Bible Study with a Twist! This sampler is an excerpt from the book “Christian Parables.”

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Bible Study with a Twist What is a parable?


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Matthew 13:13 Example: The Like Father, Like Son Parable


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Tips When Sharing a Parable Reach vs. Teach


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The Hidden Smile Parable Biblically Animated Characters: ALEX: Inspired by Samuel, Samson, & Joseph JUSTIN: Inspired by Jonah & the 12 Apostles Moral of the Story Included

The Parable of The Ventriloquist

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What ever happened to Sunny & Pop?

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The Bible and the Parable “Like Father… Like Son.” A family reunion is a bigger surprise to the visitor.

Sunny comes from out of town to visit his father (John 1:29) (Matthew 5:17), only to discover his pop surrounded by police, businessmen, and lawyers (Ephesians 6:12). "What’s going on?” Junior demands. "They're taking my home." His father says reluctantly (John 10:10). "Give me the debt!” The son yells toward the justbusiness environment (Isaiah 53:3). The nosy crowd is astonished, including the father. "But," the bankers replies, "this is not your problem!” (John 18:35) The son stands his ground until the banker finally gives in (Luke 22:42). And, with the bill now in junior's name, the son simply reaches in his pocket and pays it off, cash (Isaiah 53:10). And immediately after, many witness the banker and the son wink at each other. To this day, spectators wonder, "Did the banker secretly arrange for this well-timed rescue?" (I John 1:21) (Psalms 22:30). (This parable continued from the Page 10)

Symbolism Son = Jesus (Son of God) (Son of Man) Other Town = Heaven Financial Dialogue = Receipt of Sin Banker = God Almighty Nosy Crowd = Pharisees

Father = Mankind Estate = Dominion Lawyers = Elements of the Covenant Secret Wink = Messiah Confirmation

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Tips When Sharing a Parable Reach or Teach?

Tell me which word comes first in the dictionary: “reach” or “teach?” An alphabetically fitting experience: we must reach first and teach later. To skip the reach (out) first is to appear redundant and cloned at times: not the most attractive personality traits. So reach out first by spelling out the experience:

Rehearse! Have you ever tried practicing a speech to your own voice mail? You’ll be surprised how similar the feeling is to an audience. By leaving a message to yourself, you can privately edit your intentions against your stage moment. Turn your cell into a microphone and rehearse anywhere. Practice makes perfect, it’s true!

Emphasize. Communication is less than 7 percent verbal. This means you could recite every word correctly and only offer 7 pennies on the narrating dollar. What about tone, garland, and interplay? The sound and rhythm of a committed story-teller makes all the difference in the world. And literature agrees with grammar cues like italics, exclamations (!), and WORDS in all-caps. So let these intentions guide you and your voice. A bedtime story rarely intrigues without an interactive, emotional, component. So take the print to the next level!

Adapt. Actors truly experience the characters they play, and just let themselves go! This is important even to a narrator as a story is told. Consider the body language involvement of a pre-school (Book Sampler) Christian Parables ©2012 All rights reserved.

5 teacher as they tell a story. Create an environment with your hands, and integrate learning opportunities. Christian Parables uses scriptures much like a kindergarten teacher uses lesson plans dedicated to arithmetic. The viewpoint should always be an interactive one.

Collaborate. Consider pausing in the middle of the story to ask your audience, “What do you think will happen next?”Give them the opportunity to react to the storyline and advise the characters. Also imagine making a play out of a parable. Invite family and friends for its cast of characters to rehearse for a short presentation. Include a narrator and another to explain the symbolism afterwards.

Host. That’s right! Be a biblical talk show host with you audience! As every Christian Parable blends scriptures with its scenes, your bible could create an instant-replay through its correlation. Lead a discussion on the (withheld) moral of the story. Later bring about the fun facts and the elaborations from the characters themselves (in Chapter 4). Doing this warms up the participation reflexes of an audience, making for a fun transition into a broader Bible study. Have fun with it! An extra resource is for you the host, visit www.ChristianParables.com for easy reference. A few parables on the site are available with an automatic pop-up feature to sustain the story. Well you seem ready! Good luck!

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The Hidden Smile Parable A Hide-n-Seek champion becomes thrilled to be found, inside a “new” game which hides from him!


“ eady?” “The child leader asks around the park tree. "No peeking! Okay… start counting!” “One…” another child begins, “two… three… four…” Justin arrives late, long after the countdown. But he never misses a good game of hide-seek! So he looks for the other hiding players. “Psst,” Justin signals another boy, “who’s It?” “The Them Team!” “Huh?” "We’re playing teams! It’s Team Us against Team Them! The counter is their leader. But every one of Them is ‘It’ and can tag you.” "Well…how can I tell Them and Us apart?” "By their smiles (Psalms 68:3).” The little boy explains. "Look at their faces, Justin. If they’re smiling, then they’re not one of Us. So hide from them. And remember… they can be pretty clever sometimes.” "Okay!” "And I’m the leader of Us, anyone who’s not smiling (Matthew 23:15)(Matthew 23:13)! We’re usually around the traditional pathways (Colossians 2:8).” "Thanks!” Justin waves discreetly to his visible teammates and takes his place. Now Justin, a longtime hide-and-seek champion, picks a clever spot. He puts himself on a pedestal and climbs up a tree, right above the park’s merry-go-round. By positioning himself higher than everyone else (Ecclesiastes 7:16), Justin saw an advantage to win this game. Now settled on top, Justin watches (Book Sampler) Christian Parables ©2012 All rights reserved.

7 Them, the other oblivious team of smiling children. They’re so close, yet so unaware! And Justin is so pleased with himself that he keeps reminding himself not to smile. He would hate for his loyal team to think, "Justin’s not really one of Us.” Still undetected, winning every hidden second, Justin’s stomach begins to growl (Matthew 6:16). And his hidden smile becomes truly hidden from him, as he continues to ‘look down’ on Them: the smiling others. However, Justin reasons that it’s lonely on top, and comes with the territory. He also remembers the reputation for Them being clever and wonders if his inner feelings are actually a trick from Them. The suspicion keeps him "high up.” But "deep down” Justin questions the difference between feeling lost, and not being found. Suddenly, a sound of shaking leaves in Justin’s tree begins. "Whoah…OUCH!”A little girl falls from an upper branch beside Justin, dusting herself off. "Are you playing hide-andseek?” Justin stares at her to make sure she’s not smiling (Hebrews 13:2). "Uh huh!” Justin replies. "Really? But the game is over!” The little girl informs, "It’s been over for awhile. Our LEADER won it for both Us and Them (I John 3:16)(I John 2:1)(Galatians 4:3-5)!” "This sounds like a trick,” Justin says in doubt. "How do I know you’re not one of Them, on the other team?” "Well… I would’ve tagged you already!” "Okay. Well maybe you’re one of Us, and you want my ‘high position’ all to yourself!” Unable to hold it in any longer, the little girl begins to smile. "AHA!” Justin says, dropping down one tree level, "you shoulda tagged me when you had the chance!” Justin slides further down, looking for the original tree to touch and be safe. (Book Sampler) Christian Parables ©2012 All rights reserved.

8 But it has disappeared (Romans 10:4). Instead Justin sees the children, all of Them, smiling together with no game mentality (Psalms 118:15), no one to lead the counting (Titus 1:2), and no one running from Them (Galatians 5:15). The little girl practically floats down to Justin (Matthew 4:11) and continues, "The reason all of Them are smiling is because there’s no reason for anyone to hide anymore! So come ride with me on the merry-go-round (I Thessalonians 5:9)!” "Ready or not,” A now smiling Justin takes her hand, "here I come!” "Great!” "Wait-a-minute!” Justin stops. "You’re still skeptical?” "No,” Justin assures her, "I just wanna ‘spread the Good News’ to the rest of Us (II Timothy 2:10)(Mark 16:15). Some of my old teammates are still in hiding in this park!” "Okay! I’ll save you a seat (Hebrews 1:14).” The little girl replies. "Thanks,” Justin says while walking toward the traditional, grassy areas. "This is Justin *Just In+! Come out… Come Out …WHEREVER you are!” THE END

Symbolism Park = Earth Game = Hiding and Competition Advisor = Tradition Team Us = Pharisees & Chief Priests Smiles = Joyful Heart Merry-Go-Round = Salvation Little Girl = Angel (Messenger)

Original Tree = Garden of Eden Justin = Mankind Team Them = Righteous Tag = Expose Justin’s Tree = Self-Perception Geography = (Metaphorical) No Counter = Eternal Life

Moral The game of hidden motives and running from one another is over! And the only player left is a "sore looser” who’d rather hide mankind from this knowledge. Through God’s love, we’re "safe.” And through wisdom, we can see clearly who’s "It (I (Book Sampler) Christian Parables ©2012 All rights reserved.

9 Peter 5:8)(Proverbs 28:15).” And through knowledge, we can flee from "It (II Corinthians 2:11).” Stay ‘high above’ the former game itself (Acts 7:48). God Bless.

Fun Facts Deeper Inside the Story             

The name "Justin” is a double entendre on the phrase "(this) just in (!),” meaning newsworthy. The setting facilitates for the questioned origin of shame felt by Adam and Eve, in the Garden of Eden (Genesis 3:11). It’s was Justin’s late arrival question which invited his perception to be altered. The reply that "we’re playing teams! It’s Us against Them,” is dedicated to Hosea 4:6. The determining "smile” epitomizes universal, attainable, lifestyle choices for all. The inner effects during Justin’s hiding were all "natural consequences.” His preference to blame Them describes and overly-orthodox and/or Pharisee mentality. The geography of Justin’s viewpoints is a double entendre for his decisive self-image. The story never says the little girl was in the tree the whole time. It merely depicts someone "coming from above” as a messenger. Justin’s ongoing loyalty to his (traditional) team somehow became a lonely experience. The "little advisor” is "hidden” from the story itself, after his manipulation.” The merry-go-round (salvation) was a microcosmic symbol of the Earth’s rejoicing potential. The claim that this game has "been over for a while now” reflects the Old Testament. The "OUCH” and "dusting off” reflexes from the little girl are literary tributes to all Jesus’ disciples (Luke 9:5).

Biblical Scenes & Inspirations 

 

Story animates the motivation and atmosphere of a disciple. Justin Inspired by Jonah Ending metaphorically inspired by the song Amazing Grace.

(Book Sampler) Christian Parables ©2012 All rights reserved.


The Parable of The Ventriloquist A mysteriously famous ventriloquist, without his puppet, reveals the real "dummy” to a potential fan.

Finally finding his concert seat, Alex sits ready to enjoy a famous ventriloquist. He watches this sold out arena greet the artist with a standing ovation, before even performing! But within minutes of his act, his incredible lack of talent becomes clear. As his lips move constantly, and his puppet keeps slipping off, it is Alex who feels like the "dummy” for buying this ticket! And others agree as they begin to protest (Ephesians 4:14), only to be drowned out by a surprisingly combative round of applause. Alex watches as some leave (Hebrews 2:18). But the majority become embarrassed enough to sit back down silently for the remainder of the show (Mark 14:38). Alex eventually decides to leave like the others (Matthew 6:13) for a cup of coffee across the street. Later Alex sees the entertainer taking a cigarette break in the parking lot. "Excuse me.” Alex approaches the artist. "I saw you leave.” The ventriloquist replies reaching in his pocket to give Alex a refund. "Yeah I did. I’m an artist myself!” Alex reasons. "With all do respect, you gotta perfect your craft first!” "Perfect my craft?” The entertainer scans the empty parking lot. "Come with me for a second. I wanna show ya something.” Alex agrees and follows him back into the now empty concert hall. "Watch this.” The entertainer motions to Alex while picking up a microphone. He breathes in deeply and exhales without moving his lips. "*APPLAUSE+.”

(Book Sampler) Christian Parables ©2012 All rights reserved.

11 "WHOAH!” Alec yells hearing a crowded room of cheers in this dark, empty, theater. "That was YOU during the show?” "Yep,” the ventriloquist smiles. "But please don’t tell anyone.” "Well… I stand corrected. You are talented. But why do you use your talent specifically this way (Mark 4:19)?" "Because it easy money!" The entertainer holds up his puppet. "The REAL dummy is the crowd (I Corinthians 10:13) … because they pay to see me (Luke 12:21)… but they perform for each other (James 1:14) (I Timothy 6:9).”

Symbolism Ventriloquist = Peer Pressure Concert = Temptation Audience = People Cigarette = Second-Hand Effects Payments= Paying Attention

Alex = Wisdom Stage = Opinions Microphone = Public Opinion Puppet = Distraction Talent = Influence

Moral Temptation is a stage-setting audience to its unknowing performers for anyone who’ll "sit through it" and pay attention. Anticipate (temporary) feelings of loneliness and embarrassment for interrupting its show, as you should (in the eyes of its audience). Only wisdom can see this.

Fun Facts Deeper Inside the Story  

Alex (wisdom) revealed himself as an artist also (Proverbs 3:16) The cigarette was a subtle hint of the unhealthy second-hand effect of Temptation.

The refund the Ventriloquist willingly gives Alex symbolizes the “costly” supernatural dynamic between temptation and wisdom.

 

Alex Inspired by the Bible’s Samuel, Samson, and Joseph Story inspired by the book of Proverbs.

Biblical Scenes & Inspirations

(Book Sampler) Christian Parables ©2012 All rights reserved.


EPILOUGE (Continued from the Page 3)

The Bible and the Parable “Like Father… Like Son.” The son visits his father (mankind), finding him in serious (supernatural) debt

Imagine what happens next in the beginning parable. After the son rescues the father from a financial debt, the banker returns to his wealthy estate (Revelation 22:1). Almost simultaneously, the son’s hometown is calling for his return (Revelation 1:7). However, before he leaves his beloved father, he arranges a private meeting with him. The son provides the man with his 24-hour telephone number (Hebrews 13:5), an account manager (John 14:26), and a set of 66 books all inside one "Good Book" advising him on how to spend, save, and stay out of "debt.” The Bible is an arousing combination of plots for love, mystery, drama, horror, and non-fiction. Despite the many script changes, the Narrator stays the same.


God Bless You!

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