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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE APPLICANT 1 Eager to work in Singapore 2 Can take care of young children and elderly Can cook Filipino dishes and willing to learn more 3 foriegn dish 4 Can perform household chores

Website: www.dansservices.com / www.filipinomaids.com

Ref No: DANS-PHIL 19477

Recommended for : Children / Infant / Cooking / Housework duties / Elderly Care



Type of Applicant: Domestic Helper (New Maid)

Availability : Anytime

Date of Birth : April 15, 1993

Marital Status : Single

Current Age : 23 Years Old Place of Birth : Alcala, Cagayan

No. of Children : none

Religion : Roman Catholic

Ages of Children : 0 to 0

Height: 157.00cm.

Weight: 70.05kg.

Educational Background : College Level Other Education/ Training : Hotel and Restaurant Management (2 year corse) Recommended Salary : S$ Preference & Experience


General Housekeeping

2 year(s)

Care for Young Children

02 year(s)

Care for Infant

0 year(s)


2 year(s)

Care for Elderly and Disabled

1 year(s)


Other Information

Working Experience

Home Country 2 Singapore: 0 Malaysia: 0 Hongkong: 0 Taiwan: 0 Middle East: 0 Other Country: 0

Able to care for infant Able to care for elderly Willing to work on Off-days Will extend 2 year contract Can Swim Willing to care for pets

English Ability: Other Language:



year(s) year(s) year(s) year(s) year(s) year(s) year(s)


English and Filipino

DESCRIPTION RICHELL MIEMBROS GONZALES, 23 year old single from the province of Alcala, Cagayan Valley which is about 12-13 hours by land travel to Manila. Her 48 year old father is a farmer while her 47 year old mother is a simple housewife. She is the 2nd child among 2 brother. She finished and completed her secondary education at Alcala Rural School graduated year 2010, then she took up a 2 year course in Hotel and Restaurant Management at College of Mary Immaculate graduated year 2012. She previously worked as a service crew for catering service for 1 year. Then she had her maid employment experience in the Philippines from 2013 - 2015 served a Filipino Relative. Currently, she is enrolled in a three week Domestic Work training to expedite her application while waiting to be selected for Singapore. 1.) With her 2 years of experienced as a housemaid in the Philippines. This applicant is considered efficient and flexible in performing household work like maintaining the cleanliness of the house, washing and ironing clothes, marketing, cooking, dish washing and gardening. She is capable of taking care of infant because she was the one who looked after niece when he was almost 2 years old. She cared for her niece for 6 months. Being a housemaid, she is confident in taking care of young children and capable in performing child care duties such as preparing their school things, playing with the children, giving assistance for their homework and studies and bringing and fetching them to school. She also experience taking care of her 60 year old grandmother with hypertension and asthma. She was responsible in giving their daily medicines and assisting her in her daily activities. She is open with the opportunity in looking after elderly person and prepared to be trained in the giving them direct nursing care and supervising their other needs. She has knowledge in preparing and cooking Filipino dishes such as pork stew, chicken stew with green papaya, boiled pork with vegetables, spaghetti, stir fry noodles (pancit). She is enthusiastic to learn more especially in cooking other foreign cuisine. Aside from those duties, she is also willing to do gardening, car washing and care for pets when necessary. This applicant is eager to work in Singapore as she wanted to help her parent in their financial needs and to have a secured savings for their future. 2) Philippines (2013 - 2015) she served a Filipino Relative living in a 2 bedroom bungalow with an adult and a 4 year old child. She was an all around housemaid doing household chores such as cleaning the of house, washing clothes and ironing, cooking and washing dishes and she also cared for the needs of the child, preparing the meals, bathing, bringing and fetching to and from school, playing with her and other house errands as instructed by her employer and other family members. She served the family for 2 years and seeked for new employment.

3) With maid employment experienced in the Philippines. FDW is done with training and NCII Household Certified. She can be deployed faster than the rest. Other POEA employement documents such as Owwa and OEC can only be arrange once selected by Employer in Singapore. Recommended salary to $550.00 Other Data ; visit our direct website @ www.filipinomaids.com / www.dansservices.com / www.filipinonanny.com To inquire please call : DANS SERVICES Filipino Owned and operated Agency DANS ORCHARD : ( 65 ) 68873944 DANS JURONG : ( 65 ) 65665980 DANS EASTCOAST: ( 65 ) 68422140

Medical History/Dietary Restrictions Allergies (if any): None Past and existing illnesses (including chronic ailments and ilnesses requiring medication): i. Mental Illness ii. Epilepsy iii. Asthma iv. Diabetes v. Hypertension vi. Tuberculosis vii. Heart Disease viii. Malaria ix. Operations Others : Physical disabilities: None Dietary restrictions: Food handling preferences

No pork

No beef Others: No food preference. Can handle both pork and beef.

Others Name of port / airport to be repatriated to: Manila Contant number in home country: +639196872047 Number of Siblings: 2 Preference for rest day 1-4rest day(s) per month Any other remarks:

SKILLS OF FDW Please indicate the method(s) used to evaluate the FDW's skills (can tick more than one): Interviewed by EA: City State Institute and Assesment Center -

Interviewed via telephone/teleconference Interviewed via videoconference Interviewed in person Interviewed in person and also made observation of FDW in the areas of work listed in table.


Areas of Work


Care of Infants/children. Please specify age range: 2 year old and Above


Care of elderly


Care of disabled


General housework


Cooking. Please specify cuisines: Filipino Dishes


Language abilities (spoken). Please specify: English and Filipino


Other skills, if any. Please specify:



Assessment/Observation (Poor to Excellent or N.A)

EMPLOYMENT HISTORY OF THE FDW Employment History Overseas

EMPLOYMENT HISTORY IN SINGAPORE Previous working experience in Singapore: (The EA is required to obtain the FDW's employment history from MOM and furnish the employer with the employment history of the FDW. The employer may also verify the FDW's employment history in Singapore through WPOL using SingPass).

Feedback from previous employers in Singapore


FDW is not available FDW can be interviewed by phone FDW can be interviewed by video-conference FDW can be interviewed in person

OTHER REMARKS Can take care of infant to young children and elderly.


EA Personnel Name and Registration Number

Date: May. 3, 2016

Date: May. 3, 2016

I have gone through the 4 page biodata of this FDW and confirm that I would like to employ her / Employer Name and NRIC No. Date:

******************* IMPORTANT NOTES FOR EMPLOYERS WHEN USING THE SERVICES OF AN EA - Do consider asking an FDW who is able to communicate in a language you require, and interview her (in person/phone/videoconference) to ensure that she can communicate adequately. - Do consider requesting for an FDW who has a proven ability to perform the chores you require, for example, performing household chores (especially if she is required to hang laundry from a high-rise unit), cooking and caring for young children or the elderly. - Do work together with the EA to ensure that a suitable FDW is matched to you according to your needs and requirements. - You may wish to pay special attention to your prospective FDW's employment history and feedback from the FDW's previous employer(s) before employing her.

BIO-DATA OF FOREIGN DOMESTIC WORKER (FDW) *Please ensure that you run through the information within the biodata as it is an important document to help you select a suitable FDW




Personal Information

1. Name:


2. Date of birth:


1 65








3. Place of birth: 4. Height & weight:



1 5



kg 0

5. Nationality: FILIPINO 6. Residential address in home country:PINOPOC ALCALA,CAGAYAN VALLEY PHOTO (half/full bodied and coloured) 7. Name of port / airport to be repatriated to: MANILA 8. Contact number in home country: +639196872047 9. Religion: ROMAN CATHOLIC 10. Education level: COLLEGE LEVEL 11. Number of siblings: 2 12. Marital status: SINGLE 13. Number of children: NONE - Age(s) of children (if any): NONE A2

Medical History/Dietary Restrictions

14. Allergies (if any): NONE 15. Past and existing illnesses (including chronic ailments and illnesses requiring medication): Yes No i. Mental illness vi. Tuberculosis ii. Epilepsy vii. Heart disease iii. Asthma viii. Malaria iv. Diabetes ix. Operations v. Hypertension x. Others:


16. Physical disabilities: NONE 17. Dietary restrictions: NONE 18. Food handling preferences:

No pork

No beef