Avnet Digital Signage Solutions Special edition “ISE 2016”

Avnet Transforms the Shopping Experience

Through improved media and graphics capabilities, enhanced security and manageability, and break-through performance, we enable OEMs and SIs to develop enhanced user experiences and drive intelligent retail.

Today’s Challenges

• Captivating visuals are vital for attracting customers. Built-in visual technologies allow for rich interactive 2D/3D graphics

• Retail is changing, with modern shoppers empowered as

and compelling interactive digital experiences.

never before by greater choice and access to data about everything from products to pricing • Exciting new models of engagement like touch, gesture and

• Secure, fast transactions at point-of-sale devices are a musthave during peak selling times. Our solutions provide speedy

voice make shoppers expect retail interactions to be rich,

data encryption and description for securing personal data,

engaging and immersive

without compromising performance.

• Connecting and managing disparate in-store devices puts pressure on retail staff and can result in inconsistent consumer experiences

• Anonymous viewer analytics are the foundation of directed promotions. Our solutions bring fast anonymous analytics and decisions for directed promotions, while also offering smooth, responsive interactive experience.

Our Solutions • One-size-fits-all print advertising is replaced by personalised,

Shoppers experience the responsive store

rich media experiences and directed ads through devices at the edge (ATM, kiosks, signs) that bring online experiences

What will shopping at a brick-and-mortar store be like five years

into the store

from now? The future may be closer than you think.

• Traditional customer loyalty cards and coupon schemes are

Technology already available is at the heart of new tools to

replaced by customised offers and product information in

help customers find what they need, exactly when they need it.

real time, for maximum shopping value

These new tools help people make sense of the dizzying choices

• Enhanced security and manageability, and breakthrough

laid out in front of them through a more engaging shopping

performance allow customers to check out anywhere in the

experience that can offer instant, just-in-time incentives based

store, or use their phones for tap-to-pay transactions

on expert suggestions. Here’s how: Digital Signage Innovations Whether incorporated into a point-of-sale end-cap display, used

Tools for real-time customer response

as a stand-alone marketing system at an airport, or designed to

Enabling a new world of shopping experiences, our range of

Central Management and Control

solutions enhances intelligent retail through improved me-

Digital signs can deliver rich multimedia content while enabling

dia and graphics, enhanced security and manageability, and

remote management, advanced security, energy savings and

breakthrough performance to transform retail: ranging from

lower total cost of ownership. The benefits are both practical

point-of-sales (POS) devices, interactive kiosks and intelli-

and measurable. For example, systems can be scheduled to

gent vending to digital signage and automated teller machines

automatically turn on and off, dramatically reducing power


consumption. Plus, as more and more systems operate over

draw customers to interactive vending systems, digital signage is expanding.

Wi-Fi networks, implementation gets even easier.


Signage Interchangeability with Ops Open Pluggable Specification (OPS) simplifies the installation,

Available through Avnet

usage, maintenance and upgrade of digital signage infrastructure. It helps make digital signage devices more intelligent and

Avnet Embedded offers a complete portfolio of display, periph-

connected while reducing costs by ensuring that components are

eral and support accessories from world-class manufacturers

interchangeable by design.

and combines them with state-of-the-art integration services to deliver solutions tailored specifically to your applications and

Point of sale is moving away from passive marketing and

business model.

promotions to engaging, two-way experiences that actively change shopping behaviour. From the moment customers

We offer a complete range of size and performance options;

enter a store to the point at which they make a purchase, new

touch technologies that improve the human machine interface

innovations enhance variety, convenience and personal service.

experience, and solutions that are adaptable for kiosk and handheld applications.

As vending technology evolves, new machines are going well beyond dispensing snacks and drinks. We help transform these

Avnet Embedded technical specialists are recognised subject

machines into intelligent, seamless systems with a multitude

matter experts, trained in the latest technologies, whose prac-

of new features – including HD digital signs, interactive touch

tical real-world experience will provide you with cost-effective,

screen controls, even cashless payment mechanisms – to create

customised solutions for all of your display requirements.

a fuller, more engaging shopping experience that motivates consumers to buy. Our signage solutions can interact intelligently with consumers via a range of digital media – from HD to 3D video to touch-enabled displays to gesture-controlled screens . Web, Mobile & Social Integration When in-store digital signage connects to the web, social media, and mobile devices, it becomes an engaging access point to a wealth of information – for consumers and retailers alike. Consumers get the experience of shopping online along with the chance to physically compare products and services. Best of all, they can start enjoying their purchases on the spot. Increasingly, these digital signs can go further – delivering coupons, shopping lists, recipe suggestions, and product information to customer mobile devices. New Tools for Retail Associates The benefits of networked signage also extend to retail employees. Sales associates can use intelligent digital signage to demonstrate products to customers, provide training, check inventories and more.


Customised branded display solutions for Retail applications

Media Player Solutions A media player is a key component of a digital signage deployment, but the choice of a media player can have a significant influence on the total cost of ownership for that deployment. If the deployer buys a media player that is not powerful enough for the intended application, not only will he quickly become dissatisfied with its performance, he will likely have to replace it. As a result, the original investment ends up being wasted dollars. On the other hand, buying a media player that is more powerful than needed means the deployer has spent money on features that will probably never be used.

Customised is all about leveraging the company brand,

Avnet offers a variety of media players designed to fit a range of

marketing investment and packaging design into a creative and

applications. Starting from entry-level solutions all the way up to

engaging digital signage solution. Several studies have shown

high-end solutions video wall applications. All are purpose built

that a properly designed and placed custom signage solution

for 24/7 operation in the signage markets. Together with our

can increase product sales by triple digits! But a poorly designed

partners and our own manufacturing and integration services,

solution can have the opposite effect. With this in mind, it is

we can always offer the best tailored solution for each customer.

easy to understand why we work closely with our clients to make sure that the goal is clear and achievable before the design starts. The creative process is essential to complete before the technology is considered. We have seen far too many projects fail because it has started with technology center stage, as opposed to the messaging concept. The goal is to develop a creative, eye-catching display that delivers the intended messaging as a stunning experience. This can only be achieved when all aspects are considered and the most suitable components of fixture, screen, technology and content are integrated as one harmonising unit. Avnet offers a wide range of solutions spanning from 3.5” and up to + 60” screen sizes. Mounts One of the considerations that is often overlooked is how your display will be mounted. Avnet offers mounts and enclosures to meet the needs of any digital signage installation, from wall and ceiling mounts to custom outdoor and flush wall installations.




Servers are essential in managing installations across a network


of digital signage located in a single area or across the globe.

Professional, targeted content is crucial in driving return-on

Avnet Embedded can build specialist servers as complete,

investment. With the premier content developers in the industry,

bespoke solutions. Maybe in the past you have chosen

we deliver the most professional and effective content at the

commercial Windows® Server licenses by default, without

consumer’s point-of-decision.

realising you are paying for services and functions you don’t actually need; perhaps your focus is on application development

Software / SaaS

and you’re looking for the best-fit licensing and hardware to

Advanced content management software allows for easy,

deliver a turnkey server appliance?

instant updates and scheduling of content. The software allows

Avnet Embedded brings you specialist server platforms -

you to manage your own content, reducing the time and costs

combining the business value of Windows Embedded Server

associated with continually having a creative/design firm make

with best-in-class hardware from Dell, HP, IBM, Supermicro and


Intel. We also provide design services on related hardware, and can fully integrate a range of embedded systems and servers.

Operating System

We can help you build a server to your exact specifications, with

The operating system provides the platform on which software

an incredibly wide range of options.

and content run. Microsoft offers the Windows Embedded platform which gives you access to embedded enabling tools

Unstructured data types, vast content repositories containing

for building digital signs that are more secure, reliable and

rich media, the need for business intelligence data, along with


the maintenance of legacy systems make IT environments more complex than ever and exacerbate the storage challenges. Avnet Embedded help you find solutions for virtualisation, convergence, and data migration. There’s been lots of coverage in the press about the launch of Windows 10 and the benefits it can bring to businesses everywhere. You probably also know that Windows 7 and 8 are going end of life following the launch of Windows 10. If you’re building fixed function or dedicated devices you don’t have to worry about how these changes will affect your development cycles. The Windows Embedded products (WES7, WE8S, 8.1) provide a number of options to take your designs forward, with the support and security you’ll need for many years to come. Avnet Embedded also offers operating system design and integration service: consultation, development and toolkits, training operating system design and test, application integration and volume installation onto the target device.


of assets coming off of warranty

seamless solutions and integration no matter the

• Uncover resources to buy assets, erase data, improve security or manage destruction or recycling of your assets

data center environment. Maintenance – for maintenance and support of assets coming off warranty, we offer one contact, one contract solutions

This is only a sample of the challenges companies face every day. When it comes to dealing with IT Lifecycle Management, Services look to the experts. When it comes to sourcing, managing and monetising your

that allow you to resolve business needs while eliminating complexity, and reducing the risks and administrative costs Remarket associated with multiple outsourcing contracts. Do you have multi-generational, multi-platform IT assets? We Technology Assistance Center leverage our team of can help you maximise the value of(TAC) your -existing assets to insert

technology the process can be complex, and atof times, Avnet assets, Can Help – No Matter What Stage the

technicians using our TAC We as your back certified into your IT budgetand for engineers upgrades by and migrations. also own.

overwhelming. When it comes to dealing with IT Lifecycle

offerRepair/Spare certified materials for you to buy or sell. Parts Logistics - scale your company’s effectiveness

IT Asset Lifecycle You Are In

Management, Avnet can help.

and reduce transportation and inventory costs by allowing us to Refurbish/Recycle focus on this area of your business while you shift your internal resources to focus on areas that are Let our certified technicians extend thecore life to ofyour yourbusiness. assets by



Professional Services

Maintain/Tech Call Center

Asset Value Services


refurbishing and reinstalling them. Or we can break down your Remarket - does your data center have multi-generational, old assets to a higher commodity level, improving your recovery multi-platform IT assets? We can help you maximize the value valueoffor otherwise while remaining green your existing obsolete assets to equipment, insert back into your IT budget for compliant in your practices. upgrades and disposal migrations. We also offer certi­ed materials for you


to buy or sell. Refurbish

Install Recycle Integrate

Financing Services Refurbish/Recycle – let our certified technicians extend the life of Leverage our rental programs, such as swing gear and buy your assets by refurbishing and reinstalling them. Or we can break backs, to free up cash flow. down your old assets to a higher commodity level, improving your recovery value for otherwise obsolete equipment, while remaining


green compliant in your disposal practices. TIME

Financing Services

Financing Services - leverage rental programs, such as swing Our products @ ISEour2016 gear and buy backs, to free up cash flow.


New performance IPS display series from LG Display

Our experts can help plan, design and build innovative solutions. LG Display launched a remarkable generation of new professional Integration

displays for the digital signage market. The screens with a

We can ensure your solutions work together in the most

resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels come with a brightness of

complex environments. Our extensive knowledge across various

700 cd/m2. With this brightness the professional displays differ

technology brands allows us to provide seamless solutions and

significantly from “Consumer” devices that achieve almost half

integration no matter the environment.

of the value. Thus, they are ideally suited to the long-lasting use in the digital signage applications. The new series will replace the


existing formats of 42”, 47” and 55”. The 47” is replaced by a 49”

For maintenance and support of assets coming off warranty,

size. There are many improvements like faster response time, 4

we offer one contact, one contract solutions that allow you

mm slimmer bezel and the transition into a 60Hz technology,

to resolve business needs while eliminating complexity, and

which lowers the costs of controlling. But unique feature is that

reducing the risks and administrative costs associated with

the panels are designed for an operating time of 24/7. So far yet

multiple outsourcing contracts.

no TFT-manufacturer has the courage to do so.

Repair/Spare Parts Logistics

The standard black frame offers an interesting solution, easing

Scale your company’s effectiveness and reduce transportation

the integration in a closure. With a black and narrow bezel

and inventory costs by allowing us to focus on this area of your

of only 5.6mm, it is suitable for a video wall application at

business while you shift your internal resources to focus on

comparatively low cost.

areas that are core to your business. The series, like all professional displays from LG Display, have a high TNI of 110 ° C (clearing point), which can be used, for example, in the shop window in direct sunlight without additional cooling.


polarising treatment. If the displays are located in direct sunlight, the liquid is heated up which can result in serious damage of the display (“blackening effect”). In order to prevent this sunload effect, the panels run a special liquid which operates up to 110°C. Thus, the heat management is much easier. LTI460HZ1 is designed for extreme conditions and the highlighting big sign content. The 46” (117 cm) display beams with splendid 5000 cd/m2 luminance and is dedicated for long viewing distance. It results in a wider coverage and increases the number of contacts for the advertiser. In spite of the incredible high luminance, the power consumption of LTI460HZ1 is very reasonable. This is possible because of By utilising a dedicated controller kit, the new performance

a new backlight design from Samsung. A blue and white LED

displays from LG Display go live. The INB-1003 board has a

backlight in combination with a sequential driving is increasing

compact design with 90 x 60mm form factor. Input connections

the transparency through the colour filter significantly. Finally

are VGA and DVI. Control settings can be adjusted by the

the power consumption is specified with 310W only. For

included OSD keypad. RS232, Remote Control (IR) or light sensor

operation during normal ambient light the display is switching

are available optionally. The kit can

into the “night-mode” which regulates the brightness to max.

be used for all sizes of the new LG

1500 cd/m2.

Display performance line.

Samsung is launching new panel series for outdoor applications Outdoor applications are offering a huge potential for the digital signage market. On the other hand the environment conditions are challenging the hardware seriously. Application cases are information totems in public buildings and places, outdoor promotion panels or simply the usage in shop windows. Samsung has anticipated the enormous growth potential of this market and released a product line ideally designed for such requirements. The high brightness displays generates 2500 cd/ m2 luminance and are available in 3 different sizes of 46“ (117 cm), 55“ (140 cm) and 75“ (190 cm). This strong luminance is required to guarantee readability under high ambient light conditions. Another important parameter for the legibility is the contrast. The SPVA technology is impressive with a high contrast ratio of 5000:1. An embedded λ/4 filter enables a clear and bright image even with sunglasses with


Interactive 65” – 4K monitor with integrated multitouch PCAP

Eye-catching dual side monitor in 55” (140 cm) DIS5505HVN04 is probably the slimmest 55” dual side monitor in the world. The total thickness is 24.2mm only covering a dual side display. The housing design gives a very light impression. But because of a special mechanical inner construction, the 50 kg monitor can be fixed at 2 points, which makes it possible to hang the device from the ceiling. Individual contents can be displayed from front and rear side. Utilised professional display technology allows the long-term operating usage. The brightness with 700 cd/m2 guarantees a great eye-catching effect even from longer distance. The totem can be mounted in portrait and landscape mode

Latest generation of smartphones or tablets perform an

and is ideally situated for foyers, shops and event arenas.

outstanding readability by offering pixel resolution of more than 400 ppi. Premium laptop displays still carry a resolution of 100 to 150 ppi. This pixel density cannot be kept on large format

21,5” (55 cm) PCAP display for POS/POI

display. Basically this is not a big drawback as the usual distance to the device is quite big. But there are professional applications








where the user stands directly in front of the display, particularly

applications. The display has already integrated 10-point

if it is an interactive device. Thus, it is important to display the

multitouch PCAP. Therefore, annoying set-up of a separate

content in high quality which is comparable with the readability

touch is no longer required. The display comes with a resolution

experienced from our personal IT devices.

of 1920 x 1080 pixels and generates 250 cd/m2 brightness under the cover lens. This is sufficient for a shelf display

A standard 65” (165 cm) display with FHD resolution (1920 x

especially if the user is standing directly in front of the panel

1080 pixels) results in a resolution of 34 ppi only. The new 4k

and communicates over touch. The integrated touch controller is

panel TOV-L654KLTMMC has four times more pixels than the

connected by USB with the hosting PC and supports all common

FHD version. By having 3840 x 2160 pixels the ratio achieves

operating systems. The panel is offered in a bundle with a cost

68 ppi. This is increasing the readability significantly and

efficient controller set providing VGA and DVI input connections.

unintended blur effects are minimised.

It is an ideal device for system integrators at the point-of-sale.

The monitor comes in ruggedised aluminium housing and integrates a high sophisticated 40-point multitouch PCAP. All well-known touch functionalities from the portable devices are supported. For video input signals the monitor is providing 1 x Display port and 4 x HDMI. Utilised display technology is IPS which guarantees vivid colours over a wide viewing angle. The brightness of 250 cd/m2 under the touch cover glass with 5mm thickness is sufficient for indoor applications particularly if the user is close to the display. TOV-L654KLTMMC is the ideal device for mall finding services, passenger information, production plans, employee information posting or electronic newspaper.


Simple videowall with superb eye-catching factor

Industrial Open Frame Tablets

At the times of online shopping the challenge for

Shelf displays are very flexible devices

shop owners is to make real shopping attractive

for the promotion at the point-of-sale.

enough. Creating a customer friendly environment

The small to mid-size panels are stand-

and drawing the attention to the right place

alone units with on-board processors and

is paramount. Videowalls are quite suitable

multiple storage options. Controlling and

to do this job but generally very expensive.

communication is possible through LAN,

LD490DUN-THC1 is part of the LG portfolio of

WiFi, 3G/4G modules or USB interfaces. With a PCAP touch, the

videowall displays. The Bezel-to-Bezel distance is

shelf display becomes a modern interactive sales tool.

just 3,5mm. But from price/performance ratio, it is very attractive. A simple 1x2 videowall is very

OFT-10W01-7V39C-2R is a ruggedised housing open frame

easy and cost effective to produce. The displays

tablet in 10,1” (26 cm). Heart of the system is an Intel Atom Quad

are bundled with simple controller set with DVI

Core processor with 2 GB RAM. Different storage options are

input. By connecting those to a NUC media player with 2xHDMI,

available from 8-32 GB. Multitouch PCAP is integrated. Various

a resolution of 3840 x 1080 pixels can be displayed. This simple

interfaces provide a lot of possibilities for transmitting the

solution is cheap, yet gives a splendid eye-catching factor.

content data e.g. 10/100 Ethernet (PXE Boot), RS232(TX/RX) or RS485, optional WIFI 802.11 b/g/n/, bluetooth 4.0, 2x USB 2.0, 1x micro USB client, 1x HDMI, 1x headphone jack, 1x micro SD

Made for Digital Signage and POS: HSPA+ dongle

slot, 1x DC jack. Power can be received by PoE. The display has a

QuickCarrier® USB-D from MultiTech

resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels and illuminates with 350 cd/m². The open frame tablet OFT-10W01-7V39C-2R supports Windows

Cellular modules or routers are important bricks in the process

8.1/ Windows 10/ Android 4.4/ Android 5.1 and Ubuntu 14.04.

structure of digital signage applications. Digital signage totems may be located in areas where the wired network is not available.

Other sizes from 7” to 23.6” are available as well.

Cellular 3G/4G modules or routers connected to the USB of a media player turn a totem into an autarkic stand-alone unit with wide area access and no local infrastructure requirement. The QuickCarrier® USB-D is a USB 2.0 High Speed plug-andplay cellular modem with 3G/HSPA+ capabilities covering 7 frequency bands for largest possible coverage. This USB cellular modem is certified and approved for use on American, as well as Canadian, European and other international networks. Being designed for M2M customers, the QuickCarrier® USB-D is of industrial grade (-40° to +85° C), including the internal antenna, and offers reliable data connectivity around the world. Hence it is ideally made for e.g. Digital Signage, POS and POI especially for outdoor usage. Also long and stable life cycles and long-term driver support make it different to comparable consumer products. MultiTech offers a two-year warranty, which is upgradable to five years. Using the QuickCarrier® USB-D drastically shortens time to market when it comes to implementing cellular technologies to your application. Drivers are available for Windows® and Linux.




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