Atkinson Road Primary Academy

Atkinson Road Primary Academy Atkinson Road Primary Academy Welcome to Atkinson Road Primary Academy We are a popular, vibrant and thriving school ...
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Atkinson Road Primary Academy

Atkinson Road Primary Academy

Welcome to Atkinson Road Primary Academy We are a popular, vibrant and thriving school catering for pupils aged four years to eleven years. We are situated in the heart of the west end of the city and have been successfully educating our community for over a century. During this time we have been committed to making a difference to the lives of children and their families in our care. Throughout their journey with us, our children develop into well rounded, well educated, successful and independent individuals. This brochure gives a flavour of what it means to belong to the community of Atkinson Road Primary Academy and the wealth of experiences awaiting your child Mrs Andrea O’Neill, Head Teacher

Inspire A healthy balance between academic rigour and fun ensures our children grow into well rounded global citizens with a life-long insatiable thirst for learning new skills and acquiring new knowledge. Supported throughout their journey by a dedicated team of staff, our children grow into independent learners equipped with the attributes to achieve their aspirations

Atkinson Road Primary Academy

Achieve At Atkinson Road we firmly believe that outstanding progress is the responsibility of the children as well as the staff. Our school motto reflects this, emphasising being the best, rests with each individual pupil. Year on year we have outstanding progress results which is testament to our high expectations of children at all ability levels. We pride ourselves on our successes, as do our pupils.

Atkinson Road Primary Academy

Develop Our children develop into successful young people with ambition and self-belief. We have a culture of excellence in our school, where the gifts and talents of all our children are enthusiastically explored. Our children develop the skills of determination, collaboration and team work. They become strong decision makers who achieve their full potential. Our school culture is based upon a belief that everyone has the fundamental right to autonomy and freedom in their learning.

Top Five


to choose Atkinson Road Primary Academy


3 “All pupils make consistently outstanding progress and many of them reach the highest possible levels of attainment” Governor



“This is a truly exceptional academy which leaves no stone unturned to make a real difference to the lives of children and their families in the local community” School Improvement Partner

“This is a school with a Big Heart” Parent

“I would choose ARPA because the teachers inspire us to be superstars… the school keeps getting better and better –it’s literally amazing!” Pupils

“Relationships are characterised by mutual trust and respect and are excellent” HMI


Atkinson Road Primary Academy

Atkinson Road Primary Academy



Independence, risk taking and problem solving are just some of the life skills we equip our children with ready for lifelong learning at Atkinson Road. With high expectations, our pupils are challenged on a daily basis, leading to outstanding progress and attainment.

Learning in lessons is just the beginning of your child’s journey here at Atkinson Road Primary Academy. Each lesson and topic is enhanced through a wealth of extra curricular clubs and activities – be it visits to galleries and museums to sites of historical interest and residential visits, from sport clubs to craft clubs, violin lessons to brass lessonsthere is a club to suit every taste and interest here at Atkinson Road!

Atkinson Road Primary Academy

Nuture Here at Atkinson Road Primary Academy our safe and caring ethos ensures that children achieve academically and develop into well rounded members of the community. We provide each child with a personalised package which gives them opportunities to accept challenges and to learn the skills of tolerance, determination, resilience and empathy.

Pupil motto Being the best I can rests with me. I treat others the way I would like to be treated School vision To prepare our pupils to grow into life long learners with the desires skills and abilities necessary for life-long learning

For further information, please contact us:

Atkinson Road Primary Academy Atkinson Road, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE4 8XT Phone: 0191 273 0452 Fax: 0191 272 5192 Email: [email protected] Web: Headteacher: Mrs A O’Neill