail is the foundation of our process, your complete satisfaction is our mission.


Staying In Touch

Planning To Succeed At Vanacore Homes we schedule meetings with you and our sales, design and construction team members. Communication is key to a seamless home building process. We are committed to ensuring you are up to speed on the construction of your new home.


We Give You The Keys

Time To Celebrate! A few weeks prior to move in, our contractor will accompany you for a final Inspection and a punch list for touch-ups is created. A certificate of occupancy is issued by the local building department. At your new home, the design, sales and construction team will explain our warranty process and home maintenance and answer any of your questions or concerns. We present your New Home Packet and the keys to your new Vanacore Home. Congratulations!