Board Members & Staff

Board Members & Staff Board Officers Daryl M. Dickson, Ph.D., President (Dickson Consulting) Barbara Sassano, Emeritus President Larry Shannon-Missal...
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Board Members & Staff Board Officers Daryl M. Dickson, Ph.D., President (Dickson Consulting) Barbara Sassano, Emeritus President Larry Shannon-Missal, Vice President (Harris Interactive) Matthew Reynell, Board Secretary (Rochester Institute of Technology) Bill Nelkin CFP, ChFC, Treasurer (First Niagara Bank)

Board Members Jane August (August Moon Imports) Deacon David A Cadregari (Roman Catholic Diocese of Rochester & Energyeast Corp.) Michele Ely (Community Volunteer) Honorable Sandra L. Frankel (Retired Town Supervisor, Brighton New York) Susan Lebbon CPA, (CPA at Mengel, Metzgar, Barr & Co. LLP) Maryjane K. Link, (Retired Adoption Specialist, NYS Office of Children and Family Services)

Anthony Malone, (Retired Chairman & CEO, MRB Group Engineering Architecture & Surveying, P. C.) Judy Malone (Community Volunteer) Honorable Michael J. Miller (Retired Family Court Judge and practicing NYS Attorney) Jill D. Morgan Russell Olson (Retired Director of Pension Investments, Eastman Kodak Company Alice M. Raymond (Community Volunteer) Stephanie A. Schifano

Staff Patricia Burks, Acting Executive Director Lisa Best, Develoment Director Veronica Black, Community Outreach Specialist David Carsel, Administrative Assistant/Bookkeeper Torri Cowans, Child & Family Specialist Ilona Frederick, Wendy’s Wonderful Kids Recruiter Kate Runyan, Marketing Specialist Melanie Schmidt, LMSW, Adoption Supervisor

Individual Donors When children don’t have families, they miss out on things most take for granted- like having someone to cheer them on at games and special events. Thanks to our donors, more youth have been adopted and no longer look up at empty seats. Help us fill more seats with lifelong supporters: forever families!

10,000 + Corbett Family Charitable Foundation Dalio Foundation, Inc. Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption Mrs. Michele Ely Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Malone

5,000+ Ms. Jane August Joseph and Irene Skalny Charitable Trust Mr. and Mrs. Carl Sassano

$1,000$4,999 Mr. Todd Szerszen Bridgewater Associates, Inc. Mrs. Barbara Corbett Mr. Jeff Fields and Mrs. Robin Allstadt Mr. Luther Miller Fred & Floy Willmott Foundation Mr. Frederick Acker Gramm Family Foundation Mr. and Mrs. John Hood Dr. Kara Kort Ms. Maryjane Link Mr. Michael Montag MGM Associates Insurance Mighty Taco, Inc. Mrs. and Mr. Jo Ann Milam Dave and Peggy Soule St. Lawrence Church The Isaiah Foundation, Inc. United Way Of California Captial Region The Honorable Robert H. Wagner Mr. Rodney Williams

$500-$999 Mr. Robert August Mr. and Mrs. John Best Ms. Patricia Burks Reverend and Mrs. David Cadregari Conifer Realty Dr. Daryl M. Dickson Mr. and Mrs. Michael Eastman Mr. and Mrs. Charles Goodykoontz Mr. and Mrs. Vince Harper Irondequoit Country Club Ms. Martinez Janely

Faith Lutheran Church First Eagle Investment Foundation First Presbyterian Church Of Chili Dr. and Supervisor Neil and Sandra Frankel Ms. Sarah Gervase

Ms. Chuntel Bell Ms. Bunny Bernstein

Mr. John Hart

Mr. Kenneth Bracker

Mr. Matthew J. Healy

Ms. Karen Bradley

Mr. Neil Hunt

Ms. Iuliia Braut

Ms. Jeanna Hussey

Ms. Bettyjean Callon

Ms. Tracey Jamison

Mr. and Mrs. William Carpenter Mr. David J. Carsel

Mr. and Mrs. Dan and Maureen Kuchta Ms. Carol Lebbon

Ms. Amy Berry Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Best Ms. Lisa Bethel Ms. Penny Beuning Mr. Warren R. Bontoyan

Ms. Paula Carter

Mr. and Mrs. Shawn Lebbon Making It Happen Foundation Ms. Silvia Montaner

Ms. Deborah B. Manns

Ms. Victoria Chodos

Ms. Angela Major

Ms. Dorethea Ciccarelli

Ms. Nancy Muir-Gaire

L. T. Clements

Mr. William Nelkin

Mr. Daniel Condon

Ms. Angela Narron

Oaks, Chrsitopher and Sarah Ms. Haydee Pacheco

Dr. and Mrs. Mark Coyne

Mr. Michael Nelkin New York City Transit Authority Mr. and Mrs. Russell Olson

Mr. Jeffrey Palm Plumbers & Steamfitters

Ms. Alanta Cross Mr. and Mrs. Richard Crossed Mr. Daniel Dandrea

Mrs. and Mr. Anita Pelletier Ms. Alice M. Raymond

Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Przybylowicz Mr. Daniel Reed

Ms. Telesta F. Rice

Nushin Safaverdi

Mr. and Mrs. Harry and Carol Davis Mr. Kent Davis

SEAS Youth Ministry

Ms. Cheryl Sperandio

Ms. Jo Ann Deblinger

Tops Friendly Markets

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Tocci

Mr. Kevin D. Delaney

Union Presbyterian Church

Mr. and Mrs. Nick Verdino

Ms. Kathleen Deslanders

Woods Oviatt

Ms. Marie Villeneue

Ms. Kathleen Ann Deslandes Ms. Carol A. Dorsey

$250-499 Baber Chapel African Methodist Espisopal Church Mr. Thomas Bachmann

Mr. and Mrs. Jay Wells Mr. Benjamin Werzinger and Ms. Sarah Viggiani Ms. Joan R. Willis


Ms. Lisa Best

Ms. Alese Affatato

Ms. Anne C. Browne


Mr. Thomas Castelein

Mr. Burton August August Family Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Andrew August Ms. Jan August

Mr. and Mrs. Lowell Edwards Emerald Print Management

Ms. Linda W. Davey

Mr. Raymond Dreher Ms. Wendy Dworkin Mr. Norman Easton Ms. Margaret A. Elias Ms. Lynne Hamilton Equal Measure Exelon Corporation Ms. Reenie Feingold Mr. and Mrs. Mark Finestone

First Niagara Risk Management, Inc Ms. Jennifer Frye

Mr. and Mrs. David Mitchell Mr. Darren Moffett

Ms. Rita Gaither

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Montag Ms. Deborah E. Morrill

Ms. Billie Gibaud Mr. and Mrs. David Glocker Ms. Nersa Gordon Ms. Louise GreavesTunnell Ms. Mickie Greer Gregory A. Franklin, Esq. Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Greywitt Mr. and Mrs. Michael Grossman Ms. Lauren Groth Ms. Ashli Gundlach Ms. Lessie Hamilton-Rose Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Hanley Ms. Lori Hawryliak Mr. Pete B. Heinrich Mr. Pete B. Heinrich Ms. Jennifer Jackson

Ms. Karen Morris Mr. Dan Mangano and Mrs. Nancy Muir-Gaire Mr. and Mrs. Michael O'Brien Mr. Kevin Dinsmore Humboldt Lodge No 138 Ms. Tammy O'Neal Orchid Advisors Mr. and Mrs. Paul Peterson Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Pierce Mr. Randy S. Poole Ms. Somayaji Ramamurthy Mr. James Reed Dr. and Mrs. Eric Rennert Ms. Luan Rexhepi

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Jackson Ms. Jillian Janetos

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Rieck Mr. and Ms. Carlos and Lori Rios Ms. Danielle Robiinson

Ms. Grandmaster Jeon Ms. Yachica M. Johnson

Ms. Linda Jackson

Adam Jones Mr. and Ms. Joseph and Lorraine Karasek Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kenyon Ms. Saibaba Korada Ms. Pamela Kroll Mr. and Mrs. William Kuchta Ms. Betsy Fay LaBella Associates, P.C. Dr. and Mrs. Leo Landhuis Mr. Jeff Leonard Life-LTC Solutions Mr. Jesse Lucas Mr. Anthony G. Malone Mr. Daniel L. Malone Mrs. Ellen Malone and Mr. Daniel Nolan Mr. and Mrs. James Mance Mr. Uwe Marwedel Mr. Leon Metlay and Ms. Nina Klionsky Mr. and Mrs. Steven Miller

Ms. Jane Stoyle Welch

Ms. Julie Blowers

Mr. Michael Telesca

Ms. Kimberly Blum

The Lubrizol Foundation

Ms. Arlene Bobin

Ms. Shirley Thompson

Ms. Evelyn Boggs

Mr. and Mrs. Victor Tifone

Ms. Catherine Borah

Mr. Angel Torres

Mr. Hyman Brenner

Mr. Robert Tttus

Ms. Contina Bretten

Mr. David Turner

Ms. Dorothy Brown

United Way of Buffalo & Erie County Mr. Wayne Uter

Mr. Keith Brown

Mr. Andrew Van Melle Mr. and Mrs. Thomas VandeWater Mr. and Mrs. Robert VanNiel Ms. Lisa Vasaturo Mr. and Mrs. George Wagner Mr. Michael D. Walsh Ms. Randi Wasik Ms. Lisa M. Yockel Ms. Joelle Yuna

Up to $99 The Honorable and Mrs. Francis Affronti S. Ahmad

Mr. Michael A. Brown Ms. Tea Launna Brown Mr. and Mrs. Michael Buda Mr. and Mrs. Dave Burgess Vickijo Campanaro Mrs. Mandy N. Campbell Ms. Paloma Capanna Mr. Michael Caparaso Mr. Ralph Carter and Mr. Van VanZanten Mr. and Mrs. Angelo Casciani Mr. and Mrs. Roger Catlin Ms. Carla Charles Mr. Michael Chilton Ms. Marilyn Christman Ms. Denise A. Cieri

Ms. Carrie Rodgers

Mr. Charles Alfiero

Ciminelli & Ciminelli

The Honorable and Mrs. Richard Rosenbloom Ms. Samantha Rothschild

Mr. Ahmed Ali

Ms. Bonny Claxton and Rev. John Wilkinson Ms. Sally Cohen

Ms. Serafina Rutigliano

Dr. and Mrs. John Andersen Mr. Scott Anthony

Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Saeger

Ms. Joanna Arief

Ms. Jennifer Cooper

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Sand Ms. Marisa Sarchet

Mr. Anthony Asch and Mrs. Jane Kastenbaum Asch Ms. Susan Aser

Ms. Sharon Corl

Mr. William A. Saunders Mr. and Mrs. Roger and Heather Scalzo Mr. and Mrs. John and Stephanie Schifano Schwab Charitable Fund Chirs Yaros Ms. Melanie Schwind The Honorable and Mrs. Anthony Sciolino Mr. and Mrs. Larry Shannon-Missal Mr. Paul Silwick

AT&T United Way Ashley Atkins Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Auriemma Mr. and Mrs. John Bailey Mr. J.D. Baker Ms. Cynthia L. Baley Ms. Ginger Banyai-Riepl Ms. Janet Barrus

Ms. Kashshay Coles

Mr. Stephen Craxton Ms. Sylvia Cruzmoreno Ms. Cynthia D. Curcuro Ms. Gabrielle Dagama Ms. Sue Dambrowski Ms. Lisa Daniels Ms. Linda D'Antonio Mr. and Mrs. Michael Davin Mr. and Mrs. Robert Dean Ms. Beverly Deason

Mr. Michael Beatty

Ms. Meg Smerbeck

Mr. and Mrs. Michael DeBerger Ms. Maria Del Carmen

Mr. Drew Beeman

Ms. Jennifer Sommers

Ms. Carole J. DeMauro

Mr. Lee Benjamin

Mr. Greogory Spears

Ms. Suzanne DeMers

Mr. Karl Bischoff

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Stampfel

Ms. Teresa Derrick-Mills

Ms. Kate Bissinger

Desino Insurance Agency Inc.

Ms. Nicole Baxter

Bloomfield Rotary

Ms. Heather DeVries Ms. Stephanie Dewitt Mr. and Mrs. Dale Dickerson Ms. Elizabeth Dickerson

Mr. and Mrs. Francis Groleau Ms. Kristin Gross Ms. Karen Guidarelli Ms. Nancy Hakes

Ms. Patricia Dickerson

Mr. Matt Harris

Ms. Andria DiFelice

Devon Harvey

Ms. Maria DiGiambattista

Ms. Margaret Hayes

Ms. Rachel Dobbs

Ms. Desiree HenningDudley Ms. Anita Henry

Ms. Blanca Drexel Dr. Eric M. Dreyfuss Ms. Jennifer Duckett Mr. James L. Du'Shun Ms. Toby Dye Ms. Sandra Dyer Ms. Melanie Easter Ms. Asta Eldrup-Jorgensen Mr. Richard G. Ensman Mr. Edwin Ewane Fahsye, LLC Mr. Gary Fairchild Ms. Paula Farier Ms. Justina Farnsworth Mr. Christopher Farnum Fazio Media Consultants

Ms. Patricia Gates

Ms. Marissa Nicholson

Ms. Michele Kyle

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Nigro Mr. Reny Ninan

Mr. and Mrs. Dale and Jacqueline Larnder Mr. and Mrs. Leo Laskowski Ms. Susan Lawrence Ms. Connie Leary Ms. Ellen Leopold

Ms. Jamie Heslip Heveron & Heveron CPA's Ms. Molly Hewitt Ms. Jean Hink Mr. Benjamin Hopps Ms. Emily Horowitz Ms. Lisa Huck Mr. Edwin Hullander Mr. and Mrs. Joel Humphrey Ms. Dorothy Hunt

Ms. Kathy Ivey

Ms. Cindy Garza

Mr. Robert Nelkin

Mr. Vincent Kuss

The Honorable and Mrs. H. Herman Ms. Susan Herr

Ms. Barbara Frank

Frontier Communications

Ms. Cheryl Nations

Ms. Terri Kureshi

Mr. John Leckinger

Ms. Queen Idahor

Ms. Ilona Frederick

Mr. and Mrs. John Nagy

Mr. Marcus Kroll

Ms. Darla J. Henson

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Finestone Mr. and Mrs. Robert Fogel Ms. Lenora Frazier-Horne

Ms. Elizabeth Kosoff

Mr. and Mrs. Alan Illig Mrs. Sunni C. Ingalls Mr. Eric Jackson Ms. Teresa Jackson Ms. Penny Jacques Mr. Robert James

Ms. Lisa Lewis Mr. Zack Lewis Ms. Xiaoli Li Ms. Christine M. Lin Mr. William Linesch Mr. Daniel Link Ms. Sue Lione Mr. Ernest Lofton Mr. Scott Longing Ms. Tanzy Love Ms. Anna Ludwinek Ms. Lynn Lugo Mr. John Lukach Ms. Charlene Mann Ms. Carole Marciano Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Marciano Ms. Jennifer Martindale Mr. and Mrs. Robert and Frances Marx Ms. Natalie Masco

Ms. Cynthia Gee

Ms. Petterece JenkinsTerry Mr. Brian Johnson

Mr. Jonathan Geller

Mr. Ken Johnson

Ms. Mariann George

Ms. Catherine Josh

Mr. Thomas Gibbons

Mr. Aaron Kane

Mr. Kevin Gillett

Ms. Lynn Kapell

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Melech Ms. Ilana Milesky

Ms. Melissa M. Gleason

Mr. Gary Keefe

Ms. Joyce Miller

Mr. Daniel Godwin

Ms. Christine Keel

Ms. Renee Minardo

Ms. Deb Goehring

Ms. Ashley Kelley

Ms. Jennifer Mitchell

Mr. David Goldstein

Ms. Dorothy Kelley

Ms. Laura Gonzalez

Mr. John Kessel

Mr. and Mrs. Dane and Judy Gordon Ms. Gabrielle Graves

Ms. Alicia Khwaja

The Honorable Joan Kohout Ms. Samantha Moran

Ms. Amy Gee

Ms. Eleanor Green Mr. Morgan Greeno Ms. Jill Gress

Ms. Lia Kieren Ms. Debbie Kingsbury Ms. Kerri Klajbor Dr. Audrey W. Klick Ms. Traci Koch

Mr. Michael Mason Ms. Lauri Mattle Mrs. Josie McClain Ms. Melissa R. McKeand

Ms. Jill Morgan Ms. Betty Mullin-DiProsa Mr. and Mrs. David Murray Ms. Mary Murray Ms. Christina Myers Ms. Amanda J. Myhre

Mr. and Mrs. John Nowicki Mr. James O'Connell Kelechi O'Furum Ms. Toni Okine Ms. Stephanie Orozco Mr. Jeffrey Parker Mr. Basil Parlett Mr. Bryan Pasquale Ms. Mary Pasquale Ms. Jaclyn Penner Ms. Sandra Pennise Ms. Deana Percassi Mr. Marshall Perkins Ms. Rhonda Perritt Nezumi Pi Ms. Andrea Pieters Ms. Stefani Pilger Ms. Celine Plachez Ms. Jennifer Ponce Ms. Lauren Potoky Ms. Rochelle Pray Mr. Ken Preston Ms. Carla Purnell Rachel Gracie Photography Ms. Jennifer Radosevich Ms. Brittney Rainey Ms. Andrea Rallo Mrs. Janet S. Reed Thomas and Jessica Regan Mr. and Mrs. Martin Reinhardt Mr. Michael Reiser Ms. Eileen Reynell Ms. Carol Riccardi and Mr. Francisco Pinilla Ms. KaeLyn Rich Mr. Dan Richardson Ms. Claire Rickard Ms. Madeline Rivera Dr. and Mrs. Gerald Rosen Ms. Rachel Rosen Dr. Karen Rosenbloom and Mr. Keith Wilson Ms. Nancy Rosenbloom

Ms. Paula Roux

Ms. Cynthia L. Tucker

Ms. Mallorie Rulison

United Way Of Louisiana

Ms. Kate Runyan

United Way Of Philadelphia Ms. Patricia Vance

Ms. Susan Rupp Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Rusling Ms. Cheryl T. Rutherford

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Veltri Ms. Patricia Vien

Ms. Alena Ryjov

Ms. Dawn Vincic

Mr. Jeff Saeger

Ms. Sharon Vito

Ms. Adrienne Sage

Volunteer Legal Services Project Ms. Cara Wadlsey

Ms. Jennifer Sargent Mr. William Scanlon Mr. James Scanzaroli Mr. and Mrs. Mike and Melanie Schmidt Mr. and Mrs. Michael Schnittman Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Schulman Ms. Tonya Schwenzer Ms. Carolyn Serron Ms. Mary Shaw Rou Shi Ms. Paula Silverstrone Ms. Anna Simms

Ms. Kathleen Wagner Ms. Tina Wakefield Ms. Karen Walker Mr. Robert Walker Ms. Tate Walker Ms. Christina Walsh Mr. Jerry Warsaw Ms. Wendy Warters Ms. Patricia Waters Mrs. Marion Weaver Ms. Wanda Webb Ms. Stacie Webster

Mr. Matt Sitler

Ms. Robyn Weh

Mr. and Mrs. James and Emily Smerbeck Ms. Christie Smith

Ms. Maria Weldy Mr. Richard Westergaard

Ms. Cynthia Smith

Ms. Karen White and Mr. Jerry Weidenborner Mr. Robert White

Ms. Jerilesha Smith Ms. Kera Smith Ms. Lashunda Smith Mr. David Snider Ms. Viviana Solorzano Ms. Kerri Starks Stealth Lion Marketing

Ms. Maureen T. Whalen

Ms. Jennifer Wickham Mr. Richard Wien Mr. M'Salla Wilks Mr. Hepburn Williams Ms. Jennifer Williams

Ms. Ellen Stevenson

Ms. Marion Winters

The Honorable and Mrs. Maurice Strobridge Ms. Brenda K. Stuvek

Ms. Gina Yarbough Mr. and Mrs. Paul Yarrows

Mr. Shawn Sullivan

Ms. Christine Zimmer

Ms. Deanna Swart Ms. Lisa Tagliarino Telecom Pioneers Sekar Thiagarajan Ms. Catherine Thomas Ms. Erica Tilles Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Townson Mr. Chris Tripodi Ms. Joanne Tripodi Mr. Andrew Trostle

Ms. Shelley Yehl

Anthony, age 17

Volunteers & In kind Goods and Services Volunteers Aflah Hanafiah Agnes Falkner Alice Raymond Amanda Dolan Amanda Padgham Amit Thankar Angie Major Angie Major Anna McKenna Anthony Malone Antonino Barbagallo Art Ames Barb Russo Barbara Sassano Bill Nelkin Bob Stenzenmeyer Bob Stetzenmeyer Bruce A. Glena Bruce Glena Carol Pearce Carol Riccardi Christine Marcello Christopher Bacon Cindy Harper Cindy Harper Daniel Carter Daryl Dickson David Cadregari David Conjerti David Mostrella Deb Goehring Debbie McCrossen Della Johnson Denise Lucci Dennile Goff Desiree Acevedo Donna Reed Eileen Verdino

Elizabeth Hanshaw

Rachel Gracie

Monro Muffler Brake Inc.

Emily McKean

Russell Olson

Mostly Clay Inc.

George Gotcsik

Sally Wojtarowicz

Ms. Angela Major

Heather Miraglia

Sandra Frankel

Nili Mane's Salon

Hon. Michael Miller

Sharon Wynn

Ms. Lisa Piget

Inga Mucha

Shear Ego

Pirate Toy Foundation

Jackie Dozier James Gaddis James Wojtarowicz Jane August Janet Natalello Jeff Palm Jill Morgan Joanne James Joanne McIntyre John Schlia Jonathan Wolfanger

Stephanie Schifano

Ravenwood Golf Club Mr. Mike Roeder Relph Benefit Advisors

Judy Malone Katherine Kennedy Kristy Aquila Larry Shannon Missal Laura Speck Laurie Oakden Linda Timmons Lori Canada Maryjane Link

Steve Case Susan Buckner Susan Lebbon Taylor Foxhall

Ms. Barbara Russo

Todd Elliott

Salon Brio

Tralawni McCoy

Ms. Jean Smith

Victoria Goehring

Southwest Airlines

In Kind Andrea Geer Designs Ms. Jane August Ms. Patricia Burks Mr. David J. Carsel Mr. Steve Case Ms. Susan Cloen Ms. Juliana Cruz

Ms. Deidre Stiehl The Gem Lab The Pampered Chef Uncle Sam Boat Tours Van Putte Garden Center Mr. and Mrs. Nick Verdino WHAM-TV13 World Tae Kwon Do Center

WROC TV8 Delmonico's Italian Steak House Ms. Suzanne Elrayess

Michael Rodriquez

Geva Theatre

Michele Ely

Hampton Inn & Suites

Mindy Pavone

Mr. and Mrs. Vince Harper

Miriam Buchanan

Hyatt Regency Rochester

Najihan Aziz

Immagine Photography

Nancy Muir-Gaire

Ms. Theresa Kusak-Smith

Nicole Janer

Ms. Maryjane Link

Ninan Reny


Omar Amadi

Ms. Holly Mabee

Patrick Pitoni

Ms. Constance McIntyre

Phillip Watkins

Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra

Thomas Johnson

Matthew Reynell

Paul C. Gallipean

Riveredge Resort

Mid-Lakes Navigation