BRISBANE | GOLD COAST AUSTRALIA | SYDNEY In the past 10 years, over 18,000 students from 72 nationalities have chosen to study at Langports. B...
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In the past

10 years, over 18,000 students from

72 nationalities have chosen to study at Langports. Brisbane

Gold Coast


Why? Friends told them of their great experience at Langports – word of mouth!

Work experience and Job Support options help students to enhance their experience

A varied nationality mix gives students the opportunity to meet and make friends from all over the world

Langports is well organised, very professional and the activities program ensures students have lots of fun

Friendly staff are always available to encourage and assist students

Langports was voted by students on Education Stars, as the ‘Best Language School in Australia’ in 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014

Great facilities in modern spacious buildings, with fantastic central locations UFO English - only at Langports, one of many courses to suit students’ personal needs and objectives

Langports’ students are treated with respect and kindness Langports’ Directors and Principals have over 90 years’ experience working with international students

Become part of the Langports’ family and gain an experience to remember for the rest of your life.

From left to right: Langports CEO and Founder – John France, Managing Director – Robin Simpson, Brisbane Principal – Barry Clifford and Sydney Principal – Miles Mackenzie.

Brisbane Campus 10



Brisbane, often referred to as Australia’s most liveable city, is the capital of Queensland, Australia’s Over the past years, over students from over nationalities ‘Sunshine State’. It is a safe, friendly and clean city where international students are welcomed. have chosen to studyinatthe Langports... Langports is located city centre, close to transport, parks, shops and restaurants.


Langports’ Facilities

Sub- tropical, enjoying mild winters (June - Sept) and hot summers (Dec - March). Average over 7 hours sunshine each day

24 modern classrooms, all with individual air -conditioning controls and many equipped with audiovisual resources

Average daytime temperature in summer 29°C and winter daytime temperature 21°C

3 spacious lounge areas with computers, table tennis, table football and wide screen TV

A fabulous relaxed and family friendly life-style with a population of 2.3 million

‘Langports Lane’ – outdoor courtyard used for break-times, BBQs and functions

Sophisticated and modern, with many theatres, cafes, restaurants and great shopping!

A library with books, DVDs and magazines for students to borrow

Amazing outdoor lifestyle with walking and cycle paths to explore the river, parks, and gardens Exciting nightlife with pubs, clubs, and music venues open until the small hours of the morning. There’s always plenty to do Feed dolphins and go whale watching May – September The Great Barrier Reef, Fraser Island, Australia Zoo and the Gold Coast are all in easy reach The business, finance and education centre of Queensland, with many universities and colleges, offering a large selection of study options

Free internet access for all students, with wireless connection available throughout the campus Large student common room with kitchen containing microwaves, large refrigerators and vending machines Use of gym (across the road) with reduced membership fees for our students

Langports’ Location 3-level city centre campus Convenient to all public transport (close to Roma St Station and King George Square bus station) Theatres, restaurants, cinemas and major shops, all just a short walk from the college Close to Roma St Parklands, Southbank Parklands and city beach

Roma Street Parklands

Roma Street Station (Bus and Train)




Café located next door Queensland Museum


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Southbank Beach

Gold Coast Campus 10



The Gold Coast, a short distance from Brisbane, is world famous for its 70 kilometres of beautiful surf Over the past years, over students from over nationalities beaches and rainforest hinterland. Langports is in the centre of Surfers Paradise, the most popular have to study at major Langports... beachchosen and centre for all entertainment.

Gold Coast 70 kilometres of surf beaches and an average water temperature of 220C, it’s Australia’s No.1 tourist destination Average daytime temperature in summer 29°C and winter daytime temperature 21°C A fun, safe and exciting city with a population of approximately 500,000 National parks, rain forests and world famous theme parks such as Seaworld, Movieworld and Dreamworld are all close by Whale watching cruises are available May - September

Langports’ Facilities 20 modern classrooms, many equipped with audio-visual resources Free internet access for all students, with wireless connection available throughout the campus A library area with books, DVDs, and magazines for students to borrow Recreation areas with computers, lounges and games facilities Student common room with kitchen containing microwaves, a large refrigerator and vending machines Wide screen televisions

Water sports, such as surfing, windsurfing, kite-surfing and sailing, are all easily available

Outdoor balcony & garden with BBQ

Patrolled beaches 7 days a week, offering students a safe place to swim

Cafés located close by

Surfboards and bicycles available for student hire

Diverse shopping and vibrant nightlife Venue for many major international sports events High quality universities and vocational colleges offering opportunities for further study

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Langports’ Location 2-level campus in central Surfers Paradise 5-minute walk to Surfers Paradise beach Major shops, restaurants and entertainment, all just a short walk from the college Convenient to public transport (bus and light rail)

Sydney Campus 10



Sydney, Australia’s largest city is famous for its beautiful beaches, iconic buildings, historic landmarks Over the past years, over students from over nationalities and vibrant culture. Langports is located in Darling Harbour, one of Sydney’s exciting dining, shopping have chosen to study at Langports... and entertainment precincts.

Sydney An international and cosmopolitan lifestyle with a population of 4.6 million Average daytime temperature in summer 25°C and winter daytime temperature 16°C A dynamic cultural centre, with many fine and internationally known museums, galleries and art spaces

Langports’ Facilities

Langports’ Location

14 modern classrooms

2-level campus in Darling Harbour

Free internet access for all students, with wireless connection available throughout the campus

10-minute walk to Sydney City centre

A library with books, DVDs, and magazines for students to borrow

Major shops, restaurants and cafés, all just a short walk from the college Convenient to public transport

Recreation areas with computers, lounges and games facilities

Town Hall train station 15 minutes walk

A host to different festivals and some of Australia’s largest social and cultural events

Fully-equipped student kitchen containing microwaves, a large refrigerator and vending machines

Pyrmont light rail station 2 minutes walk

Australia’s Blue Mountains located 2 hours from Sydney

Wide screen televisions

Aquarium and Darling Harbour ferry 10 minutes walk





Queen Victoria Building







Darling Harbour (Pier 26) PYRMON T BRIDGE



Aquarium Ferry Wharf












The business, finance and education centre of New South Wales, with many universities and vocational colleges offer opportunities for further study

Pyrmnont Bay Light Rail


Venue for many major international events including New Years Eve fireworks display

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Diverse shopping and vibrant nightlife

Pyrmont Bay Ferry Wharf


Water sports, such as surfing, windsurfing, kite-surfing and sailing, are all easily available

Cafés and a large food court located close by


Over 100 white sandy beaches surround Sydney, including the famous Bondi and Manly beaches

Pyrmont Bay ferry 5 minutes walk

Convention Centre Light Rail Convention Centre

Town Hall Station

Langports Academic Way

What is L.A.W.?

Langports aims to be unique in all ways: in what it does, in what it offers and in what it achieves. We are constantly striving to get the best outcomes for our student clients. This especially relates to our academic programmes, where we have used many years of experience and a wealth of knowledge to create the Langports Academic Way – L.A.W.

Instead of simply relying on the traditional English language textbook approach, our teachers are trained to be able to teach beyond the textbook, exploring the important areas of grammar and vocabulary. Modern research has highlighted the importance of grammar and vocabulary being taught together, especially in the classroom.

The benefits to students of L.A.W. are that our teachers: have an in-depth knowledge of grammar – they can answer students questions easily and confidently are trained to be able to teach more than what the textbook teaches – not just grammar, but all skills study and research – all are motivated to become better teachers, benefiting greatly from our in-house training program develop their own special materials to help students better understand the difficulties of grammar and vocabulary, as well as other important skills such as speaking and pronunciation


In order to achieve this, teachers at Langports, through our in-house teacher training program, are trained on how to teach grammar and vocabulary and how to make it more understandable and enjoyable for students. Our academic department is also constantly working on developing its own teaching materials which help both students and teachers.

Langports’ courses aligned with the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) CPE


Level 7


Level 6



Level 5



Post Advanced


Upper Intermediate

Level 4

CAE Business Plus Entry


Level 3 A2




Level 2



Level 1 Beginner

Exit level depends on the entry level of the student

use their great knowledge and skills to help make learning and studying more enjoyable and rewarding keep students constantly challenged so that they remain motivated

Langports English Exams Centre offers a comprehensive range of English proficiency exams throughout South East Queensland

is an Institutional testing centre for TOEIC – Brisbane & Sydney campuses

is an authorised OPEN Cambridge ESOL exam centre for both paperbased and computer-based exams

has a full-time exams centre manager, who is available to help all students with their exam needs

is a PUBLIC testing centre for TOEIC – Gold Coast campus

Common feedback from our students is that Langports teachers are able to answer their grammar questions clearly and easily, creating more ‘light-bulb’ moments – this is a result of L.A.W.

Entry Entry

Entry Entry



UFO English… only at Langports Langports’ UFO English program has been designed to meet the needs of individual students. We understand and acknowledge that students have different learning skills, different learning abilities and different learning objectives. This is why we designed the UFO English course.

Start any Monday (except for public holidays)

Akiko from Japan

Daniel from Switzerland

Learning Skills: In Brazil, Luciana had two years of English at high school. She has had little exposure to the language.

Learning Skills: Akiko studied English in junior high school. She has been receiving private lessons at night, but not one of her teachers were native speakers, and she only learnt from books.

Learning Skills: English was compulsory for Daniel at high school. He likes travelling and has many opportunities to speak English.

Learning Objectives: She would like to study her Masters in Accounting at an Australian university.

Available at all campuses Personalised study program and Langports Study Plan

Level test results: Writing - 3 Reading - 3 Listening - 4 Speaking - 4 Average - 3.5

Weekly progress reviews

Intensive general English

Luciana from Brazil

Learning Ability: Luciana has tried to learn other languages, but has always found it difficult.

General information

Key points:

We would like to show you how the UFO English program benefits our students, by illustrating examples of the following three students who all arrived at Langports on the same day:

UFO English is Langports’ unique general English program and is divided into 3 main components (U, F & O).

Full-time – 25 hours per week (including 1.8 hrs. optional activities)

Learning Ability: Akiko has great difficulty learning a language which is very different from Japanese.

Learning Ability: English is Daniel’s third foreign language - he finds learning languages easy, but struggles with writing.

Learning Objectives: She would like to be a teacher when she returns to Japan.

Learning Objectives: Daniel wants to get a job in a Swiss bank and needs to improve his business English skills.

Level test results: Writing - 4 Reading - 4 Listening - 2 Speaking - 2 Average – 3

Level test results: Writing - 2 Reading - 3 Listening - 4 Speaking - 4 Average - 3.25

Luciana, Akiko and Daniel are given their own timetables (below) and follow their own Langports Study Plan to meet their individual objectives. On the first morning of classes, they all go together to Level 3 for the USE lesson. After the morning break, they go their separate ways to classes appropriate to their language skills. The afternoon session finds them all in different classes too, specific to their study goals. (Please note that these students are case studies only. Their names have been changed for privacy).

USE is an integrated skills class, covering all English macro skills (writing, reading, listening & speaking) as well as grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation.

Part-time – 16.7 hours per week Max in class - 16 Average in class - 12-13

Levels 1 – 7 (Beginners 1 – Post Advanced 7)

FOCUS is the macro-skill program, where on each day (Tuesday – Friday) students attend a separate macro-skill class to help improve their strengths and weaknesses.

1 – 70 weeks (each level takes approximately 10 weeks) CRICOS Code 074240E

depending on their level. Students studying full-time can choose an option class from a variety of subjects enabling them to achieve their learning objectives.

First Day

Every Monday


Orientation – students are tested and interviewed on their first day and a personalised study program is devised to guide students to achieve their study objectives. Their first class starts in the afternoon (for full-time students).

Students have an individual interview with their USE teacher to review their progress.

Students are awarded a certificate* showing their levels for all classes, options choices, attendance, participation and teachers comments.

Second Day Students receive their personal timetable, course book and begin their personalised study program.


OPTIONS gives students a choice of what they study,

When students develop their skills quickly, they can move through the levels at their own pace, optimising their learning progress. Long-term students are tracked and receive academic counselling to ensure they continue to progress.

*80% attendance or above is required.


9.00am – 11.15am


11.35pm – 12.45pm


1.45pm – 3.30pm

Options – Subject to availability Elementary (L1-L2) Conversation (L2-3, L4+) Grammar (L2-3, L4+) Vocabulary (L2-3, L4+)






USE Level 3

Akiko Daniel


Langports Study Plan Weekly Review




TESOL (once she reaches Level 4)


Business English option (once he reaches Level 4)

Luciana Akiko

Writing 3

Reading 3

Listening 4

Speaking 4

Writing 2

Reading 3

Listening 4

Speaking 4

Writing 4

Conversation for Grammar (L2-3, L4+) Pronunciation (L3+) IELTS option (L3-L6) TESOL (L4+)

Reading 4

Listening 2

Speaking 2

Activities and Self Assessment

Business English option (L4+) TOEIC option (L4+) Advanced Language and Presentation Skills (L5+)

Cambridge Choice


Langports offers a choice of Cambridge courses:

TOEIC Plus is a 5 week program, providing students with an intensive focus on grammar, vocabulary, collocation, reading and listening skills. Students are also provided with extensive TOEIC test practice and test taking skills and strategies.

The traditional ‘closed classes’ for FCE, CAE and CPE - students all start and finish on the same dates. The unique ‘open classes’ - Cambridge Flexi with PET, FCE and CAE levels available. Flexi students can enter and leave class at different dates.

Closed Classes - F.C.E. C.A.E. C.P.E. Langports’ Cambridge teachers are highly skilled in English language teaching and experienced in helping students meet their goals. Langports teaching style is unique: we have our own Langports way of teaching. Our teachers specialise in Cambridge preparation and are trained in lexical-grammatical approaches to language teaching and learning. In our closed courses, many of our resources are unique:

Langports writes and publishes some of its own materials for this course, supplemented with material from traditional Cambridge textbooks Langports is a Cambridge centre for paper-based and computer-based exams Langports guarantees to run all Cambridge courses as published All FCE, CAE and CPE closed course students are required to take the exam and take part in the Cambridge Retreat at the beginning of the course

What is the Cambridge Retreat


The Langports Cambridge Retreat is a team-building excursion, which takes place at the beginning of the closed Cambridge course. Students experience typical Australian activities and spend time getting to know other students and teachers in the Cambridge team.

Cambridge Flexi Classes

Cricos Code 054051J Closed classes 10 weeks (January & June) 12 weeks (March & September) 25 hours per week (including 1.8 hrs. optional activities) Max in class - 15 Average in class - 12 Brisbane, Gold Coast & Sydney Pre-test required Exam & retreat compulsory

Cricos Code 054053G Closed classes 10 weeks (January & June) 12 weeks (March & September) 25 hours per week (including 1.8 hrs. optional activities) Max in class - 15 Average in class - 12 Brisbane, Gold Coast & Sydney Pre-test required Exam & retreat compulsory

Langports TOEIC+ uses its own unique Langports materials, supplemented with traditional TOEIC materials

Level – Pre-intermediate+ Closed classes 5 weeks Brisbane, Gold Coast & Sydney 25 hours per week (including 1.8 hrs. optional activities) Max in class - 16 Average in class - 13 Pre-test required Students are recommended to take the TOEIC exam following this course. CRICOS Code 073273D

Business English Plus is a specially developed 10 week course which aims to improve students’ English language competency in a business and workplace context. This course not only focuses on language skills for business, but it also helps students prepare for the two most internationally recognised business English proficiency certificates: Cambridge BEC (Business English Certificate) and TOEIC.

The exam is not compulsory for students taking the Cambridge Flexi course and the Cambridge Retreat is not a part of the Flexi programs

Langports TOEIC+ teachers are experienced and trained in exam taking tips and techniques

Key points

Business English Plus

P.E.T., F.C.E. and C.A.E. levels available and different curriculum and materials from the closed classes are used for the Cambridge Flexi classes

Advanced (C.A.E.)

TOEIC+ focuses on more than just the exam; it also focuses on learning strategies and on language development skills

Langports is a TOEIC Testing Centre

Flexible start and finish dates – students can join a class any Monday and study from 4 – 10 weeks. Ideal for students who cannot take the closed course

First (F.C.E.)

TOEIC is the worlds leading English test that assesses English language competency in a business context and is used by companies to determine English communication skills

Proficiency (C.P.E.) Cricos Code 054054F Closed classes 12 weeks (March & September) 25 hours per week (including 1.8 hrs. optional activities) Max in class - 10 Average in class - 6 Brisbane Campus Pre-test required Exam & retreat compulsory

Cambridge Flexi PET, FCE & CAE levels Open classes - Start any Monday 4 - 10 weeks 25 hours per week (including 1.8 hrs. optional activities) Max in class - 16 Average in class - 12 Brisbane & Gold Coast For students on Working HolidayVisas and Tourist Visas only Pre-test required

Business English Plus consists of 3 components: essential grammar and vocabulary skills for the workplace / business environment business communication skills such as written communication (emails, proposals, reports, etc) and oral communication such as PowerPoint presentations, business meetings and job interviews business English exam preparation skills for BEC-V and TOEIC

Key points Level - Intermediate + Closed classes 10 weeks Brisbane & Gold Coast 25 hours per week (including 1.8 hrs. optional activities) Max in class - 16 Average in class - 13 Pre-test required Students are recommended to take the BEC-V, BEC- H or TOEIC exams following this course


English for Academic Purposes

IELTS 1 & 2 are Langports’ intensive IELTS preparation programs, focusing specifically on the academic version of the IELTS exam.

Langports’ EAP program is designed for international students who need an intensive preparation to take further studies in Australia. It combines the two elements required to enter and succeed in a vocational or tertiary program in Australia: IELTS exam preparation and academic preparation.

These programs are developed to improve not only the 4 macro-skills essential for the IELTS exam (listening, reading, speaking and writing) but also to provide an in depth focus on the micro-skills such as reading techniques and strategies, spelling, grammar and speaking test strategies.

EAP focuses on improving the students’ English skills as the foundation of the desired outcomes. The course provides students the opportunity to improve their score in the IELTS exam and to be confident with their production skills (writing and speaking) in an academic context.

Key points

IELTS 1 & 2 courses IELTS 1 & 2 have a strong focus on the writing component of the exam. A high level of IELTS requires a good range of vocabulary, collocation, grammar and writing skills IELTS teachers are extensively trained in grammar and under the L.A.W. (Langports Academic Way) they are also trained to teach beyond the textbook Own original materials, supplemented with traditional and online IELTS materials

Classroom IT incorporated in lesson delivery Regular progress reports and feedback from their teachers

Entry level requirements: IELTS 1 – Intermediate (approx. IELTS 4.5-5.0) IELTS 2 - Upper Intermediate (approx. IELTS 5.0-5.5)

Closed classes 5 weeks 25 hours per week (including 1.8 hrs. optional activities) Max in class – 16 Average in class – 13 Brisbane, Gold Coast & Sydney

EAP course EAP is delivered over 12 weeks, with the expectation that students exit with an IELTS score which will help them to meet the entry requirements of their chosen tertiary institutions, or an equivalent level to take one of Langports pathways. Students are taught how to complete tasks and assignments expected at a university level, including: a 2000 word academic essay

Pre-test required Only available for students on a working holiday or tourist visa until CRICOS accreditation is received 

- research skills, speed reading, notetaking, drafting, writing and referencing individual and group presentations

Pronunciation Intonation Vocabulary Speaking Strategies

Speaking (15%)

Reading (20%)

Scanning Skimming Techniques for IELTS reading questions

- students can become confident presenting academic material in front of their class

EAP is the best choice for students who need to use English in an academic course setting or enter an award program at university or TAFE level.

EAP offers: academic counselling and assistance with further tertiary studies experienced teachers trained under the L.A.W. (Langports Academic Way) Langports’ own curriculum and materials supplemented with traditional materials ongoing feedback and progress reports from the teachers over the students’ performance

Langports Pathways Students who successfully complete EAP with results equivalent to our partner schools’ IELTS requirement may also be able to enter directly into certain programs offered by these institutions. Our partner tertiary institutions include:

CRICOS 00004G, 00112C, 00873F, 00885B


excellent nationality mix

Key points



Closed classes 12 weeks Minimum Entry Level – IELTS 5.0 (with no sub-band less than 5.0)


25 hours per week (including 1.8 hrs. optional activities) Max in class - 16



Average in class – 12 Brisbane & Gold Coast Spelling / Grammar Vocabulary Essay Structure Describing Charts etc.

Writing (40%)

Listening (15%)

Spelling Listening Techniques



Pre-test required Cricos Code 074241D CRICOS 00246M


These agreements were in place at time of publication

Student Services 10



Each Langports a comprehensive studentfrom services provides a variety of services Over the past campus years,has over students overteam that nationalities to take care of the students’ different needs outside of the classroom. have chosen to study at Langports...

It is the team’s mission to make sure that students feel part of the large Langports family and have the opportunity to have an excellent Australian experience.

Accommodation Langports offers students a choice of quality accommodation options in a safe and relaxed environment. In the case of homestay the accommodation officers ensure each student is matched with an appropriate family and are available to help students to adapt to their new life in Australia.

Homestay Options Deluxe Family Homestay: own bathroom, only one student per family, interaction with family, laundry done for you. Breakfast and dinner: Mon-Fri. Breakfast, lunch and dinner: Sat-Sun. Family Homestay: shared bathroom, max 2 students per family, students of different nationality, interaction with family, laundry done for you. Breakfast and dinner: Mon-Fri. Breakfast, lunch and dinner: Sat-Sun. Self cater Homestay: shared bathroom, no limit on student numbers, no restriction on nationality mix, limited interaction with family, do own laundry. Breakfast only Mon-Sun. In all homestays, students have their own room with a desk, chair, wardrobe and comfortable bed. All families live close to a bus stop, ferry terminal or train station, and are around 40-50 minutes traveling time from Langports in peak hour (much less in normal traffic).

Student Houses Students will receive a Langports family profile with pictures, maps and information about their accommodation at least three weeks prior to their course start date.

Langports can also arrange shared student house accommodation. These houses are professionally managed with single or share rooms and are self catering where students can use the shared kitchen, to prepare meals. Students also share a bathroom and lounge room with other students. Brisbane - Single Rooms available (doubles on request) Gold Coast - Single Rooms and Twin Share Rooms available Sydney - Single Rooms and Twin Share Rooms available

Airport Transfer Langports makes sure that students are welcomed on arrival. 7 day, 24 hour service 24 hr Emergency number in case of flight changes Please note that for arrivals after 10.00pm, students may be required to go into temporary accommodation for the first night at their own cost.

Activities Langports’ activities officers encourage students to participate in a diverse and extensive program made up of sports, cultural, tourism and social events run at each school. They can also assist students with the planning and booking of a large number of non-Langports run activities.

The program consists of: Full day excursions every Saturday and/or Sunday Week-end overnight excursions Evening and after school social program Job help and travel information sessions

Work Opportunities Working during or after study is one of the reasons why Australia is a popular destination for international students. Langports offers students professional support to help them to find jobs depending on their visa conditions. Langports also offers options for internships and volunteer work.


Job Help Job Help is a FREE service designed by Langports to help students on Working Holiday or Student Visas to find paid work in Australia. As part of our activities program, we hold regular Job Help Seminars after school to give useful and practical information to students about finding casual or part-time work. Our student services team assists students in:

Presenting their skills to employers

Langports’ English + Internship program is a great opportunity for students to gain practical work experience and to help improve their career opportunities. This program will also help students to increase the value of their studies by using their new English skills in a workplace environment. This English + Internship program suits students on a working holiday visa who want to begin their experience by improving their English and gaining their first workplace experience in Australia, as well as students on student visas needing to complete an Internship overseas for university/school purposes.

Write their resume Write their cover letter Prepare for interviews

Marketing, communications and online marketing

Minimum 4 weeks English study

Event management Logistics

Differentiate themselves in the job market

Minimum Age: 18 years old

Human Resources

Insurance: students are required to hold their own insurance, covering them for medical, travel, accident and personal liability expenses, up to 2 million AUD

Gain real skills to use in their job search process

Education Finance Tourism & Hospitality (city, beach and outback destination options) Florist Fashion Graphic Design Web Design & IT *Other fields might be available upon request. Please note that internships in law, medicine, nursing or engineering cannot be provided.

Full-time and part-time* study options Tasks include 50% housework and 50% childcare Minimum English level: pre-intermediate

Gain high levels of interaction with English speaking colleagues and/or customers

Visa: student or working holiday visa

Obtain a work reference from an Australian business

Availability: students must be available during the agreed period of internship.

Develop their confidence in English and in the workplace environment

Interest in working in their specific field

12 week placement, usually combined with Langports’ UFO English program

Langports English + Internship program is perfect for students who would like to:

English level – intermediate (prior to starting the internship)

Take part in Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) needed to work in hospitality

Available to females & males

*only available for students on a Working Holiday Visa

General requirements:

Apply for a Tax File Number (TFN)

Looking for jobs by: Giving examples of places where students can look for jobs Presenting useful job search websites Giving helpful tips to maximise their chances to find a work opportunity *Please note that Langports does not place students or guarantee work.

Langports offers part-time (10 to 15 hours per week) or full-time (20 to 30 hours per week) unpaid internships. The ‘Internship’ can take place after the student completes his or her English course or it can be combined with a part-time course*, provided that the student already has an intermediate level of English proficiency. Internships can be undertaken for 4, 6, 8 or 12 weeks.

Areas of work available*:

Obtaining the necessary documents and courses to work in Australia

Volunteering At Langports, students are encouraged to be part of their local community and have the opportunity to contribute by taking part in our Langports volunteering program. Volunteering will help students gain life experience, learn new skills and knowledge, develop new interests, expand their work portfolio & make a meaningful impact on society!

Demi-pair Langports’ demi-pair program is designed for students who wish to improve their English, whilst discovering a new culture and experiencing life in an Australian family as a part-time au-pair. Demi-pair students receive accommodation and 3 meals per day in exchange for working 20 hours per week in their host family. *The part-time study option is not available for students on a student visa. Please note that the demi-pair program is not available in all markets.

Volunteer with animals, children or people with special needs Choose to volunteer on the weekends or at the end of their course A Certificate of Community Service will be awarded to those who take part

Nationality Mix 10


Foundation 55

Each year,past studentsyears, from over study at Langports. dynamic mix ensures that Over the over 50 nationalities students from over This nationalities students can learn about other cultures as well as share their own culture with others. have chosen to study at Langports...

By choosing to study at Langports, students are helping to make a difference to the lives of disadvantaged children around the world. To date, the Langports Foundation has supported projects in Australia, Colombia, Vietnam and Cambodia. The nationality mix varies from week to week and is updated monthly on the Langports website. The charts below show the combined nationality mix for Langports in 2014. Brazil 15.20% Chile 2.18% Colombia 6.39% Japan 19.35% Korea 6.14% France 4.60% Saudi Arabia 7.95% Switzerland 15.97% Taiwan 6.83% Thailand 5.04% Other 10.35% Other includes: Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bolivia, China, Croatia, Czech Republic, Finland, Germany, Hong Kong, Hungary, Indonesia, Italy, Kuwait, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Macau, Mexico, Mongolia, New Caledonia, Oman, Paraguay, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Qatar, Reunion Island, Russia, Slovak Republic, Serbia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Tahiti, Timor-Leste, Turkey, Turkmenistan, UAE, UK, Ukraine, Uruguay, Vanuatu and Venezuela.

While at Langports, students occasionally have an opportunity to volunteer for the Foundation and raise money for the Foundation through various activities.


The Langports Foundation is a registered charity.

Gold Coast 62 Appel St, Surfers Paradise Queensland 4217 Australia PO Box 955, Surfers Paradise Queensland 4217 Australia T +61 7 5592 0110 F +61 7 5592 0119



33 Herschel St, Brisbane Queensland 4000 Australia

53 Murray St, Pyrmont NSW 2009 Australia

GPO Box 3213, Brisbane Queensland 4001 Australia

PO Box Q873 Sydney NSW 1230 Australia

T +61 7 3210 0522 F +61 7 3210 0533

T +61 2 9571 4220 F +61 2 9571 4221

In 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014 Langports was voted BY STUDENTS as the “Best Language School in Australia”. Study at Langports and experience it for yourself! 2013


Voted by Students

Best Language School in Australia

OSHC by Allianz Global Assistance

Cricos Provider Code 026 30J | [email protected]

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