Bonsai Society of

Southern Tasmania presents

29th Australian National Bonsai Convention Friday 20 May to Monday 23 May 2016

Wrest Point Convention Centre, Hobart, Tasmania

In partnership with

Association of Australian Bonsai Clubs

Southern  Bonsai  –  Island  Style   A  Tasmanian  bonsai  experience    

  The  Bonsai  Society  of  Southern  Tasmania  and  the  Association  of  Australian  Bonsai  Clubs  have  great   pleasure  in  inviting  you  to  attend  the  29th  Australian  National  Bonsai  Convention  to  be  held  in   Hobart,  Tasmania  in  May  2016.     This  will  be  the  first  time  that  the  Convention  has  been  held  in  Tasmania  and  we  hope  that  you  join   us  to  share  our  enthusiasm  for  Southern  Bonsai  –  Island  Style.     The  scenic  island  of  Tasmania  is  home  to  a  magnificent  and  diverse  flora,  much  of  which  is  well  suited   to  bonsai.  Inspiration  abounds,  from  the  exquisite  alpine  landscapes  to  the  sculptural  trees  clinging   to  the  windblown  coastline.  Tasmania’s  cool  temperate  climate  provides  ideal  growing  conditions  for   exotic  conifers  and  deciduous  trees  alike.  Add  to  this  rare  and  unusual  species  endemic  to  the  state   and  you  can  understand  why  we  see  Tasmania  as  a  special  place  for  the  bonsai  enthusiast.       The  Convention  and  Exhibition  will  be  held  at  Wrest  Point  Convention  Centre,  from  Friday  20  to   Monday  23  May  2016.       Our  celebrated  international  demonstrator,  Robert  Steven,  comes  from  another  island,  Java  in   Indonesia.  He  too  is  familiar  with  rugged,  windblown  coastlines,  and  many  of  his  iconic  bonsai  have   originated  from  there.  Robert  brings  to  bonsai  an  exciting  artistic  perspective,  which  gives  us  the   opportunity  to  look  at  our  art  form  from  new  directions.     From  the  mainland  (Tasmanian  term  for  the  rest  of  Australia)  we  have  two  experienced  and  excellent   bonsai  demonstrators.  Grant  Bowie,  who  has  held  the  position  of  Curator  of  the  National  Bonsai  and   Penjing  Collection  of  Australia,  joins  us  from  Canberra.  From  Melbourne,  Quentin  Valentine  will   bring  his  very  special  knowledge  of  using  Australian  native  species  for  bonsai.  The  final  demonstrator   is  from  our  own  Society,  Chris  Xepapas,  a  true-­‐blue  Tasmanian  bonsai  artist!  Will  Fletcher,  an  expert   of  Tasmanian  natives  as  bonsai,  completes  the  Australian  panel  to  provide  you  with  an  insight  to  the   special  Tasmania  flora.     The  Exhibition  will  feature  works  by  bonsai  artists  from  across  Tasmania,  including  many  using  the   Tasmanian  flora.  Some  will  be  depicted  in  traditional  Japanese  styles  whist  others  will  capture  the   essence  of  wild  Tasmania.  The  Exhibition  will  be  open  to  the  general  public.     A  Welcome  Reception  will  be  held  on  the  Friday  evening;  the  Convention  Dinner  is  on  the  Saturday.     Two  half-­‐day  tours  will  be  available.  On  the  Friday  you  can  visit  spectacular  MONA  (Museum  of  Old   and  New  Art),  travelling  there  by  ferry  on  the  Derwent  River;  we  have  arranged  for  the  ferry  to   operate  from  the  Wrest  Point  jetty.         The  Monday  afternoon  excursion  will  take  you  to  the  top  of  Mt  Wellington  for  panoramic  views  of   Hobart  and  south-­‐eastern  Tasmania  as  well  as  a  chance  to  examine  the  alpine  flora.  You  will   complete  this  trip  with  a  visit  to  the  Island  Bonsai  nursery  that  specialises  in  Tasmanian  natives.   Afternoon  tea  will  be  served  at  the  nursery.     We  warmly  welcome  you  to  join  us  in  our  Southern  Bonsai  –  Island  Style  experience.  If  you  are   travelling  from  interstate  or  overseas,  why  not  take  the  opportunity  to  stay  longer  and  explore  more   of  our  beautiful  island?    

Our  International  Guest     Robert  Steven  

  We  are  delighted  that   Robert  Steven  has  accepted   our  invitation  to  be  the   International  Demonstrator   at  the  2016  Convention.     With  his  unique  approach  to   form  and  design,  Robert  can   legitimately  be  termed  as  a   “bonsai  artist”  in  its  truest   sense.  He  has  brought  an   entirely  fresh  and  novel   approach  to  bonsai  that  is   not  constrained  by   traditional  dogma.  To  say   his  works  are  stunningly   beautiful  would  be  an   understatement.     Based  in  Jakarta,  Robert  has  won  multiple  awards  and  he  is  invited  to  demonstrate  throughout  the   World.  He  has  authored  several  very  influential  bonsai  texts.       He  organised  the  highly  successful  International  Bonsai  Art  &  Culture  Biennial  2014  in  Yogyakarta,   Indonesia  that  had  the  theme  “When  Art  and  Culture  Meet  Through  Bonsai”;  it  received  rave   reviews.     Here  are  Robert’s  own  words  that  underscore  his  approach:     In  my  intuition  I  find  myself   In  myself  I  find  freedom   In  nature  I  find  the  rule   In  the  rule  I  find  the  wisdom     I  started  bonsai  in  late  1979  or  early  1980.  At  that  time  I  only  worked  according  to  my  own   imagination  and  taste  rather  than  following  the  textbook  styles.  At  that  time  I  had  not  yet  joined  any   bonsai  club.  It  was  not  until  about  1990  that  I  started  to  learn  more  about  bonsai  from  books  and   local  bonsai  artists.       With  this  new  exposure,  the  more  I  learned,  the  more  doubts  I  had  about  the  criteria  that  most   considered  necessary  for  making  good  bonsai.  The  textbook  rules  and  stylistic  considerations  seemed   to  me  to  be  overly  dogmatic  and  rigid.  I  became  disheartened  as  I  noted  a  distinct  difference  between   the  art  that  I  loved  and  the  art  as  followed  by  the  rest  of  the  community.  The  two  ideals  were   contradictory,  in  my  estimation...          

Our  Australian  Presenters     Grant  Bowie  




  Grant’s  involvement  in  bonsai  started  back  in  1971.   His  skills  were  soon  recognised  and  from  1975  he   was  conducting  numerous  demonstrations  and   workshops  throughout  Australia.       His  first  appearance  as  a  demonstrator  at  an  AABC   National  Bonsai  Convention  was  in  Canberra  in   2004.  He  demonstrated  and  conducted  a  workshop   at  the  Sydney  Convention  in  2010.       Grant  was  the  overseas  guest  demonstrator  at  the   2009  New  Zealand  National  Convention  in  Napier.       He  was  the  Curator  of  the  National  Bonsai  and   Penjing  Collection  of  Australia  in  Canberra  where   he  applied  all  his  years  of  experience  to  the   maintenance  of  the  national  collection  and  learning   much  from  the  ever-­‐changing  array  of  bonsai  from   all  around  Australia.     Grant’s  special  areas  of  expertise  are  pines,  banksia,   heavy  bending  of  branches  and  redesigning  of  old  established  or  damaged  bonsai.    

Will  Fletcher  

  Twenty  years  ago  when  Will  Fletcher  became   enthused  with  bonsai,  he  was  managing  a  native   Tasmanian  plants  nursery.  With  a  background  of   bushwalking,  he  was  inspired  by  images  of   Australian  trees  in  their  natural  landscapes,  and   ever  since,  has  been  designing  bonsai  using  only   native  plants,  whilst  attempting  to  capture  that   Australian  spirit.     With  the  benefit  of  a  nursery  full  of  stock  plants,   he  has  been  gradually  developing  his  collection,   as  well  as  providing  advanced  raw  material  for   others,  through  his  small  business,  Island  Bonsai.     Will  is  an  active  member  of  the  Bonsai  Society  of   Southern  Tasmania.  His  enthusiasm  for  working   with  native  species,  especially  Tasmanian  ones,   has  encouraged  many  of  the  Society’s  members   to  expand  their  bonsai  horizons  to  include  representatives  of  the  local  flora.  We  feel  certain  that  those   attending  Southern  Bonsai  –  Island  Style  will  also  come  to  recognise  the  potential  of  native  trees.    


Quentin  Valentine  

  Quentin  Valentine  is  well  known  in  Victoria  as  a   skilled  bonsai  practitioner.  His  commitment  to   the  art  and  sharing  his  knowledge  and   experience  with  others  is  widely  acknowledged.       Quentin  worked  in  horticulture  for  30  years  and   took  up  bonsai  in  1989  after  borrowing  a  book   from  the  library.  He  thought  “I  could  do  that   easily!”  and  so  he  did,  helped  by  the  numerous   variety  of  plants  he  was  already  propagating  in   the  backyard.  One  tree  remains  from  that  first   batch  of  trees,  a  shohin  Liquidamber!     Quentin  joined  a  few  clubs  and  went  to  Japan   Seminar  House  as  he  sought  advice  and  gradually  developed  his  skills.  He  is  prepared  to  tackle  almost   any  plant  material  and  has  tried  his  hand  at  an  increasing  number  of  Australian  species.  He  now  has  a   number  of  significant  pines,  deciduous  trees,  broadleaved  evergreens  and  Australian  natives  in  his   collection.  Some  of  his  trees  are  on  display  at  the  National  Bonsai  &  Penjing  Collection  of  Australia  in   Canberra.       Quentin  was  instrumental  in  setting  up  the  Victorian  Native  Bonsai  Club  that  commenced  in  2013,   and  took  on  the  presidency  as  well  as  being  invaluable  in  imparting  his  knowledge  at  meetings  and   workshops.  We  are  delighted  to  have  Quentin  demonstrating  for  us,  and  look  forward  to  him  sharing   his  good  advice  and  wisdom.    

  Chris  Xepapas  

  From  a  young  age,  Chris  Xepapas  has  been  fascinated  by   trees,  especially  their  immense  age,  the  story  they  have   to  tell  and  in  some  cases  the  history  of  a  particular  tree.   This  fascination  and  a  copy  of  "You  too  can  grow  bonsai   in  Australia"  by  Dorothy  and  Vita  Koreshoff,  found  in  his   school  library  in  the  1990's  took  Chris  on  a  lifelong   adventure  with  the  art  of  Bonsai.       Chris's  involvement  in  bonsai  grew  over  the  next  decade   and  included  propagation  from  cuttings,  air-­‐layering  and   seed  collecting.  Urban  yamadori  also  played  a  large  part   in  Chris’s  bonsai  development.       Chris  began  attending  the  invitation-­‐only  Annual   Launceston  Bonsai  Workshops  in  the  late  1990s.  His   close  involvement  with  Lynn  Farrell,  from  the   Tasmanian  Bonsai  Centre  furthered  his  knowledge  of   bonsai,  especially  pines,  such  as  Pinus  thunbergii,  P.   nigra,  P.  contorta,  and  P.  mugo  –  in  fact,  anything  pine!       His  skills  also  include  the  development  and  refinement  of  junipers,  Japanese  and  trident  maples,   and  Cryptomeria  japonica.  Indeed,  Chris  has  a  good  general  knowledge  of  all  things  bonsai.  Chris  is   also  developing  a  respected  knowledge  of  Tasmanian  native  tree  species  for  bonsai  such  as   Melaleuca,  Banksia  and  the  mountain  plum.     Chris  is  the  current  Vice-­‐President  of  the  Bonsai  Society  of  Southern  Tasmania.    

Tours,  Workshops  and  Social  Events     MONA  –  Museum  of  Old  and  New  Art  





Opened  in  2011,  MONA  made  an  immediate  impact  in  Hobart  and  beyond.  It  now  attracts  many   interstate  and  even  international  visitors  to  Tasmania’s  capital  city.  MONA  is  an  art  museum  like   none  other;  it  fascinates,  entertains,  challenges,  and  enthralls  all  who  visit  it.       Situated  at  the  Morilla  Winery  at  Berriedale  on  the  banks  of  the  Derwent  River  upstream  from   Hobart,  MONA  is  the  largest  privately  funded  museum  in  Australia.  But  it  is  not  just  the  collection   of  ancient  and  modern  art  that  justifies  a  visit;  the  building  itself  is  stunning.  You  enter  into  what   appears  to  be  a  relatively  modest  single-­‐storey  building  but  then  descend  down  to  three  larger   levels  of  labyrinthine  display  spaces  built  into  the  side  of  the  cliffs  around  the  Berriedale   Peninsula.       By  far  the  best  way  to  travel  to  MONA  is  by  one  of  the  Museum’s  own  ferries.  We  have  made   special  arrangements  for  the  ferry  to  travel  from  the  Wrest  Point  jetty  for  the  Friday  afternoon   excursion.  There  is  a  range  of  options  for  lunch  at  MONA  during  your  visit.  

Welcome  Reception  &  Exhibition  Preview   Wrest  Point  is  known  for  the  quality  of  its  food  and  drinks  service  so  what  better  way  to  to  start   your  convention  experience  than  socializing  with  other  delegates  on  the  Friday  evening  at  the   Welcome  Reception?  During  the  evening  you  can  also  preview  the  Exhibition  that,  on  other  days,   will  be  open  to  the  general  public.  

Convention  Dinner   The  dinner  is  always  a  highlight  of  the  Convention  and  we  hope  that  you  will  join  us  to  enjoy  a   three-­‐course  meal  on  the  Saturday  evening.  Convention  dinners  at  Wrest  Point  are  always  of  the   highest  standard  –  you  will  not  be  disappointed.  The  cost  of  the  meal  includes  a  welcome  drink.       A  cash  bar  will  be  available  throughout  the  evening.  

Master  Class  &  Workshops   On  the  Monday  morning  you  can  join  a  Master  Class  conducted  by  our  international  guest,  Robert   Steven.  You  will  have  the  opportunity  to  interact  closely  with  Robert  as  he  works  on  trees.     Alternatively,  you  can  participate  in  a  hands-­‐on  workshop  session  with  Grant  Bowie  and  Quentin   Valentine.  Because  of  quarantine  regulations,  interstate  participants  will  not  be  able  to  bring  their   own  trees  into  Tasmania  to  work  on.  However,  they  will  be  able  to  obtain  material  in  Hobart  that   they  can  then  take  with  them  when  they  return  home.  

Mt  Wellington  &  Island  Bonsai  Nursery  

Towering  to  1271m,  Mt  Wellington  provides  a  striking  backdrop  to  the  City  of  Hobart.  A  coach  will   take  you  to  the  pinnacle  of  what  the  locals  affectionately  call  “The  Mountain”.  From  the  Lookout   Building  you  can  enjoy  panoramic  views  of  the  city  and  most  of  south-­‐eastern  Tasmania  as  well  as   learning  about  the  history  and  fauna  and  flora  of  the  mountain.  Some  short  walks  will  introduce   you  to  a  rugged  alpine  environment  that  is  less  than  30  minutes  drive  from  the  CBD.     As  you  return  to  Wrest  Point,  you  will  visit  the  Island  Bonsai  Nursery  run  by  Will  Fletcher.  Here  is   your  opportunity  to  experience  many  of  the  Tasmanian  natives  that  Will  has  crafted  into  beautiful   bonsai.  Afternoon  tea  will  be  served  at  the  nursery.      

29th  Australian  National  Bonsai  Convention   20-­‐23  May  2016  



Hosted  by  the  Bonsai  Society  of  Southern  Tasmania  Inc   in  partnership  with  the  Association  of  Australian  Bonsai  Clubs  Ltd  

All  events  are  at  Wrest  Point  unless  indicated  otherwise    

FRIDAY  20  MAY  2016     11.00-­‐12.00   REGISTRATION     12.00-­‐16.30   VISIT  to  MONA  -­‐  Museum  of  Old  &  New  Art  -­‐  ferry  leaves  from  Wrest  Point     17.00-­‐19.00   REGISTRATION     19.00-­‐21.00   WELCOME  RECEPTION  &  EXHIBITION         SATURDAY  21  MAY  2016     8.00-­‐9.00   REGISTRATION      8.45-­‐9.00   OPENING  CEREMONY      9.00-­‐9.30   WILL  FLETCHER  -­‐  Welcome  and  introduction  to  the  Tasmanian  flora      9.30-­‐10.30   ROBERT  STEVEN  -­‐  Demonstration     10.30-­‐11.00   Morning  Tea     11.00-­‐12.30   ROBERT  STEVEN  -­‐  Demonstration     12.30-­‐13.30   Lunch     13.30-­‐15.00   GRANT  BOWIE  -­‐  Demonstration,  black  pine     15.00-­‐15.30   Afternoon  Tea     15.30-­‐16.50   QUENTIN  VALENTINE  -­‐  Demonstration,  Tasmanian  native     16.50-­‐17.00   DAY  1  RAFFLE  DRAW     17.15-­‐18.00   AABC  GENERAL  MEETING     19.30-­‐23.00   CONVENTION  DINNER         SUNDAY,  22  MAY  2016       8.00-­‐9.00   REGISTRATION      8.00-­‐8.45   ROBERT  STEVEN  -­‐  Exhibition  tree  critique      9.00-­‐9.30   WILL  FLETCHER  -­‐  Best  Tasmanian  trees  for  bonsai      9.30-­‐10.30   TEAM  CHALLENGE  -­‐  Three  teams,  three  Tasmanian  scenes,  three  saikei!     10.30-­‐11.00   Morning  Tea     11.00-­‐12.30   CHRIS  XEPAPAS  -­‐  Demonstration     12.30-­‐13.30   Lunch     13.30-­‐15.00   ROBERT  STEVEN  -­‐  Demonstration     15.00-­‐15.30   Afternoon  Tea     15.30-­‐16.00   ROBERT  STEVEN  -­‐  Demonstration  conclusion     16.00-­‐16.30   ROBERT,  GRANT  &  QUENTIN  -­‐  Reflections  on  Australian,  Asian  and  World  Bonsai     16.30-­‐16.45   2017  HOST  CLUB  PRESENTATION         16.45-­‐17.00   DAY  2  RAFFLE  DRAW     17.00-­‐17.15   TREE  AUCTION     17.15-­‐17.30     CONCLUDING  COMMENTS  &  CONVENTION  CLOSE           MONDAY,  23  MAY  2016      9.00-­‐12.30   MASTER  CLASS  with  Robert  Steven  or  WORKSHOP  with  Grant  Bowie  &  Quentin  Valentine       (Morning  Tea  provided)     12.30-­‐13.30   Lunch  (not  provided)     13.30-­‐16.00   COACH  TOUR  -­‐  Mt  Wellington  and  Island  Bonsai  Nursery  with  Will  Fletcher  (afternoon  tea  provided)                                                                                                                                        Program  is  correct  at  time  of  printing  

WREST  POINT          

The  Convention  is  being  held  at  Wrest  Point,  a  hotel,  convention   centre  and  casino  on  the  banks  of  the  Derwent  River  in  Sandy  Bay,   just  2.5  km  from  Hobart’s  CBD.   Wrest  Point  offers  a  choice  of  excellent  accommodation  options   ranging  from  3.5  to  5  star.     Delegates  staying  at  the  hotel  can  take  advantage  of  the  many   facilities  on  site  including  five  restaurants  and  four  bars,  valet  parking,   24-­‐hour  room  service  and  reception,  hairdresser,  beauty  salon,  gift   shop,  gymnasium  and  an  indoor  pool.    

  Wrest  Point  is  offering  discounted  room  rates  for  Convention  delegates.  Requests  for  bookings   need  to  be  made  directly  to  the  hotel  quoting  the  code  BB#625424.     Premier/Executive  Suite  (5*)   $285/night   Executive/Tower  Room  (4.5*)   $179/night   Water  Edge  Room  (4*)   $157/night   Motor  Inn  Room  (3.5*)   $135/night     There  is  ample  free  parking  for  all  delegates  at  Wrest  Point     Wrest  Point       `   Telephone   1800  139  760   410  Sandy  Bay  Road,         E-­‐mail     [email protected]   Sandy  Bay,  Tas,  7005       Website   www.    



The  Bonsai  Society  of  Southern  Tasmania  thanks  the  sponsors  of  the  Convention

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