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A4 Audi A4 Sedan | A4 allroad Accessories Audi Genuine Accessories As well suited to your Audi as your Audi is to you: Audi Genuine Accessories. Th...
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Audi A4 Sedan | A4 allroad Accessories Audi Genuine Accessories

As well suited to your Audi as your Audi is to you: Audi Genuine Accessories. The Audi A4 is a special vehicle – as a Sedan, it can move things in a big way, and in allroad trim, it’s perfect for the whole family. Both of the models are visually and technically impressive with several innovations. This is also reflected in the functionality of the Audi A4. With Audi Genuine Accessories, you’ll make your vehicle even more attractive and even more individual.

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European models shown.

Sport and design






Comfort and protection

2 | 3 Sport and design

We haven’t reinvented the wheel. Although after so many tests, you would almost suppose we had. Audi cast aluminum wheels are subjected to constant strain during daily use. Comprehensive testing ensures that they nevertheless fulfil the high quality requirements expected of them. Furthermore, the use of complex casting processes results in high component strength, while the multiple coats of high-quality paint do not just create a stunning look but also offer effective protection against scratches.

1 Cast aluminum wheels, 5-arm rotor design For an especially dynamic appearance. In size 8 J x 18 for 245/40 R 18 tires.

2 Cast aluminum wheels, 5-spoke V design To give your Audi an especially dynamic overall impression. In size 7.5 J x 17 for 225/50 R 17 tires. 1

2 European models shown.

4 | 5 Sport and design

1 Cast aluminum wheels in 15-spoke design, high-gloss turned finish, Silver Interlaced well-base wheel in dimensions 8 J x 18 for 245/40 R 18 tires.

2 Cast aluminum wheels in 15-spoke design, high-gloss turned finish,* Ibis White This well-base wheel impresses thanks to the contrasting colours used for the ring with high-gloss turned finish and the spokes in Ibis White. In dimensions 8 J x 18 for 245/40 R 18 tires.

3 Cast aluminum wheels, 10-spoke design, Royal Silver High quality and expressive. In size 8 J x 18 for 245/40 R 18 tires.




6 | 7 Sport and design

1 Cast aluminum winter wheels in 5-arm design Complete winter wheel suitable for use with snow chains in dimensions 7 J x 16 for 225/55 R 16 tires. Or in dimensions 7 J x 17 with 225/50 R 17 tires.


2 Snow chains For an improved grip on snow and ice.

3 Wheel bag A four-part set with convenient handles for easy and clean transport and storage of complete wheels. Made from tear-resistant plastic. Wheel bolts can be stored in the outside pockets.

Anti-theft wheel bolts Can only be loosened with the special adapter provided. They make the wheels much harder to steal.


Cast aluminum wheels

4 Valve caps The four metal valve caps with the embossed Audi logo provide better protection for the valve against dust, dirt and moisture. Available for rubber, metal and aluminum valves.

Beauty knows no pain. Subject: Quality

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By undergoing a copper accelerated acetic acid salt spray test, for example. When our experts test the quality of Audi Genuine Accessories’ wheels, they are just as innovative as our designers. Intense heat, high humidity, strong sunlight – there is practically no limit to the number of possible tests. But the most extreme endurance test is the copper accelerated acetic acid salt spray test, known as CASS. In the test, wheels which have been previously damaged by simulated stone chips are sprayed with this extremely corrosive solution for several days. Yet they must overcome all these challenges without visible adverse effects – so that even after many miles, you can be as thrilled by the design of your Audi Genuine Accessories’ wheels as you were on the first day.

8 | 9 Sport and design

The difference between looking good and “wow”. Whether you are driving through the city or taking to country roads, the style package allows you to cut a sporty figure on the road. Dynamic details like the front spoiler with blade, side sills, rear spoiler and rear diffuser with blade emphasise the sporty character of your Audi A4. The style package for the Sedan is rounded off with a tailgate spoiler, while a roof-edge spoiler completes look on the allroad model.

1 Trunk spoiler For an even more dynamic rear appearance: the firmly fixed tailgate spoiler. Only for the A4 Sedan.

Roof edge spoiler The roof edge spoiler at the rear contributes to the good aerodynamics and signals sheer power. Only for the A4 allroad.

Side sills Underlines the dynamic side sections and provides the vehicle with an individual touch. 1

style package

Subject: Design

At Audi, we don’t only provide our products with a shape, but also a soul. Designing products is not just about fulfilling technical specifications. It is concerned with creating a lively character between the two contrasting areas of form and function. Or, as is the case with the style package from Audi Genuine Accessories, to provide the vehicle’s form with a sportier final touch. That’s why the designers of Audi Genuine Accessories are involved in the development process for a new Audi vehicle from the very beginning. The result is an exceptionally balanced interplay between vehicle and accessories. Just like a tailor-made suit only really comes into its own when it is combined with accessories from the suit’s fashion designer. Simply the sort of design that you would expect from Audi: with the power to transform a product into a living character.

10 | 11 Sport and design

1 Front spoiler with blade Custom made for you: The blade is primed in the factory and can be painted in the colour of your choice. In body colour, too, of course. Also available in aluminum look. (Only available in conjunction with the tailgate spoiler or roof edge spoiler.)

2 Rear diffuser with blade Available in aluminum look or can be painted in a colour of your choice.

3 Rear spoiler The rear spoiler gives a sporty impression to the rear of the vehicle. It perfectly complements the rear diffuser with blade.

4 Foot rest and pedal caps in stainless steel The foot rest and pedal caps are made from brushed stainless steel. The rubber coating on the surfaces ensures enhanced grip. 2 3

5 quattro film set The quattro logo as a film set for the rear section of the vehicle on both sides. Available in either Brilliant Black or Ice Silver Metallic depending on the exterior vehicle colour.

Sports-style tailpipe trims Made from chrome-plated stainless steel. Colour variants: silver and black. Not for vehicles with factory-fitted tailpipe trims.

Chrome trims for the radiator grille A stylish and elegant look in the blink of an eye. 1



12 | 13 Transport

If your hotel does not offer sports and leisure opportunities, just bring them with you. Where will the mood take you next? Skiing in the mountains, an extended kayak tour, or a relaxed bike trip in the countryside? Just make a spontaneous decision. The smart transport solutions from Audi Genuine Accessories give you the freedom to spend your leisure time as you want.

1 Base Carrier Bars For various roof rack modules, such as the bicycle rack, kayak rack or the ski and luggage box. The profile is made from anodised aluminum tubing. The carrier unit is easy to fit and is lockable. Maximum permissible gross weight of the carrier unit, roof rack modules and load: 90 kg. Only for the A4 Sedan. 3

2 Base Carrier Bars for the roof rails Carrier unit with embossed Audi logo for various roof rack modules. The profile section is made from anodised aluminum tube. The carrier unit is easy to install and is lockable. Maximum permissible total weight of carrier, modules and load: 90 kg. For the A4 allroad quattro.

3 Ski and snowboard rack For the convenient transportation of up to six pairs of skis or four snowboards. Lockable. (Can only be used in conjunction with the carrier unit.)

4 Luggage rack For the easy transportation of additional items of luggage on the roof. Lockable. The profile is made from anodised aluminum. Corrosion resistant. Maximum permissible load: 70 kg. Can only be used in conjunction with Base Carrier Bars. (Luggage not available.) 1



14 | 15 Transport 5 6



1 Bags for roof boxes Robust yet flexible. These bags are equipped with a watertight floor featuring a watertight border extending 5 cm upwards. Ideal for making better use of the Audi roof boxes, as it is possible to use the individual bags in various combinations. Available in three sizes: S (43L), M (76L) and L (82L).

2 Kayak rack For single kayaks weighing up to 45 kg. Can be tilted for easy loading and unloading. The kayak rack and elasticized belt can be secured separately. (Can only be used in conjunction with the carrier unit.)


3–5 Ski and luggage boxes A new design from Audi featuring improved aerodynamics thanks to a flatter, sportier visual concept. Platinum Grey roof box with Brilliant Black side blades and chrome Audi rings for a high-quality, rivet-free look. Boxes are lockable and can be opened from both sides for comfortable loading and unloading. With internal handle for closing the box. Simple quick-action securing system incl. torque limitation. Positioned towards the front of the vehicle, making it easier to access the luggage compartment. Available in three sizes: 300L (image 3), 360L (image 4) and 405L (image 5). Maximum permissible load: 75 kg.

Ski and luggage boxes


6 Roof carrier bag For storage or transport of carrier units and smaller roof rack modules. Made from durable material, with multiple loops and a side pocket for suitable tool or small parts. Available in two sizes.





External dimensions in mm (L x W x H)

1,902 x 630 x 376

1,756 x 826 x 376

2,050 x 800 x 380

Max. number of pairs of skis




Max. number of snowboards




Max. length of skis in cm




16 | 17 Transport


1 Bicycle rack Made of specially shaped aluminum profile and powder coated steel. Makes mounting a bicycle on the vehicle particularly easy. Lockable. Maximum load 17 kg. (Can only be used in conjunction with the carrier unit.)


2 Bicycle fork mount Comfortable handling. Lockable. Suitable for bicycles with a quick-action lock on the front wheel. Maximum load 17 kg. (Can only be used in conjunction with the carrier unit.)

18 | 19 Communication

During the journey: top-quality entertainment. At the end of the journey: exactly the same. A range of connection options provide a high level of flexibility and the newly designed holder means that the system can even be used outside the vehicle. The other navigation and communications options are, of course, also worth a look.

Navigation update Maps with advanced content, e.g., new roads, points of interest and restaurants, for greater comfort and a more relaxed driving experience. Our tip: combine the update with the next vehicle service.

Audi SD card (8GB) For storing music: ultra-compact and universal SDHC memory card (8GB), Class 6. Includes protective cover.

20 | 21 Comfort and protection

We’ve thought of everything, so you don’t have to. Life is already stressful enough. Appointments and deadlines follow one after the other. And so this is why you should make the time in between as pleasant as possible. For this reason, Audi Genuine Accessories offers you a variety of intelligent solutions such as luggage compartment protection solutions and parking aids. The high-quality products are designed to work in harmony with your Audi and offer you even more comfort with every trip – even when you are on the way to your next appointment.

Loading-sill protective sheet The exact-fit loading-sill protector made from transparent sheeting provides the bumper with better protection against damage when loading or unloading the luggage compartment.

1 Luggage compartment shell Made to measure luggage compartment protection. Washable and robust. The lip around the edge better protects the luggage compartment floor from any leaking fluids.

Mud flaps Made out of high-quality plastic. Reduce paint damage and dirt around the sills and the rear apron panel. Available in two-piece sets for the front and/or rear.

2 Luggage compartment tray Optimally suited for all items of luggage that often leave traces behind when they are being transported. This highly cut plastic insert is built robustly and is easy to clean. Wide grooves prevent the load from slipping out of place. Only for the A4 allroad quattro.

Protective film for rear entry areas Practical and effective solution for protecting the entry area of the rear doors in the wheel arch area. Transparent sheeting made of scratch-resistant and robust plastic. 1


22 | 23 Comfort and protection

1 Business bag More space for your business tools. The high-quality business bag offers you a storage volume of approximately 14 litres – enough space for a laptop of up to 15 inches as well as the various other things you need for the office. Can be securely fastened to the rear bench seat or the front passenger seat using the three-point seat belt. Can also be used outside the vehicle as an attractive briefcase.

2 Rubber floor mats Made-to-measure. Better protection against heavy soiling. The mat is secured to the vehicle using the fixing points on the floor. With A4 lettering. 2


3 Premium textile floor mats Tailored to the size of the floor in the Audi A4. Made from durable, tightly woven velour. With a special coating on the underside. The floor mats are always secured at the front of the vehicle using the points provided for this purpose on the floor. With A4 lettering.

4 Vehicle cover Ideal fit, in anthracite, bearing the Audi logo. Made from a breathable and antistatic material. The piping accentuates the shape of the vehicle. Excellent protection from dust and dirt. Only for indoor use.

Luggage compartment box (foldable) The functional and handy box in black polyester offers storage solutions for up to 32 litres. Easily assembled thanks to the Velcro tabs. When laid flat, the box also acts as an additional protective underlay for the luggage compartment. Washable and easy to clean. 4

Sun protection system A made-to-measure sun protection system for virtually complete sun protection inside the Audi vehicle. Available as a two and a three-part set. The two sets can be combined. Easy to assemble. Easy to store.


24 | 25 Comfort and protection


Care products The Audi range of cleaning and care products is specially tailored to the high-quality materials in your Audi. Suited to exterior maintenance or many applications inside the vehicle, depending on the product.

Storage pocket Practical all-purpose pocket for versatile storage space to keep the vehicle neat and tidy. Attached to the backrest. Can be easily folded up and taken with you.

Parking system

2 Centre tunnel cover Helps protect the centre tunnel at the rear of the vehicle from dirt and damage. An effective means of caring for your vehicle while protecting its value, especially if making frequent journeys with children. Made from a pollutant-free rubber compound.

Protective film for paintwork Transparent, barely visible, high-performance protective film with an extra clear paint coat. Reduces the effects of stone chipping, scratches and scrapes. Applied to the front of Audi vehicles.

Subject: Comfort

1 Parking system Supports the driver by indicating acoustically how far away the vehicle is from an obstacle. Four ultrasonic sensors are concealed discreetly in the rear bumper. Activated by engaging reverse gear.

What can you learn from bats about parking?


There are few things we would like to mention. Such as ultrasonic navigation. Bats use this technique with impressive precision to navigate the most difficult of terrains. It was therefore only natural that Audi would fall back on this principle for the parking aid – a retrofit solution designed to help you park and judge distances. The four bumper sensors (which can be painted over) alternately send out an ultrasound signal that is reflected back by any obstacles. To achieve a high level of system precision in the relevant area between 140 cm and 30 cm, the retrofit kit is individually calibrated, thereby preventing objects such as the trailer towing hitch from Audi Genuine Accessories from being falsely detected. Using ultrasound, the bat arrives at its destination – and your Audi arrives safely in its parking space.

Audi Vorsprung durch Technik

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