BOARD MEETING MINUTES June 10, 2015 This Board meeting took place at 7:00 PM at 113 Cooper St, 2nd floor. “The healthy social life is found ...
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BOARD MEETING MINUTES June 10, 2015 This Board meeting took place at 7:00 PM at 113 Cooper St, 2nd floor.

“The healthy social life is found When in the mirror of each human soul, The whole community finds its reflection, And when, in the community, The strength of each one is living.” Attendees: Mark Briscoe, Scott Olmsted, Lara Triona, Krista Cook, Jodi Casey, Richard Corbal, Christopher Sblendario, Margaret Rosas, Ana Elizabeth, Alexandra Woods, Deborah Lindsay.

7:00 – Welcome & Verse (3 min) – All 7:03 –Board & Committee Minutes approval (2 min) – All May minutes approval postponed until next meeting.

7:05 – Preschool Report (20 min) – Aaryn Motion #1: Aaryn’s contract as Teacher/Director of our PreK program is continued to next year, but is dependent on SCWS receiving License & Aaryn receiving her site supervisor permit for the interim title to be removed.

Mark moves that we approve, Lara seconded, unanimously approved (10-0) Motion #2: Teacher/Director position is supervised by Operations Director, with the advisement of the Preschool Committee, who will continue to have regular meetings and the Teacher/Director will continue to be expected to report to the board at least once a quarter and more often when requested.

discussion—three parts to the job; Part 1: administrative, management team strategic planning partially addresses? Part 2: teaching, preschool committee —mentoring & evaluation committee; preschool volunteer. Part 3: strategic planning Make sure the academic/teaching side of the supervision occurs outside the management team. Future Agenda Item: management/oversight for PreK Teacher/Director. #3: Informing. Posting tuition within a week.

SCWS Board Meeting

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SCWS Board Meeting 6/10/2015 MINUTES (final)

7:25 – Management Team Report – (40 min) – Deborah

See full report in Appendix A. Additional discussion about report included below.

Q&A Discussion about development director separation; Reparation & restoration needed. Done through the Development Committee & Mark to move forward. Deborah open to talking with any board member who would like. Switch from credit card to a debit card connected to SCWS checking. Operations: Emergency Planning: If want to do CERT training, let Deborah know about CERT by W. June 17th or so. Outline for Cash Flow plan. Changing it from the Fall into the Spring. Need to come up with Projects for of the Development Cash Flow. Calendar: Mon MT meeting, EC & BoT propose moved to Tues nights. Motion: Scott motioned the CoT nomination of Jodi Casey as VP, seconded by Mark, and unanimously approved (8-0).

8:05—Development Report (15 min) – Alexandra Nomination of Alexandra Woods as at-large trustee and development chair. Update on the 40th anniversary planning. Motion: Ana nominated Alexandra as a board trustee, seconded by Mark, and unanimously approved (8-0). Motion: Mark nominated Alexandra Woods as Development chair, Ana seconded, unanimously approved (9-0). Send out the save the date card & use the hard copy info we get back to clean-up database. Krista has a contact of advise for database migration and clean-up. Start now with a spreadsheet. Development Director hiring: Mark reviewing job position. away from director to coordinator/manager. Location of Marketing/Communications & connect with Enrollment. Hiring committee: Mark, Alexandra & possibly other. PA Chair will be Sarah Brown.

8:20 – Finance Committee (15 min) – Krista Brief update on finance and tuition assistance committees. Treasurer is reviewing reports and will present at next board meeting. Getting financial statements for 2013-2014 fiscal year. Growing Concern: liabilities exceed or assets. Finance director is documenting ways working on increasing assets.

SCWS Board Meeting

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SCWS Board Meeting 6/10/2015 MINUTES (final)

Liabilities—Prepays in July going to be okay & but need to get everyone enrolled by August. Endowment fund & 6% interest (honoring the investment that donors did) & 100k donation with stipulations so became a loan. Office developing an enrollment plan.

8:35 – College of Teachers (15 min) – Scott Brief CoT update: faculty selected and management team hired Caitlin as faculty chair, revising the charter and reviewing the duties & responsibility of the college and define the goals. For example, shifting college time so more study and smaller subset of faculty on the college. Excited about staff for next year. Priorities for the CoT: Subject/specialty teachers up to full-time pay-scale (handwork, games & spanish); decision making process & getting retraining in consensus model. Pedagogical role, but also has a sensing role; reality of volunteerism. Ways of framing so it is positive experienceà PA coordinating role. Development Plan/Calendar with clear roles. Clear expectation of volunteering, culture. PA meeting virtually in august to set up assignments for the year. Future Agenda Item: Board Tasks related to 3 year Accreditation meeting

8:50—Teacher Hiring Discussion (10 min)—Mark For future hires, before a hiring offer, need to be someway for all the teachers to meet with potential hire. Suggestion: Send Bio to faculty, ask questions & met with the faculty before. Important to keep people informed throughout the process and brought in collaboration. True also for other admin positions such as Development Position. Recruitment ideas: UCSC person with development experiences. Meet the teachers: E.g. do 4 tours with Jodi before you can do it alone.

9:00—Enrollment Discussion (20 min)—All SUGGESTON: Enrollment Committee with Basket (brochures & felt dolls) & staff certain events: various Farmers Markets & Maker Faire in Felton; connect with Realtors & others where new events; middle school population. RE-Enrollment of current families has been current focus. Action Item: Deborah & Robin to personally invite enrollment committee members.

Closed Session – BoT Postponed Personnel Reviews Discussion (EC & Preschool Committee)

9:20 - Closing

SCWS Board Meeting

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SCWS Board Meeting 6/10/2015 MINUTES (final)

Process for requesting items on Board Agenda In order to ensure that we use our time well and people are prepared, please follow the following process for requesting items to be added to a Board Agenda:

1. Send in suggestion to all board members prior to the EC meeting scheduled 2 weeks before board meetings 2. Provide description of the proposed topic and why the boards needs to discuss it 3. List what action is expected of the board and associated time frame 4. Ensure that suggested topic has been discussed by any affected Committee or other school group prior to bringing it to the board

Ground Rules for Effective Meetings 1. Time will be kept and agenda followed 2. Start on time and end on time or earlier 3. Have all needed participants present 4. Read relevant documents and come prepared 5. The chair person will call on individual prior to speaking 6. Voice any disagreement, silence is agreement 7. Disagree in private; unite in public 8. No side conversations 9. Listen carefully to all respectfully and respond thoughtfully 10. Challenge ideas, not people 11. Different opinions are welcome 12. Welcome and encourage challenging ideas 13. In the event of disagreement or off topic discussion, the chair of the meeting may intervene to postpone the issue. 14. No cell phones or e-mail during the meeting, unless it is expected that you might be needed for an urgent matter – then in silent mode and taken outside 15. Follow through on action plans 16. Support the group outside the group.

SCWS Board Meeting

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SCWS Board Meeting 6/10/2015 MINUTES (final) Santa Cruz Waldorf School Board Meeting June 10th, 2015 Management Team Report Written by: Director of Operations Enrollment School Total Current: Enrolled 73, 78 in pending, 10 Applications $729K = $40K a month, current bills = $132K a month Our enrollment efforts: Phone calls, direct emails, follow up with each family. -

Processing incoming applications. New 1st grade readiness committee formed: Mireille, Richard Vanessa

Personnel Hiring … Report on Development Director position change. -

Kinder teacher hired – Kendra Barnett Educational teacher position open – Care group is doing the interviews Kinder Assistants hiring in process Staff reviews under way, 1 finalized, 3 more semi complete Parent-Tot to hiring underway

All Teacher contracts getting reviewed and renewed Garden maintenance contact is set to start June 15th. Operations Finance Committee – TA committee has been reviewing letters. 6 complete, 4 in review -



Working on budget for next year now (send to Finance committee next week) Long term Goal Recommendations: o Cover the gap of operations expenses through program income o Pay Back the Endowment Fund of ~ $246K § Also stop charging ourselves 6% borrowing fee o Build Up cash reserves Full time Staff Tuition Remission Recommendation (30 hours +) o Give tuition remission as an employment benefit. o 100% tuition, but not reg fees. o Not taxable. o Available regardless of # of children o Needs to be reviewed and approved by Board of Trustees 30+ hour staff and faculty need to be given insurance as a benefit Credit card needs to be put in someones name (never a balance carried).

SCWS Board Meeting Appendix A

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SCWS Board Meeting 6/10/2015 MINUTES (final) Emergency Planning Committee – -

CERT training: Sept 2 and 3rd 8:30-5pm, and Oct. 22nd 1-5pm

IT committee – Gmails up! - Phones almost installed… meeting tech tomorrow - Cornerstone contract written, Liz reviewing. - Hiring an IT guy to look over the Accounting department. Treasure Tree – Inventory this week - Attending Summer showcase Facilities – Working on summer to do list, but can’t really move forward until families get enrolled. Curriculum/Program Developments Afterschool – meeting to discuss next steps, hiring and program changes Camps – Underway 2015-16 Calendar – Mgt team approved all calendar recommendations - April 30th for May Faire - April 30th for 40th Anniversary - November 24th for G-Day - May 14th for Spring Fling Some conditional requests -

Full 2015-16 Development Plan with budget to be presented to the mgt team by August 1st. o To include full personnel plan for each event with faculty and class needs clearly outlined. o Hiring of 2 to 4 “movers” for each appropriate event. o G-Day is built with a rain plan in place. § Grandparents go to their children’s classrooms § The E room is used for performances with each class filing in separately § Food is cut back to coffee and muffins § Clarity on whether this is a fund raising event or not o The development plan will be reviewed by the mgt team and the finance committee, if our cash flow issues are not addressed by the plan, the plan will be sent back for revision. o The envelope gifts are tradition and are still done at Christmas and EOY.

Mgt team/ Board Development Jodi Casey as VP, Caitlin Stratton as Faculty Chair Legal Deborah writing a letter to Beverly Kraus SB 277

SCWS Board Meeting Appendix A

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SCWS Board Meeting 6/10/2015 MINUTES (final) Santa Cruz Waldorf School Board Meeting June 10th, 2015 Preschool Committee Report Written by: Committee Chair (Lara) Licensing Process Requests from the State (to be hand delivered on Thurs as Aaryn heads to Steiner College for their Summer Preschool Training): 1. Complete Deed with signature 2. More outdoor play equipment 3. Overall sketch of the entire grounds. 4. Letter from Parent-Coop for Applicant proving experience, duties, and hours per day. 5. Waiver for admission agreement online. 6. New admission agreement: stating no optional services, basic services offered, modification conditions, refund policy, licensing agency rights, reasons for termination, signed and dated by parents and facility rep. 7. Two Mats for napping. 8. Waiver for sick bathroom to use 3rd Grade Bathroom 9. In-service training to additionally include which staff will be trained (all?), how will it be determined a training is needed (monthly?, quarterly?, half a year?), and who will conduct the training (Outside agency or director?) 10. Parent Handbook: a. Need a statement stating you will not offer optional services or if you are what services you will allow such as dance class b. Field trip provisions (will you be offering any field trips? If so, ratios? Transportation? Permission slips? Etc) c. Transportation provisions (will you be picking or dropping off kids at home? If not, state you will not provide any kind of transportation d. Napping provisions (aka. Resting provisions. State somewhere napping is not offered at your facility, but private rest time is. e. Consultants (Will you offer community resources for parents such as classes, etc? If so how will they be used and which agencies? If none, say no Consultants or community resources are offered by your program) f. Procedure for services for medical & dental emergency care for children. (Call 911, staff will be giving permission to the doctor/dentist to provide any lifesaving medication or procedures if the parents are unreachable. g. Sign-in & out procedures (Parents must sign their full-legal signature at check-in & out.) h. Compatibility determination (Will you be doing an interview with the child to see if the facility is the correct fit?) i. Discipline policies (Need to state types of discipline not allowed such as corporal punishment, even if the parents allows it. When will the facility use parent conferences to correct the child’s behavior? Grounds for dismissal by the facility? At what point will the facility dismiss the child from the school. 12. Employee Handbook a. Director’s hours, lines of supervision (board?).

SCWS Board Meeting Appendix B

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SCWS Board Meeting 6/10/2015 MINUTES (final) PreK Inside and Outside Improvements Between March 28-April 7th (no school due to Spring Break) • Door & landing was repaired as shown in faculities drawings sent to state • PreK Fence was built • Total spent $8,670.45 (NOTE: still trying to figure out why reducing fence length, not doing sandbox & doing fence demolition only reduced expenses by $500).

Additional improvements being planned for over summer: • build sandbox (144 sq feet & max of 1 ft above ground, depth min of 18 in. + 5 in. crushed rock ¾”-1.5”) • other outside equipment: plexiglass easel(s), 4-5 hay bales, storage for loose-play items, pathways, climb platform & garden • Fence & Landing: apply natural stain/water protection. Annual Review Classroom Observation focused on Aaryn as the Lead Teacher of children and supervisor of Asst. Lara observed class on last say of school year (6/2/2015 8:30-10:15am) instead of Julie Anderson (Fallom) due to scheduling difficulties. Plan is for Julie to do observations in Fall & Spring.

SCWS Board Meeting Appendix B

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SCWS Board Meeting 6/10/2015 MINUTES (final) Recommendation/Proposed motions: #1: Aaryn’s contract as Teacher/Director of our PreK program is continued to next year, but is dependent on SCWS receiving License & Aaryn receiving her site supervisor permit for the interim title to be removed. #2: Teacher/Director position is supervised by Operations Director, with the advisement of the Preschool Committee, who will continue to have regular meetings and the Teacher/Director will continue to be expected to report to the board at least once a quarter and more often when requested. #3: Hiring Committee for PreK Assistant and Parent-Tot (Fri & Sat) Teacher Aaryn chairing hiring committee, Deborah, Lara, & Richard; Kendra included on Parent-Tot Hiring committee include in job ad a “preference” for bilingual skills (but not required).

SCWS Board Meeting Appendix B

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