Barfield News. Easter Hat Winners. Wednesday 23 rd March 2016

Wednesday 23rd March 2016 Barfield News Website: Email: [email protected] With Easter falling early this year, the Sp...
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Wednesday 23rd March 2016

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With Easter falling early this year, the Spring Term has been shorter than usual, although the flipside of this is the Summer Term is a week longer than normal, when the weather, we hope, will be better. This has been an exceptionally busy term and the time has flown by. The whole school thoroughly enjoyed "Arts Week II" which had "Stage and Screen" as its theme this year. The planning, led by Mrs Daunter, was incredibly thorough and the delivery of the lessons, activities and assemblies by the staff was outstanding, and the work generated from the week was so beautifully displayed by Mrs Lester in the Art Exhibition which followed. Years 6-8 enjoyed the annual French Trip Week thanks to the expert organisation of Mr Milne, who was so ably assisted by Mrs Gontier and Mr Gore, while at the end of that week, Years 3-4 performed their Rhythm and Rhyme pieces, under the guidance of Mrs Pryce and Ms Lynch. On consecutive Thursdays, we invited parents of the Year 2 children into school for a morning to spend time with their children, and they participated in some of the lessons and activities which they will experience in Year 3 in September. All of these events, married with the various visits and day-to-day arrangements can make for an exhausting time for both staff and pupils, so throwing in an ISI Inspection for good measure - as happened in early February - did add to the pressures somewhat! You should by now have received your copy of the ISI Report, and I hope that you enjoyed reading it as much as we did. This has been an "excellent" term in so many ways, and we look forward to continuing in the same manner after Easter. May I take this opportunity to wish you all a pleasant holiday and an enjoyable consumption of Easter Eggs! James Reid

Easter Hat Winners The children excelled themselves this year with their Easter Hat creations. The following were awarded 1st prize in their respective classes: Years 7/8 Year 6 Year 5 Year 4 Year 3 Year 2E Year 2K Year 1 Reception Owls Owlets

Toby Chandler Libby Daunter Robyn Singleton Euan Howells Evie Gibling Nathan Chan Joshua Clarke Lucy Hughes Aidan Davis Audrey Childs Lily Upton

Please see next page for a selection of the fantastic Easter creations! Debbie May

Inter-House Music Competition A fantastic morning of music was enjoyed by all today during the Inter-House Music Competition. All the children were enthusiastic, committed and also desperate to win! Mr Stevens, our esteemed judge and former Director of Music at Barfield, gave the children a great speech about enjoying themselves and doing their best. After much deliberation and cogitation, Mr Stevens announced the winning House as Hawthorn and the winners of the House Song as Griffith. Congratulations and well done to all who took part. James Reid

Hands On In our last Hands On session of the term, the children created some wonderful Easter craft pictures. We cleverly designed and carefully constructed butterflies out of cup cake cases and pegs, which were then stuck onto a variety of their different backgrounds. They all had such original and imaginative ideas. Why not try some yourself at home? Cathy Gibbs

A very big thank you to Year 4 who, after a busy week rehearsing and performing Rhythm and Rhyme, joined me on the minibus to Farnham to entertain the elderly residents of not one, not two, but three Care Homes in one afternoon! We also had a visit to the gardens which contained chickens and a wildlife pond at one Care Home and were very grateful for a well earned drink at the end. All the children were very well behaved and the residents enjoyed our songs immensely. Well done! Melissa Lynch

In 2E we have been working hard this term to fill our marble jar and earn a treat! On Tuesday we got to enjoy an Easter Egg hunt as a reward for our hard work. We had great fun finding chocolate eggs! Tariene Emmitt

The sun is beaming down on me like a spotlight.

Birds tweeting is the sound in my ears.

The grass swaying side to side gently.

This is a place where you can lose your fears.

The trees are bending down on me, They are trying to say hello.

Sun gleaming down on my face, The flowers rising in such pace.

The fresh open fields filled with

The cold breeze rising through my finger-tips,

green grass. The soft gentle clouds are like a soft, fluffy kitten. The birds are singing a lovely song Up high in the tall trees. The air is pushing against my face

Each second I take a few sips. The smell of fresh flowers like lush As everybody is in a rush Daffodils, 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Like a soft breeze.

This place is just like I’m in heaven!

By Mikhai Singh

By Annabel Manicom

Year 5

Year 5

English Speaking Board Results Earlier on this term, the Year 5 pupils took an exam in Speaking and Listening. This comprised a poetry recital, reading aloud and a presentation, as well as an expectation of them to be engaged listeners and a fully participating audience. After an enormous amount of preparation both at home and at school, their hard work paid off. Every child passed the exam with more than half of the class gaining the very top grades of Merit Plus or Distinction. The assessor was most impressed by our pupils’ rapport and engagement with one another. Well done to all the boys and girls and thank you very much to the parents for supporting them so brilliantly. Kerrie Daunter

Happy Birthday to Ted Davenport, Tilly Anderson,

Oscar Springer, Luca Boston, Philippa Churchill, Euan Howells, Aidan Henman, Lucy Sproule, Freya Power and Eliza Butler who celebrate over the next few weeks.

YOUR CONTACT DETAILS Please ensure that any changes to your contact details are given to the school office in writing/email. For the text messaging system to operate efficiently, it is essential that we have your up-to-date mobile numbers, together with your instructions as to which is a Priority 1 number (receiving all messages, eg. changes to sports fixtures, reminders re. school events, etc.) or Priority 2 (receiving emergency messages only). Many thanks.

UNIFORM REMINDER Please remember that all girls should wear navy blue ankle socks - not long socks nor white socks. Jenny Hughes

Last week, Year 2 experienced the 'Great Fire of Barfield'! We have been learning all about the great fire of London in History, as well as creating 'firey' artwork in Art and creating our own 1666 style houses in DT. After weeks of designing and making our houses, we took them down to the woods with Mr Gibling and recreated our own Pudding Lane. We then set the Lane on fire! It was a real mix of emotions, watching our houses burn. The children were sad to see their hard work go up in flames, but it gave them a real insight into how people would have felt at the time of the real fire. Some children threw tiny pots of water on the fire to understand how little impact the buckets of water had on the fire at the time. They then had fun at the end using an extinguisher to put out the last flames! After the fire, the children then produced some fantastic writing, reflecting on the fire and empathising with how people in 1666 would have felt. "It was exciting when the flames rolled over the houses. When it started it was exciting because it looked powerful. It was ferocious the way it went up and down. The fire thrashed and crashed on the houses. The people in 1666 were terrified." Alex Turner, 2E. Tariene Emmitt

On Friday 18th March Years 7 and 8 ventured out to the big city in search of some Shakespeare! Jumping on the train we headed to the South Bank and wandered towards The Globe Theatre. We had a Workshop booked in the morning, and our guide, Tom, was brilliant. He talked us through the history of the theatre and then we headed to a rehearsal space to get to grips with some of Shakespeare's language. The children poked, prodded, pointed and clung to each other and I saw the language of Shakespeare come alive to them as they enacted the words from A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Tom acted in the afternoon performance of Twelfth Night so we were really spoilt, actually being able to see him in action. A pizza lunch fuelled us for the outdoor performance. We huddled on our benches in hats, scarfs and big coats. Then for 2 hours we laughed and stared and sang. As a teacher I got a chance to see the faces of children suddenly seeing that Shakespeare could be fun and clever and perhaps most importantly … understood! We raced home only stopping to try and work our how the street performer was hanging in space and buy doughnuts! I would like to thank each member of Years 7 and 8 for a super day. They were a credit to Barfield and it was a delight to spend the day with them. A sample of their Twelfth Night Reviews, reveals the enjoyment of Shakespeare and the appreciation of the day. “I did enjoy the play very much. Although it was hard to understand at times, I truly found trying to uncover the meaning, fun. When I was younger I think I remember that I thought Shakespeare would be (dare I say it) boring. But no! Twelfth Night, being a comedy, had us laughing, even though lots of the words, I didn’t understand. I think another reason why I liked the play so much was just the experience. The thought that I wasn’t watching any production, I was watching history. I was watching a play by one of the, if not the, greatest playwrights of all time. That is what I liked”. Jeremy Honey - Year 8 The Globe do performances all through the year and it costs hardly anything to stand and watch. I would recommend it as a brilliant way to introduce your children to Shakespeare. Lynn Pryce

SPORTS ROUND-UP Many Congratulations … … to Joshua Furneaux who came third with his partner last weekend in the Under 11 County Finals for Surrey Tennis Little League at Roehampton on the Davis Cup Courts. Josh won both his singles matches against some very tough opponents. RayTaylor

IAPS We have just been notified of the outstanding news that both our girls and boys IAPS Small Schools Relay Teams have qualified for the IAPS Finals, to be held on Saturday 7th May at K2, Crawley Leisure Centre. Unfortunately this date clashes with the Barfield Brecon Beacons weekend. This, understandably, will be a great disappointment to the swimmers as we are unable to avoid this clash. We hope that the experience of swimming at a National Championship Final to represent Barfield, will be one of their highlights of their achievement at the School. Further information will be issued to the swimmers when we receive it next term. Ros Milton

SPORT RELIEF 2016 SWIMATHON On Saturday, Mrs Mitchell arranged for a ‘Team Barfield’ to take part in a Swimathon for Sport Relief 2016. The team comprised the following five children - Olusola Ajose-Adeogun, Jessica Mitchell, Charlotte Mitchell, Maya Tilney and Alexander Turner, and they each swam 300m, making a total distance of 1.5 kilometres. So far they have raised over £700. Jasmine Tilney also took part and she swam 1.5 kilometres by herself and she did a sterling job, having raised nearly £400 so far. Both parties swam the distance in around 46 minutes. Well done to the children. We are very proud of you and your achievements.

James Reid