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THURSDAY, 30 MAY from 13:00 -13:15 MAK Vortragssaal ‘THE LECTURE HALL’


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marc van kerckhove


Founded in 1995 by Marc Michael De Smet, this 24-strong chamber choir dedicates itself to embrace all forms of contemporary music in a global context: classical and popular, sacred and secular, progressive and conservative. more info see page 4 FRIDAY, 31 MAY from 13:45 -14:00 MAK Vortragssaal ‘THE LECTURE HALL’



helena be

With a main focus on innovative twentieth century music, using the unusual mix of strings, wind instruments and piano this group explores the latest experimental trends. In particular the fusion of traditional compositions with contemporary repertoire. more info see page 9

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offering that rises above all categories and specialties. Ahead of its time Meanwhile, as Goeyvaerts Consort, we have already given hundreds of In our still early 21st century, irreversible concerts, at home and abroad. evolutions will shake and redraw the arts landscape even more. In our globalised AQUARIUS is a sounding board of universe, all cultural expressions are our new century. permeated by each other. Classical music merges with jazz, pop and world music. AQUARIUS was founded and is Europe will disappear as a cultural leader. currently conducted by Marc Michael Music from the far and recent past is De Smet, a fervent defender of very much alive. Contemporary music is contemporary and Flemish music. how it has always been and should always be: innovative, shocking and directive. This ‘clash of cultures’ provides dynamics never seen before and a whirling, ominous yet amazing future.




12 Onderbossenaarstraat, 9680 Etikhove - Belgium Contact: Marc Michael De Smet / conductor Emmy Meirlaen / manager Phone: +32 55 30 40 26 Mobile: +32 475 27 39 97 [email protected]

marc van kerckhove

The chamber choir AQUARIUS, consisting of 24 musicians, embraces this age and participates in this exciting, confusing and gaudy shift, where old and new, classical and popular, sacred and secular, progressive and conservative are combined. Founded in 1995 under the name of Goeyvaerts Consort, this ensemble has expanded, and using a new name, its vision is to embrace all forms of contemporary music in a global musical

Ardalus Ardalus is an early music ensemble, with a great passion for baroque music especially ‘forgotten’ music from the Low Countries.To bring this lost music back to life, recorder player Karen Ketels (founder and inspirer of Ardalus) digs deep into the history of the Low Countries, and gives new life to the wonderful sounds of the past. For this, Ardalus adapts forces to suit the different programmes.


1 Korsele, 9667 Horebeke - Belgium Contact: Karen Ketels, artistic director Mobile: +32 485 58 46 43 [email protected]

All performances are attentive to histo­ri­­cal authenticity and are therefore played on copies of historical instruments. One of Ardalus’s objectives is to approach ancient music as faithfully as possible, without losing sight of the general public.This makes for unique concerts, with solid underpinnings and great individuality.The first CD ‘Around Jacob Van Eyck’ (Phaedra 2011) is available in 24 countries, and received a very warm welcome by press and audience. ‘Around Van Eyck’ is built entirely around the blind 17th-century musical jack-ofall-trades Jacob Van Eyck. Intrigued by Van Eyck’s work, Karen Ketels traced the

origin of some of his most striking themes, and linked them to the originals by composers from England, Germany and Italy.The out­come is a very fresh and exiting look at Van Eyck’s music. In the meanwhile, Karen Ketels is working on a new Ardalus project, with forgotten music from the low countries. This will be recorded in the near future.

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Ausonia « One cannot help but succumb to such strength of intelligence and sensitivity so harmoniously united » renaud machart, le monde,


guy vivien

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master of Japanese Nô theatre (also released on DVD).


The creation of original programmes, performed in small formations, has exposed the compelling power of the 28/08/2010 music of Jean-Philippe Rameau, Zoroastre and Zaïs (recorded for CD in Ausonia is an ensemble of instrumenta2009), and in 2011 the creation of ‘Castor lists and singers, founded and directed by and Pollux’, with staging by Tami Troman and lighting by Nathalie Perrier. Frédérick Haas and Mira Glodeanu, committed to bringing to life the music of the 17th and 18th centuries by means of In 2011, the ensemble created ‘Ausonia in Transylvania’ - a collaboration with le the dedicated application of historical performance practices and a continuous Chœur de chambre de Namur and searching for the expressive possibilities instrumentalists encountered during several masterclasses given in Romania, inherent in this music. in a programme inspired by manuscripts found in the library of Sibiu. Ausonia’s research into Francois Francœur has unveiled the unexpected poetic intensity of this forgotten composer (2 CD recordings of violin sonatas & opera arias, and a production of the opera Zélindor at the Centre de Musique Baroque de Versailles).


jens mollenvanger


5 drève Flovana, 5020 Flawinne - Belgium Frédérick Haas, artistic director Contact: Mélanie Pelé, administrator Mobile: +32 471 96 03 53 [email protected]

From 2006-2011, the complete Mystery Sonatas of Heinrich Biber were recorded in a programme incorporating vocal and instrumental works of the 17th century with interventions by Masato Matsuura,


3 Bijlokekaai, 9000 Gent Contact: Hendrik Storme, general manager [email protected]

Baroque orchestra B’Rock was founded in 2005 on the initiative of harpsichordist, composer and conductor Frank Agsteribbe, double bass player Tom Devaere and cultural managers Tomas Bisschop and Hendrik Storme. The core consists of about twenty musicians specializing in historically informed performing practice. B’Rock distinguishes itself by a performanceoriented and style-conscious manner of playing, in which intensity and expression play a central part.The interest of the orchestra goes to old music as well as the realisation and creation of modern music on historical instruments. Baroque orchestra B’Rock regularly appeals to leading soloists and guest conductors such as Eduardo Lopèz Banzo, Kristian Bezuidenhout, Christopher Moulds, Alexander Melnikov, Peter Dijkstra and René Jacobs. Opera and adventurous music theatre form an important part of the artistic activity.The orchestra performs on Flemish stages as well as international stages such as Het Concertgebouw Amsterdam, Early Music Festival Utrecht, Innsbrucker Festwochen der alten Musik, Konzerthaus Berlin,

Musikfestspiele Potsdam Sanssoucci, Holland Festival, Styriarte Festival in Graz and the Wigmore Hall, London. In 2012 B’Rock, conducted by René Jacobs, made its debut at La Monnaie in Brussels. (Orlando, G.F. Händel).

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Capilla Flamenca

103 J.B.Van Monsstraat, 3000 Leuven - Belgium Contact: Lena Dierckx, sales & promotion Phone: +32 16 60 28 36 Mobile +32 476 71 01 92 [email protected]

miel pieters

Capilla Flamenca

Capilla Flamenca appears in the Top 3 of Gramophone Magazine.

This vocal and instrumental consort takes its name from the choir of the court chapel of Emperor Charles V.When Charles left the Low Countries in 1517, he took his best musicians with him in order to accompany him as a ‘living polyphony’ to Spain. Today’s Capilla Flamenca brings to life again the unique timbre of this brilliant 14th -16th century music in its full authenticity. According to the needs of the programme or genre, today’s vocal core of the ensemble (countertenor/ tenor/baritone/bass) is enlarged with wind instruments, string instruments, an organ or complementary singers.

Remarkable projects were: the collaboration with choreographer Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui for the dance piece ‘Foi’(2003); ‘Eden’, a multimedia performance in collaboration with world renowned video artist Walter Verdin (2005);‘12x12’, a musical zodiac according to Ars Nova and K.H. Stockhausen (2007); Rosa, a Renaissance pop song, with which the ensemble made it to the top charts in 2008; Alexander Agricola’s ‘Missa In myne zyn’ was shortlisted for the Gramophone Early music Award 2011 and in 2012 the ensemble appeared at The Festival Cervantino in Mexico, one of the biggest festivals in the world.

Capilla Flamenca has been honoured with some of the most prestigious international awards for their artistic, musicological and historical thoroughness. Numerous CD recordings have received major awards, including several Diapason d’Ors, Prix Chocs de CLASSICA, Répertoire10, several awards and prizes from the Belgian music press, in 2012 Willaert’s ‘Vespro della beata vergine’ received a CHOC de l’année and

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Het Collectief

236 Avenue Rogier, 1030 Brussels - Belgium Contact: Gerrit Geerts / business manager Mobile: + 32 496 29 17 34 Skype: het.collectief [email protected]

helena be

Het Collectief – Chamber Music Quintet

reviews that greeted the release of several CDs with works by Schoenberg, Bach, Messiaen, Chong,Vanhecke and ‘12x12, A Musical Zodiac’.

Tradition and creation, discovery and recognition do not have to exclude each other. We see this stubbornness as a quality and as our trademark.

In 2013-2014, two new CD releases are scheduled: First a portrait of the young composer Bram Van Camp, with Liesbeth Devos, Soprano and Vykintas Baltakas, conductor (release Autumn 2013).The second CD focuses on ‘Sieben frühe Lieder’ (Berg),‘Maeterlinck Lieder’ (Zemlinsky) & other work, with Katrien Baerts,Soprano and Reinbert De Leeuw, conductor (release Spring 2014).

Working consistently from a solid core of five musicians, this group has created an intriguing and idiosyncratic sound, achieved by an unfamiliar mix of strings, wind instruments and piano. For its repertoire, Het Collectief returns to the Second Viennese School, the roots of modernism. Starting from this solid basis, it explores important twentieth century repertoire, including the very latest experimental trends. The group also creates furor with daring crossovers between contemporary and traditional compositions and with adaptations of ancient music. The group’s affinity with innovative 20th century music has been widely recognized by the international music press, as can be seen from the many laudatory

Next to the many concert platforms in Belgium, Het Collectief regularly brings its productions to concert venues abroad in Europe, South America or Asia. In 2012-2013 Het Collectief gave concerts at BOZAR Brussels and at Concertgebouw Amsterdam. In 2014 the group will be touring Germany, France, UK,The Netherlands, Cyprus, and - for the 3rd time - South America (Brazil, Peru and Argentina). In 2014-2015 Het Collectief is scheduled to tour internationally with Collegium Vocale Gent and Lithuanian Network Ensemble.

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In its performances of 18th and 19th century music, Il Fondamento strives to make it sound the way it used to in the epoch. In order to achieve that sound, instruments, playing styles and performance practices need to be studied. It is the only way to reconstruct the epoch sound, since no recordings exist.

Il Fondamento VZW

74 Noordstraat, 1000 Brussels - Belgium Contact: Joachim Commeene, business director Phone: +32 2 502 09 80 [email protected]

During its 24 years of existence, the ensemble has developed a solid inter­ national reputation, cooperating with international soloists, such as Suzie Leblanc, Clint van der Linde, Charles Daniels, Harry van der Kamp, Liesbeth De Vos, Mhairi Lawson, Huub Claessens, Caroline Weynants, Reinoud van Mechelen, Peter Kooij, Gerd Türk, and many others …

Imago Mundi DIVINE MADNESS Souls in Exile

In programming, Paul Dombrecht likes to confront lesser known or unknown repertoire to masterpieces.These confron­ta­tions may sound surprising to our ears, but they were common practice in their time. Il Fondamento’s concerts guarantee not only aesthetic, but also historical experiences.


marleen nelen

Moreover, Il Fondamento finds its own sound in the canonised repertoire, both in concert and on CD. Finally, the ensemble got lots of praise for its work in the opera’s orchestra pit.

In your light I learn how to love. In your beauty, how to make poems. You dance inside my chest where no-one sees you, but sometimes I do, and that sight becomes this art. (rumi) Melancholy. Longing for the inaccessible. Yearning to lose oneself in paradise. An impossible love. Dissatisfaction with our existence on earth. Light is darkness, darkness light.The quest for the sublime.

In 2014 Il Fondamento exists 25 years. To celebrate this, a new recording is planned of the ‘Lucas Passion’ of C.P.E. Bach.

Imago Mundi

10 Verhoevenstraat, 1020 Brussels - Belgium Contact: Sofie Vanden Eynde Mobile: +32 479 20 46 32 [email protected]

marleen nelen

Founded on a core of (even now!) loyal musicians, oboist Paul Dombrecht developed a generous, transparent orchestral sound around the colours of his much acclaimed baroque oboe. Promptly, praise followed: refreshing performances, typical timbre, pursuit of perfection.

Frequently, Paul Dombrecht passes the baton to colleagues such as René Jacobs, Daniel Reuss or Barthold Kuijken.


Il Fondamento

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In this programme, English lute song and Arabic song join hands across the miles. Music is a universal language, with the power to touch us all. Early music by J. Dowland, R. Johnson, N. Lanier, A. Ferrabosco, New music by M. Adwan,T. Smetryns Texts by Rumi, Al-Hallaj, Jonson, Rossetti, Darwish, Ibn-Arabi

Clare Wilkinson, voice Sofie Vanden Eynde, lute & theorbo Moneim Adwan, voice & oud

vu: verlie’s belgian waffle vof, sterlingerstraat 94, 2140 borgerhout

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Orquesta Tanguedia

Contact: Caroline Lanoye, manager Mobile: +32 476 32 88 40 [email protected] Gwen Cresens, artistic director Mobile: +32 475 80 08 19 [email protected]

Orquesta Tanguedia

Ghent and the Carré theatre in Amsterdam.

Tender, small and sensitive, but also surprisingly eclectic, shamelessly passionate and grand. It is virtually impossible to remain unmoved by the music of Orquesta Tanguedia. This virtuoso sextet breaks the borders of classical music, folk, jazz and tango in particular, and creates an entirely new and beautiful mix.Their long history of playing together brought them to a sky-high level of composing, arranging and performing.

Orquesta Tanguedia presents 2 completely different projects:

Orquesta Tanguedia serves a unique, contemporary music experience and is well known in the world of tango. They’ve interpreted the Tango Nuevo of Astor Piazzolla for years, constantly looking for an original sound.They toured extensively and collaborated in unique projects, e.g. with the Royal Ballet of Flanders, the Radio 1 Big Bang, and a surprising tour with the Belgian cabaret duo Kommil Foo. In this tour they played over 80 times in Belgium and Holland ‘s finest theatres, like the Ancienne Belgique in Brussels, the Roma theatre in Antwerp, the Capitole in

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playing is spontaneously radiates with enthusiasm that is contagious. The initiative taken by young idealists To be sure I have many other from the Brussels Conservatory in 1996 concerns than exciting the trouble received a professional boost in 2004 of arms, or to challenge the god Mars with the arrival of Peter Van Heyghen as to a fight. My profession is far conductor. Since then, the orchestra has removed from the turmoil of arms, risen to an international level, earning and the reasons of state that makes the trust of the foremost Belgian and one use them. European organisers and the recordings have been warmly saluted by internatioGeorg Muffat (1653-1704) is behind nal critics. this bold statement published 1695, in a Western Europe mired in the NineYears War. He argued in favour of music that pacifies, offering a gentle alternative to war. It is for his pioneering position in the birth of the orchestra as an institution that Les Muffatti chose to use his name as for their ensemble and to recognise him as their spiritual father. Tirelessly, and with the greatest integrity they could show, Les Muffatti strive to spread models of universal beauty, creating moments of timeless contemplation, and above all promoting slow food music.This process involves undertaking thorough research, carefully choosing the instruments, finding a sufficiently large space for experimentation for rehearsals so that in concert, their pleasure of

Les Muffatti

Alfonsina is a programme built around the beautiful song ‘Alfonsina y el mar’. New arrangements of old tango themes, new self-composed songs and lyrics, and new compositions based on poems written by this famous Argentinean poet, Alfonsina Storni.


KonkordiaPlatz is a musical collaboration between Orquesta Tanguedia and the Belgian composer Chris Carlier. He composed the trilogy Konkordiaplatz and rewrote two string quartets for a unique new formation: bandoneon, soprano saxophone and string quartet. Les Muffatti

20 Rue aux Laines, 1000 Brussels - Belgium Contact: Peter Van Heyghen, artistic director & conductor Phone: +32 2 503 27 33 Mobile: +32 498 11 39 35 [email protected] [email protected]

stephane puopolo

artists / 14

Musiques Nouvelles


Le Manège.mons / Musiques Nouvelles

4/A rue des Sœurs Noires, 7000 Mons - Belgium Contact: Fabienne Wilkin Mobile: +32 488 67 79 71 [email protected]

anne baraquin

Born on 6 December 1962, Musiques Nouvelles is the doyen of the ensembles that since then have grown up everywhere throughout Europe and that have been witnesses to the formidable development of new music in the course of the last half century. A succession of five conductors showed their commitment, conviction and passion: Pierre Bartholomée from 1962 to 1976, Georges-Élie Octors from 1976 to 1988, Jean-Pierre Peuvion from 1989 to 1993, Patrick Davin from 1993 and, since 1997, Jean-Paul Dessy has been flying the flag. Musiques Nouvelles radiates an over­ flowing vitality within a robust, dynamic structure: Le manège.mons, of which the ensemble has embodied the axis of musical creation and production since 2002. Musiques Nouvelles innovates, highlights and stimulates contemporary music in all its formal, geographic and cultural diversity, and over the years has multiplied commissions and productions in Belgium and throughout the world. From national and international festivals to imaginative European projects, Musiques Nouvelles has given music a

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profile high in meaning and emotion. Today the ensemble combines the perennial and the audacious, it explores sound worlds yet to be, it invents forms of concerts that enhance the listening process, and it supports the creative artistes of the Fédération WallonieBruxelles.


featuring images produced by accom­ plished artists.

Avanticlassic is a new label created with the aim of producing outstanding, unique, quality recordings made by promising new musicians, as well as established artists such as Roby Lakatos, Sergio Tiempo, Philippe Quint, Polina Leschenko and Martha Argerich.

Avanticlassic aims not only to record and promote artists in whom it believes but also to offer them real support in all facets of their career.

In order to achieve this, avanticlassic offers its artists the best available technology on all levels, be it in the choice of recording studios, the recording techniques or the support offered.

SPRL Puremusic

84 Rue de Stassart, 1050 Bruxelles Contact: Frédéric Grün Phone: +32 2 552 09 21 Fax: +32 552 09 11 [email protected] Facebook: avanticlassic

The choice of work and the relationship between the work and the artist is what differentiates avanticlassic. By working closely with the artist in determining which works are recorded, we hope to reveal an intimacy - between the artist and the work - rarely found elsewhere. The product offered to consumers is lso of the highest quality: CD/SACD hybrid (5.1. DSD system) music carriers, packaged attractively in a contemporary, fresh, modern style, with liner notes written by specialists and CD-covers

labels / 16

La Boite à Musique Pavane Records / Musica Ficta Pavane is one of the most dynamic independent labels devoted exclusively to classical music. Nearly 250 recordings have been published on compact disc. Many collaborations take place between the label and its artists who have found an ideal and trusted partner with Pavane for the realisation of the recording projects that they held dear.

Pavane Records A division of La Boite A Musique SA

74 Coudenberg, 1000 Brussels - Belgium Contact: Bertrand de Wouters d’Oplinter / Managing Director Phone: +32 2 513 09 65 Fax: +32 2 514 21 94 [email protected]

The rediscovery of Belgian composers also figures in the editorial priorities of Pavane, which recently published the first world-wide complete recording of the piano music of Joseph Jongen, as well as his string quartets. For 20 years, Bertrand de Wouters d’Oplinter has held the reins of the label, where one finds confirmed values as well as a new generation of artists. Resolutely turned towards the future, Pavane is developing many new projects,

notably a new series concentrating on Early and Baroque music (

labels / 17


In a market which, more than ever, demands creativity, flexibility and high standards, Pavane thus succeeds in combining tradition and an opening toward the future.


Musique en Wallonie

1B ULG - quai Roosevelt, 4000 Liège - Belgium Contact: Jérôme Gierkens Phone & fax: +32 4 366 54 81 Mobile: +32 485 458 352 [email protected]

Musique en Wallonie Musique en Wallonie is a project that promotes the musical heritage and com­ posers from the Federation of WalloniaBrussels. As a non-profit orga­nization, it brings together musicologists and researchers. Far from hiding behind a commercial logic, MEW seeks above all to marry a policy of scientific research, publishing and music distribution. For centuries, our region has been a geographic and cultural meeting point for artists from all over, who fertilized an art which is not a copy of their own origins, but a new synthesis, very personal and with many influences. Our catalogue is physically distributed in more than 25 countries across 5 continents and digitally worldwide. It is also an invitation to time travel. From the Middle Ages, represented by the manuscript Vari 42 copied in the abbey of Saint-Jacques in Liège in the 13th century, through the Renaissance (La Rue, Binchois, Lassus, Regis,Tinctoris), baroque (Du Mont, Fiocco, Danielis, Saint-Luc) and classical era (Renotte and Boutmy).Then through the Revolution – with Gossec and Grétry – the romanti-

cism and the “fin de siècle” illustrated by Franck, Lekeu,Vieuxtemps,Ysaÿe, to finally open in the 20th century with Jongen, Biarent or Absil. First-rate artists and ensembles lent their talents to this project: D. Cornil, L. Devos, S. Stubbs, I. Sauveur, I. Desrochers, J. Schröder, J.Van Immerseel, J. Savall, Ph. Herreweghe, A. Florio and C. Rousset, plus ensembles such as the Liege Royal Philharmonic, Royal Opera of Wallonia, National Orchestra of Belgium, but also Capilla Flamenca,Tivoli Band, Scherzi Musicali, Hesperion XXI, Collegium Vocale Gent, Knabenchor Hannover, Singer Pur, Simphonie du Marais and Cappella della Pietà de’Turchini.

labels / 18

27, Rue du Chêne, 1000 Brussels - Belgium Phone: +32 2 373 82 00 Fax: +32 2 373 82 09 Contact: Charles Adriaenssen / president [email protected] Dominic Verheyen, sales & marketing director Phone: +32 2 373 82 04 [email protected] Outhere Paris

16 Rue du Fbg Montmartre , 75009 Paris - France Phone : +33 1 43 45 11 20 Fax: +33 1 43 40 44 16 Contact : Pascal Dumay / CEO Outhere France Phone : +33 1 43 45 34 35 [email protected] Contact : Stéphanie Flament / Press Phone : +33 1 43 45 34 34 [email protected]

Concertgebouw Brugge The Concertgebouw is an international music and performing arts centre devoted to the development and presentation of art at an international level. It focuses on music and contem­ porary dance. ©

Concertgebouw Brugge

34 ’t Zand, 8000 Bruges - Belgium Contact: Jeroen Van Acker, artistic director [email protected]

david samyn

Outhere Brussels

Outhere Music Group is an independent music production and publishing company whose releases are published under the Æon, Alpha, Arcana, Fuga Libera, Outnote, Phi, Ramée, Ricercar and Zig-Zag Territoires catalogues. Each catalogue has its own identity. Our discs and digital products cover a repertoire that ranges from ancient and classical music to contemporary, jazz and world music.We work with great artists and established ensembles, but we are also keen to invest in the development of young talent. The group builds on three fundamental principles: relations, quality and effi­cien­cy: the personal relation is between an artist and his trusted art director; the highest quality is in the musical selection and editorial work; and efficiency, as we know that our activities can only thrive with innovative management methods.

Outhere produces more than 100 CDs per year that are distributed in over 40 countries. Outhere has offices in Brussels and Paris.


Outhere SA

venue & festival / 19

filip dujardin

With its Sound Factory (interactive space for sound art) and its collection of visual art, the Concertgebouw provides enduring opportunities for the (active) experiencing of contemporary art. A pronounced emphasis on creativity and imagination takes its programming beyond the mere presentation of art. Underpinned by its extensive art educational activities for children, adolescents and adults, the Concert­ gebouw offers intense artistic experiences, in optimal circumstances, to a wide and diverse audience, both in Flanders and beyond.

Orchestra in Residence Anima Eterna Brugge and Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker’s dance company Rosas are structurally linked to the Concert­ gebouw. With clearly profiled programming – including annually recurring multi-day festivals, such as Bach Academy Bruges and December Dance – the Concert­ gebouw attracts artists and audiences from both Bruges and abroad. In 2012, the Concertgebouw brought in more than 100,000 visitors.

venue & festival / 20

Festival de Wallonie


Festival de Wallonie

20 rue de l’Armée Grouchy, 5000 Namur - Belgium Contact: Claire Ringlet Phone: + 32 81 73 37 81 Fax: + 32 81 74 25 03 [email protected]

freddy dhoe

In Wallonia and Brussels between June and october, classical music will be in party mode! The seven festivals making up the Festival of Wallonia invite music lovers and curious listeners of all ages to experience music-making at the highest level in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. There are activities for everyone: an emphasis on choirs in Namur; on chamber music in Stavelot; on early music in Liège; or on a musical journey through instruments and eras in Brussels, Saint-Hubert, Hainaut and in Walloon Brabant. Other highlights include: the Famille (Family) project for children and their parents and grandparents; the Student Classix from students; the Musique et Solidarité (Music and Solidarity) cycles for weaken people; and Un Fauteuil pour tous (An armchair for everybody) for persons with reduced mobility. Gathered around the same theme and around a guest of honor, Patrick Davin this year, the seven festivals are working together in order to offer the public a huge and varied panorama of classical

booking / management / 21

music. 2013 will entirely be dedicated to Love. More than a simple summer or autumn affair, the Festival of Wallonia suggests sharing moments of emotion, unforgettable encounters where the music will evoke magnificently all the faces of love …

Bookman Artist Management Towards artistic excellence.

Bookman vzw

Vooruitgangstraat 187, bus 161 1030 Brussels - Belgium Contact: Stijn Jacobs Mobile: +32 479 44 67 46 [email protected]

Bookman is a management bureau for classical music, located in the heart of Europe.We manage some of the finest chamber music ensembles of Flanders and we represent them towards concert agencies and classical concert organizers throughout the world.We do this by means of a 360° approach, including general management, public relations, booking services, tour management, payroll administration, business control etc. By joining our management bureau, ensembles are released from administrative, organizational and commercial tasks. By joining our team, musicians can focus on their core business. By joining Bookman, our partners can evolve towards artistic excellence.

Some highlights of the organization: • Founded in 2005 • Located in Brussels • Extensive network in Belgium • Professional partners in France and the Netherlands • Working with Kryptos Quartet since 2008 and ClubMediéval since 2010 • Since January 2013, Bookman is the first and only government supported management bureau for classical music in Flanders • Now intensively working on portfolio expansion and international roll-out, together with partners. Our core values: • Professional partnership • Sustainable service • Equal excellence • Great gifts

booking / management / 22

ClaraMusica Artist Management Clara Musica Artist Management focuses on the management of classical artists, including several ensembles based in the region of the Federation of WalloniaBrussels.

ClaraMusica Artist Management sprl

21 rue Tillieux, 5100 Jambes - Belgium Contact: Jean-Marc Poncelet Phone: + 32 81 31 21 83 Mobile: + 32 478 34 82 85 [email protected] [email protected]

Created by Lionel Meunier, Vox Lumi­nis has rapidly established itself as a reference in the interpretation of 17th and 18th baroque vocal repertoires. Three Vox Luminis CDs have been critically acclaimed (Gramophone Recording of theYear 2012, Diapason d’Or, Preis der Deutschen Schallplattenkritik, International Classical Music Award, Gramophone Editor’s Choice, Choc de Classica…).The ensemble performs in major European festivals and venues including London, Madrid, Berlin, Paris, Utrecht, Ambronay, Festival van Vlaanderen, Festival de Wallonie, Centro Cultural Belém… A U.S. tour is scheduled in 2014/2015. Musica Favola was recently created by the Belgian tenor Stephan Van Dyck. In addition to performing as a soloist with

Organisations / 23

the most prestigious European Baroque orchestras - Les Arts Florissants, le Concert Spirituel, La Fenice, le Concert des Nations - Stephan van Dyck found the perfect tool to express his own musical ideas in Musica Favola.The ensemble performs regularly in major festivals and concert series in Belgium and France with two CDs that were both critically acclaimed. Les Elégiaques definitively established themselves as a quartet featuring several of the finest Belgian musicians; members the Royal Opera House La Monnaie or the Liege Royal Philharmonic orchestra. In addition to the usual quartet repertoire, they pay specific attention to the lesser-known Belgian repertoire.That gave birth to a first CD presenting three centuries of music from the Liege region.

Beside these artists from the French speaking-region of Belgium, ClaraMusica Artist Management promotes several of the Top European classical ensemble or soloist such as Raquel Andueza and La Galania, RedHerring, Concerto Soave, Cappella Pratensis, Ensemble Inégal Prague,Yuri Martynov, Stile Antico, the Swingle Singers, the Smetana Trio…

Flanders Music Centre The Flanders Music Centre is an organisation established by the Flemish government to support the professional music sector and to promote Flemish music in Belgium and abroad. • Encouraging expertise: advice, news and guidance for professionals about management, the music industry, government policy, social and legal matters, artistic programs, music education...; support for music research and collaborations; a platform for exchange of ideas and knowledge;... Flanders Music Centre

25, Steenstraat, 1000 Brussels - Belgium Phone: + 32 2 504 90 90 Fax: + 32 2 502 81 03 Contact : Stef Coninx / director [email protected] Katrien van Remortel / project manager classical music, jazz, world [email protected] Marie Paule Wouters / documentalist classical music [email protected]

• Information & Documentation: on all aspects of the current music scene in Flanders: biographies of composers and musicians, music encyclopaedias, scores, reports, publications, newspapers and magazines, databases, newsletters...; a music archive of historical and contemporary recordings

• Promotion: national and international publicity of music and artists of all genres from Flanders: membership within network organisations, presence at trade fairs, creation and distribution of overview publications and compilation CDs, coordination of showcases and invitations to music industry professionals at major events, project collaboration with various music organisations...

/ Organisations / 24

Wallonie-Bruxelles Musiques (W.B.M.) Wallonie-Bruxelles Musiques (W.B.M.) was created in 1984 to help artists, producers and publishers from the French-speaking community of Wallonia and Brussels to make their mark in the musical cultural industry; in all kinds of music. The agency is co-managed by WalloniaBrussels International (WBI) and the Ministry of the French-Speaking Community of Wallonia-Brussels. Since then, it has developed its work around different axes: Wallonie-Bruxelles Musiques

18 Place E. Flagey (Bte 10), 1050 Bruxelles - Belgium Phone: +32 2 218 62 09 Fax: +32 2 218 34 24

Contact: Patrick Printz, director [email protected] Sophie Millecamps, Classical music [email protected]

• supporting their presence at music markets, both for recorded sound and the performing arts.These include events such as: CLASSICAL:NEXT , MUSICORA,WOMEX, BABEL MED, JAZZAHEAD ... • supporting the presence of artists at the major festivals and international showcase events that can lead to major breakthroughs.

• the development of two programmes to support professionals: aid in promoting albums released in markets outside Belgium and tour support for artists when a record is released or for showcases intended for professionals; • welcoming foreign professionals at major music events in Wallonia and Brussels • the organisation of promotional operations around specific sectors of musical activity - for example - Baroque (Paris). • the creation of international promotional tools: CD’s (jazz, classical, chanson, rock), DVD of video-clips, … • the development of an information policy: web site (, newsletters, … • participation in international networks: The Re:New project; New Music for new Audience, the Conseil francophone de la chanson (North/south co-operation), European Music Office (European music policy and pilot projects), EJN (European Jazz Network).

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• Juillet Musical d’Aulne; AMUZ (Antwerp) classical music festival A selection of the upcoming events for classical and contempo- • Festival Midis/Minimes; SEPTEMBER 2013 daily concerts from July 1st to rary music in Belgium: • Klara Festival; International August 30th Brussels Music festival, from JUNE 2013 August 30th to September 13th • Festival de l’Eté Mosan; • Festival de Wallonie; classical music festival federation of seven festivals; • Automne Musical de Spa; 2013 edition from June 5th to • Zoomer; daily classical and new early music festival music concerts from July 20th November 15th, with honoured to 29th • OdeGand / Flanders Festival guest Patrick Davin Ghent; 14th of September; the annual opener of the cultural • Opéra Royal de Wallonie; from June 7th to 15th, ‘Guilseason is a celebration of music AUGUST 2013 laume Tell’ by A. M. Grétry to on and along Ghent’s canals celebrate the bicentenary of the • MA Festival for early music Bruges; 50th anniversary; death of this composer • Festival van Vlaanderen August 2nd to August 11th - 2013 Mechelen/Kempen; concerts in the magnificent religious competition for pianoforte patrimony: the abbeys of players Bornem, Averbode,Tongerlo or JULY 2013 the beguinages of Lier,Turnhout • Laus Polyphoniae Antwerp; • Day of Early Music; July 1st, festival for early music, 20th and Mechelen 2013 - historical reconstruc­ anniversary edition; focus in tions, contemporary interpreta2013: the music surrounding tions and new productions Elizabeth I OCTOBER 2013 focused on Hendrik van Veldeke, • Festival ‘Voix Intimes’; 12th 12th century poet The festival is hosted by the edition of the festival dedicated international music center

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to strings quartets • Opéra Royal the Wallonie, 20th of October; ‘La Caravane du Caire’ by A.M. Grétry, with the Chœur de chambre de Namur and les Agrémens (dir. Guy Van Waas), • ‘Les Concerts de Midis de la Ville de Liège’; opening of the chamber music concert season • TRANSIT festival for New Music Leuven; second half of October 2013 NOVEMBER 2013

• Festival ‘L’Espace du Son’; electroacoustic music • ‘Image Sonores’; festival of live electronic music • Young Composers’ ForumTactus; 5th edition of the composition competition; in Brussels and Mons under the presence of maestri Jean-Paul

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Dessy, Kimmo Hakola, Hans­ • ‘Festival Bach en Vallée FEBRUARY 2014 Mosane’; early music festivaL peter Kyburz, Claude Ledoux, • deSingel Antwerp , Ann McKay, Benoît Mernier and tional Arts Campus; February others to be confirmed 2nd 2014: six world premieres of APRIL 2014 young European composers by • Festival LOOP; • Flanders Festival Mechelen: contemporary music three ensembles: Champd­ Mechelen hears voices Action, Mosaik and Ensemble Orchestral Contemporain DECEMBER 2013

With the support of Wallonie-Bruxelles International, Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles.

MAY 2014

• Flanders Festival Kortrijk; May 8th-25th ; vibrant mix of classical, contemporary and sound art • Music Centre De Bijloke Ghent; the place to enjoy music: from classical western and eastern music to jazz; May 15th 2014: special 1469 Gregorian Hymn book of the Abbey of Saint Bavo sung by Psallentes

Design: Marc Meeuwissen,

• 16th of December: a Purcell MARCH 2014 celebration in Bozar Brussels by • Ars Musica; International the baroque orchestra B’Rock; contemporary music festival coming in 2014: thrilling project combining J.S. Bach with the ex­perimental music of the Flemish • Klara Festival; International Brussels Music festival, new pioneer Karel Goeyvaerts edition 2014 in March, - • What’s Next?; Brussels JANUARY 2014 contemporary music festival for • Concertgebouw Brugge, the next generation an international music and performing arts centre, with • Voorwaarts Maart; March 14th-15th 2014; adventurous focuses on music and contem­ music moment hosted by Music porary dance; 4th edition Centre De Bijloke Ghent 30.01-02.02 2014 of the Bach Academie Brugge led by Philippe Herreweghe

This brochure is an initiative of Wallonie-Bruxelles Musiques and Flanders Music Centre.


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