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June 17, 2005

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Chargaff ’s Rules: the Work of Erwin (

Involvement of GADD153 and Cardiac Ankyrin Repeat Protein in Hypoxia-induced Apoptosis of H9c2 Cells. Xue-Ji Han, Jei-Keon Chae, Mi-Jin Lee, Kyung-Ran You, Byung-Ho Lee, and Dae-Ghon Kim


Fluoride Induces Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress in Ameloblasts Responsible for Dental Enamel Formation. Kaori Kubota, Daniel H. Lee, Masahiro Tsuchiya, Conan S. Young, Eric T. Everett, Esperanza A. Martinez-Mier, Malcolm L. Snead, Linh Nguyen, Fumihiko Urano, and John D. Bartlett


Vitamin D Receptor-dependent Regulation of Colon Multidrug Resistance-associated Protein 3 Gene Expression by Bile Acids. Tanya C. McCarthy, Xiufeng Li, and Christopher J. Sinal


Repression of Interleukin-5 Transcription by the Glucocorticoid Receptor Targets GATA3 Signaling and Involves Histone Deacetylase Recruitment. Young-Koo Jee, Jane Gilmour, Audrey Kelly, Holly Bowen, David Richards, Cecilia Soh, Philip Smith, Catherine Hawrylowicz, David Cousins, Tak Lee, and Paul Lavender


Targeted Deletion of the Chicken ␤-Globin Regulatory Elements Reveals a Cooperative Gene Silencing Activity. Jin Wang, Hui Liu, Chi Mei Lin, Mirit I. Aladjem, and Elliot M. Epner




Origins. Boris Magasanik

A Vertebrate-type Ferredoxin Domain in the Na -translocating NADH Dehydrogenase from Vibrio cholerae. Po-Chi Lin, Andrea Puhar, Karin Tu¨rk, Stergios Piligkos, Eckhard Bill, Frank Neese, and Julia Steuber


□ S


Evidence for a Triplex DNA Conformation at the bcl-2 Major Breakpoint Region of the t(14;18) Translocation. Sathees C. Raghavan, Paul Chastain, Jeremy S. Lee, Balachandra G. Hegde, Sabrina Houston, Ralf Langen, Chih-Lin Hsieh, Ian S. Haworth, and Michael R. Lieber

□ S

RecQ Family Members Combine Strand Pairing and Unwinding Activities to Catalyze Strand Exchange. Amrita Machwe, Liren Xiao, Joanna Groden, Steven W. Matson, and David K. Orren


NMR Analysis of Synthetic Human Serum Albumin ␣Helix 28 Identifies Structural Distortion upon Amadori Modification. Mark J. Howard and C. Mark Smales


Characterization of a Novel Positive Transcription Regulatory Element That Differentially Regulates the Insulin-like Growth Factor Binding Protein-3 (IGFBP-3) Gene in Senescent Cells. Xiao Feng Lu, Xiao Gang Jiang, Yun Biao Lu, Jun Hai Bai, and Ze Bin Mao


A Precipitating Role for Truncated ␣-Synuclein and the Proteasome in ␣-Synuclein Aggregation. IMPLICATIONS FOR PATHOGENESIS OF PARKINSON DISEASE. ChangWei Liu, Benoit I. Giasson, Karen A. Lewis, Virginia M. Lee, George N. DeMartino, and Philip J. Thomas


Heterogeneous Nuclear Ribonucleoprotein F/H Proteins Modulate the Alternative Splicing of the Apoptotic Mediator Bcl-x. Daniel Garneau, Timothe´e Revil, Jean-Franc¸ois Fisette, and Benoit Chabot



Transformation by Oncogenic RAS Sensitizes Human Colon Cells to TRAIL-induced Apoptosis by Up-regulating Death Receptor 4 and Death Receptor 5 through a MEKdependent Pathway. Konstantinos G. Drosopoulos, Michael L. Roberts, Lukas Cermak, Takehiko Sasazuki, Senji Shirasawa, Ladislav Andera, and Alexander Pintzas

Reactive Carbonyls and Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids Produce a Hydroxyl Radical-like Species. A POTENTIAL PATHWAY FOR OXIDATIVE DAMAGE OF RETINAL PROTEINS IN DIABETES. Subramaniam Pennathur, Yasuo Ido, Jozsef I. Heller, Jaeman Byun, Ratna Danda, Pablo Pergola, Joseph R. Williamson, and Jay W. Heinecke


Identification of Amino Acids Required for the Functional Up-regulation of Human Dihydrofolate Reductase Protein in Response to Antifolate Treatment. Nancy Skacel, Lata G. Menon, Prasunkumar J. Mishra, Rowayda Peters, Debabrata Banerjee, Joseph R. Bertino, and Emine Ercikan Abali


Role of the GYVG Pore Motif of HslU ATPase in Protein Unfolding and Translocation for Degradation by HslV Peptidase. Eunyong Park, Young Min Rho, Ohn-jo Koh, Sung Won Ahn, Ihn Sik Seong, Ji-Joon Song, Oksun Bang, Jae Hong Seol, Jimin Wang, Soo Hyun Eom, and Chin Ha Chung


Nuclear-Cytoplasmic Shuttling of a RING-IBR Protein RBCK1 and Its Functional Interaction with Nuclear Body Proteins. Kenji Tatematsu, Nobuo Yoshimoto, Tomoyoshi Koyanagi, Chiharu Tokunaga, Taro Tachibana, Yoshihiro Yoneda, Minoru Yoshida, Toshihide Okajima, Katsuyuki Tanizawa, and Shun’ichi Kuroda

On the cover, intracellular distribution of glycogen synthase in a type I muscle fiber from rabbit tibialis anterior muscle is shown. Note the “fingerprints” that capillaries leave on the surface of the muscle fiber and the myonuclei as oval black regions. Glycogen synthase is found around the nuclei and at the myofibrillar cross-striations, with a periodicity corresponding to that of sarcomeres. For details see the article by Prats et al., pages 23165–23172.

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vi 23000

␤ Subunits of Voltage-gated Sodium Channels Are Novel Substrates of ␤-Site Amyloid Precursor Protein-cleaving Enzyme (BACE1) and ␥-Secretase. Hon-Kit Wong, Takashi Sakurai, Fumitaka Oyama, Kumi Kaneko, Koji Wada, Haruko Miyazaki, Masaru Kurosawa, Bart De Strooper, Paul Saftig, and Nobuyuki Nukina

Structure and Function of Both Domains of ArnA, a Dual Function Decarboxylase and a Formyltransferase, Involved in 4-Amino-4-deoxy-L-arabinose Biosynthesis. Gareth J. Williams, Steven D. Breazeale, Christian R. H. Raetz, and James H. Naismith


Cooperative Mechanism of RNA Packaging Motor. Jir˘í Lísal and Roman Tuma


Presenilin/␥-Secretase-mediated Cleavage of the Voltage-gated Sodium Channel ␤2-Subunit Regulates Cell Adhesion and Migration. Doo Yeon Kim, Laura A. MacKenzie Ingano, Bryce W. Carey, Warren H. Pettingell, and Dora M. Kovacs

Isolation and Characterization of a Microsomal Acid Retinyl Ester Hydrolase. Thomas Linke, Harry Dawson, and Earl H. Harrison


Role of Chloride Ions in Modulation of the Interaction between von Willebrand Factor and ADAMTS-13. Raimondo De Cristofaro, Flora Peyvandi, Roberta Palla, Silvia Lavoretano, Rossana Lombardi, Giuliana Merati, Federica Romitelli, Enrico Di Stasio, and Pier Mannuccio Mannucci


The NADPH Oxidase Nox3 Constitutively Produces Superoxide in a p22phox-dependent Manner. ITS REGULATION BY OXIDASE ORGANIZERS AND ACTIVATORS. Noriko Ueno, Ryu Takeya, Kei Miyano, Hideaki Kikuchi, and Hideki Sumimoto


Activation of the Lipid Droplet Controls the Rate of Lipolysis of Triglycerides in the Insect Fat Body. Rajesh T. Patel, Jose L. Soulages, Balaji Hariharasundaram, and Estela L. Arrese


Manganese Activation of Superoxide Dismutase 2 in the Mitochondria of Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Edward Luk, Mei Yang, Laran T. Jensen, Yves Bourbonnais, and Valeria Cizewski Culotta


Rapid Electron Transfer between Monomers when the Cytochrome bc1 Complex Dimer Is Reduced through Center N. Raul Covian and Bernard L. Trumpower


Induction of the Nrf2-driven Antioxidant Response Confers Neuroprotection during Mitochondrial Stress in Vivo. Andy Y. Shih, Sophie Imbeault, Vilte Barakauskas, Heidi Erb, Lei Jiang, Ping Li, and Timothy H. Murphy


Phosphorylation-dependent Translocation of Glycogen Synthase to a Novel Structure during Glycogen Resynthesis. Clara Prats, Joan A. Cadefau, Roser Cusso´, Klaus Qvortrup, Jakob N. Nielsen, Jørgen F. P. Wojtaszewki, D. Grahame Hardie, Greg Stewart, Bo F. Hansen, and Thorkil Ploug


Degradation of Cdt1 during S Phase Is Skp2-independent and Is Required for Efficient Progression of Mammalian Cells through S Phase. David Y. Takeda, Jeffrey D. Parvin, and Anindya Dutta


Subunits of the Translocon Interact with Components of the Oligosaccharyl Transferase Complex. Manasi Chavan, Aixin Yan, and William J. Lennarz



□ S


Dissecting the Structural Determinants of the Stability of Cholesterol Oxidase Containing Covalently Bound Flavin. Laura Caldinelli, Stefania Iametti, Alberto Barbiroli, Francesco Bonomi, Dimitrios Fessas, Gianluca Molla, Mirella S. Pilone, and Loredano Pollegioni


The C-terminal (331–376) Sequence of Escherichia coli DnaJ Is Essential for Dimerization and Chaperone Activity. A SMALL ANGLE X-RAY SCATTERING STUDY IN SOLUTION. Yuan-yuan Shi, Xin-guo Hong, and Chih-chen Wang




Structure and Mode of Action of the Membrane-permeabilizing Antimicrobial Peptide Pheromone Plantaricin A. Per Eugen Kristiansen, Gunnar Fimland, Dimitris Mantzilas, and Jon Nissen-Meyer Receptor Epitope Usage by an Interleukin-5 Mimetic Peptide. Tetsuya Ishino, Cecilia Urbina, Madhushree Bhattacharya, Dominick Panarello, and Irwin Chaiken Crystal Structure of Human Vacuolar Protein Sorting Protein 29 Reveals a Phosphodiesterase/Nuclease-like Fold and Two Protein-Protein Interaction Sites. Deqiang Wang, Min Guo, Zhi Liang, Jun Fan, Zhiqiang Zhu, Jianye Zang, Zhongliang Zhu, Xiaowu Li, Maikun Teng, Liwen Niu, Yuhui Dong, and Peng Liu


Monoclonal Antibody Epitope Mapping Describes Tailspike ␤-Helix Folding and Aggregation Intermediates. Madhulika Jain, Michael S. Evans, Jonathan King, and Patricia L. Clark


Design, Expression, and Immunogenicity of a Soluble HIV Trimeric Envelope Fragment Adopting a Prefusion gp41 Configuration. Zhi-Song Qiao, Mikyung Kim, Bruce Reinhold, David Montefiori, Jia-huai Wang, and Ellis L. Reinherz

□ S


Engineering Soluble Monomeric Streptavidin with Reversible Biotin Binding Capability. Sau-Ching Wu and Sui-Lam Wong


Recombinant Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) Coronavirus Nucleocapsid Protein Forms a Dimer through Its C-terminal Domain. I-Mei Yu, Christin L. T. Gustafson, Jianbo Diao, John W. Burgner II, Zhihong Li, Jingqiang Zhang, and Jue Chen


ChrR, a Soluble Quinone Reductase of Pseudomonas putida That Defends against H2O2. Claudio F. Gonzalez, David F. Ackerley, Susan V. Lynch, and A. Matin


The Met-Tyr-Trp Cross-link in Mycobacterium tuberculosis Catalase-peroxidase (KatG). AUTOCATALYTIC FORMATION AND EFFECT ON ENZYME CATALYSIS AND SPECTROSCOPIC PROPERTIES. Reza A. Ghiladi, Giselle M. Knudsen, Katalin F. Medzihradszky, and Paul R. Ortiz de Montellano


Calibration of the Channel That Determines the ␻-Hydroxylation Regiospecificity of Cytochrome P4504A1. CATALYTIC OXIDATION OF 12-HALODODECANOIC ACIDS. Xiang He, Max J. Cryle, James J. De Voss, and Paul R. Ortiz de Montellano

□ S



Critical Assessment of Important Regions in the Subunit Association and Catalytic Action of the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus Main Protease. Wen-Chi Hsu, Hui-Chuan Chang, Chi-Yuan Chou, Pui-Jen Tsai, Pei-In Lin, and Gu-Gang Chang


Disease-associated Mutations and Alternative Splicing Alter the Enzymatic and Motile Activity of Nonmuscle Myosins II-B and II-C. Ke-Young Kim, Miha´ly Kova´cs, Sachiyo Kawamoto, James R. Sellers, and Robert S. Adelstein


□ S □ S


Identification of the Minimal Domain Structure of Bone Morphogenetic Protein-1 (BMP-1) for Chordinase Activity. CHORDINASE ACTIVITY IS NOT ENHANCED BY PROCOLLAGEN C-PROTEINASE ENHANCER-1 (PCPE-1). Vasiliki Petropoulou, Laure Garrigue-Antar, and Karl E. Kadler


The N-Acetyl-D-glucosaminylphosphatidylinositol De-Nacetylase of Glycosylphosphatidylinositol Biosynthesis Is a Zinc Metalloenzyme. Michael D. Urbaniak, Arthur Crossman, Tunhan Chang, Terry K. Smith, Daan M. F. van Aalten, and Michael A. J. Ferguson


Selective Binding of the Scavenger Receptor C-type Lectin to Lewisx Trisaccharide and Related Glycan Ligands. Peter J. Coombs, Sarah A. Graham, Kurt Drickamer, and Maureen E. Taylor


Collagen Phagocytosis by Fibroblasts Is Regulated by Decorin. Vinay M. Bhide, Carol A. Laschinger, Pamela D. Arora, Wilson Lee, Lari Hakkinen, Hannu Larjava, Jaro Sodek, and Christopher A. McCulloch


A Functional Dermatan Sulfate Epitope Containing Iduronate(2-O-sulfate)␣1–3GalNAc(6-O-sulfate)Disaccharide in the Mouse Brain. DEMONSTRATION USING A NOVEL MONOCLONAL ANTIBODY RAISED AGAINST DERMATAN SULFATE OF ASCIDIAN ASCIDIA NIGRA. Xingfeng Bao, Mauro S. G. Pava˜o, Joana Cabral dos Santos, and Kazuyuki Sugahara


Candida albicans Pmr1p, a Secretory Pathway P-type Ca2ⴙ/ Mn2ⴙ-ATPase, Is Required for Glycosylation and Virulence. Steven Bates, Donna M. MacCallum, Gwyneth Bertram, Carol A. Munro, H. Bleddyn Hughes, Ed T. Buurman, Alistair J. P. Brown, Frank C. Odds, and Neil A. R. Gow

□ S



Biochemical and Molecular Characterization of a Novel Choline-specific Glycerophosphodiester Phosphodiesterase Belonging to the Nucleotide Pyrophosphatase/Phosphodiesterase Family. Hideki Sakagami, Junken Aoki, Yumiko Natori, Kiyotaka Nishikawa, Yoshiyuki Kakehi, Yasuhiro Natori, and Hiroyuki Arai


Stearoyl-CoA Desaturase 1 Deficiency Increases CTP: Choline Cytidylyltransferase Translocation into the Membrane and Enhances Phosphatidylcholine Synthesis in Liver. Agnieszka Dobrzyn, Pawel Dobrzyn, Makoto Miyazaki, Harini Sampath, Kiki Chu, and James M. Ntambi


Fenofibrate Induces a Novel Degradation Pathway for Scavenger Receptor B-I Independent of PDZK1. Debin Lan and David L. Silver


Identification of an Acquired JAK2 Mutation in Polycythemia Vera. Runxiang Zhao, Shu Xing, Zhe Li, Xueqi Fu, Qingshan Li, Sanford B. Krantz, and Zhizhuang Joe Zhao


Ligand-Receptor and Receptor-Receptor Interactions Act in Concert to Activate Signaling in the Drosophila Toll Pathway. Alexander N. R. Weber, Martin C. Moncrieffe, Monique Gangloff, Jean-Luc Imler, and Nicholas J. Gay


Artificially Lipid-anchored Proteins Can Elicit Clustering-induced Intracellular Signaling Events in Jurkat TLymphocytes Independent of Lipid Raft Association. Tian-yun Wang, Rania Leventis, and John R. Silvius


Small GTPase Proteins Rin and Rit Bind to PAR6 GTP-dependently and Regulate Cell Transformation. Mitsunobu Hoshino, Tamotsu Yoshimori, and Shun Nakamura


Amino Acid-stimulated Ca2ⴙ Oscillations Produced by the Ca2ⴙ-sensing Receptor Are Mediated by a Phospholipase C/Inositol 1,4,5-Trisphosphate-independent Pathway That Requires G12, Rho, Filamin-A, and the Actin Cytoskeleton. Osvaldo Rey, Steven H. Young, Jingzhen Yuan, Lee Slice, and Enrique Rozengurt


Cdc42 and Ras Cooperate to Mediate Cellular Transformation by Intersectin-L. Jian-Bin Wang, Wen Jin Wu, and Richard A. Cerione


Prostaglandin E2 Stimulates Fibronectin Expression through EP1 Receptor, Phospholipase C, Protein Kinase C␣, and c-Src Pathway in Primary Cultured Rat Osteoblasts. Chih-Hsin Tang, Rong-Sen Yang, and Wen-Mei Fu


Portal Fibroblasts Regulate the Proliferation of Bile Duct Epithelia via Expression of NTPDase2. M. Nauman ´ lise G. Lavoie, Jean Se´vigny, and Jhandier, Emma A. Kruglov, E Jonathan A. Dranoff


G␣12/13-mediated Production of Reactive Oxygen Species Is Critical for Angiotensin Receptor-induced NFAT Activation in Cardiac Fibroblasts. Tomomi Fujii, Naoya Onohara, Yoshiko Maruyama, Shihori Tanabe, Hiroyuki Kobayashi, Masashi Fukutomi, Yuichi Nagamatsu, Naoki Nishihara, Ryuji Inoue, Hideki Sumimoto, Futoshi Shibasaki, Taku Nagao, Motohiro Nishida, and Hitoshi Kurose



Functional Analysis of the Domains in Cox11. Heather S. Carr, Andrew B. Maxfield, Yih-Chern Horng, and Dennis R. Winge The Secretory Pathway Ca2ⴙ/Mn2ⴙ-ATPase 2 Is a Golgi-localized Pump with High Affinity for Ca2ⴙ Ions. Jo Vanoevelen, Leonard Dode, Kurt Van Baelen, Rebecca J. Fairclough, Ludwig Missiaen, Luc Raeymaekers, and Frank Wuytack


Hydralysins, a New Category of ␤-Pore-forming Toxins in Cnidaria. Daniel Sher, Yelena Fishman, Mingliang Zhang, Mario Lebendiker, Ariel Gaathon, Jose´-Miguel Manchen˜o, and Eliahu Zlotkin


The Selectivity Filter of the Cation Channel TRPM4. Bernd Nilius, Jean Prenen, Annelies Janssens, Grzegorz Owsianik, Chunbo Wang, Michael X. Zhu, and Thomas Voets

□ S

□ S


Differential Trafficking of GluR7 Kainate Receptor Subunit Splice Variants. Fre´de´ric Jaskolski, Elisabeth Normand, Christophe Mulle, and Franc¸oise Coussen


Convergence of Cell Cycle Regulation and Growth Factor Signals on GRASP65. Shin-ichiro Yoshimura, Katsuji Yoshioka, Francis A. Barr, Martin Lowe, Kazuhisa Nakayama, Shoji Ohkuma, and Nobuhiro Nakamura


Rho GTPase-dependent Signaling Is Required for Macrophage Migration Inhibitory Factor-mediated Expression of Cyclin D1. James D. Swant, Beatriz E. Rendon, Marc Symons, and Robert A. Mitchell


Histone H1 Proteins Act As Receptors for the 987P Fimbriae of Enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli. Guoqiang Zhu, Huaiqing Chen, Byung-Kwon Choi, Fabio Del Piero, and Dieter M. Schifferli


Functional Analysis of the Plant Disease Resistance Gene Pto Using DNA Shuffling. Adriana J. Bernal, Qilin Pan, Jeff Pollack, Laura Rose, Alexander Kozik, Neil Willits, Yao Luo, Muriel Guittet, Elena Kochetkova, and Richard W. Michelmore


Differential Activities of Plant Polyphenols on the Binding and Internalization of Cholera Toxin in Vero Cells. Naoko Morinaga, Yoshifumi Iwamaru, Kinnosuke Yahiro, Motoyuki Tagashira, Joel Moss, and Masatoshi Noda



Exosome-dependent Trafficking of HSP70. A NOVEL SECRETORY PATHWAY FOR CELLULAR STRESS PROTEINS. Graeme I. Lancaster and Mark A. Febbraio

EPIYA Motif Is a Membrane-targeting Signal of Helicobacter pylori Virulence Factor CagA in Mammalian Cells. Hideaki Higashi, Kazuyuki Yokoyama, Yumiko Fujii, Shumei Ren, Hitomi Yuasa, Iraj Saadat, Naoko Murata-Kamiya, Takeshi Azuma, and Masanori Hatakeyama


Phosphorylation of Ser24 in the Pleckstrin Homology Domain of Insulin Receptor Substrate-1 by Mouse Pelle-like Kinase/Interleukin-1 Receptor-associated Kinase. CROSSTALK BETWEEN INFLAMMATORY SIGNALING AND INSULIN SIGNALING THAT MAY CONTRIBUTE TO INSULIN RESISTANCE. Jeong-a Kim, Deborah C. Yeh, Marel Ver, Yunhua Li, Andrea Carranza, Thomas P. Conrads, Timothy D. Veenstra, Maureen A. Harrington, and Michael J. Quon


Involvement of Actin in Agonist-induced Endocytosis of the G Protein-coupled Receptor for Thromboxane A2. OVERCOMING OF ACTIN DISRUPTION BY ARRESTIN-3 BUT NOT ARRESTIN-2. Genevie`ve Laroche, Moulay Driss Rochdi, Ste´phane A. Laporte, and Jean-Luc Parent


Down-regulation of ATM Protein Sensitizes Human Prostate Cancer Cells to Radiation-induced Apoptosis. JeanPhilip Truman, Nuri Gueven, Martin Lavin, Steven Leibel, Richard Kolesnick, Zvi Fuks, and Adriana Haimovitz-Friedman


Oxidation of a Eukaryotic 2-Cys Peroxiredoxin Is a Molecular Switch Controlling the Transcriptional Response to Increasing Levels of Hydrogen Peroxide. Stephanie M. Bozonet, Victoria J. Findlay, Alison M. Day, Jannine Cameron, Elizabeth A. Veal, and Brian A. Morgan


Ras-mediated Loss of the Pro-apoptotic Response Protein Par-4 Is Mediated by DNA Hypermethylation through Raf-independent and Raf-dependent Signaling ¨ ¨, Cascades in Epithelial Cells. Kevin Pruitt, Aylin S. Ulku Karen Frantz, Rafael J. Rojas, Vanessa M. Muniz-Medina, Vivek M. Rangnekar, Channing J. Der, and Janiel M. Shields

□ S

□ S


Galanin Receptor 1 Has Anti-proliferative Effects in Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma. Bradley S. Henson, Richard R. Neubig, Ilwhan Jang, Tetsuya Ogawa, Zhaocheng Zhang, Thomas E. Carey, and Nisha J. D’Silva


Endo180 Binds to the C-terminal Region of Type I Collagen. Emily K. Thomas, Misa Nakamura, Dirk Wienke, Clare M. Isacke, Ambra Pozzi, and Peng Liang


Leptin Receptor Activation Depends on Critical Cysteine Residues in Its Fibronectin Type III Subdomains. Lennart Zabeau, Delphine Defeau, Hannes Iserentant, Joe¨l Vandekerckhove, Frank Peelman, and Jan Tavernier


The Sphingoid Long Chain Base Phytosphingosine Activates AGC-type Protein Kinases in Saccharomyces cerevisiae Including Ypk1, Ypk2, and Sch9. Ke Liu, Xiping Zhang, Robert L. Lester, and Robert C. Dickson


Human Telomerase Reverse Transcriptase Immortalizes Bovine Lens Epithelial Cells and Suppresses Differentiation through Regulation of the ERK Signaling Pathway. Juan Wang, Hao Feng, Xiao-Qin Huang, Hua Xiang, Ying-Wei Mao, Jin-Ping Liu, Qin Yan, Wen-Bin Liu, Yan Liu, Mi Deng, Lili Gong, Shuming Sun, Chen Luo, Shao-Jun Liu, Xuan-Jie Zhang, Yun Liu, and David Wan-Cheng Li

□ S

viii 23371

Induction of KLF2 by Fluid Shear Stress Requires a Novel Promoter Element Activated by a Phosphatidylinositol 3-Kinase-dependent Chromatin-remodeling Pathway. Justin P. Huddleson, Nisar Ahmad, Seetha Srinivasan, and Jerry B Lingrel


LXR␤ Is Required for Adipocyte Growth, Glucose Homeostasis, and ␤ Cell Function. Isabelle Gerin, Vernon W. Dolinsky, Jonathan G. Shackman, Robert T. Kennedy, Shian-Huey Chiang, Charles F. Burant, Knut R. Steffensen, Jan-Åke Gustafsson, and Ormond A. MacDougald


The Adapter Protein CrkII Regulates Neuronal WiskottAldrich Syndrome Protein, Actin Polymerization, and Tension Development during Contractile Stimulation of Smooth Muscle. Dale D. Tang, Wenwu Zhang, and Susan J. Gunst


Spatiotemporal Switch from ⌬Np73 to TAp73 Isoforms during Nephrogenesis. IMPACT ON DIFFERENTIATION GENE EXPRESSION. Zubaida Saifudeen, Virginia Diavolitsis, Jana Stefkova, Susana Dipp, Hao Fan, and Samir S. El-Dahr


Amidation and Structure Relaxation Abolish the Neurotoxicity of the Prion Peptide PrP106 –126 in Vivo and in Vitro. Ann-Louise Bergstro¨m, Henriette Cordes, Nicole Zsurger, Peter M. H. Heegaard, Henning Laursen, and Joe¨lle Chabry


Kinetics of Src Homology 3 Domain Association with the Proline-rich Domain of Dynamins. SPECIFICITY, OCCLUSION, AND THE EFFECTS OF PHOSPHORYLATION. Elena Solomaha, Frances L. Szeto, Mohammed A. Yousef, and H. Clive Palfrey


Neuronal Expression and Neuritogenic Action of Group X Secreted Phospholipase A2. Seiko Masuda, Makoto Murakami, Yasukazu Takanezawa, Junken Aoki, Hiroyuki Arai, Yukio Ishikawa, Toshiharu Ishii, Manabu Arioka, and Ichiro Kudo


Mutation of Cys105 Inhibits Dimerization of p12CDK2-AP1 and Its Growth Suppressor Effect. Yong Kim, Hiroe Ohyama, Vipel Patel, Marxa Figueiredo, and David T. Wong


A Role for the Protease-sensitive Loop Region of Shigalike Toxin 1 in the Retrotranslocation of Its A1 Domain from the Endoplasmic Reticulum Lumen. Paul LaPointe, Xin Wei, and Jean Garie´py

□ S


Hypoxia Inhibition of Adipocytogenesis in Human Bone Marrow Stromal Cells Requires Transforming Growth Factor-␤/Smad3 Signaling. Shuanhu Zhou, Stanislav Lechpammer, Joel S. Greenberger, and Julie Glowacki


Modulation of Prion-dependent Polyglutamine Aggregation and Toxicity by Chaperone Proteins in the Yeast Model. Kavita C. Gokhale, Gary P. Newnam, Michael Y. Sherman, and Yury O. Chernoff


Enhanced Proliferation of Cultured Human Vascular Smooth Muscle Cells Linked to Increased Function of RNA-binding Protein HuR. Rudolf Pullmann, Jr., Magdalena Juhaszova, Isabel Lo´pez de Silanes, Tomoko Kawai, Krystyna Mazan-Mamczarz, Marc K. Halushka, and Myriam Gorospe


Differential Kinetics of Cell Surface Loss of von Willebrand Factor and Its Propolypeptide after Secretion from Weibel-Palade Bodies in Living Human Endothelial Cells. Matthew J. Hannah, Paul Skehel, Muriel Erent, Laura Knipe, David Ogden, and Tom Carter

□ S

□ S


Drosophila Lysyl Oxidases Dmloxl-1 and Dmloxl-2 Are Differentially Expressed and the Active DmLOXL-1 Influences Gene Expression and Development. Janos Molnar, Zsuzsanna Ujfaludi, Sheri F. T. Fong, John A. Bollinger, Girma Waro, Ben Fogelgren, David M. Dooley, Matyas Mink, and Katalin Csiszar


Identification of Spectrin-like Repeats Required for High Affinity Utrophin-Actin Interaction. Inna N. Rybakova and James M. Ervasti


Direct evidence that neural cell adhesion molecule (NCAM) polysialylation increases intermembrane repulsion and abrogates adhesion. Vol. 280 (2005) 137–145. Colin P. Johnson, Ichiro Fujimoto, Urs Rutishauser, and Deborah E. Leckband


Regulation of zipper-interacting protein kinase activity in vitro and in vivo by multisite phosphorylation. Vol. 280 (2005) 9363–9374. Paul R. Graves, Karen M. Winkfield, and Timothy A. J. Haystead


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