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battle rifle

OUR COMPANY BATTLE RIFLE COMPANY was started in April of 2010. Our mission is to make the finest, most functional tactical rifles and we work hard every day to make sure our quality is never compromised. We bring added value to every rifle we build. You can count on the reliability, functionality and performance that a BATTLE RIFLE gives you, wherever you might have to end up. The feature packed BATTLE RIFLE has evolved from over 20 years of experience to bring it all into one precision package for use under any condition. We make a better rifle, one that you can count on. Our rifles have been developed with a combination of old world craftsmanship and the newest, latest proven technologies. We build every rifle by hand, and give attention to detail with every rifle. The extra care is evident when you fire a BATTLE RIFLE. Our Rifles have been tested in Rain, Wind, Water, Mud, Sand and Cold environments and performed accurately to function for the operator time and time again. Our rifles have been proven under high volume fire situations, and are the choice of operators and professionals who fire hundreds of rounds daily under grueling conditions. Our rifles keep working when others don’t - and we stand behind them with the best warranty and customer service in the industry.

QUALITY, PERFORMANCE & VALUE BATTLE RIFLE COMPANY rifles are built with all these things in mind – and show it with every pull of the trigger. You will not find a better rifle built with quality components, providing the best performance at a better value than with BATTLE RIFLE COMPANY. You can be assured that we only use the best components and the best practices with each rifle we build. Our rifles incorporate the highest quality parts and components, made with the finest materials. We use 7075-T6 matched upper and lower receivers. Our pins, detents and springs are TIN coated for durability and performance. Our Upper receivers are lapped and trued for accuracy, functionality and fit. Our barrels are Cryogenically treated for accuracy, longevity and durability. Each rifle is built one at a time with quality checks throughout.

OUR WARRANTY We stand behind every rifle we build, with a limited Lifetime warranty and 24 hour warranty turnaround service - The Best in the Industry. That’s our dedication to our customers and our dealer network. Your rifle is covered for any parts, workmanship, or mechanical defects for one (1) full year from the date of purchase. There is no cost to you and shipping is always free. After one (1) year, should you need any work, all workmanship is free and you pay for only parts at dealer cost. If you are an LE professional, your rifle is covered for any catastrophic loss (run over by armored vehicle, dropped from helicopter, etc) with a statement of loss from you department. Most repairs are completed within 24hrs and returned to the original shipper. If local your repairs are done while you wait.



Combat Grade

The BR4 Trooper is our entry level rifle to our line of BR4 rifles. It provides the user with a weapon that is ready to go right out of the box that is reliable and completely upgradeable. This is Battle Rifle’s clone of the US Military M4 Carbine, standard variant. This combat grade weapon is performance rated and cost effective. • • • • • •

16” Chrome Lined & Cryo Treated 1x7 Twist - 5.56x45mm Custom ALG Trigger Single Point End Plate M4 Buttstock Removable Carry Handle w/ A2 Sight

• • • • • •

“F” Height Front Sight Block A2 Flash Suppressor Bayonet Lug Front Sling Swivel INDIVIDUAL OFFICER PURCHASE PROGRAM Also available in 14.5 inch barrel

BR4 spartan

The BR4 Spartan is our work horse, the main rifle with all the features that is just what you need, when you need it. Designed as a combat grade rifle that can be used by law enforcement and serious shooters, it packs a lot of value added features. This is Battle Rifles clone of the US Military M4 Carbine, SOCOM variant, with many added features of comfort and functionality. • • • • • • •

16” Chrome Lined & Cryo Treated 1x7 Twist - 5.56x45mm Custom ALG Trigger 7” Free Float Quad Rail Single Point End Plate Ergo Pistol Grip Hogue Buttstock w/ QD Points

• • • • • • •

Magpul FlipUp Rear Sight “F” Height Front Sight Block BRC Disintigrator Flash Suppressor Bayonet Lug Front Sling Swivel INDIVIDUAL OFFICER PURCHASE PROGRAM Also available in 14.5 inch barrel

BR4 spectre

one of the best rifles for 2015 Special weapons magazine

The BR4 Spectre is the economical Free Float version of our combat grade rifle. It is a modified Spartan with a free float hand guard. It is the #1 rifle we sell to Law Enforcement. This rifle allows for more area to attach lights, lasers, and optics. • • • • • • • • •

16” Chrome Lined & Cryo Treated 1x7 Twist - 5.56x45mm Custom ALG Trigger 11” Free Float Quad Rail Single Point End Plate Ergo Pistol Grip Hogue Buttstock w/ QD Points FAB DEFENSE Folding Sights BRC Disintigrator Flash Suppressor


Spectre - FDE

br4 odin

• •

3 Chamber Compact

• •

3 Chamber Competition

The BR4 Odin is a joint project between Battle Rifle Company and Odin Works. Its purpose is to provide the shooter with a well balanced, fast swinging rifle that is ready to put rounds down range. This is a premium rifle ready for any task. Built light, strong and functional, it is a favorite among tactical shooting. • • •

14.5” Chrome Lined & Cryo Treated 1x7 Twist - 5.56x45mm Custom ALG Trigger

• •

3 Chamber Muzzle Brake (PINNED) 12.5” BRC HexRail

• • • • •

Optional BRC Flash Suppressor Single Point End Plate Ergo Pistol Grip MFT Minimalist Stock FAB DEFENSE Folding Sights

Used by:

BR4 TRIDENT 16 inch

new for 2016

SBR Version

Free Float option

The BR4 Trident is our Maritime Security (MARSEC) rifle. Designed from the ground up to withstand months on the open water, It is lightweight and practical for its intended application. Specifically designed for wet weather operation. This rifle has been tested and proofed for Maritime Duty. • • • • • • • •

16” Stainless Steel & Cryo Treated 1x7 Twist - 5.56x45mm Nickel Boron BCG Stainless Steel Hardware Nickel Boron Fire Control Group 7” Free Float Slim Quad Rail Single Point End Plate M4 Pistol Grip

• • • • • • • •


M4 Buttstock MAGPUL Flip-Up Rear Sight “F” Height Front Sight Block Muzzle Brake Bayonet Lug Sling Swivel Cerakote Paint Throughout NFA Rules on SBR Apply

new features for 2016

Paratrooper 5.56 with OSS Bannar 14.5 inch with OTD Kit

7.5 inch

10.5 inch

The BR4 Paratrooper is a compact, lightweight, combat-grade rifle with collapsible wire stock for CQB use. It’s highly maneuverable platform allows for several different applications and handles well under the most restrictive situations. • • • • •

14.5” Chrome Lined & Cryo Treated 1x7 Twist - 5.56x45mm Custom ALG Trigger 12.5” BRC HEXRail Ergo Pistol Grip

• • • • •

NEA Compact Carbine Stock FAB DEFENSE Folding Sights BRC Muzzle Brake (PINNED) Options include from 7.5 to 14.5 inch NFA Rules on Some Models Apply

BR4 DIABLO new features for 2016

HEXRAIL Keymod Version

Quad Rail Version Available in 10.5 inch or 11.5 inch

The BR4 Diablo is a free float version of a compact rifle with heavy duty free float rail. A combat grade rifle built for Close Quarters Battle (CQB) and entry work, it is small but built tough. Our variant of the US Military MK18. This is a NFA item, all NFA rules apply. • • • • •

11.5” Chrome Lined & Cryo Treated 1x7 Twist - 5.56x45mm Custom ALG Trigger 10” Free Float Quad Rail Single Point End Plate

• • • •

Ergo Pistol Grip Hogue Buttstock w/ QD Points MAGPUL Flip-Up Sights - Also available with Troysights A2 Flash Suppressor

br4 SPR

4 Shots at 100 yards

new for 2016

The BR4 SPR (Special Purpose Rifle) is our FlagShip BR4 model. It is designed to fill several different roles out of the box. It does not matter if you are a serious hunter, competitive shooter, paper puncher or Designated Marksman this rifle will meet and exceed your expectations.. • • • • •

18” Stainless Steel & Cryo Treated 1x8 Twist - .223Wylde Geissele SSA Trigger Nickel Boron BCG 15” Battle Rifle HEXRail

• • • • •

Single Point End Plate Ergo Pistol Grip MAGPUL ACS Stock MAGPUL Flip-Up Sights Muzzle Brake


new features for 2016 10.5 inch Model

7.5 inch


The BR4 Attache is our high performance, small sized PDW pistol. Compact and powerful, this package looks and performs great. • • • •

10.5” Chrome Lined & Cryo Barrel 1x7 Twist - 5.56x45mm Custom ALG Trigger 9.5” BRC HEXRail

• • • • • •

Available in 300 BLK, 9MM FAB DEFENSE BUIS Single Point Sling End Plate Ergo Pistol Grip A2 Flash Suppressor Available with Sig Brace



Three Quarter

The Defender is our cost effective Modern Sporting Rifle (MSR) for the new age hunter. Designed to give the first time MSR buyer everything they need in a completely reliable and upgradeable system. No matter if its used for the range, the lease, or home defense it has you covered. • • • •

16” Melonite & Cryo Barrel 1x7 Twist - 5.56x45mm Rail Height Front Gas Block Mil-Spec Pistol Grip

• • •

M4 Buttstock M4 Handguards A2 Flash Suppressor


12.5 inch

14.5, 16 or 18 inch

20 inch

The BR308 is a premium rifle built to the customers needs. We do not have a “production” model as everyone is built custom for you. These are truly unique weapons capable of any task thrown at them. Contact us to inquire and your custom quote • •

Geissele SSA Trigger Standard JP Low Mass BCG Standard

Barrel Lengths Include: • 12.5”, 14.5”, 16”, 18” & 20” Chamberings Include • .308 WIN • .243 WIN • .260 REM • 6.5 Creedmoor • 7mm-08 REM

Available on a special order basis

The following shows a 5 round shot group fired with our 16 inch rifle at 300 yards with a 16 power scope.


It is our policy to not say no unless it involves safety or legal reason. We have a wealth of knowledge to help guide you in the right direction for your next build. Alongside our AR’s we have the ability to turn out truly custom and unique 1911’s, Bolt Action’s, and other firearms.

FACTORY OPTIONS The “only Limitation is your Imagination.”

Nothing is “out of the question” here at Battle Rifle. While we produce a very fine product we understand that some customers want a little this or a little that. We can make that happen. Below are listed examples of common options, but not all that is available. JUST ASK. For special orders call us: 281-777-0316 or write to: [email protected]

Chamberings (BR4) • 5.56x45mm • .223 Wylde • .223 Rem • .300 BLK • 6.8 SPC • 7.62x39mm • 5.45x39mm • 6.5 Grendel • .458 SOCOM • .50 Beowulf • 9x19mm

Barrel Lengths • 7.5”-24”

Barrel Material • Chrome Molybdenum • Stainless • Gas System Length • Pistol • Carbine • Mid-Length • Intermediate • Rifle • Twist Rates • 1x7-1x12 (.223)


battleflage We offer custom painting at Battle Rifle Company, from a single color to custom camouflage we will put your vision onto your firearm.


Artic Jungle

Concrete Jungle

Deep Jungle

Desert Jungle


Scorched Earth




Battle Royale


We proudly use and are approved applicators of:


Battle Rifle Company’s L.E. “Build To Spec” program is available on a nationwide basis to Law Enforcement and Government Agencies, providing consultative services, custom rifle builds and training to departments throughout the United States and the world to meet their personal needs. Once a set of specifications is agreed upon and approved, Battle Rifle Company will not only build the rifles, but provide training to the Officers in the department on maintenance, disassembly and basic carbine operations. Armorer training is provided for every 15 rifles ordered, this is all part of the sale. Service after the sale includes 24 hour warranty turn around service, as well as a local walk-in facility in the Houston area. We can provide maintenance and supportive services here. This program is available to foreign entities under ITAR compliance.

Turn This... Into This...

LAW ENFORCEMENT 1033 PROGRAM UPGRADES • Do you have outdated 1033 weapons in your inventory? Would you like to turn those old, tired, and dust gathering “muskets” into modern M4 or MK18 style weapon systems? According to the DLA, 1033 standard operating procedure for modifications are 1. Modifications cannot be permanent, 2. The LEA (Law Enforcement Agency) is required to retain all original parts removed from the weapon to perform the modification, 3. When the LEA returns the weapon, it must be returned to the original configuration prior to shipment. • Battle Rifle Company will work directly with you to update your current 1033 inventory or any weapon, into the EXACT configuration you desire. From Short Barrel Rifles to Designated Marksman Rifles, and everything in between, Battle Rifle Company will satisfy your needs. We will ensure that your 1033 weapons stay in compliance and will give you any guidance you may need and answer any questions you may have. • We have numerous options over the entire spectrum of this program, updating just being the tip of the spear. We will work with you on pickup and delivery, initial training, Armorers courses, maintenance, and reconfigure in the need of turn in. We can also offer Intermediate and Advanced Carbine courses. • The starting price of a 1033 M16 upgrade is $695. For this you would receive a Spectre or Spartan complete upper receiver, conversion from fixed stock to collapsible stock, and a re-spring / safety inspection of the lower receiver. This price varies by model and the specifics of the update that you choose, but is a good starting price for you to use as consideration.


Battle Rifle Company realizes that not all departments issue their Officers a duty rifle, forcing the individual to spend more money out of pocket on duty equipment. Our Individual Officer Purchase Program is designed to help with that problem. We offer our Trooper, Spartan and Spectre rifles at significantly reduced costs to those who need it to Protect and Serve. Send us a copy of your L.E. credentials and we will get you taken care of.


The “Officer Tactical Duty,” know internally at BRC as “Out The Door” or simply “OTD” is a upgrade to ANY rifle we sell to L.E. at reduced prices. It includes the following.” Contact us for more information. • Rifle • Aimpoint PRO or EoTech 512 (Your Choice) • Streamlight TLR-1 HL Long Gun Kit • 3 x 30rd Magazines • Single Point Sling • Tactical Soft Case if Picked Up or Hard Case if Shipped



Hornady & Berrys Bullets CCI Primers IMR, Hodgdon & Accurate Powders

Standard Loads: • .223 – 55gr FMJBT – Once Fired Military Brass from Government • .300BLK – 150gr FMJ – Once Fired Military Brass from Government • .300BLK (SUB) – 190gr HPBT – Once Fired Military Brass from Government • 9mm – 115gr RN – Once Fired Military Brass from Government • .308WIN – 150gr FMJ – Once Fired Military Brass from Government • .40S&W – 180gr RN – Once Fired Brass • .45ACP – 230gr RN – Once Fired Brass • • •

PRICED PER 500rd Bulk Pack. Custom quotes available for large quantities. Custom loads of numerous calibers are available from the ground up or from your load data.

PARTS & ACCESSORIES Battle Rifle offers tons of upgrades, parts and accessories both in-stock and special order. We can upgrade your rifle before it even ships, just let us know. Below are some examples, but so much more is available. •

Triggers • Geissele • ALG • Timney • CMC Sights • MAGPUL • Troy • DiamondHead • A.R.M.S. Furniture • MAGPUL • Troy • Diamondhead • MFT • Ergo • CAA • Odin Works

• • •

Optics • Aimpoint • EoTech • LUCID • Trijicon • Vortex • US Optics Night Vision / Thermal • TNVC Mounts (Other Than Optic Factory) • American Defense Suppressors • AAC • APD • Gemtech • Yankee Hill

hexrail • • • • • • • • • • • •


12.5 inches total length Keymod designed rail at 3,6 and 9 o’clock 12.5 Comes with 1 5 slot metal Keymod rail attachment Any Keymod rail will work in this system Quick Disconnect spots at 3 and 9 o’clock, front and rear of rail 15.5 Proprietary barrel nut with 6 set screws locking the rail into place Made of lightweight T6 aerospace grade aluminum for strength 12.5in Battle Rifle HEXRail KEYMOD with One 5-Slot Detachable Rail Continuous top picatinny rail with lightening cuts makes the body of this rail only 6 ounces Inside dimensions allow for standard suppressors up to 1.5 inches wide to be covered or shrouded. Aggressive front cuts allow for flash suppressors to be installed at the rail end line Hexagonal/Trapezoid patterned designed venting is strong, allows for maximum airflow, and creates a symbolic “X” pattern- the mark of the Infantry

Available in 9.5” 12.5” 15.5”

Move forward with confidence - we have your back!

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