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July 29, 2005

Biological Chemistry This Issue Was Available in Electronic Form July 22, 2005 Copyright © 2005 by the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Inc. 9650 Rockville Pike, Bethesda, MD 20814 U.S.A.

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Cooperation between Small Nuclear RNA-activating Protein Complex (SNAPC) and TATA-box-binding Protein Antagonizes Protein Kinase CK2 Inhibition of DNA Binding by SNAPC. Liping Gu, Walter J. Esselman, and R. William Henry


Novel Autoregulatory Function of Hepatitis B Virus M Protein on Surface Gene Expression. Tsurng-Juhn Huang, Cheng-Chan Lu, Jui-Chen Tsai, Wei-Jen Yao, Xuanyong Lu, Ming-Derg Lai, Hsiao-Sheng Liu, and Ai-Li Shiau


FBI-1 Enhances Transcription of the Nuclear Factor-␬B (NF-␬B)-responsive E-selectin Gene by Nuclear Localization of the p65 Subunit of NF-␬B. Dong-Kee Lee, Jae-Eun Kang, Hye-Jin Park, Myung-Hwa Kim, Tae-Hee Yim, Jung-Min Kim, Min-Kyu Heo, Kyu-Yeun Kim, Ho Jeong Kwon, and Man-Wook Hur


Transcriptional Activity of Sp1 Is Regulated by Molecular Interactions between the Zinc Finger DNA Binding Domain and the Inhibitory Domain with Corepressors, and This Interaction Is Modulated by MEK. Jung-Ahn Lee, Dong-Chul Suh, Jae-Eun Kang, Myung-Hwa Kim, Hyejin Park, Min-Nyung Lee, Jung-Min Kim, Bu-Nam Jeon, Hee-Eun Roh, Mi-Young Yu, Kang-Yell Choi, Kyu Yeun Kim, and Man-Wook Hur


Induction of p53 by Urokinase in Lung Epithelial Cells. Sreerama Shetty, Margaret R. Gyetko, and Andrew P. Mazar

A Role for Phosphoinositides in Signaling: the Work of Mabel R. Hokin and Lowell E. Hokin (

Allosteric Hemoglobin Assembly: Diversity and Similarity. William E. Royer, Jr., Hao Zhu, Thomas A. Gorr, Jason F. Flores, and James E. Knapp


Identification of Domains of Ataxia-telangiectasia Mutated Required for Nuclear Localization and Chromatin Association. David B. Young, Jyoti Jonnalagadda, Magtouf Gatei, David A. Jans, Stephen Meyn, and Kum Kum Khanna


Acute Reduction of an Origin Recognition Complex (ORC) Subunit in Human Cells Reveals a Requirement of ORC for Cdk2 Activation. Yuichi J. Machida, Jamie K. Teer, and Anindya Dutta


Biochemical Analysis of the DNA Unwinding and Strand Annealing Activities Catalyzed by Human RECQ1. Sudha Sharma, Joshua A. Sommers, Saba Choudhary, Jinnifer Korin Faulkner, Sheng Cui, Lucia Andreoli, Laura Muzzolini, Alessandro Vindigni, and Robert M. Brosh, Jr.

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RECQ1 Helicase Interacts with Human Mismatch Repair Factors That Regulate Genetic Recombination. Kevin M. Doherty, Sudha Sharma, Laura A. Uzdilla, Teresa M. Wilson, Sheng Cui, Alessandro Vindigni, and Robert M. Brosh, Jr.





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Efficient Processing of Primary Micro-RNA Hairpins by Drosha Requires Flanking Nonstructured RNA Sequences. Yan Zeng and Bryan R. Cullen


High Mobility Group Protein-B1 Interacts with Sterol Regulatory Element-binding Proteins to Enhance Their DNA Binding. Yuho Najima, Naoya Yahagi, Yoshinori Takeuchi, Takashi Matsuzaka, Motohiro Sekiya, Yoshimi Nakagawa, Michiyo Amemiya-Kudo, Hiroaki Okazaki, Sachiko Okazaki, Yoshiaki Tamura, Yoko Iizuka, Ken Ohashi, Kenji Harada, Takanari Gotoda, Ryozo Nagai, Takashi Kadowaki, Shun Ishibashi, Nobuhiro Yamada, Jun-ichi Osuga, and Hitoshi Shimano Inhibition of Platelet-derived Growth Factor-induced Cell Growth Signaling by a Short Interfering RNA for EWS-Fli1 via Down-regulation of Phospholipase D2 in Ewing Sarcoma Cells. Satoshi Nozawa, Takatoshi Ohno, Yoshiko Banno, Taikoh Dohjima, Kazuhiko Wakahara, De-Gang Fan, and Katsuji Shimizu Differentiation-dependent Alterations in Histone Methylation and Chromatin Architecture at the Inducible Chicken Lysozyme Gene. Pascal Lefevre, Claire Lacroix, Hiromi Tagoh, Maarten Hoogenkamp, Svitlana Melnik, Richard Ingram, and Constanze Bonifer


Yeast as a Tractable Genetic System for Functional Studies of the Insulin-degrading Enzyme. Seonil Kim, Andrea N. Lapham, Christopher G. K. Freedman, Tiffany L. Reed, and Walter K. Schmidt


Effective Translation of the Second Cistron in Two Drosophila Dicistronic Transcripts Is Determined by the Absence of In-frame AUG Codons in the First Cistron. Adam A. Wall, A. Marie Phillips, and Leonard E. Kelly


Cell Surface Expression of CD147/EMMPRIN Is Regulated by Cyclophilin 60. Tatiana Pushkarsky, Vyacheslav Yurchenko, Christophe Vanpouille, Beda Brichacek, Iosif Vaisman, Shigetsugu Hatakeyama, Keiichi I. Nakayama, Barbara Sherry, and Michael I. Bukrinsky


Role of p97 AAA-ATPase in the Retrotranslocation of the Cholera Toxin A1 Chain, a Non-ubiquitinated Substrate. Michael Kothe, Yihong Ye, Jessica S. Wagner, Heidi E. De Luca, Eli Kern, Tom A. Rapoport, and Wayne I. Lencer

The cover shows the surface of one-half of PLP synthase, a vitamin B6 biosynthetic enzyme found in plants, fungi, and some eubacteria. Twelve PdxS subunits (two highlighted as ribbons) associate as a double hexameric ring with the active sites lining the inside surface of the cylindrical dodecamer. The intact enzyme also includes PdxT subunits, which deliver ammonia to the PdxS active sites. For details see the article by Zhu et al., pages 27914 –27923.

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The Fucose-binding Lectin from Ralstonia solanacearum. A NEW TYPE OF ␤-PROPELLER ARCHITECTURE FORMED BY OLIGOMERIZATION AND INTERACTING WITH FUCOSIDE, FUCOSYLLACTOSE, AND PLANT XYLOGLUCAN. Nikola Kostla´nova´, Edward P. Mitchell, Hugues Lortat-Jacob, Stefan Oscarson, Martina Lahmann, Nechama Gilboa-Garber, Ge´rard Chambat, Michaela Wimmerova´, and Anne Imberty


Peptides Derived from Human Decorin Leucine-rich Repeat 5 Inhibit Angiogenesis. Konerirajapuram N. Sulochana, Huapeng Fan, Seetharama Jois, Vivekanandan Subramanian, Feng Sun, R. Manjunatha Kini, and Ruowen Ge


The Prodomain of BMP-7 Targets the BMP-7 Complex to the Extracellular Matrix. Kate E. Gregory, Robert N. Ono, Noe L. Charbonneau, Chiu-Liang Kuo, Douglas R. Keene, Hans Peter Ba¨chinger, and Lynn Y. Sakai

Cross-species Sequence Analysis Reveals Multiple Charged Residue-rich Domains That Regulate Nuclear/ Cytoplasmic Partitioning and Membrane Localization of A Kinase Anchoring Protein 12 (SSeCKS/Gravin). Jeffrey W. Streb and Joseph M. Miano

Characterization of the Intraflagellar Transport Complex B Core. DIRECT INTERACTION OF THE IFT81 AND IFT74/72 SUBUNITS. Ben F. Lucker, Robert H. Behal, Hongmin Qin, Laura C. Siron, W. David Taggart, Joel L. Rosenbaum, and Douglas G. Cole


Characterization of Four Variant Forms of Human Propionyl-CoA Carboxylase Expressed in Escherichia coli. Hua Jiang, K. Sudhindra Rao, Vivien C. Yee, and Jan P. Kraus


Staphylococcus aureus Aminopeptidase S Is a Founding Member of a New Peptidase Clan. Sergey G. Odintsov, Izabela Sabala, Gleb Bourenkov, Vladimir Rybin, and Matthias Bochtler


H1 Family Histones in the Nucleus. CONTROL OF BINDING AND LOCALIZATION BY THE C-TERMINAL DOMAIN. John P. H. Th’ng, Rohyun Sung, Ming Ye, and Michael J. Hendzel

Thyroid Hormone Regulates the Hypotriglyceridemic Gene APOA5. Xavier Prieur, Thierry Huby, Herve´ Coste, Frank G. Schaap, M. John Chapman, and Joan C. Rodrı´guez




Secretory Phospholipases A2 Induce Neurite Outgrowth in PC12 Cells through Lysophosphatidylcholine Generation and Activation of G2A Receptor. Yutaka Ikeno, Naoko Konno, So-hyun Cheon, Angelo Bolchi, Simone Ottonello, Katsuhiko Kitamoto, and Manabu Arioka


Caveolin-1 Is Not Required for Murine Intestinal Cholesterol Transport. Mark A. Valasek, Jian Weng, Philip W. Shaul, Richard G. W. Anderson, and Joyce J. Repa





Crystal Structure of Kunitz Domain 1 (KD1) of Tissue Factor Pathway Inhibitor-2 in Complex with Trypsin. IMPLICATIONS FOR KD1 SPECIFICITY OF INHIBITION. Amy E. Schmidt, Hitendra S. Chand, Dulio Cascio, Walter Kisiel, and S. Paul Bajaj Platelet-derived Growth Factor Receptor-␤ (PDGFR-␤) Activation Promotes Its Association with the Low Density Lipoprotein Receptor-related Protein (LRP). EVIDENCE FOR CO-RECEPTOR FUNCTION. Christopher S. Newton, Elena Loukinova, Irina Mikhailenko, Sripriya Ranganathan, Yamei Gao, Christian Haudenschild, and Dudley K. Strickland


The 1.3 Å Crystal Structure of the Flavoprotein YqjM Reveals a Novel Class of Old Yellow Enzymes. Karina Kitzing, Teresa B. Fitzpatrick, Corinna Wilken, Justyna Sawa, Gleb P. Bourenkov, Peter Macheroux, and Tim Clausen



A New Arrangement of (␤/␣)8 Barrels in the Synthase Subunit of Pyridoxal 5ⴕ-Phosphate Synthase. Jianghai Zhu, John W. Burgner, Etti Harms, Boris R. Belitsky, and Janet L. Smith


Chimeric Mutations in the M2 Segment of the 5-Hydroxytryptamine-gated Chloride Channel MOD-1 Define a Minimal Determinant of Anion/Cation Permeability. Claudine Menard, H. Robert Horvitz, and Stephen Cannon


The Cotranslational Contacts between Ribosome-bound Nascent Polypeptides and the Subunits of the Heterooligomeric Chaperonin TRiC Probed by Photocross-linking. Stephanie A. Etchells, Anne S. Meyer, Alice Y. Yam, Anne Roobol, Yiwei Miao, Yuanlong Shao, Martin J. Carden, William R. Skach, Judith Frydman, and Arthur E. Johnson


The Role of Galacturonic Acid in Outer Membrane Stability in Klebsiella pneumoniae. Emilisa Frirdich, Catrien Bouwman, Evgeny Vinogradov, and Chris Whitfield


Cog1p Plays a Central Role in the Organization of the Yeast Conserved Oligomeric Golgi Complex. Pierre Fotso, Yulia Koryakina, Oleksandra Pavliv, Arnold B. Tsiomenko, and Vladimir V. Lupashin



Loss of Outer Membrane Proteins without Inhibition of Lipid Export in an Escherichia coli YaeT Mutant. William T. Doerrler and Christian R. H. Raetz


Intracellular Trafficking of Thyroid Peroxidase to the Cell Surface. Regina Kuliawat, Jose Ramos-Castan˜eda, Youfang Liu, and Peter Arvan


Interaction of FXYD10 (PLMS) with Na,K-ATPase from Shark Rectal Glands. CLOSE PROXIMITY OF Cys74 OF FXYD10 TO Cys254 IN THE A DOMAIN OF THE ␣-SUBUNIT REVEALED BY INTERMOLECULAR THIOL CROSS-LINKING. Yasser Ahmed Mahmmoud, Henrik Vorum, and Flemming Cornelius


Cysteine-mediated Cross-linking Indicates That Subunit C of the V-ATPase Is in Close Proximity to Subunits E and G of the V1 Domain and Subunit a of the V0 Domain. Takao Inoue and Michael Forgac


Functional Analysis of Slac2-c/MyRIP as a Linker Protein between Melanosomes and Myosin VIIa. Taruho S. Kuroda and Mitsunori Fukuda


RIC-3 Affects Properties and Quantity of Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptors via a Mechanism That Does Not Require the Coiled-coil Domains. Hagit Cohen Ben-Ami, Lina Yassin, Hanna Farah, Avner Michaeli, Margalit Eshel, and Millet Treinin


A Novel Porphyromonas gingivalis FeoB Plays a Role in Manganese Accumulation. Stuart G. Dashper, Catherine A. Butler, J. Patricia Lissel, Rita A. Paolini, Brigitte Hoffmann, Paul D. Veith, Neil M. O’Brien-Simpson, Sarah L. Snelgrove, John T. Tsiros, and Eric C. Reynolds



Substrate Specificity and Recognition Is Conferred by the Pleckstrin Homology Domain of the Dbl Family Guanine Nucleotide Exchange Factor P-Rex2. Raji E. Joseph and F. A. Norris Structural Insights into the Mechanism of Nuclease A, a ␤␤␣ Metal Nuclease from Anabaena. Mahua Ghosh, Gregor Meiss, Alfred Pingoud, Robert E. London, and Lars C. Pedersen

□ S


Metabolism and Transactivation Activity of 13,14-Dihydroretinoic Acid. Alexander R. Moise, Vladimir Kuksa, William S. Blaner, Wolfgang Baehr, and Krzysztof Palczewski


Quantitative Calcium Measurements in Subcellular Compartments of Plasmodium falciparum-infected Erythrocytes. Petra Rohrbach, Oliver Friedrich, Joachim Hentschel, Helmut Plattner, Rainer H. A. Fink, and Michael Lanzer

□ S


Modulation of Charge in the Phosphate Binding Site of Escherichia coli ATP Synthase. Zulfiqar Ahmad and Alan E. Senior


Natural Antisense mRNAs to Hyaluronan Synthase 2 Inhibit Hyaluronan Biosynthesis and Cell Proliferation. Hsu Chao and Andrew P. Spicer

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vii 28110

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Inhibition of Activator Protein-1, NF-␬B, and MAPKs and Induction of Phase 2 Detoxifying Enzyme Activity by Chlorogenic Acid. Rentian Feng, Yongju Lu, Linda L. Bowman, Yong Qian, Vincent Castranova, and Min Ding


Interaction between the CD8 Coreceptor and Major Histocompatibility Complex Class I Stabilizes T Cell ReceptorAntigen Complexes at the Cell Surface. Linda Wooldridge, Hugo A. van den Berg, Meir Glick, Emma Gostick, Bruno Laugel, Sarah L. Hutchinson, Anita Milicic, Jason M. Brenchley, Daniel C. Douek, David A. Price, and Andrew K. Sewell

Uncoupling and Endocytosis of 5-Hydroxytryptamine 4 Receptors. DISTINCT MOLECULAR EVENTS WITH DIFFERENT GRK2 REQUIREMENTS. Gae¨l Barthet, Florence Gaven, Be´re´nice Framery, Katsuhiro Shinjo, Takaaki Nakamura, Sylvie Claeysen, Joe¨l Bockaert, and Aline Dumuis


Phosphatidylinositol-4-phosphate 5-Kinase Regulates Fission Yeast Cell Integrity through a Phospholipase Cmediated Protein Kinase C-independent Pathway. Lu Deng, Reiko Sugiura, Kazuki Ohta, Kazuki Tada, Masahiro Suzuki, Masato Hirata, Shun-ichi Nakamura, Hisato Shuntoh, and Takayoshi Kuno

Contribution of the Carboxyl Terminus of the VPAC1 Receptor to Agonist-induced Receptor Phosphorylation, Internalization, and Recycling. Christelle Langlet, Ingrid Langer, Pascale Vertongen, Nathalie Gaspard, Jean-Marie Vanderwinden, and Patrick Robberecht


Inhibition of Nuclear Import of LIMK2 in Endothelial Cells by Protein Kinase C-dependent Phosphorylation at Ser-283. Pankaj Goyal, Dharmendra Pandey, Antje Behring, and Wolfgang Siess

A Role for Mitogen-activated Protein KinaseErk1/2 Activation and Non-selective Pore Formation in P2X7 Receptor-mediated Thymocyte Death. Rodolphe Auger, Iris Motta, Karim Benihoud, David M. Ojcius, and Jean M. Kanellopoulos


Genetic and Pharmacologic Evidence That Calcium-independent Phospholipase A2␤ Regulates Virus-induced Inducible Nitric-oxide Synthase Expression by Macrophages. Jason M. Moran, R. Mark L. Buller, Jane McHowat, John Turk, Mary Wohltmann, Richard W. Gross, and John A. Corbett

Inhibition of Glycosphingolipid Biosynthesis Reduces Secretion of the ␤-Amyloid Precursor Protein and Amyloid ␤-Peptide. Irfan Y. Tamboli, Kai Prager, Esther Barth, Michael Heneka, Konrad Sandhoff, and Jochen Walter


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AIP4 Restricts Transforming Growth Factor-␤ Signaling through a Ubiquitination-independent Mechanism. Franc¸ois Lallemand, Su Ryeon Seo, Nathalie Ferrand, Marcia Pessah, Sebastien L’Hoste, Georges Rawadi, Sergio RomanRoman, Jacques Camonis, and Azeddine Atfi


Molecular Definition of a Novel Inositol Polyphosphate Metabolic Pathway Initiated by Inositol 1,4,5-Trisphosphate 3-Kinase Activity in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Andrew M. Seeds, Robert J. Bastidas, and John D. York


␮ and ␬ Opioid Receptors Activate ERK/MAPK via Different Protein Kinase C Isoforms and Secondary Messengers in Astrocytes. Mariana M. Belcheva, Amy L. Clark, Paul D. Haas, Jannie S. Serna, Jason W. Hahn, Alexi Kiss, and Carmine J. Coscia



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GIT1 Is a Scaffold for ERK1/2 Activation in Focal Adhesions. Guoyong Yin, Qinlei Zheng, Chen Yan, and Bradford C. Berk Simultaneous Blockade of NF␬B, JNK, and p38 MAPK by a Kinase-inactive Mutant of the Protein Kinase TAK1 Sensitizes Cells to Apoptosis and Affects a Distinct Spectrum of Tumor Necrosis Target Genes. Axel Thiefes, Sabine Wolter, J. Frederic Mushinski, Elke Hoffmann, Oliver Dittrich-Breiholz, Nadine Graue, Anneke Do¨rrie, Heike Schneider, Dagmar Wirth, Bruno Luckow, Klaus Resch, and Michael Kracht


Pellino3 Is a Novel Upstream Regulator of p38 MAPK and Activates CREB in a p38-dependent Manner. Marion P. Butler, Jennifer A. Hanly, and Paul N. Moynagh


Endoglin Null Endothelial Cells Proliferate Faster and Are More Responsive to Transforming Growth Factor ␤1 with Higher Affinity Receptors and an Activated Alk1 Pathway. Nadia Pece-Barbara, Sonia Vera, Kirishanthy Kathirkamathamby, Stefan Liebner, Gianni M. Di Guglielmo, Elisabetta Dejana, Jeffrey L. Wrana, and Michelle Letarte




□ S

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Imaging Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor Phosphorylation in Human Colorectal Cancer Cells and Human Tissues. Michael Keese, Richard J. Magdeburg, Torsten Herzog, Till Hasenberg, Martin Offterdinger, Rainer Pepperkok, Jo¨rg W. Sturm, and Philippe I. H. Bastiaens Mechanism of Constitutive Phosphoinositide 3-Kinase Activation by Oncogenic Mutants of the p85 Regulatory Subunit. S. Chandra Shekar, Haiyan Wu, Zheng Fu, Shu-Chin Yip, Nagajyothi, Sean M. Cahill, Mark E. Girvin, and Jonathan M. Backer Roles for C16-ceramide and Sphingosine 1-Phosphate in Regulating Hepatocyte Apoptosis in Response to Tumor Necrosis Factor-␣. Yosuke Osawa, Hiroshi Uchinami, Jacek Bielawski, Robert F. Schwabe, Yusuf A. Hannun, and David A. Brenner


Molecular Dissection of PINCH-1 Reveals a Mechanism of Coupling and Uncoupling of Cell Shape Modulation and Survival. Zhen Xu, Tomohiko Fukuda, You Li, Xiliang Zha, Jun Qin, and Chuanyue Wu


Regulation of the Expression of Caspase-9 by the Transcription Factor Activator Protein-4 in Glucocorticoidinduced Apoptosis. Kyoko Tsujimoto, Takeshi Ono, Masaki Sato, Takashi Nishida, Takemi Oguma, and Takushi Tadakuma


Inhibition of Membrane Type-1 Matrix Metalloproteinase by Cancer Drugs Interferes with the Homing of Diabetogenic T Cells into the Pancreas. Alexei Y. Savinov, Dmitri V. Rozanov, Vladislav S. Golubkov, F. Susan Wong, and Alex Y. Strongin


Structural Organization of a Sex-comb-on-midleg/Polyhomeotic Copolymer. Chongwoo A. Kim, Michael R. Sawaya, Duilio Cascio, Woojae Kim, and James U. Bowie


A Causative Role of Stromelysin-3 in Extracellular Matrix Remodeling and Epithelial Apoptosis during Intestinal Metamorphosis in Xenopus laevis. Liezhen Fu, Atsuko Ishizuya-Oka, Daniel R. Buchholz, Tosikazu Amano, Hiroki Matsuda, and Yun-Bo Shi


Innate Immune Defense of the Sponge Suberites domuncula against Bacteria Involves a MyD88-dependent Signaling Pathway. INDUCTION OF A PERFORIN-LIKE MOLECULE. Matthias Wiens, Michael Korzhev, Anatoli Krasko, Narsinh L. Thakur, Sanja Perovic´-Ottstadt, Hans J. Breter, Hiroshi Ushijima, Ba¨rbel Diehl-Seifert, Isabel M. Mu¨ller, and Werner E. G. Mu¨ller


Human Aldehyde Dehydrogenase 3A1 Inhibits Proliferation and Promotes Survival of Human Corneal Epithelial Cells. Aglaia Pappa, Donald Brown, Yiannis Koutalos, James DeGregori, Carl White, and Vasilis Vasiliou


Differential Activities and Regulation of Saccharomyces cerevisiae Formin Proteins Bni1 and Bnr1 by Bud6. James B. Moseley and Bruce L. Goode


CTCF Regulates Growth and Erythroid Differentiation of Human Myeloid Leukemia Cells. Vero´nica Torrano, Igor Chernukhin, France Docquier, Vivien D’Arcy, Javier Leo´n, Elena Klenova, and M. Dolores Delgado

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Jiang, Hua, 27719 Johnson, Arthur E., 28118 Jois, Seetharama, 27935 Jonnalagadda, Jyoti, 27587 Joseph, Raji E., 27508 Kadowaki, Takashi, 27523 Kanellopoulos, Jean M., 28142 Kang, Jae-Eun, 27783, 28061 Kathirkamathamby, Kirishanthy, 27800 Keene, Douglas R., 27970 Keese, Michael, 27826 Kelly, Leonard E., 27670 Kern, Eli, 28127 Khanna, Kum Kum, 27587 Kim, Chongwoo A., 27769 Kim, Jung-Min, 27783, 28061 Kim, Kyu-Yeun, 27783 Kim, Kyu Yeun, 28061 Kim, Myung-Hwa, 27783, 28061 Kim, Seonil, 27481 Kim, Woojae, 27769 Kini, R. Manjunatha, 27935 Kisiel, Walter, 27832 Kiss, Alexi, 27662 Kitamoto, Katsuhiko, 28044 Kitzing, Karina, 27904 Klenova, Elena, 28152 Knapp, James E., 27477 Konno, Naoko, 28044 Koryakina, Yulia, 27613 Korzhev, Michael, 27949 Kostla´nova´, Nikola, 27839 Kothe, Michael, 28127 Koutalos, Yiannis, 27998 Kracht, Michael, 27728 Krasko, Anatoli, 27949 Kraus, Jan P., 27719 Kuksa, Vladimir, 27815 Kuliawat, Regina, 27713 Kuno, Takayoshi, 27561 Kuo, Chiu-Liang, 27970 Kuroda, Taruho S., 28015 Kwon, Ho Jeong, 27783 Lacroix, Claire, 27552 Lahmann, Martina, 27839 Lai, Ming-Derg, 27742 Lallemand, Franc¸ois, 27645 Langer, Ingrid, 28034 Langlet, Christelle, 28034 Lanzer, Michael, 27960 Lapham, Andrea N., 27481 Larsson, Karin E., 27578 Laugel, Bruno, 27491 Lee, Dong-Kee, 27783 Lee, Jung-Ahn, 28061 Lee, Min-Nyung, 28061 Lefevre, Pascal, 27552 Lencer, Wayne I., 28127 Leo´n, Javier, 28152 Letarte, Michelle, 27800 L’Hoste, Sebastien, 27645 Li, You, 27631 Liebner, Stefan, 27800 Liljenberg, Conny, 27578 Lissel, J. Patricia, 28095 Liu, Hsiao-Sheng, 27742 Liu, Youfang, 27713 London, Robert E., 27990 Lortat-Jacob, Hugues, 27839 Loukinova, Elena, 27872 Lu, Cheng-Chan, 27742 Lu, Xuanyong, 27742 Lu, Yongju, 27888 Lucker, Ben F., 27688 Luckow, Bruno, 27728 Lupashin, Vladimir V., 27613 Macheroux, Peter, 27904 Machida, Yuichi J., 27624 Magdeburg, Richard J., 27826 Mahmmoud, Yasser Ahmed, 27776 Matsuda, Hiroki, 27856 Matsuzaka, Takashi, 27523 Mazar, Andrew P., 28133 McHowat, Jane, 28162 Meiss, Gregor, 27990 Melnik, Svitlana, 27552

Menard, Claudine, 27502 Meyer, Anne S., 28118 Meyn, Stephen, 27587 Miano, Joseph M., 28007 Miao, Yiwei, 28118 Michaeli, Avner, 28053 Mikhailenko, Irina, 27872 Milicic, Anita, 27491 Mitchell, Edward P., 27839 Moise, Alexander R., 27815 Moran, Jason M., 28162 Moseley, James B., 28023 Motta, Iris, 28142 Moynagh, Paul N., 27759 Mu¨ller, Isabel M., 27949 Mu¨ller, Werner E. G., 27949 Mushinski, J. Frederic, 27728 Muzzolini, Laura, 28072 Nagai, Ryozo, 27523 Nagajyothi, 27850 Najima, Yuho, 27523 Nakagawa, Yoshimi, 27523 Nakamura, Shun-ichi, 27561 Nakamura, Takaaki, 27924 Nakayama, Keiichi I., 27866 Newton, Christopher S., 27872 Nishida, Takashi, 27638 Norris, F. A., 27508 Nozawa, Satoshi, 27544 O’Brien-Simpson, Neil M., 28095 Odintsov, Sergey G., 27792 Offterdinger, Martin, 27826 Oguma, Takemi, 27638 Ohashi, Ken, 27523 Ohno, Takatoshi, 27544 Ohta, Kazuki, 27561 Ojcius, David M., 28142 Okazaki, Hiroaki, 27523 Okazaki, Sachiko, 27523 Ono, Robert N., 27970 Ono, Takeshi, 27638 Osawa, Yosuke, 27879 Oscarson, Stefan, 27839 Osuga, Jun-ichi, 27523 Ottonello, Simone, 28044 Palczewski, Krzysztof, 27815 Pandey, Dharmendra, 27569 Paolini, Rita A., 28095 Pappa, Aglaia, 27998 Park, Hye-Jin, 27783 Park, Hyejin, 28061 Pavliv, Oleksandra, 27613 Pece-Barbara, Nadia, 27800 Pedersen, Lars C., 27990 Pepperkok, Rainer, 27826 Perovic´-Ottstadt, Sanja, 27949 Pessah, Marcia, 27645 Phillips, A. Marie, 27670 Pingoud, Alfred, 27990 Plattner, Helmut, 27960 Prager, Kai, 28110 Price, David A., 27491 Prieur, Xavier, 27533 Pushkarsky, Tatiana, 27866 Qian, Yong, 27888 Qin, Hongmin, 27688 Qin, Jun, 27631 Raetz, Christian R. H., 27679 Ramos-Castan˜eda, Jose, 27713 Ranganathan, Sripriya, 27872 Rao, K. Sudhindra, 27719 Rapoport, Tom A., 28127 Rawadi, Georges, 27645 Reed, Tiffany L., 27481 Repa, Joyce J., 28103 Resch, Klaus, 27728 Reynolds, Eric C., 28095 Robberecht, Patrick, 28034 Rodrı´guez, Joan C., 27533 Roh, Hee-Eun, 28061 Rohrbach, Petra, 27960 Roman-Roman, Sergio, 27645 Roobol, Anne, 28118 Rosenbaum, Joel L., 27688 Royer, William E., Jr., 27477 Rozanov, Dmitri V., 27755

Rybin, Vladimir, 27792 Sabala, Izabela, 27792 Sakai, Lynn Y., 27970 Sandelius, Anna Stina, 27578 Sandhoff, Konrad, 28110 Sato, Masaki, 27638 Savinov, Alexei Y., 27755 Sawa, Justyna, 27904 Sawaya, Michael R., 27769 Schaap, Frank G., 27533 Schmidt, Amy E., 27832 Schmidt, Walter K., 27481 Schneider, Heike, 27728 Schwabe, Robert F., 27879 Seeds, Andrew M., 27654 Sekiya, Motohiro, 27523 Senior, Alan E., 27981 Seo, Su Ryeon, 27645 Serna, Jannie S., 27662 Sewell, Andrew K., 27491 Shao, Yuanlong, 28118 Sharma, Sudha, 28072, 28085 Shaul, Philip W., 28103 Shekar, S. Chandra, 27850 Sherry, Barbara, 27866 Shetty, Sreerama, 28133 Shi, Yun-Bo, 27856 Shiau, Ai-Li, 27742 Shimano, Hitoshi, 27523 Shimizu, Katsuji, 27544 Shinjo, Katsuhiro, 27924 Shuntoh, Hisato, 27561 Siess, Wolfgang, 27569 Siron, Laura C., 27688 Skach, William R., 28118 Smith, Janet L., 27914 Snelgrove, Sarah L., 28095 Sommers, Joshua A., 28072 Spicer, Andrew P., 27513 Streb, Jeffrey W., 28007 Strickland, Dudley K., 27872 Strongin, Alex Y., 27755 Sturm, Jo¨rg W., 27826 Subramanian, Vivekanandan, 27935 Sugiura, Reiko, 27561 Suh, Dong-Chul, 28061 Sulochana, Konerirajapuram N., 27935 Sun, Feng, 27935 Sung, Rohyun, 27809 Suzuki, Masahiro, 27561 Tada, Kazuki, 27561 Tadakuma, Takushi, 27638 Taggart, W. David, 27688 Tagoh, Hiromi, 27552 Takeuchi, Yoshinori, 27523 Tamboli, Irfan Y., 28110 Tamura, Yoshiaki, 27523 Teer, Jamie K., 27624 Thakur, Narsinh L., 27949 Thiefes, Axel, 27728 Th’ng, John P. H., 27809 Tjellstro¨m, Henrik, 27578 Torrano, Vero´nica, 28152 Treinin, Millet, 28053 Tsai, Jui-Chen, 27742 Tsiomenko, Arnold B., 27613 Tsiros, John T., 28095 Tsujimoto, Kyoko, 27638 Turk, John, 28162 Uchinami, Hiroshi, 27879 Ushijima, Hiroshi, 27949 Uzdilla, Laura A., 28085 Vaisman, Iosif, 27866 Valasek, Mark A., 28103 van den Berg, Hugo A., 27491 Vanderwinden, Jean-Marie, 28034 Vanpouille, Christophe, 27866 Vasiliou, Vasilis, 27998 Veith, Paul D., 28095 Vera, Sonia, 27800 Vertongen, Pascale, 28034 Vindigni, Alessandro, 28072, 28085 Vinogradov, Evgeny, 27604 Vorum, Henrik, 27776 Wagner, Jessica S., 28127

x Wakahara, Kazuhiko, 27544 Wall, Adam A., 27670 Walter, Jochen, 28110 Weng, Jian, 28103 White, Carl, 27998 Whitfield, Chris, 27604 Wiens, Matthias, 27949 Wilken, Corinna, 27904 Wilson, Teresa M., 28085

Wimmerova´, Michaela, 27839 Wirth, Dagmar, 27728 Wohltmann, Mary, 28162 Wolter, Sabine, 27728 Wong, F. Susan, 27755 Wooldridge, Linda, 27491 Wrana, Jeffrey L., 27800 Wu, Chuanyue, 27631

Wu, Haiyan, 27850 Xu, Zhen, 27631 Yahagi, Naoya, 27523 Yam, Alice Y., 28118 Yamada, Nobuhiro, 27523 Yan, Chen, 27705 Yao, Wei-Jen, 27742

Yassin, Lina, 28053 Ye, Ming, 27809 Ye, Yihong, 28127 Yee, Vivien C., 27719 Yim, Tae-Hee, 27783 Yin, Guoyong, 27705 Yip, Shu-Chin, 27850 York, John D., 27654 Young, David B., 27587

Yu, Mi-Young, 28061 Yurchenko, Vyacheslav, 27866 Zeng, Yan, 27595 Zha, Xiliang, 27631 Zheng, Qinlei, 27705 Zhu, Hao, 27477 Zhu, Jianghai, 27914