Brief Guide for shop owner to add information

Brief Guide for shop owner to add information Spot Database Registration It’s better to update fresh information anytime from your PC. Moreover, you c...
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Brief Guide for shop owner to add information Spot Database Registration It’s better to update fresh information anytime from your PC. Moreover, you can inform your customers with your latest service or products on our website. The following steps below will show you how to add your shop information in our website easily: First, you have to log in by your account and password that we will give you later. And then click on スポッ ト情報/SpotDB on the left column. It will show you this page below:

Then, click on “Add New” to add new information for your shop/café/restaurant… It will show you this page below:

Now, you can add your shop information follow these instruction : 1. What is your shop name? Please type your original shop name in “ Enter title here” box 2. What is your shop name in English/Vietnamese/Japanese? -

In “スポット名 / Spot Name (Original)” box, please type your original name. (If it’s Vietnamese name, please type full Vietnamese alphabet)


In”スポット名(日本語) / Spot Name (Japanese)” box, please type your shop name in Japanese ( if you can)


In “スポット名(英語) / Spot Name (English)”box, please type your shop name in English (if you can)

3. What is introduction for your shop? Ex: the best food in your café/restaurant, the best service, rate of your shop, or your startup story ( how did start your coffee shop/restaurant/fashion shop…) You can write your shop introduction by English or Vietnamese only. In other case, please write it by Japanese if you can.

4. What is your shop address? Please add your address in 2 box Address (Vietnamese) and Address (English) Ex: Address (Vietnamese): 20 Lê Thánh Tôn, Quận 1, TP.HCM Address (English) : 20 Le Thanh Ton, District 1, HCMC 5. What is your Telephone Number? Click “追加/Add” to add your telephone number. If you have more than one, click “追加/Add” again and add it. 6. What is your shop URL? If your shop have website or facebook, please click “追加/Add” to add it. 7. What is your shop’s opening hours/break time/close time of each day and holidays? Click “追加/Add” then it will show you these boxes below:


曜日/Day: If your shop opens all week, please select all items from Monday to Sunday. If your shop has some day off (ex: Sunday), please select it.


開店時間 / Open time: Add opening time of your shop (Ex: 8:00) 昼休み開始時間 / Break time start: (if your shop have break time) (Ex: 14:00) 昼休み終了時間 / Break time end: (if your shop have break time) (Ex: 17:00) 閉店時間 / Close time: Add closing time of your shop (Ex: 23:00) 備考 / Remark: If you can please leave a notice here about working time. *Notice: If working time is over 24:00, please follow the instruction below: 1:00 AM = 25:00/ 2:00 AM = 26:00/ 3:00 AM = 27:00/ 4:00 AM = 28:00

8. Budget for Lunch/Dinner/Café or Budget for 1 person (choose 2 or 3) in this expression “100000VND 200000VND”


Click “予算種別 / Budget type”: It will show you options such as: Lunch/Dinner/Café/Entrance Fee/Budget for 1 person/Other.


For café/restaurant, please select “Lunch” or “Dinner” or “Café” and then add price in”金額(少ない 場合/ Price (At least)” and “金額(多い場合/ Price (At most)” For spa/hair salon/school…,please select “Budget for 1 person” and then do it same as above instruction. “Entrance fee” for some bar (Alto Heli Bar Bitexco,..) or amusement park like Suoi Tien Park.


9. Recommend menu: name(English/Vietnamese/Japanese) and price in “おすすめメニュー・メニュー例 / Recommend menu or sample menu”

As the photo above, you can do it easily with your menu with exactly price. It’s better to fill in 3 languages. If you just do it only in Vietnamese, English or Japanese, we will translate and fill it.

10. Do you have Wi-Fi?

Your selection: No information/OK/No available (N/A)

11. What language do your staffs speak? Vietnamese/English/ Japanese 12. Which credit card do you accept: VISA, Master, JCB, Amex, Diners, others or no accept (N/A) 13. When did you open the shop? Please choose a date for opening day. 14. Please add photos of your shop with title or short description (English/Vietnamese/Japanese) Event/What’s new Registration Please fill below to register Event/What’s new. We will add your information later. * If do you want to add by your browser, we will give you ID/PASS to login our website. It’s better to provide fresh information because you can edit anytime from your PC. 1. Title 2. Contents(English/Japanese)[*1] 3. Event term (if any) [*1] If you don’t have Japanese, you don’t need to fill it. We will add Japanese expression.

[Contact information] Please feel free to contact us! Lu Cam Vy (Vietnamese/English) : [email protected] Hideaki Miyake (Japanese) :

[email protected]